Diva (2012) Movie Script

Mind your own business! Mic please...
Stop crying-
They all look down on you.
Said you graduated from karaoke competitions.
You're so out of luck,
opening the show for our lady.
Her fans are rough.
They'll boo you for sure.
Who are you?
Man, I'm her PA.
I've really tried hard...
Doesn't everybody?
Our lady is getting married
at the end of the year.
After that, she'll quit.
And I'll be out of a job.
we can work together.
Why do you have faith in me?
I think you've got potential.
I'm at your service from now on.
I want to thank
all of you...
for your love
and support...
for your faith...
in me!
I also want to thank those...
who once
poured cold water on me.
It was they who made me...
even stronger!
you know my principles as a manager.
I only work with those...
who can really sing.
Besides, your chick's very young.
She'll make a perfect teen model.
Give Roy a call.
Chrissie's manager.
I'll call you back.
Have you been good today?
I'll buy you one if you're good,
- What is this? - Hold on.
It's all over the newspapers!
Gong bought it for his protege to wear on stage.
$380,000 for a plastic sheet?
I won't do it.
I know you won't.
But Fi would.
They're close.
Gong must have got it for her.
Quiet, Mom is talking.
Tell me how would this look on our lady?
You've bought it'?
Let me ask you a question...
Do I need your permission for everything?
What on earth are you doing here?
I hire you to look after your kid
or our lady?
You've two choices:
Go home to baby sit,
or buy me a cup of tea.
Mommy has to go and buy a cup of tea.
Work is tough and I'm being told off all day!
Yes, by the man who loves pinching you.
Thank... You!"
Fi, what's wrong?
Guess what I saw on J's blog?
I saw my outfit!
Say that again?
I thought you'd promised me that piece.
Why is it on her blog?
And she's thanking you for it!
Are you messing with me?
Don't get me wrong, Angela.
Girls her age are best for photo albums.
It's simple.
Bare more, wear less, and it's done!
Photo albums are made of paper.
Unsold copies
can be recycled.
are made of plastic.
During incineration,
they will release toxic fumes.
It's environmentally unfriendly!
Don't send her!
You are driving me nuts!
It's Genie. Angela sent me.
Angela said you're young.
But I didn't think you'd be this young.
Love to sing?
Sing for me.
Can you dance?
I'm taking lessons...
Show me.
It's just songs and dance
for us pros.
You are scared even when no one is watching.
If you're booed by a full house at the Coliseum,
you probably will want to kill yourself.
But I really love to sing.
Love to sing and being a pro
are not necessarily the same thing.
What's the difference between karaoke
and performing?
Karaoke means
you Pay
to sing,
performing means
people Pay
to hear you sing.
My buddy Roy is good...
I don't want to be a teen model.
You have ambition!
But I won't help you.
You have two choices:
Go home and do your homework,
or let's go sing karaoke.
What's up?
I'm very busy,
but I still want to come and see you.
Busy bee, what's there to see?
See how busy I am...
You gave me headache first thing in the morning!
I spent six months getting this outfit for Fi.
Why did your artiste thank me for it on her blog'?
Everybody now thinks
I got her the costume instead.
Fi read her blog and is raving mad!
You've nothing to say?
Is that your admission of guilt?
Who else would have done such a despicable thing
but me?
What do you want?
Let's talk.
Aren't we having lunch?
Why did you order this if you aren't eating?
You know I eat nothing but beef.
Then why ordered it'?
Because something are more
your cup of tea.
You're totally out of order, Man!
I've worked with Fi for a long time.
Give me a reason why I should betray her.
Betrayal is too strong a word.
What is important in our business?
But you just sell clothes,
and always
to the highest bidder.
If your outfit costs $380,000
I'll pay you $760,000.
The affection between Fi and me
can't be measured by money.
We all know that you're sentimental.
But there are different kind of affections.
Affection with
as well as passion!
Dude, where are you?
I'm at the door.
Why wait outside? Come right in.
Table for three under the name Man.
Excuse me.
My friend would like to join us.
I hope you won't mind.
Baby face...
is in Hong Kong for rehearsals.
I don't have time to show him around.
- Can you help? - Fine.
What do you want?
I just want to buy that costume.
I recall for J's last concert,
you said you'd get her an outfit from Paris.
In the end,
you stood us up.
As long as you're still useful
Fi won't split with you.
Take it easy, I'll handle her.
