Divines (2016) Movie Script

Wot u doing?
I'm waiting! I'm cold!
We shall now look
at the deep meaning of this text...
Stop it and listen to your dad!
We worship You and beseech Your aid.
Guide us on the path of righteousness.
What are you looking at, bastard?
Fuck off!
You looking at me?
Really? You looking at me?
Reckon you'll get married, Dounia?
Are you mental?
Me, get married?
Girl got attitude!
I want some eye contact, Maimouna!
That's it!
We're at the Roma camp.
Where are you?
Been up all night.
-Great for school!
-No way!
Mrs. Labutte, we're out of it.
If you're a woman.
If you're a woman, I said.
If you're not...
forget it.
Don't help her!
Push her, push her!
Go, Maimouna, put on a show!
She fell!
My, my, my Maimouna!
I said, my Maimouna!
She thinks she's a princess.
Many thanks!
Get off!
-Go on.
-I'm not going in.
We might find something sick.
We are not alone!
We are not alone!
-Look at my hands.
My hands are made for gold
because I'm the queen of the world!
Keep moving.
Come on.
Why do you want to join us
in this project?
So I can learn new things,
venture into the unknown.
It's a style
completely different from my own.
I've always relished a challenge.
A total lack of technique.
No emotion, darling, no artistry.
It's mechanical, robotic...
There's no soul, I don't feel the soul.
I don't feel the dance!
Come on, let's go.
Come on!
A can, a bar of chocolate
and a lolly, only two euros.
I'll have some.
Here we go.
Chocolate bar...
-They're crap.
They run out too quick.
These are the best.
What d'you mean, crap?
Bics are shit next to these.
Just one click...
Crickets are the future!
They don't even have these in China yet.
Maimouna, pack up!
Get a move on.
The bell's rung.
It's door 206, second floor, on the right.
-That way?
I'll give you a little leaflet
against racism.
No, thanks.
"Have a good afternoon."
Have a good afternoon.
We'll start again, Dounia.
But this time,
remember something very important.
And that is...?
The smile.
We get it! We've done it ten times!
Dounia, please.
You got it?
I got it.
We'll start again.
Stop acting silly.
Stop it, please.
With a smile!
Very funny, everyone's laughing.
This is for an exam!
Okay, start.
Your back against the backrest
and you sit up straight!
That's it. Thank you.
Can I take your name, please?
No, make things difficult for her.
There has to be a conflict.
I want to see her right away!
Deal with it.
Okay, I'll stay calm.
Listen, madam.
That won't be possible because...
-Why'd you do that?
-I didn't mean to.
-I saw you.
-I didn't mean to!
-No need to shout.
-What are you gonna do about it?
I'm being polite!
Stop now.
You're role-playing. It isn't real.
We know it isn't real.
-Sit down.
-Sit down, Jisca.
Dounia, you take her place.
Go on.
What can I do for you?
Well, already...
You've forgotten the first thing.
You've forgotten the smile.
The first thing!
-The smile!
-Calm down.
Don't talk to me like that.
You could walk this exam.
Okay, sit down.
My mum's a hostess.
She didn't need your shitty exam.
Oh, yeah? What are you
going to do with your life?
Like everyone.
This isn't a gig!
That's what I'm talking about,
making money.
You see many millionaire receptionists?
Some do very well.
They're not millionaires.
Neither are you.
Can't you see I'm trying to help you?
Help us do what?
Become society's flunkeys?
Rules are necessary.
But you're too stubborn.
You don't want to learn.
So you'll never achieve anything
in your life.
Go and sit down.
What have you achieved?
What the fuck have you achieved?
Look at your clothes!
Go to the principal. That's enough.
What do you earn, 1,500 euros a month?
-Thirteen hundred!
-Eight hundred for your rent.
Three hundred for your shopping
at Leader Price.
She can't afford organic!
One hundred euros...
One hundred for energy,
twenty for Internet...
Your package holidays in Turkey...
Get out of here! Get out!
-Zilch left!
-When she gets to class...
she's like this!
I don't wanna beg. I've got my pride!
Get out of my fucking class!
I swear on my mother's life
I'll make more cash
than you've ever dreamed of!
In your entire life!
Even in your wildest dreams!
