Dispersed Clouds (1951) Movie Script

Directed by: GOSHO Heinosuke
Director of Photography: MIURA Mitsuo
Director artistic: KUBO Kazuo
Music: SAITO Ichiro
SAWAMURA Keiko (Masako)
NUMATA Yoichi (Dr. Minami)
KAWASAKI Hiroko (Osen)
OTSUKA Michiko
Kobuchizawa Station.
Change here for the Koumi line.
Change here for the Koumi line.
This is Kobuchizawa Station.
Change here for the Koumi line.
Don't forget your baggage.
There will be a long wait.
There is a waiting room for those
continuing on the Koumi line.
Mount Yatsugatake is so beautiful!
And so are the clouds!
The Autumn here in the plateau.
How nice!
Look how old this train is!
- Are we going to take this train?
- Yes we are.
We have fifty minutes before it leaves.
What a bad connection.
This seems to be the terminus station.
How much further do we have left to go?
- How high are we?
- About 800 meters.
The water is so cool!
The water of fertile Shinano.
Masako, don't you want to drink?
It's really good!
What's the matter, Masako?
Are you tired, Masako?
We have a lot of time.
Let's go for a walk.
Let's explore this town.
Come on, come on, hurry up!
There are a lot of things!
What odd things!
Look at the chestnuts!
- How nice they smell!
- And they look so good.
These would cost double this in Tokyo.
Maybe I will buy some for my mother.
I need to buy a roll of film.
Where is there a shop?
Look at how strong that woman is.
Wait for me!
Have you found something?
This isn't bad.
What a surprise. He even has
plastic raincoats.
Our raincoats come directly
from Ginza.
- Would you like one?
- No, thanks.
- Do you have film?
- Yes, I do.
My shop is very special.
I even have color film.
- Where is my change?
- Oh, sorry.
Thanks a lot.
Please, can I take a picture
of you?
Let's go.
What a strange guy.
The train is about to leave.
Wait, wait!
Masako, hurry up!
Take the tickets.
Masako, what's wrong?
Do you feel sick?
- What's wrong?
- Are you okay?
- What's the matter, Masako?
- Are you okay?
- You have a high fever!
- Let's have her sit there.
What may have happened to her?
Hold on, Masako.
What will we do?
What will we do?
- Masako, are you okay?
- What may have happened to her?
The train is gone!
- What will we do?
- What can we do?
- Is there something wrong?
- Can you get a doctor?
I'll have him come here?
- Yes, please.
- But... here?
Is there an inn?
Excuse me, if you want
you can come to our inn.
It's that one.
The doctor is not here yet?
I'll go get him.
Country doctors are so slow.
This town only has 5,000 people.
The doctor is here.
Please, this way.
Thank you for coming
so early in the morning.
- This is Dr. Minami.
- Hello.
- What's wrong with her?
- Please...
What's wrong with her?
It seems a sudden fever.
Nothing is wrong with me.
No, doctor.
She has a temperature of 39.8.
I'm going to examine her.
Take the futon off.
- No!
- Masako.
Masako, let him.
I don't want to!
- Lady...
- No, I don't want to.
I'll do it.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Who are those girls?
University students.
- From Tokyo.
- Really?
The owner is angry.
That Osen brought a sick girl here.
Does this happen to her often?
She's always weak.
She often catches a cold.
Maybe because of the job
she had this summer.
It's a light pneumonia.
Am I dying?
People don't die so easily.
Will she have to go to the hospital?
It's advisable,
but my clinic is full.
There are patients sleeping
on the floor.
Gee, even on the floor.
Is there a contagious
disease in this town now?
No, there are just fewer rooms
than patients.
Here, doctor...
Doctor, how is she?
No need to worry.
She just has to rest for 10 days.
- Osen, Mom is calling for you.
- Coming.
Honey, honey!
- Do me up!
- OK.
Either the clothes shrunk
or I've gained weight.
How sad!
Even as owner I have
to wear last year's clothes.
And on top of that I must go
to this women's meeting.
Honey, why don't you get
any wealthier customers?
The customer upstairs
hasn't paid yet.
And Osen has just brought
a sick student...
