Ditched (2021) Movie Script

Psst. Hey.
Wake up.
You have to get me outta here.
My back is killing me.
What happened?
We were having a lovely
evening drive,
then the guys in the
front started screaming,
and boom.
What do you remember?
Um, Melina.
My name is Melina.
Lily, I gotta get back to her.
Um, oh jeez.
All right.
Let me down. I know first aid.
I can help.
Uh, he's out cold, but he's
What about that guy?
He's dead.
Get me out of these straps.
They're cutting off my
Okay, um...
We'll get help.
And by the time the sun comes
I'll be buying you breakfast.
You're supposed to be strapped
Oh, okay.
You have to use the
heavy duty safety gear
when it's grand mal seizures,
What did you say your name was?
You, you suffered
considerable head trauma
by the looks of it.
So I understand why you might be
but I need you.
We need you.
If you don't unstrap
me, then I can't help.
Um, uh,
does anyone copy?
Hello? Hello?
We, we need to work
together to get out of here,
so you get home to Lily.
That's what you want, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Oh gosh.
Look, I'm a teacher, grade six
I have two kids, Brian and
I, I live at 325 Palm Crescent.
Okay, I acknowledge this
detail's a little bit scary,
I, I drive a 10 year old minivan
complete with a dashboard
hula girl playing the ukulele.
All right, okay.
Let's do this.
Okay, great.
Just gotta unbuckle my
hand so I can brace myself.
Brace yourself too.
- I'm not that heavy-
- Wait.
But still.
You both had seizures?
At the same time?
Get off of me.
You should've listened.
I would've just walked away.
And now,
now we have to do this.
Drop her right now.
Okay, just breathe, just
Officer Revesz?
Stay with me.
Hey, come on Melina.
I know, we got off to a bad
Can we at least talk about it?
Fuck me!
Jeez! Oh my God.
Are you okay?
I'm good.
I'm good.
They're broke.
Anything else?
At least six, I'm thinking.
And my hip.
Feels like it was hit headlong
by a 454 Hemi.
Then there's my shin.
Oh boy.
It's bad.
Just do it, little lady,
and no fucking around.
Don't give me none of this,
"On the count of three..."
All right, that should be good.
I have to call Lily.
She'll be freaking out
when I don't come home.
It'll be all right, little lady.
I promise.
How's your noggin' feeling?
I think I have a concussion.
Everything's all muddy.
I don't remember anything today,
except for breakfast, Lily-
- And how to fix a
shattered shin.
That too.
Lucky me.
What happened?
What's with the cops?
The psycho in the back?
A medical prison transfer.
Oh, I'm right aren't I?
Sleep tight, big man.
Fuck off!
Please! Fuck!
You gotta help me. You
gotta get me outa here.
Please! Uh, a, are you kidding
Are you injured?
No, wait.
Yes, yes, I'm fucked up. Please!
Lady, you can't just
fucking leave me in here.
You're gonna fucking kill me.
Help me!
Who are you?
I am whoever you want me to
be, okay?
Just open the door. Please.
Yes, yes.
Come on, get the keys.
Come on, yes.
There you go. Come on.
Why are you in here?
I, I was being transported
to the federal prison
hospital in Drumheller.
The fucking ass cancer.
No, I mean why are you in jail?
Obviously, I'm innocent, 'kay?
- Well-
- Come on.
Enjoy your ass cancer then.
No Fuck! Bitch!
I swear to fucking God,
I will give you fucking ass
Fuck this!
- Hey, hey.
- Oh, God.
It's okay.
Why, why aren't you resting?
Hey, watch where you're
pointing that thing.
And always remember to
disengage the safety
when you wanna to use it.
Hey, good sir!
Hey, could you, could
you get me outa here?
Not a chance in hell.
Please, I got, like, nine
gallons of fucking piss in me.
Then piss.
Hey, Kerr, hang in there, okay?
She's losing blood.
I gotta grab supplies to patch
her up.
Can we move her?
No, not until I'm sure
there's no spinal injury.
Hey, you sure you're okay?
Yeah, I'll live. You?
What is going on here?
Don't tell me what's goin' on.
This, this is a fucking
hit if I've ever seen one.
Can you not see that?
The ambulance's tires blew out.
