Distance (2001) Movie Script

Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary
of the Ark of Truth disaster
The religious cult introduced
a genetically engineered virus
into Tokyo's water supply,
which serves 11 million people
The contamination left
128 dead, and
8,000 others poisoned
Tomorrow morning at 8AM,
Memorial services will be held
for victims' families at the
5 contaminated reservoirs
Those attending
will offer silent prayers
3 years after the cult was forced
to disband, former members have
again begun proselytizing
and they are once more under
police surveillance
Tomorrow, exactly 3 years after
the disaster, Victims' Groups
are expected to appeal to the
government for strict sanctions
against any activity by
former cult members
That's all for the news
Next we'll be going live
from the first round of
the 82nd Annual High School
Baseball National Championships
No outs, runners on
first and second...
the pitcher is ready to
throw his 4th pitch, and it's...
Time to check your temperature,
Tanabe San
Temperature time
Your son's visiting you today
What music did you like back then?
What kind of music?
We listened to lots of
recited songs...
And also... popular music,
old ones like...
We don't have any kids,
so bring yours to visit
What's her name again?
Ayumi? How old?
A year and a half
That's when they're cutest
There was a time when
my wife and I talked about it too,
but it's too late now
We gave up... Besides, it's so much
fun spoiling other people's kids
Hey you...
I'm home
So I told the boss...
"Leave it all to Kai
and he'll do a great job"
I'm always telling him
to keep you where you are
Thank you
I'm not like,
fishing for your gratitude,
but whenever you're
the best one for the job,
I'll tell him so
You take care of things like today,
everything'll be fine, OK?
Do my best
It'd be great if I could
get a ride with you
Which way are you going, Atsushi?
Mind picking me up in Shibuya?
See you there, then
Yeah, great, thanks!
Bye then
That's Atsushi, a friend
from high school
Says he wants to
get together tomorrow
Can I come along?
Why not?
It's my day off and everything
Don't shut me out
I take you lots of places
Yeah, but I want to meet your friends
Cut it out
you're hiding something
It was a guy
How could I tell?
I called him Atsushi, right?
You never know, could be a...
Oh, enough...
Can't fool me
Did you get sauce on my cheek?
Nothin' better to do...
She should get a life
I mean, all she does is spy on us
It's not like they own the place
We live upstairs and
have a kid, that's all
Her husband's useless anyway
Oh, there there,
now, there there
Papa! Papa!
She wants her papa
Hey, wow!
Hear that?
Those lilies?
Golden rayed
For real?
Yeah, for real
Guess they know not to grow low
where people can reach them
Wanna get one?
Can you?
if I really go for it
I can get it
A little impossible
Kind of steep, huh
Oh, hello
Been awhile
Did you just arrive?
No, nodded off
Caught the first train
First one here again
Been well?
They're not here yet
Do I reek?
Of booze?
Oh... no
What a nice day...
Yeah, I mean, last year
With all that rain...
Kept wishing I'd
brought rain boots
But this year it's good...
Looks like it'll hold
What the...
They're here
You're late, jerk
It's just there was this lily...
Right, forget it
Thank you
Been awhile
Been awhile Sorry we're late
Sorry, really
Hey, been awhile
Been awhile
So are you still a teacher,
Kiyoka San?
She could teach you
Yeah, I guess...
Still a student?
Guess I should get a little smarter
Kids get crushes on you?
Kids like me...
But they tease me
Like about sex?
Like what?
A fantasy of yours?
Always wanted...
But like where do you live?
Really digging, huh?
Not digging...
'Course I'm on the outskirts
Apartment? Public housing?
Something like that...
Something like that?
How big a place, then?
A 1 bedroom?
Something like that...
Something like what...
C'mon, tell me! Ours is small
Hey, you're married?
Yeah, didn't you know?
Oh, second time!
Who asked you?
Right, when the road
gets so narrow...
Can you get the radio here?
Hey, what time, what time is it?
The radio, radio, the radio OK?
Sure, fine
Listen, today's...