How can I help you?
Be careful with the
people you bring home.
I could get into trouble if
typhus broke out here.
I'm the vice president of the Women's
Union and I must watch hygiene.
- Wash her dishes separately.
- All right.
- Mother, I'm going.
- Call me 'mom'.
'Mom', I'm going!
Today I'll be late.
My teacher's Tokyo friend, Mr. Segawa,
will be at today's dancing contest.
Mr. Segawa is a very popular dancer.
Afterwards there's a welcome party.
- I'm going.
- Bring that important guy home.
Of course, madame.
It doesn't matter if we
wash them together.
Osasuri = pagan ritual
If they treated her with osasuri,
she would recover at once.
I could do it, too.
I couldn't leave her.
You remembered your daughter,
didn't you?
Use this one.
Thank you, sir.
- Thanks for coming.
- You are welcome.
Doctor, Masako insists
on staying alone.
If she says so,
there'll be no problem.
I will take care of her.
Take care of her.
- Thanks.
- Come afterwards to get her medicine.
Is this doctor trustworthy?
He completed a brilliant career
at the Nagoya University.
Do you think that Masako
has enough money?
Should we loan her some?
Masako will refuse it.
Then we'll send her something.
I'm going to send a telegram
to Masako's place.
Yes, please.
Please leave, girls.
I don't want to be a burden.
There she goes again...
You never accept the kindness of others.
Leave her alone.
Sometimes it's good to get lost in
your own thoughts while you travel.
Excuse me.
Would you let me to lay
my hands on her?
Then she will heal quickly.
I've got an osasuri degree.
Sit down over there, madam.
I'm going to take a picture of you.
Don't move, madam!
Have you taken photos?
We miss her.
Maybe she shouldn't have come
on this trip.
Her mother didn't want
her to come.
Masako worked all summer
to save money to be able to come.
I am sorry about her
having a stepmother.
She wanted this trip to help Masako
not to rebel against everything.
That maid is very pretty.
And very kind, too.
And there's the doctor
from Nagoya University.
How much suffering.
"How melancholy that cloud is!"
It's about the young woman
Dr. Minami examined.
Is the doctor away?
Last night he went to Nagasawa for an
emergency and he hasn't returned yet.
What's her temperature has?
37.5 .
All right, take care of yourself.
We've arrived.
- Welcome.
- I'm back.
I have just received a call
from Yamada Inn.
They would like you
to visit the patient.
Is something the matter?
Nothing in special.
- She has a temperature of 37.5.
- OK.
Miss Tawara, take care of
this boy. His name is Kenta.
- Show them to the room.
- OK.
- This way, please.
- All right.
Miiko, I'm back.
Ah, you've returned.
Yes, I'm back.
I've returned.
- I have had a sleepless night.
- Thanks for your work.
- How is the patient?
- He survived.
Now it's this boy.
His wound is oozing.
It's about to become gangrenous.
It should have been cooled before,
but they only treated him
with osasuri amulets.
- Osasuri?!
- Right.
Osasuri causes so many inconvenients.
Tuberculosis patients
have increased.
- We should examine them in groups.
- People would run away.
Doctor! Doctor Minami!
Is it true that there is a sick girl
from Tokyo at the Yamada inn?
Yes, it is.
With that beautiful nose?
With those wonderful eyes that
make her look like the Mona Lisa.
I'm in a rush.
Does she have any dimples
when she smiles?
I don't know.
I want to see her!
I want to take a picture of her!
- She's a patient.
- But doctor...
I am relieved because
your fever has decreased.
Do you feel lonely?
No, I'm fine.
Here you are,
it's apple juice.
You like it, don't you?
The apples are from this land.
I'd like to take you...
...to the place where the apples
are about to be harvested.
The apple tree flowers
are very pretty.
Would you like a bowl of rice soup?
It'll do you good.
- Bring me my bag.
- What?
My spoon is inside.
Do you always take it with you?
Wait a moment.
Let me see if...
Yes, it's all right.
It's nice, isn't it?
It's silver.
A keepsake?
Come down.
I'm giving her something to eat.
Look at their colours and forms.
They are wonderful.
