District C-11 (2017) Movie Script

My name is Grey Gideon.
District C-11.
Night division.
I'm about to tell you a story.
A story about how the
world is going to shit.
A story where the bad guys win.
In the not too distant future,
governments created false
wars over religion and land.
The wars started protests,
the protests turned
into looting sprees
which enacted Marshal Law.
The military flexed their
muscles with tanks, jets,
and helicopters, all paid
for by civilian tax payers.
Ain't that a bitch?
And the chaos
changed everyday life
for those people
as they know it.
Some resisted, and those
who did disappeared.
The U.S. was
relatively unaffected
until police killings
became too much
for the public to bear.
The people fought back.
There was nothing for us to
do except maintain order.
Most of this was
going on in the West,
we were fine in Boston.
Until someone killed the mayor.
Until someone killed...
My father.
It's been too
long since we've had
a night with just the two of us.
Even longer since
you've cooked for me.
Grey's gone all weekend and...
We could always skip dinner.
I'm up for that.
Who can that be?
Wait a minute, will ya?
God damn it, give me a second.
Mayor, Mayor!
Mayor, Mayor.
You scared yet?
You should be.
Well, here we are.
Good guy, bad guy.
Same old story.
Except I think the
ending doesn't look
so promising this time.
For you.
You should be proud.
He's a good man
who never, never, never
stops chasing the bad guys.
Never could just leave us alone.
Problem here, is that
your "war on drugs",
whoa, it is causing
me a headache.
And you know what else?
You're costing me
a lot of money.
Headache, money, headache,
money, headache, money.
You gotta ask yourself
a question, you know?
Is it worth it?
You know what I'm talking about?
Good man...
Don't you hurt her.
Oh relax.
I want to know if this
notion you have of justice,
which I don't even fucking
know what that means,
but this notion of
justice that you have,
is it worth it?
Kill him.
Kill him!
Is it worth your life...
Or maybe your family's life?
Is it worth her life?
I got an idea.
Good guy, bad guy.
I got an idea.
You have...
A single shot.
One round, one round.
You think you got all
the fucking answers?
One round, you decide
who lives and who dies.
Look it...
are you doing this?
So you can be the bad guy!
That's why.
You decide who
lives and who dies.
This one...
God, I would love
to shut her up.
Oh okay.
You will.
Take my life.
Take my life, take my life!
You better...
Take, take my life!
Take his...
Take his, his wife!
His wife he said!
Take his wife!
Fuck you!
Hit it
Trenton, hit it Trenton.
What the fuck?
Hit it
Trenton, hit it Trenton,
hit it Trenton, hit it Trenton.
Aw, look at that.
I'm getting tired
of making other men
look bad, Rogers.
That's hard work baby,
that's all that is.
Hard work.
Try that shit again.
ball baby, let's go.
his cookies, Rogers!
I got
him, I got him.
Hell yeah!
Basketball's a
man's sport, Trenton.
And maybe you shouldn't play.
Maybe I should stop playing
to kick your fucking ass.
it's just a game guys.
Let's do that you...
I'm tired of
this bullshit with you man!
That ain't
worth it, relax.
shot, I woulda pump faked.
I don't wanna hear that, man.
Where the hell was your ass
when I was getting
tackled in mid-air?
I knew you could take him.
Besides, you can't
have me drop everything
come running over.
Thanks a lot, partner.
No problem.
That's why I'm here.
I heard there's a new
position opening up.
Commissioner's leaving
town, headed up to New York.
Rumor has it your name's
in the running for the gig.
Is that right?
Yeah it's right.
I mean come on, brother.
There's no way
I want that job.
And trust me partner, you
don't want that job either.
So what, you're gonna
let Rogers have it?
You've naive, anyone
ever tell you that?
Rogers already has the job.
He's got the right friends
in the right places.
People like me and you...
We don't even get that nod.
And what's people
like me and you?
The good guys.
You know, I bet
he's the one behind
all the evidence going
missing from the locker room.
Who else but him?
And he's gonna get
away with it too.
He already has.
All right, everybody.
Settle in.
All right.
Look around, officers.
This is a special group of
men and women we have here.
We have a brand new
division of special agents,
specifically hand selected by me
to patrol Boston once it's dark.
A task that is not
to be taken lightly.
Our precinct loses the
most officers in the state,
and the number rises
every damn year!
These people...
Our people need a savior.
That's exactly what C-11 is.
Bring in the gear.
Knock it off, shut the hell up!
This isn't funny.
This isn't a game.
This gear is not for your
amusement, it's for your life,
it's for your survival.
This is military grade.
High tech combatant eye wear.
It's equipped with facial
recognition software
embedded to catch
wanted criminals
already in our system.
It also has night vision
and can detect body heat.
Flak jackets...
With extra armor.
Not only bulletproof,
but designed with more
pockets to allow more room
for ammunition and artillery.
This will definitely
save your life.
GPS voice communicator.
An instant communication
with anyone on the force
within a 24 mile radius.
Ladies and gentlemen...
We have all we
need to go to war.
And win.
We are the night watch,
we are the guardians
of the night.
That dude watches
way too much TV.
Why are you
always the loudest?
And the sweatiest.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
What's all this hostility, man?
Can't a brother live?
Harry, shut your
fat ass up man.
Hey Courtney, you look a
little lonely over there.
You want some company tonight?
I'd rather fuck
fatass over there.
