Divertimento (1992) Movie Script

Pierre Gris Distribution
Michel Piccoli
Jane Birkin.
Emmanuelle Bear.
With the participation of Marianne
Denicourt, David Burstein, Gilles Arbon.
Hands of the artist
Bernard Dufour.
Operator William Lyubcsansky.
Scenario Pascal Bonitzer by Christine
Laurent and Jacques Rivette.
Inspired by Honore
de Balzac's novella.
Dialogues of Pascal Bonitzer
and Christine Laurent.
Mystic scenes JACQUER RIVET Monday in early July, between 3
and 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
Everything is fine?
Have a good night's sleep?
Good. Now we'll go down.
Do not rush, I'll have coffee.
Is Marianne all right?
Everything is fine!
Do you think I've changed?
No, not much.
Will we go by car?
No, it's close.
Admire the beautiful scenery.
You can not wait to see everything?
To me - no, but Nicolas
is a little excited.
Do not exaggerate.
This is more than the truth.
How did you get here
from Montpellier?
By taxi.
Only on it and you can get here.
Marianne, are you angry?
I'm jealous.
Nicolas more interested
in Frenhofer than me.
Is he really a genius?
I tried to read about it,
but did not find anything.
In the seventy-fourth
he threw everything.
He refused to exhibit?
You were not born then,
my little mademoiselle.
I wonder how you can live here.
I'm sure it's very good.
After my next exhibition,
I'll buy a house even more.
I would not live here.
You change your mind.
Maybe he is on the other
side and can not hear us?
Hears and is perfect.
Then I don't know...
Magali, how you grew up!
Do you know where
Monsieur and Madame are?
I do not know, Monsieur Porbus,
I'm looking for our cat Justine.
Liz! Edward!
Sorry. I help Franoise
bake a cake.
Did you come from the hotel on foot?
And, probably, you want to drink.
What can I bring you?
It does not matter, if only it was cold.
Need to change...
What about Frenhofer?
Marianne, come here.
What are they doing there?
Maybe they are not
happy to see us?
The sense did not burn!
There you are...
This is a hall of chimeras,
my favorite, because there
is nothing to care for.
Very beautiful.
And there are ghosts in the house?
No, only Frenhofer and I.
It's not a haunted castle.
By the way,
where did you hide Edouard?
I do not know, after
breakfast he disappeared.
So strange.
Do you like the garden?
Magali still remains?
- She has a dance lesson.
- And the truth. It's a pity.
Have you seen monsieur?
No, madam.
Maybe he's in the workshop?
He forgot about us.
Yes, it happens when he
thinks about something.
Pleases that he rarely does it.
Maybe we got in the way?
Well, what about you!
So, you found it.
By the way, Balthazar,
I was given a special
soap with arsenic
against ants. Is it not dangerous?
Can I touch him?
And what did you use before?
DDT mixed with soap.
Well, I would continue.
You're not too early?
Take it to your mother,
and this is put on my office.
Thank you.
- What day is today?
- Monday.
Yes, Monday. And I forgot.
"This is Marianne."
"Do you remember Nicolas?"
"Ah, Nicolas..."
Incredible, I forgot everything.
You meant "ashamed."
"Well, I'm sorry."
What a fever!
We have already grown naked.
Now we'll talk.
Let's go inside, it's cooler.
Something strange is happening here.
Honestly, Nicolas - strange.
Someday I will place
a telescope here.
Which can rotate
around its axis.
And then you can see
the whole landscape.
Who cares about the
landscape, eh, Nicolas?
Come, I want to show
you my workshop.
Here, as in the church.
There was a granary here.
And below - stables.
It is difficult to equip such
a workshop, but, Nicolas?
This took many months.
You become distracted.
Do you know why I
asked you to come?
Because I'm scared.
- You are scaring me.
- We?
Yes, but do not think bad.
Liz and I have a place
of stability here,
even happiness.
You have arrived and
everything will be broken.
Frenjo, stop it.