Leave this adult business to me.
Just take good care of my boy.
How dare you say such a thing?
My apologies.
Take one for me.
Be careful, it's worth a fortune.
How did you get it?
I bought it.
Don't take me for a fool!
I won't wear it.
You two, leave us alone.
You stay.
Get out!
I... I think I need to call my son.
Miss Yim,
you can choose to wear it
or not.
Should you choose not to wear it,
I'll respect you a lot more
for you've guts.
And character.
But thousands of your fans are waiting outside.
Of course, some are well-off.
But most are salary men, even students.
They've to save up for tickets to your show.
I spent a fortune on this outfit.
If you put it on,
It will add value to your concert.
I used dirty tricks to get it, but so what?
If I send it back to Fi,
will she wear it? I don't think so!
Then I won't have a choice but to dump it.
It's not just money.
But for this plastic sheet
to be abandoned in mint condition
is environmentally unfriendly.
I've written a few lines for you.
Memorize them.
Your audience will be moved by them.
You are a diva.
It's important to have a good show, right?
Fi, J is inside.
I'm glad you've finally had your own show.
You look terrific today.
I really don't know what to say.
What is it?
Come on!
Can I get a closer look?
I haven't seen it before.
Sure, go ahead.
It's beautiful.
Good show!
Come on,
take it easy.
Take care.
I also want to thank those...
who had...
poured cold water on me.
It was they who made me...
even stronger!
Go on, I've reserved a seat for you.
You think I'd care?
Still mad?
You've found a major sponsor for my concert.
I can't wait to thank you for that.
You're most welcome.
I've many clients like him.
Man Kin-sun,
I've always wanted to ask you this question:
You've done so many despicable things,
don't you believe in karma?
Really, it's not important what J wears on stage.
What matters is what her competitors do not wear.
Besides, your neck is long
and this outfit is heavy,
you may sprain your neck wearing it...
Go to hell!
You're a good actress with a bright future.
Poor her, she can only sing.
Please give her a chance.
I'm sorry.
You're an asshole!
Why she's so late today?
She's not answering?
I'm sure she'll be here soon!
- I'm Sorry! - Why so late?
"Say, Say' Say,"
"say you love me!"
"Tell me you love me!
Tell her you love me!
"Make her green with envy."
"I know you love me.
"Tell me you love me!
Tell her you love me!
Hug me in front of her!"
"I know you love me.
"Why else did you date me?"
"Why else did you make excuses
"and spent weekends with me?
"I know you love me"
"if you don't care for me"
You wouldn't sneak into the kitchen
"and call me while she's sick!"
"Let's have a showdown
Let's strike while the iron's hot!"
You're not made for each other.
"Your affair is doomed."
"Say, Say' Say,"
"say you love me!"
"Tell me you love me!
Tell her you love me.
"Make her green with envy."
"I know you love me.
"Tell me you love me!
Tell her you love me.
Hug me in front of her!"
Bye, keep it up!
Put it there.
I'm sorry, Dana.
I was late.
I know how many gigs you do each night.
Never mind.
Rocky asked me to let you do Friday's late set,
so you'll have time for two more gigs.
Thank you, Dana!
You're so in demand!
your boss has been bathing for three hours.
Would she have drowned in the tub?
Why don't you break the door down?
At least
you can bring me her corpse!
What kind of look is this?
You said you wanted to see my corpse.
So here I am, straight from hell.
What's the rush?
You know your schedule is tight.
That's why I only need you for 10 minutes.
The client has kept the store opened for you.
Can't you see that everyone is waiting?
There's no reason to turn up three hours late.
I'm inundated
with jobs unrelated to singing!
Why don't you just pick one for me?
You're used to picking everything for me.
I'd love to...
But the client specifically
asked for you this time
He'll sponsor you with the necklace you pick.
How about this one?
I adore it.
Wonderful! Lend me your phone...
Be my guest.
You treat it like your own anyway.
Thief? That sounds really awful
Relax, it's only business.
Come on, try to look cute.
Okay, done!
So cute...
at my age?
Write something for her blog.
Like what?
The usual stuff, that she's delirious...?
That she's depressed,
and the necklace is horrid...
What an idiotic question!
after the rehearsal in China tomorrow,
I've arranged for you to meet a director.
He's got a role...
Forget it!
Another cameo role with almost no dialogue?
No, I am jinxed at the box-office!