Cold as ice.
Hey, listen up.
Eddie, my office, ten minutes.
Trenton, 20.
Somebody's in trouble.
What the hell's
that all about?
I hear the chief brought
in some heavy hitters
from internal affairs.
A hundred and fifty thousand
just vanished overnight.
We don't need
an investigation,
all they gotta do is
look in Rogers desk.
Yo Trent.
Break into that bitch, let's
see what's really in there!
You see, that's the
shit I'm talking about.
Why I gotta go
check the man's desk?
Cause I'm black?
Dude, I'm black too!
So then you take
your ass and go do it!
All right guys,
enjoy the night off.
We're gonna get moving, big boy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Be careful out there
huh, it's dangerous.
Save it, loverboy.
This is not my first rodeo.
Get your shit
together, we gotta go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think
she gets it from her Aunt...
Oh, look.
How are you?
Fantastic, I am so proud.
I know, she did a great job.
Oh yes.
How you doing man?
Good man, how are you?
Not bad, ain't
seen you in a minute.
I know man, it's been a
while, it's good to see you.
You're looking good.
Thank you brother,
you as well.
How you doing buddy?
Hey second son.
Hey Isabella.
How you doing?
I'm doing good.
How's Dash?
He's doing good.
Still a cute little kitty?
Running around all
over the place?
Yeah, how's Zeke?
Zeke's doing good.
He likes to run too.
That's what dogs do.
That's what dogs do.
Is Dash really fast,
can you catch him?
Yeah, no.
Isabella, get over here.
See you later.
Guess who?
Whoa, I hope it's
someone who knows
not to sneak up on
a dangerous man.
Grey, you're not dangerous,
you're just about as dangerous
as that stupid goldfish you
got me when I turned 16.
Again with the goldfish.
Again with the goldfish,
you're never gonna
live that down,
it was the worst gift
anyone has ever given to me.
No, no, no, I
can't accept that,
there's no way it's the worst,
what about the comic
books I got you
the last year for Christmas?
Right, the comic books
mixed in with the
porno magazines,
that was really fantastic.
Still not as bad
as the goldfish.
Congratulations, Farrah.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I forgot I bought
the two together.
Oh, well...
You still got 'em?
Are you serious?
Really, Grey?
Oh come on, we'll
get you a girlfriend.
So many nice girls here.
You don't need to, no, no, no,
you don't need to
find me a girlfriend.
But if you really wanna help,
you know what you can do?
Find me a beer.
It's not a joke.
Here come on,
come meet Patrick.
What, what?
Let's go meet Patrick.
Yeah, he really
wants you guys to like him.
Come on, come on, for me.
Fine, fine.
For me,
thank you, thank you.
Thank you all for coming.
I started this journey
into law school because...
I was tired.
I was tired of walking
down the street
and worrying about
what dangers await me
when I got home.
I was tired of turning on the TV
and seeing a criminal that
deserves to be locked up
get set free because
of a fucked up system.
Watch your mouth.
Sorry kids.
Well, she's going out
into the real world now.
This is when you really
gotta start worrying.
She's got a good
head on her shoulders,
it's what scares me the most.
If there's one person I
want on my team, it's her.
I think she's really
gonna make a difference.
She already has.
Just want her to be safe.
Trenton, you know there's
nowhere safe in Boston.
The night brings
out all the demons.
My brother Trenton.
He is a cop.
And he and his partner
risk their lives
every day so we can
have moments like this.
So we can live our lives, right?
They work so hard to bring
in a criminal and book him,
and then have him just leave?
And that's not fair, right?
That's not right.
It's not the way it should be,
and I'm not going
to stand for it.
I don't wanna bring my child
into a world like this.
You bring them in,
and I will make sure
that they stay there.
Congratulations on
both your bits of news.
Thanks mom, thank you.
Okay, so which one's from you?
This one.
Come on, it's the purple one.
Purple one, right?
Oh my goodness, you kept them?
Did you actually
play with these?
I used to love these,
I used to play with
these every day.
And now you can teach
them to somebody new.
Yes, my baby's having a baby.
Your baby's having a what?
You're gonna be an uncle.
You're pregnant?
- Yeah.
- You didn't tell him?
You were supposed to tell him.
I was supposed to?
Yes, you
said you would...
pregnant with his kid?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yes, yes, it's...
What the hell is wrong
with you man, I told you!
Get the hell off of me!
What the hell are you
doing with my sister?
She just graduated law school!
You're gonna knock her up?
Now listen...
I wanted to be the
one to tell you okay,
so if you're gonna
be mad at anyone,
just be mad at me, all right?
But man to man I'm
coming to you now
because I respect you,
I respect your family...
Ms. Higgins, all right, and
I'm gonna marry your sister
and she's gonna
bear my children.
Wait, wait, wait.
Trent, I promise you if
you give him one chance
he is so charming.
I doubt it, Farrah.
You've been dating the dude
for what, three months now?
You barely know him.
I love him.
You love him?
I do.
Farrah, what is it
about this kid, huh?
Is he a basketball player?
He can't be, he's
short as all hell.
What, does he got
money, family got money?
What is it?
No, no.
He is driven.
It's important.
It is important but
I still don't like him.
Look, I need to
ask you a favor.
Trenton, come on.
What is it, Farrah?
Okay, um...
Don't get mad.
What is it, Farrah?
Don't get mad.
