Displaced (2006) Movie Script

There are centuries, the Earth is observed
for two extraterrestrial species:
Kise and Murka.
Both had sworn not to interfere
in the progress of the Earth...
but, in secret,
Murka divided his/her wisdom...
with the largest leaders of the Earth...
in exchange for the right of using humans
for their experiences.
Some Kise distrusted
of Murka.
Then, Arakawa,
one respected leader of Kise...
he/she decided privately
inspeccionar the Earth...
in search of proofs of
immodest negotiations.
During the mission,
Arakawa found proofs...
but his/her ship was found
and dropped for the it BLUSHES...
a paramilitary unit of humans
controlled and driven by Murka.
Arakawa was captured and arrested
in a secret fortress.
Kise, suspicious...
fearing an invasion
imminent to his/her planet...
they decided to flee and to hide
in obscure moons...
where could drift
his/her leader's rescue.
Now, two Kise revolutionaries,
the son and the daughter of Arakawa...
they came for the Earth...
to seek a document that
he/she reveals his/her father's whereabouts...
but knowing that were able to...
to be on the way to a trap of the it BLUSHES.
- Something is wrong with Barker.
- He/she is a woman.
Wilson arrived.
We already had their sign, lady.
We can go.
BLUSH, units from 1 to 10.
We can go, exchange.
Good afternoon.
Can I help him/it?
Where I do go?
- Follow that street.
- Thank you.
Please, he/she knows where it is
the dressing room?
Clear, I take him/it there.
- Are you new in the base?
- I am. Today it is my first day here.
You didn't have luck
of coming here to stop.
I joined the Army
22 years ago...
and they promised me
an acao life and adventure.
While I am here,
this place will be calm...
it will be boring...
it will be a lot, a lot...
You can believe.
Everything that I want
it is some acao.
Hurt man.
Possible invader.
- He/she calms, soldier.
- Marrettie, gentleman. John Marrettie.
Care with the one that you want,
soldier Marrettie.
It is never known.
It can become reality.
To align! Outside!
Let us go!
Let us go! Let us go!
- I will be ready inside of one minute, gentleman.
- We will be in the sector 4, room 8.
Let us go! Let us go!
Let us go! Fast!
Sectores 2 and 3.
The two Class 4 is
in his/her direcao. Exchange.
Mister, I was informed that...
two Class 4 is arising,
coming in this direcao.
Class 4?
Prepare your weapons
and enter in formation. Already!
What is a Class 4?
- A Class 4 is a Martian.
- "A Martian?"
- Did he/she already have to work with them, gentleman?
- In Africa, 18 years ago.
I went by a situation
of Class 4 serious.
We were to observe an UFO
despenhado and their pilots...
when a group of Class 4
he/she came to rescue them.
- What did happen he/she, gentleman?
- It was a massacre.
Of the 35 men of my secao,
only 6 survived.
The most frightening is that
they were all disarmed.
- Did he say "extraterrestrial?"
- I don't have safe against extraterrestrial.
Of here McCann.
We already arrived.
The situation is the following:
Two Class 4 unarmed
they invaded us.
Locate and eliminate.
- Wilson?
- Yes, lady.
- He/she knows that is his/her last opportunity.
- Yes, lady.
Let us go! Let us go!
- Open, open!
...in the sector 2.
- I am not hearing, gentleman.
- We will enter for the setor3.
What is that?
Are you to hear?
What will say
my wife?
Mister, the sector B is free.
Certain, I want a complete search
in the third floor.
- We already cleaned the third floor, gentleman.
- Then, verify again.
Certain, outside!
- Mister!
- He/she listens...
one his/her more insubordination,
and you are ended.
- Did he/she understand?
- Yes, gentleman.
We go, men!
Anybody in the he/she listens?
Anybody in the he/she listens? Answer!
I lost my unit.
I ask for attendance.
- Who are?
- Soldier Marrettie.
- What is making he/she, soldier?
- My unit was died.
They were three men.
