Disorganized Crime (1989) Movie Script

That takes
a load off my mind.
Thank you.
Thank you, mr. Bueller.
Can I help you?
-Can I have five twenty's, please?
Ok, that's 20, 40...
60, 80 100.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Bad idea.
Frank salazar!
You're under arrest!
Havin' one of
those days, frank?
Son of a bitch.
All aboard!
Need a ride, gentlemen?
How much farther
we got?
'Bout 60 miles.
You're max greene,
aren't ya?
Yeah, i thought so.
Frank told me about you
last job i worked with him.
Said you were the best explosives
man he'd ever worked with.
I'm ray.
Ray forgy.
You're carlos barrios,
Frank told you about me too? No.
Soledad. I was there
same time you were.
What about him?
You seem to know everybody here. Who's he?
Don't know him.
You don't know him?
- I don't know him either.
- Me neither.
Doesn't seem fair us not knowing who
he is now that he knows who we are.
I guess i'm not as famous
as you guys.
Nick bartkowski. Glad to meet ya.
Now we can all be best friends, huh?
Wake me when we get there, then
i'll get your fuckin' autographs.
So, who gets to
do the honors?
Knock on
the fuckin' door.
This is bullshit!
Frank would've
been here to meet us.
Hey, i did my part.
Don't look at me, pal. There's
too much lead in that house now.
Wha- god- god!
Hey. Whoa. Whoa.
This is it. Frank's stuff's in the bedroom.
- Then where the hell is frank?
- Maybe he found a woman.
Frank would've been here.
That depends
on the woman.
This is a bad sign.
A bad sign.
I do not like starting jobs
with bad signs.
- Maybe the woman's husband came home and shot him.
- No, this isn't like frank.
Frank would've been here.
I say we get the hell out.
I came a long way for this job. I
think we should give frank a few hours.
If he doesn't show
by morning,
then we'll decide.
I don't feel like going back before
i find out what i came here for.
Yeah, i can hang
for a night.
So you guys take a vote,
that's it, huh? I'm stuck here.
You should be proud
to live in a democracy.
The only thing i'm proud of is that i'm
not in jail, and i wanna keep it that way.
So do i. If i go back inside a
cell again, that'll be it for me.
I don't have the time
to make mistakes.
The only reason i'm here
is 'cause of frank.
The only reason frank
would've come here is a setup.
Frank is particular...
about his setups
and about his people.
Me and frank worked
together eight times.
I don't know any of ya.
Frank told me aboutyou,
and you.
But you...
i don't know.
I have nothing against you,
but you're young.
And i don't like
working with young.
The risks don't
add up the same.
You're here because frank wanted you
here, and that means you're not stupid.
Stupid people make stupid mistakes
and wind up getting caught.
No matter how smart you are, the
cops wind up on your doorstep.
Smartest thing
i ever did...
was to stop working
with stupid people.
So, that's why
we wait.
- Who died and made you boss?
- Nobody made me nothin'. It's the way it's gonna be.
- When you take a job, you stick it out 'til the end.
- What job?
- Does anybody know why the hell we're here?
- Doesn't make any difference.
- As long as you're with us, you stick it out.
- For how long?
Until we decide it's over.
All of us.
It's 11:00.
I'm tired.
We keep the lights out,
and someone stays up.
Frank might show. If he does,
i don't want any surprises.
Put the car in the garage. No
reason to advertise we're here.
Any problems with that?
We do two-hour shifts.
Change at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00.
I'll take the first one.
I can't sleep before 1:00.
I'll take second.
You get last.
And what if frank
doesn't show?
Stop thinkin', nick.
Doesn't do anybody any good.
I'll sleep my first couple
of hours in the bed.
- Don't waste time looking for another. There's only one.
- You're gonna need keys.
No, i'm not. I left 'em in
the car. Uh, i don't think so.
And nick here didn't want one of
us stealing the car. Did you, nick?
See, you can't be
too careful nowadays.
- You don't know who you can trust anymore.
- You got something to say?
I got nothing to say.
Don't wanna start things off
with a... bad sign.
One big, happy family.
Maybe we'll get together
next christmas,
remember the good times,
the warm, friendly faces.
"Bad sign."
I don't know what you're trying
to prove, but don't push it.
Something bad
might happen, huh?
