Django the Bastard (1969) Movie Script

What the devil?
Hey, Hawkins.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Come and see this.
Are you feeling sick or anything?
There's a fella here got a cross
with your name on it and today's date.
You hear that?
Come on, now. You've had enough.
That man's out to get you.
Something important?
Maybe he'll tell you.
Looking for me?
Are you Sam Hawkins?
Yeah, sure. What about it?
It's you I was lookin' for.
Catch it!
Come on. Pick it up.
Throw it back, will ya?
How's about a little wager?
Like $100?
All right, Ross.
I'll bet on the kid.
I got $100 on you!
Hurry up there!
Hurry UP!
Get rid of it!
Get it out!
What's he doing there?
Hurry up!
It's gonna blow any minute.
- What's the matter with that guy?
- Get goin'!
You win the bet.
You win, Rod.
Here's your $100.
Can't beat you at any game.
Come on, dear.
The rent?
But before you go,
we have to find a date
to settle our accounts.
Any time you like.
Perhaps we can get it over with
this evening
if you're planning to be at home.
All right, Rod.
I'll be waiting for you.
Giddy up.
That brother of yours
never loses a bet, does he?
What do you charge
for makin' a cross?
One dollar.
Then make me one.
And the date?
What about the name?
Howard Ross.
You can have it for free,
in that case.
This covers half of the mortgage
and the interest.
You get the final payment next year.
You'd be surprised to know
who I saw today.
Extremely pretty.
I hope you'll be able to keep up
with your payments, Ross.
How revolting.
Try and forget him.
You don't think he really meant
that bit about Django, do you?
Not unless it was one of his nightmares.
Don't work too late.
Figuring out how rich you are,
You. He wasn't joking.
Django, glad to see you.
So was your friend.
Sam Hawkins.
I heard about that.
I want to tell you something, Django.
Don't say nothin'.
No, listen, Django.
Let me explain.
It wasn't the way you think.
I... I didn't do anything.
Where are you?
Listen, Django...
I'm here, Howard.
Wait a minute.
Where are you?
Please listen.
I'll explain it all.
You must listen!
Don't go away, Django.
Why won't you listen to me?
It wasn't my fault.
I didn't do anything.
I'm innocent, I tell you.
I'm over here, Howard.
I'm waitin' for ya.
Your time has come, Ross Howard.
You're dead.
You're dead!
Leave me alone, Django!
You're dead!
And when was this?
The same evening, Mr. Murdok.
It must have been
just a little while after you left.
It was just like it happened
to Hawkins.
There was a cross
with his name on it and the date.
Then it was him after all.
All right, thanks.
Brett! William!
Here's $5,000.
That's to pay Mrs. Howard for the herd.
But maybe Widow Howard
doesn't wanna sell her cattle, Major, sir.
Don't worry, William.
She'll sell, all right.
Now that her husband's been killed,
the ranch'll be too much for her.
You won't have to pay
more than $5 a head.
Here, Brett. Go find me 20 men
who aren't afraid of using their guns.
Oh, and, Brett...
bring them all to Desert City
as soon as possible.
I'll join you there.
All right, Mr. Murdok.
What are you doing?
Why aren't you in bed?
With him?
You got any complaint?
That brother of yours is crazy.
Crazy. I don't know why
I agreed to marry him.
You know perfectly well
why you married him, my dear.
Because you're a greedy little tramp
who's ready to do anything
where there's money in it.
And don't forget that my brother and I
come from one of the best families
in the whole of this country.
That's true. And I can hardly wait
for the moment
when everyone finds out what you
and your brother are really like.
That reminds me
of the rest of our bargain.
In return for marrying that idiot,
you agreed to give me
a cash payment.
Hey! Howdy, folks!
Hi, girls.
Old Uncle William is back again.
The kids who love to kiss him back.
How are you?
Hey, boss, wait a minute.
Has Widow Howard
agreed to sell the cattle?
Oh, that stupid woman.
I think she wants us
to make her a higher bid
because she says
she has to think about it.
Ooh, you're looking pretty tonight.
No, not my champagne.
It's imported from the East.
For a very dear friend.
I want a drink.
That's for me, Erica.
- Hey.
- No. Where are you going?
Aw, Willie. Where ya going?
