Dishonored (1931) Movie Script

I thought I smelled gas.
That's three this year.
They haven't even the decency
to leave enough for the gas bill.
I wonder why she did it.
She seemed so full of fun.
- They all end up that way.
- No, they don't.
- You're going to go the same way.
- No, I'm not. I'm not afraid of life.
Although I am not afraid of death, either.
Come on. Move on, move on. Come on.
- Good evening.
- Hello.
Shall we go somewhere?
Away from this unpleasant house?
It's not always so unpleasant. I live here.
- May I come in?
- Naturally.
(# Plays lvanovici: Donauwellen,
a jaunty waltz)
- Shall I drop in another coin?
- Do I sound like a Pianola?
I suppose you are a great musician?
No, but I do know something about music.
Your sweetheart?
I have done enough talking for tonight.
Would you like to make some easy money?
Is there any such thing?
I heard you say
that you are not afraid of life or of death.
Now, I have connections,
secret, with a certain government.
I need a woman
who knows how to deal with men.
- It's against Austria, of course.
- Of course.
I'd like to get some wine.
I suppose I ought to pay for it.
(Piano keys clang)
- You're under arrest.
- What for?
Never mind what for. We know
how to take care of spies. Come on.
Austria may not care what happens to you,
but you certainly do care
what happens to Austria. Hm.
- Shall we go?
- Come on, let's go.
(# Plays Donauwellen fiercely)
Let go!
Beg your pardon, sir.
Give her this.
Tell her to see me tomorrow at ten.
Yes, sir.
(# Donauwellen continues)
- Good night.
- Good night, sir.
Come in.
Name, please?
I'd prefer not to give my name.
As you like.
- Quite a walk, isn't it?
- I don't mind walking.
I must tell you. I could walk with you forever.
Don't smoke in here, Lieutenant.
I'm sorry, sir.
I took a lot of trouble last night, after I left,
to obtain some information about you. Ha!
It took me hours to get dry.
You are the widow of Captain
Ferdinand Kolverer, who died last year.
My husband was killed in action.
As you may have guessed by now,
I am in charge...
of the Secret Service of lmperial Austria.
There are times when a man's brain cannot
accomplish as much as a woman's charm.
As you demonstrated last night. Ha!
You completely fooled me.
Had me arrested!
You are a clever woman,
and a very loyal one.
We lost 40,000 men here, two days ago.
(# Marching band playing outside)
And here, 18,000.
Come here.
Look at those men marching.
Marching into the jaws of death.
Unless I can uncover a certain system
of communication with the enemy.
So you wish me to become a spy.
You dislike the word "spy"?
Perhaps I have no right
to object to any word.
You haven't. Sit down.
In return for your services,
I shall provide you with a magnificent home,
servants, all the money you may need.
What appeals to me
is the chance to serve my country.
It is now my duty to point out to you
that the profession of a spy
is the most ignoble calling on earth.
Lower than anything
you may have ever experienced.
And it is dangerous, of course.
I've had an inglorious life.
It may become my good fortune
to have a glorious death.
Bring the Hindau file.
This is Colonel von Hindau.
Attached to a chief of staff of our own army.
I have reason to believe that he is a traitor.
But I have been unable to prove it.
He knows every operator in my department.
But he doesn't know you... yet!
This is your first assignment.
I am sending you the widow of Captain
Kolverer, who will enter the service as X-27.
She will receive instructions from me.
Yes. Correct.
(# Orchestra playing Strauss' Blue Danube)
(Plays long trilling note)
- May I have this dance?
- May I?
(Plays long squeaky note)
(Both play squeaky notes)
(Bell chiming, music stops)
(# Orchestra plays Deutschland ber Alles)
I suppose you are too exhausted
playing with balloons to stand up.
Certainly I'll stand up,
if you'll hand me my crutches.
I beg your pardon.
Here you are. I might have known you'd
be with the prettiest woman in the place.
- I'd forgotten all about you.
- Get rid of her. Sit down.
Not tonight. I've made other plans.
- Haven't we?
- Not too loud.
(Plays squeaky note)
(# Orchestra playing jaunty music)
Well, I don't blame you.
I wish I were in your boots.
Drop me off on your way home.
Shall we?
Hey up!
(Squeaky notes)
You have extraordinary luck with women,
I can't complain.
- Can I?
- You shouldn't, tonight. Should he?
Not unless I take you away from him.
Hands off.
Don't get excited, Colonel.
Have a cigarette.
Cigarette or no cigarette,
you keep your hands off.
Do you want me to?
I don't know.
Let me first see your face without the mask.
One face at a time.
