Divination (2011) Movie Script

Hey honey,
you almost ready?
They're gonna be
here any minute.
Yeah, i'm ready
That was the first time
and the last, actually,
That i ever offered to
take jason and a date
In my dad's truck.
Speaking of dads, happy
father's day tonight.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah, congratulations.
What is this like
your guys' 12th child?
This would be
our fourth, jason.
Speaking of which,
you guys trying?
Look it, why is it
when a couple has a child,
You immediately want
everyone else to join in,
Like, your misery club?
No, no, no, no.
Once you have your first kid,
You're gonna ask yourself
why you waited so long.
You are.
They're a gift.
Guess who's coming
back into town.
- Really?
Oh, my god, i haven't seen
her since high school.
When's she coming back?
Three days.
Wow, it will be
so good to see her.
I think it
will be magical.
Yeah, i guess
you could say that.
So how is work
treating you?
I've been trying to
get to work from home,
But i'm afraid my boss
isn't gonna let me.
I've got to prove to
him that i can work
Without direct supervision.
That way i can have
more creative freedom
With my sketch es.
I don't think you have
anything to be nervous about.
You're usually the most
talented artist i know.
Th ese new?
Yeah, some of them.
Jason, these are amazing.
What's this one for?
My boss is looking
for new ideas for comics.
It's kind of based on a story
that my dad used to tell me.
Anyways, it's a long story
So how is work going for you?
The layoff is treating
us pretty rough
But we're hanging in there.
If things get tight, don't
hesitate to ask for help.
Good to know.
I mean, just not from me.
Thank you.
It's so good to see you.
It's good seeing you too.
I'll see you later.
- Okay drive safe.
I'll see you later.
- Okay drive safe.
Will do. Bye.
So, i was thinking
that maybe we could
Get started a little early
Oh, boy you've got
the mom bug now.
- Yeah.
Okay, how early?
Well, if you
worked from home,
Then we could both
work after it's born,
And we could
start right away
So i'd be the
stay at home dad.
I'd come home from work and
the house would be clean,
And you'd have made dinner,
Wearing an apron
holding a baby
And some thigh highs?
Oh, no. Not holding
my kid. No.
Okay, i'll
talk to my boss.
I'll see what i can do.
Is this really
what you want?
Yeah, it is.
- Why did you ask him out?
You knew he was going to say
no because you're so ugly
Nobody's ever gonna
want to be with you.
you're never going to have
a serious relationship,
And then you're gonna die...
What do you
want, wormwood?
I want to commend you on
doing such an outstanding job
With the male's mind.
Oh, i know who
we're talking about.
I've had a good
time with him.
And i am promoting you
over the entire house.
Now, i want you to assemble
a small team to gather
Information, then you'll
receive further instructions.
Why is any kind of
recon necessary--
Just do it.
Look, wormwood, just
let me in the house.
I can penetrate much--
Shut up!
You do not question me!
If it weren't for me, you
would still be working below
The surface, and i can send
you back there instantly
Fear, you are not
Now, assemble your team.
So what is the verdict?
So what is the verdict?
Is this all you ever
want to talk about?
There is more to
life than children.
Not after you have them.
What is it that scares you?
The whole human coming out
of a human concept
Is pretty creepy
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is very gross.
Stop stalling, tell me.
Tell me what is it
that scares you?
I guess it's the
permanence of it.
I mean, once that thing pops
out, there's no going back.
Do you consider your
marriage permanent?
Okay, so what is it about
that life commitment that
You have no qualms about?
Because i want
jessica to be happy
So now all you need
to do is ask yourself,
Will jessica be more
fulfilled as a mom?
That's checkmate, by the way
I don't know if
you noticed that.
Can i help you?
Yes, i need in to see mr.
Okay, do you
have an appointment?
No, but this is urgent.
I'm sorry, mr. Phillips
doesn't take walk-Ins.
You'll have to make
an appointment.
But this is
very important.
Is there a problem here?
Yes, this lady won't
let me see mr. Phillips.
Mr. Phillips doesn't take
walk-Ins, sir. I'm sorry
This is ridiculous.
Will you please
shut that thing up!
Sir, you need
to calm down.
How can you tolerate this
in a place of business?
This is a place of
business, our business,
And we love babies
here, even crying ones.
What we don't tolerate is
people belittling
Our front desk staff.
Now why don't you get out of
here before i call security
Don't worry about it.
You guys are fine.
He's so beautiful.
What's his name?
Porter. Hi, porter.
May i hold him?
Thank you.
Hi, porter.
Hello, big boy
What are you waiting for?
I'm just not
sure about this.
This was your idea.
You told jessica
you'd call your boss.
What if i stick
my neck out there
And it doesn't work.
Manning up is never easy
You just have to do it.
Look at me. Nothing comes
to the man who waits.
Make the call.
What have we here?
Just a little picnic.
You said you skipped lunch.
Yeah, i'm starving.
What are we having?
My masterpiece. Pb&j.
I thought i'd try the
whole stay at home thing
And see if i'm cut out for it.
So far you're
doing fantastic.
Thank you.
Are you just trying
to butter me up
So you can get lucky later?
I'm not trying
to get lucky;
I'm trying to get you.
Is that my wifely duty?
