Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical! (2017) Movie Script

Subtransl.ed balloumowgly
Hey, where you going?
The morning bell ain't rung yet.
Go back to sleep.
I wanna beat
the other fellows to the street.
I don't want anyone should see.
I ain't been walkin' so good.
Quit gripin'.
You know how many fellows
fake a limp for sympathy, right?
That bum leg of yours is a gold mine.
Someone gets the idea
I can't make it on my own,
they'll lock me up in the Refuge
for good.
Hey, be a pal, Jack. Help me down.
Do you wanna bust your other leg, too?
No, I wanna go down.
You'll be down there soon enough!
Take a moment.
Drink in my... My penthouse.
High above the stinkin' streets
in New York.
You're crazy.
What, 'cause I like a breath of fresh
'Cause I like seeing
the sky and the stars?
Yeah, you're seeing stars, all right.
Them streets down there...
They sucked the life
right outta my old man.
Years of rotten jobs,
stomped on by bosses.
And when they finally broke him,
they... They tossed him to the curb
just like yesterday's paper.
Well, they ain't doin' that to me!
But... But everyone wants to come here.
New York's fine for those
who got a big strong door to lock it out.
I tell you, Crutchie,
there is a whole other way out there.
So, you keep your small life
in a big city.
Give me a big life in a small town.
They say folks is dyin' to get here
Me, I'm dyin' to get away
To a little town out west
that's spankin' new
And while I ain't never been there
I can see it clear as day
If you want
I bet you you could see it too
Close your eyes
Come with me
Where it's clean and green and pretty
And they went
and made a city outta clay
Like the minute that you get there
Folks will walk right up and say
Welcome home son
Welcome home to Santa Fe!
Plantin' crops, splittin' rails
Swappin' tales around the fire
Oh, 'cept for Sunday
when you lie around all day
Soon your friends are more like family
And they's beggin' you to stay
Ain't that neat?
Livin' sweet
In Santa Fe
You got folks there?
Ain't got no folks nowhere.
What, you?
I don't need folks.
I got friends.
Hey. Hey!
How's about you come with me?
No one cares
about no bum leg in Santa Fe.
No, you just... Just hop a palomino!
You ride it in style.
Yeah! Feature me, ridin' in style.
Hey! I bet a few months of clean air,
and you, you could toss
that crutch for good!
Santa Fe
You can bet
We won't let them bastards beat us
We won't beg no one
To treat us fair and square
There's a life that's worth the livin
And I'm gonna do my share
Work the land
Chase the sun
Swim the whole Rio Grande just for fun
Watch me stand!
Watch me run
Don't you know that we's a family?
Hey, would I let ya down? Huh?
No way
Just hold on, kid
'Til that train makes Santa Fe
Time for dreamin's done.
Hey, Specs!
Racer, Henry, Albert, Elmer!
Get a move on!
Them papes don't sell themselves!
Hey, Albert, Elmer, Specs,
you heard Jack.
Get a move on.
I was having the most beautiful dream.
My lips are still tinglin'.
A pretty girl?
A leg of lamb.
Hey, that's my cigar
You'll steal another
Hey look! It's bath time at the zoo
I thought that I'd surprise my mother
If you can find her.
Who asked you?
Papes ain't movin' like they used to.
I think I need a new sellin' spot.
Got any ideas?
From Bottle Alley to the harbor
There's easy pickin's guaranteed
Try any banker, bum, or barber
They almost all knows how to read
It's a crooked game we're playin'
One we'll never lose
Long as suckers don't mind payin'
Just to get bad news
Ain't it a fine life
Carryin' the banner through it all
A mighty fine life
Carryin' the banner tough and tall
When that bell rings
We goes where we wishes
We's as free as fishes
Sure beats washing dishes
What a fine life
Carryin' the banner home free all
Well, hello, hello, hello, beautiful.
Step aside, Romeo.
Nothin' more concerns you here.
Mornin', miss.
May I interest you in the latest news?
The paper isn't out yet.
I would be delighted
to deliver it to you personally.
I've got a headline for you.
"Cheeky Boy Gets Nothing
For His Troubles."
Back to the bench, slugger.
-You struck out.
-I'm crushed!
Hey, Crutchie.
What's your leg say? Gonna rain?
No rain.
Partly cloudy, clear by evenin'.
They ought to bottle this guy!
Yeah, and the limp sells
50 papes a week all by itself.
I don't need the limp to sell papes.
I got personality.
It takes a smile that spreads like butter
The kind that turns a lady's head
It takes an orphan with a stutter
-Who's also blind
-And mute
And dead
Summer stinks and winter's freezing
When you works outdoors
Start out sweatin', end up sneezin'
In between, it pours
Still, it's a fine life
Carryin' the banner with me chums
Still, it's a fine life
Carryin' the banner with me chums
A bunch of big shots
Tossin' out a freebie to the bums
A bunch of big shots
Tossin' out a freebie
Hey, what's the holdup?
Waitin' makes me antsy
I likes living chancy
Harlem to Delancey
What a fine life
Carryin' the banner through the...
Bless the children
Though you wander
Lost and depraved
Loves you
You shall
Be saved
Thanks for the grub, Sister.
Elmer, when are we going to see you
inside the church?
I don't know, Sister.
But it's bound to rain sooner or later
Just give me half a cup
Something to wake me up
-Concrete donuts
-I gotta find an angle
Sprinkled with mold
It's gettin' bad out there
Papers is all I got
It's 88 degrees
Jack says to change my spot
Wish I could catch a breeze
-Just two
-Maybe it's worth a shot
All I can catch is fleas
If I hate the headline
I'll make up a headline
And I'll say anything I have to
'Cause at two for a penny
If I take too many
Weasel just makes me eat 'em after
Got a feelin' 'bout the headline!
I smells me a headline!
Papes are gonna sell
like we was givin' 'em away
What a switch, soon we'll all be rich
Don't know a better way
to make a newsie's day
You wanna move the next edition
Give us an earthquake or a war
How 'bout a crooked politician?
Ya nitwit, that ain't news no more!
Uptown to Grand Central Station
Down to City Hall
We improves our circulation
Walkin' till we fall
-But we'll be out there
-Got a feelin' about the headline
Carrying the banner man to man
Papes is gonna sell
like we was givin' 'em away!
We're always out there
Soakin' ev'ry sucker that we can!
Don't know any better way
to make a newsie's day!
Here's the headline
"Newsies on a Mission!"
Kill the competition!
Sell the next edition!
We'll be out there
carryin' the banner!
See us out there
carryin' the banner!
Always out there
carryin' the banner!
Hey, look!
They're puttin' up the headline.
I hope it's real bloody
with a nice, clear picture!
The trolley strike? Not again!
Man, three weeks of the same story.
They're killin' us with that snoozer.
Hey, make way! Hey, step aside!
Dear me!
What is that unpleasant aroma?
I fear the sewers may have
backed up during the night.
Or could it be...
The Delancey brothers!
Hey, Oscar,
word on the street says
you and your brother took money
to beat up striking trolley workers.
So? It's honest work.
By crackin' the heads
of defenseless workers?
I take care of the guy
who takes care of me.
Hey, ain't your father
one of the strikers?
-Guess he didn't take care of me!
You want some of that, too?
Ya lousy crip!
-That is not nice, Morris.
All right, five to one Jack skunks him
-Get off me.
One unfortunate day, you might find
you got a bum gam of your own.
How'd you like us pickin' on you, huh?
Hey! Hey! Maybe we should find out.
Wait 'til I get my hands on you.
You gotta catch me first!
Go, Jack!
We'll all be out there
Carryin' the banner man to man
We're always out there
Soakin' ev'ry sucker that we can
Here's the headline
"Newsies on a Mission!"
Kill the competition!
Sell the next edition!
We'll be out there
carryin' the banner!
See us out there
carryin' the banner!
Always out there
carryin' the banner!
Papes for the newsies! Line up!
Morning, Weasel! You missed me?
The name's Wiesel.
Ain't that what I said?
I'll take the usual.
Hundred papes for the wise guy.
How's it goin', Weasel?
At least call me Mister.
Well, I'll call you sweetheart
if you'd spot me 50 papes, huh?
Drop the cash and move it along.
Well, whatever happened to romance?
Fifty for the Racer. Next!
Good morning, Mr. Wiesel.
Fifty papes for Crutchie.
Have a look at this. A new kid!
I'm new, too!
Hey, don't worry, kid.
-It rubs right off.
I'll take 20 newspapers please.
Twenty for the new kid.
And let's see the dime.
I'll pay when I sell them.
Funny, kid, Come on. Cash up front.
But whatever I don't sell,
you buy back, right?
Certainly! And every time
you lose a tooth,
I put a penny under your pillow.
Come on! Drop the cash or move along.
Move it along.
Albert, let me see your money!
You have a very interesting face.
Ever think about
getting into moving pictures?
-You really think I could?
Buy a ticket. They'll let anyone in.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
I paid for 20, but you gave me 19.
You seen how nice
I was to the new kid?
-And what do I get for my civility?
-Ungrounded accusations.
-I just want what I paid for.
He said beat it!