Lucky for you both I'm getting out here.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Fritz, bring the champagne.
Yes, sir.
Will you take off your cape?
Not yet.
(Laughs) Well, take your time.
(# Plays solemn melody)
Take off my glove.
What a soft hand!
(Piano keys clang)
(Coughs) You are wanted
on the telephone, sir. I am sorry, sir.
It's the head of the Secret Service.
He insists on speaking to you, sir.
Will you excuse me a moment?
Don't stay away too long.
- Hello?
- Hindau? I hope I didn't disturb you.
No. What's wrong?
You know I have been working on
a new formula
for invisible ink that defies detection?
Looking for something, madam?
Where do you hide your cigarettes?
I want to smoke.
You'll not find any in this house.
My master doesn't smoke.
Shall I send out for some?
No, never mind. It's not important.
Very well, madam.
The champagne is very excellent, madam.
I am certain it is.
Don't get excited, Colonel. Have a cigarette.
What time will you be over?
Ten? Make it eleven.
I don't like to get up so early in the morning.
- Eleven would be better.
- Good night.
I hope she had time enough to look around.
Ha! She won't find anything.
I had that house searched a dozen times.
(# Plays Donauwellen, gently)
(Continues playing)
You like Russian cigarettes?
Yes. This one is marvellous.
Where did you get it?
- Out of your coat pocket.
- Oh-hoh.
- Going through my pockets already?
- Mm-hm.
Would you like a puff?
Not bad. But I think
we'd better start on the champagne.
I suppose you've also had
the house surrounded.
Yes. I'm sorry, it's my job.
What a charming evening
we might have had...
if you hadn't been a spy, and I a... traitor.
Then we might never have met.
I don't know
to whom I would rather surrender.
My compliments.
I'll wait for your men in the library.
Perhaps that was the best way,
for him and for us.
Good night.
I am going after the other man.
Take charge.
- Hello, Marie.
- Hello.
Hello, Marie.
- Hello, Marie.
- Hello.
All bets down.
30 on the red.
Would you mind putting your hand
on my other shoulder?
(Man whistling)
34 on the red even.
Would you mind changing your tune?
Well, yes, I'll stop.
Perhaps I can bring you a bit of luck,
Good luck or bad luck?
Good luck.
Try number... 27.
(Man) 21 on the black.
27. 27?
27 hasn't a chance.
What will you give me if it loses?
- Anything you like.
- Suppose we start with a kiss?
Push that over onto 27.
I hope it loses.
26 on the black even.
When do I collect?
Any time you like.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Let's have a drink before we go.
Two Bacardis.
Do you like to gamble?
I like anything that excites me.
I'm glad you came along.
I was just becoming bored.
That's one of the reasons
I think I could like you.
You excite me.
You know, most people think of death
as a very ugly old man.
Thank you, sir.
I think of death as a beautiful young woman
wearing flowers.
- Roses?
- Well, she might be wearing roses.
Have a cigarette.
- What makes you think of death?
- Hm. Was I thinking of death?
Two Bacardis.
I have the feeling we've met before.
Have we? When?
When? Let me see,
when did we meet before?
Have you ever been wounded?
Not me. Aviators are rarely wounded.
We fly or are killed.
How about that kiss, lady?
Kiss? I was only joking.
Oh, what a charming sense of humour!
Well, good night.
You were no match for this man,
who is far too clever
to be trapped by a woman.
Your experience was insufficient
to deal with him alone.
You had no right to assume responsibility
for the arrest of a man
who is worth an entire Russian division.
Your plane takes off in an hour.
Be careful with your new assignment.
(# Plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata)
(Clock chimes)
(Music stops)
Good evening.
I've come for that kiss.
You may have been joking about it,
but I wasn't.
- Don't you like to be kissed?
- You are so powerful.
Don't you like powerful men?
I am glad you escaped.
Your untimely death
might have disturbed my conscience.
Nonsense, it's all in the game.
Had I caught you in my country,
I'd have had you shot without hesitation.
But we're both alive yet,
and you can make my last few hours
in Vienna very pleasant.
Are you going to leave Vienna so soon?
I'm afraid I'll have to,
or give up my profession.
It's become too dangerous.
Perhaps I can persuade you to stay.
I really don't need persuasion.
You're not going to turn me over
because of a kiss?
Are you going to shoot me yourself?
Yes, if you leave me no other choice.
Your conscience, apparently,
is not going to be disturbed this time.
Stay where you are.
Shoot quickly,
or I'll take that plaything away from you.
Stay where you are.
(Gun clicks)
I think I removed the cartridges.
This would have been
quite a feather in your cap, wouldn't it?
