Divine (1935) Movie Script

-You're not shy about singing!
-When I sing,I'm on top of the world.
Yes, and then you get ideas.
I've got them already
and I'm keeping them!
And not much else ... and you
a pretty girl!
Just wait, mama, things can change.
-Of course...for a letter.
-What does she want?
-I don't know.
Watch where you step, madame,
it's hard enough to grow things.
"Madame''! Don't you recognize me?
Bonjour, Mme Jarisse.
Oh, it's little Roberta. What are you
doing in the country?
Oh, my poor shoes and stockings.
Aren't you the great lady!
It's not like springtime in Paris, is it?
Let's go back to the house.
You must have stories to tell!
I'll tell you. Am I happy!
It's nice you come see your home.
It's pretty here, isn't it?
Oh, countryside, fresh air!
Ah, you bought a car. Looks great.
And what a car! Get in.
7 horsepower, covertible top, high
beams and low, radio.
Isn't it pretty? Not new, but it's
super luxurious!
You sure were hungry!
O soup, good soup, wonderful. I
have't had any for three years.
Want a bacon omelet?
Okay, but not much fat. I've got to
take care of my figure.
O your figure!
At least you've got a good appetite.
-You look superb.
-I don't complain.
-Is it true you act on stage?
-Yes, and dance too!
-Where I act: the Empyrean.
I'm pretty happy, except I broke
a bone.
I had to take 15 days off, so I said,
why not go see Grandmother.
-I was dying to.
-Not much, you took so long!
Heaven, hear them!
Mama, what do you think? I'll keep
Roberta. Night's falling.
-If there's room in your bed,
-Lucky we're skinny!
Talk about figures, yours isn't bad.
What are you going to do now?
Nothing till morning. Hens are shut
up, water's pumped, I go to bed.
No, I mean with your life. Are you
going to marry?
Whom? I'd rather to back to the
candy factory.
-What does it pay?
-18 francs a day.
And if I found you a job for 40
I'm going to tour with the revue
we're doing now.
You could take my place in the new
one we're rehearsing.
Because I want to go to Cairo, for
-For what?
-That's English. Don't worry, you'll
get the hang on it.
Listen, get up...
go to the window, walk naturally ...
-Because I say so. Go on.
Not like that. Walk naturally.
Pretend you're on stage, Queen of
the Fountains. Like this...
Isn't it great?
-It's ridiculous.
-Why do you laugh?
Is that how the Queen of the
Fountains walks?
Kid, you've a lot to learn. Don't
laugh at me when I'm trying to help
you. Now follow me.
Do as I do.
If you have to show your body on
-Don't worry about it.
- ...what will your mother say?
Nothing, if it's a job and I'm not
doing anything wrong.
Are you afraid going to Paris?
Me? Did you see me afraid of
anything when we were kids?
Obviously it's not the Folies-Bergre.
It's kinda hick. But if you stand out...
Hey, Roberta, how's the gam?
So-so. Have you seen Victor?
Up in the prop shop.
Bonjour, Mme Gaby.
That's the ballet mistress.
Chicks with legs I can get 36 of in an
hour. No prima-donna-ing, see?!
That's the director. But you don't
have anything to with him yet.
Under 200 francs, Victor does
the hiring.
I forgot: " Merde, double merde, and
merde again.'' That's to bring luck.
I'm here. Busy.
-Here she is!
-Here who is?
-My replacement.
-What's her name?
Ludivine Jarisse.
-Ludivine Jarisse.
Is your name hinged in the middle to
get around corners?
Why not Artemisia?
-Take a look at her!
-Head's not bad. She looks stiff.
You haven't seen everything.
Look at her legs!
-H'm, yes. What's her name again?
-Ludovine Jarisse.
That's not a name, it's a catastrophe.
We'll call her Divine.
Okay, she'll be fresh meat for the
slave market.
See, easy as pie!
Now you're Divine.
And now let's go home.
I give you my apartment while I'm
gone. I lose nothing. And you profit.
Here's the entrance.
The living room. I only pay 2000
francs year, nice, no?