Something bad might happen.
It might happen to y-
i don't care who you
think you are, you're-
i'm leaving the bags right here, 'cause
i'm not playing bellboy, you know?
I know you're trying to
get me to lose my-
one of you got some
toothpaste i can borrow?
Yes, i've got
some fucking toothpaste!
What's he freakin' out
I'm not sure. I think
he wanted to kill me.
Ah, it's a beautiful day,
isn't it, frank?
Smell that air.
It's clean.
Not like back home,
Better take some deep
breaths while you can.
Come on, frank, admit it.
Didn't you miss newark?
Not newark, george. He didn't
miss newark. He missed us.
Am i right?
I'm right.
Come on. Our life just hasn't
been the same without you, frank.
Oh, god. Oh, god.
Oh, god.
- Cops?
- I don't know- oww!
God! Ohhh!
- Where's it coming from?
- I can't see anything!
Watch there.
What the hell's
goin' on?
Nothing on this side.
Here either.
- Maybe it's frank! Maybe he's on the run!
- I'm goin' out.
I'm with you.
- Yeah!
- Watch the front.
- Where are you goin'?
- I told you, watch there!
Where are they going?
I don't know.
Maybe they saw somethin'.
I knew something like this was
gonna happen. I knew it! I knew it!
Okay, here.
What do you see?
It's a couple of kids.
Doing what?
Shooting at bottles.
They're not even
hitting them.
We went through
all this for...
kids shooting
at bottles.
Where you going?
I'm gonna shoot 'em.
Shoot- uh-
shoot 'em?
Uh, w-
wait a minute!
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute.
you don't know
how to shoot.
Hey, watch out!
I told you this was
gonna happen. I heard you!
Gimme the keys.
The car keys. Get outta here. You're drunk.
Gimme the keys!
We're not leavin' 'em!
You wanna stay, stay.
I'm not asking your permission.
Gimme the goddamn keys!
Give 'em to me.
Now, you comin'?
I'm not leavin'.
Give me the gun.
Don't be stupid!
Gimme the gun!
Thank you.
First time i've seen
the ground in 15 years.
Almost forgot
what it looked like.
You from new york,
I lived there once.
For three years
and seven months.
Got time off
for good behavior.
Me too.
Did four there.
Got out in '68.
Class of '79.
That's where
i met frank.
- Hey!
He's taking the car!
Nick's taking the car! Shit!
He's taking the car!
Son of a bitch!
Great. Now what
are we gonna do?
Nothing. We're just-
we're just gonna
let him go?
You chase him if you want.
I'm too old to outrun a car.
Montana. What the hell
am i doin' in montana?
Fuckin' bullshit.
I need a drink.
What is this?
Oh, shit, shit, shit,
shit, shit.
Oh, no.
I mean it, man.
I'm serious.
What are we gonna do now?
How the hell are we
supposed to get out of here?
We don't have a stupid car anymore, and
there's not even one close enough to steal!
You know,
i think about these things.
Maybe nick was right.
Maybe frank
ain't coming back.
What the hell
are you looking for?
Frank got us out here for
something. I'm gonna find out what.
What the hell was a big-time operator like
you doing in a pissant little town like that?
All they got out here is blue
skies and cow shit. Cow shit.
You weren't thinking of going
into cattle rustling, were ya?
Come on, frank.
Satisfy my curiosity.
We can't charge you for something
youthought you were gonna do.
He's mad at us, george. I
think we ruined his plans.
Bill, he's only got himself to
blame. You're right there, george.
We warned him the last time he hit one of
our banks in newark we were gonna get him.
Well, frank, we got ya. Yeah.
You belong to new jersey now. Just
a quick little plane ride away.
Pull over at the next station.
I gotta leak my lizard.
Okay, sure.
How'd you find me?
Well, let me see, frank. How did
we find ya? You remember, bill?
His stepmother told us.
That's right.
Your stepmother told us.
But don't get her wrong. She
wouldn't tell us right off.
We had to beat it
out of her.
Frank, we're just kidding.
We didn't touch her.
No, we didn't lay a hand on
her. It cost us a hundred bucks!
Your stepmom
drives a hard bargain!
If it'll make you
feel any better,
she wouldn't take anything
less than a hundred.
No games now, frank.