Hey, how long's the widow wanna think?
Well, I hope it'll be as long as possible.
Well, I guess we can get in
a couple of more hands, huh?
Hey, look what I brought for you, angel.
Oh, thanks.
Ooh, I could eat you.
Careful. I've a heart.
And a bottle of champagne.
Oh, all right, dear.
Why don't you go and open it
while I go and change?
All right, but don't be too long.
Ah. Hmm.
La, Ia, Ia
Real thoughtful of you
to provide a nice, cool drink.
Mighty fine.
Ain't you drinkin'?
This ain't no use to you.
Widow Howard has sold the herd.
You don't have to worry.
I'll leave you half of the money.
And the other half?
Tell your boss that...
That I'll bring it along tomorrow.
Uh, wait a minute.
Stranger, please.
Tell me, who are you, anyway?
A devil... from Hell.
You're lucky you won't ever see me again.
Hold it, stranger.
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
Now turn around.
Seems we just heard a mighty funny story
about you, stranger.
Yeah, mighty funny.
Seems you like tearing up dollars,
and you done it
with some money of his.
You mean this?
Better hand that right back, stranger.
Don't try anything.
You haven't got a chance.
Just hand it back quietly.
I already told you, William,
what I'll do with the rest of the money.
I said I'm gonna deliver it.
What's up, Brett? Why all this rushing?
Here's a thousand bucks
on account, Roland.
I want you and your men
to do a little job,
and I want it done good.
There's a thousand per head, Roland.
I'll be waiting for you tomorrow
at Desert City.
Well, fellas, did you hear that?
There's a thousand dollars each
waiting for us.
Rotten Murdok.
That snake.
What a gentleman he is.
Sure, he paid me
the money he owed me.
Then he left me alone
with these five hired killers.
Hey, just a minute.
The way Murdok cleared out of here,
you'd think the Devil was after him.
These coyotes stole all my money.
To while away the time. Hey!
Django, I gotta get my money!
Wait a minute.
This money's mine.
I almost suffocated.
I would have too,
if you'd been a few minutes later.
You're his wife, aren't you?
Luke Murdok's, right?
I'll teach you...
Hyah! Ha!
Hey, who is that boy over there?
That's Luke Murdok, that is.
I reckon that's taught you some manners.
Come on.
That fella's lookin' for trouble.
Look here, Sheriff.
You certainly have to do something.
You sure do.
Our wives are afraid to go out alone
even in daylight.
He's right, Sheriff.
This town's being taken over
by a bunch of hired killers and gunmen.
Those fellas don't behave because
they ain't afraid enough of you, Sheriff.
And besides,
they all got the support of a man
they came to work for... Murdok.
He says he needs protection.
He says he's afraid of bein' murdered.
That's what we have a sheriff for.
He can't take the law
in his own hands.
Just 'cause he's the richest man
in the territory.
As mayor of this here town,
I think it's your duty
to get rid of these outlaws.
Or we'll give someone else your job.
If I was a younger man,
I'd sure teach them manners.
Get rid of him.
And no smart remarks.
- What did your brother say?
- Ha.
Now, Mr. Luke, you know what he said.
I wanna know who it was killed that fella,
Mr. Murdok.
Sheriff, did you say something?
You know what I said, Murdok.
And you're gonna answer me.
'Cause here in Desert City
I represent law and order.
- Did you hear that?
- You sure do.
- Why don't you leave us alone?
- Clear out of town.
Fools. Fools!
Law and order's through!
Finished! I've killed it!
Your tough sheriff is dead now!
Fools! Fools! Fools!
Run for your lives, you fools!
Fools! Run!
Hurry with that rag.
Hold still.
Hold still.
Don't struggle like that, Mr. Luke.
Hold still, darn you!
He won't calm down.
There's only one way.
If you can help him, go on.
How did you get away from my men?
Your men, huh?
They're dead, all of 'em.
Leave us alone.
Don't worry, Luke.
I'll look after you.
Well, Desert City
is still about four hours' ride.
I promised Brett we would get there
as soon as we possibly could.
Is it a bank?
Can't you get it through your heads?
This time it's honest work!
Mm-mm. Honest work?
Then why call on us?
Vmonos. Let's go.
