Ditch Party (2016) Movie Script

(ominous music)
- [Man] Today is gonna be a good day.
("Mesmerize" by The Last Dance)
Today all my pain will turn into pleasure,
today all my enemies
will know my vengeance,
and today everyone will know my name.
Watch me now watch me closely as high
Whisper and take you deeper and deeper
Into your dream
Into your dreams
Secrets like growls as
they tickle like bread
Closely they whisper beyond these depths
(ominous music)
(metal creaking)
("Like the Gun" by The Perks)
I was called out to get you
Was I wrong not to
let you go on your own
On your own
In my head you were running
holding hands with another
Somewhere with someone
(school bell rings)
I know that you can't hide it
I know that you can't hide it here
Hide it here
I know that I was better
I know that I was better now
Better now right now
- Yo, you boys wanna ride
one of those highs around?
- [All] Yeah.
- All right.
I got that Bruce Banner
number three, 20.35% chaser.
- Damn.
- Oh yeah.
- (clears throat) Good morning, gentlemen.
- Ms. Frazier, perfect timing.
You know, we were just
working on a class project.
Should marijuana be legalized?
What do you think?
- You told me you were gonna give that up.
Focus on your grades this semester.
- Yeah, well, what can I say,
any intents of counseling?
- We've been down that
road, it didn't work.
- Maybe we just didn't try hard enough.
- You're a bright kid.
You could really go places, you know?
- Yeah, well, question
is would you go with me?
- I gotta drop these papers off.
When I get back you better be in class.
- Come on, can we at
least talk about this?
(phone vibrates)
- Generation after generation
after generation.
Time marches on.
Yeah, most scholars they'll
tell you that my generation
was the greatest generation ever.
Hell, we beat the Japs, we beat the Krauts
and them damn commies.
And then we went and built
the greatest country on earth.
Back then, well, high school
was the cultural center
of the community.
These days it's just
another little rest stop
on the way to Loserville.
Back then, yeah, kids actually
listened to their teachers.
Yeah, pay attention.
They wanted to learn,
wanted to be somebody.
Today's generation, oh
yeah, yeah, they just,
oh well, look it here, they
just wanna text and sext.
In the good old days, kids,
they're actually at their desk
before the bell rang,
they had their books open,
they're number two pencils at hand.
Christ, they don't even show up.
Anybody seen rat boy today.
Open your books.
("In Light" by Branden
Daniel and The Chics)
When does the light says (mumbles)
What do you do with
yourself in the morning
Pictures of moments (mumbles)
Thinking of you in
the news where I go then
But don't ask why don't ask why
Something's in your conscious tells you
You don't even know about it
The face of the yellow
skirt comes up a laughter
Somewhere it's in the
moments you have there
Things you try
Things you try
Things you try
In the dark in the dark
(school bell rings)
Sit down.
Bell doesn't excuse you
from class, children, I do.
Oh yeah.
- Okay, what is it?
- I don't like the collar in your shirt.
It's obnoxious.
- You like this last week.
- This shirt is a week old?
Okay, we have to go
shopping this weekend then.
- Yeah, maybe some polos.
I like those.
- Did you gel your hair this morning?
- Yeah, when you said
you like the gel look.
- How many times do we have to keep
having this conversation?
The way you look and carry yourself
is a representation of me.
And I have to be perfect.
- Look around.
It's not like you have any competition.
- Aw, babe.
What is it?
- Nothing.
It's a text message from my tennis coach.
I gotta go.
- Okay, I guess I will meet you
at the back gate after school.
You can drive me home.
- Yeah.
- Hey!
Bye, babe.
- So what are you doing after then?
- I have to go home and pack.
- For what?
- I'm moving, because my mom wants to.
What about you?
- I have a whole bunch of
homework that I have to do
because my teacher's
been on my case about it
for the past couple of days.
And if I don't get to it,
she's gonna tell my parents.
God, is that a zit?
Nice timing right before
the harvest dance.
- That's it, I'm off
Bell Taco for a month.
- Why?
- Look at me, I'm a cow.
- [Girl With Brown Hair] Oh
hey, has anyone asked you yet?
- [Girl With Blonde Hair] Huh?
- [Girl With Brown Hair] The dance?
- [Girl With Blonde Hair]
School dances are for freshmen.
- [Girl With Brown Hair]
That's what I thought.
No one asked you.
- [Girl With Blonde Hair] Shut up.
(indistinct talking)
- All right, guys, listen up.
If you brought it yesterday,
it doesn't matter.
If you guys bring it
tomorrow, it doesn't matter.
What matters is what we do today.
Today is what counts.
Who's gonna win the next game?
- [In unison] We are Falcons!
We are Falcons!
We are Falcons!
- That's right, hit the showers.
- We got this, man.
- We got this.
- Damn right!
- Let me make myself perfectly
clear here, all right?
We need more people on our
decoration committee, all right?
Carving 24 pumpkins by hand,
gold and orange glitter
on a hundred posters and hanging
100 neon orange streamers
all over campus.
I mean, you can't be serious.
This Harvest Festival is
headed for a train wreck.
(phone rings)
All right, guys, there's some business
that I need to take care of.
So can one of you just take over
and talk volunteers, all right?
We need bodies, people.
- Hell yeah.
Man, that's dank.
Oh all right, Hoho's.
Damn, I haven't seen
this since middle school.
Hell yeah.
- [Man] Hey, where are we?
- This is the new annex
that's supposed to be
under construction.
- Oh wow.
Yeah, I knew this was gonna be bogus.
- Hey, guys.
What's up?
- What's up?
