Dneprovskiy rubezh (2009) Movie Script

Damn dog!
Anti-tank, charge!
Azimut three, perimeter two!
Ready, fire!
164. over!
164. what's the situation?
164. on the line.
Tumakov, Commander's order.
Release the suspect.
Do it!
Group for the counterattack, move out!
Comrade Komdiv, we're landing.
- I immediately noticed her at dance.
- Yes? - Yes. Everyone looked at her.
And she chose me.
- We got married last year.
- She is beautiful. - As an actress.
What's going on here?
Staff front retreats.
To Smolensk.
There are commanders of regiments.
- Attention!
- At ease.
Three lines of defense.
Trenches, anti-tank trenches.
War commissioner Kuznjecov reporting.
Comrade Komdiv, 15 000 citizens were
employed to do engineering works.
Deploy strong unit near Drut river.
I think it might be direction
most endangered by tanks.
Not knowing the whole situation, you know which
direction is most endangered by tanks?
Comrade General, commander of 388th Regiment, Colonel Shadrin. Allow me to report.
We send scouts on Babruysk's and
Minsk's path and Jamshcic area,
i Dashkovka.
- Whose sector is that?
- Mine.
Create a strong battalion unit.
And send it there tonight, in trucks.
5. JULY 1941.
Move, soldiers.
Don't be afraid.
Give me your revolver.
Your husband?
No, we met on the train.
He was talking about his wife
when they shoot him.
My name is Zoja.
Zoja Sjemcova.
We spotted the German unit three kilometers from here.
Commander, the German unit is spotted
three kilometers from here.
Gather up all the documents.
- Come with me. Come with me!
- Don't yell at me.
Second brigade, start your shift.
Positions should be completed before Germans come.
Maybe that won't necessary.
What do you mean?
Well, anti-tank trenches are our entire position.
Today HQ received information that we
are making a great concentration of our
forces in the next few days,
in the region of Syenno, there will be
a large-scale counterattack. - Syenno..
We are fighting the Germans with a bullet and
bombs, stabbing them with bayonets.
There is no land for the Germans here,
but there is place for Germans under ground.
Finally, it began.
Take your positions!
Take your positions!
Faster! Move!
Is he alive?
Quickly, help lieutenant!
Go, Commander!
Lean on me!
We activated vanguard,
and while the enemy regroup,
we withdraw to the previously
prepared position.
Quick, guys!
We need luck, no time
to prepare, I trust in your evaluation
about the readiness of our troops.
They will escape, faster!
Take cover!
Stay still!
At ease.
You still think that in this situation
counterattack will be successful?
Comrade Komdiv, at Mirni direction
the Germans are entered the Bjelince.
After air preparation, Comrade Komdiv,
The Germans attacked our defense
on the left side of the Lahve river.
That was close.
We should change the position of HQ and enhance
defense. Saboteurs are behind every corner.
Understood, Comrade Komdiv!
- From first lines? How is there?
- Corpses..
I have wounded soldier.
And she chose me.
Excuse me, do I know you?
- Ana.
- Zoja.
Let's see your wounded soldier.
There is some heavy fights on
Shklovsky path, Comrade Komdiv.
- Send the scouts.
- Understood, Comrade Komdiv.
- We need to constantly attack enemy's vanguard.
- Yes, sir.
At night they went on position, by the wall.
They did't know what is waiting for them.
And she was completely blue,
that cow which fled to the village!
Stop laughing! Hurry up with the digging!
Laugh when the Germans come!
When the Germans come he'll first shit his pants.
- What are you doing here?
- Where should I dig?
You stuck with people, right?
Do you have any document?
- You're a comedian?
- So they say.
OK, comedian.
We go to the commander.
Listen here, in my hand is a bottle.
Bottle with a flammable mixture.
- How strong?
- As strong as it should be
to destroy the tank.
- There is one sensitive place on the tank.
- Same as with my wife. - How did you find it?
- And how did you?
- All women are like that.
I had one, you know..
when this occurs, they are all pioneers.
And so!
Who's bored, may continue with laughing!
But, the Germans will come and this will be your eyes!
And then no one will know what to do!
- And if you hit the turret, there is no damage.