Nothing personal, but you
are involved in all this.
Have you been drinking from Roussel?
If you have come, you will understand
everything and become unhappy.
I admire your work.
And you yourself invited me here.
Of course of course.
You want to see everything,
learn everything.
You are more interested in painting than I do.
- Yes it is.
There's something new?
Not for you, old canal.
The latest are here.
And upstairs.
But everything is in a mess.
Do not want to get up? It's cute there.
This one is very unusual.
Not bad, but nothing special.
Bloodless... and in the
canvas should be blood.
Is not that too categorical?
No, in the "Beautiful debater"
there is blood.
What kind of
"Beautiful debatable"?
We do not know anything about it.
It's not bad.
I like it too.
Can you see the
"Beautiful Spirits"?
It does not exist. This is
just an unrealized idea.
She exists.
She should be here.
And why is it so called -
"Beautiful debatable"?
In the seventeenth century
there was such a courtesan.
Her name was Katrin Lesko,
and she had an amazing life.
I read about it, and after that
I wanted to write something.
Write a picture about it.
It was three in the morning,
but I did not sleep.
Because of me.
Yes, it's your fault.
A beautiful debater is you.
Why exactly "debatable"?
She was very fond of arguing.
"Do you also know about this?"
You know,
when I was a little one
told me this when I argued.
Yes, beautiful.
- So, the picture exists.
- No, I already said!
If Nicholas had forgotten me, I
would not have stayed with him.
Do you love him?
Frenjo, what are your
manners, ask such questions!
But I'm interested!
Let's drink.
On health!
Excellent wine.
Thank you.
In a married life its own charm.
It's a shame that my father pushed
his wife under the TGV [fast train].
And after that, he hanged
himself in the house...
over there.
Countess Du Zes...
Do I correctly pronounce it?
Also committed suicide in the house.
In short, all the children finished poorly.
There were twelve of them, they
studied at a rural school.
So you love Nicolas.
And he loves you, it shows.
Do not be angry, he is
always so unceremonious.
I'm not angry, I'm listening.
And you agree that painting is
more important to him than you?
He never painted you?
In any case, if he
will not finish his work,
will not go to the end...
I'll give it up.
Why do not I go to the end?
We are looking for the truth in
painting, but the truth is cruel.
Beautiful words, but
you did not lose me.
Almost lost.
I know what to do.
Where is my glasses?
- Oh, I'm sorry!
- Sorry.
I forgot them in the workshop.
I'll go look.
I'll go too.
Nicholas, can I lean on you?
Legs do not obey.
Here they are.
Then back to the ladies.
You do not have something invigorating?
Do you want to stay
here all night?
No, I can wait.
In any case, I'm better.
I do not want to stay here.
It's hard for me to come here.
When you see an unfinished job,
it's just unbearable.
But it's cool here.
And quietly...
Do not you hear the forest?
Constant noise, muttering.
That's why I'm not staying here.
It's like the sea.
Like sea.
As the noise of the universe,
noise of the universe.
Forest and sea are mixed -
this is painting.
Do not you think so?
No I do not think so. This
definition is not for me.
For me painting - it's blows.
Penetration of flowers.
Yellow cadmium,
exploded red,
something final, clean.
And I prefer to work on
an unfinished canvas -
so I wanted to finish it.
I need to move on,
to risk.
Was it not that the picture
got worse after it was over?
Of course, many times.
But you need to take risks.
Not everyone is at risk,
but you need to be resourceful.
I can ask?
What did you do before
meeting with your husband?
I wanted to become an architect,
but I did not have the talent.
Why did you ask?
I thought...
that it is not easy to
live with such a person.
Yeah, it's unbearable.
But I'm not a gift, either.
Somehow everything was formed.
And in another way I do not want to live.
But do you have any other ideas?
No, the only idea -
live with him.
Let it is not easy.
Let this be strange.
Hardly strange.
"Would you like some pie?"
No thanks.
Nicolas has changed a lot
since the first exhibition.
I had to defend myself.
