Divlje seme (1967) Movie Script

In the name of the father, son
and the holy spirit, amen.
In the name of the father, son
and the holy spirit, amen.
Good Lord!
Hold on, brothers!
Hold on, people!
A deity! A deity!
God has send a deity among us,
my dear brothers. A deity!
The winged horse has fallen from heaven.
The sins will be forgiven.
Kneel and preach!
Our souls will be saved from sin.
A deity, dear brothers!
You call horse a deity, you fool!
A deity, father Nikola!
Leave the parade!
Don't play smart with God, father Nikola.
- Get lost!
Don't be sinful, father Nikola.
Don't play smart with God,
because He can get his revenge...
- Catch the horse!
Where the wings are?
- Shut up and hold it.
Mind the stapes.
Don't ride the horse, priest.
Don't be sacrilegious to Holiness.
Get lost, I told you.
Leave the procession!
Leave the procession!
Don't listen to the priest!
You can't do it anymore, eh?
- I'm starving.
I can't work anymore.
Pass me the onion.
- Take the onion and cheese, too.
God helps!
God help you.
Mowing, eh?
A bit.
- Just to earn for the lunch.
Are you hungry?
- I'm traveling from afar.
Drink some.
Help yourself.
Where are you heading to?
To the village of Lug.
- We are from Lug.
Who to?
- To Obren's.
Which one?
- There are three Obren's in the village.
Obren Krstic's in jail.
Don't you know he killed
Velimir Popovic with a pickax?
I know...
The house is behind these acacias.
Looking for Obren?
Why are you looking for him
if you know he's in jail?
Is she at home?
- Who, Nada?
Why don't you say
who are you looking for!
I guess you are relatives.
You come from afar and you heard about Nada?
- Say, what kind of gift you bring to Obren's wife?
I guess you don't know she likes nice presents, too.
- She finds it more precious!
I'm not in the mood for talking, boys.
If you don't believe, ask the major.
He keeps buying her some
nice scarves at Frenchie's,
while she buys on credit
at the shop herself.
Frenchie doesn't make accounts,
but remembers.
And when it comes to paying,
they lock themselves inside,
and count money all day long.
You know everything, I see.
Of course we do.
I saw with my own eyes when the priest
nailed her in the nettle field behind the church.
Father Nikola is nailing, and his
cassock twists around his legs.
The priest's black cassock,
and the white legs of Nada.
I climbed up the bell tower,
untied the rope, and start ringing.
I ring, and the priest fucks
as if there's no tomorrow!
The priest became deaf completely!
Hey, wait a second.
Ask Nada when is my turn.
She asked me to trim her acacia.
I said, "Ok, if you give me some".
- Did she give you, then?
No, she said only when
I trim her acacia.
Tell Nada that I'll come tomorrow
to trim her acacia, and fuck her!
And now I'll go tell the major
that his replacement has come.
Poor major!
Who are you looking for?
Are you Nada?
I was in jail with your man.
We were in the same cell.
How's he doing with his health?
- Good.
Obren used to tell me about you
every single day.
Did he tell you to come by?
No... He doesn't know I came by.
Are you hungry?
I'm not.
Want some schnapps?
What is...
What is with you, man?
- Don't be afraid.
Let me go!
Let me go, I say!
Goodbye and forgive me.
What do you want?
I'd like to spend the night here.
Oh, my kids!
Toplica, my son.
It's me, the major.
The angels of wrath!
Good Lord!
The crow died on its own.
Quiet, people!
Ever since Obren Krstic killed
Velimir Popovic with a pickaxe,
there was no murders in our village.
On this very day, after so many years,
the two innocent kids died.
But why the two sons of
Toplica Milic had to die,
no one seems to know.
The outlaws!
- Right, major. The outlaws.
It must be revenge.
But what if it wasn't the outlaws
or revenge, what else could it be?
God's punishment!
Brothers, an outlaw kills to rob.
We're not missing anything here.
It couldn't be revenge either,
because Toplica Milic didn't deserve
to have his chicken murdered,
let alone his two sons.
That's why I ask you:
Who could possibly kill Milic's sons?
The wrath of God!
Where is the police?
- Why do we pay the authorities, anyway?
For riding on our back?
- We want police guards.
You want police to protect you?
- We do!
Can't you protect yourself?
What? Say something.
No way. Why do we pay the taxes?
Of course you disagree, since I've already
whanged you for cutting the grapevine.
Leave that now, major.
- What about you, Mitar Perkovic?
You, who stole Frenchie's money?
Playing innocent, eh?
Folks, don't listen to the major!
God helps.
Father Nikola... A dray with
two dead bodies was passing by,
and this crow has fallen down
right into the flame.
You want us to read the requiem
for a crow?
The Devil himself got into my forge, too.
You saw the Devil, eh?
No, I haven't.
The charcoal doesn't start the fire.
How should I forge?
You're lying again.
- I swear I'm not.
The hammer gained weight.
