Displacement (2016) Movie Script

[music playing]
(Cassie) They say that time is relative.
But death--
[music playing]
[Deckard groaning]
[music playing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
Brian. Brian. No.
No, no, no, no, no.
[tone beeping]
(Cassie grunts)
(Brian) That was quick.
(Cassie sighs)
(Brian) Decide to take
a swim on your walk?
You alright?
Oh, what did you put
in that pot we smoked?
I feel like I just dropped acid.
Baby, we didn't smoke anything.
Don't mess with me, Brian.
I'm not.
Come on, we haven't scored
in over a month, Cassie.
Are you sure you're alright?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sorry, it's just--
It's weird, I--
It's deja vu or something.
- I love you.
- (Cassie) I love you too.
[music playing]
Jesus. What the hell?
(Dr. Miles) Cassandra,...
...what have you done?
(Cassie) You were dead, Brian,...
...bled out on the bed,...
...and then there was
this weird vibration...
...and it went from night to day.
There has to be
some sort of explanation.
Yeah, it's called hallucination.
(Cassie) I wasn't hallucinating.
It was real, like,...
...I don't know, like I was walking
through some alternate reality...
...or experiencing
the future or something.
In an ice bath?
Yes. In an ice bath.
You do realize how ridiculous
that sounds, right?
Yes. Yes.
Yes, I know. Okay?
I know it sounds ridiculous.
I'm not making this up, Brian.
I know, baby.
But aren't you at least
happy that I'm... not dead?
I am happy that you're not dead.
I am. But what I saw really scared me.
Well, I don't plan on getting shot
anytime soon.
Although maybe
you should talk to someone.
Who, a shrink?
Probably would help.
But in this case,
I was actually talking...
...about the, uh,...
...the captain of paranormal activity.
Yeah, I know,...
...but your father is still mad at me.
Look, even he understands...
...that you had to take care
of your mom, right?
Not the last time I talked to him.
(Brian) I'm just saying.
I mean, it couldn't hurt...
...to consult the resident
expert on weird.
Quantum mechanics isn't weird.
- Oh, yeah it is, it's weird.
- (Cassie) It's not weird.
Oh, it's super weird.
Creepy weird.
Ice bath weird.
- You're weird.
- (Brian) I know, but--
Quantum physics is weirder.
Your father is a genius, Brian.
Cut him some slack.
Couldn't I say the same about your dad?
"The smartest jerk
you know."
Isn't that what you
always say about him?
- Yeah. Well, mine left.
- And mine didn't.
But at least we connected
over the fact...
...that we both dislike each other.
And there happens to be one person...
...who he actually likes...
...and speaks highly of,...
...and that thesis you wrote,...
...and the genius of it.
Yeah, well,...
...sometimes life gets in the way.
Where am I?
(Dr. Miles) A safe place.
I know this is difficult.
But I want to help you.
Electroshock helps?
(Dr. Miles) So you remember
the procedure?
What else?
What do you remember about the hotel?
Come on, try harder.
I need a shower.
I'm gonna need more from you first.
Brian Chance.
You do remember Brian, hmm?
Who the hell are you?
Why am I here?
There was an accident.
He had a gun.
(Cassie grunts)
(Dr. Miles) Oh, it's all..
it's all right, Cassie.
Cassie, calm down, you're safe now.
- It's all right.
- No.
(Dr. Miles) What did you see?
What did you remember?
- No.
- What did you see there?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Shh, calm down, calm down.
No. No.
Stay away from me.
You stay away.
- Listen, Cassie, look at me.
- (Cassie) Where is Brian?
- Where is Brian?
- (Dr. Miles) Listen, look at me.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- (Cassie) Get away from me.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- No, you get away from me.
- Get away from me.
- (Dr. Miles) Look at me.
- (Cassie) Where's Brian?
- (Dr. Miles) It's all right.
- It's all right.
- (Cassie) Where is Brian?
Come on, Cassie, I'm not gonna hurt you.
- No.
- It's all right, Cassie.
- No. No.
- Hey, what are you--
What are you doing?
I was just getting somewhere with her.
Deckard wants to see you.
Yeah, of course he does.
[music playing]
[scanner beeping]
[man] Thief of time.
What did you say?
[music playing]
Brian, did you see that?
Brian, stop messing around.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[phone rings]
[tone beeps]
Brian, where are you?
Please call me back.
[phone rings]
(Josh) Hey, Cass.
(Josh) Long time, how are you?
- Hey.
- (Josh) What's going on?
Something's really weird.
Can you meet me at RJ's?
[indistinct chatter]
- (Delaney) Sorry.
- (Denise) Oh, excuse me, mister.
Black, two sugars.
You remembered.
Yeah, that I remember.
You okay?
