Distinction (2018) Movie Script

Ms. Chui
According to your resume
You have an MA in Music from HKU
I'd like to know
Besides playing piano
Have you lead a choir before?
Although our school doesn't have a choir
I have experience in conducting our students
Have your students won any awards in competitions?
They have performed in
the HK Schools Music Festival
They've received an 'A' grade
Does an 'A' grade mean the top prize?
In which category?
There's no ranking or point system
In the 'Special Schools' category
And this one
Good morning
Good morning everyone
Okay, please sit
What number is this?
One, two, three, four
Correct, that's four
One, two
Six, seven, eight, nine
Ms. Sau, please help us out
After To-to changed his medication
He's lost his appetite
And hasn't eaten anything since last night
But he has to take this medication,
what should we do?
I'm not free right now
Go over there and line up
Let's consult your doctor
And see if there's a better option
"Mid-Autumn Festival folk songs"
We're learning about Mid-Autumn Festival folk songs
These are the songs
Does anyone know what these are?
These are staves
They go from C, D, E, F, G, A, B
We're in class now
No more playing with toys, understood?
Do you understand?
Ka-long, what are you doing?
What Class are we in right now?
Is it for music class?
Alright, put it away
This is music class
Go ahead
What are these? C, D, E, and what's next?
Can you sing it for me?
"Kai Kwong School"
I don't wanna go this way
Why not? School is that way
Come on, come on
What's wrong? Behave
You're giving me a headache
Come on, let's go
I don't wanna go this way
I can't help that there's a roadblock
What's going on? Are you not listening?
The bell's ringing, let's go
Hey! What are you filming?
Please don't film him. You're scaring him
Nonsense, I'm not filming
Please just go
Please get up
The bell's ringing, you'll be late
- I don't wanna go
- Come on, let's go
What's wrong? Let's go, you'll be late
Ms. Chui, thank God you're here
Hey there, why are you sitting here?
I like the usual route to school
Take a look
- Recognize this?
- Yes
This was the park you just walked through, right?
Alright then, let's go
This way
Thanks, Ha Tau
Please make a copy of this document
Yes, principal
Kit from my graduating class
Is as capable as Ha Tau
Kit is capable, of course
The school really wanted to hire him
But we only had one opening
If we can afford a musical
Why don't we hire more graduates?
Take a look at this clip
Kit's mother sent this to me
- No!
- Come out!
We don't know how long he has to wait
Until he's admitted to a sheltered workshop
He's doing nothing at home every day
"Landlord insisted on a 30% rent increase"
"How about we move to a smaller apartment?"
We don't want to see cases like Kit's
But if our school only hired our own graduates
It'll perpetuate the same problem
This musical that we're putting on
Is for the outside world to get to know our students
To change their perception,
so our students have a better chance
"Will you send your father to an elderly home?"
"Let me think about it"
Ms. Chui
How's the musical coming along?
We're prepping right now
Good, we're counting on you
On to the next topic on our agenda
"Kai Kwong Musical"
Thanks for participating
in Kai Kwong School's musical
Students from Kai Kwong, let's welcome our guests
Step forward
Shake hands and ask for each other's names
What's your name?
Go on, shake hands
I'm Hau-man
- Hello, Hau-man
- Shake hands
Nice to meet you
You can call me Ms. Chan
What's your name?
What's your name?
My name is Ka-long
Wash more thoroughly
We don't know what they've touched
I'm Chen-li from Yuk Choi Secondary School
You can call me Xiao-li
Do you know her?
I'm Xiao-li
Think about it
We have to commute such along way to rehearsal
They're either retarded or from the mainland
What's the value in this?
I thought you wanted to impress Miss Chan
So that she'd give you a better grade
Hello? Mom?
I can't leave yet
I don't care about my grades
I'm going to Central Saint Martins anyway
What's up?
What do you think?
Should we come again?
If we quit the musical now
Will that piss off Miss Chan?
If accidents occurred, we'll be in trouble
With the parents, you understand?