Toto Engineering,
that was my school
That right?
Hey, hey, hey, quiet!
Toto's last championship
was 17 years ago, my class
I was on the team
For real?
For real, real! We lost in no time
Bench warming right?
Me? Second
The earth's special at
the Championships Arena
When you step on
the ground there,
it's feels like super hot...
You listening?
The earth at the Arena, they use
volcanic ash from Kagoshima,
and special sand from
the Tottori dunes
Don't you root for Tokyo?
Your local team?
Man, you're no fun
For someone who...
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Aren't you a little loud
back there, for real!
Hey! Turn it up! Louder!
Hey! Hey!
The second batter's cleared third!
He stopped!
Don't stop there!
Go, go go!
Oh, that...
No, I got it
Thank you
What a crappy bike
We're off, Masaru
Yeah, sure
Hey, gettin' cloudy
It's not cloudy,
just some clouds
Listen to this brat
What's that long stick, Masaru?
That thing
This? A flute
A flute? You sure?
Watch out for bees
Bees, right
They just love dark clothes
They can't keep away
I think you blew it
I blew it
The flute itself was
made in Indonesia
Huh, got anything to
do with your brother...
Like praying for his spirit
or something like that?
Nope, not at all
Thought it'd feel good
to play it here
Man, did I wear the wrong shoes!
That was sorta cool
You OK?
Gettin' hungry
Sure smells good
Great weather
That's gotta be him
I've seen that guy on TV
I swear
Kiyoka, what did you bring
for lunch? What's for lunch?
No fair
Have to wait for lunch
Did you pack rice balls?
Why? Don't be like that
Man, that was good
Look look
Dropped it
Hey, I hear it's hard to make good
rolled omelets, you listening?
My wife says so...
Yours are better than hers
Guess that's not nice
Hers aren't so bad
How old is your daughter now?
One and a half Listen...
Ayumi, huh?
She's still tiny... but she says
Papa and Mama, right?
And when she's throwing
something away,
she says "poi," like "poi"
It sounds so great
And my wife does manicures and
you know those fedi...
Exactly, so those fedicures,
which my wife does,
she gives them to our girl,
too, and it's so cute
Just like little red rubies
The apple of your eye
Listen, you know, it's all about
having a family, you know
Makes you wanna work hard
Turn around, Kiyoka San
Oh, great, your dimples
were all adorable
I say let's go have dinner
Yeah, anything's fine
Can't wait to get home and
give Ayumi her bath
Watch out!
Watch it!
What is this
Some kind of sick joke?
Is this for real?
The pits
What happened here?
Stolen... you think?
Time to call... the cops
on the cell phone, right?
For real?
For real?
No good We're out of range
Real bummer
What do we...
It'll... work out...
Um, this was like...
Pretty far by car, wasn't it?
Quite a ways
Not walking distance
Can't walk it Impossible
Leave anything in the car?
Oh, no
Minoru San?
Where are you going?
Minoru San
Let's walk back
Impossible, absolutely
No point staying here
staying here...
gets us nowhere
Time to walk, guys
Minoru San
Kai San...
Kai San!
Hurry before the sun sets
Can't camp out here
No, even if you walk...
Minoru San! You'll just end up
camping out anyway
Listen, C'mon, let's sit down
and think this thing through
Forget it, I'll go alone
We shouldn't split up
We better stay together
Calm down
If something happens...
And work tomorrow?
It'll turn pitch black part way
What, then?
with the cult, aren't you?
Bike... yours?
It's mine
It's gone
I think it got like stolen
Can't get back...
Be pretty rough from here
We're all related
to the perpetrators
We came to pray
on their anniversary
By car...
It was gone when we got back...
The closest...
No, there's nothing around here
But you lived around here?
Around here,
but it's still a good ways
Do you have a phone?
We've got phones,
but we're out of range
Yeah, right
What'll you do?
The guy in navy
says he's going back
Oh, no, that's impossible
It's really a long way
But I've got to get back
Can't we go... there?