He seemed very fragile to me.
Sooner or later, war
will begin between us.
I know it.
I feel.
I understand you.
It's familiar to me.
Did he win the war?
Nobody won.
Each of us was wounded,
and then we made peace.
Lasting peace.
You can start writing.
There is no more patience.
This is more uninteresting.
Need a masterpiece or anything.
Why do not you write
"The Beautiful Debate"?
No impossible.
With Liz...
It is too late.
It is necessary to avoid a catastrophe.
Why not write Marianne?
And it's true, it's possible with Marianne.
Really possible...
this is it.
Do you want Marianne
to pose for you?
Why not?
Write it - it's interesting.
When are you leaving?
I think, in ten days,
we did not plan anything.
Well, then you do
not need to hurry.
She will pose for you.
Well, intriguing.
I will be watching this.
I want to see the picture
right after the end of work.
And I'll buy it,
at the market price.
So we came to an agreement.
Why did he say "until tomorrow"?
I did not hear.
"He said" until tomorrow."
Shall we see each other tomorrow?
I think he wants you
to pose for him.
What kind of story is that?
He asked me if you
could pose for him.
And you said yes?
Yes, I agreed.
"Your herbal tea."
- Thank you.
Do you have a date tomorrow with Marianne?
A "date" is not the right word.
This young couple is very nice,
there is something in them.
Yes, they are cute.
And he is very talented?
And the school is good.
He inspired me to
start writing again.
This idea belongs to both of us.
I have not painted for a long time...
I think we need to try again.
I'm sick of self-portraits.
It was a good idea.
I will draw...
Explain what?
How will I pose?
Naked, I think.
I saw his canvases.
This is not true.
Do not make yourself innocent.
Sold me like a whore.
Yes, Nicolas?
Feet away!
Listen to me, Marianne.
It will be more than
just a portrait.
Even if it is an
absolute masterpiece,
you should have talked to me.
This will be an absolute masterpiece!
Will be.
It will be "Beautiful debater".
He gave up this idea ten years
ago, and you will help him.
And I do not care!
Your Frenhofer is ridiculous.
"Truth is a painting.
And the truth is cruel."
"Blood on the canvas."
And you follow him.
Simply disgusting!
Stop it!
Look at me.
Let's talk tomorrow. Okay?
Turn off the light.
- Good afternoon.
- Kind. I'm going to see Monsieur Frenhofer.
Let's start with the carcass...
however, it does not matter.
You can start with anything.
Sit on a chair.
Sit down straight...
Look right at me.
Good afternoon.
Is Madame Frenhofer at home?
At home. Come with me.
I'm wearing a mask, because
I'm allergic to lion's wool.
Good afternoon!
I was so freaked out!
I thought the police came.
These things are almost outlawed.
I risk going to jail.
And Magali too, but less.
- Marianne with your husband?
- Of course.
Magali, now I can manage without you.
Run to your mother.
Please hold the wing.
This will be more difficult.
And with Frenhofer...
were there many models after you?
This is the first time in many years.
You have turned pale,
almost green.
Do not worry, Frenho
is a gentleman.
You can not be afraid of him.
I'm not afraid for him...
I do not know what to do.
And what can be done?
It's too late to do anything
and ask for advice.
Let go of the wing, and
then you remember it.
Oh la la! What happened?
Hold this.
Thank you.
You frightened me a little yesterday.
And interested.
How long will he draw?
I do not know.
Maybe a whole day.
Maybe in five minutes
everything will be finished.
And how much time
would you need?
I work on photography.
I'm doing something for the
first time without it.
Were you his first model?
By posing, I paid
him my studies.
He was so attracted
that I did not resist.
Although it is not so, it seems to me.
Everything flew in different directions:
Chairs, stools, paintings...
He helped me to take place...
I met Marianne in the subway,
three years ago.
She was already ready to
jump under the train.
I talked with her, and since
then we are together.
- So romantic!
- Yes very.
Do you know what he said yesterday?