I know, principal
But this is a completely voluntary activity
And I think it's a great opportunity
For our students to get to know
Students with intellectual disabilities
It's quite meaningful
7 to 8 students signed up originally
But they all said they were busy
There's one more student on the way
I understand, It's okay
Ms. Chui, I see that other kids
have a lot of activities
- But Shun doesn't have any
- Ms. Chui, I'm glad I caught you
Sorry to interrupt
Why is Ka-long still counting from 1 to 100?
He's learned this before
He's really smart,
you can give him more advanced homework
I'll see to it
Ms. Chui, please give Shun another chance
I'll do my best
Ms. Chui, you really have to
give him more advanced homework
He's a smart kid, trust me
I'll see to it
- You really have to
- Alright
- You all better head home
- You promised
Thank you
Thanks for bringing so many students today
You're welcome
You've helped me out in school before
But just so you know
I can't come next time
This extra-curricular activity
Wasn't authorized by my school
I let the students come voluntarily
I understand
I won't make it difficult for you
Any updates on my interview?
I think they've hired someone
Don't worry, you can stay here for longer
Your work here is very meaningful
I've been here for eight years
I thought this would be my lucky charm
It didn't work
That's impressive
Where's your school badge?
Please be more punctual next time
Punctuality is a virtue
Don't make others wait
- Whatever
- Big Brother
Let's play
Go play by yourself
Let's play
Let go, or I'll smack you
Ng Ka-ho
I'm just messing with him
He's my little brother
Sir, let's cut the crap
When can I leave?
This special programme
Requires you to complete 30 hours
of volunteer service
You should've received a notice
That states very clearly
If you participate proactively
The school will pardon all your misdemeanors
Alright, I get it
I think I know more about people with special needs
They have a really rough life
Some can't control themselves
And some can't communicate verbally
So I feel that we should cherish our talent
Very good, any others?
I think it's very meaningful
Because they don't get to play with
People like us very often
I feel really happy being able to help them
I hope there will be more opportunities
To help others
I ...
Have learned a lot
Although they have these problems
They still try really hard
So I want to be as positive as they are
I can't believe they can spin the ball like that
They were teasing me just now
Seems like you belong here
Ng Ka-ho
It's not right of you to say that
Come on
She's only been here a day, what's the big deal?
So what now? Can I leave?
Alright, go ahead
What did you eat today?
Was it good?
It was yummy
What's up? What time is it?
You're so late, I've already gone three rounds
It's not like I wanted to
I had to deal with Mr. Hung
Who cares about Mr. Hung?
You want to drop out anyway
I don't wanna get kicked out
I'm not as dumb as you are
Why would you quit school and work?
Everyone knows that your parents will
Give you money as long as you're in school
That's the life
Aunt May, three phones
Making money is so easy
I saw two schoolmates doing this as well
Don't get busted
Don't worry, we'll just get a 'white slip'
Aunt May
Six phones for two of us
She's new, show me her ID
Smart! The two of you can take six pieces
You earn $300 every trip
Double your earnings
Are you ready?
Let's go
Watch out at the customs
Got it
Its purpose is to encourage young people
To strive for the better, and cherish their time
And plan for their future
In terms of the format
Besides using acryllic
I'll also make a collage
Using newspaper clippings of these
Successful people as the background
Very good
That's a very good point
The topic is positive
And you've shown various techniques
You'll get higher scores with
the multimedia segment
Good job, take a seat
If everyone can adequately
show their train of thought
And show them clearly,
then you'll get higher scores
Alright, next student please
Zoey, your turn
My topic is 'food'
Few years ago
I attended culinary workshops with my mom
Then I got interested in cooking
No, do you have a grander reason for this?
A grander reason?
For example
'Hope', you understand?
We're here, wake up
I forgot my disinfectant wipes
My mom said I had to use those
I have antiseptic gel
Is that new?
It's so pretty
It's a gift from my dad
This color only came out yesterday
What brand is this?
It looks expensive
Zoey, is that a new watch?