Do you like this masquerade
as well as my last one?
- You are still a clown.
- I'm a colonel in the Russian Army.
When necessary, I fly across the line,
and play the clown, or the Austrian officer.
I am a soldier, but you bring something
into war that doesn't belong in it.
You trick men into death with your body.
Give me a kiss.
You're a cheat and a liar.
Why don't you stay here?
Perhaps I don't always cheat and lie.
If you kept me here another minute,
I'd not only be in danger of losing my life,
but of falling in love with you, you devil!
A few thousand feet higher up
we might find better weather, but I doubt it.
And now your division is to attack
from S-32 to V-29.
Your objective is the railhead at T-18.
That carries us through the fifth day.
On the sixth day, your division, with the 63rd
and 74th, attack from N-17 to R-21.
Your objective will be
the heights at Q-11 to Q-15.
Any questions?
Does the attack begin on the ninth?
Yes, at five o'clock in the morning.
Four days from now.
That's all, gentlemen.
Come on down here.
Did anyone ever tell you how pretty you are?
Come here.
Fresh from the country, aren't you?
Do they work you very hard
in this magnificent establishment?
Are you going to be off duty pretty soon?
You're not going to see
some young lieutenant tonight, are you?
A major, perhaps?
Then we'll start with a colonel.
What's the matter? You want a general?
I don't care who it is.
I don't want anyone to enter
or leave these headquarters
without a pass issued by me.
That woman is in this hotel.
(# Men singing jolly song)
- Count ten.
- I don't want to count ten any more.
Count ten.
One, two, three, four, five...
One, two, three, four, five...
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight...
Eight, eight, nine...
Come on out here.
Come on out.
Oh, she's lost.
Come down here.
It's warm up here. Me-oww!
Come down here or get out.
Don't be angry.
All right.
- Meow!
- Are you coming down or not?
- Count ten.
- Haven't I counted ten before?
- No.
- One, two, three...
I'm not going to count any more.
I'm tired... I'm tired.
Meow. Meow.
Meow. Meow.
(Cat meows)
(Distant voices)
Let me see a list of your maids.
- Who are the maids on the second floor?
- Day maid's Olga. Night maid's Catherine.
Catherine, eh? Is she a new maid here?
Came three days ago.
I change maids all the time.
Can't keep them.
Too many officers quartered here.
- What do you know about Catherine?
- Nothing.
Papers are all correct.
Anything wrong again?
Take your hat off
when you talk to a Russian officer,
if you know what's good for you.
(Knocking persists)
Corporal, force the door.
Who's been with you?
Office of the Guard!
Get the Office of the Guard.
Have that woman brought to my room.
Now you can tell all that to the Colonel.
Get in there.
Everybody makes mistakes.
And you carry a cat.
It has brought me good luck, so far.
- Do you call this good luck?
- I don't know yet.
Besides, I am not allowed
to love anything else.
(Cat meows)
I like your masquerade.
Sit down.
I'm sorry, I'll have to search you, X-27.
Take your things off.
Is it warm enough in here? Don't catch cold.
Hm. Music!
- Did you write this?
- Yes.
Your own composition, eh?
I don't use invisible ink.
What do you call this masterpiece?
I haven't named it yet.
May I suggest you call it
The Dance Of The Russian Colonels?
Not bad. Shall I go on with my undressing?
I'm in the mood for music first.
- Would you play this?
- If you furnish the piano.
I'll furnish the piano, and the audience.
After you.
I wish I could read notes.
(# Plays lively melody)
(Strikes keys)
Let me play it for you.
(Plays series of jarring notes)
I don't know what this code means.
But I have an idea that each note might
mean the death of a thousand soldiers.
(# Plays sombre melody)
My poor composition.
I worked so hard on it, and now it's in ashes.
- I destroy everything dangerous to Russia.
- I'm next, I suppose?
You know the fate of spies
when they're caught.
How many more hours
does my fate allow me?
You have until dawn.
This is quite a feather in your cap, isn't it?
For three days and nights,
I've had no other thought but to find you.
And now I've caught you.
Isn't it strange I'd give a lot to undo it?
Why don't you let me go, then?
Don't be absurd.
Is there any other wish I can grant?
- Yes.
- What is it?
I'd like to share
my last few hours on earth with you.
Do you think you can fool me
as easily as you did the adjutant?
I give you my word of honour that
I no longer want anything but to be with you.
It's easy to grant you almost anything.
I think I'm falling madly in love with you.
The more you cheat and the more you lie,
the more exciting you become, X-27.
I wish this night could last forever.
It will be dawn soon.