I'm never coming back
to this shit school!
I'll show you!
I'm gonna kill her.
She's busting my balls.
Come back.
I love you too!
Three vodka and oranges.
Stop drinking.
I'm going soon.
In your dreams.
I have to revise at Maimouna's.
You're not exactly studying for a PhD!
You can go to Maimouna's later.
They go to bed early.
Mum, the boss!
you're so handsome!
Where's my drink?
Leave it.
Look how radiant my daughter is.
-Look how beautiful she is.
-Mum, you're embarrassing me!
Stop it!
Get out! Get out!
-What are you doing?
Get off my mum! I mean it!
I'm not joking, you pig!
-Are you mad?
-Get out of here!
I'll burn your fucking club down!
You sick fucking pig!
Don't come back!
-I'll burn your club down!
-Don't come back!
You shame me here, at home,
This is work, so we can eat!
Take your mother and go home!
Mum, please behave!
Do you do it on purpose?
Hey, what are you watching?
-Leave him.
-Look away!
Let him look a bit.
That's what nightclubs should be like.
How much did you score?
I was just there on holiday.
And I'm gonna go back to live.
Thailand's in recession!
Not in the sex business.
Sex tourism, she's right.
No one cares about us.
They let us live here like dogs.
It's been like that for 2 years.
Over there you can earn big.
Sex, booze, drugs... Easy money!
I'll open a bar with hookers
and party while making loads of money!
I'll open a little bar,
with a Thai guy, lots of masseuses...
You got it, girl!
-You okay?
Hey, Alberto! Down, down!
Here, pass it to me! Nutmeg!
All right?
I got some Nutella for you.
-No problem.
Alaykumu salam.
How could he do that to me?
It's disgusting!
Stop blubbering.
No one's dead.
Amin. Who's Amin?
He's a man, that's all.
Disposable, like a Kleenex.
If only he were handsome.
But he's ugly.
I'm so stupid!
He told me he loved me.
Men don't think with this,
but with this!
Andrea goes to bed with Rita Hayworth
and wakes up with Coco the Clown!
The more beautiful you are,
the more you suffer.
Eat! Starving won't bring him back.
I'll get the shower ready for you.
-You okay?
-Yeah, and you?
Haven't seen you around.
I've been here, brother.
-Were you asleep?
-Times are hard.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be in school?
I start at one o'clock today.
Where's my daughter?
Maimouna's in group A.
You come to the mosque
when it's empty?
Why don't you pray with us anymore?
You used to like it.
I'd better go, or I'll be late.
Take care of your mum.
Paradise lies at the feet of your mother.
What if we wake her up?
Ring the bell, who cares?
-Are you mental?
-She won't hear otherwise!
Is Rebecca in?
Rebecca, for you.
Can we talk alone? Please.
Wait for me.
Spit it out.
We want to work for you.
You think I'm the Job Centre?
Piss off!
With me, your dope would be safe.
Come in.
From Samir?
You robbed him?
No, he left it lying around.
You robbed him to get a job with me?
Does he know it was you?
You got clitoris... Good!
Come tomorrow.
I'll give you something to do.
Go, "Shit, my mum!"
Shit, my...
Make it tighter.
They're hitting themselves.
The star's here!
-What's the excuse this time?
-I got held up at work.
Djigui, your work is here!
It's the security dog.
You don't have time to change.
-It won't be easy like this.
-You want easy, go home.
-Maybe you're not up to it.
-I wouldn't like that!
-What did you say?
-I don't have time to talk.
Not up to it?
I'm gonna burn up your audition!
Burn it up?
He's bigheaded!
That's not what I want.
Do my moves.
It's an audition. You're not in yet.
We've been coming for three weeks.
And what's going on?
I'm leading you
towards something different.
What I see there isn't...
Did I go to dance school
to study ballet?
Did I ever tell you that I had?
I danced in the street!
I didn't have someone
sitting at a piano to teach me.
This stuff we're doing isn't even organic!
There's nothing going on!
Can't you see?
Why's he making such a fuss?
Just do the moves!
"I'm from a tough estate..."
Yeah, right!
The problem with you
is that you're afraid.
-Afraid to come here?
No, I'm not afraid.