I can't peel it from the anvil.
Please, father Nikola,
sanctify my forge with the cresset.
I'm gonna bring the cresset
to make sure everything's proper.
You want me to dress epitrachil, too?
I beg you, father Nikola.
Sanctify my forge.
I'll have my children die of hunger.
Now you're coming to me,
and you were shouting there
"Folks, don't listen to the priest".
That was ignorant of me.
Get lost!
I beg you because of my children.
Pantelija, mind the stick.
- There it is!
If he comes again, release the dog.
I will. Get him!
The scumbag's got scared!
Jumped and hid into the weeds!
And he put a shame on
both of us today!
And no one can forbade us to!
If we need, we're about going to
the courts until we die, major!
You just keep quiet, Dobrica.
When you were hiding the Babic's and
setting up other people's things on fire,
you haven't thought much about justice.
I wasn't the only one hiding the outlaws!
- No...
But drilling barrels at night
to let the wine runs dry, too.
And when I asked you
why are you doing this,
you said you must because
your soul is full of malice.
What kind of justice you're talking about?
The others did worse,
but you don't say their names.
At least I wasn't poisoning the cattle!
Enough, I said!
They'll burn our houses down.
Kill our children.
- Why?
Because you're such that only other
people's misfortune makes you happy.
Because you're full of hatred
and think about evil only.
I'm telling you for the last time:
Leave your old disputes aside
until our village sees the peace again.
Listen to me...
Or it's gonna be bad.
Split now, folks!
I tell you.
Come on, you scumbags!
Where are you from?
From afar.
Do you have a father?
- No.
What about mother?
- No.
Who do you have, then?
- Nobody.
You didn't tell me why
you killed the policeman?
He made my father look miserable.
We were sitting at the table
when the policeman came in.
"Have a lunch with us", we said.
He didn't want it.
Father offers him a glass of schnapps.
He smells it, and then
spills it on the floor.
"Your schnapps is no good", he says.
Then he shouts, "Get up!"
"Let us have our lunch first", father says.
"Get up immediately!"
The policeman starts to
torture my dad at the gate.
Father suffers and moans.
That was the first time
I saw my father crying.
Why did policeman beat up your father?
Because of the taxes?
- No.
He was young and practicing
his hand on my father.
How would you manage yourself alone?
Well, I'm not alone anymore.
It's me, open up.
It's me, father Nikola.
Who is it?
- The priest.
What does he want?
To let know who died, I guess.
I know you're there, you rascal.
Did the priest give you this?
No. I bought it at the fair.
What did the priest give you?
Why would he give me anything
in the first place?
He used to come to your house.
- He had to.
To sanctify the water.
"To sanctify the water".
I ask, what did he buy for you?
I can tell you, but I
can not tell you either.
My wish.
You really want to know?
- Yeah.
He bought me a slip.
A pink one.
Now you know.
- Show me.
- A slip.
Do you really have to see it?
- Yes.
Now you saw it.
Dress it up.
- Why?
Dress it up, I said!
A slip...
Look, Sava the photographer!
Split, now!
Not you, father Nikola.
Get back.
Get lost, you!
Why would God believe that
people should go to the schools?
A man of literacy with a rotten mind.
There you see. The teacher stands up
against God, and God is punishing us!
Take a bath, you fool.
You sweet teacher...
I'd chop your sweety head out.
Twist the necks of the literate,
chop our teacher's head out...
I'll make his tongue shorter.
He doesn't know what
is he saying anymore.
Teacher, I'm gonna chop
your head out these days!
Who are you looking for?
I came to ask you...
Is there a God?
You're in God's house, son.
I know where I am.
But I ask - is there a God?
God is watching us.
From above.
Does God see what you are doing?
God sees everything.
He's watching us even now.
Then, let him see.
No... It's a sin.
It's a sin.
Father Nikola...
You've got whacked, dirty dog!
Now it's Pantelija's turn!
Over here, people!
Father Nikola died!
Right there the dirty dog is lying!
Now I'm gonna marry you!
I'll baptize your children!
I'll do Masses for the dead!
Where are you going?
To sleep.
What do you think - is there a God?
I don't know.
Do you wanna be my man?
Who's down there?
- Me, Dobrivoje!
The blacksmith?
- Get that rope!
Hold the rope, Dobrivoje!
Make it tight.
Man, he got weight!
He's full of water.
Be ready to hold him.
Who pushed you into the well?
God forbid!
Are you feeling hurt, Dobrivoje?
- Good.
How's that?
- Nothing, I swear.
How come nothing hurts you
after falling from such height?
Nothing, I tell you.
Neither my arm, nor my leg.
Neither neck.
- Wait, Dobrivoje!
What should I tell the major?
Who pushed you down?
Who pushed you?
- God.
A God's will.
Some voice called me at midnight.
A human voice?
- Sort of... But it wasn't.
The Devil himself called me.
The Devil showed up at midnight
and sat on my chest.
