Divergent (2014) Movie Script

TRIS: We're lucky to be in The City.
They say the war was terrible.
That the rest of the
world was destroyed.
Our founders built the
wall to keep us safe
and they divided us
into five groups,
factions, to keep the peace.
The smart ones, the ones who
value knowledge and logic
are in Erudite.
They know everything.
Amity farm the land.
They're all about kindness
and harmony, always happy.
Candor value honesty and order.
They tell the truth, even
when you wish they wouldn't.
- And then there's Dauntless.
They're our protectors,
our soldiers, our police.
I always thought they were amazing.
Brave, fearless and free.
Some people think
Dauntless are crazy,
which they kind of are.
MAN: Come on, Beatrice.
My faction is Abnegation.
The others all call us "stiffs."
We lead a simple life,
selfless, dedicated
to helping others.
We even feed the Factionless,
the ones who don't fit in anywhere.
Because we're public servants,
we're trusted to run
the government.
My father works alongside
our leader, Marcus.
It all works. Everyone
knows where they belong.
Except for me.
My mother says there's an
art to losing yourself.
But I haven't figured it out yet.
I'm supposed to never
think of myself,
to always help others.
To never look too
long in the mirror.
Are you nervous?
Were you?
For your test?
Mmm-mm. No.
I was terrified.
But I didn't have any reason
to be and neither do you.
That's all you get.
Rules are rules.
TRIS: Today I take the test.
I'm scared it'll tell me
I'm not Abnegation.
That I have to leave my family.
But I'm even more scared
that it will tell me to stay.
For my brother Caleb, it's easy.
CALEB: Let me help you with that.
TRIS: He's a natural.
Beatrice, do you wanna
get the other bags?
CALEB: What if she'd been blind or an
amputee? Would you have helped her then?
- I was thinking about helping her.
- CALEB: It's not that hard.
For you, maybe.
Just relax, Beatrice. Take a
deep breath and trust the test.
TRIS: Trust the test.
Test will tell me who
I am, where I belong.
Am I smart?
Am I honest?
Or brave?
Hey. So, all the food
that we're not getting,
you guys are giving away
to the Factionless?
- Right? Yeah?
- Yeah.
You're a liar. Why
are you lying to me?
Everybody knows you
keep it for yourselves.
So why don't you
just admit it? Huh?
I'm talking to you. Are all you
stiffs deaf or somethin'? Hey!
One hundred years
ago, after the war,
our founders created a
system they believed
would prevent future conflict
and create lasting peace.
Today, aptitude testing
based on your personality
will assign you to
one of the factions.
While it is our belief
that choosing the faction
indicated by your test is the best way to
ensure success within the faction system,
it is your right tomorrow
at the choosing ceremony
to choose any of the five factions,
regardless of your test results.
However, once the choice has been made,
there will be no change permitted.
What is it with you
Abnegation and mirrors?
We reject vanity.
Yeah. I know. Sit down.
I'm Tori. I'll be
administering your test.
You'll be offered a
series of choices
to test your aptitude
for each faction
until you get one result.
I wouldn't sweat it.
95% get the faction
of their origin,
and from the looks of you...
What is it?
Bottoms up.
Now. Before it's too late.
- Why? What will I do with them?
- Choose.
Just tell me.
Get up.
We're going out the back door
before a supervisor comes.
- But what was my result?
- Come on!
What happened?
You're going to tell your family
that the serum made you sick
- and that I sent you home. All right?
- No, but what was my result?
And Erudite. And Dauntless.
Your results were inconclusive.
That's impossible.
It doesn't make any sense.
No. Not impossible. It's
just extremely rare.
They call it "Divergent."
You can't tell anyone about
this. Not even your parents.
As far as the world is concerned,
you received an Abnegation result because
that is what I manually entered.
So what am I supposed to do
at the choosing ceremony?
I was supposed to learn what to do.
This was supposed to tell me what
faction to choose, the test.
- We're supposed to trust the test.
- The test didn't work on you.
You have to trust yourself.
What happened to you today?
Where did you go after your test?
I got sick, so they
sent me home early.
Did you finish your test?
What was your result?
What was yours?
ANDREW: Why did you just leave
without telling anybody?
I was sick.
ANDREW: Beatrice...
I don't think you understand the
level of scrutiny we're under.
They're doing everything they
can to discredit us right now.
Who is?
They believe that they should be
the governing faction, not us.
So you have to be careful
right now, okay?
Even Marcus is under attack.
For what?
It's an old accusation.
That he mistreated his son
and that's why the boy defected.
- Is that true?
- No.
'Course not.
Children defect for
all kinds of reasons.
Don't take too long in here. You
need a good night's sleep...
For tomorrow.
I, um...
We love you.
Good night.
I'm so proud of you, honey.
- CALEB: Beatrice?