Understand? - Clearly, Comrade Sergeant!
The infantry troops left their positions
on the Lahve river and retreated
to the previously prepared positions
in area of Prisna One or Inga.
Cannonade on the north, you know what that means?
The Germans force the Dnjepr, which means
the Vitebsk has been abandoned.
If so, which I doubt.
Why didn't we get a report about that.
Neither Sovietinformbiro didn't report anything.
You really believe that Sovietinformbiro will
immediately report something about that?
Well, of course..
Commander of the railways,
Lieutenant Levinkov.
The shipment to Germany.
- How many?
- Well, at least 40 boxes.
Cognac. Armenian. In our country?
Our factory needs bottles for flammable mixtures.
Bottle dimensions are appropriate.
- You've thought of that, or someone
consulted you? - I have ordered.
- Any contact with the Vitebsk?
- No. Not since this morning.
Comrade Zigunov..
- A young tank destroyer unit.
- At ease, boy.
We work like this: You raise a moral
of the soldiers and commanders,
and for the rest of the Division I'm in charge.
And one more thing.
Poure cognac into canisters and deliver it to the HQ.
Yes, yes, in HQ.
Poure flammable mixture in bottles.
We'll not spill cognac on the ground.
Sorry, but what are you going to do with it?
Drink. For victory.
Here are our positions.
And here we can run into an ambush.
Be careful, guys.
I draw your attention to mask your positions
for reconnaissance from air and ground.
Not to mention the fact that the enemy tanks on the
front end of the defense perform
continuous monitoring of our combat units
and positions that are not masked.
People leaving the shelters, walking the fields,
riding horses to the front lines.
It is a misdemeanor!
The soldiers must be masked so that
even you can not notice them.
Do you see this!
Whose are these people?
Go back! Go back now!
Back immediately!
Back! Go, go!
Samurai. That is how we
called Commander after Halhin Hola.
Killed five Japanese soldiers with bare hands.
Don't believe me? True story. Rewarded.
Stalin asked: Gregory, how was it?
I killed five samurai in the fight.
So you are then samurai yourself.
Comrade Stalin called him a samurai.
Since then he is called samurai.
And one time..
10. JULY 1941.
- South, in 187th Division zone.
- Also, west of Shklova.
Under the protection of mortar and artillery fire,
with the active interaction of aviation,
the opponent is on the whole front
18th shooting division
began forcing of Dnjepr.
That is why, Comrade Komdiv,
defense lines of 18th and 53th divisions
are in a very serious situation.
Unfortunately, communication with them has been lost.
Crossing Barkalabova area, the Germans are
actively trying to expand bridge defense.
Connect with me Shadrin.
The Germans crossed the Dnjepr river.
Hello, Orle. Take action against
the group in the Barkalabova area.
Yes, and help as much as you can from your shore.
- Captain Davidov, in your presence.
- Lt. Peshivanov, in your presence.
Take your battalion and go to Dashkovk area.
By the Borsuk station.
Lt. Peshivanov will command in defense sector.
- Understood. - Go.
- Understood. - Understood.
Do you notice anything?
No refugees.
It's quiet.
For transport.
How are we doing with medicines?
- Hello, Comrade General.
- Are there enough bandages?
- Can we take a look?
- Sure, let's go.
Here are easy wounded. The seriously
wounded are sent in military hospital after the surgery.
Here is the operating room.
Very good.
Perfect condition.
- Zoja, you are very talented for surgery.
- I love it. I have always wanted to be a surgeon.
- Hippocrates said..
- War is the best school for surgeons. - Exactly.
That's all, Zojenjka.
Put crates with ammunition in another vehicle.
Come, soldiers, a little faster.
Combat report.
Young anti-tank defense battalion commanders,
made a mutual agreement
on socialist competition and pledged not
to miss even one fascist tank
on its defense sector.
Is this your idea?
I thought that the concept
of socialist competition
is forgotten during the Finnish campaign.
Choose your words,
and explain what you mean.
You want me to explain?
Two officers are organizing the competition.
At the same battle.
Battle starts, lots of shooting,
one of them bravely lead battle,
and other thinks: it's important not
to lose the competition, I will later,
when the opponent is weak, go ahead
and win with fewer casualties.