You look a little--
I woke up in an ice bath, Josh.
I have no idea how I got there.
And then Brian was dead,...
...and the sun changed in the sky.
Keep your voice down.
(Cassie) And--
I found this.
The weirdness factor is off the scale.
Look, therapeutic hypothermia
is used sometimes...
...with cardiac arrest patients.
You have a heart attack?
I'm a little young for that,
don't you think?
It happens.
Brian's got that
mitral valve issue, right?
Of course there is one
other explanation.
- Don't start.
- (Josh) Okay, grief and guilt...
- ...can cause a lot--
- I'm not guilty...
...of anything, Josh.
At least not yet anyway.
Look, maybe you need to let it go, Cass.
Okay? You can't keep
spinning in regret...
- ...all your life.
- Watching your mother die...
...kind of changes you forever, Josh.
There wasn't even time
to grant her final wish.
I was too busy doing
whatever else it was...
...that I was doing.
She wanted to see the ocean...
...one last time.
I couldn't even give her that.
And don't even get me started
on my bastard father.
(Dr. Miles) So--
(Cassie) My boyfriend.
(Dr. Miles) Yes.
Our anniversary.
(Dr. Miles) Very good.
What else?
Someone's breaking the rules.
Which rules?
You know.
(Dr. Miles)
You tell me about that.
What's it matter?
Done is done, there's no changing it.
Well, that's rather agnostic
for a quantum theorist.
So let's go back to the hotel.
What was Brian really doing there?
Stealing from me.
Why would he do that?
What kind of schoolwork?
Quantum entanglement.
Particle pairs.
Very good.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Proximity effect.
Probability diffraction.
Particle pairs destroy themselves...
...in a vacuum almost instantaneously.
Makes time travel impossible.
(Dr. Miles)
But what if there was a way...
...to stabilize that vacuum?
Align the pairs.
It's too dangerous.
It would cause a doomsday event.
And no one's figured out...
...how to do it yet.
But someone has.
[music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
(Josh) What?
It's just that guy
at the counter keeps staring...
...over here, it's freaking me out.
(Josh) You want me to go talk to him?
(Cassie) No, no, no.
I'm probably just being paranoid.
I just.. I feel like someone
is messing with me.
Maybe you're messing
with yourself, Cass.
What is that supposed to mean?
"I'm not guilty
of anything yet."
What's that supposed to mean?
I still feel his blood
on my hands, Josh.
It's horrible.
(Josh) Why would someone kill Brian?
(Cassie) I don't know.
It doesn't make any sense.
Maybe I am losing it.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, I'm--
I'm just gonna go
to the little girls' room.
[music playing]
(Cassie coughing)
[music playing]
Oh, my God.
(Josh) Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay. Okay this is really
freaking me out.
This is on the mirror in there.
Somebody's idea of graffiti?
This is my handwriting, Josh.
I don't know what this is, Cass.
Look, maybe you're suffering...
...from some kind of fugue state, okay?
Or delirium, or something, okay?
Thanks for the tea.
- Cass. Cass.
- Thank you.
Wait. Wait.
(Cassie) Hey, guys,...
...I haven't blogged in a while...
...but some really weird shit...
...has been happening
that I feel like...
...you should know about.
So I've been experiencing these,...
...what I can only
describe as, time slips.
These notes that I've been
writing on a Post-it...
...and on the bathroom mirror...
...that I don't even remember writing...
...and I have no idea...
...what it even means.
Josh thinks I'm crazy.
And Brian thinks I'm hallucinating.
I don't know,
maybe they're both right,...
...maybe I am crazy Cass.
Crazy Cass gone totally mental.
I just--
I'm gonna go see Brian's dad.
Maybe he can help figure this out.
[doorbell dings]
Professor, it's Cassie Sinclair,...
...are you home?
[music playing]
(Cassie) Professor, I know
you're probably upset with me...
...but I need to talk--
Professor Deckard?
Oh, my God.
No. Don't touch me.
- (Cassie) What happened?
- It's just--
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- No, it's too late.
No, you need help.
You shouldn't be here.
It didn't work.
When are we?
What day is this?
It's Friday.
I think.
You must negate.
There are too many.
You can only be a brief observer.
(Deckard groaning)
No. No.
[camera shutter clicking]
(Cassie) Hawking?
What are you doing here?
Could say the same thing
about you, Einstein.
It's not Hawking, okay?
That was cute when I was 12.
It's Fu-Han now.
Means broad-minded.
Of course it does.
Professor Deckard's not here.
He is supposed to be tutoring me.
Are you helping him with all
those equations in there?
Dude is obsessed.
Causality, field containment,...
...large body entanglement,
particle pairs.
You know how he gets.
Yeah, never like this.
How long has he been working on it?
Don't know.
He only called me a couple days ago.
