Do-eo-lak (2018) Movie Script

= Now aim to Sadang. =
= Train for Sadang medium
enter the station. =
= Expected to passengers for
waiting in a safe place. =
= Train for Sadang medium
enter the station. =
~ totoro ~
You've come home with people
and had time to eat porridge together.
Turns out you were right away
told to go home.
How long have you been?
I don't know!
Shit, why are you always
just make people emotional?
Lights off huh?
= Door Lock = - / b
We're ten days left
will welcome the spring festival holiday.
Twenty-nine million people are expected to
going home to my hometown during the spring festival holiday.
Compared to the spring festival
last year, there were more than 300,000 travelers.
The estimated peak flow
will appear
on the 3rd day of the morning on the 3rd.
It is estimated that on day H to
the 5th the number of travelers will peak.
Travel from Seoul to Busan
will take 8 hours.
A trip to Gwangju will
takes 6.5 hours.
Travel time is estimated to be more
about 20-30 minutes long compared to last year.
Flow abroad before
spring festival holiday...
= Hello, Jo Gyeong Min gogaek-nim =
= We contacted you this time because
want to introduce new dental insurance. =
= You are free to talk
on the phone for a while? =
Ah yeah, but now I'm busy
get ready to work.
= Ah, fine. In that case
I will explain briefly. =
= As long as you pay every month
20 thousand Won for 10 full years, =
= You can get free implants. =
= At the same time,
when the insurance period ends, =
= with a one-time payment
amounting to 300 thousand Won, =
= You don't need to pay premiums
anything else. =
But I have to make a decision
right now?
I'm in a hurry to leave the house.
= Gogaek-nim, it only takes five minutes! =
Then you can call
come back later?
= Then I'll call again
when you are free to talk. =
= What time can you do? =
Above six.
= Then I'll call
again that time. =
Yes, please move.
Okay, let's smile a little.
Who knows, you can bring hockey.
And also wealth.
Come on everybody!
Come on! Who is happy! Who is happy!
Oh Hyo Joo, we've finished talking for a while!
Customer number 36.
Aigoo Eomoni!
You haven't come here for a long time.
Over here!
Let me help you.
Customer number 37?
Park Daeri has reached its limit.
You're still indifferent.
It sucks.
Eonni, your problem is you
the person is too good.
You know in our country if we become people
too good what will it be like?
You will be a loser.
True loser.
What is your plan?
Are you planning to renew your contract?
This damn extension.
Just get here.
For 29 years I lived,
only depends on extension.
Delaying university entrance...
Postpone graduation.
Delay dating.
Delaying marriage.
Until I want to defecate, it must be postponed.
Hold on like this.
I just got sick
chronic constipation right?
Please give it a little there.
Somewhat there.
Must be extended.
Thus it can only be obtained
deposit and move.
Eonni, your performance is pretty good.
If you add a little skill,
this time is not an extension of the period anymore.
But it immediately remains fixed.
I have often emphasized it?
More smile.
If you see any parents coming,
you said "You just entered
half a century old. "
Then sell centenarian life insurance.
If there are employees who come,
asked him "Your children have entered college?"
"After retiring, I want to try fried chicken
or what to do? "
Just like that.
Continue to sell pension insurance to him.
Targeting must go out
key points of people's weakness.
Only then can you sell products to people.
Because your life is too straight,
so you are dogged by
Park Daeri's kind of shit.
Hey, you are so skilled but why
not much different from me?
This is an unexpected thing.
What laughter?
You are number 601, huh?
Some people leave this here.
I also don't know.
I heard from my colleague just right
change of shift earlier.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Can you please sign here?
Has troubled you.
font color=" The red ginseng
is left below. = - - = Eomma = -
I really like it occasionally
change the door code.
I want to come
call first.
Or SMS can also be.
The trip takes two hours.
Why is it so come home right away?
Later, just eat headache medicine.
Oh, Eomma, Eomma!
Just now...
...the key cover is left open
when did Eomma leave?
Ah, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay Eomma.
I want to eat.
Eomma also eats fast.
Check fingerprint?
Based on this?
Can't you use this?
Which, by the way...
He said the man knocking on the door
does not damage any items
and no losses?
Then, as you say
he did not enter at all
into your house.
He just banged on the door
then go. So?
There is also no evidence if this is discarded
by that person.