If I heard right,
that there was a trap closin'.
Maybe we found our dinner.
Come on!
Hey! We ain't got time for that.
Crazy fools.
Watch your step.
There may be others.
There it is.
Oh. Whatever it was got away.
All right, let's go.
We've got to be moving.
Why can't we look for it, huh?
Whatever it was lost a lot of blood,
I reckon.
No! No!
No! No, don't shoot!
November 17th.
But that's tomorrow.
If I get my hands
on the fella who did this...
We have to find him, Brett.
Could have been any one
of your enemies, Mr. Murdok.
You've got plenty.
No one asked your opinion.
Just find him.
But how will I recognize him, huh?
I reckon if you're ever
face to face, the two of you,
you'll know he's your man.
Those men you hired,
is everybody here?
The ones that haven't arrived yet,
they'll be here as soon as possible.
Sure ain't a very friendly town, this.
- Whiskey.
- Whiskey's all right, though.
Ought to be for what it costs.
That's because he makes it himself.
Come on, you fellas.
Mr. Murdok's got trouble.
A practical joker.
Last practical joker we had here
got himself tarred and feathered.
Then it looks like we can count
on having a little fun.
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
- Where do we find him?
- I don't know nothin'.
Only that he's been
makin' wooden crosses.
With names and dates on 'em
like it was some kinda grave.
All right, let's go. Search all
the houses, the stores, and the stables.
Anywhere you think
he could be hiding.
All right, let's go.
Hey, you, stranger,
- can you manage a pistol, huh?
- Yeah.
How would you like to make a thousand?
Why not?
If you don't mind,
I'd like to finish the game.
Hmm. Come on, you two.
Finish the game?
No, these ain't chips.
They're just plain shavings.
He didn't make the cross here.
That's for certain.
That's very lucky for you, Mister.
Pack your stuff and get out of here.
This is my home.
Get going-
You got one hour
to get out of town.
No! Not those. Not those.
- You're gonna get out of town?
- I'll get out.
I'll get out.
Yes. Now.
You ain't goin' to a party.
You don't need all that stuff.
We just want you out of the way
for a couple of days.
Get movin'.
Come on.
Get goin'.
You ain't thinkin' of arguing, are ya?
Clay, don't.
It's only for a few days.
- Go on.
- Get in.
- Let's go.
- Come on, move along now.
- Let's go...
- Move it.
- Come on...
- Hit that horse.
Hit him!
- Hey, easy!
- There you go.
Get along!
Why are you making everyone
leave town?
What's the point?
It'll be easier to run him down.
Do you think you'd recognize him?
If he's the one who was at your ranch,
of course I would.
But you're making a mistake,
you know,
if you expect him
to fall into a clumsy trap.
I think he'll manage to disappoint you.
We'll see.
At present,
I have 20 men with me.
And there are more riding in later.
I'm afraid he hasn't a chance.
We've come too far from town.
We won't find anyone here.
Let's go back.
Hey, there's a house.
Maybe we're in for real trouble.
That's what I think.
I'm not afraid.
You know, you shouldn't think so hard.
Only thing I ever think about
is getting enough of this here stuff.
Damn him.
The men are covering the whole town.
If he's here, he won't get away.
You can be sure of that, Mr. Murdok.
Sure of it?
But so far he's done
whatever he wanted to.
Those men you hired to protect me
can't even look after themselves.
Make sure you keep your eyes open, Brett.
What if he has an accomplice?
There'll be a reward
for the man who catches him.
But why is he chasing you?
The great Murdok, runnin' away
from a mysterious shadow.
Maybe you ought to leave here.
A contract is a contract.
Besides, I don't wanna miss
the best part of this here show.
Alida, where does this one go?
Let me see.
You'll find out...
that with a bit of patience...
all the pieces fall into place.
And that's the end of the game.
What is it?
I think I hear something.
You're starting to make me nervous.
Mm. Mm.
Hey, you know what happened
to the fellas with the Mexican.
He appeared like that.
Out of nowhere.
Hey, Evans.
Whereabouts you dig up
that bottle of whiskey, anyway?
I ain't seen any for months.
Back at the farmhouse.
You ain't gonna drink it by yourself.
