Dive!! (2008) Movie Script

Want to dive?
Let's go!.
Wow!. No splash!
Yoichi is the best!
He's so cool.
Fujitani, watch your
legs when you turn.
Sakai, you fell asleep? Dive!
Yes, sir.
Tomo will dive.
It's no good watching him.
You really like him.
I sure do!
But why?
He'll dive!
Quite a dive!
Cut it out already!
You don't pay attention!
You must watch out!
Don't take off his pants
when I'm diving!
Did you see it?
Sure I did.
No way!
You're just looking for an excuse.
I'm telling you I saw it.
No way! Ouch!
He saw it?
- He didn't. - Let's go.
But Tomo said he did.
How many members?
16 elementary schoolers,
8 junior high students,
and 1 in senior high, 25 in total.
I see.
Wow, she's a looker!
Yeah, she's hot!
Who is she?
Tomo, over there!
Who is she?
Everyone, come here!
Let's go!
Meet your new coach,
Ms. Kayoko Asaki.
Quiet! She'll help with
your training.
I'm Ryo Ohiro, the best junior
high diver here.
Instead of introductions,
I want you all to dive.
Forward, back, anything.
I'll go first!
Ryo Ohiro!
Enough! You can come down.
No need to dive. Next!
Reiji Maruyama! I'll do 103!
You couldn't pull it off.
Daisuke Inoue. I'm ready!
Enough. Next!
Tomoki Sakai, ready.
Tomo only?
He'll jump?
Enough. Come down.
But why?
Come here!
Yoichi will dive.
He'll do it.
Wow! Almost no splash.
He's good!
Make the last rotation 1/4 faster.
It will make entry easier.
Hold that image, and try again.
The rest will practice
the initial position.
What? Why?
You can't dive right
if you can't stand right.
Get down now!
Yes, Miss.
What's the initial position?
You don't know?
The boys are standing.
Yeah, I see.
Shoot! She won't let us dive.
We've been doing this for 2 hours.
This sucks!
Stupid exercises only.
We aren't beginners.
You there, Sakai?
Are your parents divers?
Huh, no. Not at all...
Are they athletes?
You've got hyperflexible
joints, and long arms and legs.
What's more...
Well, anyway...
Take this.
You can practice outside the pool.
Tomo, what's this?
I'm back.
Hi, Tomo!
"Don't wear socks at home. "
"Refine the sensitivity of your feet. "
Hey, Tomo.
You must knock.
What's this?
You just missed Miu.
Get lost.
Miu, hello. I'm so sorry I forgot...
It's so nice that you called.
I'm sorry.
I went shopping with a friend,
and bought a cute jellyfish toy.
Want to see it?
It looks like you.
Me? I want to see it.
I'll show it to you at school.
And when I was...
The stomach!
Keep your head up!
Crouch lower!
OK, stop! Keep the pose.
Five minutes.
Five minutes?
I'm done.
I've had enough.
Get back!
Can't take it.
I'll talk to the coach.
Why are you letting her coach us?
We want you to be our coach!
You know the club is having
financial problems.
The parent company wants us closed.
Coach Asaki convinced them
to give us another chance.
She's the granddaughter
of the late chairman.
The board members have
no interest in diving.
They'll keep the club,
under one condition.
What condition?
The Olympics.
MDC must produce an Olympic diver.
That's why I'm here.
So I'll compete in the Olympics?
The Olympics is the goal?
Who knows?
The Olympics is not for us.
Maybe Yoichi can make it.
He's the son of Coach Fujitani.
A thoroughbred diver.
If my parents were Olympic divers...
No way.
Not even then.
Still, the new coach has big
hopes for Tomo.
A pony with no pedigree.
What's that?
I didn't say that.
Cut it!
These are your favorite dishes.
Tomo, you never wear socks. Why?
Well, I...
Tell me...
Do you have any ambitions for me?
Any special hopes?
Just that you're healthy
and happy, right?
We love you just the way you are.
So Ms. Asaki is the girl
who hurt her back and had to retire.
Went to the US to study coaching.
Thank you.
Are you already done?
You can break your diet
now and then.
You want him to quit diving?
It was a joke.
Never joke about this.
The fate of the club depends
on him. Right?
As for your practice,
do you want to train with
Ms. Asaki?
No. I want you to stay my coach.
So you're doing self-training.
First, physical training!
Competitions are long and exhausting.
Strength and concentration
are indispensable.
I promise you one thing.
You'll become better.
Pain is the price you
have to pay to grow.
And from the top...
You'll see a view no one
else can see.