Patrick works at
the Mayor's office.
Jesus Christ, Farrah.
He says he's gonna get a new
job but he can't find one
and I feel like he's meeting
a lot of the wrong people.
That man stands
against everything
that we fight for, everything.
You understand that?
I know.
But that's why I gotta
come to you, right?
Just help me out.
Patrick cannot work at the
Mayor's office anymore.
You put yourself in
this predicament, Farrah.
Come on.
You're smarter than that.
I know.
Just help me out, okay?
You know I'd do
anything for you.
You don't have to like him,
just gotta respect him.
Let me know by the
end of the week, okay?
Thank you.
Bring it in.
All right.
Be safe, okay?
I will.
We should probably leave
before you shoot him.
Take it easy, will ya?
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
Mr. Mayor.
Mr. Mayor.
Look, it's already past one
o'clock we're running late,
so we really gotta get going.
Mr. Mayor...
Listen, I don't...
Let's go.
Boss wants
to see you, let's go.
What do you mean?
Fucking Patrick.
Did I not ask you
to keep an eye on the clock?
I tried to tell you...
Did I not ask you to not
let me lose track of time?
What's the matter with you?
Fucking useless worm.
Can I have the jacket please?
Now, let's go!
This kid's unfuckingbelieveable.
Thank you sir, thank you.
Let's go.
Come on, come on.
Jeez Louise.
Can you fucking
step on it please?
You get over in that
lane, all right?
This fucking piece of shit,
could it go any faster?
Got some place to be, man.
It's him, he wants to
know why you're late.
Yeah, fuck him.
All right?
I'm the God damn Mayor right?
Nothing happens until
I get there, right?
Am I right guys?
Damn it, step on it, let's go!
Mayor, what
is Stanton Creed's...
Unemployment rate
has more than doubled
since you took office,
allowing big business
to pay their employees
next to nothing without
answering to anyone.
What is your
administration doing
to remedy this situation?
We have a five point program
that deals with that
issue primarily.
I have always stood behind,
and I will continue to stand
by hard working Bostonians
that have been forced to
accept these unlawful wages
due to the current job market.
Next question?
Mr. Mayor,
Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor?
Are you
aware that Stanton Creed
is linked to multiple
accusations of murder,
hostile intimidation,
blackmail and fraud?
Mr. Mayor,
what is your relationship
with Stanton Creed?
Stanton Creed is
an innocent man.
You guys, your media
syndicates have this evil plan
to tarnish his good name?
I mean, we stand by a
saying here in Boston,
maybe you've heard of it...
Innocent until proven guilty,
and Mr. Creed has never been
found guilty of anything,
he's never even been arrested,
so will you please...
Mr. Mayor...
Mayor has
no further comments.
Only the Mayor.
Just the Mayor.
All right, guys...
Break for lunch, I'll see you
back at the office, all right?
You're late, Mayor.
I'm sorry.
I had a crazy morning, look,
there was terrible traffic...
It takes a while to get across...
Nobody is interested
in your excuses,
cause the fact is
you are late, again.
I'm sorry.
Water under the bridge.
Let's talk business.
Come on, let's talk business.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Nobody told you to sit down.
So you expect me
to just stand here
and watch you eat
while we talk business?
Put your hand on the table.
Come on, Stanton.
Put your hands on the table.
Look, I said I was sorry,
we was caught in traffic man.
I know, I heard you.
Put your hands on the table,
don't make me ask again.
Can't we just talk, let's
have a conversation, all right?
Let's move on with the day.
Come on, can't we...
Put them on the fucking table!
You're fucking wack!
Anybody wanna clean
this fucking blood up?
This place is a fucking mess.
You know what's
amazing, Mr. Mayor...
How different Boston is when
the sun starts to go down.
The air starts to change,
and the smell...
Gradually changes with it.
Blood, Mr. Mayor, blood
has a very unique smell.
That is what Boston
smells like at night.
Blood, and fear.
And that is what
drives them crazy.
The very toxic but
addicting smell
of human blood and fear,
and can you blame them?
Can you?
If your home smells of booze,
and you invite an
alcoholic over,
could you blame them
for craving alcohol?
Boston, Mr. Mayor...
Boston has its share
of wolves, and sheep,
who fall prey.
That's just the
world we live in.
And I love it.
Have a drink, Mayor.
Mon ami.
Oh that's right, I forgot...
What is your problem, Creed?
You know, you are wack.
You are certifiably wack,
you're rambling, I don't
know what you want,
just tell me what you want
from me and let me go.
Oh, don't you fucking
worry, I'll let you go.
I will let you go
when I make my point.
Which is this, Mr. Mayor.
I bought you that
seat in that office,
and I paid for you to keep it.
Don't you forget who
fucking owns you!
God damn it,
what is your problem,
what do you want from me?
I'll tell you what I want.
Creed, just let me go.
Tell me what you
want and let me go.
Shut up and listen!
Are you listening?
I make a fucking
call, you pick it up.
I tell you what
to do, you do it.
There is gonna come
a time, Mr. Mayor,
where I need you
and your position
to make sure that I stay in
my position and trust me,
you do not wanna
make the wrong choice
when that time comes.
I won't, Creed.
But you said it, you need me.
Shut the fuck up!
Enough with you,
it's enough, get out.
Get out!
I don't even
understand why you listen to it,
it's just a dumb song.
catchy as hell, man.
because it's catchy
that doesn't mean it's good.