Is that what i'm
supposed to do?
That and cooking and
working, paying the bills,
Doing the dishes.
I think you can do the
dishes/cooking thing.
Do you really want
to eat pb&j every night?
Guy, i hate
watching people.
Did you find what you were
looking for at her office?
Nope. Nothing
worth taking--
Of course you didn't!
Come on, man, you send in
anxiety to do what
I told you to do?
If you want something done,
you've got to do it yourself
You can't send in anxiety
he stands out.
He sucks at recognizance.
I'm sorry, what?
I think you should
take your own advice.
You should shut up.
Pay attention.
Tell me about it.
It makes me sick.
- Then why are we here'?
We're here because
we're ordered to be here.
Oh, yeah?
Well, who are you taking
orders from, wormwood?
Man, i report
directly to fear.
Wormwood's a middleman.
Pure corporate b.S.
He's all talk and no do.
He used to be just like you
and me, working the surface.
They used to call
him confusion.
I wonder what he
did to get ahead.
Man, there's only
way to get ahead.
Oh, i talked
to my work today
You're looking at mr. Mom.
" yay!
Does that mean you're
ready to start trying?
Right away
Okay race you!
Hey, tell lucion
to come here.
He's gonna want to see this.
Woe, woe, woe,
wait a minute.
If we bring him out here,
he's gonna get seen.
Don't worry about it, man.
He'll thank us.
Just get him here.
This is sacred and
you're not welcome here.
I can do anything i want!
Come on...
Please, just let me watch.
You think he can see us?
Who cares. Just drive.
Just go! Go!
You leave her alone!
Honey, what's wrong?
The dreams are back.
Same ones?
I keep seeing you in danger,
but i can't do anything.
Honey, i know that you
can't control your dreams,
But you can't let
them bother you.
Look at me.
See, i'm fine.
Yeah, i know.
Okay come to bed.
Here you go, son.
Happy birthday
Thank you.
What should i draw?
Draw whatever you see.
What if i don't
see anything special?
You will.
I guarantee it.
Good job today
Well, i happened to
be in the neighborhood,
But that was unusual for
him to approach the house
Carelessly like that.
Yeah, you're not the
first one to spot them here.
The enemy has their
eye on this house.
Have they been adopted?
A long time ago.
The fire is still there
if not dying slowly
Why are they
hovering here?
We don't know.
What we do know is that he
has an incredible gift,
But right now the
gift is tainted.
Tainted by what?
It's your job to find out.
Me? No.
I don't think i'm the
right one for this.
You're completely
No, i mean the timing.
Joshua, i know you're
in line for promotion.
You would have been
there already--
I know. I know what i did.
Normally i'd send
a rookie to do this,
But this house
is very special.
This is not your
average watch duty
Just hang in there
until we find out more.
I'll send daniel
to assist you.
I'll keep you posted.
Joshua, do not
get sidetracked.
Stay focused on this house.
Oh, my god.
Don't worry, honey.
They're not all mine.
It's not her. I'm
a terrible influence.
Honey, i want you
to meet my oldest
Best friend, delilah.
You can call me de.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You have a lovely home.
Let me give you a tour.
- Okay.
And this is the office.
And this is where jessica
and jason are making babies.
You didn't tell me
you're starting a family
We're currently trying.
That's so fantastic!
I hope it happens quick.
Me too.
Although, as i recall
when we were kids,
It was predicted that sarah
would have the big family
And she is.
Which i do.
Oh, hey, i didn't
know you guys were
Still into this stuff.
Have you been meeting?
- No' no. Must keep
those around because
They remind me of you guys.
Yeah, not since you left.
We miss you.
You guys are so great.
Well, who's hungry?
- Me!
Me too. I'm starving.
Let's go make lunch.
Do you remember what
our first fight was about?
I know what we
did after the fight.
Come on, i'm serious.
Do you remember
what it was about?
Oh, yeah, we were
shopping for furniture
And you wanted to get a
really cheap tacky porcelain
Angel as a decoration.
Yeah because i grew up
with one in the living room.
Do you remember
what you said to me?
Say it.
We didn't need it
because it was stupid.
That's not what
i want to hear.
What else did you say
I said that we didn't need
it because you're my angel.
Do you still
feel that way?
your life
is going no where...
Not now. I'm busy!
Let me be clear.
After the way your team
screwed up as badly as
It did, you
shouldn't be here!
But the irony is that
now the house is guarded,
And you have gone from being
a liability to an asset.
Since you own the males
mind, you are the ticket in.
Ticket in to what?
Plans have changed.
Commander is personally
interested in this house
And you are now a
critical element.
What do i have
to do with it?
Take the females mind
like you have the males.
That's impossible.
There's no way i
can get near that.
Did you hear me?
You are but one piece
of a grander operation.
You'll have one
window of opportunity
One shot at the
females mind.
Make her fear the future
And the rest will
fall into place.
Succeed in this and i will
overlook your failure.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not the one
that's gonna fail.
So why is commander
so interested
In this house anyway?
What makes them so
important? So special?
I don't know.
But this is huge.
Be ready
Oh, yeah, it's true.
I was dating her
sister first.
But you're leaving out the
best part of the story
Jess actually talked
lisa out of seeing me.