The competition is more important than the orders..
It's nonsense, Comrade Zigunov.
- It's not nonsense, but good leadership.
Your thinking is, I think, devastating.
There shouldn't be any competition.
Orders of the commander is not subject
to discussion and should be done.
This applies to all of us.
Without exception.
- Where is Captain David?
- God knows.
Constantly attacking
the enemy vanguard.
Spread around! Take cover!
11. JULY 1941.
Enemy attack on the entire front.
After an intense bombardment,
supported by artillery in the area
of the village Bujnich
the second line of defense Shadrina,
observers and reports that the
opponent infantry and tanks
regrouped and approaching
from the Bichovski direction.
What about the destruction of
bridgehead on the left side of the river?
Kirile Jurjevichu relax a little,
Zoja and I will finish that.
- The hardest part is done.
- I'll take a nap.
Wake me after 30 minutes.
Or immediately if something is urgent.
Don't worry, Kirile Jurjevichu.
I dreamed a nice dream.
When I woke up, I wanted
to remain in a dream.
It seemed like Serjozha was watching me.
I looked out the window, and there he is..
standing, smiles at me.
I ran out, no one is there.
He remembers me.
Let me tell you my dream.
I dance at a ball.
Pretty couples around me.
Don't say with who, with him?
Faster, soldiers, faster!
On the line!
Faster, guys!
Quick! Give me a missile!
- Missile, missile!
- Load it.
One more!
Sasha! Sanjok, Sanjok,
look at me..
- Zojka, rest a bit, take a fresh air,
breathe. - I'm fine, chloroform..
- Ana, help her. - What's wrong?
- I'm fine. - Go.
Hello, Comrade Komdiv!
What is..
Let's go.
Incidentally, I saw your picture.
He came to the institute.
On 8th March.
- Hello, Comrade General.
- You saw this? - Yes.
They flanked us and got in
front of our artillery fire.
- And your troops?
- Large losses. Higher than expected.
- Captain Davidov battalion was destroyed.
- I know.
Regardless, well done job, Colonel.
They hit their heads against the wall.
I worked with their own tactics.
How so?
General Guderian, before the war,
wrote a book about tanks
there are a lot of useful information.
She is, Comrade General, spent the
whole battle in the anti-tank trench.
They left her behind.
What's your name?
- Look for the civilians who were digging a trench.
Find her parents. - Yes, sir.
- Take her to the kitchen and give
her something to eat. - Yes, sir.
- So, you say you use Guderians book
to destroy these tanks? - Exactly.
You're smart. And such is not
progressing further than the captain
- Speak German?
- Yes.
- That's good. Who doesn't know the language
of the enemy, risk to lose his own. - It's true.
- How many tanks were destroyed?
- 20, Comrade General. - 20?
- Yes. I counted them personally. - Tell
the quartermaster to deliver 20 bottles of cognac.
Give the bottle of cognac to
anyone who destroyed a tank.
Comrade General, corporal Kisiljov
destroyed four tanks. He'll drink too much.
- In that case, Pjotre Kuzmichu, you decide.
- There he is, corporal Kisiljov.
Let's go there.
- Stand still!
- At ease, at ease. Sit.
Sit, Kisiljov. Feel free to sit down.
Well, how's it going, corporal?
- So, so. - Where you learn to
shoot like that? Hunter?
I am not a hunter.
I've always been good at shooting.
- It's a bit of luck.
- Was it bad?
I wanted to make a new house,
old one nearly collapsed..
When they came.. destroying everything.
I have faild to build a new house.
Three children, one on the way..
Wife, old mother, daughters.
Where will we live?
You're a hero, corporal.
For the victory.
I already see the headline:
Day of fire!
Eat, Comrade Journalist.
- Gensepaschtette. What is it?
- Goose pate.
Not edible.
What do you think, Comrade Colonel,
What will happen tomorrow in your sector?
Dnjepr is forced.
They expand their bridgehead.
In the south and the north.
Pour Comrades, pour.
If the Supreme HQ does not organize
well-prepared offensive
and as usual if they
switch divisions around,
we will be surrounded.
Surrounded? You think the Germans have
enough forces to surround
such a powerful military group
that is under our command?