Spare me, please!
No, the part is tailor-made for you.
I've known the director for years.
After he got his breakthrough,
his films now grossed over $200M!
You mean that $200M director
who makes films
that always suck!
The one and only!
It's going to be great!
It's your call.
You're my supreme manager.
Nice of you to think that way.
Who are you?
Give us back!
I'm here to meet you.
Let me give you a hand.
My name's Nam.
How do you do?
Let go! Go!!
I've been waiting for two hours, it's hot...
You're paid to wait!
Relax! Let's do this...
We go and check in, you go park the car.
No problem, I'm happy to wait.
- Is 30 minutes enough?
- This one too, thank you!
It's getting late. I've got classes.
All you do at school is draw.
You can draw here.
Why do you sing at bars and pubs?
You could do the same in our toilet.
It's not the same!
Yes, it is.
Okay, be good.
Listen to me.
Be good, sleep some more.
I'm leaving.
Leaving now...
Off you go.
I'm going...
- Goodbye! - Just leave...
You cheeky monkey!
See ya!
Watch out...
Be careful...
Your fans are crazy.
Thank you!
- What do you want?
- Hello, my name is He Gu.
Who... Who are you?
I build stages. Can I have your autograph?
My daughter is your fan.
- Sure, no problem. - That's enough.
- Thanks! - Go back to work.
(The 5th "Super Voice" Contest)
"I'm too happy,"
"and you're too beautiful..."
Why did you choose this song?
A more passionate one would work better.
You'll send the judges into deep slumber!
I thought you love this song.
But others may not like it as much.
You're not singing for me, but for the judges!
But I am...
I only sing for you.
"I hate to cause you embarrassment."
"But please believe me,
"no matter what happens,"
you must remember this song."
"it belongs to you,"
"and to me!"
Drinks are here!
It's so hot!
Herbal tea.
- Yours. - Thanks.
What's with her?
She's late and refuses to get off the stage!
She's always like that.
I have not seen many as punctual as you.
It's a virtue.
Why does your boss eat so little?
No wonder she's so skinny.
Don't go too far.
He fell!
- Go! - Go back to the car!
Someone just fell! Go and help!
Back to the car!
Call the police!
Don't be like that, let's go...
- Go! - Go!
Come, let's go!
Are you okay?
How is that guy'?
He was taken to hospital. He's okay.
How can he be okay?
Which hospital? I want to visit him.
Are you a doctor?
I'm entering a lift.
I can still hear you.
I want to make sure if you are okay, not that guy.
I'm fine.
Perhaps I should book your flight.
Come to Beijing after your show.
I'm not meeting that director.
You don't have to see anyone, just relax!
What's there to do? I'm fine.
You're busy. I don't want to bother you.
Perhaps I'll come and see you.
No, you just stay in Beijing.
Okay, I won't bother then.
I know you'd come.
Mr. Xu!
Yes, yes...
She's fine.
Fine, totally fine!
Lip-sync? There's no need...
A good rest will do the trick.
I promise. I'll buy you a drink later, okay?
You seem fine.
I'm leaving.
Quick! Abort the show!
What happened?
Take her to the hotel at once!
Don't go anywhere!
I'll send for Dr. Ma, okay?
Yes, that's it.
Mandy, listen!
Go to a hospital, pretend you've got the flu,
post a photo of the prescription on her blog,
and say...
I've got the flu!"
Not "I've lost my voice"!
As her PA, don't you know to do cover-up?
I'm stuck in Beijing, can't leave now.
I'll be in deep shit if Mandy finds out.
You sure this is okay?
Promise me double overtime, okay?
Where to now?
Always drilling?
Always sucking?
Always drinking?
Always what?
Always sleeping in hotels?
With Justin Bibber?
Dancing and sleeping...
Always dancing and sleeping in hotels?
Body aches? You want a massage?
I should've known!
All you Hong Kong stars...
Sex for boys...
Massage for girls! Always the same!
Off the beaten track?
So that nobody knows?
I congratulate myself for figuring it out
from your awful miming!
My uncle was in the army,
became a driver after he was discharged.
He brought many officials here for massage.
It's very safe.
No one will recognize you.
Go with her. I need to take a leak.
Be right back.
Have you been injured here?
Turn around!
How come you're a man?
Of course I'm a man!
How dare you?
Now you've seen everything!
I don't understand what you were saying.
I said, now you've seen everything!