Forget that guy, man
Just wait a minute,
just a minute
I guess that's our only choice...
But... it's been
a real long time since I...
There's nothing...
Just having a roof...
I'm taking off, Masaru!
We don't have many options...
C'mon, for real
Listen, I'm serious
Forget it, why would I go there?
I'm not goin' there, man!
Why would I go with him!
You guys are crazy, man!
Pretty standard
Stinks in here
What, take 'em off?
Have to take our shoes off?
No shoes allowed? Shoes off?
If you don't mind
What the...
Second floor?
Years of dust...
Rusty, rust
You all... lived here
Six of you?
What'd you do?
We had a garden,
so we'd tend it and...
So you grew stuff...
and ate it
Yes, we ate it
Like I told you, I'm Satoshi's
younger brother, Enoki Masaru
And she's...
I'm Yamamoto
Oh, Yamamoto san's wife...
And the one who wanted to
walk back before...
He's Kai San, Kai Minoru
And the one outside
is Mizuhara Atsushi
I think his sister was here...
Can you tell?
Mizuhara san's brother?
I'm gonna go out
What, now?
Right back...
It's getting dark
Be fine...
It's dangerous...
Take this
Thanks, be right back!
We're getting, we're
being contaminated,
in our everyday lives and
by the environment, but...
But isn't that what life...
does to people?
But don't you see,
that's your position
But you start to see the pollution,
once you really go there
It's because you haven't truly
opened yourself, nobody has
But that's life, isn't it?
Don't you see,
you have to open yourself,
grasp the truth and then live
It's not about not living, of course
we live, we eat food and...
So when I'm there,
I engage in serious practice
What about Takuya?
We take him along
I can teach him everything over
First you open yourself
that's our mantra
Once you open yourself,
it comes out from a deeper place
If you practiced there,
you'd discover it
It's inside of you The truth is
Let's go...
So let's go and then we
can come back here again
And talk it over again... OK?
I'm happy as I am
You're different now
We used to talk about all this
when we were students
Why'd you have to become
this way?
Become so different?
We used to be more serious
About the truth
About what real education is
There's real education there
They've put me in charge
of education there
Let's work together
Go, go, go!
Can I go pee?
The bathroom? Sure
Your arms...
It's kind of a waste,
though, isn't it?
All your medical studies
You've only got 2 years left, right?
You can still do it after that
I can continue studying
medicine in the Group
And actually I can practice more
fundamental healing there
Fundamental? What's that?
Western medicine only
heals the human body, right?
Huh... really?
Why, of course But...
What I want...
is to spend my whole life,
studying techniques of
healing the human soul
For real!
The soul!
Well, I mean, the thing is...
They say the healthy soul resides
in a healthy body, you need exercise!
You always ridicule my ideas
I mean, it's interesting
and all, but,
I think it's fine
You know, for me, I can only
see and believe in my reality
It's fine that people like you
exist, we can't all be the same
Well, it's fine that people
like you exist, too
Yup It comes down to that
What's this "Cypress" about?
The thing about cypress...
I mean, wow!
It's not just a matter of
finishing the course work
I'm always good at that
Popsicle's melting
You want it?
still upset your stomach?
Why'd you buy it, then?
Still super-sensitive, huh
Did you ever learn to swim?
Learn to swim?
At the pool...
I broke into a cold sweat
just looking at the water
Dad used to throw you
into the pool, didn't he?
And you never even tried to
help me either, like that time...
Car coming
But the statute of limitation's up
I forgive you both You and Dad
We part here, then
I plan to leave the family
officially tomorrow
With Dad's memorial service over,
it's time for me to go
I won't be seeing you
again for a long time
Leave the family...
Your hand's sticky
from the Popsicle
Come every year?
No, not every year
My first time back...
Your name?
Her brother?
What was my sister like?
She was a quiet person
What do you do?
I work in a flower shop
You got along?
But then everyone who
lived here got along...
Have you ever gone in?
No, how far?
Pretty far over, actually
You mean all the way over...
to the other side?