- Is this your deal?
- Oh no, if this was me
I wouldn't have done it
in a dump like this.
- All right, well, then which
one of you guys set this up?
- Okay, I tried replying to that message
but it just disappeared.
- There's a headline.
School body president, still
learning how to use Snapchat.
- I'm sorry.
And you are?
- I'm Deborah.
- Oh, how nice for you.
- (laughs) Let's get this party started.
What are you guys doing here?
- Us?
Don't you have a game today?
- I'm always on my game.
So what's this all about?
- No freaking way.
Ditch party with the star quarterback?
Where's the paparazzi, man?
- Wait, I'm sorry.
I'm confused.
Were you the one who sent us the message?
- I'm just an invited guest like you.
- Okay.
- Do you, do you wanna blaze?
- No.
- Blazing at 10 AM?
Wow, this escalated quickly.
- Yeah, I know.
What's a pretty little rich kid like you
doing in a place like this?
- Avoiding stoners.
- Ouch.
- Okay, so what do we need to do?
Just wait around for this guy to show up?
- What makes you think it's a he?
- Yeah, it could be a girl
who knows how to party.
I'd be down for that.
- Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
- Count me in.
- Sweet.
I'm Freddie.
- Yeah, I know who you are.
I saw you cleaning graffiti
off your girlfriend's house.
I guess I'm not the only one
who likes to wear orange.
- Yeah, well, that's the system for you.
First they destroy the artist,
then they enslave your soul.
- I heard about your dad.
How long is he locked up for this time?
- Eternity with a time
off for good behavior.
- Dang, I'm so sorry.
- It's no biggie.
- Yeah, let's see here.
Prom king, star quarterback,
student body president, right?
Okay, now that I understand.
So why were they invited?
- Yeah, I was just starting
to think the same thing.
- Maybe they're secretly cool?
- Really?
I mean just look at her in that dress.
- I know, it's such the wrong color.
- She should throw a helmet
on to put on the field.
We need another dummy to bang on.
- I can't stand stoners.
You know, they think they're
so deep when they're basic.
- Something tells me I
should agree with you.
I don't want you guys talking
like this when I'm not around.
- Dude, look at that uppity bitch.
Who is she kidding?
You know, I'd bet you,
she's never even been
to a Perks concert.
Just another fake.
- Yeah.
What's Mr. Biceps over there?
I mean everybody knows he does 'roids.
- Yeah, and someone needs to
tell pretty boy, he is not hot.
You know what's sad?
Dude, I wanted to be just like
them when I was a freshman.
- Yeah, which makes you
hate yourself even more.
- Okay, that is way too deep for 10 AM.
- [Cherie] Why am I
missing yearbook for this?
- Yeah, you know what,
this sounded kinda cool
at the beginning but now I'm
just kinda feeling like--
- Yeah, this is lame.
Let's bounce.
(gun fires)
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
- Okay, what the hell was that?
- I'm sure it was just
firecrackers or something.
- Yeah?
All right, what's all that screaming then?
- My grandpa's was out of Compton.
I know the difference.
That was gunfire.
(gun fires)
- Holy.
- Oh my God!
- What's going on?
- I'm just gonna go take a look--
- David, what are you doing?
- No, no, no, no.
- I'll be right back.
I'm just gonna go take a peak.
- David, get your ass back in here!
- I'll be right back.
- David!
Damn it!
- Please, man, I didn't know.
I didn't know, I swear.
(gun fires)
- David.
- Dude, what happened?
- I just saw a kid get shot.
- Oh my God.
- Is he dead?
- A shot to the chest, what do you think?
- Who was he?
- I couldn't tell.
- Who shot him?
- I don't know, he's shooting outside,
why don't you go ask him?
- Okay, stop, stop, I'm calling 911.
- Give me a hand, why don't you?
- Yeah.
- You really think that's
gonna make a difference?
- You got a better idea?
- All I'm getting is a fast busy.
- Man, we're screwed.
- Dude, we're screwed if we stay in here.
I say we make a run for it.
- And go where?
He could be right outside this door
and there's no other exit.
- [Lorenzo] Hey, open up!
It's me.
- Who is it?
- Sshh.
- It's Lorenzo.
- Who?
- What?
- Dude, the janitor.
Just let him in.
- Oh thank God.
- What the hell are you guys doing?
I was just at the door, man.
- We thought you were the shooter.
- Man, come on, man.
Lesson one, all right, janitors we knock,
shooters they shoot, all right?
- So what's going on out there?
Should we run?
- No, you shouldn't run, man.
You just stay right here.
How the hell did you guys
even find this place?
That's what I wanna know.
- We all got text messages telling us
to come down here for a party.
- Yeah, yeah, did you send it, Lorenzo?
- Man, do I look like
I party with teenagers?
Do I look like I party with teenagers?
It's probably the dead kid over there
at the end of the stairs.
- Whoa, whoa, what makes you say that?
- Because, man, why else would
he be down here, all right?
Think about that.
Most kids don't even know this room exist.
- So what should we do?
- What you should do now
is just stay right here.
The halls, they're too dangerous.
Just wait up, I'm gonna get something.
- Okay, so what makes you so sure
the shooter doesn't know we're down here?
- I mean, if he knew where
we were we'd already be dead.
- This is perfect right here, man.
This will do, man.
All right, I'll be back.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna out there
and find this nut, man,
before he kills another one of my kids.
- You're gonna take the
shooter on with a crowbar?
- Yeah, man, this a beast.
Relax, I got this homeboy, all right?
- Don't you think you
should stay in here with us
while the cops take care of it out there?