I don't understand why you should choose
a road that leads to such a death.
Not a bad death, to die for my country.
It's better than gas or the river.
What has gas or the river to do with you?
Nothing. Now.
Let's not talk of death any more.
This is our last drink together.
What shall we drink to?
- To love.
- To love and excitement.
To love and excitement.
- What did you put into this wine?
- Only a few drops of sleep.
You think you can get away?
Where are you going? Where's your pass?
Ink's still wet, huh?
I wish I were an officer. Go ahead.
(# Plays jarring composition)
Your plane will leave for Vienna
in two hours.
- Name?
- Nikolai Chemochenko.
Won't talk, eh? Next.
- Name.
- Ivan Petrov.
Won't talk. Next.
- Name.
- Ivorich Chernovy.
These birds are a gabby lot.
- Name.
- (lndistinct response)
Your name?
Won't even give your name, eh?
All right, sir, as you like.
Bring in the next batch.
Come on, step up.
- Name?
- Hassan Martinko.
- Name?
- Nikolai Abramov.
Take a look at this.
Name, please.
- Name!
- (lndistinct response)
Well, that looks like a catch.
May I question that officer
who refused to give his name?
Certainly. Will you come back here,
You don't remember me, do you?
I've never seen you before.
You have a very faulty memory for a spy.
- You're mistaken.
- How do you explain this, Colonel?
Well, this does resemble me, doesn't it?
When were you on Austrian territory last?
The Russian Army has been on Austrian
territory ever since the war started.
Let me have your fingerprints.
This will be your last visit
to this country, Colonel.
- Arrange a court martial.
- I will, Your Excellency.
Take charge of the case, Major.
Send in the next batch.
- Will you come with me?
- Yes, sir. With pleasure.
- Name?
- Ivan Turgenev.
- Division?
- Ivan Petrov.
- Name?
- I don't smoke.
Don't you think that before shooting a spy,
we should make him talk?
- You can't make Russians talk.
- I think I can.
I'll give you ten minutes.
Be careful. He's a dangerous character.
- I'll be careful.
- Turn the prisoner over to her, Lieutenant.
Wire headquarters at once, Colonel,
and inform them of the capture of H-14,
of the Russian Secret Service,
and that we are planning to execute him,
possibly tonight.
- Will you please wait outside?
- I wouldn't take any chances with this man.
- I'll take responsibility for that. Wait outside.
- As you wish.
You still don't seem to remember me.
It may be good for you
that I don't choose to remember you.
Oh, I don't know.
- This gun is loaded.
- What is it you want?
I have ten minutes
in which to make you talk.
You're wasting your time and mine.
What would you rather do than talk?
If you don't mind,
I'd rather be up in the air, flying.
Well, my old friend.
He did bring you good luck, after all.
Come here.
Watch me,
and I'll show you how to play with a gun.
I've an even chance now.
I don't know whether I can get away, but
there seem to be plenty of planes outside.
If it weren't going to be more exciting
out there, I'd be tempted to stay with you.
Hope you're on my side, next war!
(Aeroplanes overhead)
Before the sentence,
have you anything to say?
No, I have nothing to say.
As a matter of record, tell me
why a woman charged with important work
should permit or aid
the escape of a dangerous enemy,
why she should dishonour the service,
violate duty because
of a casual affection for that man.
Perhaps I loved him.
You can't make me believe you can love
a man you've known for a few hours.
That sort of love
can be bought on the streets.
I found her on the streets.
You had a chance
to redeem your unfortunate life
in the service of your country.
Can you give one reason you failed
to take advantage of that privilege?
I suppose I'm not much good, that's all.
Will you please stand up?
You have left us no choice in your case.
The crime is treason
and the penalty is death.
You will be executed
tomorrow morning at dawn.
And may God have mercy on your soul.
Can I help you, daughter?
I am going to face this journey, too, alone.
You have no fear of this death?
It's only another exciting adventure.
A perfect end to an imperfect life.
How much more time have I?
About ten hours.
Could you possibly help me to die
in a uniform of my own choosing?
What would you call
a uniform of your own choosing?
Any dress I wore when I served
my countrymen instead of my country.
I will send for your clothes. Anything else?
A piano. One that's in tune.
I will see what can be done.
Fall in!
(# Plays Donauwellen)
Is it time?
Will you please follow me?
Are we going to walk together again?
Do you happen to have a looking glass?
Will this do?
May I please bandage your eyes?
I will not kill a woman.
I will not kill any more men, either.
Do you call this war?
I call it butchery!
You call this serving your country?
You call this patriotism? I call it murder!
(Rapid gunfire)