That line is not safe.
Where are you?
- I am in the sector 4, room D.
- Don't leave give.
A team will be there
inside of minutes.
McCann, answer.
It is going to the room D, sector 4.
I am to I walk.
I will need time.
I am here.
Don't move!
It is where you are!
Lower the weapon!
Put in the ground. In the ground!
He/she moves away you! He/she stands back you!
It moves away you of the weapon!
He/she sees you, with the hands on the head.
Hands in the head!
He/she kneels down you!
He/she kneels down you!
Wilson, of here McCann.
We captured the soldier.
We expected new instructions.
He knows about the Class 4.
Eliminate him/it!
- We are to be attacked!
- Fast!
- He/she leaves me alone!
- Are you crippled?
They were already.
The Class 4 was already.
- Let us go. Necessary of a doctor.
- He/she leaves me alone.
Others can come.
He/she is well.
We will wait.
Why did they come?
What is to happen?
They discovered the document.
Barker prepared a trap.
She wants to capture one of the males
for an experience.
An experience?
As the Class 4 knows
did he/she give document?
What is that document?
He indicates where the pilots
Martians are arrested.
The Class 4 is kindred
of the pilots.
Let us go.
Necessary of a doctor.
Let us go! Fast!
He/she gives me that map!
Mister, we found dead O'Leary.
The brain was removed the at least one of them.
Some sign of the Class 4 female?
No, gentleman.
They were to use
the masks to the opposite?
He/she listens, if you don't begin
to present results...
me even the bush.
Where is the map?
Useless! The map is useless.
The file is the key
to pick the Class 4.
However, Baker gave us a map
that doesn't show where it is the file.
The maid would know how to do that.
The intelligence of Barker is so big
as his/her incompetence.
Mister, Barker wants a report.
Speaking in the devil...
He/she is here.
The Class 4 separated.
One of them is to do
a war against us.
- And?
- We are the low registar.
Then, in other words, you are
to leave mine he/she does equip to die?
Yes, lady.
The responsibility is yours,
and it is his/her head that is in game.
Then, I suggest that takes
an attitude. And fast.
Yes, lady.
All in line,
to empty sector 4, exchange.
Baker, Penax, in the first opportunity
that he/she has, I leave this unit. Do you come?
We go, Baker.
Each man that he kills is one more
step for the end of my career.
Pick him/it!
I need reinforcements, now!
Where are the reinforcements?
Where are the reinforcements?
What did happen he/she?
- Something that happened?
- Did you see them?
Where is it that they are?
Let us go.
Stel, am in danger!
Class 4 to give entrance in the sector!
All of the units, be alert.
Position to shoot.
We go, we go!
Let us go! Let us go!
- Seek everywhere!
- Let us go!
We picked them.
Interesting. It can be
that I am with you.
Do you want my pet to be?
What a pity! He/she picks him/it.
It takes him/it to be analyzed.
What wants him to do
with this, lady?
He/she burns him/it.
Nor a word.
We are with the Class 4.
He/she goes back to the base.
He/she is well.
You can close.
He/she goes back to the base. We were
in the combined place, to 22 h.
Care for you be not proceeded.
You can go.
- Do you know the plan?
- Yes.
Mister, this man needs
of medical service.
Then it goes look for him/it.
Let us go!
There he/she is leaving my first day!
All of the stations, here Zero.
It is on the jurists' carrinha.
The whole contact was lost,
all of the stations will be watched.
If we find something,
we will approach with precaution.
Hello, Zero. Here it is Alpha 2-0.
The jurists' carrinha is to the view.
We waited for new orders.
Approach the carrinha
with plenty precaution.
Isolate the area and wait.
Alpha 2-0, understood.
Lean the car!
The doors!
Here it is the unit 5.
We located the jurists' carrinha.
All of the occupants are dead.
The body of the Class 4 female
it was found...
but the Class 4 male
he/she is missing.
Isolate the area
and they swallow her body for here.
Make a search and find
the Class 4 male.