- And what do you think,
how many more kids
are gonna die while we sit here and wait?
Think about that, all right?
Tell you what, man, the best thing to do
is just keep your cellphones
off, keep your voices down.
That's the most important thing.
Is that a Hoho right there?
That's what I'm talking about.
Hell yeah.
All right, you guys be good.
I'm out.
Now, Freddie, I ain't
playing with you, man.
I'm not stupid, all right?
You get rid of those things.
I'm not gonna lose my job over this.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Come on, you got a bright head, man.
I'll be back, relax.
You guys stay put.
- David.
- Lock it up, yeah.
- Whoa, whoa, hey, what are you doing?
- What does it look like I'm doing?
- You heard what he said, no cellphones.
- I have to let my mom
know what's going on.
- And get the rest of us killed?
Give me that.
- No!
- Stop it, both of you.
- I have to hear her voice.
- Look, just, it's gonna
be okay, all right?
We all just need to stay calm.
- Yeah, well, I don't know.
I left my cellphone in my locker.
How many we got?
All right.
- So it makes three.
- All right, hand them over.
- No, I have to call my parents first.
Give me my phone back.
- Stop being so selfish.
- I'm not being selfish.
- Guys, shut up, okay?
Look, Deborah's right.
We all need to call home
one at a time, all right?
We can do it in that room over there.
- Thank you.
- I still say it's a bad idea.
- Okay, let's put it to a vote.
Who would rather not use the cellphones?
All right, and who
would like to call home?
- Great.
- Majority rules.
(ominous music)
- Yeah, there's five of us.
No, we just found our way here.
Mom, it's so good to hear your voice.
The janitor just said to
sit still and be quiet.
No, no, I can't put him on the phone.
Because he left us to try
to go stop the shooter.
I'm really scared, mom, you have no idea.
Will you just do me a
favor and call dad for me,
tell him that I love him?
Because I can't.
We all voted.
No, mom, just, please,
please just do this for me.
I do, his number is,
it's under the pumpkin
magnet on the refrigerator.
And please don't throw it away.
I miss you so much.
I can't wait to see you again.
I love you.
- Lorenzo's back.
- See, I told you there
was someone in here.
- So what do you want, an extra life?
- So who are you guys?
- I'm Commodore, this is Storm.
Oh sweet, looks like we got a party.
- Storm?
- Monikers, Handles.
- A.K.A nicknames.
- So anyways, we were in the computer lab
when this all went down.
- So what are you doing now?
- Isn't it obvious?
- We're busting out the gear
to break into the
campus' security network.
Checking out the cameras.
- You can tap in to the security cameras?
- Hack city, biatch.
- All right, so what's going on upstairs?
- Dude, how'd you guys
even find this place?
- Are you kiddin'?
The server acts with
all the NVRs down here.
- Duh.
Oh, this is gonna take a while.
Hey, pass me a Hoho.
- So you mean to tell me you
guys can hack into the system
and see everything in
the school, every camera?
- Hey, guys.
I have Officer Daniels on the phone.
He said he wants me to
appoint a spokesperson--
- I got it, I got it.
- [Daniels] Who am I speaking to?
- This is Cherie Hashimoto.
I'm the student body
president at the school.
- [Daniels] Student body president?
I need someone to take charge
in there, can I count on you?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- [Daniels] All right.
How many kids do you have in
the room with you right now?
- Five, oh, well, seven now technically.
- [Daniels] Is anyone injured
or in need of medical attention?
- No, no, no, we're all fine.
When are you coming to get us?
- [Daniels] We're working on that.
- Working on it.
Well, why can't you just rush
in here and stop the guy?
- [Daniels] It's really not that simple.
For starters, we think there
may be more than one shooter.
- Oh my God.
- [Daniels] Yes.
And they booby trapped every
exit and entrance point
with pipe bombs.
- So you're telling me
that we're trapped in here
with no way out?
- [Daniels] I believe that
you're in a safe location.
As a matter of fact,
the room that you're in
it doesn't even show up on the blueprints.
Now, you do have access to
food and water, correct?
- Yeah, we have some chips and
things and adult beverages.
- [Daniels] Stay away
from the adult beverages.
I need everyone sober enough
to follow my instruction,
got that?
- Yeah, I got it.
- [Daniels] Perfect.
Now I want you to call me every
30 minutes from that stall
no matter what, is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
- [Daniels] Now listen, my leader,
I want you to shelter in
place, barricade the room,
stay together and keep quiet.
You got all that?
- Yeah, I got it.
- [Daniels] We've got equipment
and plenty of back up on the way,
so everything, everything is gonna be fine
as long as my leader stays cool and calm.
Is that understood?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Daniels] Every 30
minutes, don't forget.
I'm counting on you.
- Okay, so there may be more
than one shooter out there.
- That's not good.
- Hey, did you guys see the guy's face?
- No, but I saw two kids go
down in front of the lockers.
- Okay, everyone just relax, okay?
Officer Daniels told me
that we're safe down here,
all right, if we just stay in
here and be absolutely quiet.
We'll be fine.
- I think we need a
fight plan just in case.
- David, Officer Daniels
specifically say--
- Hey, listen I've not heard what he said
but he's out there and we're in here.
I'm not going out like no punk.
- Yeah, yeah, neither am I.
- Yeah, count me in.
- Same.
- Majority rules.
(ominous music)
- I'm sorry that they had
to cancel the game, coach.
I know how much it meant
to you, to all of us.
Yeah, we're holding up pretty good.
Well, me and Cherie.
She takes of the girl,
I take care of the guys.