- What?
Tomorrow when we choose...
You have to think of the family.
But you also have to
think of yourself.
MAN: (ON PA) Factions, please
gather in your assigned areas.
Morning, Jeanine.
Good morning, Andrew.
How is Marcus holding up?
As well as can be expected.
We need to find out who's
behind these rumors.
I think we all know who it is.
If it's someone from Erudite,
I promise I'll find out who.
These are your children. I don't think
I knew they were choosing today.
- What's your name?
- I'm... I'm Caleb.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Jeanine Matthews.
And you are?
This is Beatrice.
Well, you both have a big
decision to make today.
I'm sure your parents will support
whatever choice you make.
That's not supposed to be a choice.
The test should tell us what to do.
- You're still free to choose.
- But you don't really want that.
I want you to choose who you truly
are and where you truly belong.
Not on a whim. Not because you
wish you were someone you're not.
But because you
honestly know yourself.
I want you to choose wisely.
And I know you will.
The faction system
is a living being
composed of cells, all of you.
And the only way it can
survive and thrive
is for each of you to claim
your rightful place.
The future belongs to those
who know where they belong.
When we leave this room,
you will no longer be dependents
but full-fledged members
of our society.
Faction before blood.
ALL: Faction before blood.
I love you...
No matter what.
MARCUS: Jonathan Ziegler.
MARCUS: Erudite.
MARCUS: Jeffrey Yates.
- Dauntless.
Morgan Stokes.
MARCUS: Claire Satron. Candor.
Sam Robertson. Abnegation.
Caleb Prior.
MARCUS: Quiet, please.
Beatrice Prior.
Welcome to Dauntless!
BOY: Come on!
Let's go!
GIRL: Come on!
You made it.
- I'm Christina.
- Beatrice.
Is it just me or are
they trying to kill us?
Get ready!
- They're jumping.
- What?
What if you don't jump?
What do you think?
You'll be factionless.
Good luck, Al.
- Together?
- Yeah.
One, two, three...
ERIC: All right, listen up!
I'm Eric. I'm one of your leaders.
If you want to enter
Dauntless, this is the way in.
And if you don't have
the guts to jump,
then you don't belong in Dauntless.
Is there water at the
bottom or something?
I guess you'll find out.
Or not.
We just jumped. They
want us to jump again?
Someone's gotta go first.
Who's it gonna be?
Yeah, stiff, take it off!
Put it back on!
Today, Initiate.
What, you get pushed?
What's your name?
Is that a hard one?
You can pick a new one if
you want, but make it good.
You don't get to pick again.
Okay... My name's Tris.
First jumper, Tris!
- Welcome to Dauntless.
Dauntless-born, go with Lauren,
transfers stay with me.
LAUREN: This way.
Most of the time I
work in Intelligence,
but during your training,
I'll be your instructor.
My name's Four.
Four like the number?
Exactly like the number.
What happened, one through
three were taken?
What's your name?
Well, Christina.
The first lesson you learn from me
if you wanna survive here,
is keep your mouth shut.
Do you understand me?
Follow me.
This is The Pit.
The center of life
here at Dauntless.
You're gonna be sleeping
here for the next 10 weeks.
Girls or boys?
- GIRL 1: Nice.
- BOY 1: That works.
If you like this, you're
gonna love the bathroom.
GIRL 2: Great.
BOY 1: Okay...
- GIRL 2: Seriously?
- BOY 2: Is there no other area?
GIRL 2: Are you kidding?
You should feel right
at home, Candor.
Everything out in the open.
BOY 2: Is this a joke?
FOUR: Get changed.
Right. Shower, anyone?
PETER: Nice legs, stiff.
- BOY 1: Hey.
- BOY 2: How you doin'?
Shall we sit there?
Have you never seen
a hamburger before?
No, I've seen one.
I just have never eaten one.
Abnegation eat plain food.
Plant-based diet with no sauces
and a minimum of seasoning.
- Which textbook did you swallow?
Nice to meet you, too.
I'm Will. Erudite.
Of course you are.
No offense, but I'm surprised
Abnegation even eats at all.
Too selfish, right?
No wonder you left.
You gotta be pretty self-confident
to be friends with a Candor.
What is that supposed to mean?
You have no filter. You say the first
thing that comes into your head.
- You mean like, "You're an idiot"?
Nice one, Al. At least
we tell the truth.
Erudite can tell the truth
because we have the facts.
I don't want to hear
about your old factions.
You're Dauntless now.
Were you a transfer, too?
Or Dauntless-born?
Are you kidding?
What makes you think
you can talk to me?
Must be because you're
so approachable.
MAN: Four...
You, my friend, have a death wish.
(WHISPERING) You know,
he was first in his class.
They tried to recruit him for
leadership twice, but he said no.
Initiates, stand.