Then our driver's side wheel
Next thing I know,
we're losing control and
sliding into the trees.
Regardless, somebody
wanted us off that road,
right here, tonight.
Well, you have a gun.
I have two.
That should be good.
Is she gonna pull through?
I gave her a sedative for
the pain and patched her up.
We should move her before
she regains consciousness.
There could still be internal
So, um, like, uh, you know,
if she's not shitting blood
in the next couple hours,
I might still have a chance.
Another word,
and I'm putting a bullet in your
and calling it an
accidental weapon discharge.
Richard, it's so fucking scary.
What is that, 30 feet?
I guess. Maybe less.
Just out of sight.
No one would even know were
Did you check your radio?
Just static.
I think something got
damaged in the crash.
No, it's the geography.
Radio waves can't find
their way out of the canyon,
just bouncing back and forth.
Once everyone's patched up,
I'm going up that hill,
and I'm gonna to try and
snag a signal from the road
to try and flag someone down,
Uh, um, um, dick?
Um, um, Richard,
I'm, I'm just, just
throwing this out there,
um, don't you think if
someone ran us off the road,
they might be up there and
wanna finish the fucking job?
Stupid, dumb, fuck!
Keep talking and you'll make
it easier
for 'em to find you first.
And it's Richard.
My name's Richard.
On three.
One, two, three.
Yeah, let me ask you something.
Have you ever used the sidearm
My parents were hunters.
Lots of guns, bows, you name it.
You think any of that rubbed
off on me? Nope.
It's not a problem.
This is the safety, okay?
On. Off.
When it's off,
point it at whoever or whatever
is doing something bad,
pull the trigger,
and they'll stop doing something
Something bad?
Is that official police
No, but given our situation,
I'm bending the rules.
You seem like you can handle
What Sideburns was saying back
Was this a hit?
Are we in danger?
Maybe, but the most dangerous
is handcuffed in the cruiser
over there,
and handcuffed to the gurney in
There's a prisoner's body.
Uh? Oh, fuck my
Ah, fuck! Yes!
Oh, you little fuck.
Where did that man's body go?
This night is getting so good.
This is what he does.
He gets into your head.
Here, hold this.
So this, all of this,
is this your doing?
I'm happy to take credit for it,
if that's what you'd like,
if it makes you happy.
Does it turn you on?
He stays put,
no matter what happens.
Same goes for the other guy.
They're no good.
I don't know a judge in the
that would have a problem
if you had to shoot
either one of 'em.
I'm going to get help.
You stay here.
Look after the wounded
and try to stay patient.
Someone's liable to come along
and get us outa here.
Richard? Promise me I'm
gonna to see my daughter again.
I promise.
And remember, if it's
something bad, kill it.
Good luck.
We don't need luck.
We got guns.
That dude's got the hots for ya.
Could you tell me what the hell
is going on before I lose my
goddamn mind?
Fuck. Fuck it.
Come on.
Come on you fucking cunt.
Come, fuck it.
Let me go, fuck, okay?
See? See, it doesn't feel so
Come on.
Oh, fuck yes.
Yes, oh fuck.
Fuck me.
Fuck me. We're almost there.
We're almost done. Hold on.
Hold on.
Yes, you fuck!
Yes! Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
No, no! Fuck.
Oh, fuck off.
Oh, fuck you.
Come on.
Oh, fuck, fuck. Hello?
What the fuck?
What was that?
Was that clicking a, a
squirrel maybe?
I'm just saying.
Not only is he a cop,
but he's a comedian too, huh?
- Officer Revesz!
- Jesus.
Okay, what the fuck did I miss?
Fuck! Yes!
Whoever's there,
I have a gun.
You better stop, or I'll shoot.
- What are you doing?
- Shoot it!
- Shoot it already!
- I'm trying!
Shoot it!
I'm trying!
Come on.
Did, did you get it?
I don't know.
They're surrounding us.
Come on, damn it.
This a really fucking long
day, guys!
And I'm really fucking sorry,
But you've gotta fucking help
I'm fucking bleeding the fuck
out here.
I'm on my fucking rag here.
Aiden! Move it!
That son of a bitch.
Oh my God.
Officer Kerr.
Hey! What are you doing?
