Do Dooni Chaar (2010) Movie Script

lts a story from motor cycle
to car
We are Duggal family
Our story started when Papa
got income refund
Mom was making chicken in dinner
we were celebrating like we
got bonus
Duggal family got Rs 7600 extra
We were discussing that what we
will buy from it
We always have discussions like this
l will buy iPod
how do you know about it?
have you ever bought it?
l also did not buy lPL team
still l know Shahrukh has bought
for 400 crores
we will buy a new fridge
its fine,
its sounding
whole night it creates sound,
l cant sleep at night
we did not decided that where we will
use it and phone rang
phone is the responsible of all
how are you?
father's one and only sister
we call her Phupho
she lives with herjoint family
in Meruth
she called in the morning for
a exclusive news
it means we have to attend
it compulsory
forget Dish TV, iPod and fridge
we dont have to fight
today chicken is cancelled,
you have to eat vegetables tonight
yesterday potatoes were not fully cooked
yesterday potatoes were not fully cooked
no matter how complicated problems we have,
Duggal sir forgets everything and attend his class
what is going on in class?
it belongs to Aryan
now principal will return you this
he will take my class
because he will get zero and his
father will not say anything
if you get 60% then take from me
otherwise principal will give you TC
then dont blame on me
l'm giving you extra classes
do study, you will
get good marks
you just think about your result
l was arranging for new t-shirt
while bunking of class
this is my life
l have to do many things
for a new t-shirt
tell me how much money is in
Payal's pocket?
only Rs 60?
if its more than Rs 60 then
you will not get t-shirt
is this the question to ask?
if l take out the wallet then whole
college would knew l have Rs 45
l dont wanna show.
go to hell
you would get t-shirt
l have only Rs 45 in my pocket
l dont have a single original t-shirt
thats why l have to take participate
in this stupid competition
why a teacher is my father?
why your dad is not my father?
take this.
lets go for drive
you have done one good work in life
you bought this car
how many friends you have on
my brother Sandeep or Sandy
can you say that he is Duggal's son?
take this for auto
take this for ice cream
tomorrow its my test,
can l go to bunty's house?
its an english paper,
how papa will teach me?
Kumar sir is coming at bunty's home
for teaching
l'm calling from PCO
l will be fail
our Deepu is very brilliant student
we cant afford a tutor thats why he
go to his friend's house for tution
make it 4
put my Rs 100 on it
Sandy's rs 100 on it
he was enjoying
go enjoy with your mother
come here
if you do it next time then
l will kill your whole family
what deepo was learning we
know when we had a big crisis
answer is right,
why you give me zero?
do we have Rs 2500 extra?
how can l tell this?
l have to check it
she will take your whole salary
why you are shouting?
its just the 21 of this month
my bike is spoiled
Bitto singh is small in size
but his car is very big
and his anger....
you are taking free coaching since
15 days
you have to give exams and
become engineer
duggal sir haven't come thats
why we are doing disco
you do practice by yourself
papa's half life spend in school
leave this poor bike
dont say anything to my bike
then l call it BMW?
students will get bad impression
by looking at it
l cant do its painting before 1st
sell it and buy a new one.
do double shift
in 1 shift l reach home at 9PM
and in 2 shifts l will go home at 12 AM
my childrens will forget
my face
there is a wedding in my
sister's inlaws
in the morning she gave a
explosive news
and in the evening she came to
our house
you all have to come in car
lots of traffic is on road,
it takes so much time to reach in car
my bike gives an average of
60 km/h
then papa took out his favourite red file
papa shown her all the papers of red file
if you cant buy then
take it on rent
we come in anything,
what is so problem with your family?
then we will not come
what l will say to father?
who will trust you that you
had mercedes?
when l will die, still l cant
afford mercedes
if you will not come then l will
die by feeling ashamed
and if you come on motor bike than
they will say lots of things to me
please save me
we all will come
yes in car
new clothes for wedding with
a problem of renting a car
do you want to go to toilet?
l have read in a news paper that
there will be a tax on taxi
your brother has a taxi business
very good.
last diwali he has increased 4 more taxis
l have also invest some money
l get side income from it
these days side business is must
its easy for you
if anyone need taxi in school then
they will take from you
if anyone want to go to Merut
for 2 days then what is the rate?
for you its only Rs 5000
you want to go?
l'm asking for general knowledge
whole day you watch foolish channels
sometimes atleast watch
national geographic channel
dont awake whole night
l cant sleep
nobody is ready to give
car in less than Rs 5000
l could not see her condition
tell her that we cant come
you promised to her,
l have to do something
1 7 years ago your basic salary
was more than me
these days they give official car
to head with driver
leave it and read it
its very bad hand writing
what people do for marks
they are not afraid?
if anybody complaint then?
then my mother got a
brilliant idea
every people use bike or car
for normal things
all childrens should go to army
its only my name or you are inviting
my whole family?
this coming sunday?