-Yes, it's really pretty.
-I even have a piano.
And here's the bedroom.
It's big, my bed!
But your car? How can you afford it?
The car's something else.
Obviously, not from what I earn,
but I worked it out.
Right now it's a bit messy, but if one
goes away, it's like that.
Yes, naturally.
That's the bathroom.
The kitchen.
The owner's putting in hot water.
-Oh he hasn't told me when.
A bit disordered, in fact Disorder!
It's nothing, Divine, when I'm gone,
you can make all the order you want.
You think I'm your maid?!
Bonjour Mme Nicou. It wasn't my
fault, but I'll clean it up.
You should tell the milkman to ring.
That's elementary.
Up already?
I thought you begin work at 11.
Yes but I can't get used to not
getting up early. So I go shopping
and it gives me a walk.
-What are you doing there?
-I don't know who spilled the milk.
That develops arms and chest. You
need that, I've noticed.
Lift your chin. Throw back your
shoulders. Are you doing my
You eat all that bread? Stick to the
crust, the rest makes you swell.
But don't starve yourself. You have
to be fit to wear the fountain
costume. Want to see it?
Those are pearls. That's spun glass.
All the rest's your skin. Remember!
Ren, she's charming.
Slowly, con amore, passionately!
I've got
to do something for you!
Divine, you're stunning!
I've got
to do something for you!
No joke! I've give you a solo to sing!
You don't understand. A solo, in
front of the curtain, in a spotlight.
You'll be an immediate triumph.
Your career will begin.
I wasn't hired to sing. I'm not here
to make a career.
Not so fast, little girl.
Let me look at you. Oh the freshness
is still on you!
Leave her alone.
Get out of here.
Artists first, madame, please!
-No, they make me thirsty.
I've others.
Come on, kids!
-The milk, that's you?
-Yes, Mme Nicou.
-Listen, where's your delivery boy?
-He's sick.
Listen, I don't know who brought
the milk yesterday.
But please ring that new young lady
on the 3rd floor, don't just leave it.
Somebody knocked it over. My clean
steps were flooded.
There's a new young lady on the 3rd
floor? Another artist?
Her an artist? She never goes out,
never has callers, not even a cat.
For me, that's no artist.
Okay, Mme Nicou, I'll ring.
-What is it?
-The milk.
Leave it outside the door.
-What is it?
-I can't leave it.
-Why not?
-The concierge.
The concierge! Oh...
Just the day I wanted to sleep.
I came back late last night.
What is it now?!
If you please, miss, let's agree.
Each morning I'll ring three times,
like this,
I'll give you an empty..., a full, you'll
give me an empty.
This way we won't have trouble.
You don't want to open the door
a little wider?
No need. Thanks.
You don't need eggs? We have
fresh-laid eggs.
"Fresh-laid'' eggs, I know what that
means in Paris.
Oh, they really are. At 5 a.m.
That's not what I meant. At 24 sous
they're too expensive.
-24 sous, that depends.
-On what?
-On the wholesale price.
-Well, if they're really fresh...
You can check. Look,
the date is marked.
-Give me my bill.
-There's no hurry, mademoiselle.
-But there is.
-Okay if you insist.
9 days, half-liter per.
-No, a liter, a liter!
-A half-liter.
-And 2 eggs.
-No, once there were 5.
Yes. 7 x 2 = 11 eggs.
-How eleven?
There. 8 francs 85 centimes.
Oh, no hurry! We'll be seeing
each other.
Your delivery boy's still sick?
Yes, Mme Nicou, it's an epidemic.
Watch out! The police are with
the boss.
If I decided to tell the police,
it's because I can't figure it out
myself, right?
In 14 years running this show,
you can imagine what I've seen.
Thefts. Babies. Sudden death!
That's life.
Yes. But when I have to replace 3
artists in 4 days... !
No! That's the limit, it's unheard of!
Come in! What! I don't
want any fucking interruptions!
Victor sent me to tell you...
Beat it!
Now I learn my theater's a drop for
Personally I don't give a shit. My
artists' private lives aren't my
Could drugs have come in by
Accident? Do you know anyone who
sniffs coke by accident?