It's outside.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
Sh. It's gonna be okay.
But you have to calm down.
This is it
Can I have one more smile
I might not be back for a
Will you miss me
When I'm gone
Why the fuck am I singing this
I don't know.
Look, I'm just telling you
what I saw.
I didn't see it clearly,
but it looked like it was
covered in hair.
Please, just
tell me anything to stop me
from freaking the fuck out right
Well, they seem to have gone
Do you have something to say?
Did you see something when
they took the body outa here?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I was just trying to break the
You two are so tense.
You have exactly three seconds
to offer something constructive.
It's a hunt.
A hunt for what?
Sport. Food.
Good old fashioned primal
I have a rather limited
viewpoint, but one thing is clear.
They have a plan.
All we can do is wait
for them to execute it.
Is anybody here?
Oh, they goddamn left me.
Pig! Do you want to die
shut the fuck...
Oh yeah. Yeah.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's a fat dick in
your mouth, bitch
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no.
Oh, jeez.
We have to help.
Then help.
You're the one with the gun.
Fuck! Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
I got this.
I can do this.
Yeah, you can.
What the hell happened here?
Behind you!
What the fuck was that?
Damn. I need more light.
What are you doing?
Is that all the bullets we've
It's gonna have to do.
So they just took the
body out of the ambulance,
but left Franson?
Yes. Look, can we hurry this
Is it you patched me up and
took my gun?
Yes, I needed it.
Here, use this to patch that
How many kids you got?
Only somebody who's a mom
uses their mouth like a third
How many teddy bears,
food cloths, pouches,
you hold in your mouth
while you're wiping a butt?
A lot.
How old?
She'll be 13 in May.
Big party planned?
First one I'm not invited to.
Do you love her?
She's everything.
Good, because over the next
she's gonna do and say things
that are gonna make you
wonder if you even like her,
never mind love her.
But she's gonna come back to
And when she does,
it's gonna be amazing.
First, I gotta get back to her.
So whatever happens next,
know this,
whatever you have to do tonight,
no matter how horrible,
it's for her.
Got that?
Got it.
Could just leave him
here, you know. Okay.
Fucking die!
You shaggy motherfucker come on
Just fucking finish it
Finish this!
I've had fucking shit on
my ass bigger than you.
So come on!
What the...
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no.
Are you fucking kidding me?
That's what this is about?
Are you fucking kidding?
I did my fucking time.
Okay, I ain't fucking.
My time's been served.
Justice has been served for you.
You ruined my fucking life.
You understand that?
You ruined my fucking life,
you ungrateful, fucking, cunt.
And I've been doing time
ever since you touched me.
You took away my self-worth.
You took away my marriage.
No, no.
My career.
And you took away my unborn
when you shoved that thing
inside me.
Please! Fuck,
You wanna talk about time?
- I've been waiting-
- Oh, no, no.
- My whole life for this.
- Don't fucking, don't.
Please don't do this!
Don't! Fuck!
Please, please, please.
Come on, guys. Hurry up.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get this crazy, fucking chink
off of me.
Let go!
Hey! Help me.
Help me!
The fuck?
2003, yeah.
- You-
- Mm-mm.
Shot a man. Remember?
And then you pinned it on
someone else.
"A stupid gook." That's
what the report said.
That, "Stupid gook,"
was sentenced to 25 years
for a crime he didn't commit.
That, "Stupid gook,"
hung himself in his cell
after three months.
That, "Stupid gook,"
was my brother!
Tough night?
Kind of reminds me of
Ever been?
Small town. Nice.
I was on one of my personal
So I go into the bar,
I order myself a beer.
- Place is full of-
- Is it deep?
Cowboys and buckle bunnies.
Is it deep?
And I meet this woman,
like, this real woman.
And this woman,
is like she just stepped off the
on 5th Avenue.
Smart, ivory skin,
stunning eyes and smile.
She was a sight to see.
She's the kind of woman
that you want to fall in love
I ended up fucking her in
the ass in a shitty motel.
It was a perfectly romantic
That's not the best part.
I end up next to this
amazing godliness of a woman.
She's fast asleep.
But I look at her in the
her breasts are so round, like
She has this
incredibly divine collarbone.
And honestly, this is my
best part about a woman,
her neck.