He/she removes the jeep.
The unit 5 is at safe place.
Class 4 female was removed.
We will arrive in 45 minutes.
- Agent Barker, lady.
- He/she is well. Order to enter her.
- Did he/she want to speak with me, lady?
- Yes.
I was informed that
the Class 4 male escaped.
Is he/she sure?
I saw him/it die.
It seems that he/she still has
a lot what to learn.
- How is it that he died?
- While I interrogated him/it...
he diffused in my weapon
and he/she gave a shot in the stomach.
In the stomach?
Don't forget that those beings
they seem only human.
Internally, healthy very different.
Maybe you should speak to the
Prof. Grune on extraterrestrial anatomy.
Especially if he/she still wants
to command his/her experience.
Yes, lady.
- And, Barker...
- Yes.
On the normal soldiers
that faced the Class 4.
Don't let to tell them to anybody.
I already made a list with their names
and addresses, lady.
And I already have one equips ready
to send, in case it is necessary.
ptimo. It can go.
Don't move!
- Get up!
- No.
Come here.
A part of me wants to kill you.
But don't you go, yes?
Because you still love me.
A part of me still loves you.
But you move a lot. Reason?
Reason? Because you were not able to me
to give me what I wanted.
I wanted to see other things.
He/she wanted to do other things.
What things?
- Secret things.
- Things that I cannot feel?
Cannot things in what speak?
Do you miss, don't you have?
Of the one that we had.
Do you want him/it to know what I saw?
- Which the shot capacity?
- 1.700 candies a second.
That should be enough. It should be.
Yes, can we help?
Do you have authorization to be here?
Release me!
We have an invader in here!
I have a good news and a bad one announces:
The good is that I obtained the disk;
the bad is that the Class 4
he/she is still alive.
I have, you!
He/she lowers the gate!
He/she lowers the gate!
The gate is to go down,
raisin directo!
We found agent Barker
unconscious in his/her office.
- And...
- "And" the something?
Wilson and his/her unit
they got to leave the base.
This is to be out of I control.
To begin "Silent Fall."
He/she continues the search of the Class 4.
And fire here Radius.
Him already here is, lady.
Put him/it in the line.
Seek Wilson...
and kill him/it.
Use other final soldiers,
if he/she needs.
Now, we have the document
and all of the access codes.
That leaves us ahead a step
of the unit of Kopek.
Before we act...
we needed capital for
the next step. Some idea?
I know a brute that works
with diamonds.
I know where one lives
manager of a bank.
They are going behind them.
- Which is the order, gentleman?
- Silent fall.
How many objectives?
It will be fast.
- Who will the first be?
- Marrettie. John Marrettie.
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Hands in the air!
Bedtime, son.
- He/she is well.
- He/she jumps in the bed.
I love you.
I am crazy for you.
Some problem, John?
I should not count
to anybody, but...
I will go mad if it continues
to keep this.
I need to count somebody.
- You can count.
- You cannot count anybody.
- Not even your sister.
- I won't count.
- He/she takes oath that don't count anybody.
- Yes, I take oath.
I had an immediate contact
with a Martian today.
I arrived very near
of a Martian today.
- "A Martian?"
- I know that seems madness.
It is, truth.
He/she seems madness even.
And as it was that extraterrestrial one?
A normal brute.
1,80 m, brown hair,
blue eyes, 20 and few years.
You speak to yourself!
I think is for you.
We needed to talk.
Then, he/she lets to understand each other.
You are a Martian
of the planet Kise.
And you are to try to locate your father...
that is arrested here in the Earth.
And, to find him/it...
Necessary of finding a document
secret that Wilson stole.
Does he/she accept a teacup of tea?
I explain later.
And how you discovered
where do I live?
Then they find
what do I know too much?
I need to remove my family of here.
I can help you if you help to me.
I don't have another hypothesis.
- Something that happens?
- He/she listens, Helen:
I need to remove you to you and Simon
of house a little, everything well?
Why? What something does he/she happen?