Once more.
Tomo? Are you free today?
We're going to Ishii's today.
Can you come?
I have practice...
Diving again?
We'll ask someone else.
Sorry. Maybe next...
Check my legs when I dive today.
What's wrong?
Why are you so excited?
About the Olympics?
She doesn't think you can make it.
Ms. Asaki scouted a new diver.
From Aomori.
Who's that?
OK, go!
What a splash!
The water stinks.
Come here.
Meet the new member, Shibuki Okitsu.
He won't be your buddy,
but your rival.
Compete with each other!
This is Yoichi Fujitani.
A three-time junior high
champion, and MDC's No. 1 diver.
Wow, perfect!
Can you dive like this?
He's fast!
The splash!
He's the best!
A perfect twist.
That was quite a splash.
No matter how good you are,
you can't score with such a splash.
So I should hold myself down
so I don't splash?
Tomo, let's go for ( okonomiyaki )!
Or sweet beans.
Maybe next time.
The doomed super diver?
Yeah, a famous diver in the 1930s.
Because of the War,
he couldn't compete in the Olympics.
His name was Shiraha Okitsu.
The new boy's grandfather.
They both used to dive from
the Tsugaru cliffs.
He thinks pool diving sucks.
So why is he here?
Revenge... I guess.
For his grandfather.
You both are amazing.
The son of Olympic athletes,
and the grandson of a super diver.
I feel like I want to quit.
But I think you're my real rival.
Of course not.
You can't even control
your calorie intake.
Coach Asaki said to Coach Fujitani...
That you have diamond eyes.
Diamond eyes?
Thank you.
Coach Fujitani, may I?
Take a look.
The Beijing training camp trial?
A camp for young divers
from Asia in August.
The former Chinese team coach
will train them.
Coach Sun?
So the Swimming Federation
will choose the Olympic divers
from the camp participants?
You're in charge.
Thank you.
Do your best.
One spot in the Olympic Squad
is for the diver with the best
results and experience:
Kenichiro Teramoto.
A shortcut to the Olympics
is to finish in the Top 3
of this competition
and go to the training camp.
MDC can send 3 divers
to the trials.
I already chose them.
And they are:.
Yoichi Fujitani,
Shibuki Okitsu,
Tomoki Sakai.
Wow, Tomo!
That's all.
Tomo, you made it!
You rock!
You worked really hard.
- It's drinking water. - Cute.
It's having fun.
It looks yummy!
I woke up early to make it.
Mom helped too.
I was thinking to do calorie
intake control.
The physique is very important
in diving.
I was selected for a very
important competition.
And I don't know what to do.
It feels like I'm losing you.
So much is expected of me,
for the first time.
Until now, no one expected much of me.
Just an ordinary boy.
Which wasn't bad, but I felt cramped.
Being ordinary
is a bit stifling.
If I become a good diver,
I might be free.
Let's eat.
It's good!
Let's go.
One, two, three.
Did you see the mat?
OK, next three turns.
Three turns! Ready?
One, two, three.
See, you did it. Saw the mat?
OK, once more.
You can't give up!
I won't let you.
We worked so hard.
I kept waiting.
For the coach with a sharp eye,
who would discover me.
And when that coach finally shows up,
she chose Tomo!
Ryo! Ryo!
It's not your fault that he left.
Don't worry.
Diving is an individual sport.
With each win, you get lonelier.
Was he supposed to meet you here?
Don't worry. He's just late.
He'll be back soon.
Entry position.
2.5 turns, at 10.
2.5 turns!
He did it.
The diamond eyes...
Don't know.
I did it!
This is easy.
Just the first step.
You know what's next?
107, 3.5 turns.
I hardly managed 2.5.
It's impossible.
That's why!
If you make it, you'll be a star.
Stop it!
Once again!
That's all?
Where did you go with Miu?
How did you...?
Why do you have this?
I'm sorry.
I don't believe it.
Stop it!
He confessed, and you chose him?
It's true!
Why did you confess?
She was my girlfriend.
So what!
I knew you had problems.
It was hard for Miu.
You didn't see it.
We had no problems.
And all the broken promises?
I had to practice... And Miu...
You are important to me!
SAKAl ABSEN I'll make ice tea...
I won't be long.
Every minute is precious!
What happened?
My brother stole my girlfriend.
Your brother?
Stole her?
You fool!
Return to the pool!
No way!
You must!
You don't need me.
You have Yoichi and Shibuki.
They'll make it to the Olympics.
They don't matter.
This is your problem.
Or will you just give up?