Long, lean, and tight,
like a swan.
Oh God, Melina. Make him stop!
Her neck was art,
pure art,
like God himself had
formed it out of glass.
Her skin didn't have a blemish,
or a freckle, or a mole.
I reached out to touch her.
She felt like butter.
I can smell her right now.
Oh, it was one of those amazing
life bull's-eye moments,
you know?
That's when I opened her
up with my pocketknife.
She was a real squirter,
like a fountain.
When she finally awoke,
she barely had the strength to
look at me.
And then I saw that beautiful
when the light left her eyes.
Funny how situations like
this can bring that back,
you know?
Sh, sh, sh, sh.
We have set it up so
that no one will miss you
when you arrive late at
your designated locations.
There is no rescue party coming.
There is no one looking for you.
You are trapped.
Now, you can try and prepare,
but know this,
tonight, each one of you is
going to die
because you deserve it.
Oh God, I've heard so much
There has to be a reason for
Sideburns raped a girl.
Officer Kerr shot someone's
brother, but-
- I don't believe in the death
I understand personal vengeance.
General MacArthur.
No, that's from a TV show,
"Deadwood", Ian McShane, 2004,
season two.
No, wait-
- It's MacArthur.
- Season one.
I know.
You really don't.
This is about vengeance.
They got those two guys for
shit they did in their past.
I get criminals.
I mean, this guy, sure,
but Officer Revesz?
What did he do?
I think the real question is,
what did the three of
you do to deserve this?
I just wanna see my daughter
We'll get you outa here,
little lady.
I promise.
Fuck yeah, we are.
I, I mean, we,
we can do this.
Jake, that bin.
I want you to pull out
all the sharpest supplies
that you can find,
scissors, scalpel, anything.
Aiden, in the cabinet we have
three gallons of alcohol.
Above it, we have gurney rope,
surgical tape, and tubing.
Grab them.
What about me?
Another word outa you,
and we're gonna use you as bait.
You know what?
Fuck these guys.
We're gonna get ourselves outa
Okay, that's the third car
in less than half an hour.
You ready?
Is it gonna work?
Yeah, it'll run.
Maybe 30 seconds, a minute, top,
before the lubrication runs out
of it,
but it's good to go.
This better work.
It will.
It will.
That was quick.
Hey, how you doing?
He good to go?
Soon. Get ready.
This better work.
So, uh, what's the plan,
party people?
I am fortunate these fine people
allowed us to meet tonight.
What are you here for?
You, son.
I'm here for you.
Well what does that even mean?
I haven't slept a full night
of sleep
since the last time I saw her.
So much energy wasted thinking
about this.
You think I did
something to a friend of yours?
You did something horrible
to someone I loved, Aiden.
When I get going with this,
I want you to lean into it.
Just accept it.
It'll make this so much easier
for both of us if you do.
These good people tell me
that they'll make sure you don't
let's get this going so
I can get a night's rest.
Melina! Now!
No, not yet.
Jake, hit it.
Fucking eh, princess.
It's working.
Don't fight it, son.
Hey, Aiden.
We'll get him back.
We got something they want.
Why are you doing this to us?
Look at her.
Look at her! Go.
Again, why are you doing this
to us?
Not all of us are criminals.
Yes, you are,
all of you.
And the only reason
they haven't blown the doors off
and filled you with bullets
is because they have
plans for each one of you.
We're gonna try this again.
Why are you doing this?
Holy fucking shit.
He can't do this.
Not like this. Please, please.
Our partner.
Release him.
Let him go or we kill your
No discussion.
So be it.
Finish what we came here to do.
You're not gonna do this, right?
You're just trying to
scare me, aren't you?
Better safe than sorry.
We have to do something.
An eye for an eye.
An eye for an eye.
I'm sorry.
I think it's time we called it
a night.
Now, you go home
and get that full night's
sleep you've wanted.
Now, you did a fine job.
A fine job.
She'd have been proud of you.
Would she?
More than you know.
I miss her so much.
I know.
I know.
Number four has finished
his task for the evening.
Please take him home.
Number five,
it's your turn.
You ready for this?
There are three gifts left.
Your present is in there
strapped to a gurney.
The issue,
they have several unknown
One of our own is in there with
Let us go.