Yeah, everything's gonna be fine.
Well, I just thought
I would just check in.
Yeah, well, not exactly my idea
of spending game day either.
So I wanna thank you for
all that you've done.
You know, let me stay with you and all.
You didn't have to do that.
And it's pretty special.
I just wanna let you know.
Well, I tell 'em I need to get off so
take care, coach.
(muffled cry)
- So what are we doing again?
- Okay, this is the plan, all right?
Now when the shooter comes in,
you're gonna hit him over the head
as hard as you can with
those cans, all right?
Now, Freddie, in the meantime,
get ready to smash him with the chair
while the two boys tackle him
and take him for the police.
- Okay, but what if I
miss and he shoots me?
- Well, Deborah, that's why
you're gonna have to like
make sure aim is really
good when you hit him.
- What if he shoots me anyway?
- We'll tackle him.
- Yeah.
- But then I will be dead.
- Okay, okay, so it's not
a perfect plan, all right?
Just go with it.
- You know what, I have a better idea.
How about you hit him with the can
and I just stand here
with a piece of paper.
- I am not gonna be
holding a piece of paper
the entire time, okay?
I'm gonna be hitting him over
the head with this chair too.
- You're gonna hit him with the chair.
- Yeah, why are you saying it like that?
- You're too weak to lift a chair.
- What, just go to your positions, please.
Okay, let's try this out, all right?
Shooter comes in, hit him, all right?
Now, Freddie, all right?
Now, David and Lawrence,
tackle him, right.
And then I hit him on the
head like that, get it?
- This is so lame.
Here, move, here.
That's how you smash a chair.
- You know it was only rehearsal, right?
- Okay, admit it, I am way better
at smashing than you are.
- What, you are so ridiculous.
- Okay, you know what,
let's take it to a vote
since you like to vote so much.
Who here thinks that Cherie
should hit him with the chair?
Now who thinks I should
him with the chair?
- All right, fine, whatever.
Okay, take the chair.
You're right, all right,
you're much, much more
masculine than I am.
- What does that supposed to mean?
- Sweetie, it means
you're strong like a man,
which makes sense 'cause
you look like one.
- You know, if that's the only thing
you can find wrong with
me, I am okay with that.
- Get out of my face!
- Or what?
- Okay, stop, both of you.
- Like seriously, arguing now?
- Just keep her the hell away from me.
- No problem.
I can't stop thinking about that kid
at the bottom of the stairs.
Who was he?
- I had a sick feeling
it's one of my teammates
playing a prank on me.
- No, no, I think it was one of my guys
on the student council,
the one who liked to
plan surprise parties.
- No, you're both wrong.
It had to be one of my guys
filling that bowl with bud.
- I just don't understand.
Who would plan a party in here?
- I wonder what it's like.
- What?
- Getting shot.
- My cousin got shot once,
standing in front of a club.
He said it hurt like hell.
I mean they're trying to
shoot the guy next to him
but those gangbangers
(mumbles) lousy shots.
- I hear the back of the head is painless.
- Chest wounds are the worst.
Your lungs fill up with blood,
so technically you drown.
- Guys, I can't take this anymore.
- Okay, look, nobody is getting shot.
We're all walking out of here together.
- He's right.
We gotta stay positive.
- My money's on Lorenzo.
That shooter doesn't stand a chance.
- That's what I'm talking about.
What's the first thing you're
gonna do when you get home?
- I'm gonna call my dad, see
if he'll fly me out to Chicago.
- I'm gonna hug my mom
and then we're gonna walk
to our favorite caf and
then eat a huge stack
of banana pancakes.
- I think I wanna go visit
my dad in jail, yeah.
Maybe take my grandma out
to a nice fancy dinner.
- Yes, yes.
How about you, Cherie?
What's the first thing you're
gonna do when you get home?
- I'm gonna grab both my
parents and never let them go.
- Pathetic.
- Hey, do you have that IP address?
- No, but I'm getting closer.
I can feel the hair on its ass.
(phone vibrates)
- Hello?
- [Daniels] Hello, Cherie.
Good news.
The cavalry is here.
We have plenty of officers and firepower.
How's your group holding up?
- We're fine.
How much longer is this gonna take?
- [Daniels] We changed
our initial assessment,
we're back down to one shooter.
But he is mobile and
hostile and he's held up
inside of the principal's office.
- All right, okay?
So why don't you just bust
in there and stop him?
- [Daniels] Cherie, Cherie,
because the doors are still booby trapped
with pipe bombs, remember?
Now we do have a bomb
specialist working on it
but I need you to work with me, my leader.
Calm and cool, remember?
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Daniels] You're my leader.
Now there's someone that
needs to speak with you.
Go ahead.
(indistinct talking)
- Daddy?
Daddy, is that really you?
No, no, it's just so nice
to hear your voice again.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Is mom there?
I can't wait for this all to be over
so I can get out of here
and see you both again.
I'm doing good, daddy.
Making you proud of me.
Just keep talking, daddy.
It feels so nice to hear your voice again.
(ominous music)
- Hey, what the hell
is wrong with you, man?
I almost hit you.
- Don't just stand there, damn it.
Help me up.
- Get up.
What the hell are you
doing under there, huh?
- Is he still here?
Is he still out there?
- No, no, no, no.
Let me tell you, man,
this kid ain't messing around, all right?
Just stick with me and
you're gonna be okay.
Let's go, come on.
- You're the goddamn janitor.
Where the hell are the cops?
- Look, man, I gotta save the place, man.
Just stick with me, all right?
Let's go, come on.
Hey, hey, don't even think about it, man.