I don't. And I'm the boss!
Come in! Get out!
It's important. You have to come
down, boss.
She won't be the dancer. She's
scared of the snake. She fainted.
See, there's a plot.
The snake isn't mean, if you don't
bother him.
For this number I need someone
My theater, my cast, can't all be
on drugs!
I should be able to find one woman
who is normal.
And sane.
I asked for the girl with the serpent.
-Nothing more?
-Nothing more.
But the serpent? Is it real?
squirming around?
Ask the director,
I don't know.
Let me see your newspaper and
-What's going on?
-Orders. Everyone.
Well, I don't care.
I don't care, but I don't like it.
Can't help it. Orders. Everything has
to be checked.
Bonjour mesdames, show me
the purses.
You can look at anything you want.
You come with us.
We all leave together.
Let me look at that!
Go on, take care of Boutin!
Hey, you there, let me see that!
Boutin, I want an apple.
So take one.
You're a love!
Good-looking hair. You shouldn'
comb it like that.
I know I'm handsome, but enough.
If my wife saw this...
-Here, take this!
-What is it?
Here you, you'll doing the girl
with the serpent.
Why me?
No time to explain. Afterward.
Ren! Focus on my face!
Can you tell me about the serpent?
...black and white stripes, with a
cross on stomach and back.
If the serpent has no cross on its
back, it will ruin my whole decor!
-Ah, there you are little one!
-Can you tell me about the serpent?
Oh, yes, I understand.
It's the first dress rehearsal.
Does that make you nervous?
-Oh, get along with you, kid!
You can't tell me anything?
Tell you anything? I can tell you
and do everything with you,
my Andalusian!
You driving me crazy, you herd of
mechanical sheep.
Get your asses out of here.
My ring, I can't find it.
It's been stolen.
Until it shows up,
I'm out of here.
The police should look at
this theater!
Understood. Good health,
dear friend.
What a bitch. One good shot, that's
the way. Let's begin!
M. Victor, please, what do I do
with the serpent?
You stand before the altar,
wtihout moving.
So keep it, a lot of good it'll do you!
As I was saying, you stand calm
before the altar.
You look into the eyes of
Excuse me, I'm here
for the serpent.
Look me in the eyes.
You aren't afraid, are you?
Give me your hand.
Let me feel your pulse.
It's calmed.
I'm your friend,
45 minutes. M.Pierre-Paul, I beg
you, decide!
Alright, curtain!
We'll have to rehearse without
the serpent.
Without the serpent? My decor is
designed to match...
Sorry, without the serpent!
Very well. But I refuse to take
I don't want to risk it today, with
everyone so nervous.
I guarantee you, on opening night,
the number will be perfect.
I've survived 44 reviews, I'll survive
this one.
Above all: let's get going. Curtain!
Rehearsal! We open in 2 days!
-Pretty decor. Astonishing local
And not expensive.
Are you my faithful servant?
Then you must face danger!
All we can do now is pray.
Look at me. Look at me.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Now turn around.
Toward the public.
Magnificent! You have to smile,
otherwise they'll think you're afraid.
You like her?
Yes but not for the reason you think.
Maybe yes, for the reason you think.
-You feel good leaning on me?
Want to come to my place tonight?
It's a shame the poor kid falls into
that painted nothing - Lutuf-Allah!
Quickly, she's not feeling well.
Some covers.
Is this better?
Tell me, you live alone in Paris?
So if you need someone you can
trust, just let me know.
-Anything special tonight?
Yes, the premiere.
No, I mean you've checked
As always, since I was ordered to.
Nothing passes without my seeing it,
with my eyes.
Good. So I'll go watch the rest.
The serpent wasn't bad. Us police
are blas, you know,
but the serpent and the girl,
that was real art!
-Did you hide it good?
-Don't worry. They won't get you.
Don't touch it till I get back. After
this dance I have a minute.
Oh, that's not bad.
Shut up about your morphine
I don't care what you stuff up your
I'll keep watch.