Seemed really impatient,...
...like the whole world
was gonna freak...
...if we didn't figure it out.
[music playing]
(Cassie) He did it.
(Josh) Did what?
(Cassie) Quantum entanglement.
He's trying to turn back the clock,...
...but something went wrong.
The field must be uncontained...
...which would explain the time slips...
...and what happened to him.
(Josh) I thought you said...
...large body entanglement
wasn't possible.
(Cassie) Yeah, well,
maybe he proved me wrong.
- (Josh) Cass--
- (Cassie) No, if Deckard...
...initiated, there is no telling
what effects it could have.
Arbitrary leaps, forwards and backwards,
one minute it's now, and then zap,...
...it's three days ago.
Anyway, it is the only thing
that can describe...
...what has been happening to me.
Not the only thing.
Don't start that again.
Never mind.
Can you just take me to my mom's?
Are you sure you wanna go to your mom's?
- I--
- (Cassie) Yes. Josh, please,...
...just to my mom's.
[car engine revving]
(Cassie) Okay.
Thanks for the ride.
I'm gonna go try and figure out...
...what the hell went wrong...
...with Deckard's equations,
but I will call you later.
[music playing]
[music playing]
(Dr. Miles) What if I told you
there was a way to see Brian again.
Perhaps even change what happened.
I'd say you're as crazy as me.
(Dr. Miles) Unless time is a
multi-planar construct, hmm?
Your senior thesis postulated--
(Cassie) That thesis was theoretical.
It was for a grade.
(Dr. Miles) Yes, but you did
prove something, hmm?
(Lewis) Dr. Miles,...
...you'd better come see this.
[door opens]
(Cassie) So, I think
I found the source...
...for all these time-slips.
They call themselves
The Quantum Initiative Group.
Website's pretty generic.
They say they deal with Einstein's
unified field theory,...
...Quantum Entanglement
and Time Displacement.
With their multi-billion dollar defense
funding, there is a military aspect...
...to all of this.
I'm headed there right now...
...to see if I can get some answers.
Is this new?
Posted to her blog site two days ago,
but showed up here just now.
You know what that means.
She's getting close.
Deckard won't be pleased.
That is the least
of my concerns right now.
And neither will our benefactors.
We need to do another ESR treatment.
You do realize that those treatments...
...can cause amnesia.
If she finds her way in here we're--
I am very close to getting
the equation from this one.
When I do, all this goes away.
[door closes]
[knocks on door]
Hey, you have a minute?
(Deckard) Yeah, is everything all right?
I'm not sure actually.
I just had a--
A rather unusual encounter
at the beach with my daughter.
How so?
There was something different about her.
I don't really know how to describe it--
I don't know, she just wasn't herself.
I was wondering has she said anything
to you I should know about?
Well, aside from grieving
for your prognosis, no.
Have you discussed this with Charles?
(Carol) Hmm, he hasn't been
around much since the cancer.
(Deckard) Hmm.
Oh, I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm just--
I'm worried about her.
I mean, she came down from the car...
...to tell me she missed me...
...as if I was already gone.
After.. we had just seen each other...
...not two minutes before.
This may seem like an odd question...
...but, uh, did this Cassandra...
...look like she might...
...be an older version of herself?
Are you familiar
with closed timelike curves?
I think Charles might have
mentioned them, but no--
Charles.. he--
...Einstein's Relativity Theory...
...describes gravity as
the warping of spacetime...
...by energy and matter.
So, therefore, a powerful
gravitational field,...
...or even possibly an electromagnetic
field could conceivably...
...bend time back upon
itself creating a loop,...
...or a closed timelike curve.
Now, enter the loop tomorrow,
and theoretically...
...you could come back
out today, or last year.
I'm sorry, what does this
have to do with Cassie?
Well, we've been running
simulations to resolve...
...the grandfather paradox...
...and we experienced an unusual...
...electromagnetic pulse
at the school...
...that was triggered remotely.
We were unable to locate the source,...
...but I suspect someone
may have taken...
...our simulations a step further.
(Deckard) The equations in
your daughter's thesis notes...
...may have actually solved the paradox.
But they're untested,
and now they're missing,...
...and you said Charles has been absent.
Could he have taken them
and induced an entanglement?
I suppose, but I highly doubt...
...he would risk it.
The man may be a lot of things,...
...but reckless is not one of them.
(Deckard) Well, nevertheless
he must be found.
The slightest miscalculation...
...could cause all manner of troubles.
Recurring time-slips,
loops within loops,...
...causality trying
to self-rectify.
It's very dangerous.
[music playing]
This makes no sense.
This isn't right.
[door creaks]
[music playing]
[music playing]
Brian if that's you I swear--
[music playing]
[music playing]
Hello, Cassandra.