Hey, it's safer with me, man.
Hey, hey, don't go that way!
It's safer with me, man.
(heavy breathing)
- Rat boy.
(gun fires)
- Yo, quarterback.
How long have you been
doing steroids, man?
- How does it feel to know that your dad
is calling someone else daddy?
- Oh my God, anymore trips to that table,
it's not the shooter we're
gonna have to worry about.
We're all just gonna starve to death.
- She even eats like a man, too.
- Is that supposed to be funny?
You're a douche.
Hey, wanna talk to me like five minutes?
That guy is an asshole.
- It has nothing to do with him.
It has to do with me.
- Talk to me.
- You wouldn't understand.
- I go to the best therapist
in the county twice a week.
I know more than you think I do.
- It's just
I hate myself.
And I don't wanna die hating myself.
- Yeah, well, I know how you feel.
- How could you?
I mean look at you, you're perfect.
Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body.
- It's not even close to true.
My abs could use more definition.
- You have no idea what it's like.
- You only see what's on the outside.
Yeah, the right stylist,
the right hair gel,
the right clothes from the right stores
but you're completely
missing what's on the inside.
I know what it's like to be told
that you're not good enough.
Not good enough in sports,
not good enough in school,
I'm not even good enough to be his son.
- There are worse things than
having a demanding father.
At least you know he cares.
- Come on.
No, your dad cares about you.
- He forgot my birthday again.
What does that tell you?
You know, it hit me out there
that if I don't make it out of here alive
I'm not sure he would come to my funeral.
- No, don't even go there.
- No, maybe he's right.
Maybe he is wasting food on
one giant glob of nothing
that will never amount to anything.
- Don't, don't let him do this to you.
Don't listen to him.
Look, you're gorgeous.
- You know, even if
you are messing with me
I really needed to hear that.
- You have so much to offer.
You're smart, you have beautiful eyes,
beautiful smile.
And look at these nails,
just the perfect manicure
with just the right color.
A girl who takes care of her hand,
it says a lot about her character.
- What do you think about the dress?
- There is a better one at
Nordstrom with your name on it
and when we get out of here,
I will take you there myself to buy it.
- Who knew Mr. Perfect
could be such a nice guy?
And a good kisser.
- When she comes back out
here you better apologize.
- Hey, Storm's not a hater,
he's just running his game.
- I'm in, I'm in!
- That's awesome.
- It looks like the north hallway.
- Right, so that means that one over there
is the south hallway.
- Wait, but whose office is that?
- The principal's.
I've been there a few times.
- Yeah, me too.
- Okay, hold on.
What's wrong with that camera?
- It could be a bad cable
or bandwidth problem.
- Or made in China (laughs).
- Keep working on it.
- You know, for a dork you're
pretty good at this stuff.
- Does that mean you'll
give me another candy bar?
- Sure.
- You know, you got a
good arm for a Mexican.
- I'm from Panama, you moron.
Every time I start to like you
say something to piss me off.
- It's a gift.
(ominous music)
- Meja, yeah, I need you
to do me a favor for me.
Yeah, go into my bedroom
and take that backpack
out of the closet.
Yeah, in the pouch there's
a bag with some money in it.
I want you to take out and
put it aside for the landlord.
Because you're my sister and
I told you to, that's why.
Look, don't be cryin' (mumbles), okay?
I don't need that from you right now.
I need you to be the woman of the house.
Now put grandma on the phone.
(speaking in foreign language)
(ominous music)
- All right, I got something.
- Gotta free the storm, baby.
- 'Cause you don't wanna be
here when the storm is comin'.
- Oh my God.
Does that actually work for you guys?
- Obviously not.
- That's him.
- It looks like he has assault rifle.
- Lorenzo.
- Okay, what's happening?
- Looks like the hunter is now the prey.
- Wait, no, no, what's wrong
with that picture over there?
- Wireless issue.
- Well, get it back, man.
- Do you mind?
- Give him some room.
- What are you looking at, man?
- I had this thing about door
handles ever since childhood.
- Well, we all have our demons.
(with commotion)
- Plumbing, old pipes.
- You okay?
You need help?
(gun fires)
(heavy breathing)
- Did you get it back yet?
- Yeah.
- Lorenzo?
- Hey.
- Oh.
- Oh my God!
- What are we gonna do now?
- Believe in God?
- Yeah.
- Better pray.
- I need a smoke.
- I need a phone to call Officer Daniels.
This one's dead.
- Mine's dead too.
- Same here.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?
Lorenzo is out there, your
friend, is fighting for our life
and you're gonna stand here
in the corner and smoke?
- Look, he's not my friend, okay?
He's another tool in the system.
- You know what, I'm starting to think
that all of this political
stuff is just a front
for you to separate yourself
from the rest of us.
- Political stuff?
Why do I even bother, man.
My mind operates on a
totally different level
from the rest of you.
- We both know what this is about.
This isn't about the rest of
us, this is about your dad.
- And what do you know about it?
- I know Lorenzo's a hero
and you're dad's a junkie.
Always will be.
- Better be glad you're a girl right now.
- Lorenzo is out there fighting for us.
He deserves your respect.
- You're right.
You're right.
- Freddie.
- Freddie.
- Freddie.
No, Freddie, come on, man.
- I need you here.
I can't take him on my own.
We gotta worry about ourselves now.
(ominous music)
- There he is.
- So what do we do now?
- [Daniels] You sit tight.
- You keep saying that.
- [Daniels] I know.
- You keep saying that but
it's easier said than done.
- [Daniels] I know, Cherie.
But I need you to stay calm.
You're my leader.