I haven't seen anything!
I can't see!
What is it?
How could you let a man...
massage me?
No sweat!
All the masseurs here are blind.
You've recovered your voice?
How did he massage you?
I thought a girl was massaging me...
This is tuina therapy, not massage.
If you insist on a female therapist,
please come back after 7pm.
I'm sorry
There is no need to say sorry to me.
You should apologies to yourself.
You've stress symptoms all over your body.
Since it may rain these few days,
you'll definitely feel the pain.
Lee... How do you say it?
You meant knees?
Let me see.
Take a seat.
Do you always wear high heels?
If you like, I can massage your feet.
Let me get some hot water.
Congratulations, your voice is back!
So... you're okay?
Your Majesty,
I shall take my leave!
Tell me, where did you take her?
What if something happened to her?
What do you mean?
What's wrong with her now?
Look, it's so boring here.
If she's stuck here any longer, she'll go mad!
I was just showing her around.
The car belongs to the company,
it is not for personal use.
I'm talking to you!
Just who's the boss here? She or you?
You enjoy being called the boss?
- Boss, boss... - You...
You what?
You, you, you love me?
She just wants to go for a breather.
Does she need a visa from you?
I took her to massage, street food...
and she's really happy.
What did you feed her?
She is allergic to all kind of food!
We're dead meat
if something's wrong with her.
She has recovered her voice!
She doesn't want to go back to Hong Kong yet.
She wants you to leave her alone.
That's that, then.
"The big elephant can dance,"
"say cheers, everyone laughs!
"The tall giraffe can dance,"
"say cheers, everyone laughs!
"Let's sing together,"
"let's play together."
"Everyone laughs! Cheer up..."
Miss, Miss...l want to hear the birthday song.
Sing me the birthday song!
I want the birthday song!
Sing for me...
Hey, kid...
She's human, not a jukebox.
Are your parents around?
Now, beat it!
Hi, my name is Man Kin-sun,
s manager.
Are you tired?
Not really.
Having instant noodles again?
Aren't you afraid of getting fat?
This is the last time.
Last time?
Do you know Man Kin-sun?
s manager.
He looked me up at the mall today.
Said he can help
to propel my career.
Why do you want to turn pro?
You already sing in bars and pubs.
You're not in favour?
Give it a try if you want.
But to be a real pro,
you need to shed some weight.
Stop teasing me!
You want some'?
No, I need a shower first.
They offer massage here?
You know nothing besides babysitting.
My uncle brings many VIPs here.
Leave me and my kid alone.
May I come in?
A-Okay, thanks!
I know the meaning of "thanks".
But what exactly is "A-Okay"?
Why ask if you're already in?
Is this pressure
"A-Okay" to you?
Now you should've said...
Comfy ...
or not?"
Yes, super-duper comfy!
And what is "super-duper"?
I think I can finally hear you laugh.
Are you from Hong Kong?
On business here?
Never mind, I don't need to know.
No, it's just...
I seldom talk to anyone.
How can that be?
You're always surrounded by people.
What I meant was...
I only talk to those who don't recognize me.
Hey, what's your name?
Hu Ming, and yours?
Forget it,
you'd better not tell me.
Why not?
If I get to know you,
you'll stop talking to me!
You call that laughing?
Laugh as heartily as you can!
Ha Ha Ha!
How about that?
That's no good.
You're just faking it.
Something is bothering you?
Give me your hand.
Your body tells me that.
- Come on, sit up. - it hurts!
Let me teach you how to check your own mood.
Are you sure'?
I'm sure!
I'm sure I can't see anything.
There's a sunken spot in your chest,
just above your stomach.
It's a bit soft.
You try to press it.
If it hurts
you're unhappy.
Try it.
I can't locate it.
Give me your hand.
Press it hard.
See, I'm okay.
I'm not unhappy.
What about me?
A little lower...
Does it hurt?
Try it.
Didn't I tell you? It always works.
You can use it to examine yourself,
and see what mood you're in.
But remember, press 5 to 6 times the most,
and always after taking a deep breath.
Otherwise, you may hurt yourself.
I don't need it myself,
because I'm always happy.
It's okay, just cry out loud.
I can't see it anyway.
Have a seat.
Your office looks like
a karaoke lounge.
You have a problem with it?
Most pros sing
like karaoke amateurs anyway.
But you're an exception.
Have you thought of
turning pro?