If Victor comes, tell him we're
stripped, he can't come in.
-Chorus line!
24 steps to walk down all alone!
It's sublime!
Alright kids! Another masterpiece!
I haven't seen anything yet,
but ...
...in a minute...
I'll be admiring you!
-Who's talking up there?
Let go!
Let go!
-Let go!
She'll pay for this!
Why doesn't the orchestra start the
Paradise Ballet?!!
I want the Ballet!
-They're clapping.
-In the hall, naturally.
-For her?
Yes, naturally.
-Where're you going?
-Let me go. They said I'm through
Not true. You were very good,
If you stay, you do that every
evening, understand?
I hit him?
-You like that?
-Am I being kind?
-Yes, monsieur, very!
-So we'll be great friends?
-Yes, monsieur.
May I accompany you tonight after
the show?
-No, monsieur.
-Why not?
Because I'm going out.
-I smell sauerkraut.
-I smell smoked eel.
If had even one cent, I'd get
sauerkraut, potatoes and mustard!
And I'd get butter with my
smoked eel!
And you? No hunger?
Or no imagination?
-Yes, both!
-But no money?
I smell a mushroom omelet!
2 sauerkrauts, smoked eel with
butter, mushroom omelet.
2 sauerkrauts, smoked eel with
butter, mushroom omelet.
See how easy!
Only it doesn't always work.
Thanks very much.
Good evening, monsieur.
Au revoir, monsieur. I'm going back
to my husband now.
Thanks, monsieur. I have four kids
waiting for me.
As for me, monsieur, I have to catch
my bus. Yes, my bus.
Yes, it's me, the milkman.
I was just passing by...
You bring milk in the middle of the
night now?
No, but it could happen.
The concierge let you come up?
The concierge? I've a flirtation going
with her.
And when she learned it was flower
for your first night...
But why are you giving me all this?
-From our orchard. Look how pretty!
-And cowslips.
-What do you call them?
-In Paris, primroses.
They're cowslips! Already?
Not from gardens. Fields. The grass
is full of them now.
I came...
I brought you these
because I thought...
It's the timer. Don't move, I know
where it is.
I found it!
I still want to ask you something.
When you give back the basket,
could you put in a theater pass?
You'll have trouble spotting me in
the crowd on stage.
I'll rent binoculars.
They don't give passes till after a
week. And you still pay 8 francs tax.
Is it worth it?
Yes but that's 1 6 francs.
Only 8.
I didn't think you'd go alone.
Of course alone!
Say goodbye like you do everyday?
Au revoir, milk.
Door, please!
Door, please!
2:00! He's just leaving. She's an
artist after all!
Dear mother, forgive me for sending
a small check. Life in Paris is more
expensive than we thought.
I don't think our revue is very
The 50th night is a pretext that
should work. I must work!
I've done everything, sent flowers,
brought candy, gone to see her, even
silk stockings!
That's nothing...
...cigarettes. I courted her! It's
It's got to work. I'll tell her it's not a
big party...
2 or 3 friends...
good music...
good champagne,
good sofa,
everything's good at my place.
You'll come?
-You'll come?
-Of course!
Well, sit down!
Tea... !
Okay, be the lady of the house,
serve yourself first.
No, thank you.
Why not? You don't like tea?
I'd rather a sandwich
While waiting, have some
That would be nice.
Not full! Champagne makes me
Make yourself comfortable.
-Want a kimono?
-A what?
-A kimono.
My dress is comfortable.
"My dress is comfortable'!
My God, my dear.
You take it off on stage. All the
world's seen under your dress.
Boy, is everything ready?
Okay boy, leave.
Undress, do something.
Why'd you come here?
Because I was invited.
I can leave, you know.
Take my hand.
Come here.
Come, be calm.
Like this.
Just friends, don't fear.
You trust me?
You know I'd never give you bad
Did you already smoke?
Not cigarettes.
No, you've never smoked.
Look what she did.
-Open up!
Put it above the window.
Go, go! I don't want you to be found
Go, everything will be fine.
Don't lose your head.
Here, in your bag.