When asked Marianne to
pose for a picture?
No, he's chatting incessantly without
choosing words, inappropriately...
- By the way...
- Excuse me?
It was said very opportunely.
Maybe by the way.
put on the peignoir -
he's upstairs.
Take one step forward.
Clean the stool!
Get your hands behind your back.
I could not think that
you would go for it.
Legs like a needle pricks.
Let's stop.
It's enough for today.
So far, nothing works,
but this is just an outline.
So you're done?
Well yes!
So, good bye.
Maybe someday we'll
meet in Paris.
Why in Paris?
I'll see you tomorrow-here.
I thought you...
Is that why you want to leave?
It happens -
something comes out, something - no.
With me - even worse:
I am paralyzed.
At ten o'clock tomorrow.
Not too early?
Not early?
All the best!
Was it good?
Very good. Just a nightmare.
And what did Eduard say?
He said that everything is in order.
He asked you to come back?
Yes, but I'm not here for
this, it's not for me.
Please, Marianne...
try again.
This is so important to him.
- I do not think so.
- And I know.
Come back tomorrow.
I do not understand
why I need him.
He makes a mistake.
Just wasting time.
No, I'm sure the opposite.
And you will understand
it and become interested.
You'll see.
I'll see you off.
- Walked?
- Yes, I went for a walk.
Has she come for a long time?
Five minutes ago.
- So that?
- What?
Everything okay?
And even better.
What does it mean?
He instantly grasps the essence.
Just a magician.
What happened to me - is unique.
You say that to anger me.
Well, if the truth makes you angry...
He finished?
Are you kidding? I'm going
to see him tomorrow.
Tomorrow at ten in the morning.
Thank you.
Sugar is not needed.
Let me.
Take pictures.
Take off the necklace.
I like starting from the beginning.
It seems that I'm at the Academy.
Let's start from the back
from that position.
Turn around.
Put your hands on your hips.
Hair lift?
Just pick them up.
Be straight.
Have you ever tried to walk with
something heavy on your head?
Hold straight, as if
looking at the ceiling.
It hurts so much.
But so it is necessary.
Want a little?
I would eat ten slices.
I do not like ham.
You know the sculptor...
He died a few years ago,
in a madhouse
in Norway together with the model.
I've never heard of him.
He did excellent things -
in the marble.
For example, "Resurrection".
He was really a great creator.
It's a pity...
He searched all within himself.
Obsession, obsession -
all these are consequences of obsession.
It is she who makes
everything impossible.
Throw it all...
if it's scary.
Rubec and Irene...
She was strange.
A little crazy.
I knew her before I met him.
You look great in this position.
I painted it in this pose.
One of my first canvases.
Her death was like emptiness.
Because all the models that
were before Liz, I forgot.
They were different.
I shot them on the street.
I do not remember their names.
And they agreed?
Almost always.
You are so sad...
Because of your fiance?
He's not my fiance.
And Joseph Pigul?
I do not see him anymore.
He left yesterday.
Far left?
To Saint-Vincent.
Oh la la! It's only
three kilometers!
What? You are crying?
No, something's in the eye.
Come - hold the stand.
You know, one day,
I was very, very sad.
Because of whom?
Because of whom, it does not matter.
My favorite...
Monsieur Frenhofer?
No, then I was the
same age as you.
I took the clay and blinded the figure.
I put a lock of hair on my beloved
and pierced it with a needle.
And after the thirty-third,
I feel better.
"What about him?"
"The bridegroom?"
I do not know,
but I'm sure he died
at thirty-three.
How is Jesus Christ?
Yes, but my fiance was not Christ.
Do you like?
What was her name?
I walked around for a long time -
because of her manners.
Provoking, almost insulting.
Naked - she looked
like in clothes.
Dressed - as if without clothes.
The perfect opposite of Liz.
Liz... did you also
take Liz on the street?
In the cafe near the Odeon.
She had an expressive back.
It was in April -
it was raining and it was cold.
Her teeth chattered.