If Toshie wears them, fashion will
progress in this village. No doubt.
Mother! Mom...
Buy me this!
I must get this
to impress Mr. Segawa.
She's right.
Listen, madam,
you are the vice president
of the Women's Union.
Please contribute to the culture
of this town.
If my store gets a reputation,
it will be important
for my election.
So you will give it to us
for free, won't you?
How can I help you?
Has the student already paid?
I think a member of her family
is going to come soon.
She seems to be a very shy girl.
That student from Tokyo
isn't worth all this fuss.
She doesn't belong
to a wealthy family, does she?
Buy it.
Buy, buy!
- Thanks a lot.
- Watch her.
All right.
Shall I peel this apple for you?
May I stay here just like that?
I have money, though.
Why do you say that?
Miss, you are a...
Spoiled. Nervous. Selfish.
I know that very well.
What's wrong with you?
Why don't you put this on?
It's mine.
Are you writing a letter?
Is it for your mother?
No, it's for my father.
What does your father
do for a living?
He works at the
Agriculture Department.
So he is a civil servant.
He must be a good man.
He is always traveling.
He bores me.
So you can keep your mother
for yourself.
I wonder what she is like.
I would like to meet her.
She created you,
and you are wonderful.
Mother, Mother!
Your mother will soon come,
won't she?
- Mother, come here!
- Manage yourself!
Toshie is very spoiled.
She is the only child.
What is the matter with you?
You are going to get worse again.
Hi, this is Minami.
Oh, doctor.
Sorry for not receiving you
at the entrance.
She seems to be very well.
- Thank you for coming so late.
- You are welcome.
How are you?
I have been told that
your fever has dropped.
Thanks to you.
It seems that the injections
have worked.
Maybe you can return to Tokyo
in two or three days.
Lie down.
- No need to worry.
- How nice.
When she is able to go out,
we will take an x-ray.
No, thanks.
I'm going to leave in
two or three days.
But miss, the doctor offers it to you.
- Doctor, please.
- All right.
Welcome back.
What part of Tokyo are you from?
Ushigome, Yaraicho.
- Yaraicho?
- Yes.
I know that area.
Were there any damages?
This is why you attach
so little value to convalescence.
It's goat milk that
I have milked.
Drink it and you will soon recover.
Take care of yourself.
Are you sure that I'll be able
to leave in two or three days?
Yes, you will.
A telegram from home
for you, lady.
She will come here, won't she?
"As soon as he comes back from
his trip, he will visit you. Tamae."
What's the matter?
It's Dr. Minami who brought this.
He is so kind.
Do you want to drink it now?
- No, drink it yourself.
- But...
I don't like it!
Miss Osen...
Sleep with me tonight.
A train passes.
Can't you fall asleep, miss?
Don't call me miss.
Call me Masako.
All right?
All right.
Have a good night's sleep.
You can see it over there.
Let's go.
It takes Tamiko a long time.
I was worried.
I am glad you have
recovered so soon.
What are you going to do?
When your mother arrives,
shall you return with her?
Yes, it will be better.
We move forward as planned.
Tomorrow we will go to the nursery
and to the ploughing union.
Give the others my regards.
We will meet in Tokyo.
She said her mother hasn't arrived yet.
That's why she is in a bad mood.
Did you ask about Dr. Minami?
Don't rush me.
There is still some time left.
Where are you, professor?
- Mr. Segawa, the room is at the end.
- Really?
Miss, miss...
Your mother is here.
- That's good.
- Really?
I am really glad.
This is Mrs. Fujimura.
This is my husband.
She has brought us a lot of things.
Thank her.
I am the owner.
Thank you very much.
Her husband is a boss
of the Agriculture Department.
Thank you very much for
looking after my daughter.
You are welcome.
You have a wonderful daughter.
We mentioned that she evidently
belonged to a wealthy Tokyo family.
- Please...
- Yes.
This is Osen, the maid
who looks after your daughter.
- Thanks a lot.
- You are welcome.
Where is Masako?
Osen, see to her baggage.
This way, please.
How elegant she is.
That is because her husband
earns a lot of money.
But lady...
The lady seems more like her sister.