She said that i was no good
for lisa and that she could
Do much better than me.
I didn't mean
a word of it.
I only said it so i could
get my hands on him.
Ends justify the means.
In this case, yeah.
We're all better off.
So when did you start
dropping hints to your sister
About breaking up?
As soon as i met jason.
Really? The whole time?
You obviously don't
know us very well.
What you don't understand is
that we will stop at nothing
To get what we want.
It's amazing what goes
on behind the scenes.
Sometimes i think all
we ever see is surface.
We don't keep secrets
from each other anymore.
Honey, i need you to listen.
Okay this is random.
I need you to
open your eyes.
You know, he just fell
out of his chair and
Hit the back of his head.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Nevermind. He's fine.
You hit it pretty hard.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah. I'll be fine.
Well, i hate to turn
this into a hitand run,
But i should be going.
Thank you so much
for inviting me in.
Thank you so
much for coming.
You'll have to stay
longer next time.
" yay!
Bye. Take care of yourself
See ya.
You sure you're okay?
I want you to
give me a son.
I'm certainly hoping
for more practice.
Give me a son.
Honey, yeah, of course.
Give me a son!
I'm tired of this.
- You had a bad dream'?
Yeah. Yeah, i'm
gonna make the call.
No, not yet.
We're still trying.
Just give it time.
It's gonna work out.
Having kids is the
best thing i ever did.
Say, you wouldn't have the
number of that one specialist
You recommended about
the dreams i was having.
Yeah. Why, they back?
Hey dad, can!
Watch some pay per view?
Yeah, fine. Whatever.
Go ahead.
Can you send me
his info again.
Yeah, no problem. I'll
send it to you right now.
- Yeah, no problem.
I mean, it worked
wonders for me.
And you know what i said
earlier about talking,
If you want to talk
to me, i'm here.
Oh, my god, ty! He's
sitting right there!
I gotta go!
Yeah, that's me.
I've been assigned
to work under you.
Have a seat.
You ever been on
watch duty before?
No. Never.
It's about 98
percent boredom.
Most of the time our
presence alone is enough
to keep the enemy away.
You all right?
Yeah. I'm fine.
It's just i feel
dumb saying it.
Just spit it out.
Well, i've heard
so much about you.
Not much to
get excited about.
Are you kidding me?
You are the joshua.
You slew 300,000
assyrians in one night.
Well, i mean
they were sleeping.
Well, i'm still impressed.
To be honest, what are you
doing on the surface anyway
Doing watch duty?
You're way beyond this.
I made some mistakes.
Really? Like what?
You should follow him.
Yes, sir.
I thought you'd like
to know that i'm
Starting a family
I'm completely terrified.
I haven't told
anyone about you,
And i hope that my
child doesn't get what
You gave to me.
I'm going to renounce this,
And i'm gonna leave it here
with you where it belongs.
Can i help you?
Yeah, you.
No. I'm fine. Thank you.
He went to the cemetery
He visited his father.
That's good to know.
He saw me.
What do you
mean he saw you?
He saw me. He
looked right at me.
He even talked to me.
That's impossible.
Humans can't see us
unless we let them.
He saw me.
No way
You must have been sitting
on a cat or something
And thought he was
looking at you.
No way
Do you ever wonder
what it's like?
- To be a father'?
Not just that but all
aspects of that relationship.
To bond with another.
We're bonding.
Yes. I value our friendship
but it's a little--
It's different. I know.
They remind me of him.
When i see them together
loving each other,
I can see how--
Anyway. That's why
i love my job.
That's why i'd rather be
here than any other place.
Every time i see them,
i learn something new.
That's it.
I can't dance around
this topic anymore.
What is it you did?
What did you regret so much?
I got cocky and i'm lazy
I let divination
take over a house.
Okay, so you're
not the perfect one.
Why is that so bad?
Divination isn't
like the others.
It's a gateway
Once invited into a house,
all the others are let in.
The damn bursts.
After that, it's
over and done.
Why would they
invite that in?
Let me put it this way
If you wanted to
poison someone,
But they had to
take it themselves,
What kind of box
would you put it in?
Box of chocolates.
People don't want to engage
in self destructive behavior.
Humans want to live
long happy lives,
But they still do things
to hurt themselves. Why?
- They are dec-En ed.
Divination is the
most deceptive of all.
Not even we can see it.
So then joshua,
what do we do?
I'll let you know
when i figure it out.
If we meet again, i'm
gonna make sure divination
Remembers me for
all eternity
What the hell is that?
Why do you find that
thing so fascinating?
It's insulting.
Do they really think
we look like this?
Some do.
It's ridiculous.
Look at that dress.
And the harp.
Come on.
Some people cannot see--
Honey, are you okay?
I think there's
something coming.
Why? What'd you see?
Lock all the doors,
lock all the windows,
And wait in the bedroom.
Honey, you're scaring me.
Just do it!
Yes. I see them.
Show me what you've got.
Do not enter this house!
You impressed?
Not yet.
What's that?
Stay here and
protect the house.
But joshua, you
can't just--
Just do it!
What's wrong with him?
What does he see?
I think he's going insane.
Going insane.
Are you all right?
Yeah, i don't mind being
abandoned by my mentor and
Then being hopelessly
me outnumbered.