You try and get smart, you'll be pissin'
in your pants all the way back to newark.
? red eyes, white whiskey?
? and a blue, blue heart?
? i'm so patriotic?
- Where's your can?
- Uh, in the back.
? cupid does better
next time?
? he hits me
with that dart?
Hold it.
? red eyes, white whiskey?
? and a blue, blue heart?
All right, you got two
minutes. Don't waste it.
You got two minutes.
Don't waste 'em makin'
plans for a new life-
drop it.
Back here! Help!
We're back here!
Aw, shit!
Oww! Shit!
Damn it! Ohh! He went out
the window! Ohh! Shit! Oww!
Oh, no!
Sh- oww! Shit.
Get outta the way!
Yeah! Yeah!
Where is he? He took off
down the river in a canoe.
He stole one of my canoes? He's
got my gun! How far can he go?
The river runs 60 miles and then
it dumps into the clark fork.
I mean, if he wanted to he could
float all the way to the pacific ocean.
Oh, no, no, no. We are
bringing in a chopper. No!
- No?
- No one's gonna know about this.
We're gonna get that son of a bitch,
be back on the road in half an hour.
Is there a road
along the river?
No, it's all private land. Mostly ranches.
But there's a bridge about five miles down.
You can probably beat
him there. Shoot it off!
No, i got a hacksaw
- we don't have enough time! Shoot!
Ohh, shit!
Did you see him? I don't
see him. No, i don't.
Come on.
He couldn't have
got here before us!
You take right side,
i'll take left.
We'll work our way upriver 'til we find him.
He's gonna wish he'd never pulled this stunt.
Just get
the flashlight.
Ohhhh, shit!
Ohh! Aah!
Aah! God!
Whoa- aah!
Did you
catch him?
But i found the car.
He dumped the car?
He ran it off the road, rolled
it a couple times and hit a tree.
I don't think he could get it
started again. He totaled my car?
And my feet.
Did he live?
- God, i hope not.
- He walked away with just some cuts.
Found him in the middle of the highway
on his hands and knees, throwing up.
Isn't it great to make
new friends? Who found him?
Cops. The cops? The cops.
He was arrested
for drunken driving.
He'll be arraigned tomorrow
morning at 9:00 a.m.
And i never want to walk again
for the rest of my entire life.
This is great. Nothin'
like workin' with the best.
Let me ask
a really stupid question.
Did frank show up?
But we know
what the job is.
A bank.
What are we gonna do, rob
it and then run away on foot?
There's half a million
in there.
Half a million dollars?
How do you know that?
We'll get a car.
Then we'll get nick.
I hope that was
an attempt at humor.
I can't bust in the vault, neither
can you. Nick is the only one who can!
Are you going along
with this?
A hundred-and-twenty-five k would
clear up an awful lot of debts.
You're both crazy.
- What have you got to lose?
- My temper!
George! Here it is!
The canoe!
Here it is!
Look for
He must've taken off
cross-country! Right. Right!
Hey, here's some footprints.
Hey, george, over here!
I found some prints!
They go into the woods!
What do you wanna do?
- Follow 'em!
- He's got your gun!
- I ain't going after him by myself!
- I'm comin!
Look for
a place that's shallow!
Put your shoes in your coat!
Tie it up real tight!
Real tight, george!
Come on!
Aah. Ohh!
Be careful!
It's freezing!
Hey! Go slow!
Don't rush it!
Shut up!
You're not helping me!
Damn it!
- What?
- A sharp rock, okay?
George, don't drop
the flashlight!
Oh, j-
hey, bill! My clothes! In
the river! Get my clothes!
Oh, christ!
Son of a bitch!
What moron loses his
clothes? In the fuckin' river!
Get my fuckin'
Son of a bitch!
That moron! I don't believe
- can't you move any faster?
Small town, so we're gonna need
a car that doesn't stick out.
Something nobody's gonna
recognize right away.
Buick, chevy. Light
color so i can paint it.
I'd like an eight. We're
gonna need the speed.
Sounds just like the one nick
wrecked. I know. Don't remind me.
That car
was perfect.
The only reason i'm going through with
this is so i can kick nick's ass...
after we get the money.
Then i'm gonna run over him
with the new car.
It's good to have
a goal in life.
- that's it. You got it? I got it. Hold on.