I'm not scared of this.
Then stop talking and just do it!
Go on!
If I were the choreographer,
I'd twat him.
"If you don't like it, piss off!"
Stretch out your arm.
Like that, but more stretched out.
Now that he's let himself go,
it's more fluid.
He was as jerky as a lawnmower!
He was taught a fucking lesson there!
I'm gonna teach him a lesson too.
-The first to spit on him...
-You're mental!
What's wrong?
-You chicken?
-I can see it in your eyes.
-No way.
-Then spit with me.
-Go on, then.
-Not even close!
-Your turn.
Yeah, got him!
-Watch this.
-No, that's enough.
Djigui, what are you doing?
Who are you spitting at?
Is that you doing that? You fucker!
-Go, go!
-Wait there!
Come back.
I'm gonna kill you!
Come back here!
Come here!
I'm gonna fuck you up!
Oh, shit!
Djigui, come down!
Stop it, Djigui!
Stay there!
Djigui, don't be stupid!
He was right. You're scared.
-No, Djigui!
Djigui, it's not worth it!
Stay there!
Don't go any further!
Go on, faster!
Go back!
Stop it, this is stupid!
Are you shaking?
Call security!
Don't move!
I'm slipping!
Give me your hand.
Get your feet on that.
Now get your other foot on the bar.
Push up with your foot!
Don't look down, look at me.
Look into my eyes
and push up on the bar.
You can't fall now.
What's the bastard doing here?
Leave her alone, she's my girl.
I have to pay you back for that dope?
Of course you do.
I thought we were like brothers.
Cash is my only brother.
-Cash is your only brother?
-That's right.
Your shopping.
You've hired all the local losers!
Twenty? I get more from shoplifting!
-Thanks, later.
-What's your problem?
Come back.
Can you ride a scooter?
Of course.
Outta the way!
Move, move! You're in my way!
It's not me getting in your way!
You can't accelerate
and brake at the same time.
This is what you're like...
So you're a mechanic now?
I'd forgotten that you were
Maimouna the Mechanic!
-There's broken glass there!
-I see it!
Go on!
-Can't you do a single circuit?
-You're doing my head in!
Hold the handlebars right.
I'm okay, don't touch me!
It's all your fault.
-Why did you say you could?
-Because I can!
See you!
Yeah, see what you made me do?
Where are you going?
I'm late. I'll be in trouble.
You can't just leave me!
It won't even start now!
Whose fault is that?
I've done it!
Why keep trying?
You'll never get the hang of it!
I do better when you're not here!
About time! I could get raped here!
"Eleven o'clock, on the dot."
Yeah, okay.
My foot!
That way.
Over here.
It's to keep the jinns away.
I can feel them around us.
They hide everywhere.
In rats, dogs, snakes...
They don't like being disturbed.
A jinn.
A jinn.
What you talking about?
It's got into you.
Shut up!
The jinns don't like the full moon.
It makes them mad.
Doesn't it look like a face?
It's God watching us.
Like he's got nothing better to do!
He could tell my dad everything.
Don't worry.
We're dust in the cosmos.
To him, we're microbes.
But when you're God,
you have to watch over your children.
It's written.
Yeah, but he hasn't acknowledged us.
Yes, he has.
He talks to me all the time.
In my dreams.
He gives me weird dreams.
Don't you have weird dreams?
Mine are always the same.
I dream that I'm falling.
I try hard to wake up...
but I can't.
I just keep falling.
The further I fall, the more it burns.
In the end,
I'm no longer in pain or afraid.
I just want to crash so it'll end.
But it never does.
What about me?
I'm always here to catch you.
I put everything in the cellar.
Keep them.
You're in charge of the petrol now.
Where do you and your mum live?
The Roma camp, with my aunt.
By the A3 motorway?
You'll catch tetanus there.
So I can find you there?
I'm putting you and Maimouna
in action.
You'll take Samir's patch.
Use this.
If there's any problem,
destroy the SIM card.
It's got fake names,
my number and Samir's.
But don't call me. I'll call you.
A present.
No way, it's an iPhone 6 Plus!
See you tomorrow.
Why're you spoiling her?
And so...
-Which ones?
-Supras, they're essential.
