Distorted (2018) Movie Script

[distorted sounds and music]
[water running]
[breathing hard]
[pills jangle]
[water running]
[tap squeaks, water stops]
[door squeaks]
[breathing heavily]
Russel, there's someone
in here!
Honey, what's wrong?
What's wrong? What is it?
There was someone here.
I got you.
I got you. You're safe.
There's no one in here, Lauren.
I got you.
We gotta get out of here.
I just want you to feel safe.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
[Russel] Wow, look at
this place.
Lauren. Russel.
I'm Lance, sales agent.
Welcome to twenty-first
century living.
I'll like you to meet out
head concierge, Dominique.
- And our service engineer, Ryan.
- A pleasure.
I hope you'll be joining us.
[Lance] Right, if you'd like
to follow me this way.
We have seven different scents
pumped into the lobby
and elevator.
We've recruited an acclaimed
interior designer,
lighting specialist,
acoustical scientist,
even a feng shui expert, to help
us create the ultimate comfort
and tranquility.
Now, our amenities include a
state-of-the-art fitness center,
outdoor pool, games room, 20
seat multimedia screening room.
All suites have access to
our 24-hour surveillance
of all key venues.
- [beep]
- Okay. Please follow me.
Wireless lighting, QED window
shades with sun control fabric,
and a fully integrated
cabling package.
Why don't you take your time?
Feel free to have a look around.
Go upstairs.
What do you think?
I think, uh,
no one deserves to
live this well.
70-hour work weeks, three years
without a vacation.
We had two priorities:
security and serenity.
And unless you wanna move into
Fort Knox, we're not gonna get
more secure than this.
And as for serenity...
I think living outside of the
city would be great for us.
You know?
Whatever you decide.
[switch clicks]
[water running]
[dripping, static]
Let's do this.
This is gonna be so good
for both of us.
It's, uh...
it's, uh, big, gorgeous,
modern, safe.
An embarrassment of riches,
[Beatrice] And yet?
I don't know, I'm just...
I-I'm still so scared.
Scared to, uh, you know, to,
uh, join the world again.
Scared to pick up a paint brush.
That blank canvas.
But, um...
I think I'm mostly scared
because I know that if I don't
stop being scared I'm just
gonna lose everything.
Still working out the kinks.
You look beautiful.
If you get uncomfortable,
if this is a crushing bore,
we're an elevator ride
away from home.
- I know.
- Okay.
- I'll get my jacket.
- Okay.
[light clicks]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, sweetheart.
- I'm Margo.
- Hi, Margo. Russel.
- Scott's wife.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
- I'm Lauren.
- Hi Lauren.
Come on, let's ditch
the excess baggage.
Phillip Starks, 120.
Inherited his father's
Fortune 500 marketing
and advertising agency.
Brilliant. And about as close
to the ideal neighbor
as you can possibly ever find.
[glasses clink]
Gwendolyn Serota-Talal.
Married to a Saudi kazillionaire
who's never around,
leaving her with
far too much time
on her criminally
unflawed hands.
Tim Hoyle.
Something to do with geoscience.
Single, bit peculiar,
but perfectly harmless.
Don't you stray far.
[woman humming
"Beautiful Dreamer"]
Well, I believe we have
two things in common.
- May I?
- Oh, please.
So word around the building
is you're a painter.
I am.
While I've never advanced beyond
the stick figure stage myself,
I do have an enthusiasm
for impressionism,
and expressionism.
And the second thing?
Well, we both harbor a keen
aversion to cocktail parties.
Not to fret, the signs
are undetectable
to your regulation "cocktalian."
But as a charter member of
the save-me-from-idle-chatter
alliance, I've developed a nose.
Well, to kindred neighbors.
To kindred neighbors.
[glasses clink] -Cheers.
- Cheers.
[door rattles]
Someone's in here.
I had a bad dream.
- What are you doing down here?
- I had a bad dream.
Oh, let's get you back upstairs.
You can tell me and
your mommy all about it.
So you and Margo seemed to get
along like a house on fire.
She's, um, refreshing.
What, like a line of coke
on a Tuesday?
Did you know they
have a daughter?
Scott couldn't stop
gushing about her.
I'm just gonna go get some
water. Do you want some?