Let's see
This is a luxury brand
Mom said we shouldn't wear
expensive watches at school
I'm familiar with this brand
But I haven't seen this model
I'm not sure
My dad bought it when he was on a business trip
Let's go
Zoey, let's go
Ka-ho, there you are
Sir, I'm not feeling well
What? How are you feeling?
I'm alright now
What's wrong?
Big brother, you need this
You're always unwell, take this
It's okay
Listen to me
Put this in your bag, just in case
Oh no!
Only apply this when you're unwell
Good boy
Come on
Just keep it with you
I got it
Bear that in mind
Damn you, why did you push me?
Zoey, are you okay?
It's scratched
What? What's scratched?
Where? Let's see
Maybe it was already scratched before
Keep on rehearsing
What's going on here?
He pushed Zoey and scratched her watch
I didn't scratch it, don't accuse me
Then can you tell me
Why you pushed her?
She pushed me first
He suddenly grabbed my arm
Ka-ho, no matter whose fault it is
You should apologize to her
She pushed me
Be a gentleman
To whom?
How would I know her name?
It's OK
'Miss OK', are you alright?
Miss OK, let's roller skate
Big brother, a butterfly
Big brother, let's go home
Hey, it's mom
What are you doing here?
He came to pick me up
When do I start work?
They want to interview me today?
I can't, I have to take care of my son
No one's looking after him
Go to your interview
I'll take care of him
Wait! I'm available now
See you later, thank you
Let's go
You're smart
It's heavy
Big brother, it's heavy
Here's $20, shut up
Let's go
Against the wall
That's good
Thank you
You don't even play piano anymore
Why don't we throw it out?
Hello? Dad?
I visited you last week, didn't I?
I've been busy at work
What's wrong?
Was that your dad?
I think he's not used to living in an elderly home
My dad also had the same problems
Don't worry
"'Kai Kwong Musical' - Script"
"'Kai Kwong Musical' - Script"
Ms. Chui, is there dancing in this musical?
Yes, there's dancing
I wanna be Summer Girl
Summer Girl?
What's that?
I wanna be a chef
I wanna be a chef
No, you can't be a chef
You need to sing, understood?
No more cooking
You can't be a chef
Don't touch that
That's not allowed
I want Miss OK, where's Miss OK?
Who's Miss OK?
Where's Miss OK?
I want Miss OK
Who's Miss OK?
How many times do I have to tell you?
You have to be punctual
Ms. Chui, I'm really sorry
Ka-ho arrived late today
Is there anything he can help with?
All the roles have already been assigned
Besides being on stage
Can he help off-stage?
If you don't mind
Maybe he can be our photographer
Hey, I don't know how
No problem
I can teach you
I took a photography class at the community centre
Thank you, Ms. Chui
Time's up, stop writing
Hello? Mom?
We're studying at Zoey's house in Sheung Shui
By the way, Zoey
Didn't your brother apply for a scholarship
For Stanford University?
How did he apply?
I'm not too sure
Time's up
Are you done yet?
I didn't even start
Zoey, your old house seemed to be bigger
No, it was just about the same
Where does your domestic helper sleep?
My mom said we didn't need one
because I've grown up
That's true, it's expensive to hire one
No wonder your mom stopped hiring
us to work part-time
Money is always the first thing you talk about
Do you think I like arguing?
We need money to keep this household
Auntie, uncle
You're all here?
Just carry on
Want something to drink?
Want a drink from the fridge?
I'll get some for you all
We're about to head out
80 soon?
You can stay for longer
It's getting late
Stay for longer
We're done with our homework
Do you need a lift?
No, it's okay. We can get our own ride
It's okay
Come more often
Zoey, let me know
If you have friends over next time
Big brother!
What's up?
I have enough money, I want to buy this watch
Big brother, I'm tired
Nonsense, I've already given you $20
There's some leftover chicken
From the restaurant where your mom works
Heat it up if you're hungry
Share with Ka-long
What are you doing here?
Let's go back
Are you done?