its your car
you can take it whenever you want
if you bring it to highway and if
it stops then you will have problem
once it come from mechanic next week
then you can bring it anywhere
he give lots of respect to
your family
these days teachers are asking
for 1 .5 lacs for nursery admisison
you have to go until Merut.
its very near
you are saying it cant go
if you are saying then we
have to take it
test is going on?
drive it carefully
thanks alot.
you sit behind
l think driver should concentrate
on road
if papa sit behind then l will
not go
its very cold
your car is perfect
dont worry.
everybody is saying thank you to you
why you are sleeping?
look outside
cheese paratha Rs 45?
do one thing bring one
plain paratha for me
l will also eat potato paratha
its very expensive
where are you taking the keys?
whole day you fight
say sorry
sorry mummy come here
l sit behind
you have bought a new car
its not new.
brother thought to give us a surprise
he is urmi's elder brother
bring them to room
lets go brother
how are you?
if car is good then we dont
know how long we drive
why you lie to them?
keep quiet
if they will know then?
its only a matter for 1 day
l'm having very bad feeling
what are you doing in ladies?
lets have some beer
you come in school uniform?
you should wear good clothes
in wedding
he organized all the wedding tents
in wedding
were you shifting theives
into jail?
he did not do anything
l'm a good officer
nobody cant do anything
when you are here
give car documents to farooqi
baraat is about to come
you handle the wedding,
l handle farooqui
you check whether its a stolen
car or not?
inform bomb squad
l have heard you are looking for me
l'm the owner of this car
l was in washroom
we have informed bomb disposal squad
take these documents
you even dont know driving
then what will you say to farooqui?
you should do something for me
i say thank you to you
give me some money
you are teacher and l have
to teach you
my salary is only Rs 8000
l have only 5100
call Sharma
go from here.
where are you going?
Sharma ask for lots of money
5000 is enough for me,
take this 100
go from here,
wedding is about to start
this is for you
l take it
3000 for you and 3000 for me
remember the car's number
how he know Farooqi uncle?
who will buy a new jeans for you?
today l drive
let me drive
what happen?
tail light and bumper is broken
there is no dent on car
farooqi sir gave his car
to Duggal
thats why we never take
another's thing
you should drive it
why you are interfering in it?
if l wont then you
will run away from here
we will pay for the damage
who will allow you to go?
l told you dont give them car
look our car is broken
its a car,
not your papa's car
you are saying sorry
take this for damage
l will send mechanic,
you will pay it
its 6000
you are running business for
you are earning lots of money
then why dont you buy your car?
why you come here to ask for my car?
if l will not buy a car in 15 days,
then change my name
now its settled already
didn't you hear?
we are also buying a car
your wish is about to complete
how we will buy a car?
because of you,
we all will get insult
i was doing job
now salma will daily tease me
because of me everyone is insulted?
we should know what is our limit?
we will buy a car
l have to prove my family?
no matter what will happen,
l will buy a car
nobody saw my glasses?
in the morning we forgot that
car accident
but papa remind us again
l forget my glasses in farooqi's car
please bring my glasses from
farooqi's car
last night we got insulted
dont go to their home,
buy a new glasses
she is saying until car is repaired
l will not return glasses
l never decide to
buy a car
which car you will buy?
my mechanic was saying he
will find a good old car for me
dont go for used car
there is no use for used car
you cant buy a new car
l have told you many times dont
say to sit on bike
only one week left in our car
when car will come and park infront
of our home then l will trust
you will look 10 years more younger
l'm 51 years old.
but you look like 41
l want that car
dont you have Nano?
its showroom is behind,
you will get it in 2 hours
l want car in 15 days
dont you have Maruti 800?
still people are jealous of
Maruti 800
if l give you Alto in
800's price?
we have a special scheme for it
only 5 days left
dont waste time,
drive it
your daughter,
you want to test drive with your family
when payal will come then we
will go for test drive
its not an ordinary car,
its more better than Maruti 800
we are buying a car
l will not sit in it
come downstairs
bye payal
we are testing car and your
son is sleeping
they are strange
l will call you later
now its my turn for car
whenever a new thing come in our home,
someone is upset everytime
my mother goes in it to
buy vegetables
how you got so much money?
they never bought a car for them
its my own earning
let me interview also
what happen?
you got bathroom?
you went to bunty's house?
kumar sir did not come?
did he ask for tution fees?
are you ok?
let me check your fever
i'm having stomache
who opened its cap?
where you kept it?
why he is not opening door?
l got a job
where are you going?
dont walk
Payal duggal got a job
starting salary is Rs 10000
what is this call centre?
she went to her friend's call centre
now our both salaries will
bring my choice car
you will look 35 in the age of 25
we will not think about your marriage
thats why you were happy
lets make program to buy a car
you are saying no to me?
what is problem in it?
whole world do job in call centre
what is this?
lots of money
you have a hidden personality
so much savings
it will take out the down payment
of our car
l save my saving in rice box
i swear i was about to
flush all the money
police will catch me
you learn this?