You know, the songs these
kids come up with nowadays, bro.
The Bootyburg, the Bootyburg
I'll take you to the Bootyburg
Go head, Dispatch.
I hate that place.
It ain't that bad.
- It is that bad.
- It's not that bad.
- It's the Burg.
- It is that bad.
Yeah it's the Burg, it
ain't the Bootyburg.
Dispatch, Trenton here.
Grey and I are on the way over.
It's catchy, I told you.
We're not going
to the Bootyburg.
Hey Dispatch, what was the
name of that location again?
Bad news is close.
They always block our
radio transmissions
when they know we're around.
You all right?
Hey, you all right?
Hey, hey you all right?
You all right?
Die motherfucker!
Come on, come on.
How many are out there?
There's about six of them.
All right, you're
gonna have to cover me.
Cover you?
Yeah, cover me.
Grey, don't be dumb.
We need to wait for backup,
there's too many
of them out there.
I need to get the car.
Grey, fuck you that's
an order, you stay here.
Don't do anything stupid.
Cover me.
Grey, Grey!
Dispatch, Grey!
Welcome to the
party motherfuckers!
Officer under fire in the
corner of Blue and Seaver.
Officer under fire!
Fuck, Grey!
Fucking shit.
I'm ready to party!
Oh, look at you.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
New suit.
Yeah, I just picked
it up today for tonight.
How's Trenton doing?
He's good.
Yeah, no, he's
better, he is better...
Back to his
normal, bossy self.
Oh, classic Trenton.
Classic Trenton.
Look, I know things have
been really stressful lately,
but I want you to know tonight
is just about you and I,
and our future.
All right?
And celebrating
Trenton's recovery.
And we can pick baby names.
So you're gonna make
me cancel this dinner.
Oh, I'm gonna make you cancel
this big fancy dinner that...
Okay, hey, hey shh.
That's not really
something I want overheard.
All right?
I think you're really gonna
like this place, so...
Just wait and see.
All right.
All right, let's go.
Fucking bitch.
Oh yes, fuck me.
Oh, you fucking whore.
Right there!
Oh yeah.
Oh fuck.
God damn it.
Haven't you have your fill?
Have I had my fill?
Um, well, like...
Enough is enough.
No, no, no.
I'm the Mayor!
I'll tell you when
I've had enough.
You see I'm busy here,
don't just fucking come in.
Now good night.
Close the door behind you.
Don't just come in here,
I'm in a meeting, all right?
Good night.
You disgust me.
You're relieved,
good, I disgust you.
Fuck you, cunt.
God damn it.
Can't get any good help.
I can get good help, can't I?
Where's my baby?
I'm right here, baby.
Come back.
Come back to daddy.
Are you serious?
That's like the 20th time
you looked over there.
No it's not.
Yes it is.
Is there another pair of
tits you're looking at?
No, not at all, not at all.
I'm just...
Waiting for my destiny to come
walking through that door.
Your destiny?
This guy we're waiting
for is more important
than your pregnant
soon-to-be wife?
I wouldn't say
all that, but...
Okay, he's here.
What, who's here?
No, no,
no, play it cool,
play it cool, play it cool.
Patrick, that's Stanton Creed.
I know, right?
Patrick, we can't be here.
He steals, he kills people,
fucking gets away with it.
Farrah, calm
down okay, please.
What do
you mean calm down?
Don't ruin this for me.
Ruin this for you?
What do you mean?
Are you serious?
We can't stay here.
Look, if this is the kind of man
that you're trying to impress,
I don't wanna fucking
be here, okay?
We're not
going anywhere, okay?
We're leaving.
No we're not.
on, we're leaving.
I'm not leaving, this
is the only opportunity
that I have.
I'm going, okay?
I'm leaving.
- Farrah, sit...
- Shut up.
Farrah, sit down.
Sit down.
I don't think your lady
friend likes that very much.
Mr. Creed.
I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.
Everything okay?
You don't need to
be concerned about me,
you need to be concerned
about all those dead bodies
you have popping
up around the city.
The balls on this one.
These black ones are fiery,
I like that, like that.
It's a real honor
to finally meet you.
I'm actually the one who
reserved this table for you,
and I picked out
the wine as well.
It's a good year.
It's a good wine.
Thank you.
You work for the Mayor?
Yeah, I do actually.
But honestly, I
gotta tell you...
I would much prefer
to be working for you.
He's not the type of person
who should be idolized.
I'm sorry Farrah, please...
Just keep your
comments to yourself.
It's okay.
I wouldn't wanna work
for the Mayor either.
But the good news is,
the Mayor works for me.
So, so do you.
Excuse me.
Can we get the check please?
The check, two please.
Whenever you get the
chance, thank you.
Thank you so much.
You can leave the check.
You're not gonna
taste your dessert?
Come on, you gotta
try it, right?
I mean I don't know
about you guys,
but it's a shame
to waste, right?
It'll be a shame to
just not taste it,
don't you think?
Don't you think?
Excuse me.
Farrah please, Farrah.
She's fine, just using
the bathroom probably.
Farrah listen, Farrah
just wait, Farrah.
Shut, shut up!
What is your problem?
You don't need to be like
that with me, all right?
You've gotta be
kidding me Patrick,
you are such a fucking joke!
Do you think that man is gonna...
You don't even
understand, okay?
He sees potential in me!