I think we will be witnesses and participants
in major offensive operation.
We will fight them off
and we'll get to Berlin.
To Comrade Stalin.
Armenian cognac.
Five stars.
Well..for boys.
What do you think, will we die tomorrow?
No. Not yet.
No? We will for sure.
They will die.
Everyone will die.
This is for you.
- Congratulations. - For what?
- Birthday.
Ah, yes.
Thank you.
May I kiss you?
But I.. I haven't shaved.
I will endure it.
Ok, then.
The day of birth is worse than the day of death.
Why do you say that?
Not me.
You have read it?
- No. - A wise book.
Only after reading I have no will to live.
Then don't read it.
Good advice.
- Yes, Comrade Prvi? - Happy birthday.
- Thank you. - Best wishes.
- Did someone congratulate you already?
- No, you are first.
Thank you.
Prvi congratulated.
Well Prvi(Prvi=First), loves to be first,
enjoys being the first.
Which is the first birthday that you remember?
Five years.
- Yes? - The Germans started to bomb
positions in the region Burnich and Vikjer.
- I think there will be an attack.
- Report to me when they start.
And you..
Zoja Sjemcova.
Good morning.
And you, Zoja Sjemcova, go to the hospital.
Forget about it.
In the evening go freely, without fear.
Already receiving guests?
The tanks broke through our positions..
Artillery is silent..
12. JULY 194l.
On the third line of defense
The Germans hit the field hospital.
- There is neither doctor nor nurse.
- Take the car and immediately go there.
Kachushin, you're set for the new commander
of the Regiment. All the guys are heroes.
- Tulskaya volunteers, police battalion,
and battalion staff of the NKVD. - Yes, sir.
- Cover the Shklovski direction so that
no bastard pass. Understand? - Clearly.
Let's go to the artillery.
Here we can't help anyone.
12. JULY 1941.
- Where are you going? We must be quick!
- Wounded first. Get out! Faster!
Go back, withdraw.
- Do not move, ok?
- Clearly. - Help!
Hand, hand!
Hold his hand.
- Hallo, Comrade Komdiv.
- Where is Sjemcova?
Zoja went to the hospital.
The vehicle has not returned yet.
- Long ago?
- Before lunch.
No bullets?
- Got ammo? - No.
Do you have bullets? - No!
Where is Komdiv?
The battle is fiercest, where is Komdiv?
This is treason!
What happens?
Are they all familiar with the commands?
Not everyone, comrade Zhigunov.
We are in the midst of battle.
It burns..
When burns in the mind it is a blessing
when burns in the throat, the tonsils are infected.
Half an inch left, maybe less,
and it would hit the artery.
And what, I'd fallen asleep?
Like a baby.
Like a boy.
Like a boy. Stupid boy.
- Girl, You talk with your superior.
- And I am right.
What do you mean?
You can figure it yourself.
Need reinforcement...
Go to the backup position!
Go, come on!
- Where the hell were you?
- In the survey.
- What is that?
- Do not show it. Angina.
- Sjemcova said that I will live till the wedding.
- Geler passed close to the artery.
- Did he lost much blood?
- No need to hide.
- Comrade Sjemcova! Do your job!
- Sorry.
- Easy, Alexei Sergeyevich?
It's a good girl. - There is no girls in war.
Neither good nor bad.
Fall back!
13 JULY 1941.
Comrade Colonel!
- The battalion of Captain Gavrjushina is retreating.
- I see.
Come here.
Get ready for the attack.
Machine gun!
Follow me!
Follow me!
Prepare to attack!
Prepare weapons! Prepare bombs!
- Stop! - Lie down!
- Who are you? - Alikov, Comrade Colonel.
- The commander of the first machine-gun company.
- Collect your men and deploy them on the left.
- I will personally lead the attack!
- I understand! - Go!
Collect people! Clear the way!
Deploy them on the left side!
Will support a major attack!
Let's go soldiers! Go, go!
Follow me!
Prepare bombs!
- Cannons on the line!
- Throw bombs!
House needs to be done.
With windows that face south.
Where the sun shines.
So do it.
Mother says: Yes, yes.
Two windows to the south,
two facing the street.