Yes, now that you are
mention it...
If you need something,
please tell me.
You were really unlucky.
I was very worried about you.
I am so sorry to
have worried you.
They say you feel better.
I wanted to come
as soon as possible,
but as your father
is on a working trip,
it was more difficult.
I was busy...
Forgive me.
You must have felt lonely.
Now I am glad...
...to know you aren't so ill.
By the way...
As I thought that
you were bored,
I have brought you this.
This is what you wanted, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.
- "The Haunted Soul".
Also I brought a sweater
so you wouldn't be cold.
It is OK?
Can you return to Tokyo
with me today?
- Today?
- Yes.
I think it's imprudent
to leave the house by itself.
I had planned to go back home
on the afternoon train.
You can pack right away, can't you?
If it doesn't suit you,
we can return tomorrow.
I am going to
spend the night here.
Don't worry.
What's the matter with you,
I'm going to see the doctor.
Then I am going with you.
No, I want to go alone.
You must be tired.
You'd better rest here.
Put this on.
- No, let it be.
- Yes, put it on.
Stop it.
Is anything wrong?
Miss Osen!
What happened between you two?
Good afternoon, doctor!
Miss Fujimura.
What's the matter?
Nothing's the matter with me.
You haven't come
to have your x-ray done.
Do you like human beings, doctor?
I wouldn't be a doctor
if I didn't like them.
I don't like them.
They're liars.
I hate them.
I don't trust their words.
What are you trying to tell me?
You must be feverish.
Although you understand
the body of your patients,
you don't understand
their feelings.
You will get yourself a real fever
if you don't return to the inn soon.
I don't want to return.
Because my mother is there.
She has come.
She isn't my real mother.
Masako's mother died
when she was six years old.
I married her father
when she was 13 years old.
I wished to be
a good mother for her.
I've tried to be one
for the last seven years.
A real mother.
I haven't got any children of my own.
I am trying to be a good
mother with all my heart.
I try...
She is growing up.
People say things...
I understand my husband's position.
He stands between her and me.
It's a very difficult matter.
Masako often comes home late
so as not to be there.
Sometimes I also think of
running away from that place.
I think about my behaviour.
I believe it wasn't a good idea
to bring her up according to my habits.
But neither of us
understands the other.
And you have come all this way...
I'm sorry to tell you all this
when I hardly know you.
Masako likes you.
I feel it.
I am glad for that.
I feel you take a burden off of me.
Do you think I'm wretched?
I will look after Masako so that she
can recover and go home soon.
Thanks and forgive me for
having talked so much about me.
I will carry it.
Sorry if I ask you this:
Do you have any children?
No, I don't.
Here comes the train.
Young lady...
You're here.
After meeting your mother,
I think it would be good for you
to get along with her.
I can't.
Because you only think of yourself.
I don't think so.
If I were your mother,
I'd slap you.
Slap me!
Slap me!
I have no right.
Shall we go to the inn?
It's late and it's cold.
Young lady, please, a picture!
She can't now.
Some other time.
Put these clogs on
when you get well.
Doctor... you're not too good at craftwork.
Good morning.
How is Mr. Segawa?
Is he ready?
What's the matter with you...
...all dress up?
Today I am Mr. Segawa's guide.
We are going to Onzen with Toshie.
My hat is nice, isn't it?
It's very fashionable.
Very nice.
Good morning, sir.
- Hi.
- Mom, we're going!
Good luck.
- Thanks for everything.
- Look after my daughter.
We're going.
Toshie, don't swim in Onzen.
Take a handkerchief.
- Mr. Soma, look after my daughter.
- All right, all right.
What an elegant way of walking.
What a great person.
- The result of the analysis is six.
- It's normal.
Everything seems fine.
Although you'd prefer
an adverse result.
You are really horrible.
- How revolting!
- It's inside the humans.
An authentic human being.
The goat is gone.
- Get it back.
- OK.
Do you want to drink
any goat milk?
I'm leaving.
You have nothing to do.
- Has your mother gone home?
- Yes, she has.
You could have returned
with her.
My trip wasn't only
for pleasure.
When I recover
I want to go on as scheduled.