I don't believe it!
I have!
All the guys have
I don't believe you...
No, it's...
But I've been here longer
But we really have
When did you go?
Like when just the guys
came here and swam
Why just the guys?
Once in awhile, just the guys...
I've even shouted here
Feels super great
It echoes
Really, really
Amazing, huh?
Where you going?
Where you going?
Nowhere, really
What a pain to go all the way back
You see much of the
people you came with?
No, only rarely
We e-mail some, but...
Did you know each
other from before
your sister died...
Just go!
I told you to get out
Just go!
What are you doing here!
You're not involved, leave!
Get out!
Please listen...
No, you jerk,
this is about our marriage
Just get out!
You guys...
Do whatever, then
Sure fooled me
I thought you were awful serious
about yoga class, but look at this
Some nerve while
I'm workin' my butt off
What the fuck!
in the Group...
we trust each other
very deeply
It's not your fault, dear
My fault?
You don't trust me, then?
I try to talk to you
You were never really
willing to face me
What I want is to
start my life over again
at last,
I have something to live for
And what's that?
My marriage...
I didn't have at home
What happened?
Where are all your memories?
You're crazy
Have you been tricked?
It's not funny
And with Miyamura, of all people,
what the hell is this?
After all I did for him
Who do you trust? Huh?
You trust him or me?
It's not about that
It's not about you or him,
it's that,
I found a very
precious set of values there
That's called religion
You gotta resort to that crap?
This jerk here was worthless
even in high school
I had to find him a job,
which he up and quit!
Minoru San, your...
Cut the Minoru San crap!
You may think I'm a bench warmer,
worthless scum...
No buts around here,
I don't give a shit, just get out!
I'm living under a completely
different set of values now
I've found the absolute
What the hell's the absolute!
I'm telling you I'm not
the same person I was then
What the...
You guys haven't changed at all
You know what you're doing?
You're breaking the law
You know that?
Know what you're doing?
You're soliciting
You're swindling
Cut the crap, man
You jerk, you, it's like...
you can't get anything right,
so you just run
away from reality
Cut the crap, man
You haven't even got a job
How you gonna eat, man?
Something's definitely
wrong, man
Then, Minoru San,
your reality...
Isn't it false?
Get out, asshole!
Is it genuine?
What the fuck's "genuine"!
Huh! What's genuine!
Get out of here Huh?
Enough of your crap, you jerk...
Do you need this?
He doesn't need it, the jerk!
Just get out!
Thank you
Oh, sorry...
Thank you
Sure is chilly here
Have a seat
I'm fine
Sit down
You're such an idiot
Why'd you join the Group?
Well... I wonder...
Your folks?
No... I haven't been in
touch with them at all
Not even your siblings?
Not married either
That Group...
was it like, comfortable?
It's quiet
Very quiet
It's gotten colder
You OK?
I'm fine
It's so quiet you
can hear everything
I've just been wondering...
What it was like for
my sister and everyone
Was it like a family...
Had a warm atmosphere?
Well, yes, in a way
You ate together?
We did
You all slept together here?
No, not upstairs
But all those futons
The police stacked
them up like that
They took everything else away
You all slept, lined up
like sardines in a can?
No, we all slept separately
I slept in the living room
Kai San, she slept up there,
where you were before
There was Kai San and...
Mizuhara San...
Mostly... I think the women
slept in one room...
Huh... and the guys, were...
Yeah, in the living room
or downstairs...
I think it was my sister's
I found this by the window
Its fragrance is gone
It's a daisy sachet
The bouquet you brought...
My sister's favorite
I see...
I haven't been able
to find anything...
But maybe that's just as well
We ended up here quite
unexpectedly, right?
And I'm not sure
I'd know what to do,
if I did find
something of his
It may sound strange...
Just between you and me,
the last time I saw him,
he left his shoes behind
And I've...
I've never known what to...
I still have them
And if there was
something else of his...
You know...
I want to go over there
To go over there?
You can hear so many birds,
but they don't fly
Yeah... they're just
hiding in the trees
Know the 5 conditions
of a solitary bird?