Look, we're making progress.
We just found out he's holding
hostages in the south hall.
- And how was that progress?
- [Daniels] We're negotiating with him.
And as long as he's talking to me
he doesn't have time to talk to you.
- What does he want?
- [Daniels] He wants pizza.
- What?
- [Daniels] And we just
delivered it to him
in exchange for deactivating a pipe bomb.
So that's good news.
- Wait, you said he had
hostages in the south hall.
- [Daniels] Yeah, and
it won't be long now.
Now remember you're my
leader, right, Cherie?
Cherie, are you there?
- He has hostages pent
up in the south hall,
Officer Daniels just told me.
- Wait, where are you going?
- Well, if he's pent up in the south hall
that means the north hall is clear.
- I'm going home.
Can you please help me with these lockers?
I can't move them by myself.
Can you help me?
- Cherie, wait.
Make sure you call us
as soon as you get out.
- Yeah, I will.
(ominous music)
- I have 'em.
- Come on, Cherie.
Come on, you got it, girl.
- Turn around, Freddie.
Get the hell outta there.
- Oh look, there she goes.
- Oh no.
- I think he just got another hostage.
- Lorenzo.
No, no.
Damn it.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, man.
Damn it!
I'm sorry, dude.
- Hey, Cherie.
See, you didn't follow the rules, so.
- If she could do, we could do it.
- You know, I'm with you, man,
but let's just wait 'till she calls.
Just to be safe.
- Yeah, okay.
- I can't see her.
- Have you looked on that fourth camera?
- Well, it's got its own firewall.
- We'll never get through that.
- Never say never to Storm.
- Yeah, dad, we have
plenty of food and water
so we're all doing fine.
But we have each other and that's really
the most important part.
No, no, I'm not gonna get
a chance to talk to her.
I only get one phone call, so
I thought I'd use it on you.
So how's Chicago?
I really wish I was with you.
I love all those shops on Madison.
Remember last time we tried on
all those old school fedoras
and the Versace shirts
with the diamond cufflinks?
Yeah, yeah, I had a
really good time with you.
Sure as hell beats staring into wall.
If I'm bored I can use
this as an opportunity
to study harder?
Is that supposed to be funny?
Kids are dead in their classrooms,
there's a madman running
around the hallways with a gun
and I expected him to take
a shot at me but not you.
Not you.
No, no, just, you don't have to do that.
Just stay there.
Just stay in Chicago, dad.
No, you know what, you have
your business to take care of
and I'll just be fine on my own.
No, you know what, I
don't even want you here.
Just stay there and you know what,
don't even bother coming back for me.
This conversation's over.
- Open up, guys.
Open this up!
Holy shit!
Got to the end.
- I'm so sorry.
- He was a brave man.
- Where's Cherie?
- She escaped to the north hall.
- No freaking way.
- Yeah, we lost the only
communication to Officer Daniels.
- Yeah, that's ones, that's my bad.
- That's okay, man.
We all make mistakes.
- Here, have a seat, man.
(ominous music)
- Come on, there ain't no
game day today, superstar.
- No.
- I'll quit tomorrow.
- There we go.
- Some ditch party, huh?
If I just turned off my phone this morning
I'd probably be at home
watching all of this on TV.
- I'm supposed to be at the tennis court
practicing my serve.
- Sounded so good.
I got invited to a ditch party.
That must be so cool.
- What makes you guys think
that we would've made it outta here
when all the shooting started?
I mean you could be laying up there
right now with everybody else.
That message saved your ass.
- But why us?
Why did we get that message?
- I don't know.
You're trying to make sense
out of something that's crazy.
- Here, take it.
- What's this for?
- So you can call your parents.
- I thought you said the phone was dead.
- I lied.
I was saving it for another phone call,
but I actually really want you to have it.
- Well, I already made
my one call to coach, so.
- And now you get a second one.
We all voted.
- David, just call your parents.
- Can't do it.
- Why not?
- I don't have any parents.
- Are they dead?
- Lawrence.
- Might as well be.
- Wanna talk about it?
- No.
- [Deborah] Well, what happened?
- It's just my dad, no big deal.
- Well then just call him.
- Come on, we all have daddy issues.
- He's probably really worried about you.
- I'm trying to help you out.
- It's okay, like just forget about it.
It's nothing.
He raped me, all right, damn!
Are you happy?
You know, when I was a kid
he would come into my room
while my mom was sleepin'.
And I would lay there,
still as I could be,
hoping he would leave me alone.
I can still smell that bastard's cologne.
- David.
David, I'm so--
- I don't care what anyone thinks!
I'm a warrior!
No one gets in here!
I am not a punk!
No gets in here!
I can't deal with this shit.
I wanna die with this shit.
- Hey, hey, we got your back.
- Hey, we're your team now.
- We are about you, David.
- Looks like the star
quarterback's a wide receiver, huh?
- Do you have to ruin everything?
- I'm in.
- The fourth camera?
- Yeah.
- That's awesome.
- Uh-oh.
- What?
- Oh my God.
- What?
- Will somebody hold my legs?
- Wait, what is it, what's wrong?
- Man, that can't be.
- Looks like today is full of surprises.
- They've been watching us.
- What does this mean?
- It means we're the hostages.
- Let me call Officer Daniels.
You're not at the door, are you?
What do you want us to do?
He says let him in and
put him on the phone.
- No.
- Just do it.
- Freddie.
- Go, go.
- Who wants pizza?
Put some down on the table.
Guys, just sit down, relax.
Take that.
Hey, Daniels.
Yeah, yeah, I got the pizzas.