[water pouring]
[water fountain gurgling]
[exercise machine whirring]
[man humming
"Beautiful Dreamer"]
[humming echoes and fades]
[shower running]
[dripping, static]
[snaps case closed]
[hissing from speaker]
[hissing gets louder]
[steam hissing]
[indistinct chatter]
[birds twittering]
[fountain gurgling]
[door closes]
[key beeps]
[male newscaster] Fighting broke
out the other night between...
[Russel] So I got approval on
the delisting, so we should
be able to file notification
for removal Thursday.
I seem to remember you saying
something about scaling back
on work once everything
was settled.
Gotcha. Phone down.
[newscaster] Initial reports claim
Israeli jet fighters bombed the guerila
base, killing at least 49
soldiers and 13 civilians.
A word just flashed
across the screen.
[yelling on TV]
What word?
I don't know, it was too fast.
But I swear, a word just flashed
across the television screen.
I'm-I'm not disputing you.
It's just it's satellite TV.
If it happens again I'll call
Ryan. He'll fix it. Okay?
[girl whispers] Mommy.
[hissing intensifies]
[light switch clicks]
[Lauren gasps, breathing heavy]
Lauren? Hey!
- Jesus!
- What?
- It's one of the residents.
- What?
Look. Look.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
He was right here.
Hey, hey.
Remember what Beatrice said.
That change can be a trigger...
This is not in my head,
he was right here.
Baby. It's just gonna take time.
If it happens again,
call me right away.
We'll, uh, see if we
can't pinpoint it.
I appreciate it.
Otherwise, you're
settling in okay?
Yeah. Yeah, we, uh...
we are.
- [phone rings]
- Thanks.
[Margo] Hey, just wondering
if you had lunch plans.
I don't.
Meditative was too slow.
Bikram's too hot.
Kundalini too esoteric.
Then I found this off-the-wall
Ashtanga studio
down on Brookline.
I've been attending
faithfully every since.
Well, looks like
it agrees with you.
Aw, this is truly the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.
Let me ask you.
Have you noticed anything, uh,
unusual about your apartment?
I just, I keep hearing this
strange hissing sound,
like something's been left on.
Hm. Well, we've had problems
with the floor heating
in our en suite,
and our terrace lights seem to
have a mind of their own,
but no hissing.
I guess even Shangri-La
has its share of gremlins.
[inaudible whispering]
["Beautiful Dreamer"
music plays]
[inaudible whispering]
[thunder, static, hissing]
[baby cries]
[static, crackling]
[hissing, crying, static]
[high-pitched tone]
[gasps, exhales]
[keyboard clicking]
Wasn't there music
on in the party?
It's probably just on rotation
in the building's PA system.
No, I checked.
"Beautiful Dreamer" is not
on their playlist.
And either way that wouldn't
explain the electronic hiss,
the voices, the images.
So, what are you trying to say?
I know how this is gonna sound,
but what if someone is using
this building as, um,
kind of an experiment?
The Pinnacle is owned by a man
named Henning Dallquist.
He has extensive holdings in...
I wish you wouldn't look
at me like that.
With respect to subliminal
imagery, Vicary was interesting.
He had been using a high-speed
projector to flash the slogans
"drink Coke" and "eat popcorn"
at one three-thousandths
of a second, at five
second intervals.
Now, according to Mr. Vicary,
popcorn sales went up about
60% and Coke sales about 20%.
So it's been proven effective?
Well, that particular study was
never subjected to a, um,
proper scientific review,
and from what I gather,
the evidence of success has
been greatly exaggerated.
Makes for good copy
more than anything.
Did your father ever use
subliminal advertising
in any of his early campaigns?
From what I understand, a few
of his competitors did test
the waters, but the FCC
quickly stepped in.
Ruling due process contrary
to public interest,
effectively outlawing it.
- And that law's enforced?
- As far as I understand.
Although, as urban myth would
have it, you still have your
odd department store slipping
anti-theft warning through their
muzak systems, or a heavy metal
band masking satanic messages.
And of course, nowadays,
with your buzz agents,
product feeders,
viral marketers,
everyone plugged in 24/7,
the Federal Communications
Commission need hardly
have bothered.
Now, may I ask, what is
your interest in all this?