Ah, dingy is right.
Oops, receipt of complaint
can only be done at the time
the event is happening.
Fingerprints can also be checked
at such times.
From our records, I have seen several
the time you call the police.
Then we go awry.
we can't help you at all.
There is nothing strange here.
We will be back soon.
Why am I?
Every morning it's always like that.
Have you received an overnight package?
When the shift changed yesterday
I told you
employee number five.
Yes, I received it.
Ah, my...
CCTV footage that is here...
...can it be shown to the person?
That is...
But what is your problem?
It is okay. It's just that yesterday night there
were people who tried to unlock the door of my house.
I feel uncomfortable.
Do you want to see now?
No, now I will hurry to leave.
Must bother you again next time.
- Well.
- Has troubled you.
In accordance with Agassi's proposed conditions,
on this block, this one can be said
the best.
Oh, in my opinion, the house I occupied
now it's better than this.
Why is it even more expensive here?
What's the matter?
You don't know if lately
all the rent jumped.
If something always happens
make your heart calm,
it should be replaced immediately
lock the door.
He said there was a key lately
door that uses fingerprints.
I thought the officetel could be better.
That's why I moved there.
I don't know because of my lower jaw
not good or how.
My head feels very heavy.
Just ask for a talisman.
Talisman, amulet.
Do you have a subscription?
Do I want to introduce you?
I have no money.
We'd better get married quickly
and through living calmly.
Who is the marriage?
Incidentally there is one on the other side.
Tuh! What is that guy?
Who? Who?
Gwajang-nim! Over here! Here!
font color="
Right here! Here!
You know right?
Gwajang-nim treats you
with exceptional softness.
Hey, ah!
Let me improve my performance today.
Come on!
Customer number 119?
Do you want to deposit money?
Let me help you.
119 customers, please go here.
Number 119 was called there.
I'm just consulting there.
Baik, Gogaek-nim.
- Halo!
- Halo!
Is there anything I can help?
I can't transfer money
via ATM machine.
Ah, yes.
Can I borrow his ID card?
- = Recommended Savings Products = -
Maaf, Gogaek-nim...
You are married?
Not yet, still not.
Can you know what work?
I'm a carpenter.
Since you're a carpenter,
maybe your respiratory tract is not good.
Want to be copied?
Yes, thank you.
Can you know where you live?
Di Bongcheon-dong.
I also live in that area.
It seems we are neighbors
one environment.
I also feel I've seen you.
I mean it seems like I've been
see you in the area there.
Around the center of housing.
When the accident happened maybe.
Yes, it could be possible
like this.
Pas happened to pass.
Do you have a deposit?
I've never had one.
You just looked at this product.
It is suitable for those who
living alone.
Originally saving for six months,
automatically offers services
purchase some disease insurance.
Oh, yes?
The money...
Eonni, this is the data.
...has been transferred.
Deposit problems, you should not
buy this product.
It's better to just wait next time.
Do you want to drink a glass of coffee with me?
I will save here.
Neighbor one neighborhood.
I just think I can't drink coffee together?
The savings problem, Gogaek-nim...
It's better to postpone it.
Let me choose the product later
that suits you better.
Just now you advised me
to open a savings account?
Why suddenly change your mind?
Oh that... my...
Because in my account
no money?
People who have no money
can't save?
No, Gogaek-nim.
It is not like that.
You calm down first.
Next month...
It really disappointed me.
For the sake of promoting products,
pretending to care about my respiratory tract.
I admit the neighbor of one area
and approach me.
I see I have no money
I was immediately told to go home?
Very demeaning people.
Don't remember how you smiled
at the beginning and welcome me?
Gogaek-nim, it looks like you misunderstood me.
Then, we drink coffee together.
Need help?
Do you live in Bongcheon-dong?
Then, step aside!
We are neighbors in one area
planning to drink coffee together.
I'm fine, Gwajang-nim.
I'll finish.
What do you want to solve?
What is my fault?
Am I trash?
What am I wrong now?
Dong Woo-ssi!
Sorry, Gogaek-nim?
There are still many other customers waiting.
Can you please stand up?
I'm still not done here!
Ah, yes.
Please stand first!
If not, we will report to the police.
Customer number 122.
There are still many customers
waiting behind you.
Please stand up.
God damn it!
You first approached.
Tease me.
Don't be too materialistic.