Please be careful!
Oh, jesus!
Get 'em, get 'em! Shit! Come on!
God, we don't fish in newark!
Son of a bitch. Don't drop it!
Come on!
You got it?
I got it! I got it!
Hold on. Hold on.
Oh, thank god. Thank god is
right. I wasn't going back in.
It's so wet though.
Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
- What? What?
- My pants. They're not here!
- What?
My wallet, my keys,
my badge, everything!
They're not fucking here!
Goddamn it!
We'll find 'em... maybe.
Please let it be
a cadillac.
My car broke down.
I need a lift
into town.
I'm not going the highway, but this
road'll take you halfway. That do?
- Sure will.
- Hop in back. Don don't let nobody ride in the cab.
Oh, yeah.
In back.
Come on.
Oh, boy. The dog sits in the
front and we all go in the back.
I don't know what i just
stepped in, but it's real soft.
- Shit.
- Why don't we wait for a garbage truck?
That way each one of us
can have his own can.
It's better than footin' it, man.
It ain't better than breathing.
Look out for the-
a hundred and fifty dollars
i paid for those shoes.
I'm gonna kill
that son of a bitch!
With what, george? He stole your
gun. Maybe you'll lend me yours.
Oh, no, no. I think we oughta
call in some help. No way!
No way? No way?
Hey, look at me
a second, okay?
Am i wearing a raccoon hat
with a tail? I'm not, am i?
I'll tell you why. Because
i ain't davy crockett...
and you,
you're not daniel boone!
And this,
this is not new jersey!
How's that gonna
make us look, huh?
Big-city detectives can't even get a
prisoner out of a stinkin' redneck county!
How's it gonna look if we can't
find him? We're gonna find him.
We're gonna find him.
We're going to the car.
I'm gonna change my clothes and we're
gonna find him. You wanna know why?
- Yeah.
- Because he's from newark too!
Oh-ohh- yaah!
Oww. Oww. Oww.
Over there.
Stop the truck!
Hey, shh! Listen!
Listen, listen.
Did you hear that?
I don't hear anything.
You know what it sounded like? What?
Nah, nothin', it's
- it's the river. I'm goin' a little crazy.
It's a car.
Yeah. Hey.
Isn't that
where we parked?
No. No!
- Shit!
- Did you guys hear something?
No. What? I don't know. It sounded like-
hey, who cares. As long
as we're not walking, man.
First thing we need to do is
get rid of these jersey plates.
goddamn it!
Son of a bitch!
I'm gonna kill him!
Who are you gonna kill?
Are you blind? Salazar! He did this!
He doubled back! The son
of a bitch doubled back!
He was probably watching us
for the last goddamn hour!
I'm gonna kill him!
Damn it!
That's fine. That's-
oh, god,
those are my footprints.
I'm going in a circle!
Oh, god.
Ohh! Aah! Jesus!
Ohh! Aah! Ohh!
Take me to the courthouse. I'll see
what it'll take to bail nick out.
You two drop the clothes at the
cleaners and check out the bank.
Good luck, fellas.
Hope you catch your man.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
For everything.
I can't go in.
Why not?
I look stupid.
Look, george,
the more time we waste,
the more distance salazar
puts between us and him.
- Now, we go in here
and we put out an a.p.b.,
and i bet we'll catch him
in three, four hours tops.
- Huh.
- Come on.
This is no time
to be self-conscious.
Come on.
You don't look too bad.
Well, here.
I'm telling you, george,
we're gonna find our car...
and we're gonna get your
clothes back; i promise.
Then he doubled back
and stole our car.
And we need the a.p.b. On
the white chrysler, jyt147.
And he's armed.
He- he got a.38.
- Where did he get a.38?
- He got mine, all right? After he hit me!
Come on, can't we move on this? The more
time we waste, the farther he gets away.
Come on.
Do us a favor.
All right. Send it out.
Frank salazar, description.
Stolen vehicle,
And don't forget to add...
armed... and dangerous.
How do.
I'm gonna need
some change.
Singles, please.
That's a pretty name.
Thank you.
Could you, uh,
please change this for me?
Thanks a lot.
ten and ten ones okay?
That's 10, 11, 12, 13,
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19...
and 20.
There you go.
Thank you.
- That's a really pretty dress.
- Thank you.