Okay, a man's
gotta make sacrifices
to get what he deserves.
The only thing you...
What's wrong with that?
Is your wedding day!
Get off me!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Baby it's fine, he just
wants to talk to you.
Oh fuck, oh my God.
You look ravishing.
What the hell do
you want from me?
Right to the chase, huh?
Figured you'd like a little
foreplay first but, sure.
Let's get down to business.
need to let me go.
Do you even know
why you're here?
No I don't know.
Farrah, right?
Let me tell you.
Your date...
He wanted something.
Well I saw you,
and I wanted you.
So we struck a deal.
I give him a job...
Men respect him,
even die for him...
And I get you.
For one night, all to myself.
For one night.
Fucking liar.
You're gonna regret that.
I was gonna keep
you all to myself,
but I think I'll let the
boys have a turn now.
Jimmy come on, go get 'em.
Here we come!
We have
a material witness
on an aggravated battery,
with a handgun and they believe
it might be a retaliation
to her testimony.
So what happened again?
She said she wanted a job.
I'd bring her back to my place,
next thing I know she's
making a pass at me.
She starts crying about being
lonely and pressure and...
She jumps.
You lying son of a bitch!
You fucking bastard, you
killed her, you killed her!
Stay back,
we got it from here.
Ask her fiance, he'll tell ya.
What's he talking
about Patrick?
Patrick, what is
he talking about?
I don't know.
What don't you know?
What don't you know, Patrick?
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
What are you sorry about?
What are you sorry
about, Patrick?
Patrick, how did Farrah
get with Stanton Creed?
I didn't mean for
any of this to happen.
What to happen?
Patrick, talk to me right now.
My sister is dead.
I need answers and
I need them now.
How did she end up
with Stanton Creed?
Talk to me you son of a bitch!
How did Farrah get
with Stanton Creed?
I'm sorry!
Randy, Randy is a chemist.
He's also the head
of operations.
I believe Stanton has
one building where he
produces and
distributes everything.
And what's everything?
Coke, weed, meth, you name it.
It's all under one roof.
We get our hands on
Randy, and we kill him.
We take Stanton Creed,
and we kill him.
Grey, we don't kill.
We are not killers.
We make sure
there's no one left,
there'll be no one to
answer for any of this.
We do this the right way,
we bring them in,
they face a judge.
Good chance you're trying
to get me killed, Grey.
Just relax
and act normal.
Don't show that you're afraid.
They sense fear, they'll attack.
What can I get
you guys to drink?
Three tequilas.
You sure this is
the right place?
Yeah, it's the right place.
This is where I met
Randy the first time.
He has a room for
making the drugs,
and he has a room for
selling the drugs.
This fucking guy has got a room
filled with mountains of cash.
At least a half
of million dollars
is counted and
tagged in this room.
Every element of
Creed's operation
is run out of this place.
I'm telling you.
You bring that money
you pigs confiscated
from that drug bust...
I'll give you the address.
How do I know I can trust you?
You need the money, don't you?
skin on the tip, nigger.
We need to talk to Randy.
I don't listen to
no nigger lovers.
Funny guy, huh?
Nigger lovers.
Where the fuck is Randy?
Fuck you.
Fuck me?
Listen, I'm gonna ask
you this one more time,
and I'll do it in
more simple terms
cause I know you hicks
have a little trouble
understanding things sometimes.
So where the fuck is Randy?
It seems you guys found me.
We're not looking
for any trouble, Randy.
We just want the
information you promised us.
Oh, you don't
want any trouble...
But you bring a
nigger into my home.
You want something from me,
but you have nothing
to offer me in return.
I don't think you thought
this through, partner.
You're looking
for a way out Randy,
I'm still the guy that
can get that for you.
I just need an address,
or a name, or something.
I wanted you
dead, but good help
is just so hard to come by.
Now look at my luck,
you two morons come right to me.
Kill him.
Have fun being Stanton
Creed's personal bitch.
I'm no man's bitch.
I do everything on my
terms and my terms alone.
Stanton Creed needs me,
not the other way around.
Grey, let's go!
Not without my gun.
We can't let anyone else
get involved in this,
especially not a whore.
I'm not a whore,
I'm an escort.
You're a whore.
I've been following you.
I've been following
you for a while.
We don't have
time for this shit.
Why were you following me?
Why were you following me?
The girl in the
backseat wanted revenge.
I could relate.
She went on to tell us
about how her sister
was with the Mayor frequently.
She said she got a
call from her sister
the night we got
ambushed in the Burg,
saying how this was her
last time with the Mayor,
with the business,
saying she hated the guy
but he paid top dollar.
I guess he's violent
with his escorts.
But it looks like it was just
her last night all together.
I found her hours
later in that corridor.
Our fates
are predetermined.
I heard about your sister,
and I knew that you
would understand.
You don't anything
about my sister.
Okay listen, I'm sorry
about your sister,
but I'm not the type of guy...
Don't, just don't.
You will help me.
We'll help you.
We will help her.
Because I believe in revenge,
and I believe in evil.
And I see evil in you.
Listen, I didn't tell
them anything, okay?
They came in, they
cleaned house,
but I didn't tell them anything.
You just ran and hid
like a little coward bitch.
So you're telling
me it was just some
tall white dude with long hair,
and a younger black guy,
and that's all you got?
That's all I got.
That's really all we need.
Should I call it in?
Nah, call the boss.