A solitary bird?
What's that?
The 5 conditions of a solitary bird
The first
The first
First, the solitary bird
flies to the highest point
The highest point...
How high is that?
Higher than where
any other birds fly
The second
The second
A solitary bird does
not suffer for company
even of its own bird
The third?
A solitary bird...
Aims its beak to the skies
What does it mean to
aim your beak to the skies?
Like this?
Maybe like this
Looking at the sky?
See, that bird's high
It's flying high, maybe a solitary bird?
Maybe it's solitary
It's awfully high
So high
Where's Masaru?
The bathroom
What a pee
How far'd you go?
Into the mountains
Cold in the mountains
See anything?
Saw some beetles
Atsushi and Kiyoka, you guys
OK missing work tomorrow?
Not me, huh?
You're a student
I'm fine
And you?
I'll be just fine...
We're all in this together
Tryin' act cool...
No, just kidding
You jerk...
You got a little sunburned
Sunburned? It was so sunny
Cut it out, you're blinding me
Really sunburned
You sure are
Teaching fun?
Sure it is
Go to work, come home...
It's more than that
No, I mean, I'm sorry,
you go to work and teach,
then you go home
What do you do when you get home?
After I get home?
Plan my classes, grade papers...
Oh, right
There's tests...
Just like you have
I don't have tests
Only practical training,
so life's a breeze, breezy life
Have you changed jobs?
No, same job
What kind of work?
Construction company
Um... you wear a suit?
Sometimes, coveralls, sometimes
You like a foreman?
Stuff like that, lots of stuff
You tired?
What were those flowers
you brought?
Those were... daisies
You know daisies?
Do you?
They were cute You arrange 'em?
Yeah, from our store
They smell really good
Man I'm wiped
According to statements
made by Group members,
the perpetrators' bodies
were burned,
and their ashes
scattered in the lake
For our part, we conducted
an extensive search of the lake,
but found nothing
No remains, no articles
I've known him
since we were students
He's a very serious person,
deeply committed to education
When did you realize
your husband was different?
Didn't you know?
What? I couldn't hear
Your wife had an abortion...
It's all there in
the hospital records
When was that?
Before she joined the Group
So you didn't know?
Which means...
She did it without
consulting you
Flowers meant a lot to...
the lilies that symbolized
the Group
Always displayed in the entryway
I remember that distinctly
Did you ever notice
anything about him
that may have predisposed him
to such actions?
I don't know... I mean...
From when we were little?
Well, not necessarily from when
he was a child, but at any time
Was there anything...
I don't think so
You didn't live together much
No, we did
But we never paid each
other much attention
So, I see...
A drag...
It's still comin' down
pretty hard
There's a time
they call Silent Blue...
I think that's my
favorite time of day...
When night becomes morning...
Is that
the end or the beginning of a day?
It's that moment,
when one day ends
and the next begins
I think maybe I'm
inside that Silent Blue right now
I'm participating in a history
that's about to end,
then begin again
Atsushi, you know,
going back to that stuff about
God we were talking about
God? God, huh...
Do you believe?
First, do you or don't you believe?
I don't believe in... God
So that's your...
So there's no God
Yeah, there's no what you
would call "God" inside of me
Don't you think humans invented
the word God in the first place?
I think so too
So then, is there a God...
or what people mean
when they say God,
something like that inside of you?
Yeah, there is
But that's God, isn't it?
For me,
there really is something that takes
the place of a God inside me
I don't know that it's absolute
But whatever it is that
I believe in that moment,
I would call it
the equivalent of God
But ultimately God...
and righteousness have been
used to justify
things like mass murder, right?
I think for me, If I...
were going to hurt people,
because I had those beliefs,
then I'd much
rather choose a life
of not believing in anything
Tamaki San
Welcome home
The poetry book,
"For you, my Students"
What are you...?
Just listen,
"Arguing only from past history,
and from geological data,
"all of the faiths and ethics
of our ancestors,
"and perhaps even our own,
appear to be based on falsehoods..."