I threw my jacket
over her shoulders.
She said...
I want to smoke.
And what did Liz say?
What did she say for the first time?
She posed for a fee.
I like agreements.
Then there is no need to speak.
Fingers are smoother!
In any case, I needed it
not only for painting.
The first time I was very afraid.
Fear moves everything I do.
Everything changed at
a tremendous speed...
I walked like a blind man -
the painter feels it.
As if my fingers were seeing.
they became on their own.
This is what I'm looking for.
And this is what I need.
Perhaps this is what led
me to this painting.
But why?
Why did I move away from her?
It's killing me.
Or she...
Well, shall we continue?
How long did I sleep?
Eternity or quarter of an hour.
I had a dream...
A huge black wild cat
that bitten my fingers.
Here. Yes.
- So?
- Yes.
I did not see you.
I'm sorry.
This is Eduard...
Turn your head.
Do you see anything?
I think, yes.
Is that what you wanted?
I can not stay.
Francoise alone can not cope.
I will go.
You invited her?
It does not matter.
What "Why"?
Why did you abandon her?
What threw?
That picture with Liz.
And you, then what?
Liz - it's not you.
That is the picture you
began to write now.
I did not start anything.
I know why I'm sitting
naked in front of you.
I need you.
Why me?
Why me?
Because it's Liz...
And you are curious, you
want to know everything...
like all the others...
Something happened.
You do not know, you will know...
And further...
Why do you need me?
You said that you do
not want to write me.
And you...
and not you.
You - even more.
This is more than
you can imagine.
If the picture does not lie,
it will be you.
I do not understand you.
I also,
and this is for the best.
But I need to understand.
Know... understand...
No one knows. Nobody can.
I have the strength.
I'm strong.
I think so.
Well, we'll see.
You try to escape from
the very beginning -
from the very beginning.
No, only during the fight.
We both need to be strong.
to the very end.
I begin to see you.
I start.
Julienne, if I said that I will not
return, then it is so necessary.
It will be better if you go
to the gallery and tell them.
Tell me what you want.
You take photos next week.
Everything will be fine.
Marianne lives her life.
I live my own life.
All about what I ask:
Look at the catalog, okay?
I kiss you.
Me too, very much.
Do you want to interrupt?
I think it's better this way.
Something is wrong?
Someone had to do it all.
But not me.
I hope for the miracle
that will come...
in one moment or another.
But no.
I've done it hundreds of times.
I'm doing it again -
slightly better, slightly worse.
But why?
I'm losing myself.
You stopped too quickly.
You quickly gave up.
Are you telling me this?
You advised me to defend myself.
I think if you stop, it
will be my fault. My.
These are all the words that we speak.
It just does not work.
And enough about this.
I am.
I also need to reckon with me.
You sometimes hurt me so much,
that I could not breathe.
And you did not give a damn.
What happened?
We must move on.
Yes, further.
We will not return back.
Whatever you do.
It's better to forget everything.
Whatever you say, you gave me the
strength to go further together.
You can not leave
me in the void.
You were scared,
But not me.
Tomorrow at ten I will come to you.
Thank you.
Are you sure that he will not do
anything wrong if she leaves?
It gives you pleasure.
I think you are interested in what
Frenhofer does with the model.
I think that you want to see
how he writes pictures.
I do not want this anymore.
I want to see only Marianne.
And leave from here
as soon as possible.
No need to hurry.
Why did you say that?
I know the end of music.
If Frencho had something
to do with his head...
"You came for me?"
- Yes.
We are leaving.
No, Nicolas.
- And I thought...
- You made a mistake.
But I must return to Paris.
Do as you will, but I remain.
Good-bye, Liz. Till tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That's enough.
Let's go to sleep.
Today she looked
very determined.
I even do not know why.
You found something true in it.
You seem to have reached
the heart, to the point.
To the meaning... of meaning...
This means nothing.
I worked hard.
I can imagine...
Do not run away.
I'm not running away, just tired.
You have not worked
so many years.