This is getting outta control.
This is not what
we signed up for.
No, this is exactly
what we signed up for.
We are here on this
earth for one reason.
Conquer, greed.
We've got the cops.
We've got the
business leaders...
We've even got the Mayor.
Boston fellas, well
Boston is the center.
It is the center of our empire.
And what you see
before you now...
Well, that is the weapon
that will give us the strength
to make the East our
stomping grounds.
Enough with the
cheap talk, Stanton.
Get to the fucking point.
Don't interrupt me.
I'm not sure why any of you
would jump at the
chance to team up
with this petty crook.
We were doing just fine
before you showed up
shooting up everything.
You know, he's
got a point Creed.
Why the fuck would we want
to partner up with you, huh?
I understand.
Kill him.
Let's try it again.
Maybe less interruptions.
This is Eve.
She's been with Creed
since the beginning.
Her family took him in
after his parents died.
She's been with him
since high school,
and the rest is history.
How long you've been
following her, Grey?
Five months.
She's surrounded by armed guards
and she carries a
pistol in her purse.
You're telling me this
woman has all the intel?
She's the closest
thing he has to family.
First you take the woman,
then you get the intel,
and then you send a message.
Just try not to
think about her.
Eventually all the pain
and the hate will go away.
I don't want the pain
and the hate to go away.
I need it to consume me so
I'd have enough hate
in me to kill a man
and not feel any remorse for it.
That's not the person you are.
Maybe it is, Francheska.
What's up, Grey?
We've got trouble.
Trenton, what the
hell's going on?
Look this is over,
we've gotta go.
Let go of me.
This is not over for me.
We have her right in front
of us, why are we running?
You see those
two men over there?
Those are two of
Stanton Creed's elite.
I don't care.
So we do nothing?
We do nothing.
I did nothing last
time and my sister
lost her life because of it.
We have a deal.
I help you, and you help me.
Hello, how are you?
Good, thank you.
I will do...
Oh, I will do the
"Supreme Queen" package.
Has a nice ring to it.
Yeah, you would click
the most expensive package.
You gonna pay, love?
It's 88 dollars, you're
not serious, are you?
Are you?
Just pay up.
Come on, don't be so cheap.
Yeah, don't be so cheap.
I'm gonna have a seat
in the waiting room.
How you doing?
You come with me.
Come on, come with me.
Don't move!
What are you doing?
What do we do when we find her?
I don't know Trenton,
are you kidding me?
What the hell do you
mean you don't know?
I don't know!
That feels nice.
So last week was my birthday,
and Stanton bought me this pad...
Hands up, hands up,
back up to the wall.
Shut up
and get on the ground.
shut the fuck up.
Do you two idiots know
who the fuck my husband is?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
I will have your head in
a trophy case after this.
Get the fuck off me!
The fuck off me!
All right that was
easy, now what do we do?
where's the back door?
Where is the back door!
Don't tell her shit!
Where is it?
I'll show you, it's
right over there.
Let's go.
Come on, bring her out.
Get the fuck off me!
Shut up!
You shut up, I bet you're
a real professional out here
in the broad daylight.
Aw, shut up!
Get in
the fucking car.
Get in
the car, let's go.
Let's go!
Wait 'til Stanton
hears about this.
Where is my wife?
We don't know.
been looking all day,
and the trail is cold.
Are you crazy?
You just struck
a police officer!
I write the law!
Yeah, fine.
I do what I want.
We have a lead.
Oh, you have a lead?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The two guys who stuck
up Randy's joint.
We think they're involved with
the kidnapping, all right?
cops, who turned vigilantes.
Who, who?
Trenton Higgins, and
Officer Grey Gideon.
Trenton's sister committed
suicide at your place.
Mayor Gideon.
Where are these
guys right now?
We don't know, they're MIA,
they haven't been
to their apartments
or to work for weeks.
What do we do?
We wait.
Tell me what I need to know.
I don't know, I swear.
I don't know anything.
Just tell me where he is.
I don't know.
Tell me where he...
I wouldn't, I wouldn't...
Tell me where Creed is!
You fucking motherfucker!
The mornings
remind me of her.
It's like I can't escape it.
I would've loved
to have met her.
Besides my sister,
I can honestly say
there was no one else
who ever really loved me.
That's not
necessarily a bad thing.
It means less people
to worry about, right?
You can't protect
everyone, Trenton.
When that moment comes,
when that Mayor's standing
right in front of you...
Will you be able to do it?
I've made it
this far on a dream
that I would one day
get my hands on him.
You better believe
I will kill him
the first chance I get.
It will mean
more if you don't.
That's my call!
Why did you
think I could help?
I didn't know anything,
I went with my gut.
There's a kindness in your eyes
that I saw that night.
And I knew you were my guy.
I like the sound of that.
I don't
know, me being your guy.
Is that so?
Are you hitting on me, loverboy?
Francheska if I
was hitting on you...
You'd know it.
Jesus Christ Grey, what
the hell is going on?
Oh, it's in my gun.
Some of us were
trying to get answers
while the others were
trying to get laid.
Get a grip on yourself, Grey.
We don't do this,
this isn't our M.O.
We're the good guys.
Good guys lose.
The bitch speaks.
What'd she say?
She gave me an address.
Good, what was it?
could take you there
and it'd be easy,
but I'm not gonna do that.
Don't you fuck with me.
What are you
gonna do Grey, drown me?