I ain't gonna drink a drop of it,
and if you want any,
ask them Yankees.
They'll give us plenty
if we let 'em through.
That'll be the day.
Hey, Django, you'll ruin your eyes
reading like that.
Hey, look what my patrol found.
Hey. Must be almost six months
since I've tasted whiskey.
How about me and you
knockin' back some of this?
I'd sure like to, Django,
only some of the boys think...
that we should give it to the officers.
- The officers?
- Yeah.
Nobody can accuse us
of not being generous. Come on.
Captain Howard, sir? Major Murdok?
That's funny. Where are they?
And what's happened to the lieutenant?
Looks like they've all gone.
Left us.
I don't understand.
Why would they do that?
Hey, what do you think?
Now, who's on watch?
He was on duty, I think.
But where the Devil is he?
Hey, Collins.
That's Major Murdok's knife.
- Then they're traitors.
- But why? Why?
We'd better warn the other men.
Answer me, Evans!
We're under attack!
It's an ambush!
We're under attack!
Yankees are attackin'. Hurry!
Let's suppose someone lives.
Don't worry, Lieutenant Hawkins.
There won't be any survivors.
I'm over here.
Everyone else thinks you're some kind
of ghost or phantom.
But I know you're a real man.
What if you find out
that the others are right?
I'll take a chance.
Who's in the house?
There's only Luke.
Apart from him, we're alone.
All the men
are out searching the town.
Aren't you a little scared?
No, not scared of you.
I'll show you where the money is if...
you help me get away.
I told you I ain't interested in money.
You can't buy anything with hate.
Major Murdok.
Over 13 years it's taken me to find you...
Major Murdok.
To deliver this to you, this whiskey.
Do you recall a soldier called Evans?
A brave soldier.
They were all brave soldiers
in our regiment.
Yep, all brave boys.
They believed in obeyin' their officers.
In puttin' down all they had into...
fightin' for their country,
and they died happy,
because they never knew the truth.
That they'd been deserted, sold out,
that their own officers betrayed them.
That they stood by
and watched the killing.
They never found out the truth.
They died thinking it was
for honor and loyalty.
They didn't know that you and your friends
had sold 'em to the enemy
like a herd of cattle.
Well, now you're gonna pay, Murdok.
You're gonna die slowly.
You're gonna die
a thousand deaths like your men.
And I'm gonna watch you die.
No! No!
Have a good look through
the livery stables there,
and don't let him get you
by surprise.
He's gonna keep us runnin' around here
the who darn night.
You really believe
there's anything in this story?
I sure do.
And I don't like it.
If it weren't for all he promised...
I'd sure like to get a good look
at this fella.
I'm tired of just sitting 'round.
My brother's always been good to me,
and I wanna help him now.
Then just try to keep out of the way.
You think I'm really too darn stupid
to do anything,
don't you?
But I'm not. I ain't crazy.
I can help just like the others.
I've been thinking about all this,
and I've got a plan I think will work.
Oh, that's very interesting.
And what is your plan?
I was wondering about
what he's really like
and if we couldn't
offer him money to clear out.
You don't understand, Luke.
It's no use tryin'.
Of course it is.
That isn't his game.
Then we'll make it his game.
It just depends
on the size of the stakes.
You draw his fire. Go on.
I'll be damned. It's just a trick.
There ain't no man livin'
could ever refuse all that money.
I'm gonna take this
over to the church.
And leave it there.
You tell Django about it.
Make him go, Alida.
Tell him he has to leave here.
Don't be stupid, Luke.
He doesn't want me.
Take it easy next time, will ya?
That was one of ours.
Greed is a sin. A deadly sin.
- Evenin', Mrs. Murdok.
- Evenin', ma'am.
Wouldn't mind knowing what's the cause
of all these goings on.
I don't believe it's just one man.
It don't figure.
Who's that?
It's a dummy.
- Why'd he do that?
- Can't you guess?
If this keeps on, I'm gonna clear out
of this here town.
We're safe enough
if we all stick together.
Don't you think so, stranger?
Well, that's your opinion.
What happened?
What was that?
By God,
he won't get away with this.
Help me...
Give me a hand over here.
Hey, Jack, over here.
Help me turn this guy over.
He tricked them
like a bunch of kids.