This thing will be very important.
What does "important" mean?
Do you know what it means.
This is true?
I don't know.
I think,
that you play with this girl, you
do not care that she is in danger.
What a rant!
You're dramatizing everything.
When you are afraid,
you become unbearable.
Sometimes you just make me sick.
Good afternoon!
Do not hurry.
It seems that Eduard is still sleeping.
I'll wait in the workshop.
Tell him that I'm there.
- Of course. Marianne!
- Yes?
Be careful.
In the sense of "careful"?
Work for Frenhofer - above all.
And he seems to be playing with people.
Thank you.
I know how to defend myself.
If he wants to write a face -
please refuse.
No. Sorry.
Would you like to get coffee?
No, thank you, I had
breakfast at the hotel.
I ate two croissants.
You are not interested in
whether I had breakfast or not.
Maybe interesting,
but do not need...
Look me straight in the face.
This is the only thing you need.
Help me!
"What you are doing is up to you."
"Be careful with the picture!"
I'll try it myself.
I myself will find a place,
my movement,
my time.
If something prevents -
it's hard to start.
When I was here for the first time,
I thought that this place
looks like a boarding house.
I was sick at the boarding school,
but now it's good.
Because everything
was forbidden there.
I was ill all the time...
Every morning I stayed...
for a long time in such a pose.
Awful fever.
Like this.
Where are you?
I'm here -
I listen to you, I look at you.
In the end, I was kicked out.
Why do I need to tell you this?
"Probably, because it's important."
Fever filled all night.
All nights,
before I met Nicolas.
It was a nightmare.
Did Nicolas help you?
Nicholas hates me.
He is sure that I'm
going crazy over you.
A fool and a bastard.
Just a fool.
No, just a bastard.
I do not know.
In any case - do not care.
I do not care either. A little bit.
He needs an excuse.
But even this is not true.
I slander him.
I think he is proud that Frenhofer
himself appreciated him.
He did not even think anything.
And can lose everything.
But he has no reason to think so.
There are plenty of them.
You, like a cat, catching a bird.
What happened?
Nothing happened. Continue.
What to continue?
I'm telling you about
how my life ends.
Between me and Nicolas everything is over.
I do not know why.
Only with him I would like to live.
I do not even want to see others.
I do not care at all.
I do not know what's going
on with you and Liz.
But Nicolas...
None of your business!
Why did you change the pose?
This pose, this look...
was that which is needed.
It's a rook, I've almost finished it.
Soft, soft feathers.
And this is the notorious poison?
Do not be afraid, I do not use it...
But I do not throw it away.
It's so cute.
And here is the drake.
As in the paintings of Audrey.
I saw something similar
in the Fabre Museum.
In Montpellier.
With a bowed head.
Animals are also posing?
Tell me, do you know what's
going on with Frenjo?
What happened?
Do you know that he again decided
to write "The Wrangler"?
With this girl.
He told you about this?
It must have happened someday.
That's better.
I do not know.
He is so hard for the first time.
He can not be protected
from everything, Liz.
It is convenient to think so.
So easily for you.
You come when everything
ends and you get your piece.
Besides the case when I
fall in the mud face.
Yes, as at the last dinner.
I did not mean that, you know.
You still feel better, Balto.
Do not call me "Coat".
No more Coats.
What does he say about the picture?
Have you seen her?
I saw something.
I hate you!
You come only for this.
To find out how everything goes.
Your friendly visits...
are hypocritical.
Well, stop it.
I did not call, but I came.
You know, I wanted to see you.
Why do not you stay for dinner?
I do not have to see
Edouard until he's done.
And I need to be in
Grenoble in the evening.
Do you think everything is going well?
Get out or I'll kick you out!
As you wish.
You say this,
because you think that when I
finish, you will be disappointed.
I? No.
I just lost the sense of time.
I feel like I'm in a cave.
Without the rain, the sun,
without heat, cold and wind.
Only the flame glows -
somewhere far away.
Remember - I will come on Saturday.