Let's go
Mama... Mama...
"Birth control pills"
Hello, is this Zoey?
This is Ms. Chui from Kai Kwong School
Yes, what's the matter?
Miss Chan told me that you've quit the musical
I understand that you need to study
For your upcoming DSE exams
But can you do me a small favor?
Miss OK!
Miss OK!
Yin's mom, are you ready?
Miss OK, this watch is for you
I have exams soon, so I can't come anymore
You have to be good
I will
I got you this watch
I don't wanna...
Yin, I know this isn't our usual route
But if you don't get up, we're going to be late
Hey, stop filming
Why are you fliming us?
You're scaring him
Let's take a break
We'll resume in a bit
Ka-ho, why is the screen so dark?
How would I know?
Let me have a look
It took us half an hour to cross the road
Everybody was staring at us
I'm fine with them staring at me
But they were staring at Yin
It was just a roadblock
He refused to go on another route
What'll happen when you get older?
I will grow old
And I Will die
I can't take care of you forever
I'm sorry
Ms. Chui
I know you have to prepare for your exams
Thanks for coming today
Ms. Chui
May I continue to participate in the musical?
Of course you may
Thank you, Ms. Chui
Within our embrace
It's hard to see equality
I've tried my best but no one can see
We are as unique
As we are normal
And ask for a helping hand
"Be With Me, Always"
Ms. Chui, thank you for
giving Shun this opportunity
We'll do our very best
Stand over here
To-to, you're a chef now, understood?
Ms. Chui, I wanna be a truck driver
Because my papa is a truck driver
What are you doing here?
It's heavy
What's heavy?
I have to carry my brother's phones
What phones?
I get on a train, it's tiring
My brother gave it to me
Big brother, put phones in here
We're not going
Are you smuggling phones with Ka-long?
What? No
Are you sure?
Don't accuse me
Ka-long, tell me
What did your brother put in your bag?
What? I didn't!
He's retarded, why would you believe him?
Ms. Chui, Ka-ho is a bit of a handful
But he'll never do something like this
Ka-long said he's gone on many train rides
Saying he's tired from carrying his bag
His brother also gave him money
It's just playful banter, they don't mean it
Is that right, Ka-long?
We wouldn't want something like this to happen
That's why we called you two here today
To clarify exactly...
I understand
I will speak to them at home
Thank you, let's go
Wait, Mrs. Ng
Give the bag to mommy
"Hong Kong-China Truck Drivers Association"
Hello, uncle
Didn't see you just now, thought you were working
I wish I had work
We only get 2-3 rounds a week
Ka-ho is here as well
Where's Ka-long?
He's... not feeling well
I heard from my son that he's changed schools
- He's at a 'special school'
- Yes
Auntie, we're heading out
I'm really sorry
I didn't know he ran away on his own,
he said that you're home
So I let him leave
Is this the police?
My child is missing
Ng Ka-long, 9 years old
Where are you going?
Your brother is missing!
I know where he is!
Come here
Why are you so naughty?
Why did you come here? Why are you so naughty?
Why didn't you behave?
Do you not want to go home?
Stop scolding him
Have you ever treated him like your son?
See what you've done
Are you afraid to be seen with him?
Ashamed that he's your son?
What are you?
You're just a truck driver!
Do you think that you're always right?
Do you know why Ka-long is here?
Do you know why?
He comes here to watch your truck leave every day
Did you know that?
You know why I don't take him with me?
Because you're ashamed of him!
I don't care what they say about me!
But what they say about him!
Did you know that?
Papa... papa...
Let's go back home, okay?
Ms. Chui
When can the helper start working?
It's to care for an elderly
What are you doing here?
Ms. Chui, I wanted to apologize
He has Alzheimer's disease, thank you
Ms. Chui, let me help you
Ka-long, big brother is back
- What's the matter?
- Big brother, you should go
Papa will hit you
Big brother will behave
Papa won't hit me
Hands up
Yes, that's beautiful
Bring it up, that's right
Alright, the other hand
A bit more angled
A bit more curved, much better
Have you been dancing for long?