I'll get Supras,
I'll get Gazelles,
I'll get Reeboks...
I'm gonna get
the two Adidas there...
That's for sure.
Navy blue and grey.
Maybe some Reeboks, just for home.
Let's go and eat
at the supermarket.
-It's the monkey.
-Our pal!
Where are you going?
Why are you stopping us
from coming in?
You're not coming in.
I saved your life
and this is how you thank me?
Okay... Noted.
Where's your tutu?
-And your tights?
-Don't touch me!
My little ballerina!
Cut it out!
What's going on?
Are you flirting?
You're not coming in, cockroaches!
-I need tampons.
-Clear off!
No arguing!
What's going on here?
Are you working or on the pull?
Piss off, you little sluts!
Dance back to your estate!
One, two, three...
Maimouna, every 15 minutes,
you walk all the way around
to see if there's a patrol coming.
Drug squad are always
in a black Citron C4,
a blue Ford Focus,
or a Peugeot 308.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Hey, pal!
How's it going? The family?
They're my girls, replacing Samir.
Watch that motherfucker!
He tries to nick all my punters.
Cover Dounia
when she goes down to the cellar.
I don't want any fuss.
Any trouble,
I don't know you, you don't know me.
We should do a Snapchat story,
or no one'll know we're selling.
Stop it! We're in with Rebecca now.
The cash'll start pouring in!
All we're getting here is bored!
Try to look ahead a bit.
Just imagine, we're in Phuket...
Blue sky,
turquoise sea, sunshine...
Ferrari, my Ferrari!
Come on.
You go.
You're not coming?
Okay, I'll go without you.
There, I'm in.
Put your Ray-Bans on.
Yeah or what?
-Do I put my seat belt on?
We're off!
The wind in our hair. We slay!
Such a beautiful day.
Not enough hair
for it to blow in the wind!
Never mind.
Shit, watch your speed!
-Don't worry.
-Take the bend!
Watch out in front!
Wait, wait, wait!
Watch out, watch out!
-And straighten up.
-Nice one.
Hang on...
Watch out!
A big blond guy
with a gorgeous booty.
Six foot tall and hot!
He's yours. He's noticed us.
Colgate smile, a six-pack...
Blow him a kiss.
Slap his booty!
He likes it. Get in.
We said get in!
Let's drive.
And we're driving.
-Some music?
-Some music.
We're at the villa.
It's heaving!
Splash your cash around!
Hey, don't touch the windscreen!
I know you're there.
I can smell you.
Fuck, a punter.
-What do we do?
-Keep cool.
You seen Samir?
We're Samir.
What do you mean?
We're Samir. Do you want something?
For twenty?
Keep an eye out.
Got the cash?
-What are you doing?
-Give me my money back!
What are you doing?
Open your mouth!
Give me my money!
You think I'm a bitch?
What did I tell you?
Give me my money!
You're messing with Rebecca!
Do you wanna mess with Rebecca?
Take your shit dope!
Give me my money.
Get outta here!
-Give me my money.
-No, you deal with Rebecca now.
Fuck, what did he do to you?
There's no one.
What the fuck did he do to you?
-It's not broken.
You did good.
I can't let my mum see me like this.
You can sleep here if you like.
Thanks, but I have to get back.
Your hair's really long.
Why don't you wear it down?
You could be beautiful.
You don't realise, you're still a kid.
I'm not a kid anymore.
Those two marks there are his eyes.
Hit hard!
I can't.
Go on!
Again! That's it, go for it!
What's that?
For me?
A present.
Where's it from?
-A collection at the mosque.
-For us?
Is it Christmas at the mosque?
This is for the rent.
Where's this money from?
I told you, a collection.
Cartier, from a collection?
Stop worrying.
Make the most of it.
Here, let me smell it.
Swear it's true.
I swear.
I love you!
Lord, forgive me.
Hey, you!
Where's my money?
I don't have time for this.
-I can't get that move.
-Who cares?
-You try it.
-I'm not interested!
Why do you watch me for hours, then?
you haven't got it yet.
Let go... Let go!
What's your game?
Now what will you do?
That all you got?
Where are you going?
That turns you on, right?
You think I left it here?
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
Let go, I'm not playing around!
You're beautiful.