You have chosen to join
the warrior faction
tasked with the defense of this
city and all its inhabitants.
We believe in ordinary
acts of bravery
and the courage that
drives one person
to stand up for another.
Respect that.
Do us proud.
I want everyone in The Pit.
Two minutes.
There are two stages of training.
The first is physical.
Push your bodies to
the breaking point
and you'll master the
methods of combat.
The second is mental.
Again, breaking point.
You'll face your worst fears and conquer
them unless they get you first.
You'll be trained separately
from the Dauntless-born,
but you'll be ranked together.
After initiations, rankings will
determine what jobs you move into.
Leadership, guarding the fence, or keeping
the Factionless from killing each other.
The rankings will also
determine who gets cut.
At the end of each stage of training, the
lowest-ranking Initiates will be leaving us.
To do what?
There's no going home to your
families, so you'd live factionless.
- Why didn't we know that?
- It's a new rule.
A new rule? Somebody
should have told us that.
ERIC: Why? Would you
have chosen differently?
Out of fear?
I mean, if that's the case,
you might as well get out now.
If you're really one of us, it won't
matter to you that you might fail.
Now you chose us.
Now we get to choose you.
Statistically speaking, you should have
hit the target at least once by now.
Even by accident.
Hey. What have you got?
Factionless. Not doing anything.
Check it out, stiff. That's
gonna be your new family.
Go say "Hi."
You ready for some real fighting?
Not even close.
ERIC: First jumper!
In the ring.
Last jumper!
Time to fight.
How long do we fight for?
Till one of you can't continue.
Or one of you concedes.
According to the old rules.
New rules, no one concedes.
You really want to lose
'em on their first fight?
A brave man never surrenders.
Lucky for you, those weren't
the rules when we fought.
You'll be scored on
this, so fight hard.
PETER: Don't be scared, stiff!
- CHRISTINA: Nice, Tris!
- BOY 1: Nice.
- BOY 2: Yeah!
All right, guys, over here.
Listen up.
Know what this board is?
It's your life.
We grade you every day.
If you're still in the red by the
end of the first stage, you're out.
TRIS: I'm never gonna make it.
CHRISTINA: Yes, you are.
I'm the weakest one here.
Then you'll be most improved.
You're Candor. You're
not supposed to lie.
I was Candor. And I'm not lying.
If they cut me, I think my
parents would take me back.
WILL: No, it doesn't work like that.
Even if they wanted to, their
faction wouldn't allow it.
Even if my parents
would take me back,
I wouldn't belong there anymore.
- This is getting depressing.
CHRISTINA: You know what
we should do? Get tattoos.
WILL: Did you know they had
a tattoo of your face?
- Like it?
- WILL: Yeah.
- Where would you get it?
- I don't know.
Where do you suggest?
Anywhere you want.
Here, it's this thing here.
You remember me, right?
- I was just wondering if you could...
- No.
I just do tattoos.
I'd like this one.
Can I just ask you...
You made a mistake
choosing Dauntless.
- They'll find out about you...
- Who?
Who will?
The people you're a threat to.
- What people? Who, Dauntless?
- No, society.
If you don't fit into a category,
they can't control you.
I don't get it.
I'm Dauntless. I'm going to be
Dauntless. I chose Dauntless.
TORI: For your sake, I hope so.
You're weak. You have no muscle.
- You're never gonna win, not like that.
- That's good to know.
Yeah, you're gonna have
to use your whole body.
Keep tension here.
- Okay...
- And go on offense.
You're fast, so you could
win if you attack first.
You get inside, you
jab to the throat.
ERIC: Four!
Keep working.
AL: Sorry about that, Will.
Come on, Chris.
Stop... Stop!
I'm done. I'm done.
You need to stop?
- Okay.
Let me give you a hand.
All right, let's
everyone take a break!
You feelin' a little better?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- ERIC: Grab the rail.
- Or don't.
You've got three options.
Hang there and I'll
forget your cowardice.
Fall and die.
Or give up.
But if you give up, you're out.
Come on, Chris!
Dauntless never give up.
FOUR: As Dauntless, we fight to protect
every life inside the fence, without fail.
That's why we train
you the way we do.
To teach you not to give up.
And to find out who
has what it takes.
Even though it's been quiet out there for
years, that could change at any moment.
So we have to be ready
for everything.
BOY: Whoo!
What's out there?
- Monsters.
Amity farms.
No, I know. But beyond that?
Places that never
recovered from the war.
Do you know?
Let's just say they built
their fence for a reason.
- BOY: Man!
You're kinda good at this.
BOY: Come on.
That was pathetic.
It slipped.
Well, go get it!
What, while they're throwing?
Are you afraid?
Of getting stabbed by an
airborne knife? Yeah.
Everybody stop.
Stand in front of the target.
Four, gimme a hand here.