I got it here in town. Uh,
you're not from here, are you?
Um, no.
Uh, come back again.
State of
montana vs. Nick bartkowski.
Please stand.
Mr. Bartkowski?
We don't usually get people with
as much experience as you have.
This is quite a repertoire. Are you
looking to broaden your horizons?
Uh, no, your honor. I just
got a little drunk. That's all.
And stole a car. Let's not
leave that out, shall we?
L- i didn't steal
that car.
That car is a stolen vehicle,
mr. Bartkowski.
If you didn't steal it,
who did?
- Frank salazar.
Frank salazar?
Yeah, i just borrowed it
from him, uh, yesterday.
Uh, deputy?
Thank you.
Are you sure
it was yesterday...
that you borrowed the car
from frank salazar?
Well, maybe it was
the day before yesterday.
But you're sure
it was frank salazar?
Pretty sure.
Are you saying now that
you're not sure it was...
frank salazar
that loaned you the car?
It was dark, and, um, the man
said his name was frank salazar.
But i don't really know
frank salazar, so-
you expect me to believe that
a man you don't even know...
loans you a car
in a dark place?
Well, it was, uh, uh,
a friend of a friend.
Mr. Bartkowski?
I guess you didn't know that mr.
Salazar was a guest in our jail...
until yesterday morning.
No, i didn't know that.
He was then released into the
custody of two detectives...
who are escorting him
back to new jersey.
Now, i'm almost sure...
that they wouldn't have
let him lend you a stolen car.
So assuming there isn't more than
one frank salazar in our town,
i set bail at $5,000.
Five thousand? If you
can't afford an attorney,
one will be supplied
to you.
Five grand bail.
For a d.u.i.?
And for a grand theft
on the car.
Frank must've stolen it. He
was in jail yesterday morning.
Salazar was in jail? He was.
A couple of cops picked him up and now
he's being taken back to new jersey.
You don't think he'd talk,
do you?
Frank? Never.
Uh, well- just- you said they
were taking him back to jersey?
That's what the judge said.
This car had jersey plates.
If it is their car,
where are they?
And where's frank?
And what the hell were they doing
on that dirt road down by the river?
Maybe it's not
their car.
So what are we
gonna do?
We're gonna do just like take
the bank. Only we do it tonight.
We're not ready.
We'll get ready.
What about nick?
- We bail him out.
- With what?
With my good looks?
Where you gonna get $5,000?
I got 400 bucks.
How much you got?
Not enough.
How much?
About 300.
You? Why don't you just
kick me in the nuts?
Aren't you proud
to live in a democracy?
Seven or eight
hundred dollars.
Then all we need
is another 3,500.
My guess is he's headed north.
He can catch the interstate in missoula, get
into washington, or keep going into canada.
Anyway, at this point,
it's just a waitin' game.
We'll get him. You boys look
like you could use some rest.
You want me to drop you
at the motel?
When can we catch a plane? Anytime.
I can have the deputy
run you up to missoula.
We have a robbery
at the shop 'n go on 93.
about five-ten, 140 pounds,
wearin' a nylon stocking over his
head; got into a white car. Salazar.
Twenty-six hundred.
Not enough.
We need another 900.
Why don't we just
take out a loan?
We can hit one more.
Are you out of your mind?
We're gonna get nailed!
This isn't miami, you know. Every cop
they have'll be swarming over that market.
- If we hit another right now, they won't be ready.
- Theywon't be ready?
I'm not ready! I haven't
done this since i was 17!
Look at the bright side.
If we get caught, they'll probably
put us in the same cell as nick.
I can't believe
i'm doing this.
Give me a hand
over here.
And then he made me lie face down
on the floor so i couldn't see him.
Then he took the money from the
register. Did he have a scar?
A scar?
Did he have a scar right here?
You know what a scar is? Over here?
- Listen, gina, just relax.
Take your time.
Do you remember
if the man had a scar?
Huh? Huh?
I think so.
- I knew it!
- See?
Sheriff, we got another robbery in
progress. White chrysler, on main street.
Let's go! Block off this end of town.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Oh, shit!
White car!
Took off down third street!
360, 361,
62, 63, 64, 65.
Do you have to count out loud?
I'd like this not to be so obvious.
I'm sorry. I'll try to be more discrete.