What's all that ruckus down here?
- Why aren't you at school?
- What?
(Charles) Well, you're never
gonna win the Nobel for physics...
...if you don't graduate.
Have you been upstairs this whole time?
(Charles) I have a lot of work.
Of course you do.
All right.
So, how is my little time thief?
Don't call me that.
You're not still trying
to steal back time...
...for your mother?
Nothing's gonna change what happened.
What are you suggesting?
Forget it.
You know I loved
your mother as much as you.
You loved yourself,...
...and the idea of a family,...
...nothing more.
Deckard's doing it.
Stealing time.
He's created a displacement field...
...and I have been
sucked into it somehow.
I don't know who or what else has,...
...but the fact that I am
here right now...
...there's a control problem.
It has to be stopped.
Wait a minute.
What are you saying?
I'm not exactly sure.
My memory has been fragmented.
But time is fractured.
It's been shifting all around me.
(Charles) And you think
Peter Deckard did this?
(Cassie) Are those my thesis notes?
What are you doing with this?
You gave them to me.
No, I didn't.
I remember specifically
not giving these to you.
I don't believe this.
You're helping him,...
...using my equations, my work.
Brian dies if you go
through with this,...
...so does Deckard.
- ...what are you doing?
- (Cassie) You can't initiate...
...without the entire equation.
Maybe this will stop it
from ever happening.
Cassie, don't.
The negation point isn't here.
It isn't now!
What the hell is wrong with you?
That was our only hope of correcting it.
The experiment's been ongoing
for two years now...
...and, yes, I am aware...
...of the recent anomalies.
I was working out
a correction for them...
...when you came in here.
And given that you're still here...
...standing in front of me,
at least this version of you,...
...I can only assume that nothing...
...significant has changed.
You may have just
made things much worse.
You lie to me?
And now you try and blame me?
I hate you.
[music playing]
- (Jacob) Hey.
- (Cassie) Hey, Hawking.
- It's Fu-Han.
- (Cassie) Yeah.
Listen, the equations
that you're working on...
...with Deckard are wrong,
they make no sense.
I need you to find out
everything you can...
...on negation points.
- Why?
- (Cassie) It's just something...
...my father said.
He's involved with Deckard...
...and I think they launched
a quantum experiment...
...using my thesis notes
and screwed it up somehow.
Just research it
and get back to me, okay?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure.
- (Cassie) Thanks.
- Okay.
[music playing]
Cassie, what are you doing?
You're asking me that?
(Dr. Miles)
So, tell me more about...
...breaking the rules, hmm?
My thesis.
Go on.
It's what Brian wanted to steal.
My equations.
But, uh--
It's not in this workbook anymore.
I mean the--
There's a page missing.
(Cassie) Yeah.
I destroyed it.
(Dr. Miles) Why?
My father.
Oh, Cassie.
Your father was very proud of you.
(Cassie) He lied to me.
I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.
(Dr. Miles) You know
it's true he was very driven,...
...I mean, to a fault.
But, you know...
- ...he saw in you--
- He saw me...
...as a solution to a physics problem,
and Brian saw me.
Or so I thought.
(Dr. Miles) Cassie, you
deserve better than this...
...and that's why--
That's why we brought you here to--
We took you from that room and
brought you here to be safe...
...from the police, from your father.
You know, he.. he's put
in motion something...
...that's very, very dangerous and
a lot of people could get hurt,...
...perhaps even worse.
And that is why...
...I want to ask you to to recreate
those equations for me, hmm?
Why should I recreate them?
(Dr. Miles) Well, think
of the good you can do.
The wrongs you can right, I mean--
You think they work.
Just like my father, you think
these equations actually work.
Yes. Yes, we do.
You just wanna steal my work.
- No.
- You are just like my father.
(Dr. Miles) Cassie! Cassie!
Bloody hell.
[music playing]
(Dr. Miles)
Without what's in her head...
...we can't locate the negation point...
...and we certainly
cannot control entanglement.
What part of screwed
don't you understand?
We're on the verge of a massive
metastability event.
Oh, we are on the verge
of a breakthrough...
...that could lead to everything
we've been attempting...
...since 1943.
Oh, Philadelphia, the Eldridge.
Right, that, didn't end
too well as I recall.
Oh, I am trying to save lives.
So am I.
You know anyone caught in the normal...
...to a displacement vector...
...under these conditions
will cook their insides.
No one will survive.
And without that building's
retrofit completed--
Look, how the hell did this happen?
You said you had everything handled.
She deviated from our behavior model.
It escalated.
No one knew about the gun and
we didn't expect the memory block.
Well, take care of it or I will.
[music playing]
(Lewis) Cassie, stop!
Hold on, bitch.
Get back here!