New kid's right, Wiesel.
You gave him 19.
Hey, I'm sure it's an honest mistake
on account of Oscar
can't count to 20 with his shoes on.
-Now take a hike!
Give the new kid 50 more papes.
I don't want more papes.
What kind of newsie
don't want more papes?
Yeah. Crazy.
I'm no charity case.
I don't even know you.
His name's Jack.
Yeah, this here
is the famous Jack Kelly.
He once escaped jail on the back
of Teddy Roosevelt's carriage.
Made all the papes.
-How old are you, kid?
-I'm 10, almost.
Well, if anybody asks, you're seven.
Younger sells more papes,
and if we're gonna be partners...
Who said we want a partner?
Selling with Jack
is the chance of a lifetime.
You learn from him,
you learn from the best.
If he's the best,
what's he need with me?
'Cause you got a little brother
and I don't.
With that puss, we could easy
sell 1,000 papes a week.
Hey, look sad, kid.
We're gonna make millions!
This is my brother David. I'm Les.
Hey, nice to meet you, Davey.
My two bits come off the top,
we split everything else 70-30, all ri
Fifty-fifty. You wouldn't try
to pull a fast one on a little kid?
Sixty-forty. And that is my final offe
That's disgusting.
That's just business.
Newsies, hit the streets!
The sun is up, the headline stinks,
and this kid ain't getting any younger
We'll all be out there
Carryin' the banner man to man
We're always out there
Soakin' ev'ry sucker that we can
Here's the headline
"Newsies on a Mission!"
Kill the competition!
Sell the next edition!
We'll be out there
Carryin' the banner!
See us out there
Carryin' the banner!
Always out there
Carryin' the banner!
Gentlemen, The World is in trouble.
Our circulation is down
for the third quarter in a row.
But, Mr. Pulitzer, every paper's
circulation is down since the war ende
Whoever said "War is hell"
wasn't trying to sell newspapers.
-We could use an exciting headline.
-What have we got today?
The trolley strike.
That's not exciting?
-It's epic.
-It's boring.
Folks wanna know,
"Is the trolley comin' or am I walkin'
No one cares why.
And the strike's about to be settled.
Governor Roosevelt just put
his support behind the workers.
That man is a socialist.
Teddy Roosevelt is no socialist.
He's an American hero.
The man wants to outlaw football
for being too violent!
Football! Violent?
You're right. He's no socialist.
He's a commie.
Mr. Pulitzer, you must try to sit stil
Gentlemen, please.
You're making Nunzio nervous.
And when Nunzio gets nervous,
I don't look pretty.
You never liked Roosevelt.
You wrote an editorial against him
day after day when he ran for governor
And guess what, he got elected.
How can I influence voters
if they're not reading my opinion?
-Big photos attract readers.
-Do you know what big photos cost?
But without flashy photos
and headlines,
how are we supposed
to sell more papers?
The answer is right before your eyes.
You're not thinking this through.
Nunzio knows
when he's cutting my hair
Trim a bit here
and then trim a bit there
Just a modest adjustment
can fatten the bottom line...
Mr. Pulitzer, please.
Shaving is tricky, the razor should f
Shave me too close
and you may cut my throat
It's the simplest solutions
that bolster the bottom line
How does that help us
sell more papers?
We don't sell papers, silly.
Newsies sell papers.
Exactly, silly.
-Newsies sell papers.
-I've got it.
Right now, we charge the newsies
-50 cents for 100 papers.
But if we raise their price
to 60 cents per 100...
Now you're getting somewhere.
A mere tenth of a penny per paper?
Every single newsie
would have to sell 10 more papers
just to earn the same amount as always
My thought exactly. It's genius.
But it's going to be awfully rough
on those children.
Nonsense. I'm giving them
a real life lesson in economics.
I couldn't offer them a better educati
if they were my own.
Give me a week and I'll train 'em to
Like an army that's marching to war
Proud of themselves
and so grateful to me
They'll be begging to pay even more
When there's dirt on your shoes, boys
For God's sake, relax
Why throw them out?
All we need is some wax
Listen well
to these barbershop lessons
For they'll see you through
When you're stuck in the muck
you'll be fine
You'll erase any trace of decline
-With a trim!
-And a snip!
-And a shine
-And the power of the press, yes
Once again is mine!
The price for the newsies
goes up in the morning
Just a few common cents, gents
That's the bottom line...
Every new outcome is income for you
Thanks to that bottom line!
Extra! Extra...
Sunup to sundown
Knowin' where my customers will be
Sunup to sundown
Watchin' all the ladies watchin' me
Walk my shoes off
got the dough to show it
Probably I'll blow it
Then before you know it
We'll be out there carryin' the banne
Paper! Paper! Evenin' pape here.
Sing him to sleep, why don't you?
Extra! Extra!
"Terrified flight from burnin' inferno
You heard the story right here.
Thanks, mister.
You just made that up.
I did not. I said he heard it right he
And he did.
Well, my father taught us not to lie.
Yeah! Mine taught me not to starve.
Hey! Just sold my last paper!
-I got one more.
-Sell it or pay for it.
Give it here!
Go, go, go.
Buy a pape from a poor orphan boy.
You dear thing.
Of course, I'll take a newspaper.
Here's a dime.
Born to the breed.
This is so much better than school!
-This kid.
-Don't even think it.
When Pop goes back to work,
we go back to school.
Hey, so, how's about
we divvy up the money?
We'll grab some chow and find you
someplace safe to spend
the night. Yeah?
No, we gotta get home.
Our folks'll be waitin' dinner.
You got folks, huh?
-Doesn't everyone?
Our dad tangled
with a delivery truck on the job.
Messed up his leg bad,
so they laid him off.
That's how come we had to find work.
Yeah, sure, that...
That makes sense, yes.
Too... Too bad about your dad.
Look, why don't you
come home with us for dinner?
Our folks will be happy to have you.
-Mom's a great cook.
Thanks for the invite.
I just remembered
I got plans with a fella.
He's probably waitin' on me
right now. I...
-Is that the guy you're meetin'?
-Run for it!
-Come on, run!
This way, Officer!
Jack Kelly!
Hurry! Come on, kid!
Down here. Down here.
Slow down. We lost him.
Does someone wanna tell me
why I'm running?
I got no one chasing me!
Who was that guy?
That, there, was Snyder the Spider.
A real sweetie.
He runs a jail for underage kids
called the Refuge.
The more kids he brings in,
the more city pays him.
Problem is, all that money
goes right into his own pocket.
Just do yourself a favor.
Stay clear of him and the Refuge.
I hear you.
Hey! You up there!
No kids allowed in the theater!
Not even me, Miss Medda?
-Jack Kelly?
Man of mystery.
Get yourself down here
and give me a hug.
Where you been keepin' yourself, kid?
Never far from you, Miss Medda.
Boys! May I introduce
Miss Medda Larkin,
the greatest star in the Bowery today.
She also owns the joint.
The only thing I own is the mortgage.
-Pleasure, gents.
-A pleasure.
What is wrong with you?
Are you blind? She got no clothes on!
-That's her costume!
-But I can see her legs!
Well, step out of his way
so's he can get a better look.
Theater's not only entertaining,
it's educational.
Got the picture, kid?
Say, Miss Medda,
we got a little situation on the stree
You mind if I hide out here a while?
Where better to escape trouble
than a theater?
Is Snyder after you again?
Hey, Jack, did you really escape jail
on the back
of Teddy Roosevelt's carriage?
Come on, what would the governor
be doing at a juvenile jail?
It so happens he was running for offic
and he wanted to show
he cared about orphans and such.
So while he got his mug in a pape,
I got my butt in the backseat,
and off we rode together.
You really know the governor?
He don't, but I do!
Say, Jack, when you've got time,
I want you to paint me
another one of these backdrops.
-This last one you did is a doozy.
-Folks love it.
And things have been going so well
that I can actually pay.
I couldn't take your money,
Miss Medda.
You pictured that?
Your friend is quite an artist.
All right. Take it easy.
It's a bunch of trees.
You're really good.
-That boy's got natural aptitude.
Jeez! I never knew
no one with an aptitude.
Miss Medda, you're on!
I am? How am I doing?
You're good.
Boys, lock the door and stay all night
You're with Medda now.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please welcome the star of our show,
Miss Medda Larkin!
I'm doing all right for myself, folks
I'm healthy, I'm wealthy
I'm wise
My investments and such
have all gone up so much
Seems whatever I touch
Starts to rise
I've been all kinds of lucky
And yet
The thing I want most
I can't get...
Well, hello!
Welcome to my theater.
Now, listen.
I live in a mansion
on Long Island Sound
I pulled up a weed
They found oil in the ground
But you telling me
you don't want me around
Now, honey, that's rich!
Some guys give me ermine
chinchilla, and mink
And some give me diamonds
as big as a sink
But you wouldn't give me
so much as a wink
Now, baby, that's rich!
I get brandy from Andy
and candy from Scott
And Frank and Eduardo
chipped in for a yacht
I get stares from the fellas
and prayers from the Pope
But I ran out my luck
getting stuck with some dope
Hey, honey,
I was just talking about you!