You're gonna stand there while
he throws those knives.
And if I see you
flinch, you're out.
One thing you will learn here
is that orders are not optional.
Anyone can stand in front of a target.
It doesn't prove anything.
Then it should be easy for
you to take his place.
Same rules apply.
Oh, come on, Four.
You can get closer than that.
- You want me to give her a little trim?
- Yeah, maybe just a little off the top.
Points for bravery, stiff.
Not as many as you just lost
for opening your mouth.
Now watch yourself.
We train soldiers, not rebels.
But we're done for today. Get out.
- You all right?
- You cut me.
I meant to.
You meant to?
You think he was gonna let
you off without a scratch?
You'd still be standing
there if I hadn't hit you.
So am I supposed to thank you?
You're supposed to be smart.
If I wanted to hurt
you, I would have.
- There she is.
You do have a death wish.
I can't believe you
said that to Eric.
You're the only one who's
ever stood up to him.
Look at your ear. Let's
get you cleaned up.
Hey, Tris. That was cool.
Impressive, stiff. Congrats.
WILL: Shut up.
What? Hey, you're famous now. I mean,
not because of the thing with Eric.
You're in the news. Yeah, listen.
"The recent transfers of
Beatrice and Caleb Prior,
"children of Andrew Prior, call
into question the soundness
"of Abnegation's
teachings and values.
"What prompted them to leave?
"Perhaps the answer lies in the
corrupted ideal of an entire faction.
"The theft of resources,
the general incompetence,
"the abuse of their children."
Did they beat you,
like Marcus Eaton's kid?
They didn't beat anyone.
They're good people.
Right. And that's why you left?
Was it something I said?
- He's an idiot.
- Yeah.
Yeah. That's okay.
What's she doing at Dauntless?
You're Andrew Prior's
daughter, aren't you?
It's just Tris now.
Tris, I like that.
You made an impressive choice,
Tris, despite your parents.
And your test result.
You've seen my test result?
Of course.
I'm glad you were smart
enough to know your own mind.
Let me know if you
ever need anything.
Well, that was weird.
AL: What do you think is goin' on?
WILL: I bet they're hunting Divergents.
That's all they talk about
at Erudite these days.
AL: Wait. Divergents are real?
CHRISTINA: Come on, Al.
ERIC: First fight. Peter versus Tris.
GIRL: What?
BOY: Uh-oh.
It's Eric.
He's just trying to
get back at you.
- FOUR: Hey.
- TRIS: What?
Remember what I said about attack?
First shot, right to the throat.
And you watch him.
He steps before he punches.
All right?
PETER: All right there, stiff?
Look like you're about to cry.
Might take it easy
on you if you cry.
- CHRISTINA: Come on, Tris.
PETER: Get up. Get up.
Come on. Stop playin'
with each other.
Wow. You look...
Look bad.
How long have I been here?
About a day.
A day?
Have you seen the
scoreboard? Where am I?
You got below the line.
Why are you wearing those vests?
War games.
Whoa. What are you doing?
- I'm coming.
- You can't.
WILL: Eric says you're done.
He said you're out.
Your father's on the council, Tris.
Maybe they'll make an exception
and let you go home.
We're sorry, Tris.
WILL: We gotta go.
We're gonna miss the train.
Yeah, okay.
- TRIS: Bye.
- WILL: Bye.
- TRIS: Bye.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
TRIS: I just figured
that I had to make it.
Who let you out?
I did.
You did?
CHRISTINA: Let's sit you down.
The game's simple.
It's like Capture the Flag.
Weapon of choice.
You call that a gun?
Neuro-stim dart.
Simulates the pain of
a real gunshot wound.
Only lasts a couple minutes.
Two teams. Four and I are captains.
You pick first.
Okay. Edward.
I'll take the stiff.
Oh. Picking the weak ones
so you've got someone
to blame when you lose.
Something like that.
CHRISTINA: Where did Eric's team go?
WILL: They must have gone to the end.
All right. Lights off.
Gather around. Come on.
Okay. What's your strategy?
We can hide the flag well
enough so they can't find it.
Let's send out a team to scout their
location. See if we can find their flag.
I say we blitz them. Just...
AL: Yeah, that's the best
way to lose quickly.
BOY: Let's make them come to us.
EZRA: End this quickly,
they won't expect it.
WILL: We don't know where they are.
Okay, we split into two
groups, defense and offense.
- EZRA: Who put you in charge?
- CHRISTINA: Someone has to make a decision.
- EZRA: We need to be more aggressive.
- WILL: We need to be smart about it.
You're not gonna jump, are you?
No, I'm just trying to get
a good vantage point.
Good thinking.
You don't have to come with me.
You should go easy.
You took a beating.
I'm surprised you noticed.
I saw you leave during the fight.
Yeah, well, it's not
something I wanted to watch.