(Dr. Miles) Hey, oh,
we're out of time,...
- ...she needs to go back.
- (Josh) It's too dangerous.
(Dr. Miles)
Reliving the event...
...might actually do her some good.
You want to toss her
back into the middle...
...of a ruptured entanglement field?
(Dr. Miles) Look,
if we miss this window,...
...then it's not just her
that's at risk.
You know this place
it can't protect us yet...
...and I am not losing anybody else.
If you do this,...
...she'll be flying blind again,...
...won't remember a thing.
So, give her a trigger, I don't know,...
...change things, uh,
change the venue,...
...but induce the hypothermia
and, uh... if you ever,...
...ever question me again, next time
you'll be the one in the ice bath.
Here, don't lose it this time.
[music playing]
Card key, card key.
[music playing]
[music playing]
(Lewis) Hey!
(Lewis groaning)
[electric zapping]
(Cassie) Oh.
I'm sorry, Cass.
It was you.
You broke the rules.
But sometimes there are second chances.
(Cassie) They say that time is relative.
But death--
(Cassie) Hey, guys, so I woke up...
...in another ice bath.
This time I'm at my mom's house.
My memory's a little bit clearer,...
...but it's still pretty much...
...like a black hole in there.
Something's missing.
But I do know this.
Josh is involved.
He totally lied to me.
And I'm pretty sure that he's behind...
...all of these ice baths
and that he knows exactly...
...what this note means.
Find the initiative.
The initiative.
[music playing]
(Cassie) So, I think
I found the source...
...for all these time-slips.
They call themselves The
Quantum Initiative Group.
Website's pretty generic,...
...they say they deal with
Einstein's unified field theory,...
...quantum entanglement
and time displacement.
With their multi-billion
dollar defense funding,...
...there is a military aspect
to all of this.
I'm headed there right now to see...
...if I can get some answers.
[phone rings]
- (Josh) Hey, Cass.
- (Cassie) Josh.
(Josh) Long time.
How are you?
(Cassie) Hey.
(Josh) What's going on?
(Cassie) Something's--
Something's really weird.
Can you meet me at RJ's?
No, RJ's, I can't,
I'm gonna be late for work.
(Cassie) Brian's dead, Josh.
I think someone kills him.
- Please.
- Okay. No, I'll be there.
(Cassie) Thank you, it's some--
- (Josh) Okay.
- (Cassie) I need to see you.
(Josh) I'll be there.
Oh, God.
Okay. So, these time-slips...
...seem to be repeating a pattern.
Some sort of
self-rectifying mechanism...
...or something.
Forces at work trying
to change causality,...
...but if I can make it to the diner
before Josh gets there, I think--
I think that I can change some things.
[music playing]
(Brian) Cassie, what are you doing?
You're asking me that?
[indistinct chatter]
[heavy breathing]
[indistinct chatter]
Look, Jimmy, twins like us.
No, not like us.
- (Delaney) Sorry.
- (Denise) Oh, excuse me, mister.
- (Josh) Hi.
- (Cassie) Black, two sugars.
[engine revving]
(Cassie) So, apparently, the
initiative group has another more...
...secret facility that Josh works at.
I can't believe I actually
trusted him this whole time.
[music playing]
(Cassie) I'm assuming that
this is where they took me...
...to interrogate me, where
the whole thing originated.
I'm starting to feel the effects of
what I believe to be pair proximity.
(Lewis) Going to the cafeteria.
(Cassie) My body is
beginning to break down...
...whenever I'm near the other me.
I just really hope I can
hold out long enough,...
...to stop this whole thing
at its source.
[music playing]
[device beeps]
(Cassie) You think they work.
Just like my father, you think
these equations actually work.
(Dr. Miles) Yes.
Yes, we do.
(Cassie) No.
(Dr. Miles) What?
(Cassie) You just wanna steal my work.
You are just like my father.
[chair rattles]
Cassie! Cassie!
Bloody hell.
[music playing]
(Dr. Miles)
Without what's in her head,...
...we can't locate the negation point...
...and we certainly cannot
control entanglement.
(Deckard) What part of screwed
don't you understand?
We're on the verge of a
massive metastability event.
(Dr. Miles) Oh, we are on the
verge of a breakthrough...
...that could lead to everything
we've been attempting...
- ...since 1943.
- (Deckard) Oh, Philadelphia.
The Eldridge, right,...
...that didn't end too well as I recall.
(Dr. Miles) Oh, I am
trying to save lives.
(Deckard) So am I.
[music playing]
[device beeps]
Obviously, of course not.
[man] Thief of time.
No, shit.
Three hours--
[phone beeps]
(Cassie) What the hell?
What is--
Okay, guys,...
...quantum inducer
is hard-wired directly...
...into the University's
pulse magnifier,...