I was lying under sheets, like:
"No, you won't!"
But the Devil starts pulling me
harder than the buffalo.
I found myself in the well
in less than a minute.
In a split second,
some hands lift me up
and put me on the bottom of the well.
God forbid!
I couldn't feel anything at all!
Did you hurt yourself?
- No, I haven't.
I had an apparition of God, dear brothers!
He said that he punished father Nikola
for riding a winged horse!
He deserved it, then!
Guess what else he said.
- What?
He said that you shouldn't listen
to the teacher because he's the Devil.
I knew it!
There he is.
Get the literate one!
Don't let him get away!
The literate one escaped,
that motherfucker!
For how long you will be alarming?
It's not me who alarms,
but the Devil.
I'll push the Devil out from you!
Whip him good!
Harder. Harder, I said!
I must go to Frenchie's.
- Frenchie.
What are you gonna do there?
- To buy what I need.
And a colored scarf.
What does the gentleman want?
Gimme a scarf.
Here you go.
- Five.
Here you go.
- Excuse me?
Scents, too.
Untie him.
It's not my fault, Dobrivoje.
It was the major's order.
Come on, easy.
Go home.
Don't be mad at me.
Come on.
Good Lord!
Do you see what they do
with your Dobrivoje?
They killed Frenchie!
Major, where are you?
Come on out!
You want more blood, do you?
Didn't you have enough?
Give me the horsewhip!
Bring me the horse!
Good Lord... everybody ran away.
You don't have to do anything.
Just don't look that way.
Look, how?
As if you're about to
get up and leave any minute.
I have to.
Everything pressures me.
I can't breathe.
Nada, open up!
The major!
Mind what you talk.
I don't want anything to happen in your house.
God helps.
- God help you!
Why are you locking up
in the house by day?
I'm scared.
Is someone in your house?
- Who are you looking for, major?
The outlaw.
Come on in.
I have a nice quince jelly.
No, thanks. I'm on the horse.
Listen. The Obren's inmate,
a convict, escaped.
What about Obren?
- He's not.
Be careful. I'll go meet the police.
They're about to come.
If you spot someone, notify me.
Now you know who are they looking for.
I'll hide you, ivota.
I will hide you!
I forgot about that bastard!
What did you forget?
- I'll tell you.
The thing is checked, folks.
Our blacksmith killed himself.
Back off!
God has killed the blacksmith.
- What God? Come on!
The major sent the blacksmith to his death.
- That's right!
He's playing authorities!
I have to light a candle for
the peace of blacksmith's soul.
Where should I buy the candles
now when the church is closed down,
and the shop locked?
A village can't make
without a church and a shop.
Why? Are you feeling sorry
for the major?
I feel sorry for the man.
What's a man to be sorry for?
Ilija from Lapovo was a man, too.
But he threw his 9 year old son
into the well.
I had a hard time looking at him
whenever he stood near,
tempting me to strangle him!
Once I had the apparition
of boy in my dream.
He smiled, asked about his father.
What did you tell him?
I told him that his father is ok.
You won't find a human being
among thousand people.
I'll kill anyone who comes close to you.
I'll kill a half of village.
It shall be the way it was written:
A man and a woman.
I can't believe that you...
- Be free to believe!
Do not kill anymore!
- I'll kill anyone who touches you.
They will judge you!
They will judge...
There's no judgment for me anymore.
I was judged out long time ago.
When I killed the policeman who
practiced his hand on my father.
Why should anyone care?
That's between authorities and me.
But no, everybody rise against.
The villagers came from elsewhere
to get me and tie me up...
Took me to the municipality
and beat me up. Beat, beat...
My fellow villagers!
That's the way it is.
They feel sorry for a drunk policeman
who used to break their kidneys.
They don't find peeling
the skin off my back enough,
but they also bring my mother to watch me
all covered in blood and disfigured.
Feeling sorry for them?
No way!
I won't feel sorry for anyone.
What is it?
You don't cry for these bastards, do you?
Listen to me.
I've been planning for eight years
how to get freedom.
If Obren hadn't telling me about you
every single day, I wouldn't escape.
In this freedom, it was you who I saw.
And you feel bad for those bastards.
You kept coming to my dreams every night.
But I wasn't able to remember your face
in any of the mornings.
I wanted to see you.
And then surrender or leave far away.
Now I have you.
And you keep crying.
God has planted the wild seeds here!
All makes pressure.
I can't breathe!
Let me tell you something.
Keep quiet, and prepare
yourself for the trip.
I can't live in another place.
I don't know how!
Why did you ask me, then...
... to be your man?
Why do you kiss me?
You are my man.
Where I come from, they kiss only dead.
I'll go shaving.
I can't live in another place!
I can't!
Pal, I'm in a hurry.
Doesn't matter, I'll wait.
I'm from around.
Don't tight hard!
Be quick, jack. I'm in a hurry.
Bye, then.
Let's go, wife!
Let's go!
Get him!