Who is that man?
Don't worry.
Nothing didn't happen.
I only need to take you to you and Simon
for Lisa's house for a time.
We go, dear.
Will I enter in contact, ok?
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
Don't worry.
He/she walks here.
I have to go.
I will be in contact.
- I love you.
- I also love you.
Now, enter.
You said that you needed mine
help. What does want me to do?
- Are those two cars yours?
- They are.
Then, you won't feel lack of that.
He/she gives me the keys. The keys.
It is for today! The keys.
You drive.
I need to do a call.
- Can I help him/it?
- You know as you can help me.
Go! He/she fills that!
Let us go! Fill!
We have these cars.
We only needed to get rid of them.
We already have buyer.
Then, go fast.
- We don't have a long time.
- You can leave.
- Hello.
- It is Penax.
- I have a work for you.
- What is?
I need that remove some weapons
of a bald fool.
I give you 450 for 20.
Closed, partner.
Good night, girls.
Excuse to interrupt the party...
but I know a person...
that would be very happy
in having those weapons.
- Who is?
- I am me.
It shows me the money!
It shows me the money!
- I only have the money of the autocarro.
- No yours, stupid! He/she shows him/it of the safe!
And he/she reminds you: If you inform the police,
you will never again see your family!
Do you understand each other? We go there!
Is everything there?
That is not anything, close to the one that
we will win with the document.
What is that you said?
A hundred thousand dollars are not anything, close
of the one that the document we will pay.
Now, we can join ours equips.
Do you have name?
My name is Stel.
If you are a Martian,
how is it that you learn how yourself to speak English?
To see TV.
Therefore it is that are so stopped.
You will have to seem
more human...
when we arrive to the bank Jodrell.
Or else you will end for denouncing us.
Is it where are to go?
It is. You said that you needed
of a satellite transmitter.
I worked there;
it is where am you to take.
To purpose,
do you have money for the fuel?
Ready for the phase 3?
- Yes, gentleman.
- It passes me the actualizaoes.
I sent a sample than the file
they contain six parts interested parties...
and I marked a meeting.
We needed one equips
of safety.
We will also need
of a murderer.
We go there.
It is for here.
Is he/she quiet, ok?
Hi, Helen. I am me.
I cannot speak a lot, because
they can try to track the connection.
- Where are you?
- I cannot tell you where are.
He/she only wanted to know if you are well.
Yes, we are well.
What are to do?
We will try to enter in contact
with friends of him.
I need to turn off.
I can be expelled
for that reason.
- Are we to arrive?
- It is behind those trees.
He/she keeps an eye out.
I will be seen that code works still.
We can enter.
Do you know how to use that?
I understood the message.
We only have five minutes before
the teacher's interval ends.
I will enter and to watch him/it.
Everything well?
That was almost.
- In how long will they arrive here?
- 24 hours.
Then we have time for a beer.
Those are the first ones,
but they will arrive more.
Some of them to they spoke
that you/they already worked with you.
- Like them they do go?
- They go well.
A woman wants to speak with you.
Houston, Bailey, Jackson.
Put us in formation.
Men, in formation!
Who are you?
I am of the department. I knew
that are to need of a service.
I already have secretary.
I need to see their credentials.
Be comfortable.
Come with me.
The British Intelligence put a spy
inside of my unit.
Inside of the next 48 hours...
that spy will try to impede
my operation.
In agreement with mine
own intelligence...
that spy will contact an agent
of the Special Forces...
that he/she will leave his/her unit tomorrow.
If you follow him/it,
he/she will find the spy.
His/her mission is to eliminate the spy...
and the agent of the Special Forces.
Then, what can tell me
on that agent?
This is the agent.
He is part of an unit
top secret of soldiers...
adoptados in the childhood
and created by MDG.
- The Ministry of the War?
- Did he/she already hear to speak of him?
I combatted somebody of his/her patrol
of recognition...
there are some years, in Hong Kong.
How did he/she know that he was of MDG?