The house is safe.
What is it?
Something's wrong.
Stay here and clean up.
What are you doing here?
I'm just making
friends with jessica.
For what purpose?
I'm afraid i don't know.
Believe me, i'd love to tell
you given your record for
Dropping the ball.
Nobody tells me anything but
i know it's huge, and it's
Going full speed
ahead thanks to you.
Leave this house now.
Oh, no, she chose me.
She chose fear.
She welcomed me in, and
there's nothing you can do to
Break past free will.
Nobody likes
you in their head.
They'll reject
you soon enough.
Funny thing about people
is they're always
Trying to kill god.
If they worry and fear
then that means they're in
Control, and if they're in
control, they don't
Need anything else.
No, this is my house now.
I'm not crazy
I just want to
put that out here.
I'm here because ty
gave me your number.
Well, if you know ty, then
that certainly won't
Help your sanity
That was a joke.
I'm sorry i feel
awkward here.
I've never seen one of you.
You know, a lot of people
misunderstand what i do.
You don't have to
feel defensive.
90%, of my job is listening.
But you scheduled this, so
you must have something
On your mind.
why are you here'?
Okay, well, fora while
now, i've been having
Nightmares, usually
something involving my wife.
But lately, i've been seeing
things during the day,
And it's terrifying me.
Such as?
I think there's people
out there to get
Me and my family.
Only they don't
look like people.
Sometimes they do, and
sometimes they don't.
But it seems like they
want to do us harm.
And th en sometimes i think
that there's people guarding
Our house like they
want to keep us safe.
Jason, unfortunately,
you didn't book
Enough time today
On your way out, schedule
another session and make sure
It's longer than 15 minutes.
Okay, well, can't you just
tell me that i'm not crazy?
That sometimes
this is normal?
If i told you that,
then i'd be lying.
No, leave now,
leave him alone!
Dad, who are
you talking to?
So you finally
saw the quack.
You know you're
headed nowhere.
Youre afraid you're doomed
to repeat your
Father's failures.
You're afraid.
You're destined to failas an
artist, fail as a husband,
fa. As a father.
Let me tell, i have been
so frustrated with my work.
Well, some people that i
supervise simply cannot get
Their act together.
I mean i'm asking them to do
the most basic things, and
The past few days, they just
keep making more fires
That i have to put out
Well, could you fire them?
I would love to, but
we have this big deadline
Looming and this current
project is very
Important to me.
So in the meantime, i'm just
going to have to intervene
And get the job done myself.
Well, if the projects
that important to you, maybe
It's good that
you're involved.
Hmmm, maybe you're right.
So, how are things
with you and jason?
Everything's good so far.
But i have been really
worried about jason.
Not only are his dreams
keeping him awake
At night, but now...
This is just between
and you me, okay?
Yesterday, he started
seeing things
When he was awake.
And at first, i blew it
off, but last night i started
Thinking about it, and it's
got me really concerned.
What if he's starting
to lose his mind?
That won't be
good fora baby
I can't bring a
child into that.
Whatever you do, you
cannot stress about this.
You can't stress
during your pregnancy
You're right.
Everything's going
to be okay, right?
We've been waiting for
this for way too long.
I'm very happy for you.
You're very blessed
to have a child.
Hey, are you okay?
I'm fine, i'm fine.
I'm really happy for
you, i really am.
I just wish that i was
as blessed as you are.
Dee, hey, you're
going to find somebody
No, it's not like that.
Well, then, what is it?
I'll never be able
to have children.
Dee, i'm so sorry
Don't feel too bad.
It's nothing new, i've known
about it my whole life.
You know, i hate giving bad
news, so i would
Rather give you this.
Oh, dee, you didn't have
to give me a
Present, thank you.
Dee, i don't know about all
of this spirituality stuff.
I kind of grew out
of this, you know?
Well, i'll tell you
what, just hang onto it.
You never know.
i'm sorry,
it's a lovely gift.
are you ready to go'?
- Okay
It's not there.
It's not right there.
It's a lie.
I'm starving,
why are we here?
I just need to pick up
something real quick,
I'll only be a second.
Okay cute place.
- Thanks.
I see you haven't let
up since high school.
If anything, you've sold out.
And why did you stop?
Oh, i never took any
of this stuff seriously
You should.
I think you should
take it very seriously
This stuff has had a direct
impact on removing
Nightmares from my life.
It's just
psychological, dee.
This stuff isn't real.
Jess, it isn't just real.
It's more real than
the physical realm.
And there's invisible forces
around us all the time.
And some people can tap
into it and change things.
You have that gift.
I can see it in your eyes.
What are you doing?
You're still hungry?
If i give you a
book, will you read it?
Okay let's go.
Nobody cares about you.
I'll never get any work done
if you keep interrupting
Me like this.
I've spoken
of your success.
Commander is very pleased.
My pleasure.
So pleased in fact that
after this assignment,
You'll have your pick of
the operations.
That's okay
I think i'll stay here.
Stick with the male.
You can go anywhere in
commander's region.
There are dozens of
cities, large territories.
Look, i don't know what
the commanders got planned,
Nobody tells me anything.
But i know that it's huge.
I want to stick
around to see it.
Besides, i've got the male
almost frozen with fear.