Now, listen, sport, this life's too s
To waste it on you
It may be rough, but soon enough
I'll learn to make do with
The mansion, the oil well
the diamonds, the yacht
With Andy, Eduardo
the Pontiff and Scott
And Frank, and my bank
So spill no tears for me
'Cause there's one thing you ain't
That I'll always be
And, honey, yeah, that's right
That's rich!
That's rich!
That's rich!
Thank you!
Thank you!
And now, gents...
Let's have a big hand
for the Bowery Beauties!
Why don't you go find out?
Don't come a-knocking on my door
Hello, again.
This is a private box.
What, you want I should lock the door?
Twice in one day. Think it's fate?
Go away. I'm working.
A working girl, huh? Doing what?
Reviewing the show
for The New York Sun.
Hey! I work for The World.
Somewhere out there someone cares.
Go tell them.
The view is better here.
Please go. I am not in the habit
of speaking to strangers.
Well, then you're gonna make
a lousy reporter.
The name's Jack Kelly.
Is that what it says on your rap sheet
A smart girl, huh?
I admire smart girls.
Beautiful. Smart. Independent...
-Do you mind?
-Pipe down, up there!
You got in for free.
At least pay attention.
I'm sorry, Miss Medda.
I got no use for moonlight
Or sappy poetry
Love at first sight's for suckers
At least it used to be
Look, girls are nice once or twice
Till I find someone new
But I never planned
On no one like you
Don't come a-knocking on my door
I got no use
-You aren't welcome here no more
-For moonlight
I should've known
you stunk like yesterday's trash
Or sappy poetry
The night you stole my heart
plus $40 in cash
-Turns out my beau is just some bum
-Love at first sight's...
Turns out that love ain't blind
it's dumb
...for suckers
At least it used to be
You got no education
and you dress like a thug
You kiss like my Dalmatian
and you lie like a rug
-What are you doing?
-Hey! Hey!
Quiet down. There's a show going on.
You are the most impossible boy...
Don't come a-knocking on my door!
-No, I never planned on no one
-Don't come a-knocking on my door!
Like you
Man, them fire sirens
kept me awake all night.
Sirens is like lullabies to me.
The louder they wail,
the better the headline.
The better the headline, the better I
And the better I eat...
The further away from you I sleep.
Morning, everybody. Sorry we're late.
We had to help our mom
with something.
They've got a mother.
I was gonna get me one.
What'd you do with the one you had?
-He traded her for a box of cigars.
-Hey, they was Coronas!
We have a father, too.
A mother and a father.
Hey, ain't we the hoi polloi?
So, how's it going today?
Ask me after they put up the headline.
Here it comes now.
"New newsie price. 60 cents per 100."
-What'd you say?
-Is that news?
It is to me!
They jacked up the price of papes.
10 cents more 100!
I could eat two days on a dime!
I'll be sleeping on the street.
You already sleep on the street.
-In a worse neighborhood.
-You're right.
All right, what are you all
waiting around here for?
Hey, Jack, get a load of this.
Like Pulitzer
don't make enough already.
Papes for the newsies!
-Hey, relax. It's gotta be a gag.
-Line up, boys!
Hey, good joke, Weasel.
You really had the fellas going.
I'll take 100. Be on my way.
100 will cost you 60.
I ain't paying no 60.
Well, then make way
for someone who will.
You bet. Me and the fellas
will take a hike over to The Journal.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
I'll save you the walk.
They upped their price, too.
Then we'll take our business
to The Sun.
Same all around town.
New day. New price.
Hey, hey. Why the jack-up?
Well, for them kind of answers,
you gotta ask further up the food chai
You buying or moving on?
Come here, fellas.
-Get over here. Come on.
-They can't just do that, can they?
Hey, why not? It's their paper.
-It's their world.
-Ain't we got no rights?
We got the right to starve.
Let's just get our papes
and hit the streets while we still can
Hey, hey.
-Nobody's paying no new nothing.
-You got an idea?
Would you keep your shirt on?
Let me think this through.
-Stop crowding him!
-Hey, hey, hey...
-Let the man work it out!
-Whoa, whoa.
Hey, Jack, you still thinking?
Sure he is.
Can't you smell smoke?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Come here.
Hurry up. All right, here's the deal.
If we don't sell papes,
nobody sells papes.
Nobody gets to that window till they p
the price back where it belongs.
What? You mean like a strike?
Well, hey, you heard Davey,
we're on strike!
Hold on. I didn't say that.
We shut down this place just like
them workers shut down the trolleys.
And the cops will bust our heads.
Half of them strikers
is laid up with broke bones.
Cops ain't gonna care
about a bunch of kids. Right, Davey?
Leave me out of this.
I'm just here trying to feed my family
What? And the rest of us
is here on play time?
Hey, hey.
Just 'cause we only make pennies
don't give them the right
to rub our noses in it.
It doesn't matter. You can't strike.
You're not a union.
What if I says we is?
There's a lot of stuff
you gotta have in order to be a union.
Like membership.
What do you call these guys?
And officers.
I nominate Jack president!
Gee. I'm touched.
How about a statement of purpose?
Yeah, I must've left
that in my other pants.
What's a statement of purpose?
A reason for forming the union.
Well, what reason
do the trolley workers have?
I don't know.
Wages, work hours, safety on the job.
Who don't need that?
I bet if your father had a union,
you wouldn't need to be out here
selling papes right now, yeah?
Our union is hereby formed
to watch each other's backs.
Union'd we stand. Hey, that's not bad.
Somebody write that down.
I got a pencil.
Well, meet our Secretary of State.
Now what?
If you want a strike,
the membership's got to vote.
Okay, so we'll vote.
What do you say, fellas?
The choice is yours.
Do we roll over
and let Pulitzer pick our pockets
or do we strike?
You heard the voice
of the membership.
The Newsies of Lower Manhattan
are officially on strike.
-What's next?
Wouldn't our strike be more effective
if someone in charge knew about it?
Well, it would be a pleasure
to tell Wiesel myself.
And who tells Pulitzer?
-I don't know.
-I guess you do, Mr. President.
-That's right.
Hey, we do.
So what... What do we tell him?
Well, the newspaper owners need
to respect your rights as employees.
Yeah, yeah. Pulitzer and Hearst
gotta respect the rights
of the working kids of this city!
Well, they can't just change the rules
when they feel like it!
Yeah, that's right. We do the work!
-So, we get a say!
We got a union!
Pulitzer and Hearst,
they think we're nothing.
-Are we nothing?
They need to understand
that we're not enslaved to them.
We are free agents.
Pulitzer and Hearst
they think they got us
-Do they got us?
We're a union now.
The Newsboy Union,
-and we mean business!
Even though
we ain't got hats or badges
We're a union just by saying so
And The World will know
What's to stop some other kids
coming along to sell our papes?
-Just let them try!
We cannot beat up on other kids.
-We're all in this together.
-All right, all right.
What's it gonna take
to stop the wagons?
Are we ready?
What's it gonna take
to stop the scabbers?
Can we do it?
We'll do what we gotta do until
We break the will of mighty Bill and Joe
And The World will know
And The Journal, too
Mr. Hearst and Pulitzer
have we got news for you
See, The World don't know
But they're gonna pay
'Stead of hawkin' headlines
we'll be makin' 'em today
And our ranks will grow
And we'll kick their rear!
And The World will know
that we've been here!
When the circulation bell starts ring
Will we hear it?
What if the Delanceys
come out swinging?
Will we hear it?
When ya got 100 voices singing
Who can hear a lousy whistle blow?
And The World will know
That this ain't no game
That we got a ton
of rotten fruit and perfect aim
So they gave their word
Well, it ain't worth beans
Now they gonna see
what "Stop the presses" really means
And the old will weep
and go back to sleep
And we got no choice
but to see it through
And we found our voice
And I lost my shoe
And The World will...
Pulitzer may own The World
but he don't own us!
Pulitzer may own The World
but he don't own us!
Pulitzer may crack the whip
but he won't whip us!
Pulitzer may crack the whip
but he won't whip us!
And The World will know
We been keepin' score
Either they gives us our rights
Or we gives them a war
We've been down too long
And we paid our dues
And the things we do today
will be tomorrow's news
And the die is cast
and the torch is passed
And the roar will rise
from the streets below
And our ranks will grow
and grow and grow
And so The World will feel the fire
And finally know
The World
-Get out!
-Let's go!
And stay out!
You can tell Pulitzer
that a few days into this strike,
he's gonna be beggin'
for an appointment to see me!
You got that?
He got it.
Pulitzer may own The World
but he don't own us!
Pulitzer may own The World
but he don't own us!
Pulitzer may crack the whip
but he won't whip us
Pulitzer may crack the whip
but he won't whip us
So The World says, "No!"
Well, the kids do, too!
Come on!
Try to walk all over us
we'll stomp all over you!
Can they kick us out?
And take away our vote?
Come on.
Will we let 'em stuff
this crock of garbage down our throat
Every day we wait
is a day we lose!
-And this ain't for fun!
-And it ain't for show!
And we'll fight 'em
toe to toe to toe
And so The World
will feel the fire
And finally
Finally know!