I know how to do a man to speak.
I am the sure that yes.
Him and other like him...
they were trained by the
British Special forces...
for if they turn what they call
of final soldiers.
That, particularly,
he/she works alone.
He has 100% of success
in their missions.
He doesn't have name,
patent or number.
There is no official registos of the
his/her existence in place any...
just rumors.
The only name that he has
it is a nickname that we gave:
Why "Radius?"
Because he likes combats
directos in circle.
Then, as it is that such one
of Radius without the hood?
Few people know
his/her identity.
- Don't his pictures exist?
- Only that stolen image.
Out that, I can only tell him/her
that he goes by motorcycle.
And it will be dressed
more or less like this.
That is the hospital
more close to the base.
It is where they bring the wounded.
Then McCann should be here.
Very well, partner.
How are you?
Are you? I am all left.
He/she listens, I am to try
to find Wilson.
Do you know where it is that he can be?
Certain, we will see
of what it is that that Radius is made.
The murderess!
You arrive yourself late too much.
I am already dead.
Radius arrived first.
You can forget your money.
You won't receive him/it from any way.
How like this?
The money is there, I already verified.
He/she tries to spend him/it.
It is an illusion, a ghost.
Like me.
Wilson is to treat of everything.
Do you want to know why is that I betrayed him?
No. I only want my money.
I will tell you.
It is because...
I am patriot.
How long it is that they will take
to arrive here?
They can arrive the any hour.
What happened with that
woman that was with you?
Is her name?
Rashel was my sister.
- They killed her.
- I feel a lot.
There is nothing that I can do now.
I can only finish our mission here.
- To find his/her father, it is not?
- It is.
And what is the one that happened with him?
He was the search of weapons
that Murka gave to the humans...
when his ship if despenhou.
Who are Murka?
They are the villains.
Even more!
Won't he/she come?
- Why not?
- Let us go!
His/her mother didn't teach him/her
good ways?
Very well.
You know the plan.
They also know that the unit
of Kopek it is our search.
Then, be careful and be
prepared. Some question?
Mister, what will do
with his/her part of the money?
I will buy an island.
Something small...
as Australia.
- We go there!
- Enter in the cars! Let us go!
- How many planets did the already go?
- Four or five.
My father was already the more countries
of the one that me.
He lived a long time
in Hong Kong.
He always spoke about that.
Today I know that place
as the palm of the hand.
To verify area 4.
To verify sector 5.
Mister, we are to have problems with
Cob. Nobody wants to be with him.
What does have to say on that?
- Mister?
- The something?
Penax cannot come. He is
with problems of safety.
Jackson, has to cover him/it.
- Right. Order to enter them.
- Yes, gentleman.
Ladies and gentlemen...
please, enter in the room of meetings.
McCann said that Wilson
he/she has a secret base.
He drew this map for me.
Does he/she get to understand?
We are the search of the crooked tree.
Don't worry, we asked.
Sr. Robert Soretto.
- Sr. Henry Vance Williams.
- I have, I am Henry Vance Williams.
- Sr. Robert Soretto.
- Yes.
Please, he/she knows where
is the crooked tree?
- Is a Pub?
- No, it is a crooked tree.
I think that was a "no."
The sector 5 is free.
The sector is free, gentleman.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
He/she would like to thank them
for they have come.
For terms a little time...
I would like to speak on
the reason of we be here.
It is basically this:
You should already know
the content...
for the samples that we sent.
I hope have arrived in order.
Yes, I saw the samples that sent.
Very interesting.
- Can I see the document?
- Clear.
That document
they contain information...
capable to elevate the status of yours
companies to unimaginable proportions.
If I bought the file,
could he be tracked?
The British government left him/it
forgotten per years.
- I think won't feel his/her lack.
- And why not?
The government and the companies of
fossil fuel has a lot to lose.
Their politics and his/her greed
they are to delay the world...
and to destroy the environment.
- Answer, Evans.
- Yes, gentleman.
We lost the camera of the area 4.