Didn't you come home?
"foreshadowing only
suicide and despair"
"Our petty..."
Come back!
Wait! "Our petty squabbles
in life and work..."
What is this!
"must now be laid aside..."
What is this!
This is the part!
"The time is upon us to unite..."
This is where his poem ends
I finally understand
what he was trying to say!
What is this!
Wait, C'mon!
I finally understand it...
What is this!
What about Takuya?
You don't even ask about him!
What about me!
Hey, read this part...
What is this! What is this!
Read that part, C'mon, hey...
Read this, read this,
read this, here!
No! No!
Cut it out!
Stop it!
"is upon us to unite..."
Oh... please!
Who cares about a poem!
Yamamoto San? Let's see
He really looked after us,
he really took care of me
I guess...
'cause he was a teacher,
he brought us closer together
I was always kind of a slacker,
but he was always serious...
Always thinking about everyone else
He was really generous...
Why... was he...
one of the perpetrators?
I wonder...
Yamamoto San was...
I mean it sounds strange,
but he was elite
He was a gifted person and
I don't really know why he was,
but for someone like me,
to be chosen to join them,
I mean I was just an underling
which makes sense,
'cause I'm stupid
I mean...
When I was brought into
his circle, I was shocked...
You know he's betrayed us
He's the kind of elitist
who always runs off
Don't worry, Tamaki San
will come back
He's just gone to bid
his wife farewell
But if he does that,
they'll find out
And so much for
all our plans if they find out
He's definitely suspect
I mean he's always talking
about education and stuff,
but when push comes to shove,
he takes off
Thinks he's elite
And you, Sakata? No regrets
about leaving that world?
I don't think so...
None at all
Is it really going to work?
I know we have to
make it work, but...
I guess we've all
got to make it work...
It'll work
I don't know who's
expecting what...
Not that I need anybody's
expectations, it's up to me, but...
It's all going to end, isn't it?
It's not ending
It's not ending,
but I kind of like living here...
So it's kind of sad that
I won't have that any more
I'm glad
I'm really glad that
I got to meet you here
Oh boy, it's raining hard again
Thank you
Wanna escape?
It'll be fine, it'll definitely work
We'll succeed
I mean we've already made up
our minds, right?
So we can escape
Having made up
our minds is plenty
Let's take off together
Of course you won't...
We'll definitely succeed!
We'll succeed
Yeah, sure, but...
How do we do this?
Put that on...
Put that one under...
Sakata San, why don't
you come by the fire
Sure's cold
Sure is
It's wet, but go ahead
Can I have one?
Back then...
Yeah, we'd light
fires just like this
You couldn't have stopped
them, Sakata San?
There's really nothing
to say about that
All kinds of people
have asked me that...
I've even been attacked for it,
just walking down the street
But you had to... some things you
would only know if you were here
And I didn't mean to betray them,
but it turned out that way
I wanted to be part of
them, still, and if possible,
if we could all agree
to take things in a different
direction, that's what I'd hoped
But there really are some
things you can't possibly
understand if you weren't here
Did you sleep?
A little
Really, it's that I got sucked into
their way of thinking
and it carried me away,
that's what I think
But after everything in
this world is washed away
only the chosen few will remain
That's what they teach, isn't it?
What's that?
Well... I don't know...
I don't really...
Don't "well..." me
Well... considering who I am,
I probably
couldn't comprehend it
They didn't tell me anything
while I was there
I just sensed that maybe
all kinds of horrible
things might happen
and I was afraid of what would happen
to me if I stayed around for it
I couldn't stop it...
I wonder what the other five
think of you now
Surely, some of them
really cared about you
Well... I don't really think
I was involved so deeply
So I don't know what
they'd think of me
and I didn't know what
they were thinking then
I bet they think
you betrayed them
Well... maybe they
think I betrayed them...