And a glass of water for you.
And one for you.
-And you and you and...
-Thank you.
Who's the big spender
that ordered the seltzer?
Over here.
That'll be 2 cents.
2 cents for a glass of seltzer?
Just give me a water.
How did I ever see that coming?
I'd say we launched our strike
in a most auspicious manner.
I don't know about that.
But we sure scared
the bejeebers outta Wiesel!
And did you see the Delanceys?
They didn't know which way was up.
Hey, hey. So, what's next?
Now you have to spread the word.
Let the rest of the city's newsies
know about the strike.
Hey, you heard the man.
Let's split up. Let's spread the word.
-I'll take Harlem.
-I got Midtown.
-I got the Bronx.
-And I got the Bowery.
-Specs, you take Queens.
-Tommy Boy, take the East Side.
And who wants Brooklyn?
Come on. Brooklyn.
Spot Conlon's turf.
You tellin' me
you're scared of Brooklyn?
-I ain't scared of no turf!
But that Spot Conlon
gets me a little jittery.
Me and Davey will take Brooklyn.
Me? No.
Why is everyone
so scared of Brooklyn?
What are you doing here?
Asking a question.
Have you got an answer?
Brooklyn is the sixth largest city
in the entire world.
You got Brooklyn,
you hit the mother lode.
Say, for someone who works
for The New York Sun,
you are spending an awful lot of time
hanging around at The World.
So what's that about, huh?
Are you following me?
No. The only thing
I'm following is a story.
A ragtag gang of ragamuffins
wants to take on
the king makers of New York?
Well, do you think you have a chance?
Shouldn't you be at the ballet?
Is the question too difficult?
I'll rephrase.
Will the richest
and most powerful men in New York
give the time of day to a gang of kids
who haven't got a nickel to their name?
Hey! You don't gotta be insultin'.
I got a nickel.
So, I guess you'd say you're a couple
Davids looking to take on Goliath.
-We never said that.
-Well, you didn't have to.
I did.
You know, I've seen
a lot of papes in my day
and I ain't never noted
no girl reporters writing the hard new
Well, wake up to the new century.
The game's changing.
Now, how about an exclusive interview?
Ain't your beat entertainment?
This is entertaining. So far.
Hey, what's the last news story
you wrote?
What's the last strike you organized?
You're out of your league, Kelly.
Methinks the lady needs to be
handled by a...
Real man.
You thinks wrong, Romeo.
-How'd she know my name?
-Get outta here.
I'd say we save any exclusive
for a real reporter.
Well, do you see somebody else
giving you the time of day?
All right. So I'm just busting
out of the social pages, but...
But you give me the exclusive.
Let me run with the story,
and I promise I'll get you the space.
Hey, you really think
we could be in the papes?
Well, shut down a paper
like The World?
You're gonna make the front page.
Subtransl.ed balloumowgly
You want a story?
Be at the circulation gate
tomorrow mornin', and you'll get one.
And bring your camera.
You're gonna want to snap
a picture of this!
Boys, play outside.
I gotta set up for dinner
and I got payin' customers
that need the tables.
Now, come on! We got newsies to visit.
Hey, you won't be shooin' us off
when we get our mugs in the papes!
And The World will know
We been keepin' score
Either they gives us our rights
Or we gives them a war
We've been down too long
And we paid our dues
And the things we do today
will be tomorrow's news
And the dye is cast
And the torch is passed
-And the roar will rise
-From the streets below
And our ranks will grow
and grow and grow
And so The World
will feel the fire
And finally know!
Hey, come on, Les.
The folks are waitin'.
So, what's your story?
Are you selling newspapers
to work your way through art school?
Art school? Are you kiddin' me?
But you're an artist.
You've got real talent.
You should be inside the paper
illustrating, not outside hawking it.
Maybe that ain't what I want.
So tell me what you want.
Can't you see it in my eyes?
Yeah, okay.
Have you always been their leader?
Hey, I'm a blowhard.
Davey is the brains.
Modesty is not a quality
I would've pinned on you.
You got a name?
Katherine... Plumber.
What's the matter? Ain't you sure?
It's my byline.
-The name I publish under.
So tell me about tomorrow.
What are you hoping for?
I'd rather tell you
what I'm hopin' for tonight.
Mr. Kelly...
Today, we stop the newsies
from carrying out the papes.
But the wagons
still deliver to the rest of the city.
We stop the wagons.
Are you scared?
Do I look scared?
But ask me again in the mornin'.
Good answer.
Good night, Mr. Kelly.
Hey! Hey, where are you runnin'?
It ain't even supper time.
I'll see you in the morning.
And off the record...
Good luck.
Hey! Hey! Hey, Plumber!
Write it good.
We both got a lot riding on you.
You heard the man.
"Write it good."
Write it good or it's back to wheezing
your way through the flower show.
No pressure.
Let's go.
"Newsies Stop The World."
A little hyperbole never hurt anyone.
"With all eyes fixed
on the trolley strike,
"there's another battle brewing
in the city."
And if I could just write about it...
Come on, Katherine!
Those boys are counting on you.
You poor boys.
Write what you know
so they say
All I know is I don't know
what to write
Or the right way to write it
This is big, lady, don't screw it up
This is not some little
vaudeville I'm reviewing
Poor little kids versus
rich, greedy sourpusses
Ha! It's a cinch!
It could practically write itself
And let's pray it does
'Cause as I may have mentioned
I have no clue what I'm doing
Am I insane?
This is what
I've been waiting for
Well, that, plus the screaming
of 10 angry editors
A girl? It's a girl!
How the hell? Is that even legal?
Look, just go and get her!
Not only that
There's a story behind the story
Thousands of children
exploited, invisible
Speak up, take a stand
And there's someone
to write about it
That's how things get better
Give life's little guys some ink
And when it dries
just watch what happens
Those kids will live
and breathe right on the page
And once they're center stage
You watch what happens
And who's there
with her camera and her pen
As boys turn into men
They'll storm
the gates and then
Just watch what happens
when they do
"A modern day David is poised
to take on the rich and powerful Golia
"with the swagger of one twice his age
"Armed with nothing more
than a few nuggets of truth,
"Jack Kelly stands ready to face
the behemoth Pulitzer."
Now that is how you turn
a boy into a legend.
Picture a handsome
heroically charismatic
Plain spoken, know-nothing
skirt-chasing cocky little son of a...
Lie down with dogs
And you wake up
with a raise and a promotion
So, he's a flirt, a complete egomania
The fact is he's also
the face of the strike, what a face
Face the fact, that's a face that cou
save us all from sinking in the ocean
Like someone said
"Power tends to corrupt
and absolute power..."
Wait! Wait!
"Corrupts absolutely"
That is genius!
But give me some time
I'll be twice as good as that
Six months from never
Just look around
at the world we're inheriting
And think of the one we'll create
Their mistake is they got old
That is not a mistake
we'll be making
No, sir, we'll stay young forever!
Give those kids and me
The brand new century
And watch what happens
It's David and Goliath
Do or die, the fight is on
And I can't watch what happens
But all I know is nothing happens
If you just give in
It can't be any worse
Than how it's been
And it just so happens
that we just might win
So whatever happens...
Let's begin!
-Is anyone else comin'?
-I've got no clue.
Hey, well, you've seen
Spot Conlon, right?
-What, what'd he say?
-Yeah, sure, we seen him.
Him and about 20 of his gang.
And them Brooklyn boys is big.
And... And I gotta say,
Spot was very impressed.
-Wasn't he?
-I'd say.
All right, so, they're with us?
That all depends on how you look at it
If you look and see Brooklyn,
then they're with us.
Yeah, they wanted proof we weren't
gonna fold at the first sign of troubl
Are we?
We are not! No!
-There's us, there's Harlem...
-Well, not so fast, boss.
Harlem wants to know
what Brooklyn's gonna do.
What about Queens?
-Queens will be right here backing us up.
-Are you serious?
As soon as we get
the nod from Brooklyn.
I got the same fish-eye in Midtown.
Say, Oscar,
it looks like we got bum information
about a strike happenin' here today.
Not that I'm complaining.
I know my skull-bustin' arm
could use a day of rest.
Hey. Are you done?
Are we doing the right thing?
Sure we are.
Maybe we should
put this off a few days.
No, we cannot just put this...
Jack, they are not...
Say something.
Tell 'em if we back off now,
they will never listen to us again!
Hey, hey!
We can't back down now, all right?
No matter who does or doesn't show.
You like it or not,
now is when we take a stand.
How's about
we just don't show up for work?
That'll send a message.
No! They'll just replace us.
They need to see us stand our ground.
-You tell them.
-I... Jack...
Now is the time
to seize the day
Stare down the odds
And seize the day
Minute by minute
That's how you win it
We will find a way
But let us seize the day
Hey, Jack, look what I made.
Good, huh?
That's great.
That's pitiful.
Don't be so quick to judge.
Maybe Pulitzer will see it
out his window and feel sorry for us.
Hey, Specs, any sign
of reinforcements?
Davey, Davey, come on.