Someone shoot this bitch.
Talk again, and I swear to
You seem to be under
the false understanding
that you and your friends are
going to leave here alive.
That's just not going to happen.
We have spent years getting to
this night.
Every angle has been accounted
Each one of you,
cops, paramedics, criminals,
has been handpicked
because of your crimes.
And no, Melina.
You are not leaving.
You guys, like, some kinda
Jesus, the police are gonna
love hearing about this.
Oh, really.
How do you think we arranged all
of this?
Huh? So what?
We all deserve to die then?
I get it with the criminals.
But the police officers, us
The courts don't work 100% of
the time.
The police, more often than not,
don't find their man.
Victims sometimes don't report
the horrific crimes inflicted
upon them.
You know that.
You all know that.
Let us walk,
and we don't tell anyone.
That offer is never
going to be on the table.
We get safe passage outa here,
or I kill your friend.
Simple as that.
No you won't.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
Are you sure about that?
Kill him then.
Wait! What?
You knew the dangers involved
in this evening's endeavor.
I will make a deal.
Inside there,
you have a man named Derek
You surrender him to us,
and we will permit you and your
to have an extra half an hour to
If you don't,
we will cover that ambulance in
and cook you alive.
You guys fucking suck.
We need a minute.
I'll give you two.
We do this, and we're
pretty much murdering him.
Yeah, what she said,
I think, yeah.
Yeah, I'm cool with it.
You sure?
You know what this guy's in for?
He had, like, 4 murders
and 25 rapes under his belt
before they even caught him.
Women, kids.
And that's even what they know
This guy,
he's a human colostomy bag.
We'd be doing the world a favor.
I'm right here.
You think you can live with it?
Can you?
Sh, sh.
One minute.
Officer Revesz,
one of the most decorated
cops at his station.
As an officer of the law,
he was as good as it got.
But as a man,
he was something far worse.
You see, it was discovered
that he had accepted money
and payments from drug dealers
and other nefarious pieces of
He bought a very nice second
with the financial handouts
from a particularly cruel street
- Hey, track his voice for me.
- Now,
this street pimp
not only bought and sold
underprivileged women for sex,
but he also made awful
films with their children.
Now, it was never proven
in a court of law,
but officer Revesz made money,
not only from the sale of said
but he was also a co-star
of many of the films.
So, there's that.
Officer Kerr,
on her first year of duty,
shot a perp on a call.
She ended up pinning this
on a young teenage boy,
which ultimately took away his
and thus, his life.
Percy Ball had an unfortunate
for human flesh.
Number six. Thank you,
who was known for his
unusual religious haircut
and his penchant for burglary,
he served time,
and even got prostate cancer.
But what he got away with,
what he never paid for,
was a straight up rape of
a young, pregnant girl.
Now, this girl,
this young newlywed,
was three weeks away from her
due date.
And Brian crushed and
killed her unborn child
during the rape.
His father was a very successful
and he skated away,
with all charges dropped.
And as a bonus,
he got a huge, fat,
civil suit settlement
for all of his wasted time.
Yeah, but I didn't know any of
What about Aiden? He
was one of my friends.
Number seven.
And that brings us to Aiden
Hmm, a nice lad,
very popular.
You know, solid athlete.
And he had a very cute teenage
Hmm, yes.
Now, did you ever see Aiden
Hmm? No?
Well that is probably
because when Aiden drank,
he got very, very violent, hmm.
One night he put his
girlfriend in the hospital.
Apparently he beat her
with a Louisville Slugger
32 times until she was
brain-dead at the age of 16.
He did two years of juvie,
but his record never
showed on his adult file
when he was 18.
Now, Mr. Franson. Hmm.
We all know his deal, hmm?
Of all the people here,
more than anybody, he
deserves this punishment
that's coming to him.
And boy,
have we got a really
special thing for him.
That's a given, hmm?
So why don't we move on
to Jake Hernandez, hmm?
Now come on, Jake.
Are you gonna tell her,
or am I?
Fuck you, man.
Fuck you, and fuck your mother,
you dirty lowlife piece of-
- Oh, come on Jake.
Tell her.
It's all bullshit.
He's trying to get into our
tear us apart.
Oh, come now, Jake.