...remote triggering
software Wi-Fi'd...
...directly from this laptop to the lab.
Entanglement laser is online,...
...negation point
computations entered,...
...hypothermic protective bath prepared.
Ready to change history?
It's my fault.
God, it's my fault.
[music playing]
Card key, card key--
(Cassie) So, apparently,...
...this is all my fault.
But if you guys were watching
these from the beginning,...
...then you would already know that.
Except for the fact that they
have taken all of my blogs...
...off of my personal site.
That must be why they're
so interested in me.
Weaponize the technology or something.
I'm headed to the hotel
right now to see...
...if I can stop this
from ever happening.
Depending exactly on what time...
...I am actually in.
[music playing]
Cassie, what are you doing?
You're asking me that?
Why did you steal this?
Baby, I was just trying to protect you.
You lied to me.
- It's not what it looks like.
- It looks like a loaded...
...fucking gun, Brian, and my workbook.
You're misunderstanding this.
They said you'd die, that we'd both die.
I mean, what am I supposed to do?
Did my father put you up to this?
(Brian) No.
Don't lie to me, Brian.
- Baby, I'm not lying to you.
- Then yours. Was it yours?
Baby, listen to yourself, all right?
I get it, all right.
You're scared, all right?
No, Brian, you have no idea
what scared is.
None. You don't.. scared is not
knowing what fucking day,...
...or year it is,
what is even real anymore,...
...or who you can trust.
(Brian) Baby, you can...
You can trust me.
You've always been able
to trust me, right?
I mean, look, I'm scared too, all right?
These guys,
they have been following me,...
...threatening me,
showing up at my work.
We need to keep these
out of the wrong hands.
The initiative is the wrong hands.
I know, baby, I'm with you
on this, all right?
But if you.. if you solve
these formulas, right.
It all starts over. We go back
to zero the way things were.
No, no, Brian.
No, no, no.
That is not how this works.
They are using my equations
for their own ends.
Defense contracts,
government experiments.
As a weapon.
Okay. Okay.
So, what was the plan?
For you to steal my work
and hand it over to them?
Baby, you can't..
You can't think that.
You can't think that.
Just tell me something, Brian.
Okay, okay. What?
Was this all bullshit?
Us. Was this whole thing,
was it bullshit?
No, baby. No.
Listen to me, I love you.
I've loved you
from the day we met, right?
I've always loved you.
I'll always love you,...
...so let's just go, all right?
We don't need any of this.
We don't need anything.
Just walk out the door...
...and we go.
Okay, that's it.
And change the outcome.
Okay. Okay.
(Cassie) That is what
I have been trying...
...to do, Brian, because
then you don't die.
Wait, what do you mean I die?
You die, Brian.
You get shot.
You get shot with this gun.
That is what I have been
trying to tell you.
But I am not gonna let that happen.
No bullets.
No bullets, okay,
you don't.. you don't--
You don't get shot, you don't die,
and you don't die,...
...then maybe we can change the outcome.
Baby, I don't get shot.
(Cassie) What?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Baby? Baby, baby,
lay down, babe.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[door opens]
(Lewis) No.
(Dr. Miles)
Dammit, not again.
All right, sedate her and get the truck.
Administer another ESR
treatment then bring her...
- ...to the secondary location.
- (Lewis) Okay.
(Dr. Miles)
I'll clean up this mess.
(Lewis) Up, up.
All right, let's go.
[engine revs]
[machine whirring]
(Cassie groans)
What is this?
It's a safe place.
Look, uh,...
...I know this is difficult,...
...but I want to help.
Electroshock helps?
(Dr. Miles)
Electrostatic Reorientation,...
...it helps align you
with the time gradient...
...but, uh, you know
that already, don't you?
What else do you remember?
Brian Chance?
You remember Brian?
Of course.
He was my boyfriend.
He's dead.
You cared about him.
This is more than just business,...
...you actually care.
Who are you,...
I think you know the answer
to that, Cassie.
Did Brian?
And I.. and I want it to stay that way.
Look, I was young.
You know, I was ambitious.
I was--
I was very much like you.
And, uh, well, motherhood didn't--
Motherhood didn't fit
into my grand plan.
But I loved Brian.
Very much.
Very much.
Which is why, you must
remember the equation.
You must.
Restore the balance...
...and you'll reset the timeline,...
...you'll save Brian.
This isn't the same.
This place, this is different
than last time.
This is my mom's?
(Dr. Miles)
Yes, yes, it is.
I, uh,...
...I thought if I gave you
something familiar to sort of--
(Cassie) Trigger something.
Cassie, no!
I cannot trust you with that equation.
Then trust yourself.
You have the answer.
You have it.
You just got to find the negation point.
It'll give you the probable time...
...and place you need to be.
You must find it.