Courage cannot
erase our fear
Courage is when
we face our fear
Tell those with power
Safe in their tower
We will not obey
Behold the brave battalion
that stands side-by-side
Too few in number
And too proud to hide
Then say to the others
Who did not follow through
You're still our brothers
And we will fight for you
-We doin' this?
Now is the time
to seize the day
Stare down the odds
and seize the day
Once we've begun, if we stand as one
Someday becomes somehow
And a prayer becomes a vow
And the strike starts
Right damn now!
The sun is up. The birds are singin'.
It's a beautiful day
to crack some heads.
Ain't it?
Step right up and get your papes.
Are you workin' or trespassin'?
What's your pleasure?
-Who are they?
They think they can just waltz in here
and take our jobs?
-We can handle them!
-Let's soak 'em, boys!
No, no, no! We all stand together!
Or we don't have a chance!
-Yeah, I know. I hear ya.
I know someone put youse up to this.
Yeah, they probably paid you
some extra money, too, huh?
Yeah, well, it ain't right.
Pulitzer thinks we are gutter rats.
With no... No respect for nothin',
including each other.
Is that who we are, huh?
Well, we stab each other in the back
and, yeah, that's who we are.
But if we stand together,
we can change the whole game.
And it ain't just about us!
Yeah, all across the city,
there are boys and girls
who ought to be out playin'
or going to school!
Instead they are slavin' to support
themselves and... And their folks!
Ain't no crime to bein' poor!
No, not a one of us complains
if the work we do is hard.
All we ask is a square deal.
For the sake of all the kids
in every sweatshop,
factory and slaughterhouse in this cit
I beg you, throw down your papers...
And join the strike.
Hey! What are you doing? Come on.
I'm with ya.
Now is the time
to seize the day
Now is the time
to seize the day
Answer the call
and don't delay
Answer the call
and don't delay
Wrongs will be righted
if we're united!
Let us seize the day!
You're kidding me, right?
Hey, at the end of the day,
who are you gonna trust?
Them or them?
Now let 'em hear it
loud and clear!
Now let 'em hear it
loud and clear!
Like it or not, we're drawing near!
Like it or not, we're drawing near!
Proud and defiant, we'll slay the giant
Judgment day is here!
What the hell!
My father's gonna kill me anyway!
Houston to Harlem
Look what's begun!
One for all and all for one!
Strike, strike
Strike, strike, strike, strike
Strike, strike, strike, strike
Oh... Strike!
Come on!
-All right, Jack!
-Let's go, Jack!
All right, come on, Davey!
-Come on, boys!
-Let's go, boys.
Show 'em, fellas!
Come on!
You see this, Mr. Pulitzer?
Come on, fellas.
All right, let's go! Let's go.
Now is the time
to seize the day!
They're gonna see
there's hell to pay!
Nothing can break us
No one can make us
quit before we're done!
One for all and all for
One for all and all for
One for all and all
For one!
Newsies forever!
Second to none
One for all and all for
One for all and all for...
Atta boys!
It's time these kids learned a lesson.
-No, we're not...
Newsies! Get 'em!
Stay down.
Get outta here, kid!
It's about time you showed up.
They're slaughtering us.
Cheese it! It's the bulls!
-Jack, wait for me!
-Where do you think you're goin'?
-Jack, help! Romeo! Finch!
Shut it, crip.
Well, it's off to the Refuge
with you, little man.
No! No, stop!
No, please, don't!
How about a little... Yeah!
And you, take him away.
-Jack! Help!
Folks, we finally got a headline
"Newsies Crushed
As Bulls Attack!"
Crutchie's callin' me
Dumb crip's just too damn slow
Guys are fightin', bleedin', fallin'
Thanks to good ol' Captain Jack
Captain Jack just wants
To close his eyes and go
Let me go
Far away
Somewhere they won't
never find me
And tomorrow
won't remind me of today
When the city's finally sleepin'
And the moon looks old and gray
I get on the train
that's bound for Santa Fe
And I'm gone!
And I'm done!
No more runnin', no more lyin'
No more fat old men
denyin' me my pay
Just the moon so big and yellow
It turns night right into day
Dreams come true
Yeah, they do
In Santa Fe
Where does it say
you gotta live and die here?
Where does it say
a guy can't catch a break?
Why should you only take
what you're given?
Why should you spend
your whole life livin'
Trapped where
there ain't no future
Even at 17
Breakin' your back
for someone else's sake?
If the life don't seem to suit ya
How 'bout a change of scene?
Far from the lousy headlines
And the deadlines in between
Santa Fe!
My old friend
I can't spend
my whole life dreamin'
Though I know that's all
I seem inclined to do
I ain't getting any younger
And I wanna start brand new
I need space
And fresh air
Let 'em laugh in my face
I don't care
Save my place
I'll be there
Just be real is all I'm askin'
Not some paintin' in my head
'Cause I'm dead
if I can't count on you today
I got nothing if I ain't got
Santa Fe
Hey, drink up, boys.
And don't never say
I don't give you nothin'.
And before you say water is nothin',
just ask a fish in the desert.
Why do old people talk?
To prove they's still alive.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Would you get a load
of these glum mugs.
Wait, can these really be
the same boys
who made front page
of The New York Sun?
Would ya look it! That's me!
Where's me? Where's me?
Wait till my old man gets a load of th
I won't be last
in line for the tub tonight!
-You got us in the pape?
-You got yourselves in the pape.
"Newsies Stop The World."
Now there's a headline
even Elmer could sell.
So, what else you got?
Mine's the only story that ran.
Pulitzer declared
a blackout on strike news,
so even I'm shut down now.
Hey, I heard they arrested Crutchie.
Did they get Jack, too?
The Delanceys are spreading a story
that he took it on the lam
first sight of the cops.
Jack don't run from no fight.
Take it down, shortstop.
I'm just reporting the news.
For jumping Jack's sake,
can you stow the seriosity
long enough to just
drink in the moment?
I'm famous!
Yeah, what of it?
Well, are you stupid or what?
When you're famous,
the world is your erster.
Your what?
Your erster.
What are you saying?
Your erster.
Hey, you know, your fancy clam
with the pearl inside.
All right!
How much does being famous pay?
No, you don't need money
when you're famous.
They gives you whatever you want.
Such as?
A pair of new shoes
With matchin' laces
A permanent box
At Sheepshead Races
Pastrami on rye
With a sour pickle
My personal puss
On a wooden nickel
Look at me
I'm the King of New York!
I'm respectable
Staring right at'cha
Lousy with stature
Nobbin' with all
The muckety-mucks
I'm blowin' my dough
And going deluxe
And there I be!
Ain't I pretty?
It's my city
I'm the King of New York
A solid gold watch
With a chain to twirl it
My very own bed
And a indoor terlet
A barbershop haircut
That costs a quarter
A regular beat
For the star reporter!
Am-scray, punk!
She's the King of New York
Who'd'a thunk?
I'm the King of New York!
We was sunk, pale and pitiful
Buncha wet noodles
Pulitzer's poodles
Almost about to drown
In the drink
-When she fished us out
-And drowned us in ink
-So let's get drunk!
Not with liquor, fame works quicker
When you're King of New York
I gotta be either dead
Or dreamin'
'Cause look at that pape
With my face beamin'
Tomorrow they may wrap
Fishes in it
But I was a star
For one whole minute!
Come on, boys!
Got 'em!
That's it?
You gotta be kidding me.
Let's go...
Come on, Katherine!
Look at me
I'm the King of New York!
Wait and see
This is gonna make
Both the Delanceys
Pee in their pant-sies
Flashpots are shootin'
Bight as the sun!
I'm one highfalutin'
Son of a gun!
I guarantee
Though I crapped out
I ain't tapped out!
I'm the King of New
Friends may flee, let 'em ditch ya!
Snap one pit'cha!
You're the King of New
Front page story, guts and glory
I'm the King
Of New York!
"Dear Jack...
Greetings from the Refuge.
How are you?
I'm OK
Guess I wasn't
Much help yesterday
Snyder soaked me
Real good with my crutch
Oh, yeah, Jack
This is Crutchie, by the way
These here guards
They is rude
They say jump, boy, you jump
Or you're screwed
But the food ain't so bad, least so far
'Cause so far
They ain't brung us no food
'Ha. Ha.'
I miss the rooftop
Sleepin' right out in the open
In your penthouse in the sky
There's a cool breeze blowin'
Even in July
So, guess what?
There's a secret
Escape plan I got
Tie a sheet to the bed
Toss the end out the window
Climb down
Then take off like a shot
Maybe though
Not tonight
I ain't slept
And my leg still ain't right
Hey, but Pulitzer, he's going down!
And then, Jack
I was thinking we might just go
Like you was saying
Where it's clean
And green and pretty
With no buildings
In your way
And you're ridin'
Palominos every day
Once that train makes...
Damn this place.
I'll be fine
Good as new
But there's one thing
I need you to do
On the rooftop, you said
That a family looks out
For each other
So you tell all the fellas for me
To protect one another
The end
Your friend
Your best friend
Your brother
All right, enough already.
Here's everything I owe you
for the first backdrop.
Plus this one.
And even a little something extra,
just account'a
because I'm gonna miss you so.