beat him
first we move these money
you put me in probem
papa bring deepo on his bike
with betting money
deepo was so scared
papa distribute betting money
to beggars
my papa and his punishments
are weired
its a Rs 100 note
it was just a reharsal,
you will get it in final
why you did not scold me?
its my mistake,
why l scold you?
l did not know when you become
deepo to sandy?
you were sucking your 2 fingers
you cried alot then you wash your
fingers and put your fingers again in your mouth
one day you took out your fingers
from your mouth
or you will leave by yourself?
we were hungry
until you complete your MBA,
you will not talk about yourjob
not for once,
these are car loan paper,
give them after college
this book is original,
take care of it
we started from 2500 per month
then we reached 3400 per month
and now its 3800 per month
and what about down payment?
papa's duty is not completed by
paying fees only
papa's duty is to look for
children's happiness
you have become very smart
if you did not pay for fees then
l will cut from name from school
l want 3 months advance
for what?
l want to buy a car
move your hand fast
i want advance,
i told you to hold your hands
how much salary you have?
do the double shift
if you want advance then
teach in government school
i will approve it
you cant take advance for
luxury items
you should think it before that
from where you will bring down payment?
l thought i will get 3 months
salary in advance
now we wont buy Alto even?
if teacher cant buy then...
i will show u how teachers
can buy a car
open it sir
cut packet, take out the slip
its the last one
my hands are shivering
l have never won any prize
because l will win a car
wait a minute.
now what happened?
l did the calculation
l will win a prize in 1000 packets
so it will make my down payment money
i knew it we will not get any
car in washing powder
you are not allowing me to join
call centre
dont talk about call centre
dont wake me up before lunch time
why you are not allowing
him to do job
do one thing,
give me charan's shop number
it will take 2 months
i wont allow you to do it
i can also find his number
maths teacher is not a joke
where is my telephone diary?
i promised to urmi
i told everyone that we are buying a car
and the solution in any answer sheet
and l'm searching it in packets
do you remember the number?
1 march 1993
you always give me tension
what will it use?
they will find the correct number
please bring a tea for me
we are not making any mistake
l'm not giving him 100 out of 100
l'm just giving him any passing marks
his future is in father's money
and my childrens will remain
on scooter
my students earn 150000
starting salary
and l'm 51 years old
whole Delhi is moving in Metro
whole world can buy a car
if teacher's family want to buy
then they ask many questions
dont we deserve a car?
we are not doing anything wrong,
dont feel guilty
yes we are buying a car
who give you my number?
no. l'm going for my work.
call me in the evening
they call me for car loan
you are looking like my hero today
we are about to reach
who is calling you now?
call me in the evening,
l'm busy
you order non veg
60000 are about to come
why you only asked for 60000?
l only need what l want
we will sit on different tables
if he will be scared then?
l want loan but l told you
call me in the evening
we are at mc donalds
why are you keep calling?
you are very intelligent
betting trap saved me,
now why he went for it?
they will eat him
i'm having a bad feeling
look at his face
dont worry.
l will handle it
l'm saying you good morning
you called us?
you are waiting for us
call me later
l'm in a meeting
you are very busy these days
he is my brother
we all 3 come together in every deal
tell me how much marks
you will give?
thats why l bring him here
to say thank you
we are paying for it,
no need to say thanks
you tell everyone in class to
dont eat pizza and burger
show me the copy
i was in your class
she is my daughter asma
he is my maths teacher
he has started a blog named
Duggal express
he lives with his family
in New York
we start to chat on duggal topic
your scooter is still fit?
l still have a bike
you gave us lifts so many times
show me copy and take money
we dont want their money
she is my best student
you come here to buy marks,
you will not understand
if l give you fake marks then
we both will be failed
you will learn you can buy
you will remember me for my cheating
my students remember me for
my good teaching
they will introduce me to
their childrens to say he made me good boy
he will get those marks that
he deserves
tell me how much you want?
he did that?
take back your money
l dont want it
so everything will look
like normal
nothing will happen.
you did not do anything
l raise hands for taking
nothing will be bad
is everything ok?
come out
they are not looking good
l come down
look at his face
he is selling teaching
i surrender myself,
i will talk to them and do the settlement
its because of me
because of my their tail light
in broken
i pushed him
he is innocent
we will not do it again,
please dont arrest him
you also take my card
no problem
let my grand son fail
from now you will take his tution
and teach him alot and
make him pass
take this 12 months advance
its your tution payment
school gives me salary for
teaching him
what you can do in salary?
i understand everything
we also do hard working
and we sell it for Rs 150 per Kg
but you make human being
before he will become bad boy
and destroy my country.
i'm giving you this for me and for grand son
we did not moved into 3 bedrooms
from 1 bed room
mother did not get fridge
now l proudly say to everybody that
my father is a teacher
Deepu also left betting
so many good things happened
for buying a car
what will happen when we will
buy a home theatre
its our car
how much its increasing?
10% on petrol
rates are increasing,
not salary
its not express
you have become a car man
it means you have become
a car lady
why i will return it i dont
know what will be its condition