Yes,l have
I've just finished a solo show outside of school
Alright, turn around
Let's do that again
You don't hold it like this
Miss OK
You got it all over your face
Wanna draw a smiley face?
Zoey, just got out of school?
Come up to my place
I'll cook your favorite curry
"2nd Runner-up-'16th Annual Cooking Championship'"
Visit me more often
I'll make you all kinds of food
Thank you, grandpa
Your mom used to love this too
Cook it low and slow
Remember, don't add water
That's the best way
Why are you always on the phone?
Who's calling you?
No, grandpa
I'm just recording the whole process
I wanna be as skilled as you are
Let me teach you
I'll teach you how to be a real chef
This is the secret
Add some chocolate
It becomes more flavorful
But it has to be a 75% cocoa dark chocolate
You can't just use any chocolate
What time is it?
I went to grandpa's house
I made this pot of curry with him
Why were you at grandpa's house?
I bumped into him on the street after school
Was he rummaging through trash again?
I've told him many times
Dad, why were you rummaging through trash again?
You did a great job
Very good
The theme is grand
And the multimedia segment showcased your technique
- Well done
- Thank you
Next... Zoey
Who is this?
This is my grandpa
But this method of expression
Might not get your message across
Examiner won't give you high score
Maybe you should try something else next time
Life could've been perfect
- Life could've...
- Mr. Hung?
What is it, Ka-ho?
Are you unwell again?
I actually have something to ask
What is it?
Look, I don't know why
The screen is either too bright or too dark
Let me have a look
Sir, I don't think it's this button
I think it's this one
Hey! A new phone's out
There's $100 more per trip
Are you coming?
I'm busy right now
I'm not coming, we'll talk later
Hands off
They're for worshipping
Let's pray that our ancestors
Watch over Ka-long
So that he can get into this good school
I said hands off
You need its blessing
to get into this school, understood?
Kneel down
Kneel down now
Three bows
Go ahead
Go lower, that's right
He's a great kid
He speaks fluent English too
He also participated in a... speech competition
And received an award. Take a look, Principal
There's more
All this homework
Was very well done
He did it himself, nobody helped him
Judging from our interview today
I'm sure Ka-long is a wonderful young boy
But he is studying in a special school
A regular school like ours isn't suitable for him
I thought if he passed the...
Entrance exam, he'd get in for sure?
He's passed already
Accepting one more kid
isn't too much trouble, right?
How can I help you, Mr. Ng?
It's nothing, I'm leaving
Ka-long took leave today
Is he okay?
I'm not sure
No matter how busy you are
Try to spend more time with Ka-long
Actually, what should I do?
These volunteers are all parents
The school is putting on a musical
They're here to help
Excuse me
There's an empty seat over there
If only my husband was like you
He really cares what others think
Our daughter was born this way
We shouldn't try to change her
We should accept her
Not everyone can accept it
Tell your husband to do what I do
Tell yourself in the mirror every day
My daughter is intellectually disabled
I couldn't say it out loud at first
But I kept trying
I can even say it with a smile now
Who said he should change schools?
Let's not make a fuss
Let's go
People nowadays
Throw away things that can be fixed
You probably don't know
Back in my day
We don't have the luxury of
Getting whatever you want
We never threw anything away
It's fixed
You won't need a new one
Thank you, grandpa
Grandpa, is this too much?
Be patient
Take it slow
I'll do it again
This looks good
Zoey, you seem different lately
Miss OK
Baking a cake?
You can use these two types of cake flour
This type of sugar is perfect for baking
My grandma has diabetes, she can't eat sugar
Over here
This one! Xylitol
What's xylitol?
It's an artificial sweetener, don't worry
I made this with my mom in a baking workshop
Miss OK, I wanna try
I'll make you one next time, okay?
What do I need to do now?
Start by cracking an egg
Then start beating the egg
I'm pouring it in
I'll start mixing
Add some water, right?
No, don't!