People like this must be taught a lesson
so you can be aware.
Do not worry about it.
It is okay.
Focus not to be negligent!
You are paid to work well.
Honestly say!
You really run
patrol every night?
What is written here is true?
If there is nothing wrong,
why can the police come?
Number 5 is indeed no problem.
You... Aigoo...
In the future everything must be you
report to me without exception.
You sit here in peace
I also know.
Also, today you entered
what work time?
- Today you're late again, right?
- Sorry.
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi !
Gyeong Min-ssi?
Gyeong Min-ssi, are you okay?
I don't think your condition is so good.
No, I'm fine.
This month your contract too
it's finished, right?
Your performance can be said
pretty good.
Anu... Jijeomjang-nim warned me
to give you proper treatment.
Gyeong Min-ssi, I...
...will turn you into an employee
unlimited contract.
That way, not only salary
your annual will go up,
but it will be stable.
Good, isn't that right?
- = Unknown call = -
- = Unknown call = -
Not cold?
Still remember me?
We met yesterday at the bank.
Ah, a minute!
I waited for you a long time.
That time seems like a bus
the last is gone.
And we live in the area
the same one.
Mending home with me.
No, I want to take the bus home.
Ah, why really like it
make people embarrassed? Basic!
Why you like it so much
treat me like a weirdo?
What am I wrong?
Did the come back again?
God damn it!
Hey, don't want to let go?
This is why people are still not aware?
Anu, what do you mean why?
It seems you misunderstood me.
What is the misunderstanding? Shucks!
I will go.
You calm yourself.
You guys are really scary.
Are you his girlfriend?
Are you okay?
If you dare to appear once again,
I really reported the police.
Gyeong Min-ssi, get on!
Sorry, because of me being...
Ah, why apologize?
Fellow coworkers.
Next time if there is something like this again,
immediately call me, okay?
Don't try to solve it yourself.
Gyeong Min-ssi, this is me Kim Seong Ho.
Your wallet is left in my car.
Sorry, Gwajang-nim.
Has troubled you.
It is okay.
Lights off huh?
It seems so.
It suddenly went dark.
Do I want to help you look?
No need.
It is okay.
I ask the officer below.
As long as you don't mind,
I can help check for a moment.
Maybe not a big problem.
Ah, this jump.
So overloaded,
he will jump.
Ah, sorry.
I don't know in your house
there are still others.
No, no.
Not like that.
Because I live alone,
so intentionally...
If there is no objection,
want to drink a cup of coffee?
Oh, I can.
Please sit here.
Can I use the bathroom for a while?
I want to wash my hands for a while.
Bathroom next door.
Oh well.
Wait a minute!
But Gwajang-nim knows where?
I never seem to
touch it in front of you.
Which one?
My house number, 601.
I go buy coffee first.
You said he was a boss
You at the office?
So all this time
people trying to get into your house
and stalking you is him?
The stalker is your boss in the office?
Me too...
Is he your girlfriend?
So, most of the reports
stalking that we received
the edges are the culprit
is your own boyfriend.
You don't have a boyfriend?
- Hey...
- Why? Shucks.
Next time you ask.
Come in!
What is the number?
This kind of thing is not supposed to be the police
who was told to come here but boyfriend.
Are you angry?
Drink 3 in 1 coffee?
Tired, huh?
Last night I stayed up late.
It feels like it's going to be dull, dead.
Although tired,
the edges we have to
confirm again.
According to your testimony... leave the house and call 112.
At that time there were people who
kill Kim Seong Ho.
Based on the evaluation of the crime scene,
in your room
there were also traces of fighting
with third parties.
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi...
You should look in the direction
the person who is talking.
Why not look at me?
Look at me!
There is a former fight with
third party.
In other words...
In your residence
there are still others.
The person who killed Kim Seong Ho.
Could it be the person you know?
Said the door number of your house
he knew from the guards in the lobby.
Because he said your wallet is left behind
in his car.
Why are you doing this?
Everything is on display
You accuse other people
kill Kim Seong Ho.
You yourself report the police.
Pretending yourself to be a victim.
I think in your house
there are many male products.
There is already news from the forensic team.
He said he didn't meet.
Isn't it in Kim Seong Ho's blood
found any drug composition?
Certainly which bastard is there in that
woman's house finish off Kim Seong Ho.