I don't care what you do,
I'm not telling you shit.
Put the fucking gun down.
You want me to tell you?
You get me in the
same room as the Mayor
like you promised.
We do need him
outta the picture.
They all need to die.
So we have a deal?
Not dead.
It'll mean more if we bring
the Mayor in, not kill him.
We put him behind bars.
We're fucked.
What is this?
I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
You left her in
the fucking street?
Left her in the fucking street?
All right,
all right, all right.
Take her home.
Take her home.
Take her...
Take her home.
It's gonna be more...
Well we needed a
true Conservative,
that was the problem.
It wasn't our ideas,
it was you know,
it was that we had this guy
and we tried to make him
into a real conservative,
you think that's a mistake?
That's not where the country is,
that's what Richard was
talking about before
in terms of that's not
how you expand the map,
by going more you know,
cuckoo crazy to the right.
That's not gonna get you there.
equality and social issues like
marriage equality and
reproductive rights,
the Republicans...
ran, obviously it worked.
Mayoral campaigns
as well as city council
offices as well.
Fucking pieces of shit!
That's bullshit.
For me, as a Republican
looking at the
Republican Party...
It was a horrifying
primary process,
the damage the republicans...
Come on!
More than
any negative advertising...
we're gonna get right at it.
There's a lot of good
things going on over here...
You're late!
So we're
gonna hit it hard tomorrow.
What do
you think was the key thing
of being re-elected
for your first time?
Well, I...
You're late, and
you're not who I ordered.
Where's the blonde?
They sent me.
I can leave if
you don't want me.
Jacket off.
Come in.
Turn around.
Mayor, I am your biggest fan.
Oh, are you?
You have no idea how
long I've been waiting
to get the chance to meet you.
How do you do?
Nice to meet you.
How do you like it?
How don't I like it?
I think tonight, let's go...
Let's go a little rough, eh?
You like it rough?
Well I like it kinky.
Oh, you do?
Oh, you kinky little
bitch you huh?
I'm gonna tie you up.
Oh, you're gonna tie me up?
All right.
Tie me up, I think
I'll like that.
I'm down.
This is gonna be fun.
Oh, but now I can't
see you baby...
I can't see your beautiful body.
You mean business.
All right Ms.
Kinky, what you got?
Come on, come on where'd you go?
Let's go, I'm ready
to have some fun.
But I'm along for
the ride, let's go,
where did you go?
Come on, I'm ready
for some fun, where...
What's up?
What are you doing?
Do you know who I am?
You knew my sister.
You knew my sister very well.
I don't know anybody.
I don't know anybody.
Get the knife away from me!
She was young, and
she was beautiful,
and she was everything to me.
Uncuff me.
Her name was Catherine,
you piece of shit!
I have money, you want money?
I don't
want your fucking money!
I have a safe in the
closet, how much money?
I'll set you up for my...
Shut up!
You want money?
I don't want
your fucking money.
I got a
boatload of money,
there's a safe in the closet.
Shut up, don't lie to me.
Don't you dare lie to me!
Look at me, look at me,
look at me, all right?
You're a good lady, you don't
need to do this, all right?
About Catherine, I'm sorry
what happened to Catherine,
I loved her.
Shut up!
I have a
problem, all right?
Shut up!
I need help!
Shut up!
Don't, don't...
Just get me help, okay?
I need help!
Stop it!
Shut up!
No, stop!
Get away from me!
You crazy fucking whore!
This isn't just
for my sister...
This is for Boston.
Don't do it...
Hey baby.
You wanna help a girl out?
Yeah, baby.
You're sure far from the city,
you'll get yourself in
trouble looking that good.
I can handle myself.
Are you gonna help me out
or am I gonna have to
walk home all alone?
We gotta help her now, Grey.
No, we don't.
This isn't a
fucking game, Grey.
This is Francheska
we're talking about.
Not bad.
Now we need to get
rid of the body.
No, that can't be...
What are you doing?
Use your damn head.
Use my head?
He was there the night
my sister was murdered,
I know he had something
to do with it Grey,
I fucking know it!
Calm down.
Calm down?
If there's a chance,
you can take it.
But don't go risking
our lives over it.
Wait for the right moment.
Well when's the
right moment, Grey?
You'll know.
It's when they slip up.
Looks good.
Dude, you're gonna
blow us all up man.
All right, all right.
That's it, mix it up.
Rock and roll.
Make sure these
counts are accurate,
I don't wanna get through
that sad bullshit...
I know.
I already told you the
last time wasn't my fault.
I don't wanna hear
it, just get it done.
You can go ahead and
take a break now.
It means get the
fuck outta here!
Man, fuck this shit.
I'm not letting him get
away from me this time.
Use your damn head.
We have to kill Randy.
Let it go.
What do
you mean let it go?
Let it go!
Grey, you're
talking to a brother
of a murdered sister,
you're gonna tell me let it go?
Farrah was your family too.
They're here.
Right where we want 'em.
You find them, you kill them...
And spread the rest out.
What you
got there, Randy?
Say goodbye.
Wait, wait, wait.
Think Grey, just think
for a minute here.
Come on, buddy.
Look at all this cash
just sittin' here.
Come on buddy, give me help.
You wanna help me, Randy?
No, I wanna help both of us.
Make sure we all get
outta here unnoticed
with all Creed's dirty money.
Hey, you
would betray Stanton.