He can hardly sleep at night.
He is so paranoid of becoming
his father, and now that he's
Going to have a child, the
threat is so very near.
His mind in the present is
ruining his future,
And i want to see how
far i can take it.
Well, your
dedication is inspiring.
I just want to see him
squirm, ruin his potential,
Watch him waste his life
wishing he could be good
Enough, never amounting
to his real worth.
Seeing him go to his grave
never accomplishing anything.
I love to sit in
a good graveyard.
I love knowing that
underneath every stone is a
Pile of flesh that never
reached its potential, never
Honored the gift.
Sometimes i think
they're more evil.
They're all so
weak, so easily swayed.
They don't know
how lucky they are.
Half the time, i don't even
have to talk to th em to get
Inside of their head.
They create filthier thoughts
than i could
Ever, ever plant.
I hate them, oh, my
god, i hate, hate them.
May our father live for ever.
may they take our place.
May man burn in hell forever!
Fear, this family will
burn because of you.
Wormwood, i think you
should watch tonight.
I have a special dream
planned for jason.
Hold off on tonight.
Leave him alone.
This comes straight
in commander.
Tonight just don't touch him.
The commander's
actually here?
If you can arrange
a meeting...
You can meet commander
when i permit you.
We'll see.
We'll see.
Good book?
Yeah, it's really good.
I got up in the middle of the
night last night because i
Wanted to read.
So it's got a
grip on you, huh?
Did you sleep good?
I did, real good.
- Good.
Are you okay?
Yeah, i never felt better.
Okay, i love you.
I love you, too.
So how's the pregnancy?
Oh, i've got cramping.
Oh, do you? That's awful.
Yeah, i gotta
sleep on my side.
Oh, really, you do?
So how's jessica?
Oh, she's craving.
If i have to look at another
pickle anchovy pizza.
Odd food makes for healthy
children, believe you me.
But don't you worry, oddity
is not hereditary,
So you are fine.
Let me rephrase.
Your children are
going to be fine.
I hope my child
isn't exactly like me.
There's a lot of things
i don't want to pass on.
No, no, no,
jason, don't worry
Your kids aren't going
to look like you.
It's okay, jessica's
got you covered.
I'm thinking between
jessica's looks being
Your brains, your
kid's pretty set.
Yeah, maybe.
What, you don't want your
kids getting your brains?
What about your father?
What traits did
you pick up from him?
Uh, smarts, smarts.
Are you sure?
I really hope you're not
taking this too lightly
I do.
It took me way too long to
figure out just exactly how
Important i am to my kids.
Fathers, especially
fathers, so important.
Everything we do affects who
they are, how they act, what
They do, their character.
Not that there's any
pressure, of course.
You know, i'm not going
to lose any sleep over it.
Some of the most evil people
in history had
Wonderful parents.
No matter what external
forces try to influence our
Lives, in the end,
we have free will.
I couldn't disagree
with you more.
I completely
disagree with you.
Adults have free will.
Adults do, yes they do.
Kids, they don't.
They don't get to
choose their parents.
They don't get to choose
their up bringing.
They can't control the
emotional climate
Of their homes.
They don't have that power,
and children --Adults for
That matter --They're all
controlled by
Outside influences.
They are, and --
I'm on a leash.
Outside influences.
Yes, we're playing chess.
I can do that.
Your turn.
Jason, it's your go.
You need to stop staring at
the girls, man, you're going
To creep th em out.
Yes, yes, yes.
You shouldn't
have encouraged him.
You know, that's
funny coming from you.
- Don't ignore the obvious.
he is drawing his bad
dreams because of you.
- Don't even start.
you need help, and
you're getting worse.
and if you don 't get help,
th en jason's going to...
- Going to what?
at least i care about his
mental health and
his well being.
hannah, don't you
think i care about him, too.
i believe you did
before you caved.
you need help.
- I don't need help!
Joshua, are you aware of
what's happening in
The house?
How difficult
it get this far?
Stephen, this has become
a battle over the mind.
If jason can break free of
fear, then the house can be
Won, but not before.
Joshua, it's
worse than you think.
According to our latest
intel, divination is
Behind all this.
Look, cut your losses.
Let daniel take over.
He's got nothing to lose.
If you lose another house
to divination, you'll lose
Everything you've worked
so hard to attain.
You're about to have
what all the angels want.
You're this close to dwelling
with the perfect one
In the inner circle.
I'm asking you as your
friend, don't ruin everything
On this family
There's something special
about the three of them.
The females pregnant.
Yes, and her
name is jessica.
Joshua, you're not
supposed to become attach ed.
I'm not attached.
I just know a good
thing when i see it.
Very well.
I hate to do this, but your
fate is now tied to theirs.
I hope you know
what you're doing.
I brought some
things to show you.
I brought some
things to show you.
I've been drawing what i see.
I've been doing it since
my dad passed away
So are these dreams or
are these when you're awake?
Those right there have
been when i'm awake.
Jason, is there a history
of mental illness
In your family?
You're asking
me that already?
Such as your father?
Okay, listen, doc, i don't
know who you think you are...
Jason, we're ignore the
elephant in the room, only
You think i don't see it.
I thought your name
looked familiar,
So i did some research.