FOUR: Hey!
You good?
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
This is high enough.
No, we need to go higher.
You all right?
You're afraid of heights.
Everyone's afraid of something.
I didn't think you were
afraid of anything.
FOUR: Come on, Tris.
Are you even human?
This isn't so bad.
Good eye.
There it is.
- FOUR: All right. What's your plan?
- TRIS: We split into two groups.
We'll go up this side and let
the rest of you engage Eric.
- BOY 1: I can see 'em.
- BOY 2: Go! Go!
Light 'em up!
BOY: There's two more!
I'm gonna move in closer!
Follow me. Go!
- BOY: Watch on your right!
- GIRL: Go, go, go.
Christina, let's go!
BOY: Get 'em, get 'em!
- GIRL: This way!
- GIRL: Cover me!
- BOY: All right.
Tell me if this hurts.
TRIS: You tell me.
You bitch!
- CHRISTINA: Asshole.
- That was awesome!
GIRL: Get covered!
I'll guard.
WILL: Game over!
AL: Good job, Tris!
Hey, Tris!
Come with us.
Where you going?
Shortcut back.
A little initiation ritual,
Dauntless style.
TRIS: Wow.
BOY: All right, let's do this!
- BOY 2: Good.
- BOY 1: All right, you good?
- BOY: Hang tight.
- GIRL: Yeah. Go, go!
- Fly, baby.
- Whoo!
You're up.
BOY: All right, do it!
- Come on, girl.
Go for it!
Do it, Tris!
GIRL: Like flying!
Don't forget to pull the
brake at the bottom!
TRIS: Okay.
BOY: Go.
BOY 1: You ready?
BOY 2: Harness is good.
Pull the brake!
Pull the brake!
FOUR: Tris!
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know, I wanted to say that
you were really good tonight.
You were brave.
Anyway, you should get
back to your friends.
If you're ranked
above the red line,
you'll move on to the
second stage of training.
If you're below it,
we'll waste no more time on you.
Here are your rankings.
WILL: Nice.
AL: You made it.
CHRISTINA: You made it, Tris.
- BOY 1: Got it.
- BOY 2: Thank you.
Here you go.
So we pass the first stage of
training, and this is our reward.
MAN: Toss it up!
Oh, my girl!
- Mom, what are you doing here?
- I knew they'd assign you here...
sooner or later. Look at you! God,
you're so strong and beautiful.
- Mom, you can't be here.
- I know, but you're in danger.
I had to ask you something.
You weren't sick the day you took
your aptitude test, were you?
- Why?
- What were your test results?
Honey, it's okay. You can tell me.
They were... They
were inconclusive.
You can't tell anyone. You can't
tell your friends, your instructors.
You can't trust anyone.
- I'm not.
People have always been
so threatened by Divergents.
But now Erudite is looking
for them everywhere.
- They're actively seeking them out.
- Why?
- (WHISPERING) Mom, what am I?
- You don't conform.
Your mind works in a million different
ways. They're scared of you.
Stage two of training is
where you are most at risk.
They're gonna get inside your head
and watch how you respond to fear.
But you can pass. You can make it
through Dauntless. I have seen it before.
How do you know so much
about this? About Dauntless?
Never mind about me. Do not
let them know who you are.
Wait! Were you Dauntless?
- Listen.
- GUARD: Hey!
What are you doing?
Truck's loaded. Let's go.
What did they do to her?
Take a seat.
I'm going to inject you with
a serum that stimulates
the part of your brain
that processes fear.
It induces a hallucination,
and then transmitters in the serum allow
me to see the images in your mind.
- You can see inside my mind?
- Mmm-hmm.
Lay back.
Now, you're gonna be facing
your worst fears, Tris.
Most people have 10 to
15 really bad ones.
You have to calm yourself.
Slow your heart rate and your breathing,
and deal with what's in front of you.
Be brave.
This isn't real.
It's all right, it's all right.
- You okay?
How long do you think you were
in the hallucination, Tris?
- Twenty minutes?
- Three.
Four times faster than the average.
I've never seen anyone do
that well the first time.
How did you get rid of the birds?
The image wasn't clear.
I just went into the water.
Well, next time it'll
be a lot easier.
I have to do that again?
Yeah, you have to practice several times
before the final, but you're a natural.
You got nothing to worry about.
CHRISTINA: My whole body was
covered in these little insects.
They were in my ears,
and my throat...
I couldn't breathe.
Yeah, I heard about this
guy, like two years ago...
So panicked he had a heart attack
in his chair and he almost died.
Yeah, so we've got that to
look forward to, right?
You didn't seem to have
any problem at all.
No, no, my God, it was awful.
Oh, come on. No one even came close
to your time. You were amazing.
Yeah, what's amazing is that she's gonna
knock you right out of Dauntless.