66, 67, 68, 69.
Chris, this is henault.
Anything happen up
your end of town?
It's quiet as a foam rubber
wind chime down here.
Stay awake. We're headed in that
direction. I think we got him boxed in.
- There! - bingo.
- We got him!
What are you gonna do?
Shut up!
Go get set in back
of the others.
Frank salazar,
we know you're in there.
Throw out your weapons and come out
with your hands on top of your head.
You're completely
surrounded, frank.
Frank, this is your last chance.
We're tired of
playing games with you.
You either come out now,
or we're coming in after you.
You got one minute.
I got explosives, but you gotta give me
a hole through both layers of this door.
And i thought you guys bailed
me out because you missed me.
Oh, we did. Without your wit and charm,
there would've been a real hole in our lives.
Too bad you didn't
fall in it.
We're here to do a job.
If you have it in mind to bump one another
off, i wish you'd have the courtesy...
to wait 'til after
the job is done.
Otherwise we'd have gone through all this
for nothing; that would really piss me off!
In fact, i'd probably be so upset i'd
kill whichever one of you was still alive.
Cut the bullshit and get on with
it. We got a lot of work to do.
You want me to do a job? I'll do a job.
But i can do it without
the threats, okay?
Don't forget who
you're talking to.
If it hadn't been for us, you'd still be in
the can looking at ten years for grand theft!
We went through a lot of trouble
because of you! You owe us!
- What's wrong with him?
- Max?
Max, are you all right?
What's going on?
Carlos, give me a chair!
Sit down.
We oughta give him
some water or something.
Get the water!
Maybe you oughta
lie down.
I'm all right. All right? Are you kidding?
You should see yourself.
I said i'm all right.
If you're worried
about me dying, don't.
I'll have at least the courtesy
to wait 'til after the job.
The alarm's
a standard model 1400.
There are no floor
contact mats or eyes.
I can, uh, put it to sleep
in about 30 minutes.
How long for the safe?
These pictures
aren't any good.
But it looks like a wertheim, about ten
years old. That would give it a ul2 rating.
If that's what it is, i can cut
into it in about two hours.
If it's a newer safe,
we're gonna have to blow it.
It's gonna take a lot longer, and then i
don't even know if i can get into the bitch.
I'm not gonna know anything 'til i get
inside and take a look at the dials.
- What about getting inside?
- The place next door is a real estate office.
We pick the lock; we get in;
we go through the wall.
It's made of brick,
like your brain.
It's one-foot thick,
two layers.
Time in and out, about four-and-a-half
hours. That puts us out about 6:30.
Sunrise is 7:00.
What about cops?
We don't have much time.
There's only one road in and out of this
town. They can box us in pretty easy.
They could if their cars
were running.
They only got eight cars.
What if we took 'em out?
Couldn't do it in chicago,
miami or new york,
but with only eight cars, we could
take out the entire police force.
Knock 'em out,
make it so they can't run.
How? You can take out a
car with just a firecracker.
You just pull
the distributor cap off.
Doesn't take much when
it's put in the right place.
You can do it?
A little help from carlos
and the 'works, i'm happenin'.
I can't guarantee the size
of the explosions, but...
i can make what you need.
Carlos, i'm gonna want
another car.
I want to drive away
from this clean.
When are we planning on
doing this?
- Tonight.
- Tonight?
You got to be kidding.
We gotta wait 'til the bar across
the street closes. That's at 2:00.
We got eight hours.
Police broke down the front door
of mrs. Clare brown's house...
and discovered that salazar
had already fled the scene.
Channel 13 news has learned
that he had escaped earlier...
from two new jersey
George denver
and bill lonigan.
They refused to be interviewed for this
broadcast, but we did speak to a mr. Dana settler,
local agricultural specialist who had
helped the detectives earlier in the day.
Well, sir, when we first saw
these two fellas from new jersey,
uh, one of 'em,
uh, uh- ge-
George, it was.
He wasn't wearing any pants.
I'm shuttin' the damn thing off.
- Come on, get rid of the bottle and get dressed.
- What's the point, george?
We look like morons.
Anybody who saw the news isn't
gonna help us. You know why?
I'll tell ya. 'cause they don't
want to look like morons too.
So you're just gonna give up, huh?
It gets a little hot in the kitchen.