Don't add water
That'll turn into steamed egg
How long do I have to mix?
Mix it until...
It doesn't stick anymore
That's a great drawing
I'll be counting on you for our poster
Ms. Chui
You lost your bracelet
I'll go find it
Miss OK
What are you up to?
Ms. Chui asked me to design a poster
You know how to draw?
I had no idea
Big brother, the phone
Take a look
That's me
Let's say out loud
How was the cake?
The cake was yummy
It was yummy
How are you?
I'm good
- Did you have fun today?
- Yes
Lucky we ran into you
Or else I couldn't have made the cake
I couldn't have made it just by watching tutorials
My grandma and Ka-long both enjoyed it
I'll leave you be, it's impressive
Thank you
You know how to bake cakes?
I wanna make one too
I found some recipes online
But they're all in English
I don't get it
Show me
This website is great
This brownie is delicious
If you bake it perfectly
The crust will be crunchy
It will be gooey inside
The molten chocolate will ooze out
Zoey passed most of her subjects
But her ranking is a bit low
Especially for visual arts and mathematics
If she'd like to apply for HKU or CUHK
The chances are quite slim
I personally recommend
Perhaps City U or Poly U
Might be easier for her
Miss Chan
My daughter is struggling now
Then teach her to be better
She will improve
But if you've made up your mind already
She definitely won't improve
I was also a student of
your chancellor Sister Paulina
Should I have a conversation with her
To discuss your method of teaching?
All I wanted was for you to study hard
You couldn't even do such a simple thing
Did you even make an effort?
I was already open-minded
You wanted to study art
I knew there was no career in that
But I let you do it anyway
But you still failed it, didn't you?
Tell me, what do you want?
Crying again
All you do is cry
How will you survive in the real world?
And why are you still so terrible at math?
How about this?
You're free every Tuesday and Thursday after school
We'll add another tutoring class
It won't change anything
I have an extra-curricular activity on Thursdays
What activity?
You should be studying in your free time
Your DSE exams are coming up next year
Looking at Ka-ho's progress
He probably won't get into local universities
He has potential in photography
Instead of wasting time here
We should let him...
Just let him take the DSE exams
He's just not trying hard enough
I've told you to study harder
Do I really have potential?
Mr. Hung, are you serious?
Where can I study that?
Still messing around?
In fact, photography is an expertise
Mrs. Ng, please reconsider
This is the photography guide I bought
For the class at
the community centre a few years ago
I dug it up especially for you
Thank you, Mr. Hung
Your thirty hours of volunteer service is completed
Your previous misdemeanors are pardoned
But I hope you'll go through with this musical
"Life could've been perfect"
Zoey, are you at the tutoring class?
I can pick you up later
I'm studying at Tiffany's place
I don't know when we'll be done
You don't need to pick me up
Alright, come home soon
What's going on?
Do you want a pony tail?
I'll help you with that
Give it to me, I'll help you
Thank you
You look so pretty with a pony tail
Thank you
It looks so pretty
Take a look at what I got you
Open it and see if you like it
Didn't you say that you liked this backpack?
I'm so hard on you for your own good
Think about it
You worked so hard to get into this school
For what?
So you can get into a good university
And have a good career in the future, right?
I actually want to be a chef
You say that now, but what about the future?
You won't know what you want in the future
You wouldn't know
I understand
I'm not saying being a chef is bad
But I want you to have more options
I promise you
Once you graduate from university
You can do whatever you want
I won't stop you, alright?
This upcoming year
Will determine the next few decades of your life
Just do well on the DSE exams
And forget about everything else, okay?
I don't care if you'll lack money or achievements
I'm just worried that you'll be working
At a job that you don't like
It'll be too late for regret
And I won't be able to help
What's wrong with studying in Hong Kong?
If you send her abroad
She'd end up in a crappy university anyways
That's not what you said
when her brother got into Stanford
This is different,
he got the scholarship on his own
Cut the crap, you only care about your money
If you're so capable,
then think of a solution yourself
I've decided to send her abroad
Without spending a dime from you
You're being unreasonable, I'm done with this
Why aren't you in bed?