Jo Gyeong Min who is beside him
inject drugs.
Never mind.
I also hope like that
in order to punish him.
But from before he had
start reporting the police.
He said there were people who
secretly wanted to enter his house.
If it's before tomorrow morning the anesthetic
still not found,
free the person.
The head office there says...
New Gwajang next week
will start serving here.
As information.
Your heart is not too worried.
Everything is upbeat!
Gyeong Min-ssi...
We chat for a while.
Why not take a break today?
I can't be continuously absent
no reason.
Aigoo, we all understand your situation.
It must be very difficult.
Anu, Gyeong Min-ssi...
I intend to call you.
Oh, your contract ends this month right?
Gwajang-nim is a good person.
It is unfortunate.
Until now I am still
feel hard to believe.
Gyeong Min-ssi doesn't seem to be participating
to the funeral?
I don't seem to see it.
He said he was detained continuously at the police station.
Treated like a murderer.
The perpetrator of the murder?
It's scary.
Very scary.
Park Daeri doesn't know
inside information.
You don't understand the situation at all.
Where can I call it
Your words seem rather outrageous.
Eonni, why?
Sit down
- Jo Gyeong Min!
- Hyo Joo-ssi.
Our meeting is still not finished.
- = Hyo Joo = - - = Before moving, stay a few days at my place.
Didn't you say a few the other day someone knocked on your door? = -
The thing I once mentioned at that time...
Can I see the CCTV footage?
The corridor on the sixth floor can also be seen?
What is installed in the corridor is only dummy.
As long as it is installed in the elevator it can
visible people coming and going.
There is something you want to see
That day there were people who continued
knock on the door of my house.
I want to know who that person is.
There are still cigarette butts
left at the door.
Then it could be him too
live in the same building.
This building?
Yes, sometimes there are people who are drunk
and thought it was her house.
So he knocked on the door.
If so, I disturb for a while.
Yes, it has troubled you.
Oh, nothing.
Oh, I see?
I am Jo Gyeong Min who is there
look at your house a few days ago.
I just want to ask
signatures as soon as possible?
That day there were people who continued
knock on the door of my house.
I want to know who that person is.
Then it could be him too
live in the same building.
There are people?
font color="
If I think one of two.
First, the person hiding inside
Eonni's home is Kang Seung Hye.
Second, in the hands of Gwajang-nim there is
tag key home Kang Seung Hye.
Until yesterday he was still rubbing the card.
And that's at the convenience store that is on
near the area where Eonni lived.
It looks like every day
purchased is the same.
All 3200 Won.
Buy what he really is
The time is always the same every time.
Everything is eight o'clock.
You might be.
Saturday is one o'clock.
One hour?
How about we try the phone?
If it's connected, you want it
Say what?
Just confirm him
Kang Seung Hye or not, Eonni.
Not answered?
Then use KakaoTalk only.
- = Hey, Kang Seung Hye! Can't try it
send Message? Your finger sprained huh? = -
Not read by her.
I pull it out first!
Eonni, where are you?
I want to meet him
at this convenience store.
Why should you meet directly?
It's best to report the police directly.
No, if the police report is certain
I will be suspected first.
Why suspect you Eonni?
Eonni is also a victim.
Hey, I'm also very curious.
Why can I be considered
as a suspect?
Until fired from the company.
A minute!
Come on!
Where are you going?
Department Store.
No, no.
This is my problem, Hyo Joo.
I'm excited now
playing spies.
Saturday morning was out of the house.
And collect so much
data for you.
Are you telling me to step down now?
Can not!
You go there even more suspicious.
Yes, right?
It is okay.
Come on!
Right, 3200 Won.
Right, 3200 Won.
- = Vegetable porridge = -
- = Vegetable porridge = -
It could be not.
Here are a lot of things
it costs 3200 Won.
There is milk and sandwiches
also 3200 Won.
Have you seen the part here?
Coffee buy two get one
also it costs 3200 Won.
Eonni, you think people shop at department stores
for resale again?
Hungry huh?
Eonni, do you want a blind date?
He is one of the oppa
high school time.
Judo and Jiujitsu Brazil him
combined there are three you know!
His neck... Ma Dong Seok is gone.
The parts are not separate
style like that you know right?
But if you use a Polo shirt you can
it looks like there's a collar.
Do you think okay?
Why does he know me?
Why does he know me?