You're offering me a contract?
Do you think I asked you to come here for fun'?
Let's be clear,
I can't handle "unspoken rules".
What "unspoken rules"?
"Unspoken rules" are...
I know.
Yes, Man'?
Stand up straight.
And you, too.
Go buy me a cup of tea.
See the difference between you two?
Do I need to apply "unspoken rules" on you?
I'm sorry.
Take a seat.
Whatever, I just can't...
My boyfriend is adamant.
Fabulous, you have a boyfriend!
Ever consider getting married?
everyone wants to lead a happy life.
You should never think like that.
For a girl-next-door like you,
happiness comes
with marriage and kids.
But for a diva like J,
her greatest joy comes from the stage.
Then what makes you happy?
You're so inquisitive!
Always asking questions.
But let me ask you this:
Will you sign with me?
Or, let me put it this way,
would you prefer remaining in shopping malls,
dressed in Cosplay costume, singing ditties,
or to having your own show
in a packed Coliseum,
singing your own songs.
Thank you.
Your look has told me.
I'm at your service
from now on.
This is delicious!
How do you say "squid" in Cantonese?
Moran's delicious.
Don't take advantage of me!
No, I didn't mean to...
I was just teasing you.
Okay, catch me if you can.
Come on.
Now you're taking advantage of a blind man.
So what?
Catch me if you can!
Hey, the roads here are...
How come there's a pothole here?
Are you alright?
I'm over here.
How come there's a hole in the middle of the road?
I warned you.
You have eyes but you can't see!
Give me your hand.
Is the water clean?
You can't even be sure with drinking water.
Your have smelly feet!
Don't you want to wash them?
Come on, catch my phone!
How can I catch it?
Are you alright?
Keep still!
Didn't I tell you to stay close?
You can't swim?
How would I know the water is so deep?
Are you okay?
You're a good swimmer.
I was in the diving team before.
Swam every day from dawn to dusk.
So never doubt me as a swimmer.
Are you for real?
Of course.
I joined the junior team when I was 13.
Then I could still see.
I practiced harder than everyone.
When the others did 50 dives,
I did 100.
When they did 100 dives,
I went back
and dived 1,000 times.
Maybe I practiced too much, too hard.
I'm not sure since when,
but I started to have blurred vision.
Sometimes I couldn't see at all.
I remember the last time I could still see
was during the qualifiers.
I remember telling myself,
if you win,
the diving platform will forever be your stage.
It was perfect
until I entered the water.
I could never see again.
I must have been jinxed, don't you think?
Lacking just a bit of luck.
Is this for real?
Everything is fake.
Diving, competitions,
they're all fake.
To me right now...
only the things I couldn't see are real.
Sometimes I think...
everything in this world is unreal.
Like us sitting here together.
It's also unreal.
Did you hear?
What a delightful sound!
When I was small,
before dad sent me to the city,
he took me to visit a huge waterfall.
That sound of that waterfall...
Wala, wala, wala...
was exactly like the sound
that lingered in my ears when I dived.
It was exactly the same.
Let's go and listen
to the sounds of a waterfall.
It's easier said than done.
Where's your girlfriend?
Give her a call.
She's on her way.
Man just signed her.
She's releasing an album soon.
She's on the news everyday.
She has a new producer, too.
Oh, Manson!
The notorious...
lady killer!
Cut it out!
Your girlfriend is famous now.
I don't think she cares to eat with us.
Especially street food like this.
What are you talking about?
What took you so long?
I was filming a commercial. I came by taxi...
What do you want?
You're a superstar now.
Just ignore him.
Are you cold?
I'm okay.
Order some food.
No, thanks. I've just eaten.
You go ahead and eat.
Not for me tonight.
I'm on diet.
Man said my doughy face is not photogenic.
You'll be great for comic movies!
Let her be. Girls will always be girls...
You don't need to go on diet.
You are perfect!
More like pure fat!
What are you talking about?
Go and stuff yourself...
Hotpot for the loud mouth!
Yeah, loud and uncouth!
Am I really that despicable?
I'll get the check.
What's going on?
We've just got here...
Why leaving so soon?
What's with the temper?
I'm cool.
I think my bike's over there.
Silly bee!
Excuse me!
Didn't we once meet at the hair salon?
You did the right thing!
Relationship is paramount in our business,
especially sexual ones.
What an unusual way of editing, maestro!