My mentor counseled
your father.
My father was a great man.
Yes, he was, but he
also had his issues.
I'm surprised you thought
we could make progress here
Pretending he didn't exist.
You can't deceive yourself
The truth is what
matters here.
Have you kept your father
a secret from everyone?
Why, why are
you ashamed of him?
Because i don't
want to become him.
If i can make my past
disappear, then i can
Create my own future.
I can start a clean canvas.
Not by ignoring it.
I thought you did
mostly listening.
I thought you were man
enough to be
Straight with me.
What do you
remember about him?
I remember that he
was a brilliant man.
And then towards the end of
his life, he started
To lose his mind.
He would scream at walls,
he would talk to thin air;
Constant ramblings about
the power of blood.
I don't know, eventually, he
wouldn't leave the house.
Everything he
saw haunted him.
The only thing that silenced
the voices was the bullet he
Ended up with in his head.
According to the
police reports,
There was an eyewitness.
He didn't
know i was there.
That's an image i haven't
been able to get out of my
Head, not fora single day
Jason, we inherit a lot
from our parents, not just
Genetics but emotional traits
and psychological
Traits and others.
You're experiencing what
your father experienced.
Whether you like it or not,
you're becoming your father.
Did you know that amid all
the press and spin about him,
He assisted the police in
arresting four murderers?
I should say
more than assist.
As a prominent religious
leader in the community, it
Was normal for him to listen
and pray with the family
Members, but seeing the crime
scene, your father told
Police the name and address
of those that committed the
Crime, right then and
there just spoke it out
How do you know this?
You don't know because
it was kept under wraps.
Can you imagine what would
happen if the public found
Out the police got
their tips from a
Paranoid schizophrenic?
I asked how
do you know this?
Jason, i believe
what you have is a gift.
Your father couldn't
filter it, either,
And it drove him mad.
I suggest that you start
filtering the noise.
I can't believe
i'm hearing this.
I'm turning into the
psychopath my father is.
The only thing i can think of
is how to not pass this to my
Child, and you're telling
me this is a good thing?
Jason, when you first
start to swim, you're going
To swallow some water.
I suggest you exercise your
mind and learn
To filter the image.
Fear wants to control and you
stop you from becoming who
you really are.
What the hell psychiatric
college did you go to?
Uri geller university
This isn't scooby doo,
doc, this is my life.
What the hell is this?
Jess, i was
going to tell you.
Yeah, we've been together
for six years,
Married for two.
You told me your dad
died in a car accident.
Okay, fine, my dad
blew his brains out.
And i saw him do it,
there, i told you.
You still want to
play the victim?
Why did you
keep this from me?
Is this what's
happening to you?
Is this what your
dreams are about?
Some, some.
There's nothing
more, this is it
Let's just move on from this.
No, jason, you
can't move on.
You're obviously
being haunted by it.
Is this why you didn't
want to have kids?
That's not fair.
You think i like this,
you think i want this?
I hate what's
happening to me!
And the last thing that i
need is for you to
Hate me, too.
I don't hate you, jason.
I want to help you.
You can't hide
from this, jason.
Let me help you.
I don't need your help!
I think you need to leave.
We need to talk.
Dee, it's me.
Jess, what's wrong?
Jason's dad is a paranoid
schizophrenic who couldn't
Stop the voices in his
head, so he killed himself.
Jason never told you this?
My god!
No, he told me his dad
died in a car accident.
Jess, i'm so sorry
I just don't know
what to do, you know?
His nightmares had stopped,
and i thought things
Were getting better.
This isn't
all for nothing.
We can still save jason.
He's just worse than we
thought, but we can
Still save him.
What do we need to do?
We need to dig
a little deeper.
Are you ready for that?
It's not a deal breaker,
you just need to give her
Some time to think about it
She does love you, for real.
You just need to let her work
out how she feels about it,
And then when you do, you're
going to be right
Back in the sack.
I hope so.
I don't even know why i
thought it
Would just disappear.
Well, it didn't.
I'm not going to lie to you,
you screwed up,
Pretty bad actually
You just need to give her
some time, that's all.
- Dad, what are you dong'?
Come here, jason.
I need to tell you something,
and you can't talk
To any body about this.
Dad's getting sick,
and some bad
Things are happening.
So why can't you
go to the doctor?
He can give you medicine
to make it all better.
I wish it was that simple.
You may see me do some
strange things, but no matter
How i act, no matter what
happens, i will
Always love you.
Okay, dad.
No, leave now!
Leave him alone!
Dad, who are
you talking to?
You don't need
to worry about that.
You just need to know that
i'm doing everything i
Can to keep you safe.
going to be okay
Dad, are you leaving?
Jason, one day i'll be
gone, and when that happens,
You'll have a new father.
I don't want another dad.
I love you.
Don't leave, dad.
I don't want to
leave, but trust me.
Your new father will
be everything for you.
He'll take you fishing.
He'll always be there.
He'll love you.
I love you, dad!
Jason, i love you, too.
I love you very much.
But listen to me carefully
I need you to remember this.
Meet your father at the
tree, can you remember that?
And after you meet him.
Understand that blood
finalizes everything.
It's the most
powerful thing.
Now go to your room.
I need to be alone.
no, no, no.