What do you want
to investigate about the villages?
One or two days
won't be enough.
- Do you know how to milk?
- Of course.
Come and try.
All right.
It doesn't matter...
Here, drink.
Is it good?
For someone like you,
who catches a cold at once...
Good, isn't it?
Here, Kenta.
Doctor, a terminal patient
of Nagasawa...
...wants you to examine him once.
- OK. I will be going.
There are people in the world who
die without ever having seen a doctor.
- Kenta, I'm leaving.
- OK.
Miss Masako!
Oh, here you are.
You must be very tired.
Rest for a while.
Well, how nice...
I imagine that Dr. Minami
was very pleased.
The doctor is a very good man.
What are you making?
Something good.
Why do you live in the mountains?
You are from Tokyo... aren't you?
I have forgotten Tokyo.
So you have lived in Tokyo.
I imagine you had prettier hands.
Clean hands are boring.
When I thought that women must
have clean hands,
I wasn't happy.
- And now? Are you happy?
- Yes, I am.
It's a calm happiness.
Calm happiness?
When I was your age
I fell in love with a boy.
He was poor, that's why
I didn't marry him.
I married a rich one
who I didn't love.
We had a little girl.
But my husband died in war.
And my daughter died of an illness.
Then I realized...
...I had made a mistake.
I wanted to put an end to
that kind of life.
My daughter died when
she was evacuated from this place.
My real name is Kojima Chiaki.
I had never told this story
to anyone.
I have told you because
I feel you are like a daughter of mine.
When you fall in love,
marry him.
All right?
This spoon...
...was my mother's,
who died.
My real mother.
Miss Osen...
Mona Lisa's smile.
Right now she can't.
Kenta, hasn't the doctor returned?
No, not yet.
Miss Fujimura...
Do you want me to give you
an injection?
No, I don't.
Tomorrow we finish the journey
We miss you.
We send you this small doll
so that you may recover soon.
What a suffering.
Give our regards to Dr. Minami.
The moon shining over the hill
makes the maiden sleepy
I hope you trust men's love.
Excuse me...
If you are cold at night, don't hesitate
to tell us. We'll get a brazier ready.
After having met your mother,
I think it would be good for you
to get along with her.
Miss Masako...
In this world...
...there are people who die
without ever having seen a doctor
- Osen! They are calling you!
- Coming.
- How far away is Nagasawa?
- About 5 miles from here.
- Where is the school?
- School?
It's over there.
Dr. Oka...
She's the university student.
Her name is Fujimura Masako.
I have come.
She is my patient.
Can she have rest around here?
All right.
I am absolutely fine.
You must rest.
- Professor Oka, please...
- All right.
This way, please.
Come in.
- Rest here, please.
- No, I'm not ill.
Make yourself comfortable.
Does it hurt?
This way, please.
Miss Fujimura...
What do you want?
You'd better return.
I'm not going to return.
Give me a hand, then.
Can a patient cooperate?
You are no longer ill
since you came this far.
- Thanks a lot.
- Professor Oka...
- Let her do the disinfection.
- All right.
Take your clothes off.
Is it your turn?
Who is next?
Why did you come?
You did come in handy.
- Did you walk here?
- Yes.
I am surprised.
How crazy.
So far.
Although she looks like a good girl...
...I suspect she has something
with the doctor.
God knows what she is doing.
But well, it's all right...
Women prefer men
instead of women.
This fish is typical
around here.
The locals fish it.
It's very good.
Miss Fujimura, why aren't you eating?
It's good.
- Do you want some more?
- No, thanks. It's enough.
Miss Fujimura...
Professor Oka is
a great man.
He arrived from the city.
In those days
there weren't any maps,
or scientific instruments.
He founded this wonderful
He believes that you can't
learn sociology from books.
No, no...
It's not an idea of my own.
The Education Department says so, too.
Someone used to urban life...
...came to a village like this...
...and had to fight the customs and
prejudices to fulfill his convictions.
Not many people can do that.
Thanks for the dinner.
- Would you like to smoke?
- No, I don't smoke.
Miss Fujimura, we must leave
when we finish.
For a woman it's a bit tough
to walk back at night.