I guess I should thank you or
should I thank the taxpayers?
Yes, see, we've got a problem.
I ordered sausage and bell
pepper, I got sausage and onion.
How do you screw that up?
There's a big difference
between bell pepper and onion.
I think everybody knows that.
No, I don't want your apologies.
I want you to listen to me.
I don't like it when
people don't listen to me.
Yeah, no, I totally know what you want.
But I have a rule and it's never negotiate
on an empty stomach, so
I'm gonna take a break.
I'm gonna eat, I'm gonna drink,
I'm gonna hang out with my friends.
I'll give you a call back
in let's say 30 minutes,
not 29, not 28, but 30, all right?
Are you listening, are
you paying attention?
Oh, if I hear any noise outside that door,
bad, bad things will happen, real bad.
Yeah, you're right, I am in charge.
I'm starting to like you, Daniels.
Don't screw that up.
Thanks, David.
Why are you guys looking at me like that?
Oh, I know what it is.
I brought a stranger to the party.
How rude.
Okay, let me introduce you to my friends.
Come here, man.
I said come here so I can
introduce you to my friends.
Okay, so when I was in fifth grade
this kid would always
follow me in the class,
stepping on the back of my bag
and the girls would scream, "Flat tire."
So funny.
Then, of course, he would
sit behind me in class
and you would always flick me
in the back of my head like that.
Also, don't know his name, or care to.
So how about you just say
hello to my friends, stranger.
- Hello.
- Now say goodbye.
- Hey, hey, I don't
remember any of that stuff
you were talking about.
- I do.
(gun fires)
Well that was just awkward.
Now we're gonna relax and enjoy ourselves.
I don't know about you
guys, but I am starving.
Hey, what does two and 2,000 mean?
- Two thousand and two?
- Wrong.
Have some pizza.
Come on, guys, I got two larges here.
Freddie, I know you're
hungry after all that weed.
I never thought pizza could taste so good.
Really, you guys should try.
I put a lot of work into this pizza, guys.
- I'll take a slice.
- Me too.
- There we go, that's the spirit.
- Why are you doing this to us?
- Deborah, come have some pizza.
- You don't remember?
- No.
- You're trying to say
you don't recognize me?
- You're the kid from the cafeteria,
the one who serves us the food.
- Yeah, I plop the ones on your plate.
- I go off campus for lunch,
I never eat in the cafeteria.
- Healthy choice.
You know what, guys, sit down.
Story time.
Sit down.
Fifth grade.
I was eating lunch by myself at the table
and you and your girlfriends
decided to come up to me.
You were talking about Katy Perry.
I mentioned the fact
that I liked your song,
your friends told me to sing
it, I sang it, they laughed.
Do you remember that?
- No.
But, look, I am so sorry
if we hurt your feelings.
- I wouldn't do that, David.
Leaving now would just be disrespectful.
Junior high, your jock
friends locked me in a locker.
It wasn't me.
I don't do stuff like that.
- Eighth grade biology, you
chose me to be your lab partner
'cause you knew I like cuttin' up animals
and you needed somebody
to do the dirty work.
- That was you?
- Not the smallest kid in class anymore.
- Freddie, your stoner
friends stole my bike.
- Yeah, I'm not surprised.
- Is that what this is about?
- No, gratitude.
See, when your friends laughed
I was sitting there still
by myself crying like a punk
and you came up to me
and even gave me a napkin
to dry my eyes and you told
me that I sang it pretty good.
You heard me screaming in the
lockers and you helped me out.
Told me if one of those
jocks were ever gonna
mess with me again to give you a call.
You wrote your number
down on a piece of paper.
Look familiar?
- Yeah.
- I cut up six frogs for
you to get that A in bio.
You asked me over to
your house to hang out.
- Yeah, we played video games.
- Yeah, no one's ever asked
me to hang out before.
- And, Freddie, when your
stoner friends stole my bike
you paid 'em off with a bag of weed
and got the bike back for me.
- Yeah, I put those good stuff.
- You told me something
I could never forget.
"Take this as a lesson, young man.
"The rules of supply and
demand will always triumph
"over authoritarian regimes."
- Yeah, sounds like me.
- You know, I had no
clue what you were saying
but as a 13-year-old who just
lost his last possession,
it was brilliant.
- So why do you wanna kill us?
- Kill you?
Do you think I would go
through all this trouble
to plan out this bitchin'
party and entertainment
just to kill you guys?
No, you guys got that message
not because you were gonna die
'cause you guys are the only
ones that are gonna live.
How do you like the candy bars?
I chose them myself.
- But what about that kid
at the bottom of the stairs?
He got the message too.
- Yeah, Vince.
Now, see, he didn't follow the rules.
The message very clearly
stated don't leave too early,
don't come late.
Now how hard is that to understand?
- That's it?
You killed him because
he was five minutes late?
- Do you have any idea how much work
goes into a damn party like this?
The pizza, the beers,
the candy, everything?
The least you guys could
do is show some respect
by respecting the rules.
- Cherie didn't follow the rules.
- No, she didn't.
- But she still got away.
(ominous music)
- Listen, this is my first party
and I'm really sorry if I messed up.
I hope you guys understand.
Okay, new rule.
No more crying.
I said no more crying!
- I'm sorry.
- Deborah, look at me, look at me.
We have to obey the rules, okay?
Can you breathe with me?
Breathe with me.
Breathe in and out.
Okay, all right?
Look, it's gonna be okay, all right?
- Just stop crying and we'll be okay.
- You, you broke a rule.
- What rule?
- You didn't tell me you were molested.