Leave him be.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it now!
Just get out of my life.
Get out of my head.
Leave me!
You have ruined me.
Isn't that enough for you?
Just leave!
Just leave!
I'm so proud of you.
Not many people are willing to
challenge themselves the way
That you do.
What do we need to do?
A blood covenant
is required.
What does that mean?
You want me to cut myself?
This will seal a covenant
that's going to cure jason.
Use the palm of your hand and
wipe it here and pronounce
These words.
What does it say?
It's in latin.
Don't worry about
saying it perfectly
Just open your heart to the
words and pronounce it as best
As you can.
And everything that needs to
be done in the invisible realm
Will be done.
I hope you have
good news for me.
No. You can't be the
Wormwood, with all
due respect --
With all due respect,
commander chooses whom
She shall communicate
with. And on her terms.
She chooses or you choose?
I'm afraid i'm the one
asset in this house.
I'm the only reason commander
will ever have her way
In fact, i'm not even
sure what you've actually
Accomplished for
commander in this house.
Don't question
my authority
In fact, i'm sure she's
asking herself that very same
Thing right now.
What good are you when i hold
all the power in this house?
What do you think
you can do to me?
I hold all the
keys to this house.
I'm afraid you can't touch me.
Tell me, wormwood,
what is it you fear?
Ok. Ok.
You want to know
whose behind all this?
That wasn't so hard.
Thank you.
You're uselessness is epic.
There's only one
way to get ahead.
Fear, was that
entirely necessary?
My queen.
Please understand my
frustration with wormwood.
Why should your
fate be any different?
Because i believe i'm
critical in taking this house
And accomplishing your
eventual goal in this family
And what do
you think that is?
I honestly have no idea,
but whatever it is i want to
Be involved.
You're the only one
to ever defeat joshua.
That way be true, but
defeating angels will pale in
Comparison to what you will
see me do with this family
I will start something like
you've never seen before.
You're ambitious, fear.
And you're dedicated.
Very soon i will
reveal my will to you.
And it will change everything.
Thank you, my queen.
You may rise.
You have served me well.
So far.
But i warn you, do not
let your guard down.
Your stronghold in the male's
mind is the only thing
Protecting you from the enemy
Don't lose it.
Otherwise joshua will
have his way with you.
As you were.
Are you sure i
should be doing this?
I don't know if i can go
through this right now.
Remember, you came to me?
It's just like when we were
kids and you know the results
Are real.
I know. But what if i --
Do you want to lose your
house, your car?
Just summon the spirits and
everything will be fine.
What are you doing?
I was going to ask
you the same thing.
Sarah, what the hell
is going on in here.
Leave her alone!
Who the hell do
you think you are?
Get out of my house.
I'm going to tell
you a little secret.
I am divination.
Get the hell out of my
house, you crazy witch.
We'll see who's crazy
What the hell
did you do to me?
I want to put
something on your mind.
Nurse over p.A.I dr.
Davis, telephone please.
Dr. Davis, telephone please.
How is it going?
Not good.
He just started talking
nonsense and yelling at walls
And he ran out of the
house in hysteria.
And then he got hit by a car.
You ok?
I don't know.
It's worse than ever, jason.
I can't control my thoughts.
they're everywhere.
It's ok.
they're not real.
They are real and
they're coming for us.
Jason, we're not
imagining anything!
They're real,
and they hate us.
You have to keep your
family safe, jason.
You do, because they are
coming for our children.
Meet your father at the tree.
Where did you hear that?
There was a stronghold
in my house, jason.
In my house.
And i didn't see it.
It was keeping a gateway open.
And now they're flooding into
every part of our lives.
They're flooding into my head.
Oh god, don't let
this happen to you!
I'm sorry
I'm sorry this had to happen.
Open your eyes, jason.
Open your eyes!
My queen, what
about tonight?
I have something
special for it.
Give 'em hell.
Jason, wake up.
Jason, wake up.
Wake up, jason.
You're ok.
Hey, you're ok.
You're ok.
I'll do whatever it takes
to make sure you're ok.
Dee, things
have gotten worse.
I'm willing to do
anything to help jason.
What can i do?
Have you finished
reading the book?
Then you're ready
Follow the instructions
in the last chapter.
Cast the last spell and you
will welcome the spirits into
Your house.
My queen, may i
ask you something?
You may
Why are we here?
I mean, why are
we at this house?
Why is this couple so special
to deserve your attention?
Humans have so much
potential talent, even beyond
Our own.
Especially when they're united.
Jason can see us, but
jessica, she can feel us.
Can you imagine the power
their child will have?
It will practically
live in both worlds.
I cannot allow it.
If it weren't for you tainting
his visions and me tainting
Her sensitmty to the spirit
realm, we'd be exposed.
What about the kid?
He chose them.
And not only adopting th em in
but giving th em a child of
Their own.
If i could adopt just
one, it would be enough.
I choose this one.
You think shell
let you have it?
She already has.
She already has.
Jessica, what
are you doing?
Oh man, i just
had another one.
No, you didn't.
I have taken you here
because we're at the apex of
This conflict.
I'm afraid i've failed
you on many levels.
What are you talking about?
I believe you inherited
gifts from your father, but
Your gifts are also tainted.