- = Kang Seung Hye: Hey Hyo Joo! How are you? = -
- = Kang Seung Hye: Hey Hyo Joo! How are you? = -
3200 Won.
At one o'clock!
Over there!
You can't, Eonni.
We are separated here.
Yes, Eonni passed a big road.
I'm passing here.
Almost behind.
Come on, quickly!
Me first.
Don't forget the phone!
Yes, you know.
= Hello, with the police station. =
Hello? Here there are people...
= You calm down first!
Tell me slowly
= Hello? Please talk. =
You are Kang Seung Hye-ssi aren't you?
What is it?
A minute!
You're Kang Seung Hye-ssi right?
I told you no.
Not cold?
Many people are looking for you.
Your sister still often sends you SMS.
= Hyo Joo = -
But your relationship with
Hyo Joo is close enough?
Today he sent an SMS continuously.
Today I want to tell you.
I already have someone else.
I feel very guilty
to you Seung Hye.
Because that is today
I want to be honest.
You can understand, right?
But maybe you have
meet him.
He lives downstairs in your house.
What are you doing?
Are you missing here?
I want to help answer your call?
There are people? There are people?
Help me!
There are people? Please!
Shut you up!
You bastard!
Police... Police...
Hello! Hello!
The key is exactly the same.
The password number is exactly the same
with the password in the house.
No need to discuss this first.
But inside the house
nothing at all.
Do you want to check there together?
Jo Gyeong Min, don't lie!
You really don't see
the person's face?
Hey, he just almost died.
Where do you have the guts to see people's faces?
If it's you,
can you see that person's face clearly?
Agassi, don't talk about problems
color sports shoes or something.
You must be able to give
clearer evidence.
I can only do something.
The cellphone dies so it can't
tracked its location.
Are you sure your cell is missing?
He hears directly if he lives on
Under that person is the next target.
Ah... his hand...
...wearing a watch.
Then I'm the killer?
Anu... it's very old.
The model is very popular first.
Have found!
How come?
- = Soo Hyeob Bank = -
- = Jo Gyeong Min = -
You seem too subjective.
The woman was first
give me my card.
Business cards are really useful
to share with others.
And you are the next night
intend to bring it by force
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi in front of the bank.
My name is Kim Gi Jeong.
I know.
I said my name is Kim Gi Jeong.
I said I know.
Don't use banmal.
You always follow Jo Gyeong Min-ssi.
That day why you can
arrived at the doorstep of Jo Gyeong Min-ssi's house?
Shucks! I went there because of emotions.
Because of emotion.
Nongol wearing a suit.
With style as if he were that
A prince.
After he appeared with
the imported car,
the woman's style took cover behind her
really makes me disgusted.
I went there because I wanted to finish off
they both. Satisfied?
Turn down your voice, motherfucker!
It's true I went there.
But not long after
I'm going home.
I go home on foot.
= Come on, drink a cup of coffee. =
= Let's just say we help each other. =
Take a look at this.
The victim was put in a garbage bag
and thrown to the roof upstairs.
You don't feel weird?
Why should the body be thrown onto the roof?
You don't feel weird?
Why did you ask
like this to me?
Help me
I ask you because I don't know.
Maybe you want to show it
To people.
What do you show?
Next is you.
More or less.
You suspect me.
But I'm not the type of crazy person who kidnaps
then sawing them into pieces.
This... turned out to be cut with a saw.
I'm a carpenter.
Use a knife or ax won't
can cut this part.
You have talked about tools
used to kill with that person?
But your watch is used to start
from when?
Pretty good!
Beggar style, beggar style.
God damn it! Don't arrest innocent people
and talk about useless things.
Bitch in the bank
how dare you play with me.
Is he watching from behind?
Hey! If I leave this place,
just watch you!
= What are you doing? =
- You will die!
- Sit!
You know what's the most
make me angry?
I was scared until my body became
stiff and unable to do anything.
I was very angry with myself
like that.
When that person killed the woman,
so scared I could only
hiding and not daring to speak out.
Can't bear any story
to the police.
When you come running,
I can't do anything
because it's too trembling.
I'm so stupid like that.
I was so stupid that I got emotional.
This isn't Eonni's fault, okay?
You are tired of waiting.
Here, let us be responsible
answer to solve it.
You go home and rest.
That's right, man, right?