Oh, I'm not really
that interested.
I just, I met someone recently
who was talking about it,
and I know your father was
in advertising, so.
[fountain gurgling]
What're you doing out here?
I was just thinking
about our third date.
We were watching
Cirque du Soleil.
That trapeze artist was doing
some death defying stunt.
You reached out for my hand
and you squeezed it.
I just remember wishing
I could always be there,
holding your hand through
the scary parts.
[Beatrice] If we don't get results
within four to six weeks,
I like to try upping the dosage.
In the interim...
Plenty of rest, exercise,
no additional stress.
I know.
I checked out an adoption
agency the other day.
Talk about jumping the gun, huh?
Lauren, this is a minor setback.
[pills rattle]
["Beautiful Dreamer" music
playing in distance]
[music gets louder]
[loud static]
[loud, distorted sounds, static]
[sounds intensify]
[high-pitched tone]
[sound stops, Lauren gasps]
[breathing hard]
[pills rattle]
[pills scatter]
[keyboard clicking]
[elevator dings]
[door closes]
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't...
I didn't hear you.
The hallways are designed
to reduce sound.
Tim Hoyle.
I'm Lauren Curran.
I'm not one of them.
Excuse me?
[door closes]
[Margo] As I see you've fallen sway
to Phillip's irresistible charms.
Have you seen him
the past couple days?
I actually haven't.
[Ali whispering]
You can ask Lauren
yourself, you know.
Ali was wondering if you'd
like to come swimming with us.
- Remember to kick your feet.
- I will.
Good girl.
[distorted static]
[sputters, coughs]
[distorted static]
- Lauren, help her!
- [Ali sputtering]
It's okay, sweetheart.
It's okay.
[Ali coughs]
It's okay.
Have you heard of, uh...
pulsed electromagnetic fields,
or, uh, covert hypnosis?
[drops cutlery]
Let me ask you this.
Why, why you? Why can't I hear
any of these sounds?
Why can't I see any
of these images?
I think it has something
to do with my medication.
I think it acts as
some sort of buffer.
Or it could be the manic
depression itself.
I'm wired differently than you.
Are you feeling all right?
Yeah, I'm feeling fine.
Maybe we should go see
Beatrice in the morning.
I don't need to see Beatrice.
I need you to listen to me.
I am listening to you,
Lauren, I am.
Conspiracy theories,
delusions of persecution,
messages being sent
through the TV.
[bangs table]
Lauren can't you see? It's
happening all over again.
[distorted static]
[elevator dings]
[car alarm honking]
[Lauren sobbing]
You're still grieving,
and you're still healing.
It all takes time.
Often a lot more
time than we'd like.
[keyboard clicking]
[phone rings]
[man] Why me?
Your posts are smart,
well referenced, and, uh,
I don't have anyone else.
I'm sending you encrypted
documents, read them.
Password is your
favorite coffee shop.
[coin clinks]
[man] Phone.
- Is it off?
- Yeah.
Close the door.
I'll give you two minutes.
Okay, uh.
The information you sent me,
I get it.
The CIA caught up in
a mind control arms race
with the Russians
and the Chinese.
But, uh, what does that...
well, isn't that ancient
Well, it's by definition
an idea ahead of its time.
The digital technologies
advance, so theory and practice
finally and tragically meet.
What are you experiencing?
Coercive flash images, I think,
and, uh, some kind of
binaural sounds.
- I'll send you more documents.
- Okay.
You're not paranoid.
[inhales sharply]
Oh, God!
- Okay.
- Thank you, sir.
So apparently he had a
history of mental illness.
We have to get out
of here, Russel.
He wasn't well.
There's nothing more
to it than that.
[camera clicks]
[keyboard clicking]
[distorted static]
I'd say earlier is better.
Not very many people
around that time of day.
I just wouldn't want
anyone to get hurt.
[Lauren] Who you talking to?
I thought I heard you
talking to someone.
No, I wasn't talking
to anyone, Lauren.
I just couldn't sleep and, uh...
it beats warm milk.
[ice clinks]
You sure you don't
want me to stay home?
No. I'll be fine.
Just call me if you
need to talk, okay?
I love you.
[door closes]
[breathing heavily]
[steam hissing]
Did you get the files I sent?