How old were you when you saw
your father kill himself?
Nobody witnesses that
and goes away unscathed.
Jason, when you saw your
father die, fear entered
Your life.
You were vulnerable, and it
passed from your father to you
In the instant he died.
And fear has controlled
you ever since.
You're letting fear blind you.
You have the gifts and
vision and foresight.
Stop running from who you are.
Open your eyes!
You seem surprised.
Get out of my head.
Get out of my house and
stay away from my family!
I'm not going anywhere.
Jason, your
family needs you.
You're free to go now.
Like hell he is.
Like hell he is.
Always a coward.
Bet you can't fight
me like a man.
This isn't fair.
I own the house.
You know rules.
Everything hinges
on their free will.
Your power is gone.
I'm afraid i'm the
least of your worries.
Divination will
take care of you.
You're going to wish they had
nightmares when she's done
With them.
You're in over
your head, joshua!
You lying filth.
Go to hell!
No! It's not time!
What are you, blind?
Divination has
open ed th e gateway
Hell is spilling out.
We have to stop it!
Daniel, no!
You should have
listened to joshua.
This is a one way trip.
Show yourself!
This is my house.
This is my church.
And i cast you out.
Hi, honey
I know this looks really
weird, but dee is my spirit
Guide now.
Honey, you need
to listen to me.
No, no, no.
We've been casting prosperity
spells and they've helped get
Rid of your nightmares.
Jess, i now know that i'm
supposed to have visions, but
They were tainted by fear,
but that's gone now.
You don't have to do this.
No. The spells have
been helping you.
Jessica, you let
something into the house.
You need to stop your spells
and give me that book.
It is better for us and our
child that you listen to me.
Jessica, listen to me!
She can not
hear you anymore.
Your wife and your
child belong to me now.
And you cannot have them.
Joshua, where are you?
Your angels cannot enter
here without her permission.
She has invited me
into this house.
And she has given
me her child.
I know you're lying.
She'd never give up our child.
It constantly impresses me
how many people speak out loud
Without realizing the
power of their words.
She sealed a blood covenant.
And blood finalizes
And i'm thankful that i
will finally have a son.
I can't tell you how many
thousands of years i've waited
Fora child.
But don't worry
You can always make more.
This is not your house any
longer, and you lack
The true authority
I'm sorry
You're sorry?
That's it?
Everything i love is going
to hell and you're sorry?
How could you let this happen?
I fell fora diversion.
I screwed up!
I screwed up.
I'm not the perfect one.
I can't save you.
I've lost everything.
Jason, i've been observing
humans for thousands of years.
There are two types of people,
those that talk and those
That do.
If you really love her, then
you would follow her barefoot
Into hell to save her.
Jessica chose to
open the gateway
I can't reverse her decision.
Use your gifts.
They will show you where
the stronghold lies.
No. Jessica signed a
contract, all right? It's don e.
What did she sign it with?
Then it sounds like you
need some of your own.
0tm ,0tm
0tm a
Don't let her go.
Hey, where have you been?
I was starting to get worried.
Jessica, we need to talk.
I need you to listen to me.
I need you to get
rid of that book.
But why?
It's gotten rid of
your nightmares.
It can help us in
other ways, too, jason.
Trust me, all right?
This is dangerous.
Throw it in the fire.
What the hell?
Blood finalizes
If i can't have a son, then
you sure as hell can't either!
Aah! Oh god, it hurts!
Jason, make it stop!
Ahh! Jason, make it stop!
Oh god!Ah!
What did you do?
What's happening?
What's happening?
What's happening?
Jessica, it's all right.
It will be over really soon.
You will not walk away
from this one, joshua.
How dare you!
This is my house,
and she is my temple.
Damn it, joshua.
Why do you fight for them?
They don't even
know what they have.
And they have everything.
He became their father.
And he made them his family
We deserve it!
You and me.
We were here first.
Why do you fight for them?
I envy them as much
as you, believe me.
But you and i are
nothing alike.
I take great pleasure in
watching you fall below
The surface.
How do you feel?
I feel better.
I'm so sorry i didn't
realize what i was doing.
It's ok, baby
I thought i was
doing a good thing.
I just wanted you to be ok.
It's ok, baby
you're my angel.
Jason, the gateway is gone.
There's still one more.
Here. Follow me.
Do you mind?
Ty, listen to me.
I know you can hear me.
You don't have to be a
slave to fear anymore.
Leave now.
Why are you
touching my face?
Oh. Sorry
I can't tell you how happy
that i am that you proved
Me wrong.
Me too.
What's going on?
The inner council is
meeting to discuss
Your migration.
You've done it!
Very soon you can retire
and live with him.
What's wrong?
Tell them not to
waste their time.
I'm staying here.
What do you mean?
Give my spot
to somebody else.
Give it to daniel
after he recovers.
This whole time i've been
trying so hard to earn
His company
But now i understand
where he lives.
He dwells here with
them, inside them.
I love seeing him at work.
And this is where i'm content.
He's got amazing things
planned for this family
Both jason and jessica
understand the spirit realm
Better than anyone.
Their kid is going to have
the best of both worlds.
That's why this
family is so special.
I don't want to be
any other place.
All right.
You're choice.
Keep in touch.
Come on.