- Why don't you stay here?
- No, we don't.
I am sure we can find
some little cart.
I will walk.
Then we will walk.
I don't know if you'll be
able to catch the last bus.
Good evening.
What's the matter?
My son has a fishbone
stuck in his throat.
I am going to examine him.
- Prof. Oka, turn on the light
over there, please. - All right.
- This way.
- Yes.
Excuse me for a moment.
Son, open your mouth and say aaaa.
There it is.
Well done, son!
Thanks a lot.
"I am going back to the inn first."
Miss Fujimura!
Miss Fujimura!
- I am very worried about you.
- Why?
- It's you who told me to go back.
- Consider your health.
I don't mind dying.
I would like to slap you.
Your hands would ache.
Do what you want.
Stay overnight.
You have got up so early!
Did you sleep well?
I apologize for what happened
last evening, doctor.
You were impulsive.
Everybody thinks I am selfish.
In the past,
I only thought of myself.
Yesterday's work was stimulating.
I would like to work like this
always, helping you.
It would be a trouble for me.
A girl like you...
I am not like what you think.
I will start working
as soon as I finish my course.
I think it best to do a job
that people appreciate.
I would like to try it out
in a place like this.
Yesterday I thought
about it carefully.
Before thinking about it,
you must think about yourself.
You think you are a heroine
in a tragedy,
but I don't like that idea.
You don't think it's okay?
You have a distorted idea.
This world isn't so easy.
Look over there.
Have you ever thought about
where the food you eat comes from?
Miss Masako...
There isn't any electricity
in this village.
I don't believe that a girl like you,
who lives in Tokyo,
will be able to adapt
to the life in this mountain village.
- But you are able.
- I...
My brother died in war.
As well as my friends.
In the quiet environment
of this village...
...I feel the sadness
for the people that are gone.
I am not entitled
to hear that.
Please, show me.
You have cured me.
I would like to run
my own clinic in this mountain.
So you don't know where
my daughter has gone?
Yes, maybe...
she may have gone to Nagasawa
to find out something.
Thanks for looking after my daughter.
You are welcome.
When does the Nagasawa
bus arrive?
If I'm not wrong,
one will arrive shortly.
Don't you want to change clothes?
Osen, who is he?
Ah... He's the Tokyo girl's father.
- What a modern girl.
- The lady is not like that.
She spent the night
with a young fellow.
And what happened with Toshie?
Toshie is with Mr. Segawa.
Besides, Mr. Soma
is with them.
They are probably practicing
dance in Onzen.
Welcome back.
Thanks for your work.
Where is Toshie?
They have given me the slip.
They have given you the slip?
They were all lovey-dovey.
They treated me as if
I was bothering them.
That's why I got absent-minded.
I'm not asking you about this story.
What's happened to my daughter?
When I woke up
they were gone.
After they had disappeared
I asked at the inn.
They told me that Mr. Segawa
doesn't pay...
...and moreover brings home
lots of girls.
He is a Don Juan.
Why didn't you look for her
and bring her back?
I'm back.
I'm back.
- Your father has come.
- Really?
Have you come from Tokyo?
- No, I've come from a trip.
- Really?
I am sorry to have worried you.
You must be tired.
This is for you.
I'm glad you are fine.
Yesterday I went to Nagasawa...
...with Dr. Minami.
Dr. Minami?
Yes, he is from the clinic.
I helped him with his tasks.
I had a good time.
I am glad.
I'll prepare a change of clothing.
I sent you a postcard.
Really? Thank you.
Please, ask Osasuri to...
...bring Toshie back to me.
All right.
Mrs. Innkeeper...
I want a salary increase.
Well, well. Provided that Toshie
returns safe and sound.
Welcome back.
Dear, we are in trouble.
Toshie hasn't come back.
Honey, what is more important?
Your fishing or Toshie?
Shut up!
Toshie thinks the world is easy.
And you have spoiled her.
What does it matter if
you are vice president?
You both float through life.
This world isn't so easy.
Miss Toshie has come back.
Dear, Toshie is here!
Toshie, thank goodness
you are back!
- Are you okay?
- Why?