837 Audio Jammer.
Who are you?
Nobody. Hacker, journalist.
I spend my time writing a book
about all this dark tech shit.
I'd stop taking the
Quintinal if I were you.
I noticed you order
your pharm online.
I generally advise against that.
What else do you know about me?
My theory is your condition has
you operating on a frequency
outside the range of their tech.
You're like an outlier,
a black swan.
The catch-22, too little meds
your condition takes over,
too much, they do.
I haven't been taking them.
That's one for the win column.
Disconnect your wifi.
You watch procedurals?
Common motif, everything is
conjecture or hearsay
or straight-up paranoia, until
you get physical evidence.
- This is The Pinnacle?
- Uh huh.
One of those files has
all the lock codes.
The new tech has
revolutionized the world.
Everything's moving
at quantum speeds.
Politics, commerce, and
coordinated criminal activity.
You can walk into any coffee
shop in the civilized world
and you can see our virtual
consumption has us ripe
for a psychotronic takeover.
So it's not that much of a
stretch to think of competing
multinationals putting up
smart buildings
in Tokyo, London, Chicago.
There's a whole world of
wealthy, cybernated marionettes
just waiting for their
strings to get pulled.
It's happening,
and I think you can help me
prove it.
- Hi.
- How did you get through the gate?
Just walked through, it was
open. 720, Nancy Hiemer?
I'm afraid we don't have
a resident by that name.
I'm sorry, you don't
have a unit 720?
- There is a 720.
- Does Nancy Hiemer live there?
I'm not at liberty to...
The point being, we don't have
- a Nancy Hiemer living here.
- You don't?
I'm gonna ask you to leave.
- This is The Pinnacle?
- Or I will call security.
Relax, I'm just trying
to deliver a package.
You should get that gate
checked. I walked right in.
[keyboard clicking]
[keyboard clicking]
[closes panel]
[camera clicks]
[man] Well, it does look like
military grade hardware.
I forgot the brand name,
but I'll look into it.
I'll have a guy I know
check into this Henning
Dallquist character,
see what I can dig up.
You all right?
[door bangs]
Hey. When did you get in?
So who's in 410?
[man] Excuse me.
That suite's vacant.
[elevator dings]
Like I said, it's empty.
[Lance] Our amenities include a
state-of-the-art fitness center,
outdoor pool, games room, 20
seat multimedia screening room.
[man] It's a new generation of
single mode fibre optic.
What's it used for?
It's not our smoking gun,
if that's what you're asking.
What about Henning Dallquist?
I gotta go, I'll call you back.
[woman humming
"Beautiful Dreamer"]
[phone rings]
I wanna meet somewhere else.
- [Lauren] Why?
- I'm being followed.
[man] Henning Dallquist isn't
calling the shots.
[Lauren] Then who is?
I don't know.
What is this?
- You should get out, Lauren.
- What?
Get out. Run. Go.
- I can't.
- I understand how you feel.
I've been down this
road myself, you know.
I don't know you. I don't even
know your name.
I'm supposed to listen to you?
You could be one of them.
You found me. I didn't find you.
At the end of the day,
there's a part of you
that can't be touched.
You gotta listen to
that part of yourself.
- Who do you trust?
- Wait.
- Get out.
- Wait!
[door opens, closes]
Lauren. I need to ask you
to sit down.
What's going on?
Well, Russel thinks you
should be hospitalized again.
This is about your son, Lauren.
This is memories and emotions
that have been festering
in some dark corner of your
subconscious for so long
that they've mutated into
something else altogether.
- Lauren.
- Stay away from me.
I miss him too, Lauren.
You just gotta let him go.
I don't know what to do anymore.
[door slams]
That's the catch-22.
Too little meds and your
condition takes over.
Too much...
In the morning.
I'll pack tonight and you can
take me back in the morning.
[pills rattle]
[water running]
[turns water off]
Sure I can't get you anything?
I'm fine.
All right, I'll just
be at the gym.
[distorted static]
[breathing heavily]
[text message buzzes]
June 2nd, 9 a.m.
[text message buzzes]
[elevator music playing]
- [elevator clunks]
- [gasps]
[music stops]
Hey, can anyone hear me in here?