Can it verify now?
Yes, gentleman.
He/she seems to be everything well.
Wait. The thread was cut.
Mister, it is Evans.
The thread was cut.
All of the positions,
possible man died in the area 4.
Men! Possible man died
in the sector 4. To prepare!
Answer, Penax.
Redoing the plans.
All of the positions, be alert!
- Understood.
- Verify the other cameras.
Do we have an offer of 1,3 bilioes?
- My offer is of 1,4 bilioes.
- 1,7 billion.
2 bilioes of dollars.
Can I speak to you?
- I am busy.
- Paul?
I feel a lot, ladies and gentlemen,
but I will need to contain the meeting.
He is behind me!
- Is he/she free?
- Let us go!
I will leave of here.
Let us go!
- We go, he/she sees there.
- We go, we go!
- Continue!
- We go, fast!
Road is free!
Verify the door!
- Penax, verifies that door!
- It is locked.
- Let us go! Let us go!
- Fast!
- For here, gentleman!
- Road is free!
- Let us go!
- Fast!
Verify the doors! Let us go!
Verify the doors!
We go, remove me of here!
Mister, we go!
He/she is free!
Let us go!
Fights as his/her father.
He/she finished the ammunitions!
He/she enters in the car, now!
They got right in the tires.
It is a trap!
- Run to the forest!
- Let us go! All!
Enemy ahead!
Let us go!
- Let us go.
- They are behind us!
- He/she finished the ammunitions!
- My also!
Release the weapons,
run to the forest!
Plan B! Reservation's car!
- They were already!
- I hired him with discount.
Bridge, is here!
Carl, watch the area
with yours it equips.
- Order more some of turn.
- Be six here!
All this to be multimillionaire!
Be six here!
I will destroy my suit.
The golf course is near here.
Three of you, be here.
We don't have as stopping him/it!
We will become separated. Two men
they are going with me to this side.
Wilson, continues to run!
He/she ties the car!
- Let us go! Tie the car!
- He/she is not to call.
- How like this, it "is not to call?"
- I know there, it doesn't work!
- How like this? Let us go!
- He/she is not to work!
Leave to push!
- He/she loosens the hand stopper. Let us go!
- Anything!
Wait here.
I am to hear another car.
Frazetta, is in the track.
Can you help me?
My friend was run over.
Can you give a looked by me?
I don't know what happened.
He was to walk,
until that a car came and he/she ran over him/it.
The car came suddenly.
Frazetta, go!
He is well behind me!
He/she takes care of him!
To fly over the unit 5,
Radius on board.
To Fly for northwest for
to intercept vehicle-objective. Exchange.
He/she diffuses but your things.
They are in smaller number.
Is it it that you want?
- You know what want.
- The something? This?
That old thing?
What do want with that?
That information have here
what don't you still know?
- My father's whereabouts.
- "Your father?"
Now I understand.
You kill yourself all those people
because of your dear father.
He should be
very proud of you.
Do you have the document?
Let us go!
The Army is here.
Let us go! Let us go!
Let us go! Let us go!
Let us go.
Now, we will enter!
Let us go!
We will enter!
Find the Class 4.
Isolate the area.
- Where is Wilson?
- Any sign still, lady.
A lot of heads will roll
if Wilson escapes.
- Where we do go?
- I guide you.
How is it that in you are?
What is that you want?
He/she is here, you can take everything.
That is just half than I want.
- I don't have anything else.
- Yes, you have a thing.
That not!
What are to do here?
- We are the wait of the sign.
- Which sign?
Where is it that they are to go?
- They heard the sign.
- I didn't hear anything.
I heard.
Where do you go?
You cannot leave without you dismiss yourself.
- Thank you, John. Connosco comes.
- To go with you? Of turn to the base?
- No, to find my father.
- No. I will go back to my family.
I had acao and enough adventure
for my life it completes.
He/she is well.
Wait! I need to see that!
But that!
Helen, I am me.
You won't believe
in what have just seen.