What do we do now, Brett?
Take the rest of the men
and turn this town inside out.
Hey, help me up.
Get him up.
But find him, Frank, and I want him
kept alive. You understand?
I found you. Thank goodness.
You can't go on with this.
They're bound to get you sooner or later.
Listen, Luke wants to pay you
to let us alone.
Take the money and go.
Please do it.
But I thought that's what you wanted.
Not now.
It wouldn't mean anything to me alone.
You should know better
than to trust a woman.
You devil, Luke.
I'll give my brother your gun.
He'll be very glad to get it.
He's afraid of you.
Everyone will be jealous of me,
won't they?
Clever, Luke.
A smart fella.
I'll bet that everyone else thinks
they're better than you are.
But it's not true.
You're smarter than all of those guys
your brother has hired.
Smarter than all of them
put together.
They think they're clever, but...
you're the one I'm really afraid of.
And I'm right to be afraid of you, Luke.
You fooled me so easily.
That's enough.
Shut up!
And don't look at me.
I don't like your face.
Run, Alida!
That man's not supernatural.
He's flesh and blood.
This is his gun.
Look. This is his blood.
His blood.
His blood!
Do you understand?
Quick! Hurry.
Hey, everybody. Quick!
Come here! Hurry.
I hit him!
I hit him.
He's injured! He isn't a ghost!
Look! Here's his blood!
I hit him, I tell you.
I hit him. Look, his blood.
Here it is on my hand.
Look, everyone, he's injured.
Look, this is his blood.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Start searching.
Find him. Now that I've injured him.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
He's no ghost! Let's go! Come on!
Rod! Come on!
Rod! Come on!
This is his blood, Rod.
Rod, and I took his pistol away.
And I disarmed him
all by myself, Rod.
Wasn't that clever of me, Rod?
Wasn't it? Huh?
He must be near here.
Get some torches
and search the whole village.
But be quick.
Get moving!
Hey, Nick?
Don't forget to look under the wagon.
All right.
And if I find a ghost,
I'll give him to you.
- You see anything?
- No.
Come on.
Hey, Dick,
you think this fella really exists?
I don't know what to think now.
I think they're all crazy.
Anyhow, it's Murdok's problem.
I just don't wanna get killed
like those other guys.
You and me neither, friend.
It ain't worth it.
What say we talk to the others?
Why not? Let's try.
If they feel the same,
we can all clear out.
Anyhow, there ain't no one in here.
- The men are starting to get frightened.
- Tell the boss?
I don't know how
to keep 'em under control anymore.
Hey, Brett, we are leaving.
You all accepted the money
that I offered ya.
That was the bargain.
You ain't leavin' now.
Is that clear?
This trash is all yours.
You'll be sorry you did that.
Now it doesn't matter.
If all you men wanna leave here,
you're free to do so.
Muchas gracias, Seor Murdok.
You're not going anywhere.
Why, you're more like sheep, you are.
Get down off them horses.
I promise, you try to leave,
and it'll be your last move on Earth.
Aah! Let's get out of here!
Probably that was just
what he wanted us to do.
We'd better wait for the dawn now.
You and the men tidy up this mess,
Come on, boys.
Let's get to work.
The men are all stationed
around the house, Mr. Murdok.
He must be somewhere.
Don't worry.
We'll find him in the morning.
It'll soon be dawn.
I have to go to the church.
Sorry, Mr. Luke.
You can't go outside.
Your brother's orders.
Oh, well. I suppose it can wait.
Yes, Mr. Luke.
Try and speak now if you can.
This time you've lost the game.
It's all over for you.
You can't get away now.
I've been looking forward for a long time
to this moment.
No one can save you now.
Must... be patient!
It takes time to die!
You can't do that!
Sorry, boss.
Your kid brother
hit me over the head
and went out to the church.
He was lookin' for Django.
Come on, men.
Hey, Luke!
You want me?
Today's your day, Murdok.
It is my day.
I have to correct a mistake
that was made 13 years ago.
Somehow, you survived.
Do it if you can, Murdok.
Where are you, Django?
No, please wait.
Hey, look what I got.
Let me go along with ya.
We'll be rich forever.
We won't live forever.
Don't leave me alone, Django.
You can't.
Just a minute.