-Miss Medda, I...
You're a gem.
Just tell me you're goin' somewhere,
not running away.
Does it matter?
When you go somewhere
and it turns out
not to be the right place,
you can always go somewhere else.
But if you're running away,
nowhere is ever the right place.
How about lettin' a pal
know you're alive?
Why don't I leave you with your friend
Where did you go? We couldn't find ya.
You ever think I didn't wanna be found
Hey, is that a real place?
That Santa Fe?
Hey, did you see the papes?
We are front page news above the fold!
Yes. Above
the fold.
Good for you.
Everyone wants to meet
the famous Jack Kelly.
Even Spot Conlon
sent over a kid just to say,
"Next event you can
count on Brooklyn." How about that?
We got stomped into the ground.
Yeah, they got us this time.
I'll grant you that.
But we took round one,
and with press like this,
our fight is far from over.
Every newsie who could walk
was out there this morning,
selling papes
like the strike never happened.
And I was right out there with them.
If I don't sell papes, my folks don't eat.
Save your breath. I get it. It's hopeless.
But then I saw this look
on Wiesel's face.
He was actually nervous
and I realized this isn't over.
We got 'em worried.
Really worried.
And I walked away.
Lots of other kids did, too.
And that is what you call a beginning.
There he is, just like I said.
For cryin' out loud,
where's a fella gotta go
to get away from you people?
There's no escapin' us, pal.
We're inevitable.
So, what's the story?
Can we have the theater?
Pipe down. I didn't ask yet.
What's the holdup?
I need to let my girl
know we've got a date.
Your girl?
You heard me!
I've been swattin' skirts
away all morning.
Fame is one intoxicating potion.
And this here girl, Sally, she's a plum
Word is, you wrote a great story.
Hey, you look like hell.
Hey, Jack,
where's that supposed to be?
It's Santa Fe.
I gotta tell you, Jack.
This "Go west, young man!"
routine is getting tired.
Even Horace Greeley
moved back to New York.
Yes, he did.
And then he died.
Subtransl.ed balloumowgly
Ain't reporters supposed
to be non-partisan?
Ask a reporter?
Pulitzer's had me blacklisted
from every news desk in town.
Can we table the palaver
and get back to business?
Will Medda let us have the theater?
It's what I been tryin' to tell ya.
We wanna hold a rally,
a citywide meeting
where every newsie
gets a say and a vote.
We do it after working hours
so no one loses a day's pay.
Yeah, smart enough
to get you committed to a padded room.
The guy who paints places
he's never seen is calling us crazy?
You wanna see a place I seen, huh?
How about this?
Newsie Square,
thanks to my big mouth,
filled to overflowing with failure.
Kids hurt, others arrested!
Lighten up. No one died.
Is that what you're aimin' for?
No, no, go on.
Call me a coward. You call me a quitter
Ain't no way
I'm puttin' them kids back in danger.
We're doing something
that's never been done before!
How could that not be dangerous?
Specs brung me a note from Crutchie
at the Refuge.
I tried to go see him.
I went up the fire escape.
They busted him up so bad,
he couldn't even come to the window.
Now, what if he don't make it, huh?
Are you...
Are you willin' to shoulder that?
For what, half a penny a pape?
It's not about pennies, Jack!
You said it yourself.
My family wouldn't be in the mess we're
in if my father had a union.
This is a fight we have to win!
If I wanted a sermon,
I would show up for church.
Tell me how quitting
does Crutchie any good.
So here's how it goes
once we win
And we will be winning
Make no mistake
-We'll be what?
-We're already winning
-Oh, right
-And we'll tell 'em straight out
They let Crutchie go
Or they keep getting pounded
Oh, Dave
What the hell?
Did they bust up
Your brains or somethin'?
As I recall, Dave
We all got our asses kicked
-They won!
-Won the battle
-Oh, come on!
-Jackie, think about it
We got them surrounded
And here's where I think
Joe's a jerk
-He's a rattlesnake
-You're right
And you know why
A snake starts to rattle?
-No. Why?
-'Cause he's scared
-Oh, sure
-Go and look it up
The poor guy's head
Is spinning
Why would he send for the goons?
An entire army?
Dozens of goons
Plus the cops and...
-You know, you may be right
-Thank you, God
-If he wasn't afraid
He knows we're winning
Get those kids to see
We're circling victory
And watch what happens
We're doing something
No one's even tried
And, yes, we're terrified
But watch what happens
You can't undo the past
So just move on
And stay on track
Stay on track
'Cause Humpty Dumpty
Is about to crack
We've got faith
We've got the plan
And we've got Jack
So just watch what happens
We're back
And I've got a date!
But I've read
your editorials, Mr. Pulitzer.
How can you express so much
sympathy for the trolley workers
and yet have none for the newsies?
Because the trolley workers
are striking for a fair contract.
The newsies are striking against me.
I'd spare you this embarrassment
if I could.
But the Burlesque House
is private property.
He can't order a raid
without legal cause.
Mr. Mayor, would the fact that this ra
is organized by an escaped convict
be cause enough to shut it down?
An escaped convict?
A fugitive
from one of your own institutions.
A convicted thief at large,
wreaking mischief
on our law-abiding community.
Mr. Snyder, which one is he?
That is him, there.
-Jack Kelly.
-And how do you know this boy?
His is not a pleasant story.
He was first sentenced to my Refuge
for loitering and vagrancy.
But his total disregard for authority
has made him a frequent visitor.
You called him a thief
and escaped convict.
After his release,
I caught him myself, red-handed.
Trafficking stolen food and clothing.
He was last sentenced to six months,
but the willful ruffian escaped.
So you'd be doing the city a service.
Removing this criminal from our streets.
If that's the case,
we can take him in quietly.
What good would quiet do me?
I want a public example made of him.
Mr. Pulitzer...
The boy, Jack Kelly, is here.
-Just outside.
He's asked to see you.
Ask and ye shall be received.
Mr. Snyder, if you please.
Mr. Jack Kelly.
Hey. Good afternoon, boys.
And which Jack Kelly is this?
The charismatic union organizer,
or the petty thief and escaped convict
Which one gives us
more in common, huh?
Impudence is in bad taste
when crawling for mercy.
That's a laugh. No.
No, I just stopped by with an invite.
No, it seems a few hundred
of your employees are rallyin'
to discuss some recent disagreements.
Now, I thought it only fair to invite
to state your case direct to the fellas.
So what do you say, Joe?
Want I should save you
a spot on the bill?
You are as shameless and disrespectful
a creature as I was told.
Did you know what I was doing
when I was your age, boy?
I was fighting in a war.
Yeah, how'd that turn out for ya?
It taught me a lesson
that shaped my life.
You don't win a war on the battlefield
It's the headline that crowns the vict
Well, I will keep that in mind
when New York wakes up
to front page photos of our rally.
Rally till the cows come home.
Not a paper in town will publish a word.
And if it's not in the papers,
it never happened.
You may run this city,
but there are some of us
who cannot be bullied.
Even some reporters.
Such as that young woman
who made you yesterday's news.
Talented girl.
And beautiful as well, don't you think?
Yeah. I'll tell her you said so.
No need. She can hear for herself.
Can't you, darling?
I trust you know
my daughter, Katherine.
Yes. My daughter.
You're probably asking,
why the nom de plume?
Why doesn't my daughter work for me?
Good questions.
I offered Katherine a life
of wealth and leisure.
Instead, she chose to pursue a career.
And she was showing real promise
until this recent lapse.
But you're done with all of that now,
aren't you, sweetheart?
-Jack, I didn't mean...
Don't trouble the boy
with your problems, dearest.
Mr. Kelly has a plateful of his own.
Would you say so, Mr. Snyder?
Hello, Jack.
Does anyone else feel
a noose tightening?
But allow me to offer
an alternate scenario.
You attend this rally
and you speak against
this hopeless strike.
And I'll see your
criminal record expunged.
And your pockets filled
with enough cash to carry you
in a first-class train compartment
from New York
to New Mexico and beyond.
You did say
he wanted to travel west, didn't you?
There ain't a person in this room
that don't know you stink.
And if they know me,
they know I don't care.
Mark my words, boy.
Defy me, and I'll have you
and every one of your friends
locked up in the Refuge.
Now, I know...
I know that you are Mr. Tough Guy.
But it's not right to condemn that lit
crippled boy to conditions like that.
-And what about your pal...
Davey and his baby brother
ripped from their loving family
and tossed to the rats.
Will they ever be able
to thank you enough?
Time's running out, kid
So what do you say?
Cowboy or convict
I win either way
Your abject surrender
Was always the bottom line
Gentlemen, escort our guest
to the cellar
so he might reflect in solitude.
Too bad you've no job, Jack
But you did resign
Too bad you've no family
But you can't have mine
Be glad you're alive, boy
I'd say that's the bottom line
Like the pied piper
You knew what to play
Till those kids all
Believed you were right
Lucky for them
All but one got away
They may not be
So lucky tonight
And now, we've been given
discretion to handle you as we see fit
Yeah, so behave.
But just in case,
I been polishin'
my favorite brass knuckles.
You can sleep right here
on this old printin' press.