She's not gonna knock
me out of Dauntless.
Look, she's gone from being
the worst to one of the best.
Somebody's gotta take her
place at the bottom.
Who's it gonna be? You.
Do you ever stop talking?
I just want to know
how she does it.
What's your trick?
I don't have a trick.
Nobody gets through it that fast.
Why don't you tell
us how you do it?
At least tell your friends.
What's he talkin' about?
- Is there some way to make it easier?
- No.
I'm not doing anything.
Hey! Hey!
This isn't real.
How'd you do that?
How'd you break the glass?
I don't know. Just did it.
You just did it?
What were your test results?
Your aptitude test.
I don't think so.
I think you're lying to me.
Why would I lie to you?
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
What were your test results?
Time for you to go.
Just so you know,
Dauntless don't break
the glass like that.
TORI: My brother was like you.
During the second stage,
he got good really fast.
Last day of the simulations,
one of the Dauntless
leaders came to watch him.
Then the next morning, we found his
body at the bottom of the chasm.
They got rid of him.
Who did?
Dauntless leadership.
You can't let them
find out about you.
And what if they already know?
Then you're already dead.
What are you doing here?
TRIS: I'm in trouble.
What happened?
I'm not gonna make it at Dauntless.
I don't fit in there.
You have to fit in there.
I can't.
I'm just... I'm not like them.
I mean, who is? They're crazy.
Maybe I can go back to Abnegation.
You can't go back. I know, but...
They're never gonna let you do that.
- Who?
- Erudite.
They're not gonna let Abnegation
break any more rules.
They actually think that they're
running the government now?
They might be soon.
Wait. Really?
Erudite should be in charge.
Certainly not Abnegation.
Wait, hold on, Caleb.
How can you say that?
It's what all the other factions
want, now that Abnegation failed.
No. That's just what they're
telling you here...
- It's true.
- It's not true.
- (QUIETLY) It's not.
There are liars here.
There are people who know
how to manipulate you.
You need to understand that.
I think you should go.
Faction before blood. Yeah?
Got it.
I need you to come with me.
- JEANNIE: Stop!
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
I'm glad you came here today.
You are?
Are you happy with
your new faction?
But you came to see your brother.
I just... I just
wanted to talk to him.
Have you seen your parents?
- It's hard to let go.
Faction before blood.
It's an important ideal,
but sometimes difficult to fulfill.
It goes against our
fundamental human nature.
But that's exactly the weakness
we need to overcome.
You think that human
nature is a weakness?
I think human nature is the enemy.
It's human nature to keep
secrets, lie, steal.
And I wanna eradicate that.
That's how we'll maintain a
stable, peaceful society.
You would help me with
that, wouldn't you?
How would I help you?
You're aware that
Abnegation is undermining
the faction system
and breaking laws
harboring Divergents?
I didn't know that.
But if that's true, then
I'm glad that I left.
See, I need to know
that I can count on you
to enforce the law,
even if it's been broken
by someone close to you.
Someone you care about.
Of course.
Then I'll have my car take
you back to Dauntless.
MAN: Come on!
Get her over!
Come on, do it!
Do it!
FOUR: Hey!
You all right?
Come on. Let's go.
Here, put this on.
Thank you.
You'll be safe here.
It's okay.
I can't believe Al...
You're moving up through the
ranks, and he's failing.
It makes him hate himself
and it makes him hate you.
He's just afraid.
Everyone's afraid.
I know, but fear does something
strange to people like Al.
But not you.
Fear doesn't shut you
down, it wakes you up.
I've seen it.
You should lie down.
- Get some sleep.
- Yeah.
I'll take the floor.
How you feeling?
Where'd you go yesterday?
To see my brother.
It's getting a little
boring for you here, is it?
My brother said that...
He thinks Erudite is planning
to overthrow Abnegation.
Do you think they could do that?
Yeah, I do. I think it's possible.
Depends how far they're
willing to go.
I'm worried about my parents.
But I think you got other
things you need to worry about.
Don't you?
I should go.
Is that your sweater?
So what happened
to you last night?
AL: Tris, can I talk
to you for a second?
Listen, I just wanted
to say that I'm sorry.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
Please, can you ever forgive me?
If you ever come close to
me again, I will kill you.
You need to stay away from me!
You are a coward.
I just can't believe
he would do that.
It's not like him at all.
WILL: What's that?
BOY 1: Come on.
Oh, my God!
BOY 2: Guess he just jumped.
Leave me alone.
I'm sorry about Al.
It's my fault that he's dead.
No, it's not because of you.
He made his own choice.
He would have been factionless.
He was not gonna pass
that final test.
TRIS: Neither am I.
Why do you say that?
You know why.
And as soon as all the others
find out, they're gonna kill me.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
Shut the door.
You're gonna practice.