You must negate.
[music playing]
(Cassie) This isn't right.
[door creaks]
(Cassie) Brian?
(Cassie gasps)
Brian, if that's you I'm--
[music playing]
Negation, negation.
Ah, okay.
(Cassie coughing)
[knocking on door]
(Cassie) Professor Deckard?
Professor Deckard, I know you're home.
[doorbell dings]
(Cassie) Professor!
I know when and where,...
...but how do I negate?
You shouldn't be here.
Professor, I need your help.
You still don't realize
there's too much of you...
...in this place, Cassandra,...
...and we're all paying the price.
You broke the rules, dear.
You tried to do something...
...that's not allowed.
You can't travel in time...
...without changes in causation.
Did you think there'd be
no consequences?
Then tell me what I need to do.
The temporal force is weakened.
The probabilistic inertia
is losing its integrity,...
...the field will rupture.
I need to repair the mess you wrought.
Force a correction, and then ride out...
...the resulting shit storm back
to the beginning...
...in my own ice bath...
...and make sure you never initiate,...
...like I should've done
in the first place.
This does not end well for you.
I've got to repair the breach.
Or the Initiative will lose
its precious defense funding?
You created a split.
More than one.
None of them are stable,...
...none of them are complete.
It's you, Cassandra.
It's you that must be negated.
- (Jacob) Hey, Einstein.
- Hey.
(Jacob) Hey, so you know
what you said about...
...negation points, right?
Where you have a photon...
...and you split it
and it turns into a positron...
...and an electron pair,
and they circle back around...
...and destroy each other, right?
- Right.
- Okay.
So, when it negates,...
...it creates a photon back in time...
...which may be the original photon.
- Right.
- Okay. So, check this out.
Some believe that
the photon may carry...
...the experiences
of the Particle Pair...
...a.k.a. it remembers the future.
And then, could alter that future.
Listen to me.
Do not let Deckard go through...
...with what he is doing in there.
You need to stop him, now.
But what are you gonna do?
I need to borrow your bike.
So, if the new photon
carries the experiences...
...of the time traveling pair,...
...I need to save Brian.
I need to at least change that outcome.
Change of plans.
Don't go to the hotel.
Just meet me at urgent care.
Why, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine just trust me.
Oh, okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Be there.
All right.
Thief of time.
(Cassie) What did you say?
[music playing]
Hey! Hey, what are you doing?
What are you.. what..
Who are you?
- What are you--
- Cassie, Cassie, it's me.
Oh, dad, you son of a bitch!
I deserved that. But you
know what, you're no saint.
Wonder where I got that imprint.
Fair enough.
I've caused a lot of damage,...
...especially between us...
...and for that, I am deeply sorry,...
...but I did not give
your mother cancer...
...and I most certainly
did not cause all of this,...
...I've been trying to correct it.
By pretending to be homeless?
They came after me.
I needed to be invisible.
Nobody sees the homeless.
This photo was taken a year...
...before mom died.
But you wouldn't know that...
...because you left.
All she wanted to do was see
the ocean one last time...
...and I couldn't even give her that.
Do you know how that makes me feel?
Carrying that weight around?
Actually, I do.
Look at the date stamp.
[music playing]
I don't understand.
This is only two weeks before she died.
Because you did it.
You defeated the paradox, Cassie.
I've been shadowing you.
Watching your progress
each time through,...
...seeing you learn a little bit more.
Each time getting closer to the truth.
Making sure the Initiative didn't.
Why do you think
I removed those videos...
...from your server?
So, the ice baths--
To protect you from dilation.
Slows your body's molecular process.
But it didn't work on Deckard.
Of course, it didn't.
Magnetic field is programmed...
...to your Cryptochrome Proteins.
What helps birds orient
during migration?
So, theoretically,
we could adapt our own...
...to navigate through
the displacement field.
You altered the timeline.
That photograph is proof.
[music playing]
Look outside.
Oh, my God.
[music playing]
Go to her.
[music playing]
- Mom.
- Cassie,...
...I thought you went back
up to the car.
Everything all right?
[music playing]
I miss you so much.
I miss you, too.
You know, even Einstein...
...took a break once in a while.
Yeah, I'm--
I've been so busy.
I'm sorry.
You don't like to hear this, but you
remind me so much of your father.
I always felt like a mistress...
...to his science spouse.
I won't let that be me, I promise.
No, no, I'm not complaining.
No. I wouldn't change
any of it.
He's doing important work.
As are you.
Don't ever forget that.
We all have to make sacrifices...
...to fulfill our destinies.
This destiny was mine.
Don't let anyone deny yours.
Most especially yourself.
Hey, I was gonna wait on this, but...
...since we're both here.
Happy early graduation, sweetheart.
[music playing]
Open it.