Only I do things this way.
I've got a big-time part for J
Leading role!
I wonder if she will be available?
Can you do something about it?
I'm here to ask you to give J a break.
No need.
I'll keep this secret,
especially from your wife.
Don't mention it.
Bring her clothes later, okay?
Drink Koola and quench your thirst!
It's even low sugar!
I heard that you've taken to baby-sitting lately.
What can I do for you?
I come all the way here
just to bring you a piece of good news.
That film role is secured
without the need of an audition.
Leading role, shooting starts end of the year.
Super manager,
Yes, my diva?
Whose ass did you kick this time?
Kick ass? Don't be so retro...
This time it was pure luck!
Yes or no?
We're ready to shoot.
You're the manager, it's your call.
I can't believe my ears!
Is she stoned?
- Hello? - Hello?
Where are you?
I'm sorry,
I'm still at the studios with Manson.
What time will you be done?
I'll come and pick you up.
I don't know how long it'll take.
I'm sorry I can't join you for dinner.
Never mind,
work is more important.
Sorry, don't be mad at me.
I'll make up to you today. Let's go somewhere.
To the studios!
You were so at home there.
He calls everybody baby.
It means nothing.
How do you know he meant nothing?
What do you want me to do?
No, you tell me!
I waited all night for you!
But I couldn't finish my recording last night.
I miss you, too. I really do!
It's tough for me...
And me, too!
Let's call it quits!
Say that again?
Let go!!
Come on, let's calm down.
Let me go!
Critics say you're the next J. Any comment?
I've always been her fan.
Rumors say that you've a boyfriend.
Someone even caught you on video having a row...
Excuse us, be careful.
Budding pop diva and boyfriend...
sharing a roadside hotpot!
Red, the next big thing in pop,
was recently caught on video
having hotpot with her boyfriend
in a roadside food stall.
The food must either be bad,
or it was too pricey,
her boyfriend left in a huff.
With all the money she's making,
surely Red can afford a better meal!
Is that Red?
She is decked out like a club hostess.
I've never seen her here this sexy!
Great body, too!
She's hot.
What do you think you're doing?
It's none of your goddamn business!
Cool it, he knows we are due for
a police inspection.
It'll be trouble if you're caught smoking.
Are you serious?
Why would I lie to you?
What's wrong with you?
You knew this would happen once she becomes a pro.
If you're so troubled by it now,
what happen when she hits big-time?
She has changed!
What do you want?
For her to sing in a pub like this forever,
or to sit at home and be your mistress?
Can you afford her?
She has a great future. Don't stop her.
Think about it!
Red was filmed having a spat with her boyfriend.
When asked if they're breaking up,
she turned and walked away.
With Man Kin-sun as her manager,
courtship is out of question!
And Red's stable mate J is recently seen in China.
Said she's on vacation.
She looks relaxed and rejuvenated.
I wonder if she's dating someone secretly?
It's hard work making coffee, isn't it?
Don't you have to wait on your boss?
She's not around.
She's gone?
What was her cause of death?
She's not dead.
She just needed a break.
Where is she?
Those usual places for recuperation...
You know what I mean...
She's worn out. She needs a break.
Are you done?
It's fine if you don't want to tell.
I don't care anyway.
Where are you?
Vacationing, coming back tomorrow.
Who are you with?
I'm not with anyone.
What are your plans?
Take vacation. Never you mind where.
Don't go,
I want you back.
For what?
I'm tired. I just want to take a break?
I just want you back.
We can talk after my vacation.
Come back, you hear me?
We need to talk!
There's nothing we can't talk over the phone.
I need some privacy.
Am I not allowed to take vacation?
I'll get my job done.
I won't affect your business.
Have fun then.
You're early.
Yes, I just finished working nearby.
Take a seat.
An early start today?
Yes, and I'm knackered.
I hope my voice will hold up.
We'll just listen to playbacks. It's no big deal.
You like that guitar?
It's new.
I've had it for a while.
Want it? It's yours.
No, thanks.
Aren't we replacing some verses?
No hurry. That can wait.
- Later then... - What are you doing?!
Go away!
- Let me go! - (Calling: Rocky)
Leave me alone...
Go away!
Going well, very well.
Man will pick you up in 5 minutes.
I'm sorry.
I misunderstood.
Let's forget the whole thing.
What happened?
He tried to molest me.
Surely not!
Are you okay?