The entrance should not be from south.
Mother says: You need shutters.
They are needed, she says.
And why? Who is going to watch?
I tell her..
Mark it as a second lieutenant Bugajeva.
Large losses..
13. JULY 1941.
Tulskay volunteers are in front.
For now, still waiting.
- I think the Germans will attack us soon.
- The Germans are now attacking Shadrin.
But be ready.
That's all. Take care.
Connect me with Shadrin.
Comrade Colonel, Bizon on the line.
Comrade Bizon, Orao here.
What is the situation?
What's going on in there?
Damn. It seems that the Germans
began a psychological war.
I'm sorry I can't see that action
of Germans operational ideas.
Let them closer and shoot
all the guns you have.
Do not shoot without a command.
Let artillery firing without stopping.
- Tulipan, shoot without stopping.
- Shoot in front of our positions.
Get down!
No Germans anywhere.
Don't relax.
Be sure to send reconnaissance.
Comrade Komdiv, Prvi on the line.
- I listen, Comrade Prvi. - The Germans have
occupied Chazi. Two corps division are surrounded.
- What is the situation with you. - It's quiet now.
- What do you think we should do?
I think we should leave the city.
In order to preserve the army and part of the equipment.
- You sure? - Yes.
- I will..
What's wrong with connection?
Armoured Division...
- Only two?
- Others are volunteers.
I'm going to artillery. Alone.
Release the prisoners.
We'll give them a chance to redeem themselves.
For deserters..You need to form
a military court in HQ.
And them..
You should take them into the
woods as soon as possible
and kill them.
What? Without a court decision?
Didn't you hear me.
Sorry! Who would you like me to send?
You will personally go.
20. JULY 1941.
The Germans are in a position!
The Germans are in a position!
Fall back in silk factory!
All of you! Hello! In silk factory.
I'm hit! Medic!
Fall back!
At night is not so bad.
You came at the worst time.
- Make sure they brought the remaining cognac
to the hospital . - Yes, sir.
Parshina is arrested.
- What has he done?
- Hello.
He was rectifies the identity documents
of the wounded commanders,
political leaders, communists..
He erase their ranks..
Leave him alone.
- Comrade Komdiv, do you..- Do you know
what the Germans are doing with the commanders?
- Did he said he was working on my order?
- No.
Listen to me you intelligent bastard!
I do not need your protection.
- Sorry, I do not understand. - The orders
should be executed, not suppressed.
On right shoulder!
What is this?
Execution of orders of the military court.
- So. I want you in the hospital within ten minutes!
- Yes, sir.
And you, Comrade Major, come with me.
In accordance with article 319 and 320
of the criminal laws of the Soviet Union,
military court sentenced
Aleksei Ivanovich Zolotarjova
the highest possible punishment:
Firing squad.
The verdict is not subject to appeal.
So, Major. The command is far away
and we can't get to it.
Because we are surrounded.
- So each soldier is important and ammo as well.
- Stop!
- Stop!
Currently, the railway station is area of
heavy fights. And you can help our soldiers
in the mixed unit, under the command..
- Kachusina. I know.
Line up!
To the right!
In column of two, forward march!
Soldier, come.
Red Army Zolotarjov.
- Why do you have left the battlefield?
- I was scared. - Look at him, he got scared.
I won't do it again.
Of course you won't.
You're almost executed.
- You forgot? Give your blood..
- And life itself..
He went.. We were all scared..
My homeland is important..
I was scared. And he went..
And I was in front of him.
His head exploded, like watermelon..
Exploded, and he was walking
without a head.
- I don't remember anything anymore.
- You're a soldier! You need to be in trench
even when the headless Germans runs toward you.
Not even soldier but Hitler with three heads!
- I won't run away..
- You won't.
Be a man.
I will.
- Well, soldier. Go to the HQ.
- Yes, sir.
We'll get to German position if we continue.
- What happens?
- Saboteurs!
What saboteurs?
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Who are you? You are not saboteur?
- No. I have to go in HQ of the division. Immediately!
He said so. If it weren't for Komdiv, I would..
Go, I'll finish.
The last plane takes off from the airport.
Come with us.
Within an hour everything will be completed.