I gave it all up!
My girlfriend, my friends,
I gave up sweets, too.
And for what?
He had everything,
and he stole her!
It's not fair.
I don't think so.
You have something that
no one else has.
The gift a diver would kill for.
Diamond eyes.
Will it help me
beat Yoichi and Shibuki?
The ability to grasp a large amount
of visual information in an instant.
Momentary vision.
You're born with it.
Divers who have it
can see when to turn and stretch
as a still image.
It's not much use in daily life.
But in diving, it's a big advantage
for high-level performance.
That's "diamond eyes. "
3.5 turns?
Tomo did 3.5 turns!
You're kidding?
What went wrong?
Just doing the turns is not enough.
You must perfect the entry.
Once again.
It's getting interesting.
He did it! 3.5 turns!
Once again, while it's still fresh.
Let's get started.
Coach Sun.
Are you nervous?
Don't be stupid.
How can you not be?
Welcome to the 2007 Beijing International
Training Camp Trials.
Small audience.
Diving is not very popular.
I thought you won't come.
But if they don't win, the club...
Don't worry!
Let's cheer them!
It's beginning.
There are 6 types of dives.
And armstand.
All dives have a degree
of difficulty, DD.
The DD times the points awarded
by referees determine the score.
This diver didn't use the 1 Om
in order to raise his DD.
Next, 305C, 1 Om.
DD 2.7. Tomoki Sakai,
Mizuki Diving Club.
8.5, 9, 8.5, 9.
8.5, 8, 8.5.
Score:. 68.85.
He did it!
Tomo did it!
It's the first time he's got a 9.
What happened?
It's not like him.
9.5, 9.5, 8.5, 9, 9.
Score:. 78.30.
What are you doing?
You told me not to raise a splash.
I didn't tell you to
dive like a coward.
Is that how you dive?
Or is it because of your back?
What do you mean?
Don't try to fool me.
I know you've hurt your back.
With this diving, you'll easily
make the second place.
But nothing more... Nothing.
Don't you want to know
how your grandfather felt?
Far from the sea,
standing on that platform?
Don't you?
With this diving, you'll never know.
The great feeling to dive
in front of an adoring audience.
The feeling?
Once you feel that,
you won't be able to give up diving.
Next, 107B, 10m.
DD 3.0, Shibuki Okitsu.
Wow! It's high.
So fast!
This is our Shibuki!
7, 6.5, 7, 7.5,
6, 6, 5.5.
Score:. 58.50.
Shibuki's seventh.
And Tomo is fourth.
Let's go!
Why did he drop to fourth?
The DD was low.
He can't go up, even
if the score is high.
He must do his best,
to make it into the top 3.
He'll do the 3.5 turns.
Next, 107C, 10m.
DD 2.7, Sakai.
3.5 turns.
He did it!
He did it, right?
He'll make it!
He was close!
The entry wasn't perfect.
Score:. 56.70.
Total score:. 367.75.
Next 5152B, 10m,
DD 2.9, Fujitani.
No splash!
Smooth entry!
Score:. 79.75.
Everyone, come here!
The selected camp members are:.
No. 1 Fujitani.
No. 2 Matsuno.
These three.
Why? No way.
It's true.
But I was fourth.
It's Coach Sun's decision.
He thinks diving is more,
than just earning points.
So he chose Tomo?
That's all.
Wow, two divers from MDC.
But Shibuki...
Tomo, smile!
If the winners don't smile,
the losers must cry.
You're going to Beijing.
Yes, Tomo! Smile!
You can't win anyway.
Don't fall behind in Beijing.
You won the audience.
You couldn't make the camp
with the injury.
The Olympics is not everything.
It's not like you.
I don't want you to lose.
I couldn't take it.
When I injured my back.
My world ended when I
didn't make the Olympic team.
Maybe I was wrong.
I can't think now.
I don't regret that I came here.
Now I know how Grandpa felt.
I'll go to Beijing.
To become better.
A diver everyone admires,
like you.
You get better.
It was a good competition.
I enjoyed it.
It's so not... like you.
Ouch! Idiot.
Watch it.
You suck.
"Coach Asaki,"
"How's everyone at MDC?'
"Yoichi and I are OK."
"What is Shibuki doing in Tsugaru?'
"I'm sending you pics of our practice. "
What is it?
An email from Sakai.
He's improved his technique.
Is it because of Shibuki?
You sound down.
No... I let him go back to Tsugaru.
You did the right thing.
It's his choice.
I'll get ready.
The boys are coming back tomorrow.
Didn't Sakai write you?