Yes, basically you can
certainly so.
You could say he's already
admit it from his own mouth.
He has a criminal record
related to violence.
As long as it can be identified at TK Seong Hye's scene,
and finding his fingerprints is arguably certain.
Last time when the police reported,
don't you suspect me?
You said I did it.
Ah, that's because...
...suspect everything is
diseases caused by our work.
Not intentionally. Sorry.
What if he is released?
If that person is due to lack of evidence and is released like me.
This is the last cardboard, right?
Yes, troublesome.
Place it slightly inward.
This is the key.
Pretty fast already
find a place to live.
Yes, fortunately.
God damn it!
Already done?
= Not yet. =
= Eonni, we have to eat jjajangmyeon
and tangsuyuk here! =
= Want me to go there? =
Now it can't.
There is absolutely no place here.
Later after finishing cleaning
you just arrived huh?
The transfer day is reasonable
eat while laying on newspapers.
- Oh, I see?
- = Yes. =
Okay, that's it.
But window guards and door locks
still not finished installing.
You just relax.
= Good =
Wow this big problem.
His wife Gyeong Min is on his way
on the emergency room and lost consciousness.
Why did he move house without
tell the family? Basic!
Then you just call him.
The cellphone is not active.
So I can come here.
I was ordered by his Eomm Gyeong Gyeong.
Have me hurry up and find him.
Who knows, he moved?
Because of that you...
Quickly let me know.
But why is the sachon oppa
who was told to come here?
His Eomm Gyeong Gyeong is in Daejeon.
I live in Seoul so
I was told to come here.
These people really...
If you don't tell me
the transfer company may also.
We comply with regulations.
After all there was an incident
unpleasant happens.
Then continue...
If something happens to Gyeong Min's Appa,
can you be responsible?
The key is only one set.
Next time there is a chance
make a duplicate.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Hyo Joo huh?
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi?
Your express package arrived.
I put it here.
- = I returned the wallet to you. = -
- = Hyo Joo = -
I can hear Hyo Joo.
Speak up
Hyo Joo...
Hyoo Joo!
There are people? That...
There are people?
Hey! Open the door! Fast!
Hyo Joo!
Open the door, shit!
Hyo Joo!
Hyo Joo!
Open the door!
Please! Please!
Hyo Joo! Hyo Joo!
Run away so fast.
Where are you?
Come on!
Go drink coffee.
What are you looking at?
Don't want to enter?
What are you doing
against Hyo Joo, son of a bitch!
What is he doing?
God damn it!
Crazy woman!
Hyo Joo, it's time to eat fruit.
We keep watching him.
If I get there faster...
Gyeong Min-ssi may not be necessary
experience an event like this.
What is the video call?
Shit is... smart brain.
He uses Oh Hyo Joo-ssi's computer
and record the event first.
Then use the cellphone Oh Hyo Joo-ssi
made a video call
to Gyeong Min.
If you can be more cool-headed,
you will realize it.
How can it be seen
Oh Hyo Joo-ssi when I go home from work.
Which shows that on
when he came home.
If so, where is this possible
is hapoo Oh Hyo Joo-ssi?
This is common sense.
For this Hyeongsa-nim called common sense?
The common sense I know is...
Events like this happen to friends,
you will immediately run to him
regardless of everything.
This is common sense.
Then what will happen to Kim Gi Jeong?
The proof has been found.
Equipment bag inside
the video has been found.
It was found there
Kim Gi Jeong's fingerprint.
The hammer and saw were also found.
The DNA test results that come out are appropriate,
he will be arrested immediately.
Do not worry.
Already up?
Are you here today too?
Why not go home?
Are you a little better?
How is your condition?
The doctor said I had to be hospitalized
this week it's only allowed to go home.
He said the operation was running
with success.
Sorry, Hyo Joo.
Don't cry, Eonni.
Because of you and Gwajang-nim...
I really don't remember anything.
Just sleeping a few days!
The doctor said...
The operation is successful and won't
leave any marks.
Eonni, you better look in the mirror.
Eonni looks much more gloomy than me.
Yes huh
Don't cry.
Also do not need to feel guilty.
Because of me, because I was then
ran crashing into the person.
After all, Eonni hurried over
to save me, right?
Eonni, later after I'm out of
our hospital goes to eat good yuk!
Want not?
Do not cry.
Don't cry anymore.