- In my fear landscape?
- No.
In mine.
We go in together.
Have you ever done this before?
No, I haven't.
You sure you want to?
Why wouldn't I?
I don't know. You haven't told
me anything about yourself
and now you're just gonna
let me inside of your head?
- Are you afraid of that?
- You're not?
Fear of heights.
I'm not surprised.
It's not real.
No. We could just jump.
Divergent would jump.
Dauntless would get
to that building.
If you want to pass, if you
want to avoid discovery,
you have to do everything the
way a Dauntless would do it.
You have to find some tool,
some method to survive.
Fear of confinement.
You have to find a way of stopping it.
What would a Dauntless do?
- Take your time.
I'm just enjoying myself
in this shrinking box.
As a Dauntless soldier, you have to follow
orders you don't always agree with.
Who is she?
She's an innocent.
I have to kill her.
But I can never do it.
Unless I look away.
Why are we in Abnegation?
Your last fear is your worst fear.
It lives in the deepest
part of your mind.
Marcus had a son.
What was his name?
MARCUS: Tobias.
I'm just trying to
help you to be better.
Four fears?
Four then, four now.
I keep going in there, but I
don't think you ever lose them.
Can I ask you something?
What's your tattoo?
You wanna see it?
It's amazing.
TRIS: The factions.
Why do you have all of them?
I don't want to be just one thing.
I can't be.
I want to be brave and
I want to be selfless...
Intelligent and honest and kind.
Although I'm still
working on "kind."
I don't wanna go too fast.
It's okay.
I've already got my
spot on the floor.
TRIS: Morning.
Come on. I'm gonna
show you something.
- Erudite.
- Yeah.
They're here every morning.
I've been watching them for weeks.
What are they doing at Dauntless?
Loading in supplies. Computers.
And these.
TRIS: What is it?
I think it's some kind of cognitive
transmitter. You inject it like a serum.
It's supposed to make you more
susceptible to suggestion,
but as many as they have,
they could create an army.
MAN: (ON PA) Attention, all
initiates report for final testing.
All initiates report
for final testing.
You're ready.
You can do this.
They can see your
hallucinations on the screen.
So you get past your fears
the way a Dauntless would,
but do it quickly.
Right. If I'm too good, then they'll kill
me, and if I'm too slow, then I'll die.
Good luck.
Good luck, Tris.
Hope you make it.
FOUR: Congratulations.
Whoa. Four!
Stop! Four!
Aren't you Dauntless?
Please tell me that you
weren't watching that.
Would you feel better if I said no?
You did well.
One final test.
You know what to do.
If you want to be Dauntless.
Do it.
- FOUR: You all right?
That looked good to me, okay?
Come on. Let's go.
new members of Dauntless.
Dauntless! Dauntless! Dauntless!
FEMALE LEADER: Come on. Get in line.
All right, everybody, line up.
What's going on?
All Dauntless initiates,
report to your command leader.
ERIC: All right, listen up!
Before you leave tonight,
I want you all in four lines.
Everyone gets a tracking device.
Don't ask questions.
It's just a precaution.
Do you see Four?
WOMAN: Next!
- WILL: What's going on?
- Oh, my God.
You should be first in line, but...
I'll make it easy for you.
ERIC: Hurts like a bitch, huh?
Now you're really one of us.
Hey, what's...
MAN: (ON PA) Faction before blood.
Oh, my God.
MAX: They can see and hear us.
They just don't process
it the same way.
Commands come in through
the transmitter.
What's goin' on?
What are we doin'?
ERIC: Hey! Everything's fine.
There's nothing to worry about.
MAN: Hurry up!
MAN: (ON PA) Abnegation leaders
must identify themselves.
We need to find my parents.
Just keep moving.
Where's your house?
We are looking for information.
All houses will be searched.
Do not resist. You
will not be hurt.
TRIS: Mom? Dad?
Where would they have gone?
I don't know.
WOMAN: This can't happen
here! Just stop it!
MAN: (ON PA) Do not resist.
All Abnegation will be questioned.
The legendary Four...
A mindless drone.
You were first in your
class. Now you're...
Think he might be...
There's one way to find out.
- ERIC: Say goodbye, asshole.
- Goodbye.
Move and you die!
The stiff?
Two stiffs.
ERIC: Two dead stiffs.
You can't let a single
Divergent slip through.
- This is what happens.
- She's not gonna shoot me.
Think you might be
overestimating my character.
FOUR: Run!
- You were hit?
- Yeah.
Right there!
Don't move!
MAX: Drop your weapons.
Tobias Eaton.
And you, Beatrice.
I thought it was intellect
I was sensing in you.
Maybe you're not as smart
as you think you are.
Why are you attacking all
these innocent people?
Innocent people?
Abnegation, if left unchecked,
will destroy the faction system.