[music playing]
I was told it was one-of-a-kind.
Very, very special.
For a very special girl.
[music playing]
Let's take a picture, okay?
[music playing]
You're so beautiful.
I'm gonna print and frame this.
I want you to keep it
near my urn when I'm gone.
Will you make sure and do that?
I just wish we had more time.
I know.
Me, too.
But remember, you'll
never have a future...
...if you cling too hard to the past.
[music playing]
I love you.
I love you, too.
[music playing]
Enjoy your beach.
I'll be up in a while.
[music playing]
[music playing]
(Deckard) It's you, Cassandra.
It's you that must be negated.
(Dr. Miles) Think of
the good you can do.
The wrongs you can right.
- (Josh) Cassie, no!
- (Cassie) Jesus, what the hell?
- What are you doing?
- I'm fixing it.
There's only one way this ends, Josh.
You don't know that.
You've changed things.
We've changed things.
No, it's over.
Give me the gun.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You wanted this.
Discoveries are meant...
...to be tested, remember?
Change history, see your mom.
- You were obsessed.
- I was wrong.
Okay, we all lose people, Josh,...
...but that doesn't
justify what I've done.
Okay, but we did it.
Don't you remember?
Right here, in this room,...
...the two of us.
Just because we could, Josh--
Jesus, you gonna quote Oppenheimer next?
- I am become Death--
- No, actually, Krishna.
I am become Time.
Destroyer of worlds.
Don't you understand?
This way, I could be with you.
That's what this is about?
I'm just protecting you.
I don't need your protection!
Cassie, Cassie!
Cassie, they thought
fucking with your brain...
...was a good idea.
Implanting screen memories...
...to make you think you shot Brian.
Stealing your work!
I'm saving you from these clowns,...
...I've been saving you.
I don't need to be saved!
What the hell is going on here?
- Hey, what is he doing here?
- What? Put that down.
What is he doing here?
It's supposed to be Brian,...
...what is he doing here?
It's supposed to be Brian.
Dad, come on, dad, stop it.
- Dad, come on, dad, no.
- Give me the gun.
(Cassie) No! No!
- No!
- (Josh) I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Dad, dad.
(Cassie sobs)
(Cassie) Daddy, come on.
We gotta get you help.
We gotta get you help.
- Let me see, let me see, please.
- No, no, no.
- Cassie, Cassie, no.
- Let me.. daddy, please.
I came to warn you.
The place is here.
It's not quite time.
[music playing]
Thank you.
[music playing]
(Cassie sobs)
(Josh) Oh, shit.
What happened?
Oh, God, oh, God.
You wanna save me?
Shoot me.
Do it.
Negation, Josh.
Reset the timeline, do it, shoot me.
This whole exercise...
...has brought me nothing but pain.
Everyone I care about
is gone. Shoot me!
(Josh) No, let's get outta here.
(Cassie) No.
I'm not going anywhere, Josh.
- No, no.
- (Josh) Let's get out of here.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
- Get out of my way, Josh!
- I know you need...
...to restore balance or
whatever Deckard...
...or Dr. Miles told you,...
...but if you close the loop,...
...you'll be lost forever.
Let me save you.
I don't want to be with you.
Then why did you bring me along?
You knew having me close could help you.
We're a perfect team, Cass.
We could--
We could be that way forever.
Can't you see?
I've loved you since we were kids.
I need you.
Negation's not the only answer.
We can.. we can figure out another way.
Pairs destroy themselves, Josh.
It's the only way.
You're um--
You're bleeding.
[music playing]
[music playing]
[phone beeping]
[phone vibrating]
[music playing]
(Cassie) In my world, time is relative.
All right, put the video camera
over there.
Are you sure about this?
You're kind of rushing, you know.
Discoveries are meant
to be tested, Josh.
Or maybe--
You should leave the past in the past.
Put the video camera over there...
...and hit record.
Okay, guys, quantum inducer
is hard-wired directly...
...into the University's
pulse magnifier,...
...remote triggering software
is Wi-Fi'd directly...
...from this laptop into the lab.
Entanglement Laser is online,...
...negation point
computations entered,...
...and hypothermic protective bath...
...is prepared.
Ready to change history?
[music playing]
Just deja vu or something.
You know, I think
I'm gonna run these by my dad.
Your father?
I thought you said--
It's just something doesn't seem right.
I know he's a jerk, but--
He's the smartest jerk that I know.
I can't keep blaming him for my mom.
Whoa, really?
What, where did...
Where did that come from?
Hey, did someone bodysnatch
the real Cassie?
'Cause I don't recognize this person.
Who are you?
Trust me.
[music playing]
I just texted you.
I know--
Come on, let's get you checked out.
You doing okay?
Never better. Come on.
[music playing]