- Everyone will die here. - Comrades!
Leave the phone.
When I come to Moscow, I will call you.
Forward! Attack!
Hey! You have forgotten
your prisoners.
Who are these?
Convicts, Comrade Commander.
Convicted without the right to appeal.
For what?
I..for antiparty and anti-human activity.
And he.. crashed the plane.
Lieutenant Borodin.
Border fighting pilot.
Because of the destruction of the German
reconnaissance aircraft, I was arrested 20th June.
Send them to fight.
No execution?
- Comrade Colonel!
- Goodbye, comrades.
Maybe I'll see you again!
You know me?
How is your arm?
- Okay.
- What are you doing here?
I bring you promotion to the rank of general.
The plane will come for you.
Chief of Staff takes over command.
The city should be defended to the last man.
Required equipment will be shipped by air.
I won't leave my men.
You will fly back.
This is my cabinet and I command here.
You're tired from the trip, take rest.
I will talk to you later.
Check it!
An ordinary day for meetings, Is it not?
Do I need to translate it?
Toast for peace and friendship
among nations.
Comrade Komdiv, I don't drink.
I don't remember. Do you smoke?
Trophy, Comrade Komdiv.
And, how was the parade?
In Brest?
No, on the Red Square.
Of course in Brest.
In the name of Germany's Command
and General Guderian personally,
I have autorization to offer to end
this pointless resistance.
I remember that you spoke Russian perfectly
during our last meeting in Brest 1939.
General Guderian..
personally guarantee..
to soldiers and officers of your division,
good treatment and warm food.
Comrade Komdiv.. General Guderian
personally guarantee..
Herr General,
You are a smart man.
You have to understand that your
resistance is meaningless and useless.
Wehrmacht gives you a chance
to enter history.
You can stand one, maximum
two days on this
line on the Dniepr.
And then?
In mid autumn..
up until the end of autumn, especially
with adverse conditions..
in early winter..
we'll be in Moscow.
I don't understand.
I'll tell you.
22nd June, you started to dig
graves for yourselves.
And the deeper you enter
into our territory..
the deeper will be your grave.
- Stop, stop, stop!
Herr General, in less than a year,
we won Europe.
Europe has ended.
Asia has begun.
For Your day.
This is for you Mogiljev.
Come back.
I'm with the staff of General Guderian.
I have very important information for the general.
You will take off, yes you will..
With such wound you can't do much.
Can't do much..
As soon as possible I will tell the Army Staff
that you haven't obeyed the orders.
It's your right.
The plane has took off?
Yes. Already flying around.
Plane will land after the signal flare.
- Comrade Komdiv, may I speak.
- Yes. - Your order is executed.
- What order? What did I ordered?
Who are you? - Zolotarjov.
- Aha, "I Won't". You destroyed some tank?
- No. Only truck.
The truck is also good.
Help the Commissioner!
Ivan Danilichu, submit a list of recommended
soldiers for the award.
Come on, move!
25. JULY 1941.
When we were in the district,
there was a girl.
Very pretty, big breasts..
and sweet little feet..
So every day: The key in the door,
hat on her head and goes into the base.
It took an hour to walk.
And what is one hour for the poor? Death.
So, guys paint last three
benches with white paint.
She jumped like crazy.
And the funniest part is
she also laughed about it.
Ah, she was cheerful.
Done! And she just went..
She jumped like crazy.
Take it.
Need ammo!
Where is Shadrin?
27th july, early night,
all units and staffs
will leave Mogiljev and try
to pass the enemy lines.
25. JULY 1941.
Faster, Soldiers, faster, faster!
What's wrong, girl?
What's wrong..
Prepare to attack!
What is this?
Lists of troops proposed for the prize.
Surrounded will not be rewarded.
From the operating log
7th Corps 4th Army:
The Russians fought to the end. They were
resistant to attacks from behind and from all sides.
Therefore, every firing position, each
antitank and artillery positions,
each house, had to taken with fight.
In and around Mogiljev,
in 1941. fought about
60 000 Red Army soldiers.
How many of them were killed, captured,
how many managed to escape,
It's still unknown.
Most of the soldiers, forever remained
lying there, where they have died.
Subtitle for CG: c20ux