Go back to bed
Don't worry
I'll handle it first thing tomorrow morning
Yes, there won't be a problem
Don't worry, I'll handle it
Please put your student ID on the desk
For the invigilators
Please turn off your mobile phones
If your phone rings during the exam
Points may be deducted
Students from the same school may not sit together
Otherwise, you will be disqualified
Where is Miss OK?
Miss OK isn't here
Xiao-li will take over, understood?
Is Miss OK gone?
Just do your best, okay?
Do you wanna sing?
Do you wanna sing on stage?
Alright, good
Ms. Chui, do we follow
the original dance arrangement?
Yes, follow the original plan for the dance
And same for the singing, understood?
Ka-long, hold my hand
You're not wearing roller skates
I don't know how
Just walk with me
Come back, come back
Stand still!
Honey, are you ready to leave?
I'm still rehearsing, I can't leave yet
Again? You've been rehearsing so much lately
When will you be done with it?
Let's talk about this at home
Ms. Chui, where should we be standing?
We've been doing this all day
What's the point of this musical?
We should be in class
Ms. Chui, we're leaving now
What are you all doing?
Why is everyone all over the place?
Principal, I can get it done
I promise there won't
be complaints from the parents anymore
Ms. Chui, are you under a lot of pressure?
I haven't seen you smile all this time
Are you unhappy teaching here?
In fact...
The show is happening in two weeks
I still have a lot of things to prepare
A student from Elite Girls School dropped out
I really don't know what to do
I'm really worried, but I've tried my best
Ms. Chui, come take a look
These leaves are like our students
No matter how hard we try
They are who they are
But if you look closely
They're all different
Take a look
Some leaves are bigger
Some leaves are smaller
Each one of them is unique
Why aren't you coming to rehearsal?
I've told Ms. Chui that I've quit
You've quit just like that?
We have less than a month until the show
They're a mess
They couldn't rehearse like before
They're missing all their cues
I really can't come anymore
Why not?
I'm late for my tutoring class
Stop following me
I'm not coming back
It'll be done within a month
Is it that difficult?
I'm not like you
I need to take my DSE exams
I need to take the DSE as well
I'm not from a lower tier school,
I need to get into university
Yes? Speaking
Can you say that again?
Which hospital?
I'm on my way
I'll be there
Zoey, get changed
We're going to the hospital!
Dad was fine all along
Who knew it would be a heart attack?
Zoey, tell your mom that I can't make it
Help me take care of her
There are thousands of people in this world
But I'm all alone
These are tough times
I sincerely hope that
The day will come
Someone with a caring heart
Can walk beside me every day
There are thousands of people in this world
No matter how difficult our road becomes
Alright, one more time
There are thousands of people in this world
No matter how difficult our road becomes
I will have you here
Shoulder to shoulder
Rid us all of our troubles
Go forward together with love
Next verse
I can't leave yet
Keep going
Alright, ready?
You don't need to be afraid
Life's become clear with you beside me
Going through tough times together
Hand in hand
Push away the snow
Go through any obstacles
As long as you're here
What is it?
Do you know why I didn't want kids all this time?
I'm not as compassionate as you think
I see my students every day
But I never got to know them
I just knew that
Whatever I taught them today
Will be forgotten the next day
Day after day
I couldn't see a future for them
I've been really worried
If I were so unfortunate
To have a child
With their disabilities
I don't think I can take it
If you're fed up at work
Then find another job
It's not about getting another job
I've been thinking of getting a new job for 8 years
But now I know why I want to stay in this school
Even if something were to happen to my child
I won't be afraid
I'll pick you up from the elderly home soon
Yin, let's go
I don't wanna!