Hey there!
Oh, hi!
Take this.
I got it!
Thank you.
I'll ask Granny to make
sashimi and soup.
Let's go to a spa.
I have to get up early.
A day trip then.
I've waited so long.
OK, let's go.
To Sukayu?
Aoni then?
I like it!
Let's go.
Next week?
OK, I'll take a day off!
You dived here?
Do you still dive?
No, I was busy this summer.
With what?
Sex, mainly.
You've had... a nice summer.
I envy you.
I won't go back.
But why?
I can dive here...
It's vast, the water is clean.
But you have no audience,
and no rivals.
No coach.
No one is looking at you.
Is it any fun?
I want to dive with you.
In the pool.
The pool is small,
but it's not so bad.
I've changed too.
I trained hard in China to be
able to compete with you.
I wonder...
Who missed practice
cause of a broken heart?
How did you...?
You told Reiji and Sachi,
and the rest.
But I've changed!
Let's do it!
Won't you stay over?
We have practice.
I see.
It's a secret,
but Coach Sun chose you.
If it wasn't for the injury,
you'd have gone.
Tomo worked real hard.
It's your turn.
Let's go, Tomo.
We'll be waiting for you.
It came 3 days ago.
Shiraha Okitsu... Grandpa!
He looks so happy.
What's this?
Last time, you went to
Tokyo because of your Grandpa.
This time, go for yourself.
Do your best,
lose and come back home.
1 Om!
How's your back?
It's OK.
Alright. Fujitani, 10m.
Head up!
A bit to the right.
Have you heard of the swan dive?
Swan dive?
Your grandfather's favorite technique.
Forward straight dive.
But beautiful, like a swan.
I'm sure you can do it.
Swan dive...
In the air it was good.
Follow through to entry.
I want to try 207B.
A 3.5 back dive, now?
That is your weak group.
I want to become better.
It's unnecessary.
You must perform a perfect composition.
Don't get any ideas.
The future of MDC depends on you.
Don't forget it.
Yes, I understand.
Yes, thank you.
What happened?
Everyone, come here!
I just got a call from the Federation.
They've decided on the Olympic squad.
Why so early?
Who will go?
Two divers.
Kenichiro Teramoto.
And from MDC, Yoichi Fujitani.
Fujitani, get ready.
We'll go to the Federation.
We're leaving in 10 minutes.
But why, why?
Usually the squad is announced
much later.
It's too early.
There should be three spots anyway.
No, it's not.
You worked so hard.
What's going on?
Chairman Maehara
reduced the number to 2 to
secure medals.
If Teramoto's teammate does
a low-level jump,
Teramoto's image will suffer.
Do you understand?
Just do what you have to do.
Let's go.
It's me.
Is he still sick?
I guess so. He won't leave his room.
You guess?
Ask him yourself.
You're his father.
We don't need a coach at home.
Yoichi, it's for you.
So what do you think?
It doesn't feel right.
I've lost motivation.
It's the first time I've skipped practice.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
Don't miss it.
It doesn't feel real.
A perfect composition.
The best teammate for Teramoto.
MDC savior Yoichi Fujitani.
That's ridiculous.
Let me show you something.
OK, 10m!
4.5 turns?
You don't get it.
Hold your legs lower.
He's training twice as hard.
Again, 10m.
OK, see you.
Enough for today. You're exhausted.
One last dive.
No, I said enough.
Do you hear me?
Just one!
I said no! Get down here!
Support his head.
I'm sorry. I'm fine now.
You scared us.
But it's good that you're OK.
Why did you do it?
The Olympic dream is over.
Why do you keep doing it?
The dream may be over,
but the dragon is still alive.
The concrete dragon.
The first diving tower I saw
looked so huge and powerful.
Like a big dragon.
The concrete dragon.
That's what I've been calling
it since then.
As long as the dragon lived,
I had a chance.
A chance?
To be free.
I felt so cramped by the limits.
Crushed in a tiny box.
The early selection of only
two divers,
and the ambitions for medals
are limits.
making the 4.5 turns
is far beyond that.
Very far!
That's why I want to dive.
What is it?
Do you know Chairman Maehara?
He was a friend of my grandfather.
I must see him.
What for?
I'm a busy person.
You have 5 minutes.
Actually, 4.
What do you want?
I withdraw from the Olympic team.
Alright. I'll think about it.
Let me explain.
There's nothing to explain.
There's still time.
I thought you were a smart boy.
Does your father know?
The coach doesn't matter.
By quitting, you jeopardize
the future of your club.