I hope you're not angry.
It's good that you said so.
Excuse me, is that you.
Monsieur Frenhofer?
I am Balthasar Porbus.
Good afternoon.
He is not, but there -
Madam Frenhofer.
Good afternoon.
"Good afternoon, mademoiselle."
Do you need my husband?
No, I'm looking for Nicolas Vartel.
Do you know where to look for it?
I think he's at the hotel.
Thank you. Bye!
I'm his sister Julienne.
Drunk? I got drunk?
And what, I got drunk?
Is it my fault?
Yes, it's you who got drunk.
Take that position. So yes.
- That's right?
- No.
- Here?
- It seems to me, it is a little more to the right.
Just show me and that's it. So?
Stop it! I do not know where I was.
Stop it!
Listen, stop it!
No, seriously... For work!
Where was I then?
Here, again moved! Sit still!
Excuse me, no one called me?
You are incredible.
I thought that you would sulk.
That you will not be happy to see me.
Well, I do not.
In the gallery, I did everything.
Spit on the gallery!
You have to tell me everything.
You can rest.
Here you can?
It is better not here -
better to spend the night in the house.
There are rooms for friends.
I need to call.
- Yes.
She will spend the night there.
The blanket is not needed.
It's cold at night.
How beautiful!
Inside, the most beautiful.
It will be to your face.
I do not wear jewelry.
This you never had.
Let's try. Wait.
I said "No"! I'm not a doll.
Forgive me for this trick.
Nothing wrong.
It happens.
Good night, Marianne.
You're not coming?
Not now.
Where will you go?
To the workshop. Do not wait for me.
I made coffee.
I came to the workshop.
I have seen everything.
I know.
that I was there in the morning.
Do not need to apologizes.
Does this anger you?
I do not like being
disturbed by work...
Yes I know.
Can you tell me something?
Since when in your work,
to write one canvas, you
need to destroy the other?
This is not true...
Yes, it was old.
You made me disappear,
but there was my face,
and I liked it.
You painted me.
Liz, it's not you I painted over.
In another way, this is not called.
You replaced me.
Replaced my face with an ass.
Can I have some coffee?
Thank you.
I thought that everything
would turn out differently.
When I work, I get carried
away, I forget everything.
Store the memory or not store -
this choice hurts.
I have no doubt that
you had a terrible night.
In any case, I was uncomfortable.
You do not think I'm going
to stage a jealousy scene?
But for ten years already,
you began to move away from
me, and from painting.
how we did not leave the
workshop for weeks.
We slept on a small mattress.
We did not distinguish between days,
no nights.
Do you remember?
Such memories are always stored.
Then you were full of
ideas and courage.
You know what I was thinking, when I saw you
sleeping in the morning at the pictures?
I do not want to know!
I'll still say it!
You're right, I will not say.
I will not say anything.
It's funny that it interests
you more and more.
You did not do that,
which already had to be
completed ten years ago.
At that moment, you seemed to
be looking and not seeing,
could not find the right one.
I was ready to go with you,
accept everything.
Because, we were stronger.
Stronger than before Balthazar?
Spit on Porbyus!
He suffered more than you.
And he still suffers.
I'm talking about you and me.
About what happened to us,
about how we turned
away from each other.
What you say is not true.
Why did we live
so well together?
Happily, as you said.
But happiness is too expensive.
Too sad.
You're sad, Frenjo.
Look at you.
You thought about this this morning?
Not only that.
You're sad, because
it's not young.
You've lost power.
Ten years ago, when you
started the picture,
this was the beginning of the adventure.
Now this is not the beginning,
this is the end.
You speak so coldly...
What else can I say?
You lied to yourself ten years, that
everything will pass. You can continue.
Stop it, Liz!
It's cruel.
Here I am...
Did you just notice this today?
No need for tension,
special concentration.
Look at me.
Lower your hand.
Turn your face.
No, look at me.
Raise your other hand.
Turn her around. Like this.
So, it became completely different?