Let go of my hair!
I'm not joking.
Let go!
What do you think?
Am I getting there?
Getting spruced up
for the concierge?
Busted, Jacky! I knew it!
-What are you doing?
-I'm in pain.
I don't care, get up!
-I can't do it.
-I don't care, get up!
-She should wear...
-Shut it and chop!
Do it with the kebab box
on your head.
The police never stop a woman in heels.
So keep trying.
I'm not doing it just to be nasty.
Come on, faster!
For fuck's sake!
Why do the poor stay poor?
Because the rich take it all.
No, because the poor don't dare.
You have to dare to be rich.
Visualise the money and it'll come.
I just visualise it, and it'll come?
Yes, money is an energy.
It's a flow.
You have to demand it.
"I dare to be rich."
I dare to be rich!
I dare to be rich!
Why are we torturing ourselves?
We don't have to do anything.
What are you, a beggar?
Never lose sight of the money.
Do everything to get it.
You, walk and visualise.
You, chop and visualise.
If you can walk in heels,
we'll make 100 grand, easy!
A hundred grand?
-She'll get 100 grand?
-Of course.
Gotta use your brain.
Fetch the iPad.
-Who's that?
My old supplier,
grassed me to the filth.
He's paranoid.
He'd suspect his own mum.
One night, he was totally out of it
and told me where he keeps his cash.
One hundred thousand euros,
always in his flat.
You're gonna get it for me.
With your heels.
He won't be able to resist you.
Hot chicks are his weakness.
He won't even notice me.
Look at them!
They're whores.
But you look different.
He has to take you to his flat.
Guys are like dogs.
They smell fear, they eat you up.
You look scared a lot.
No, I'm not scared.
See, you're scared.
Because you're scary!
It's in the eyes.
The far-away look.
Are you scared? Yes or no?
Open your mouth.
Open your fucking mouth!
Stop it!
-What are you doing?
-Want me to blow your brains out?
To waste you?
Are you scared or not?
You strike!
Then you caress.
I couldn't even fit one tit
into this top.
It's tiny!
I could go like this.
Fit right in!
I come along...
Inspection, sir.
I hear there's 100,000 euros hidden here.
Don't try it on with me!
A hundred grand, a hundred grand...
-You don't fool me.
-He'll run a mile!
Come on, Reda.
You fancy me, admit it.
Stop it.
Come on, just a little kiss.
What you doing?
You're getting too cocky, bastard.
Don't call me that!
You think you're in daddy's car,
or what?
You're screwed with Rebecca.
If I say we have the top down...
We have the top down!
Do you see him?
Too many baldies!
The champagne's flowing! Wicked!
Hot bitches here!
Almost showing their minges.
I'm shocked!
There he is.
The way he's holding her,
the dirty old man!
Stop it!
Wiggle your bum!
-He'll never notice you.
-Leave me alone!
You're mental!
I don't believe it.
He was looking at you like this...
I swear.
He lost interest in all the others.
He eyed you up
like a Big Mac during Ramadan.
Where's Samir?
We told him here.
Maybe he's on the other side.
No, he's not. We said to wait here.
Call him, he can't be far.
No answer.
It's 3:00 a.m. My mum'll kill me!
Don't worry.
Don't worry? Let's find a taxi.
-Do you love me?
-Of course.
You like that, eh?
You are hot!
What you doing with my mum?
What? You fucked me!
So I fucked your mum!
What are you gonna do about it?
Put that down!
You wanna hit me? Go ahead!
You had it coming, bastard!
What's got into you?
-What's got into you?
-Don't talk to your mother like that!
Shagging that piece of shit!
What the fuck got into you?
If I want to screw, I screw!
You're never here,
now you show up and lecture me?
Fucking hell!
When will you understand?
Because of you I'm the bastard!
My whole life
I've been called the bastard!
I've done nothing wrong!
-What's going on?
-Grab a jerry can.
What are you doing?
You're mad! Whose car's that?
Samir's mum's!
Now I'm fucking you!
A little selfie.
She's mental. I can't take any more.
The fuckers!
Go on, film me.
What are you doing?
Leave those cars alone!
-What are you doing?
I'm talking to you!
Let them burn!
It's Dounia!