I'm so glad you called.
In our line of business,
you need to say "no"
loud and clear.
Or people will get the wrong idea.
So it was my fault?
That's not what I meant.
I just want you to be alert.
Stop it?
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
I told you already!
They're all assholes!
Man just rescued me!
He sent you to Manson, didn't he?
And you still think he's a good guy'?
What else can I do?
I want you by my side too.
I want you to be my white knight!
But where were you when I needed you?
We've got a special guest today,
J !
s here today to show her support.
Any word of encouragement
or advise for Red?
I will skip the formalities.
Anyone hand-picked by Man
must be a good singer with great work ethics.
Just like me, right?
Here's Red with the first single
from her new album,
"Are You Okay?
"Why don't you say something?"
"Are You Okay?
How are you today?"
"Why do you answer in silence?"
"it's a never-ending tale...
I've always been by your side.
But you don't need me now.
I'll be better off as one of your fans.
"We can never be close to each other."
"I can only wait and hope."
"Until one day,"
"we decide to go our own ways."
"Are You Okay?
"How have you been?"
"Why don't you say something?"
"Are You Okay?
How are you today?"
"Why do you answer in silence?"
Hey, what happened?
Look, you have smeared your make-up.
People must think that I bullied you!
Poor, poor, pitiful me!
No, they won't.
I've been your fan since high school.
I love your singing from day one.
Your high heels are gorgeous!
You were at high school when I turned pro?
Then I must be ancient!
As a punishment,
try them on!
They're not meant for human!
No, they're inhuman!
But you'll get used to them.
Why all the tears?
Broken heart?
Paparazzi follow us everywhere.
We can only meet at home.
But I'd never have thought
that he thinks I consider him disposable.
Well, I was...
We must prepare for the next show.
I'll wait for you outside.
Can we take a photo together?
Here's my number, send me the photo.
Did Man give you this phone?
Yes, he said he got it from a sponsor.
He gave me a free SIM card as well.
Free of charge.
Something wrong?
I know you've split with your boyfriend.
So I've got you something...
You got what you want.
What do you mean?
How did you know I was at Manson's studios?
Because you "checked-in
and shared your location.
Then how did you know I was in trouble?
Did you hack my phone?
I called Rocky that night, not you.
Why are we always tracked by paparazzi?
But when you and I were together
nothing ever happen?
You and your boyfriend are newsworthy.
That's why they followed you.
We are not having an affair.
So why would they bother?
You leaked the story. You're the informant.
How I run my business is none of your concern.
Anyway, you two will break up sooner or later.
It is inevitable if he'd really cared about you.
He mustn't jeopardize your career.
Is that what you told J?
she has always wanted fame and fortune.
She's different.
She has no time for romance.
I'm committed to make you a star.
But as an artiste
can you not make sacrifices?
Is that fair?
I now know why J can't stand you.
It's good you know this sooner than later.
If you can't take it.
We can still cancel our contract.
I've made enough.
But not you...
Go get married, raise a family, be ordinary!
Why do you want to be a star?
Dumb ass!
What's your problem?
I'm soared all over.
I am not going out with anyone.
Ideally, what does romance mean for you?
That I could be just like an ordinary girl,
dine out or watch a movie with my date.
Go on vacation.
But I'd better focus on work.
Hu Ming!
She told me to come and pick you up.
Where are we going?
To an awesome place.
What's wrong?
I want to go back.
I don't like the smell here.
Impossible! I'm sure you'd enjoy it here.
This is your stage.
Don't you want to hear the sound of a waterfall?
Let me tell you...
I consulted a doctor in Hong Kong.
Get a visa and come with me.
I've never said I needed a doctor!
I am perfectly happy here!
I want to leave.
Give it a try,
So that we can date like ordinary people?
Is that so?
Please leave me alone,
Ms. Yim.
No, I just...
Don't say things I don't understand!
Go on that stage if you want.
Just don't drag me in!
I was fine by myself before.
Now I can't even get out of the pool myself.
Come over...
Come over!
I am sorry.
I was just trying to help. I never thought...
I don't want to see you!
I now realize...
that we aren't ordinary people.
My eyes may have problems.
But you're out of your mind!
I don't know what you're looking for.
You have everything!
Hu Ming!
Nam, help!
Mr. Hu, I apologies
for inconveniencing you.
No, I should be the one apologizing.
There are reporters outside. Let's talk...