No, somewhat more precise.
Are you looking for something?
Something once seen?
Frenjo must finish the picture.
But it would be better if
Marianne did not see her,
when he finishes it.
So he told me.
I do not understand.
It's not a matter of life and death.
Why not?
When he is carried away,
he lives his life again,
all forgotten memories.
They instantly stare at him.
Is it possible to cover a lifetime
in one picture
in these smears of paint?
It seems incredible, but
this is what Frenhofer is looking for.
Do you mean that there is
something shameful about this?
Yes, shameful.
Exactly. But this is not the body of shame,
shame is not nakedness.
Something other.
Is the work over?
May be.
Now you can see?
Is it over?
Tell me this and tell me...
What do you need here?
Where is Nicolas?
He left - he does not feel well.
So even better.
Tell him that I left.
Without talking to Nicolas?
Listen, Julienne, you're not his wife.
You should not be worn with him
and do not interfere in our affairs.
Nicolas will manage without me.
Marianne, shut up!
You think it's fun -
to hurt him?
I intervened too late to
interfere with your antics.
Now I know what to do.
I decided to leave.
But you can not leave
Nicolas, as I do.
I can not stay with him.
It's selfish.
Julienne, this is not true.
I have to leave
before it's over.
You do not give a damn about everyone?
What kind of thoughts are in your head?
It's not in my thoughts.
I saw her.
It's cold...
and dried up.
And this is me.
I do not understand what you're saying,
but you should not just leave like this!
I can not...
You need to rest.
"Stay one more night."
- Okay.
Tomorrow will be our day.
I'm tired.
If you want, spend the night with me.
I will not tell Nicholas.
Could you escape?
I waited until my mother fell asleep.
She fell asleep for a long time.
Such a beauty!
"Is that that mademoiselle?"
Listen, you and I will
have one secret for two.
"Do you know how to keep secrets?"
Hold her.
Hold it tight.
Is this the secret?
I did this with letters from Joseph.
I put them in the shoe box.
And she hid in the arbor,
not far from the rosary.
When it rains, I come there,
reread them again.
When it rains, there is
a very pleasant aroma.
Yeah, but here, it's
raining or not...
no one will see her. Never.
This will be our secret...
And no one will ever see this
picture, as if it were not there.
Yes, Monsieur Frenhofer.
How long will it be hidden?
Forever, even if I die.
Give me the brick.
Here we are.
This is not the most
pleasant moment for me.
I do not like when
something ends.
Marianne, is it
different for you?
For me, too, in a way.
The end of the picture can be
compared with the birth of a child.
And it takes time to understand what
it is and what it will be like.
But there is no time.
This is my first successful picture.
The best of the others?
This is the best thing
you did for me.
Are you talking about the picture?
Yes, about the picture. The real picture.
And more about that,
what did you do with it...
I hope that I surprised you.
You always surprise me, Frenjo.
How are you?
I'm scared.
I collected my luggage.
It's better to leave early
so as not to be sad.
We can go to Spain.
Barcelona. Montserrat.
Your brother has an unusual talent.
He said that he owed you a lot.
But I would not want to talk
about our strong friendship.
Ugly to him to talk about it...
But you have to know about it.
I would be glad to have dinner with you.
And with him.
I want to ask you a question.
You said that you are looking
for the truth in painting,
is it really so?
You ask as a friend
or as an enemy?
I think the artist does not have enemies,
except for the bad
films he wrote.
How am I to understand this, Nicolas?
As you wish.
I still admire you,
but I'm sorry for you.
I do not want to end up like you -
a comedy.
Remain by yourself.
I like you.
I did not believe you when
you tried to warn me.
It does not matter.
See, you had nothing to fear.
No, you were right.
I did not trust you.
I did not know who I was.
That's all I wanted to say.
I have no words.
In painting, words are
inexpensively valued.
You're right.
Let's talk about the numbers.
Drawings and paintings by Edouard
Frenhofer were made by Bernard Dufour.
Music by Igor Stravinsky