A little hot, george?
A little hot?
The fucking kitchen
burned down, george!
All right, it's shitty. Is
that what you want me to say?
It's a big, stinkin',
shitty, snot-nosed situation.
I'm not happy about it.
But it's what it is,
and it's all there is.
If you expect me to stick my gun up
my ass and pull the trigger, forget it.
You go drink yourself to death
if you think that will help.
I'm goin' after him. I'm
gonna find the son of a bitch.
I'm gonna stick my gun
up his ass and pull the trigger.
How do we start?
Yeah, um,
i got a 1976 oldsmobile station
wagon, blue vista cruiser,
license 130495z, montana;
reported stolen at 3:30.
Okay, you got one car on the
left, two cars on the right.
Car! Car!
It's the wrong color, george.
We're looking for a blue one.
Yeah, yeah.
Right year, right make.
Wrong color, wrong number.
Let's go, george.
Come on.
I doubt he'd park it in front
of the police station.
Come on!
You know, he may be a bozo, but
he's not that much of a bozo.
Okay. Ready.
Oh! Look out!
Look out! Whoa!
Do me one more favor.
Check a license for me.
Is this another stolen
vista cruiser?
No. No stolen
vista cruiser this time.
What's it belong to?
It's a '79 suburban.
You sure? Yeah, unless i've gone blind.
Holy jesus!
- What?
- Your sleeve has white paint on it.
You leaned
on the cruiser.
He painted the car,
Come on!
Max. Max!
The vault's newer
than i thought.
Yeah. So? So it's gonna take
at least a half hour longer.
Then it'll be light
before we finish.
Right. And all your little bombs
are gonna go off at the wrong time.
Look, if we're gonna quit,
we better quit right now.
Maybe- maybe
i can cut my time.
Maybe? I can't deal
with maybes.
Either you can
or you can't.
I can.
Well, then,
let's rob a bank.
It's almost 4:00.
I can see.
We got a half an hour more,
and three more cars.
What if we don't find 'em? Well, then
nothing else better botch, you know?
Number six!
We're gonna be late, man.
- Let's forget the last two.
No. No, no, no.
We don't have time.
They still have two cars. They can
box us in, man. I'd rather be late.
What if they're done early? They're not
gonna want to sit on that money for too long.
All right, pull a u-ie.
Holy shit!
Number seven just pulled up next
to us. All right, uh, listen, man.
Distract 'em, ask 'em directions,
anything. Just keep 'em talking.
Are you crazy?
- Don't do this to me.
- Rock 'n' roll.
I'm- i'm kinda lost.
What are you looking for?
a friend of mine,
she told me to, uh, to get
to main street, you know,
and go all the way up,
up until the end of the street.
And then make a right.
And, uh, the street just
kept going on and on and on.
What's your friend's name?
Her name?
Wanda. Wanda.
That's it.
She works at the, uh,
at the bank.
- Wanda brem?
- Wanda brem, yeah.
Wanda brem.
She invited you over
to her house?
Yeah, yeah.
What for?
What for?
Uh-huh. Um, to have
something to eat, you know.
We're gonna eat some food.
Uh, you want to go up main st.,
take a right on third.
Two blocks,
second house on your right.
Thank you much.
Thanks a lot.
- Did you get all the cars?
- We got seven out of eight.
Cool it.
Salazar painted that car
for a reason!
You think he's gonna
pull a job in this town?
I don't think he came here
for the fishing.
There's only one bank,
Yes, there is.
You may need this.
We've got him!
What the hell is goin' on?
This is it! We got him! We got salazar!
You stay, watch the car.
I'll go get the sheriff.
- We'll catch this slimeball
red-handed. - Right.
Right, right.
Don't move, frank!
Don't be stupid.
Put down the gun...
and turn around
real slow.
Let's get him inside.
Let's get him off me.
This guy never missed
a dinner in his life.
Just fold him.
Have you ever seen
this guy before?
I seen a lot
of him tonight.
Hey! Blow it!
We gotta go now.
No, bill is watching the
car! No, meet me there!
Sheriff, i promise you
this is it!
How long would it take?
Two minutes?
Yeah. Wait.
Yes, sir.
Right. Okay, okay.
All right. Right.
Right, right. Yeah.
I'll get the dispatch.