Take this in your bag.
If they ask, you're the maid on the
4th floor.
-But why?
-Go this way.
4th-floor maid! Get moving.
Can't one sleep?
-Me again!
-Yes, us again.
Come in. Welcome.
It's been 3 month since the cops
came. No one knows you were there.
I've always been straight with ou!
-Yes, me.
Dora and I held them off, thanks to
me you got away.
-With your packages!
-With my packages, yes.
It'd interest the police, even now,
to know you were with us.
And to know what I took away?
-Certainly it would.
-And if I told them...
-You won't!
Because you're not the kind
that betrays.
That's why you'll find the man sitting
tonight at the bistro across the street
reading a Spanish newspaper, La
You'll give him what I'm giving you.
It's the last time.
You've been saying that for 3
-You'll go?
Do you have the money?
-Can I go?
-Here's 200 francs.
I don't want it.
Open up, it's Victor.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Go change your costume.
I don't want any of that, I've
told you.
If he bothers you,
let me know!
-Will she do it?
-Sure, she's in my hand.
To listen to you, you have all women
in your hand. It's not so simple.
If she won't do it tonight...
You give me a pain.
It's a morgue here!
What's wrong? Troubles?
All this for 40 francs a day!
What do you want? It's our life.
Do you have a mother?
Of course, my boy, I've got nothing
but mothers.
There's a call from your mother, in
the office.
Hurry, child, you're late.
You're cold?
-Have you eaten?
-A little.
A little! You look thin. I hope you're
not in love, are you?
Oh not that, madame, not that!
I've seen so many come and go, kids
like you. I tell you: once you lose
your health...
Yes it's me. Talk.
...else we're screwed.
Shorty nearly died, he spilled
everything at the hospital,
Watch out tonight. You'll be
You'll be followed!
Thanks for calling, Doctor. I hope
tonight won't be so bad.
-Bad news?
-Could be better.
Arrest whoever delivers a package to
the man with the Spanish paper.
Ah, here you are! Have a good time?
Thank you for the ticket!
A very good seat, 5th row.
Did you enjoy it?
Yes. It was very good.
I must compliment you...
You're here exactly on time, exactly.
Not at all like an artist.
But I don't take myself for an artist.
I don't have the vocation.
-Want to change jobs with me?
-Right away!
You could never get up at 4 a.m.
And at 4 a.m. to work!
-Open the henhouse...
-Give them food...
-And water...
-Grind coffee. Wash dishes...
-Saw wood...
-Gather eggs...
-In the afternoon, water the
-Bring in hay...
-Bring in hay...
-Clean the rabbit cages...
And at night...
There's almost no light left.
What the heck's he taking so long?
He always does, this guy!
It's funny, he hasn't come out.
I'd have seen him!
It's not normal.
Anybody still up there?
Anybody still up there?
I'm coming.
Don't turn the light out!
Hey up there, shake a leg!
Okay, okay, I'm coming.
Hey, are you finished?
I'm coming!
I still think we should have taken a
I don't care if it rains. I love walking
home, no matter the weather!
I don't get outside much. Think of it:
since coming to Paris,
I've gone only three times to the
Bois de Boulogne.
-I can offer better than that!
A promenade in the country.
An hour's ride.
That'd change your ideas.
Want me to come get you some
Saturday afternoon?
But I can't. I do matinees Thursday,
Saturday, Sunday!
That's a pain, because the boss only
gives me Saturday afternoon.
O a walk in the country...!
With everything open and straight.
Nice way of putting it.
First time I've heard that since I
came to Paris.
It's too bad, because after all, a
promenade in the country...!
Of course, not in weather like this.
Are yoo sure it's not possible?
I'll come by for you tomorrow
"Fire this morning destroyed part of
the Empyrean-Montmartre Theater.
"Management announces that
because of repair work,
"the show will not resume till
Tuesday evening.''
That's terrible.
No, it's not terrible. It'll let you stay
a few hours more in the country air.
You need it.
Look at the weather.
Flowers out everywhere.
A real spring!
-Yes, but I have to get back.