Life could've been perfect
But not everything can be expected
Regrets surround us
And fill our hearts
Our admittance rate to the top 3 universities
Has declined from 88% to 86% these past few years
Students are really fragile these days
The student suicide rate is increasing
Whilst it's important for you to push your students
Please be aware of your choice of words
These questions might be on the DSE next year
Start studying, we'll have a quiz next week
Please expect to come back
For extra summer classes
Happy birthday
I hope you can get into a good school
Daddy also has a present for you
Happy birthday
Make a wish
Mr. Hung
Ka-ho, what's the matter?
I'd like to return your book
You're already done with it?
A lot of the cameras in there are outdated
There are a lot of tutorials online
What are you working on?
Ms. Chui asked me to design a poster
I've spent hours on it, but I can't get it right
Everybody take a step forward
Let's hold hands
Stay still
There will be a musical organized by
Our school and Kai Kwong School this summer
And thanks to our very own Ng Ka-ho
For designing this beautiful poster
Thank you, Ka-ho
Check out the date
It's on July 8th
Please come and see our musical
Please support us
We wrote our own music
Please come and support
Thank you
Good morning madam
Please support our musical
Sit tight
We're heading to the performance venue
Take your seat
Big brother, will Miss OK be there?
It's hard to see equality
I've tried my best but no one can see
Look, you're so pretty
Who's prettier? You or me?
Miss OK!
Ka-long, want a piece?
Is it yummy?
Want a piece?
Is it yummy?
Ka-ho, I made this myself
Thank you
Shun and Shun's mom
Please try a piece
It's going to get dark here
Is it bright enough?
Don't worry, Mr. Hung
Mr. Hung
You mentioned about
Photography courses outside of school
I've decided
I think I'll enroll in those courses
Instead of wasting time here
Welcome to
'The Extraordinary Musical' by Kai Kwong School
Please enjoy the show
Yin, let's go
No, this isn't our usual route
Yin, I can't help that there's a roadblock
The school's right over there
He can't find his way because of a roadblock
What will happen in the future?
I will grow old
l Will die
I can't take care of him forever
Please stop filming
Please stop filming
Please stop filming
Ms. Chui
Yin's mom, I'll handle this
Yin, take a look
Recognize this?
Follow me
Take a look
This leaf looks ordinary
But if you observe it closely
You'll realize that each leaf is different
Some have crooked edges
Some have holes on them
Some are bigger
Some are smaller
Leaves are just like people
Each one of them is unique
And they're all extraordinary
Life could've been perfect
But not everything can be expected
Regrets surround us
And fill our hearts
Within our embrace
It's hard to see equality
I've tried my best but no one can see
We are as unique
As we are normal
And ask for a helping hand
There are thousands of people in this world
But I'm all alone
These are tough times
I sincerely hope that
The day will come
Someone with a caring heart
Can walk beside me every day
Granny, that's Ka-long
Right there, on stage
What a smart boy
Hello, student from Kai Kwong
I'm a special student journalist
Can you tell us about your dreams and aspirations?
I want to be a truck driver
Because papa gets really tired from work
You don't need to be afraid
Life's become clear with you beside me
Going through tough times together
Hand in hand
Push away the snow
Go through any obstacles
As long as you're here
"4th Grade General Studies Textbook"
Don't throw that out
Give it to me
To you?
What for?
It needs a suitable environment
Come on, granny
I don't feel well, I don't wanna eat
Mother, please eat
I don't feel well, I don't wanna eat
Grandma, you don't feel well, use this
Where did you get this from?
My schoolbag
This is Ying Yan College calling
We'd like to schedule an interview
It's okay, thank you
Ms. Chui, you lost something
What have I lost?
You've lost 'don't touch, don't touch'
Thank you, Yin
How are you?
Got class later?
- Yes
- What class?
My mom said because of exams
I should cut my hair short to save time,
what do I do?
You have to listen to her
Zoey, ready to go?
Louisa, I missed the last tutoring class
Can I photocopy your notes?
My notes are very messy
What about Alice?
I left them at home
Isn't this your notebook?
I can't chat anymore
I got to go, bye
Work hard, guys
You can borrow my notes
Thank you
That's all for today
Goodbye class
Goodbye Miss Wong
See you later