I gotta kill you.
- No, please, don't, man.
- Just kiddin'.
Being molested is no big deal.
What are you, still hung up on it?
Who are you punks?
Who invited you to my party?
- Hey, man, it's cool.
They're with me.
- You guys cool?
- Yeah, we're cool.
- What do you say, David?
These guys cool?
- Yeah, they're cool.
- Are you guys gamers?
- Yeah.
- CoD?
- Yeah, I'm Lt. One.
- Captain grade two.
- I'm a captain grade one.
You guys think you're better than me?
- No, no, man, it's a brotherhood.
All gamers are equal.
- We're family.
- Xbox or PlayStation?
- They're both great.
- One is clearly better than the other.
Xbox or PlayStation?
Five, four--
- Yeah, that--
- Three, two--
- Xbox.
- Safari or Firefox?
- I use Chrome.
- [Shooter] Safari or Firefox?
Five, four, three, two--
- Safari.
- Lucky guess.
Selena Gomez or Jennifer Lawrence?
Five, four, three, two--
- Jennifer Lawrence.
- Wrong.
- Please don't shoot.
I didn't mean--
- But I like your friend, so you live.
No eye contact, no speaking,
no pizza, understood?
- [Storm] Got it.
- [Shooter] Only talk if
I talk to you, got it?
- Yes, sir.
- Freddie, I better not see
that crowbar in your hand
when I turn around.
That would just be disrespectful.
Sit down.
All right, let's get this party started.
Hey, Deborah.
- Yeah.
- Can you get out your cellular device
and put on some music for us to groove to?
Oh baby baby
David, grab a couple of beers for us.
- I don't drink.
Baby baby baby
- Today you're drinking.
All right.
Hey, Freddie, spark up that joint.
- You're the boss.
- You're right, I am the boss.
Today everybody will know my name.
Hey, Lawrence, Lawrence, could you,
could you get up and dance with Deborah?
I like to see two people in love.
What do you think?
- (mumbles) like you on the team.
- Yeah, that's what they all say.
Chug it.
That's what I'm talking about.
What do you think?
- I don't know, that was
my first beer (coughs).
- Same here.
- Don't get any ideas
about kissing me now.
Hey, Lawrence, remember eighth grade bio
do you remember the pet
hamster, what was his name?
- Mr. Wizard.
- Mr. Wizard.
That's right, that's right.
Now what's my name?
- I don't--
You know, just gimme some time to think.
- Oh yeah, of course, take your time.
- Okay, look, I'm really
kinda nervous with this--
- Yeah, I can tell.
You're lame.
Sit down.
David, I want you to dance with her.
Sit down.
There we go.
Now that is what I am talking about.
Hey, Freddie, let me get that.
- Take it easy, man.
Dank stuff, man.
Okay, now let's make this interesting.
Hey, David, I'd really like
to see you kiss Deborah.
And, Lawrence, I'd love
to see you watch it.
Oh yeah.
Okay, let's go on step further,
make it more interesting.
David, grab her breast.
Lawrence, keep watching.
- No!
No, this has to end.
You can't do this to people.
It's wrong.
- Sit down!
Both of you, sit down right now.
You know what's wrong?
You never asked me to sing another song,
you never asked me back over
to your house to hang out,
I never heard from you to hang
out with you or your friends,
and never once was I invited
to one of your football practices.
Now why did you do that to me?
What did I ever do to you?
- We're sorry, we're so sorry.
- Deborah, just don't.
There's no point.
- Good, that's all I needed to hear.
You two punks, sit down.
Sit down!
All of you put your
heads between your knees.
- Oh come on.
- Right now, heads down!
So I've never thrown a
party for my friends before,
but then again I have
never had any friends
so I really hope you guys understand.
And, Deborah, I'm pretty
sure you're right,
it probably does hurt less
coming out the back of the head.
One last question.
Two and two thousand, anybody?
What about you, punk?
- It's the number of hours
and the required temperature
to cremate a human body.
- Well, then congratulations, buddy.
You win the prize.
Put your head down now!
And you know what, if anybody,
if anybody had ever said anything to me,
just told me anything...
I guess in the end
all I needed was love.
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
- [Shooter] I hate being invisible.
Every day I pass by idiots
who don't even know I'm there.
I'd rather be hated than ignored.
At least if they hate
me, they know I exist.
They have no idea what I am capable of.
They're about to find out.
And for one day at least, I will become
the king of their little world.
I will take my revenge and I will laugh
and I'll go to work as
if nothing has happened.
They make fun of me for
working in a crematorium.
It's not so bad.
Once you get past the
smell of burning flesh
it's like any other job.
Sweep the floors, clean the
ovens, keep your mouth shut.
Life is like a job when
you think about it.
You just try to get through it.
You punch in,
and you punch out.
Today everyone will know my name.
("Scars" by The Last Dance)
Do your fingers bleed
As you grip the end
Would it feel like your life
With any other knife
Does it touch you back
Does it bring you back
To life before scars
To your life before the scar
Finger on the scar
The tongue is the dagger
To be felt liked to be loved like
Love in return
To be only only in memories
The scars of life
All your scars of life
Bitter and sworn scars they're lashing
From your wounds into the heart
You'll refrain you're familiar
You're obvious
Driven to wake
That cut like these
Does it bring you back or touch you
Deep and wanting
To be felt liked to be loved like
Love in return
To be only only in memories
To live in your scars
To be felt liked to be loved like
Love in return
To be more than only in memories
To be more than your scars
To be more than your scars
Do your fingers bleed
As you grip the end
Let it touch you back
Let it bring you back