It's Dounia!
Grab some rocks!
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
Yeah, I'm here!
Hey, let's play police tag!
Get going, Maimouna!
Let's go, Maimouna!
The fuckers are behind us!
Faster, faster!
The police are after us!
Smile for the camera!
Go, Maimouna!
What are you doing? Slow down!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get off me!
Get the fuck off me!
Don't touch me!
-Don't touch me!
-Stop it!
I can't breathe!
Let go of me! Let me go!
Are you mad? Maimouna!
Shut up!
What am I to do with you?
I'm ashamed of you!
I'm always ashamed!
You don't even know what dignity is.
Or reputation.
-The whole neighbourhood...
Clear off, you!
You're not even ashamed!
It's all because of you
that we're in this shit!
I'm sick to death of you, too!
You've had no time to raise her,
slut that you are!
Don't come near my daughter again!
Move it! Look at you!
Where are you going?
You're sober for once,
you can find your way home.
-Let go of me!
When did you become a mother?
Please, Dounia, I'm sorry.
I know I've messed up,
but I'm going to change.
I'll be a good mother to you.
Please, sweetheart!
Please stay with me. Please...
No, Dounia! Stay!
Please stay with me!
-Don't go with them!
Get out of the car.
Leave my daughter alone!
Stay with me,
stay with your mum.
I won't let you go!
Leave her alone!
-Get out of the car!
-Speed up.
Get out!
Seeing your mum, I understand
why your head's so fucked up.
Why'd you play police tag?
What have I taught you?
Keep a low profile.
You have a record now.
Do you want to ruin my business?
I warned you about her.
Give me the keys to the cellar.
Give them to me!
-I'll make it right.
-Shut your mouth!
The estate's crawling with cops
because of you.
The keys!
He fucked my mum!
Everyone has!
Everyone's fucked your mother!
Fucking stop!
I'll pay you back.
I swear I'll pay you back.
Get the fuck outta here!
It's been an honour working with you.
This part is less pleasant
because I have to decide.
I can't take everyone.
That was the deal from the start.
Hey, Djigui!
On your feet!
My girlfriend, she forgot her keys.
Her again!
-No games!
-This is the last audition...
I don't give a toss!
I want my money back.
-Not if you keep shouting.
-You're sick!
Sit down and watch me.
Enjoy the show.
Then I might give it back.
I'm sure you'll bring me luck.
Djigui, we're waiting for you.
That'll do.
Last piece of advice: be yourself.
You liked it, eh?
-Kind of.
-I saw you, you liked it.
I don't have time for this.
You got my cash?
I was picked.
Picked for what?
For the show.
The lead role, for the tour.
You can't imagine
how my life'll change.
Great. You're not taking my money.
I didn't steal any of it.
I just wanted to lure you down.
Can we meet?
I got you a ticket for Saturday night.
As my guest.
Because you bring me luck.
How long did you think
I'd chase after you?
I don't even know your name.
Hang on...
-Aren't you hungry?
Not hungry, then?
Want to slow down a bit?
Is this where you always bring
girls you want to shag?
Only you.
The others aren't such hard work.
Shall we go?
You think it's weird,
a guy who dances?
When I dance...
I let everything around me
come inside.
And I don't cheat.
Dance doesn't lie.
It's sacred.
What's your name?
Won't you tell me?
I won't let you go until you tell me.
Tell me.
Tell me your name.
-Tell me.
Dounia... Dounia!
My name is Dounia!
I don't know what you did...
to that motherfucker Reda.
Get in!
-He was looking for you at the club.
-How's life, Jacky?
Here, call him.
-Yeah, it's Zohra.
my princess!
I'm glad you called.
What are you doing Saturday?
Fancy going to a gig?
A shit-hot new rap group.
I got stuff to do.
What are you doing?
Getting your revenge?
-You said to strike.
-And then caress!
Are you there, Zohra?
I'd really like to see you.
Those other girls
were my mates' slags.
Okay, you're on.
Saturday at 7:00.
I'll text you the address.
Okay, ciao.
Stop sulking.
I know I'm hard on you.
I know I made it tough.
But it's because you've got potential.
You've proved it.
Your money.
That's peanuts.