Same can be said of both of you.
Somebody has to stop you.
If we don't, peace will be lost.
It's already been lost.
You destroyed it.
Human nature destroyed it.
Those of us with the vision to see that
are called upon to protect the rest.
We will restore the peace.
And this time, it will last.
And what if you're wrong?
Bring him with us.
(CLICKS TONGUE) She's injured.
Any results would be unclear.
- You can get rid of her.
- SOLDIER: All right.
Get down!
SOLDIER: Let's go. Come on!
MAN: (ON PA) Additional security teams,
report to mobile command Level 5.
- Mom? Mom!
- Beatrice.
Okay, we gotta run!
You were Dauntless.
Served me well today.
Is Dad okay?
Yeah. He led a group over to Monroe
and State. We're gonna meet him there.
Let's go!
SOLDIER: Copy 1-9!
Will! Will!
Will, stop! Stop!
- TRIS: Stop!
Okay. Come on, honey. We gotta go.
I killed him.
I killed him. I killed him.
Come here.
Let's go find your father.
- Cover me.
- No.
I'll go.
Got it, sir!
NATALIE: Don't stop!
Don't stop!
- You okay?
- Yeah, good. I'm good.
Let's go! We're good.
Mom... What is it?
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Mom! Mom, no!
Mom! Mom!
Mom? Mom! Mom, wake up!
Oh, my God, Mom!
Stop! Stop!
I love you, Mom...
Oh, my God!
TRIS: Where's my father?
ANDREW: Beatrice?
Your mother?
She saved me.
She saved me.
Then it wasn't in vain.
We need to leave here.
Are there soldiers outside?
No, it's clear.
I should have believed you.
I left as soon as I realized.
Why is this happening?
I don't understand.
Why are Dauntless
fighting for Erudite?
They don't know what they're doing.
They're under simulation.
We need to wake 'em up.
I need to get into Dauntless.
MARCUS: That's a fortress.
It's not gonna happen.
I can get us in there.
TRIS: Get ready.
What now?
You're not gonna like it.
There's a net at the bottom.
Don't think, just jump.
Are you good?
Let's go.
Wait here.
Against the wall.
Against the wall!
How are you awake?
Because I'm smarter than you.
And they need me.
Where are they controlling it from?
Why would I tell you that? It's
not like you're gonna shoot me.
Why do people keep saying that?
Where are they controlling it from?
Did you really need to shoot him?
Every minute we waste,
another Abnegation dies
and another Dauntless
becomes a murderer.
TRIS: Peter, let's go.
That's it, isn't it?
I've seen Jeanine go in there.
That's where she's
controlling it from.
Like you said, there
isn't a second to waste.
- Dad, no!
- MAN: Do whatever it takes...
MAN: Hey!
Watch Caleb. I'm going in there.
Hey. Hi.
Four... Four, it's me.
You're in a sim.
He can't hear you.
Amazing, isn't it?
Everything we think of
that makes up a person,
thoughts, emotions, history...
All wiped away by chemistry.
He's gone.
And we're all safer for it.
How are we safer?
The brilliance of
the faction system
is that conformity to the
faction removes the threat
of anyone exercising
their independent will.
Divergents threaten that system.
Don't get me wrong.
There's a certain beauty
in your resistance,
your defiance of categorization.
But it's a beauty we can't afford.
Four, it's me. It's me.
Please, Four, look at me.
Look at me.
Four! It's me!
Four, stop!
Four... Please...
It's okay, it's okay.
I love you. It's okay.
It's okay.
I love you. It's okay.
Four, look at me. Look at me.
It's me. It's me.
It's me. It's me.
Finish it.
MAN: Hey!
Shut it down.
I am not gonna
ask you again. Do it!
Shut it down!
I admire you willing to die
for what you believe...
But so am I.
You can't do it, can you?
Maybe you're not quite as Dauntless
as you thought you were.
You're right.
I'm not.
I'm Divergent.
Now shut it down and
wipe the program.
WOMAN: (ON PA) Simulation abort.
System-wide shutdown.
JEANINE: No... No...
Don't get me wrong.
There's a certain beauty
to your resistance.
FOUR: Tris...
Lockdown now in effect.
MAX: All right, let's move!
We gotta go. Now.
We need to keep moving.
All right, move!
I got it!
I know you do.
TRIS: My mom and dad died today.
They're gone.
FOUR: I know.
But they loved you, Tris.
For them, there was no
better way to show you.
Now we have nothing.
We have no home, no faction...
I don't even know who I am anymore.
I know exactly who you are.
You sure about that?
Yeah, I'm very sure.
Come here.
TRIS: We're like the Factionless now.
We've left everything behind,
but we found ourselves
and each other.
Tomorrow we may have
to fight again,
but, for now, we'll ride the
train to the end of the line...
And then we'll jump.