Now that there, is firm.
Newsies need our help today
Newsies need our help today
Tell 'em Brooklyn's
On their way
Tell 'em Brooklyn's
On their way
We're from Brooklyn
We are newsies
We are Brooklyn newsies
Just got word
That our buddies is hurtin'
Facin' total disaster
For certain
That's our cue, boys
It's time to go slummin'
Hey, Manhattan, the cavalry's comin'
Have no fear
You know we've got
Your back from way back
Brooklyn's here
We'll get your pay back
With some payback
We're the boys
From the beaches of Brighton
Prospect Park
And the Navy Yard Pier
Strikes ain't fun
But they sure is excitin'
Loud and clear
Brooklyn's here!
Borough what gave me birth
Friendliest place on Earth
Pay us a visit
And see what we means
-And when ya do
-When ya do
When ya do
We'll kick ya
Halfway to Queens
Now them soakers
Is in for a soakin'
What a sad way to end a career
They's a joke
But if they thinks we're jokin'
Loud and clear
Manhattan's here
Flushing's here
Richmond's here
Woodside's here
So's the Bronx!
-Brooklyn's here
-Loud and clear
We is here
Welcome, newsies of New York City.
Welcome to my theater
and your revolution!
And let's hear it
for Spot Conlon and Brooklyn!
Newsies united!
Let's see what Pulitzer's
gotta say to you now.
Hey, Davey.
Where's Jack?
Jack! Jack! Jack!
Sorry, kid. No sign of him yet.
Looks like you're doin' a solo.
-I can't.
-Yes, you can.
All right.
Newsies of New York!
Look at what we done.
We got newsies from every pape
and every neighborhood here tonight.
Tonight, you're makin' history.
Tonight, we declare
that we are just
as much a part of the newspaper
as any reporter or editor.
We are done being treated like kids.
From now on,
they will treat us as equals!
All right?
You wanna be talked to like an adult?
Start actin' like one.
-Don't just run your mouth.
-Make some sense.
-And here's Jack!
Jack! Jack! Jack!
All right, all right.
All right!
Raised the price of papes
without so much as a word to us
and that was a lousy thing to do.
So we got mad
and we showed 'em
we ain't gonna be pushed around.
So we go on strike.
And then what happens?
Well, Pulitzer lowers the price of pap
so's we'll go back to work!
And then a few weeks after that,
he hikes up his price again,
and don't think he won't.
So what do we do then?
And what do we do when he decides
to raise his price again after that?
Fellas, we gotta be realistic here.
If we don't work, we don't get paid.
How many days can you go
without making money?
Believe me, however long,
Pulitzer can go longer.
But I have spoken with Mr. Pulitzer.
And he...
He has given me his word.
If we disband the union,
he will not raise prices again
for two years.
He will even put that in writing.
Now I say, we take the deal.
We go back to work
knowing our price is secure.
All you gotta do is vote "No."
Vote "No"!
He's a sellout.
You're a traitor, Jack!
That was some speech you made.
-How'd you get here?
-Well, Specs showed me.
What? He say you could
go through my stuff?
I saw them rolled up
sticking out of there.
I didn't know what they were.
These drawings...
These are drawings
of the Refuge, aren't they?
Is this really what it's like in there
Three boys to a bed,
rats everywhere and vermin...
What? A little different
from where you were raised?
Snyder told my father that you were
arrested stealing food and clothing.
This is why, isn't it?
You stole to feed those boys.
I don't understand!
If you are willing
to go to jail for those boys,
how could you turn
your back on them now?
I do not think you are one to talk
about turnin' on folks!
I never turned on you or anyone else.
No, you didn't.
You just double-crossed us
to your father!
Your father!
My father has eyes
on every corner of this city.
He doesn't need me spying for him.
And I never lied.
I didn't tell you everything.
If you weren't a girl,
you would be trying to talk
with a fist in your mouth.
I told you that I worked
for The Sun and I did.
I told you my professional
name is Plumber and it is.
You never asked my real one.
I wouldn't think I had to
unless I knew
I was dealing with a backstabber!
And if I was a boy,
you'd be looking at me
through one swollen eye!
Yeah? Don't let that stop you.
Give me your best shot!
I need to know
that you didn't cave for the money.
No, I spoke the truth.
You win a fight when you got
the other fellow down eatin' pavement.
All right, you heard your father.
No matter how many days we strike,
he ain't never givin' up. I don't...
I don't know what else we can do.
-But I do.
-Come on.
Really, Jack, really?
Only you can have a good idea?
-Or is it because I'm a girl?
-I did not say nothin'...
This would be a good time to shut up.
Being boss doesn't mean
you have all the answers.
Just the brains to recognize
the right one when you hear it.
I'm listening.
Good for you.
The strike was your idea.
The rally was Davey's.
And now my plan
will take us to the finish line.
Deal with it.
"The Children's Crusade."
"For the sake of all the kids
in every sweatshop, factory
and slaughterhouse in New York,
I beg you, join us."
With those words, the strike stopped
being just about the newsies.
You challenged our whole generation
to stand up
and demand a place at the table.
Children's Crusade...
Think, Jack, if we publish this,
my words with one of your drawings,
and if every worker under 21
read it and stayed home from work,
or better yet,
they came to Newsie Square.
A general citywide strike!
Even my father couldn't ignore that.
We have one small problem.
We got no way to print it.
Come on, there has to be
one printing press he doesn't control.
I know where there's a printing press
no one would ever think we'd use.
Well, then, why are
we still standing here?
Hey, hey. Wait! Stop!
What is this about for you?
Nah, and I'm not talkin' about
the Children's Crusade.
What's this about?
What, am I...
Am I kiddin' myself
or is there somethin'...
Of course, there is.
Well, don't just say it
like it happens every day!
-Jack, I didn't...
-No, no! I'm not an idiot!
Look, I know girls like you
don't wind up with guys like me.
And I don't want you promisin' nothin'
you're just gonna take back later.
Standin' here...
Tonight, lookin' at you, I...
Look, I'm scared tomorrow's gonna
come and change everything.
If there was a way
I could grab hold of somethin'...
Just to make time stop,
so's I could just
keep on lookin' at you.
You snuck up on me, Jack Kelly.
I never even saw it coming.
For sure?
For sure.
Till the moment I found you
I thought I knew what love was
Now I'm learning what is true
That love will do what it does
The world finds ways to sting you
And then, one day
Decides to bring you
Something to believe in
For even a night
One night may be forever
But that's all right
That's all right
And if you're gone tomorrow
What was ours still will be
I have something to believe in
Now that I know you believed in me
We was never meant to meet
And then we meet
Who knows why
One more stranger on the street
Just someone sweet passing by
An angel come to save me
Who didn't even know she gave me
Somethin' to believe in
For even a day
One day may be forever
But that's okay
That's okay
And if I'm gone tomorrow
What was ours still will be
I have something to believe in
Now that I know you believed in me
Do you know what I believe in?
Look into my eyes
And see
If things were different...
If you weren't going to Santa Fe...
Yeah, if you weren't an heiress...
And if your father wasn't after my head.
But you're not really
scared of my father.
I am pretty scared of you.
Don't be!
And if I'm gone tomorrow
What was ours still will be
I have something to believe in
Now that I know you believed in me
I have somethin' to believe in
Now that I know you believed
In me
Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds and seize the day
Minute by minute, that's how you win
We will find a way
But let us seize the day
I'll get the lights.
You get those windows unlocked.
We've got enough keys
here for the entire building.
Hey, has someone being
pickin' Daddy's pockets?
The janitor's been working here
since he was eight
and hasn't had a raise in 20 years.
He's with us 100%.
Hey, you bring enough
fellas to keep us covered?
We can hold a hoedown in here
and no one would be the wiser.
All right, good job.
It's good to have you back again.
Shut up.
Here she is, boys.
Now just think, while my father
snores blissfully in his bed,
we will be using his very own press
to bring him down.
Yeah, remind me
to stay on your good side.
Hey, is this what they print
the papes on?
I can see why they tossed
this old girl down to the cellar.
But I think she'll do the job.
Jack, this is Darcy.
He knows just about everything
there is to know about printing.
I'm sorry.
You work for one of the papes?
My father owns The Trib.
Whoa. Whoa!
And this is Bill.
He'll be typesetting the article for us.
Bill? So I suppose you're the son
of William Randolph Hearst, right?
Yeah. And proud to be
a part of your revolution.
Ain't that somethin'?
In the words of the little one,
"Can we table the palaver
and get back to business?"
A little grease,
and she'll be good as gold.
All right, here's how it'll work.
As we print the papes, Race,
you'll let the fellas in
and they'll spread 'em
to every workin' kid in New York.
-After that...
-Well, after that,
it's up to them.
There's change comin'
Once and for all
You makes the front page
And, man, you is major news
Tomorrow they'll see what we are
And sure as a star
We ain't come this far
To lose
-Let's go, boys! Clear up!
-Here they come!
Right, bring 'em in!
-Let's go, boys!
-Come on, boys, let's go!