This happens.
It happens.
Aha! Aha!
That's why they pay me
the big bucks! Oh, yeah.
I need all available units over at
citizens state bank. Burglary in progress.
Let's go. Come on.
All cars, all cars:
Proceed to citizens state bank.
Bank burglary in progress.
Surround the building.
Proceed to citizens state bank.
Burglary in progress.
Surround the building.
You okay, max?
Ow! Holy-
Son of a bitch!
Let's go!
What happened?
I got hit.
Aw, who the hell knows?
Salazar just hit the bank. If
we don't hurry, we lose him.
Damn it!
I should've been in that safe in
20 minutes. Not 30, not 40, not 50.
Twenty minutes.
You did a good job.
We did it. We pulled it
off. We're out of there.
What do you want,
No. For once, i would
just like perfection.
That's all. Just
perfection. Lighten up, man.
You're no fun.
You are no fun.
Nick, i hate to admit it,
but you're okay.
- Aw, you're just saying that.
- Woo-o-o-o-o.
Carlos, i think i just
found number eight.
Lt. Horn, this is sheriff
henault. We got 'em in sight.
We're comin' into the valley in the
southern end about five miles north of darby.
We're about ten minutes
behind you, sheriff.
They turned.
Goddamn it! How?
Maybe the fat guy
you hit over the head.
We gotta get off the road and kill the
dust. We're leaving a trail a mile long.
Here, go through this pasture here.
We can get to the house from there.
This road is bullshit. It
dead ends a couple of miles up.
It'll give us some time.
Trust me!
I can't see through this dust!
I can't see 'em!
Move it! Move it!
Carlos, watch the road.
We'll get the gear,
split the money later.
Get the car running.
Got it.
Shit! We lost 'em!
Back the goddamn thing up!
What are you doing?
I am backin' up.
We didn't lose 'em.
What, are you blind?
Shut up.
- See anything?
- Nothing. Let's get the hell out of here.
Carlos? Ray!
Oh. Max?
Carlos! Ray?
Nick? I made it.
I made it.
Oh, i made it.
I made it. Ohh!
Oh, i made it.
We got him!
We got him!
You son of a bitch.
Frank salazar, this is the law.
The house is surrounded.
Throw down your weapons and come out
with your hands on top of your head.
I've never been this fucked
up by a little piece of-
I knew it! I knew it!
God, what's going on?
It's not my fault.
When's it gonna be fixed?
Never! It's a face
plant, man. It's history.
We're stuck here?
Citizens state bank.
We don't have an exact figure...
on how much was taken, but an
arrest was made... hey, listen!
Within an hour
of the crime.
The suspect's name
is frank salazar.
He's from new jersey. He's also
been charged with the robberies...
of the shop 'n go market and ford's
department store, and for stealing two cars.
He's being held
at the ravalle county jail.
The money, as yet,
has not been recovered...
and bail has been set
at one million dollars.
And now for sports.
The montana grizzlies began-
whew. Gee.
That's too bad.
Oh, shit.
You don't think frank
would talk, do ya?
Do we have
a million dollars?
Oh, no.
Oh, no, you're not thinking
of bailing him out, are you?
That would be stupid,
don't you think?
Oh, no, you- no!
You're not gon-
are you out
of your fuckin' mind?
No! No, forget it.
I'm out of here. You
guys do what you wanna do.
That's fine. I'll just get
a bus or a taxi or something.
I'm just gonna take my share here
plus, of course, expenses and things.
Don't worry about me.
I'll write you from maui.
I'll write you
in your nice, cold cell.
I'll be on my nice, hot island
with a couple of college babes.
You guys are out of your minds!
You should be in an insane asylum!
Why you're in this business,
i don't know.
Maybe you should open
a dry cleaners or something.
Bail him out. Why, that is the
silliest thing i ever heard.
I'll just take
some of this here.
Maybe i can find a bus stop
or something, okay?
I'll just take this
for a taxi or something.
What are you doing?
Hey! Whoa!
That's my money there!
We're going back to get
frank! I don't wanna get frank.
Has that dog had its shots?
Have you had your shots?
We're gonna go get frank. No!
Hey! Don't forget the money!
- He's getting the money!
- What's wrong with you guys?
Let go of me!
What are you doing?
Ohhh, shit!