Your father will suffer the most.
I guess dad is
my limit.
I don't understand.
He's not my father.
He's just my coach.
All my life, I've been diving
for dad and the club.
That's my limit.
With each win, I get lonelier.
I never questioned it.
But it's over.
The thrill is gone.
Is that all?
Time's up.
The star of Japan's diving,
Kenichiro Teramoto,
received a ticket to the Olympics.
His excellent performance in
the World Series
gave him a spot in the team.
I am sorry
for what I did.
Should I tell them?
Go ahead.
The Federation
will hold trials to decide
who will take
the one remaining spot.
The winner must get at least
500 points.
That's tough.
No way.
It's impossible.
Right now,
Teramoto is the only diver
who can raise this score.
Chairman Maehara is ready
to send a one-man team.
We won't let him.
I'll raise 500 points.
We can do it.
Sure we can.
Let's go!
Is it true you'll resign?
If no one makes the Olympic team,
the club is over.
I'll make it.
I gave it up,
I can take it back.
Teach me 207B.
Keep your head up. It's important.
Then bend forward.
Keep it up!
Stretch your arms.
That's right. Once again.
Mom, Dad!
How are you feeling?
Miu and Hiro are here.
Shut up!
It's OK. Tell them
that I'll nail the 4.5 turns jump
and will go to the Olympics.
I can't go back yet.
You must win.
Of course.
- The start list? - It's in the office.
I promise I'll make it.
The Olympic Trials
are about to start.
Only a winner
with a score of over
500 points will qualify.
Such a score
can secure a medal at the Olympics.
That's right.
Mr. Kenichiro Teramoto
is also here today.
Eight divers will compete
in the finals.
Tomoki Sakai,
a junior high student
tops the ranking.
On his heels is his teammate,
Yoichi Fujitani.
Who should we support?
All three of them.
You're right.
Sit here.
Long time!
So you came!
And so it begins!
He's good.
The three divers of MDC
lead the ranking.
Sakai is third,
Fujitani is second,
and Okitsu is first.
Use this.
A spasm?
I'm fine.
It's the pressure.
I'm telling you I'm fine.
Let's see what we can do.
Stretch it.
The first half is over.
Okitsu leads the ranking.
Only the top 3 divers
stand a chance to get
more than 500 points.
Well, hello.
I didn't expect you to let
Yoichi Fujitani compete today.
When your grandfather
and I competed,
opposing the Federation
was unheard of.
We did as told.
Eager and devoted.
But we won no medals.
Maybe those boys...
I haven't lost hope.
But I won't compromise.
500 points. Not a point less.
Very well.
Fujitani will aim for the top
with a difficult forward dive.
He has fever.
He felt responsible
and practiced till late last night.
I should have noticed.
He was close.
A careless dive.
Not good.
He messed up.
It's the pressure.
Next is Sakai,
third in the ranking, but...
Something's wrong.
He isn't on the platform.
What happened?
What is he doing?
What happened?
Why? Why?
Is he OK?
What happened?
Can you dive?
I'm fine.
Next, Sakai. 305C, DD 2.7.
With this splendid dive,
Sakai still has a chance to win.
The sixth dive.
It's the last one.
Free dive. 101A.
DD 1.6. Shibuki Okitsu.
He has reduced the level.
A simple forward dive.
Swan dive.
The swan dive was
his grandfather's specialty.
But with such a low level,
he needs top marks to get
more than 500 points.
The dive has to be perfect.
Watch me, Grandpa!
10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.
Score:. 48.00.
Total score:. 500.05.
He did it! 500.05 points!
The swan dive brought him
the first 10 mark so far.
Shibuki, you're just like
your grandfather.
Next is Yoichi Fujitani.
Current score 402.85.
He will perform a 3.5
turn back dive.
207B, DD 3.6.
Yoichi Fujitani.
What's wrong? Are you OK?
Something is wrong.
He must dive now,
or he'll be withdrawn.
I can't watch it.
It's not good.
He'll get no points.
Oh, no.
Quiet please!
My son will dive.
Score:. 97.20 points.
He did it! Fujitani too broke
the 500 point mark.
It's a draw.
They both made the cut to join
the Olympic team.
Are you OK?
Thank you... Dad.
And last, Tomoki Sakai,
with a higher level
for his final dive.
A 4.5 turn jump.
Few are the divers who can
perform this jump.
It's a real challenge.
Can this young talent realize
his dream?
Tomoki Sakai, 109C, DD 3.5.
Look at it.
The view that only you can see.
I can break the limits!
I saw it!