I have to pick up my paycheck.
I must go tonight.
Okay, I'll bring you back tonight.
But don't think about it now.
Here we are!
Come tour the place. See where the
eggs I bring you come from.
Here're some new members of
the firm.
-You like this, huh?
-Yes, I do.
You can't know what all this
means to me.
Oh yes, I do know.
I leave you with your little friends
and run to the kitchen to make lunch.
But tell me, what will the boss say
when he sees us messing around?
He won't mind, because the boss
is me.
No one has more to say?
No one has more to say?
Yes, inspector. This so-called Divine!
I must say, evidently you don't know
how in the Slave Market I had a
magnificent scene,
with 24 steps to go down,
all alone,
and that little nothing used
underhanded methods to steal my
-We're not interested in that.
-No, we're not interested!
O in that case, I've no further
business here.
-But stay within reach!
Who's not here? M.Lutuf-Allah.
Mlle Dora and Mlle Divine.
When they show up, have them
wait backstage.
-This is a dictatorship.
-Know what dictatorship is?
Yes. It's when police are in dressing
rooms, and artists in corridors.
-They're looking for Divine.
-The pigs! She hasn't done anything.
Powder... Love Apple... Red rouge...
-What's that?
From Cairo. "Wish you were here at
the Pyramids. I hope you
your car now, and that everything's
the way you want.''
Do you have her address, this
so-called Divine?
-Divine? The dancer?
From here? the theater? You think
we have their addresses?
Go look. And bring those
women here.
-Right away?
-Right away!
Everyone into the dressing rooms!
Was there anything peculiar in
the behavior of this Divine?
You all knew this Divine?
Was there anything peculiar in
the behavior of this Divine?
How about you?
-Yes, monsieur.
-Ahah! What?
She was very nice, very decent.
-That's all.
-That's all?
-Of course. Don't you think that's
Obviously you don't know the
music hall.
-Ah, madame is a comic?
-No, monsieur. Acrobatic dancer.
Does anyone know her address?
Where's she live?
13 rue Ordener.
Not true. 146 Champs-Elyses.
No, she lives in Arcueil.
Right, she always worried about
missing her train.
This is getting complicated.
Do you have her address?
4, 2 times 2, place Trocadro.
Are you trying to make us look like
We should send someone to these
four addresses.
This is becoming international!
Why all these people here?
Must be the fire. Maybe they're
volunteer firemen.
I'll get your check.
But they don't know you...
-No entry!
-I'm a fireman.
-What do you want?
-Belong to the theater?
-More or less.
-No, monsier, no one enters.
-Just two words...
Tell these police I'm going home.
I'm ill. I'll testify at home.
I've never been involved with police
in my life!
They're looking for Divine.
-Is is true they search everyone?
-Yes, everyone!
Yes, it's her. Let's pick her up.
Did you remember the scooter
for the kids?
Yes. And the wool for your sweater.
Good, we'll have mom knit it.
You were very nice. You got me out
of that with the scooter story.
But tomorrow I have to go explain to
the police.
I'll go with you.
But first we go to City Hall.
I have something serious to say.
I'm going to marry mademoiselle.
Fine, I'll take this down.
Oh with you it won't be hard,
old friend!
Yes, mademoiselle, this Antonin is
an old buddy.
We played marbles together.
But you, mademoiselle,
I don't know you.
Please give me your name, age, etc.
Ludivine Jarisse.
One moment, please.
You'll never guess! It's amazing,
I've found her!
Where's yesterday's newspaper?
Keep the door locked.
Here! You're so nervous!
It's her, no doubt. Drug traffic.
And I'm the one who found her!
Whatever happens, you're not alone
anymore. I'm here.
If only it works out!
Sure it will.
Let's see: even, all will be fine.
Who? Ludivine Jarisse?
Yes, commissioner, she's here, in the
next room. I found her!
Don't make a fool of yourself.
We cleared up the affair last night.
We know everything.
The girl isn't involved.
I know what to do.
16, 17...
20 !
Well, dear friends, all my
best wishes!
I hope soon...