But from my point of view,
they were the crazy ones
I don't like to think I belong
with people who'd do such things
I mean, it's obvious,
they're the crazy ones
So even if they think
I betrayed them,
it wouldn't mean anything to me
Fine, let them think I betrayed them
So for you...
You'd rather they
just disappeared?
Yeah, I guess Yeah, definitely
Because for me
the truth is, I don't care
about them anymore
You know,
he's dead, your leader
Couldn't take the pressure
Killed himself
Just what you wanted, huh?
No, it's not what
I wanted, but...
I guess in a way...
Is that really true?
They were like...
"Is your,
"is your life genuine..."
and like...
"Minoru San,
"is your life genuine..."
that's what they said
Maybe I'm running away
I don't know,
I really don't know
Is it really so bad to run away?
Were you close to your sister?
We were
You don't resemble her
I don't?
She was older by...
Two years
Don't resemble her?
What was the leader like?
The leader...
When I first joined, it's...
kind of embarrassing,
but he was like a father
When I first joined,
it wasn't such a big
religious organization,
so it felt something like
a family, he was like the father
And now...
What do you think about him now?
I don't think about
him at all now
Shall we go?
Drink some, Atsushi
Tastes great!
I'd like an egg on that
An egg, oh, sure
There you go
That's mine!
It's that...
No, like stuff happened
Um, we had to stay over...
Of course I didn't!
No way I'd do that, C'mon
Your noodles are ready
I'm sorry, that OK?
I'm sorry, thank you
There are your noodles
Thank you
No I did not!
I'm totally fine
I'll explain it later...
OK, of course not
Coming back next year?
There's one thing that bothers me
Who are you, really?
Are you really her brother?
Yes I am
Why? What is it?
The thing is, what I heard,
was that her brother had
killed himself a few years back
That's what my sister said?
That's right
She probably lied
If she were lying...
She wouldn't have
said it that way
We're about to reach
our final destination
Please take all your
belongings with you
Thank you for riding
Japan Railways today
Thank you for your patronage
I'm off then
OK then, see you next year
Tanabe San passed away
Three days ago
I just assumed
you were his son...
But you're not
His real son came...
He never visited while
his father was alive, but...
Who exactly are...
You regret marrying me, don't you?
What about the children?
Don't you love them?
You work in a flower
shop, too, don't you?
I love flowers
Were you influenced?
I don't think
I was influenced...
But I remember the smell
of the lilies vividly
I don't think I was influenced
One out!
OK, here, bring some water
Infield, throw to first!
Run, run!
When you get the ball,
it's one two!
Move in, in, in!
That ball wasn't
for the shortstop!
Who's faster, shortstop
or second base, huh?
Keep alert, now!
Don't bother answering me!
Be serious!
Keep your eye on the ball!
Oh, and this is great, too
Pretty, right?
Somehow she's always
in the picture
Look, this guy sitting
there's Minoru
He's that type, huh?
Yeah, we're pretty alike
All different ages?
This is when our car
got stolen at the end
Car got stolen?
Yeah, what a mess
What a drag!
That's why my phone didn't work
But from now on, can't you
try to not get so hysterical?
But you said you
were coming back
and you didn't...
I thought something'd happened
Something did
I couldn't sleep, kept calling
I was fine...
But you were in your pajamas, right?
You were all ready to go to sleep
What's the difference!
You always say stuff like that
and lie to me, Masaru
Can you swim?
You know how to swim?
I can't
Didn't I tell you, I can't swim
I'll teach you how
Oh, Takuya?
Yeah How was it?
Oh, that's wonderful
How's grandpa?
That might be a little difficult
ISEYA Yusuke
ASANO Tadanobu
Executive Producers
Development Producer
YASUDA Masahiro
Producer AKIEDA Masayuki
Associate Producers
Cinematography YAMAZAKI Yutaka
Sound MORI Eiji
Art Direction ISOMI Toshihiro
Production Manager
Still Photography WAKAGI Shingo
Produced by TV Man Union/Engine Film
Japan Rental System Supply/Imagica Corp.
Directed, Written and Edited by
KORE-EDA Hirokazu