Let's make a deal,
what do you say?
There's no one out there.
We cleared out the
entire first floor.
It's a trap.
How stupid are you?
Creed wanted you to
come here and find him,
he's ready for you.
Shut up.
I don't believe a
word you're saying.
And I don't have
any reason to lie.
Just hear me about
before it's too late.
You're not gonna
get outta here alive
without my help.
Then you better start talking.
God damn that's good.
Fucking Randy.
"Aw, make sure the money,
make sure the counts are right!"
Fucking asshole.
I know what I'm doing,
I know what I'm doing.
All right, I'm the
fucking man now,
I'm running the show now.
Now it's me, and Stanton...
I'm fucking, I'm Stanton's
left hand man right now.
I fuckin' know what I'm doing.
Where the fuck did they
get their hands on
her God damn it?
It was you!
She was my fucking world,
she was my everything!
You son of a bitch.
Wait, wait, wait.
Shut up!
Stanton just said he
wanted her for one night.
He wasn't supposed to
kill her, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
This room and
others just like it
is filled with enough
cash to start a new life.
This is wrong.
Creed and the Mayor
have been working
this angle for years.
Take it all with you, and
let me walk out of here.
That's all I'm asking you.
I can show you how to get
out without being seen.
I really wish I
could trust you.
He needs help.
It's the only thing
he won't see coming.
What the hell are
you talking about?
He just said he's
waiting for you two.
He's not gonna be
prepared for a small army.
Where do you suppose
we find a small army?
We call the police!
Stanton owns the police.
He doesn't own me.
And if I'm not under his pay,
maybe there are others
who aren't as well.
Spare my life and I'll
get you out of here,
we don't have to be
wishing on some miracle.
What the hell
is wrong with you?
You didn't have to kill him!
He would've betrayed us
the first opportunity he got.
We're not killers, you're
supposed to be the law.
Let's call it in.
Who can hear that?
It's a secure channel
that only District C-11
has access to.
We're trained to keep these
radios on us at all times
in case an emergency
message is sent out.
What does that mean?
You arrogant fuck.
It means that every officer
in the night division
that is and is not
on your payroll
just heard the challenge.
Some people think I
should leave town.
Go on vacation.
Wait for those mall cops
to get killed, or...
Stop fucking everything up.
But those people, they
don't know me very well.
I don't run away from
fights, I win fights.
And then I eat the
hearts of my enemies,
so it's very important that
you guys pay attention.
I pay each and every
one of you very good
to kill anything
that gets in the way,
so listen to this one thing.
They are coming, they
are coming for me,
and they are coming
for all of you,
and they will kill you!
So please, do not
let that happen.
He should be back by now.
This place is a maze,
he'll never find us.
Well I hope he's okay.
Jesus Christ.
I heard you since
the last corner.
Did you kill Patrick?
No, let's keep moving.
We should wait for backup.
No, let's keep moving.
You pigs are really starting
to fucking piss me off!
I don't know, a lot.
Nice toss, Eddie.
We gotta go, man.
We gotta go right now.
Look, we're not going
'til we bring Stanton in.
Hey, we've got strick
orders to extract you
and then get out to the front,
and wait for him with the
SWAT and the military.
You know I'm
not gonna do that.
We can do this ourselves.
Not you.
Look, we have backup now.
No please, I can help.
Francheska, I know you can
but you done enough
already, trust me.
I can't leave you,
I'm not gonna do it.
I need you to go to
Stanton Creed's cashew
and get the money, and
meet us at our spot.
Our spot, I don't understand.
Just think about it.
Look, if Grey and I
aren't back by the time
the sirens go off, get far away.
You're gonna trust
her with my money?
Your money?
I didn't know it was
about the cash, Grey.
We'll give you a distraction
so you can get away.
Come on.
Our spot.
Everybody good?
Grey, Trenton?
Guns down, now!
What the fuck
are you doing, Rogers?
Rogers, what are you doing?
Shut the fuck up!
Put it down, put 'em down!
Put it down, Rogers.
Put the guns down now!
Kick 'em over to me.
Back up.
What the fuck is going on?
Don't ask questions.
You're working with Rogers?
We couldn't do this alone.
This is only gonna
work if you kill Creed.
Don't you worry about that.
You get got, don't even
think about mentioning my name.
I may be a lot of things,
but a rat's not one of them.
Once we get all the cash
from Stanton's operation,
we'll have enough to
start our own empire.
I needed someone I could trust.
Someone who would
take out the boss.
This had nothing to do
about your father, Grey.
Oh it does.
And I'm gonna kill him
and have my revenge.
But I want more than vengeance.
I want everything.
I just had to cut a few
deals to make it happen.
All this effort...
This is how you
want it to be, Grey?
You got me.
You got me Grey, shoot me.
Shoot me!
I'm not gonna shoot you!
You hit like a bitch.
Shut the fuck up!
The son of the
father I murdered.
I should've hunted you down
and killed you a long time ago.
But I suppose the past
catches up with all of us,
sooner or later.
Do you remember, huh?
What it what was like before
it all went to shit, do you?
That's good, you think...
You think I'm afraid of dying?
Here we are.
Good guy and the bad guy.
Same old story, only
this time the ending
doesn't look too
promising for you.
There's no way around it.
You make it quick, or
you can make it painful.
That's up to you.
Let me go!
That's up to you!
No wait Grey, Grey!