This is the story we needed to write
As we're kept out of sight, but no more
In a few hours, by dawn's early light
We'll be ready to fight us a war
This time, we're in it to stay
Talk about seizing the day
Write it in ink or in blood
It's the same either way
They're gonna damn well pay!
See old man Pulitzer snug in his bed
He don't care if we're dead or alive
Three satin pillows are under his head
While we's begging
For bread to survive
Joe, you can stop counting sheep
We're gonna sing ya to sleep
You've got your thugs
With their sticks and their slugs
But we got a promise to keep!
Once and for all
If they don't mind their manners
We'll bleed 'em
Bleed 'em
Once and for all
We won't carry no banners
That don't spell
Finally, we's raising the stakes
This time, whatever it takes
This time, the union awaits
Once and for all!
"In the words of union leader,
Jack Kelly..."
"'We will work with you,
we will even work for you,
but we will be paid
and treated as valuable members
of your organization."
Riveting stuff, huh?
Hey, get goin'.
You got a very important man to see.
Well, keep your fingers crossed, OK?
For us, too.
This is for kids
Shining shoes on the street
With no shoes on their feet every day
This is for guys
Sweating blood in the shops
While their bosses and cops look away
I'm seeing kids standing tall
Glaring and raring to brawl
Armies of guys who are sick of the lies
Getting ready to rise to the call!
Once and for all
There'll be blood on the wall
If they doubt us
They think they're running this town
But this town will shut down without us
Ten thousand kids in the square
Ten thousand kids in the square
-Ten thousand fists in the air
-Ten thousand fists
Joe, you is gonna play fair
Once and for all!
-Once and for all
-Once and for all
-Once and for all
-Once and for all
-Once and for all
-Once and for all
There's change coming
Once and for all
You're getting too old
Too weak to keep holding on
A new world is gunning for you
And, Joe, we is, too!
Till once and for all
You're gone!
Come on, boys!
Once and for all
Once and for all
Once and for all
Once and for all
I'm sorry, Mr. Pulitzer
will have to call you back.
No, he's very busy.
He'll have to call you back. I'm sorry.
He can't talk. He'll call you back.
Mr. Pulitzer's office.
No, he can't take your call. I'm sorry
I'm sorry,
Mr. Pulitzer's simply not available.
Well, I'm sorry! I am...
Silence those phones!
The entire city is...
The entire city is shut down.
No one is working anywhere,
and everyone is blaming you!
They're all calling.
The mayor, the publishers,
the manufacturers.
And such language.
You can't just barge in here!
Mornin', gents!
You're behind this.
We had a deal.
And it came
with a money-back guarantee.
And thank you for your lesson
on the powers of the press.
Did you read this, boss?
These kids put out a pretty good paper
Very convincing.
No doubt written by my daughter.
I would sign her
before somebody else grabs her.
I demand to know who defied
my ban on printing strike material.
No, we're your loyal employees.
We would never take
our business elsewhere.
That old printing press in the cellar.
I made you the offer of a lifetime.
Anyone who does not act
in his own self-interest is a fool.
What's that make you?
This all began because
you wanted to sell more papers.
But now your circulation is down 70%.
Why didn't you just come talk to us?
'Cause guys like Joe
don't talk to nobodies like us.
But a very wise reporter told me,
"A real boss don't need
all the answers." Nah.
"Just the smarts enough to snatch up
the right one when he hears it."
Now is the time to seize the day
Stare down the odds and seize the day
Minute by minute, that's how you win
We will find a way
But let us seize the day
Have a look out there, Mr. Pulitzer.
In case you ain't figured it out,
we got you surrounded.
New York is closed for business.
You can't get a paper or a shoe shine.
You can't send a message,
ride an elevator
or cross the Brooklyn Bridge.
Hell, you can't even
get out of your own office.
So, what's your next move?
Mr. Pulitzer, the mayor is here
along with your daughter.
And you won't believe who else.
Good morning, Mr. Pulitzer.
I think you know the governor.
Governor Roosevelt?
Joseph, Joseph, Joseph.
What have you done now?
I'm certain when you hear
my explanation, you'll know exactly...
Thanks to Miss Medda Larkin
bringing your daughter to my office,
I already have a thorough grasp
of the situation.
Graphic illustrations included.
"Bully" is the expression
I usually employ to show approval.
But in your case, I simply mean...
And is this the boy
of whom you spoke?
How are you, son?
I'm told we once shared a carriage ride.
The pleasure is mine, Mr. Governor.
My, God...
Well, Joe, don't just stand there,
letting those children sing...
Endlessly. Give 'em the good news.
What good news?
That you've come to your senses
and rolled back prices.
Unless, of course, you want to invite
a full state Senate investigation
into your employment practices.
You wouldn't dare.
After the pressure you wielded
to keep me from office.
I'd do it with a smile.
Come along, Joseph, there's only
one thing worse than a hard heart.
And that's a soft head.
And think of the happiness
you'll bring those children.
He doesn't do happiness, does he?
Mr. Kelly...
If I may speak to you. Alone.
Don't worry. I'll get it.
Keep your eyes on the stars,
and your feet on the ground.
You can do this.
I cannot put the price back where it was
I'm sorry. I can't.
-There are other considerations...
-I get it. I get it.
Joe, you need to save face
in front of all these other folks.
-I'm young. I ain't stupid.
-Thank you for understanding...
But I got constituents
with a legitimate gripe!
What if I reduced the raise by half?
And get the others to do the same.
It's a compromise we can all live with
But you eat our losses.
From now on, any pape we can't sell,
you buy back. Full price!
That was never on the table!
What's to stop the newsies from taking
hundreds of papers they cannot sell?
My cost would explode!
No newsie's gonna break his back
hauling around papes he can't sell!
But if he can take a few extra
with no risk,
he might sell them and then
your circulation will begin to grow!
"It's a compromise we can all live with."
That's not a bad head
you've got on your shoulders.
That's disgusting.
Well, that's just the price
of doing business.
And The World will know
We been keepin' score
Either they gives us our rights
Or we gives them a war
We've been down too long
And we paid our dues
And the things we do today
Will be tomorrow's news
And the die is cast
And the torch is passed
-And the roar will rise
-From the streets below
And our ranks will grow and grow
And grow and grow
and grow and grow and...
Newsies of New York City.
We won!
And now I would like to introduce
my very own personal pal,
Governor Theodore Roosevelt himself!
Each generation must,
at the height of its power,
step aside and invite the young
to share the day.
You have laid claim to our world
and I believe the future,
in your hands,
will be bright and prosperous!
Your drawing, son,
brought another matter to bear.
Officers! If you please.
Hey, Jack, look. It's Crutchie!
Hiya, fellas! You miss me?
And look what I got for youse, a gift.
Straight from the Refuge.
All right, bring him in, fellas.
It's Snyder the Spider.
He ain't lookin' so tough no more.
Jack, with those drawings,
you've made an eloquent argument
for shutting down the Refuge.
Be assured that Mr. Snyder's abuses
will be fully investigated.
Officers, take him away!
Please, Your Highness,
may I do the honors?
You have got to be joking.
Yeah, and you'll be laughin'
all the way to the pen, little man.
So long,
Thank you, Governor.
I can't help thinking,
if one of your drawings
convinced the governor
to shut down the Refuge,
what might a daily political cartoon d
to expose the dealings
in our own government's back rooms?
What do you say, Teddy?
Care to let this young man's artistry
shine a lantern
behind your closed doors?
Don't sweat it, Gov.
I mean, with the strike settled,
I should be hittin' the road.
Don't you ever get tired
of singing the same old tune?
What's Santa Fe got
that New York ain't?
Better yet, what's New York got
that Santa Fe ain't?
New York's got us, and we're family.
Did I not hear something
about the strike being settled?
Papes for the newsies. Line up, boys.
These papes
ain't gonna sell themselves.
Come along, Governor.
And show me that backseat
I've been hearing so much about.
Well, don't just stand there.
You've got a union to run.
Besides, didn't someone just offer
you a pretty exciting job?
What? Me work for your father?
Well, you already work for my father.
And you've got
one more ace up your sleeve.
And what would that be?
Wherever you go, I'm there.
Right by your side.
For sure?
For sure.
It don't take much to be a dreamer
All you do is close your eyes
But some made-up world
Is all you ever see
Now my eyes is finally open
And my dreams, they's average size
But they don't much matter
if you ain't with me
Atta boy, Jack Kelly!
Well, Jack, are you in or you out?
Come on.
I mean, I've been busy, right?
We'll all be out there
Carryin' the banner man to man
We're always out there
Soakin' ev'ry sucker that we can
Here's the headline
"Newsies on a Mission!"
Kill the competition!
Sell the next edition!
We'll be out there carryin' the banner
See us out there carryin' the banner
Always out there carryin' the banner
Look at me
I'm the King of New York
Suddenly I'm respectable
Staring right at'cha
Lousy with stature
Glory be
I'm the King of New York
Front page story
Guts and glory
I'm the King
Of New York!
Newsies of New York!
-Let's go!
Inspired by and dedicated to
the thousands of newsies
who participated in
the Newsboys' Strike of 1899.
Their courage led the way for
child labor reform in the United State
Subtransl.ed balloumowgly