You didn't really think that
people wouldn't find out?
Now, Jake used to work
as a caregiver for seniors.
You're full tilt psycho man!
Now, Jake,
when I was a lad,
I worked in an old folks home.
And I get it, I really do.
It's a shitty job,
you know, wiping asses
and dealing with dementia,
10% more than minimum wage.
It's no way to make a living.
But you,
you found a way to make it
You see, Melina,
in a senior's home or a care
When a client dies,
the care facility gets
a insurance settlement.
And it's, it's not much,
but it's about $10,000.
And this goes towards incidental
and, you know,
the last month's rent before
they can fill the place.
- I'm sorry.
- Now,
an arrangement was made
with the administrator
so that every time a senior
Jake got 10%.
Of all the people tonight,
I know you are the least
but it must've taken a lot of
over a lot of frail old ladies'
to buy that houseboat.
Did it not, Jake?
Now, Jake,
of everybody here,
you are the most quiet.
And I would say,
even the most merciful.
And there's something in that.
But like Hitler,
you were a numbers' man.
114 dead, Jake.
And of course, nothing
could be pinned on you
because you were too smart for
that, hmm?
So, let's talk about Melina.
What he said,
it was...
Grab his weapons.
We're getting out of here.
Do you think they're gonna let
just walk out of here?
Quick and painful.
No, slow and painful.
You ruined it for a young lady
who waited 10 years to kill the
who made her grandmother go
Shut up!
Show him.
What did you do to deserve
this death?
It must've been spectacular.
I knew you were special, Melina.
I'm not who they think I am.
I know, Melina.
It's okay.
No! No, they think I'm someone
I'm not.
I just wanna go home and see my
Have it your way.
If you wanna get out of here,
then set me free.
And get the fuck out of my way.
So? I've been waiting all night
for this.
I promise you,
I will kill every last
one of them for you.
I'm actually pretty amazing at
I can help.
I just gotta get back to my
One last chance. Melina.
I will burn you the fuck
out of that shit box
if you don't step out, right the
fuck now.
Jesus. Hey, no, no.
No, not this one.
She's my kill.
Don't make me come in there.
Melina! You can hear me.
Right now! Come on!
All right.
That's not working.
Just do it.
I've worked too hard for this.
You're mine.
I spent years
trying to bring you to me.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Why? Why are you still lying
to me?
After all this?
Or are you lying to yourself,
I didn't do anything!
Oh my God,
were you in an accident?
I need a phone.
There's no signal here, sweetie.
But I can happily take you to my
It's just up the road
and we have a landline.
Okay. Please, just
Please! I'm sorry.
Just, we have to get out of
Oh here, I,
I have some water.
Okay, thanks. Thanks.
We have to go! Okay.
How long have you been out
here tonight?
Oh, forever.
My car broke down a few months
and it took a couple hours
before anyone stumbled upon me.
Is, is that your blood?
No. I mean, yeah,
Um, whose is it?
Don't slow down. Don't slow
Keep driving, okay?
Whatever you do, keep driving.
It's, I'm, I'm just a little
I am too.
My babies.
They're beautiful.
I have one myself.
No you don't, Melina.
How do you know my name?
Oh, your name has been
rattling around in my head
over and over for over eight
Who are you?
I just thought you would've
recognized my babies.
We heard you had a mental
break after the accident,
but honestly, we just thought
you were plain full of horse
How they hired you back as a
I mean, that is beyond me.
Was it your fat friend,
Jake, who helped you out?
Where are you taking me?
I've always wanted to ask you,
you know, mother to mother,
how does a woman spend her day
and then think it's normal
to get behind the wheel
with her own daughter?
I don't.
And then how, as a mother,
do you then smash into another
killing both their children,
and yet be able to look
yourself in the mirror
and live a seemingly normal
I, I didn't do that, okay?
My Lily is alive.
I just saw her this morning.
No you didn't.
Why are you doing this to me?
I just wanna go home to see
Please! I'm not who you think I
Do you think that's possible?
I mean, what are the chances
that we got it wrong?
That you are not the woman
who killed our children
and got away with it?
Oh but, did you think
that was something we were gonna
But I'm not.
I promise.
No, no, no. I promise!
I just wanna see
my daughter!