Sit down.
I've never seen anything like this before.
I need to think of a way to spin this.
What is there to spin?
Did I kill someone?
your friend is blind.
You're everywhere with him.
Now you've been spotted.
Paparazzi are after you.
What should we do?
You know the media well.
Shut them up!
Sure, I can do it.
But promise me you'll never see him again.
I'm just a singer.
Why can't I hold hands with my boyfriend,
do countdowns
at Times Square,
or watch New Year fireworks?
Let me ask you.
From the first day of our partnership,
have I forced you to do anything
against your will?
If you don't like a song, we'd drop it.
You don't enjoy acting,
and we'd turn down film roles.
And TV commercial,
if you think it is lousy,
we'd pass even if the client offers a fortune.
I just don't like to see you date!
I've not heard of a job that forbids courtship.
But not with a blind dude, my dear!
What will your fans think of you?
Only love by the blinds?
How are we going to sell your albums,
or to promote your concerts?
Damn it!
They can just listen to your CDs at home.
You've always treated me like a merchandise.
You're so wrong.
You are not a merchandise.
I packaged you with many things at great cost,
turning you from an ordinary girl
into a superstar.
If I strip you of these things, you're nobody!
I'm human.
I'm sorry,
you're not.
You're a diva!
"Even life has its many"
"happy moments,"
"this song is about its desperate sorrows."
You're welcome to sing-along
"whichever way you like,
"as if sharing my centre stage at the Coliseum.
"No one would walk out on us!"
"Let's find ways to appreciate this fine, old tune,"
"a divine diva with a voice of gold,
"standing ovations, boisterous applause,"
"nothing is hard as we sing-along with love!
Let's go.
Let's go away together.
I'll quit singing, okay?
If you quit singing, what can you do?
I don't know.
"Does anyone really care who you are?"
"Stop fighting, I will never leave this stage!"
"My voice may be hoarse,
but it's my look that counts."
"A diva must appear divine,
even if she can't sing."
Save your applause,
for I'll sing 'til the world's end;"
A final song and a bottle of wine in solitude."
"Swing to my heart's content,"
you gorgeous thing!"
"Drink to my heart's content,"
"you've your idol!"
"Sing to my heart's content,"
you've abandoned your idol!"
"Love to my heart's content,"
you're your own idol!".
Hello, still bathing?
I bought something for you.
Come out and take a look.
What's taking you so long?
I'm coming in.
I'm just like you...
Once I leave that place,
I'm a nobody
Who am I?
You'll be fine, for sure.
Let's go!
If I strip you of these things, you're nobody!
Who am I?
You're a diva!
That the first person you see is me.
I always think that everything I do,
I do to make you happy.
I guess that I was wrong.
You must be in pain.
You won't understand.
I do now.
I used to think,
it is simple to be a star.
Isn't it just about fame and fortune?
Keep going
once you've reached the top.
But what I didn't realize,
after becoming famous,
you would strive for anonymity.
You would want to lose the paparazzi,
so that you could date,
go shopping,
watch a movie,
dine out.
Things that you do everyday
before you achieve stardom.
We've worked together for so long.
Do you honestly think you're just
a merchandise to me?
The company is done with you.
We'll tear up the contract.
From now on,
who you spend time with,
whatever you do,
wherever you go...
I don't want to know.
You can choose to continue singing,
or not to sing.
I don't care.
Just remember,
I'm happy when you're happy.
It started that way,
it will stay that way.
Don't ever do this again!
What's the matter?
I'm returning this.
I'm leaving.
Let me walk with you.
How have you been?
Much the same.
You still have loads of stuff at my place.
I'll pick them up later.
Your schedule is so packed,
how come you are free today?
I wanted to come and see you.
I miss you...
I miss you, too.
But I'll keep on singing.
Did I ask you to make a choice?
How did you find me?
I'm not dead yet. Why bring me flowers?
Man told me that you're ill,
and that you'd left his management.
Are you quitting?
I don't know.
Are you disappointed?
Silly girl.
Tell me, do you really like singing?
What's the difference between one
who loves to sing,
and one who sings for a living?
As one who loves to sing,
you can sing whenever it pleases you,
and stop whenever you want.
But it's different for a pro.
As a pro,
you must sing when you're told.
No matter how unwilling you are,
you've to perform at once.
I know.
But I have no fear.
besides singing
I know nothing.
Neither do I.