We'll have that fucker Reda,
eh, Jacky?
Yeah, we'll have him.
We'll be rich.
I thought I'd never see you again.
I'm here now.
My mum's put a spell on us.
I swear she has!
And my dad
won't even look at me anymore.
I disgraced him.
It was my fault, I'm sorry.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Lie down.
What did you do today?
What's wrong?
I'm scared.
I'm scared too.
All beautiful for me?
Well, for the show.
It's all sorted.
A front-row seat.
Not way up there.
Will you come?
I'll be there.
I'll take your jacket.
Where you going?
Come here.
You come here.
Don't you fancy me?
Yes, I do.
I'm going for a shower.
Make yourself comfortable.
I'll be waiting.
Can I help you?
I was looking for cigarettes.
I don't keep them here.
You're beautiful.
What were you looking for?
As you wish.
"The Konis Dancers."
You should have gone.
No way!
No way!
OK? U back at the estate?
Yeah, Maimouna...
It's me.
I wanted to tell you I did it.
I did it!
I left your share in the hiding place.
I just wanted you to know...
I'm leaving.
But I'll be back soon.
I miss you.
I love you.
-Come back or I'll hurt her bad!
-Don't come, Dounia!
-Come for your friend!
-Don't come!
Keep quiet!
Not a sound. Shut it!
She's crafty.
You think she'll show up?
-Shut your mouth!
-She won't come.
Shut your mouth, I said. Shut it!
It's me, let me in!
Where is she?
Trying to fuck me?
You okay?
-Who told you to untie her?
-Keep still!
She's got her money back!
It's not all here.
Where's the rest?
What did you do with my money?
I'm talking to you!
-You whore, just like your mum!
-Shut it!
Don't tell me to shut it!
You little whore!
Where is it? Where's my money?
Where's my money?
Please tell them.
Shut it, you!
What did you do with it?
-What are you doing?
-No, wait!
Get outta my way!
No, don't!
Tell them, Dounia, please!
You're mad!
You shut it!
Is this what you want?
You wanna go up in flames?
Where's my money?
I'm talking to you!
Dounia, tell her!
You don't want to die for money!
Stop playing the gangster!
I'm gonna burn you!
Please, Rebecca.
Go on, do it.
Are you scared?
I can see you are.
-I'll go to her mum's.
-No, you won't!
It's at her mum's!
Go, hurry!
No, don't!
It's my money! Don't go there!
-Shut it!
-Don't go!
It's my money! My money!
You're gonna die, you bastard!
My name's Dounia!
My name's Dounia!
My name's Dounia!
Never call me bastard again!
My name is Dounia!
Dounia, watch out!
Samir, come back!
Help! Samir!
Give me your top!
Here, quick!
Help! Help!
Please! We're in here!
It's Gervais! Call for help!
Call the fire service!
Call them, quick!
Quick, Maimouna!
-Give me your hand!
-Go, Maimouna!
Quick, Maimouna!
I can't get through.
Rebecca, quick!
Dounia, hurry up!
You're covered in petrol.
Just go!
I'm staying here!
-Get out!
-I'm staying with you.
-I'm not going.
I don't want to go!
I'm staying here!
No, let go of me!
Let go!
Come here.
Come here.
Don't worry, I'm here with you.
I'm here with you, okay?
You hear that?
They're coming!
They're gonna save you.
See, I told you!
Those bastards won't come in.
What do you mean?
Go and get them!
They're afraid of getting attacked.
I'll go and get them, okay?
I'm scared!
I'll be right back. Breathe!
Stay with her.
Look at me.
Look this way!
Come here!
-We can't intervene.
She can't get out, she's all alone.
We have to wait for police back-up.
It's burning!
I can't do anything.
They're my orders.
Orders, to let people die?
-She can't get out!
-We can't.
What if it were your child?
You throw rocks at us.
We're not allowed.
We won't throw rocks,
I swear! Please!
-Do your job!
-Dounia, quick!
Why aren't you coming?
There's fire everywhere!
She'll die!
She's going to die!
It's not happening!
No, Maimouna!
No, I'm begging you, no...
Forgive me.
Forgive me, forgive me...
It's all your fault!
Where's Maimouna?
Where's Maimouna? Tell me!