You haven't left?
Already, but then remember if
I forgot to give this to you.
The surveillance camera used
inside the house.
If you feel something suspicious,
maybe this has benefits.
I'm not deliberately choosing penguins.
But lately the model
so all
How are you?
I accidentally found it here.
My name is Han Dong Hoon.
Officetel where you live first,
I work as a guard.
Ah, how are you
You moved around here?
Ah, I once bothered you
but it doesn't even know you.
What's troublesome.
That is my job.
Is your new place good?
Yes, that's fine.
No one is bothering you
like before, right?
No one is bothering you, right?
I heard he said the culprit
already caught.
That bastard will not be able to
bother you again.
It's caught.
See you again.
3200 Won.
- hello?
- = With Lee Hyeongsa, where are you now? =
I'm at home, at home.
= You just stay home.
Don't come out from there once. =
= Because the DNA isn't right,
Kim Gi Jeong has been released. =
= I'll be there soon.
You have to stay in the house and don't come out. =
= Kim Gi Jeong... =
=... killed. =
= Hello? Gyeong Min-ssi? =
= Gyeong Min-ssi? Do you hear? =
= Gyeong Min-ssi! Gyeong Min-ssi! =
Immediately check existing CCTV footage
around Gyeong Min-ssi's house!
If you find instructions,
immediately contact me!
Hey get together!
Already aware?
= Seonbae, in Yangpyeong it was found
trace of the suspect. =
Jo Gyeong Min's mobile location
still can't be tracked?
= Yes, not active. =
= Oh yeah... =
= Superintendent who works in officetel
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi's old residence =
= who showed CCTV footage on
That Kim Gi Jeong. Which name is Han Dong Hoon... =
Yes, why?
= Odd one day after
Kim Gi Jeong lost his life, =
= he resigned from
his job and disappeared
= But... =
= Han Dong Hoon's old work place
around the Yangpyeong area. =
I stayed here for a while
there should be no problem.
Sorry, it seems like the effect of the anesthetic
still not lost.
I'm afraid you feel strange,
so it's up to the blanket and the others I brought here.
I've changed it too
your shirt with a nightgown.
Why are you so against me?
Liking someone doesn't need a reason.
But you don't recognize me
when at a convenience store.
Do you intentionally huh?
Really don't recognize me?
How come you don't
recognize me in that place?
Because I am a veterinarian
Look at me!
I told you to look at me!
When you close your eyes,
his feeling is not like this.
If you feel I have
crazy and psychopathic,
You just leave here.
I don't lock the door.
But, if you come out...
...and caught back by me...
...then your arms and legs
I'll cut it.
If not, you will run away again.
What are you crying about?
I'm not a scary person.
You just quietly here, Gyeong Min-ssi.
I don't want to, shit!
Focus! Focus!
Must be able to get out of this place.
= Formerly a hotel for local tourists. =
= But since closing in 2010,
the building is left empty. =
= Han Dong Hoon is a former
employee there
= Before closing ever
guests who jump from the building =
= 27 years old, Lee Hee Jin =
= After that he submitted a request
to be transferred to Seoul. =
= Starting in 2010, in the Seong Dong district
supervisor of an officetel =
= a happened here too
cases of missing people not revealed. =
Jo Gyeong Min-ssi?
Gyeong Min-ssi?
Gyeong Min-ssi, this is Lee Hyeongsa.
I am here.
Lee Hyeongsa!
Here, here.
Lee Hyeongsa-nim.
Too many men surround you.
It's over.
Put it down!
Shut you up!
Why do you want to kill me?
I told you earlier.
Cut the arms first.
Where are you going? Here!
Confined in this place
there are only two of us.
Where are you, damn?
Just be honest...
You really like me too, right?
Yes, right?
Here you are!
Still intending to kill me?
Die you!
Regarding the death of perpetrators of violence,
the court ruled that the action
Jo's victims are mere martial arts.
The police stated besides the victim Jo
there are still a number of other victims.
Results of further investigation
attract a lot of attention.
Next is the weather forecast.
Today is the spring turning point.
Long winter
it's over.
Warm spring
have greeted.
In various parts of the country
flowers begin to sprout.
I told you no need to come, Eomma.
Hyo Joo will be here to help me.
Jump to the place just now.
I know.
You can, I have been a long time ago
don't eat Eomma cuisine.