Mr. Segawa is a Don Juan
and a liar.
Yes, so it seemed.
That's why I gave him the slip.
Mom, I am the innkeeper's daughter.
I have a good eyesight
to recognize customers.
Here... a gift.
Look out, daddy!
Nice place, isn't it?
Do you remember, Masako?
I think when you were 8 years old,
I was on a trip in Biwako and
you came to visit me with your nanny.
Yes, I remember.
I ate some delicious fish.
I wonder... if it exists here.
It looks like it.
Listen, dad...
What may have become
of that nanny?
She treated me very well.
Mrs. Osen, who works at the inn,
also treats me very well.
She feels like a real mother.
Masako, does she sometimes
remind you of mom?
Don't say that.
Dad, when I get back to Tokyo,
I will behave properly towards Tamae.
So far I have behaved
like a stupid girl.
Poor Tamae...
Father, yesterday I ate yamame
in the mountain school.
What are you laughing at?
Yesterday Dr. Minami slept with the
professor the other way round.
Masako, do you like the doctor?
Yes, I like him very much.
And daddy?
I can't compare.
You are different.
Shall we go?
You must be tired.
At last I have made up my mind.
- I want them to accept it.
- That's right.
To tell you the truth,
it will be painful if you leave.
It would be disgraceful
to leave this village.
Tuberculosis patients
increase there.
We have managed to maintain
the level of mortality.
Dr. Minami,
you have a visitor.
A visitor?
- Can I already take out the futon?
- No, not yet.
- Does this belong to your father?
- Yes.
It's very big, isn't it?
It's size 11.
Poor daddy. He is the boss,
but his salary is low.
He buys only one pair of socks a year.
I want to start working as soon as
I finish my course.
Then I will be able
to buy something for daddy.
- For your mother, too.
- Yes.
- Would you like to have one?
Dad has brought them. - Yes.
Go ahead.
Do you want another one?
- No, thanks.
- All right.
Dad is not back yet.
I hope he doesn't catch a cold.
I had been a widower
for a long time.
Everybody said to me that
my daughter needs a mother.
So I remarried,
but people said things
after I got married.
The ideal thing would be that I
could take care of my daughter.
But because of my work,
I am often away from home,
So that Masako can become
...I make financial sacrifices,
because I want her to finish
her course at university.
I will have to study more, too.
But you have already made
a big effort
- Please...
- Yes.
- Doctor, how old are you?
- I am 26.
It's dirty.
- I have another.
- It's not necessary.
Let's go to bed.
What a big shadow you have!
Do you want us to stay
here two days more?
No, let's go back home soon.
Mom is alone.
Are you sure you will get along
with your mother when you return?
Why do you doubt it?
Don't you trust me?
Trust me. I will.
Mom brought this for me.
- And this, too.
- Really?
It's my favourite book.
I've thought...
...if I am not able
to love mom,
how am I going to face to the world?
Don't you think so?
Therefore, you will have
to help me.
Do you want me to massage
the soles of your feet?
You must be tired, right?
What cold feet!
Do you like it?
How nice that you have met
a wonderful person.
Maybe next year
the three of us will stay at this inn.
We will bring you here
so that you can see Dr. Minami.
Stop kidding around.
How clear the
Yatsugatake Mountain is.
Thanks a lot for everything.
Take care of yourself
and don't catch a cold.
I wish I could live
in a place like this.
The Yatsugatake Mountain
is also very beautiful in winter.
I have a lighter.
I will light your cigarette.
Miss, I have something for you.
Me, too.
Are you sure you want to
give it to me?
Yes, I don't need it anymore.
Then you don't need
this cover anymore?
Yes, I want it.
What am I going to put
in this cover?
Thanks a lot, really.
What a nice cover.
What shall I put inside?
The train bound for Shinjuku
is about to arrive at the station.
Father, hold it.
How good it is!
How tasty.
The train is here.
Kobuchizawa Station.
Change here for Koumi line.
- Here.
- Thanks.
We wish you a good journey
We wish you a good journey
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye. Good luck.
What beautiful clouds.
You will leave, too, next time.
Let's work eagerly
...and take care of our health.