[static, loud beeping]
[static intensifies]
[elevator music resumes]
[elevator dings]
[high-pitched tone]
[distorted static,
tone continues]
- [tone continues throughout]
- [breathing hard]
[phone rings]
[glass shatters]
[gasps, screams]
["Beautiful Dreamer" plays]
- Come here!
- No! No, no!
[heartbeat pounding]
[bolts jangling]
[loud distorted static]
Kill her.
[baby cries]
[static continues throughout]
[multiple voices] - Obey. Obey.
- Kill, kill.
- Kill the child.
- Kill the child.
- Murder.
- Murder the child.
Kill. Murder. Obey.
- Obey. Obey.
- Kill. Murder.
Obey. Murder. Kill.
The child.
Murder the child.
Kill the child.
[banging, screen shatters]
[static stops]
I'll get you outta here.
You're gonna be all right.
Come on.
[Lauren] They're trying to get me
to kill Ali at the playground.
She's a three-year-old.
Then they'll prove that they
can get anyone to do anything.
My car's on the south
side of the street.
The safety's off.
I'm not leaving you.
That's a three-year-old girl
you're talking about, right?
[man] Lauren!
My name's Vernon, by the way.
[sing-song voice] Lauren!
911, what's your emergency?
He's in the stairwell.
I told you my name already.
I don't...
Listen. Listen! You're not
listening to me!
Damn it.
[children playing]
You're Ephrina, right?
Ali's in danger.
Stay back.
Stop! This woman, she's crazy!
- Stop!
- Lauren, I'm here to help you.
Stop! Stay away from me.
Stay away.
Get in the car, sweetie.
Get down, get down so
no one can see you.
Lauren, I'm trying to help you.
- Stay back.
- You were right.
Everything you were trying
to say this whole time,
every word of it is true.
- No, I will shoot you Russel.
- It's a spy cam.
I was trying to prove
that it was all in your head,
so I hid it in the office,
I saw what they did to you.
I saw you strapped to that
chair, and the images
and the sounds they were trying
to pummel you with.
Lauren. Lauren. They almost
got to me, okay?
Now I'm here for you.
[people screaming]
Stay away.
[distorted static]
[multiple voices]
- Mommy. Mommy.
- Kill. Murder. Kill.
- Kill the child.
- Kill the child. Ali.
- Kill. Murder the child.
- Ali, Ali.
- Kill the child.
[tires screeching,
truck horn blaring]
[tires screech]
[breathing hard]
Kill her!
Kill her!
[birds twittering]
[intermittent static]
We're safe now.
Wait right here for me.
[distorted static]
Are you frightened, honey?
I know this must seem really
scary and hard to understand.
But I promise,
it's almost over now.
Okay? Okay.
Can you lay down here for me?
[distorted static]
[various voices] - Mommy. Mommy.
- Murder. Kill.
Mommy, please kill her.
[baby cries]
[phone ringing,
sirens wailing]
[car door closes]
[Phillip] Hello, Lauren.
[Lauren] Phillip.
Care to put down your bag?
Any complications?
Lauren, you are fully
aware of what you've done?
I am.
How you feel about that?
I feel contented.
Hm, why is that?
I've done exactly
what was asked of me.
You do understand that, when
everything is brought to light,
you'll be charged with
first degree murder.
Does this concern you?
I've done exactly
what was asked of me.
You cannot begin to fathom the
extraordinary contribution
you have made here today.
the battle for the mind.
It's the new arms race.
The holy grail of
global sovereignty.
And with your help,
we've just managed to leave
our competitors
in the proverbial dust.
As with any war,
victory can only be achieved
with certain sacrifices.
And history will bear out
that none of this,
none of this has been
done in vain.
[apples thudding]
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
I had a bad dream.
Everyone plugged in 24/7.
Long psychotic episode.
Who do you trust?
Lauren, I'm trying to help you.
Who do you trust?
Just let them know, she's safe.
Evidence of success has
been greatly exaggerated.
What the fuck is this?
[sirens approaching]
[sirens blaring]
[birds chirping]
I can't get this
damn thing to work.
[static on baby monitor]
That might be a good thing.
[sighs] We're all safe now.
["Beautiful Dreamer" playing]