Do-ga-ni (2011) Movie Script

CJ Entertainment Presents
A Samgeori Picture
Fantagio Production
This film is based on the true accounts that
took place at a school for deaf in 2005
Executive producer
Katharine Kim
Associate Producer
LEE Sang-moo
Investment Executive
JANG Jin-seung
Still not there?
Produced by
EOM Yong-hoon, NA Byung-jun
Still not there?
Produced by
EOM Yong-hoon, NA Byung-jun
Produced by
EOM Yong-hoon, NA Byung-jun
I can't tell where I am cuz of the fog
Then you're almost there
Mujin is a foggy town
Then you're almost there
Mujin is a foggy town
JUNG Yu-mi
What's Sol doing?
She cried all night missing daddy
and just fell asleep
She cried a lot?
Kids cry when they're
away from parents
Don't worry, son
Just do your job well there
After everything to get that job,
stick to it like glue
Got it?
Mom I'll call...
Screenplay Adaptation and Directed
by HWANG Dong-hyuk
How much longer will it be?
It's a busy day from the fog
You'll have to wait
Is there a bus
to Ja-ae Academy from here?
Ja-ae Academy?
The deaf school?
There's no direct bus
to way out there
Cab fare's about $50
Just leaving?
I'm in a rush
I'll come tomorrow
Can't you just leave it?
Hey, Mister
Why'd you suddenly back out
without even looking!
- What? I didn't even move
- Mister!
Think you can talk your way out?
You got the wrong girl
Mr. Lee! Spray please!
She's the one who hit me
Look Miss
I didn't even start the engine
Hey! Are you out of your mind?
Mr. Lee! Come look
This man's soaked in Soju
I don't believe this
Ms. Seo?
Drank all night again?
I'm sorry
My insurance will cover it
Can't stand the cold?
I came out after drinking with
co-workers and it was broken
The fool who broke it and ran
messed with the wrong gal
Are we almost there?
In my line of work,
people can hold grudges
It's similar to police inspectors
I deal with pimps and bastards
who hit their wives
I said, how much longer!
A grown man whining
Why are you going to
Ja-ae Academy?
To teach kids
Really? You're a teacher?
Can you do sign language?
What does that mean?
I can guess why people have
grudges against you
Call me with the estimate
Don't try to pull a broken neck
on me or anything
I'm real tight with
the cops in this town
Tell the Chief of Admin
to come to the principal's office
You were Professor Kim's student?
He was my college professor
He drew that himself for me
I see
If you're his student
I can trust you 100%
He and I were best friends
in high school
If he didn't suddenly
switch to arts
We would've gone to
college together
No need for honorifics, sir
Of course there is
You're our teacher now
I shouldn't talk down to you
Chief Lee?
Meet our new art teacher
from Seoul
I'm Kang In-ho
Nice to meet you, sir
Never seen twins before?
Sorry, sir
It's okay
We get that a lot at first
You must be tired from the trip
Rest up and see you on Monday
Chief Lee will direct you
with the details
Bro? What about the thing?
Chief Lee
This is school
Ah, Principal Lee?
What about the thing?
He came on
Professor Kim's recommendation
You kidding me?
Why's a man from Seoul
so senseless?
It's usually 1 big one, but for you
I'll take just 5 small ones
You mean money?
Thought you could get
a teaching job for free?
Bring it in cash
School development fund?
Everyone has to pay
How much do they want?
What? That much?
They said it's a discount for me
Dang! Where are we gonna
come up with that much money?
It's very good
You have a talent in art
Why are you so late for class?
His younger brother died
in a train accident a few days ago
He's not himself these days
His only brother died
It's notjust Min-su.
There's something strange
about the kids
How strange?
I can't really explain it
It's your first time
at a school like this, right?
Don't think of the kids here
as normal
A disability in body leads to
an impairment in mentality
I've been with them
for over 10 years here
But they still don't
open up to me easily
Jeon Min-su?
Father is bedridden
and mother ran away
Jin Yu-ri
Mentally disabled with
a voracious appetite
Needs special care
Kim Yeon-du
She's an orphan?
I'm about to leave
Did you eat dinner?
A little
How's Sol? Did she eat?
I fed her a few spoons
Why so little?
She had a fit cuz
she wanted pizza instead
Why didn't you buy
it for her then?
Don't worry about her
Check your account on the way home
You got the money?
Ask for new bills
when you withdrawal
Is someone in there?
Are you alright?
What are you doing?
I heard strange noises
from inside
Still, you can't go into
the girls' bathroom
What if a student sees you?
You don't know cuz you're new
Kids here make
strange noises for fun
Since they can't hear,
they do it more
I'm locking the front doors,
go home, sir
The audit is enough of a headache
And now kids act up, too
Sorry for all the trouble,
Inspector Jang
It's okay, sir
Guiding kids to the right path
is a cop's job anyway
But the kids never listen
I told them over and over
not to go out at nights
What use is telling 'em
when they can't hear?
Oh, that's right
Come on in
School development fund
is not illegal
Right, Inspector Jang?
If my salary was bigger
I'd donate to this school, too
I heard you're from Seoul
Are you settling in?
There's nothing much to Mujin
but the fog
- It's fine
- Wait
Let's have drinks sometime
This town is pretty good
for guys to have fun
The gals are nice and firm
It's not polite to stare
at your teacher like that
Get up
Get up
Stand straight!
Keep your manners even
when getting hit!
Get up Min-su
- Hello
- Straight
Mr. Park?
What's the matter?
One moment
This kid sneaked out of
residence last night
With two girls at that
I was so worried
I didn't sleep a wink last night
His brother sneaked out and died
Mr. Park? The principal
wants to see you
Don't you know how I feel?
open up to each other more, okay?
What are you doing there?
Go back in!
Go back in, now!
Come down from there!
What are you doing!
You could fall down!
What's wrong?
I'm sorry if I scared you
I was worried about you
What are you doing!
I'm giving her a lesson
Who are you to give
her a lesson like that?
I'm Yoon Ja-ae,
the residence counselor
I'm in charge of
afterschool education
This doesn't concern you
You put a child
in the laundry machine!
Are you insane?
The new teacher from Seoul is...
a fool who doesn't know
to mind his own crap
You think I can't do anything?
All my friends in Seoul
are prosecutors and lawyers!
Try that again and I'll make sure
you end up behind bars!
Oh, right. What is it?
I paid for your repairs
The disabled children?
This isn't discrimination,
it's assault
What were you doing
while she ended up like this?
Let's call her parents, first
She's an orphan
I heard from
the Chief of Admin
There was a problem with Ms. Yoon
disciplining a child?
Since she was a student
from your class
I understand why you'd be upset
I gave Ms. Yoon a firm warning
I hope you'd understand
Ms. Yoon deeply regrets
what happened
She wants to apologize to Yeon-du
But Yeon-du didn't come back
to residence last night
We're very worried about her
She wasn't well so I took her
to a hospital
Is it really bad?
No, they said
she can leave tomorrow
No need to worry, sir
We'll bring her back then
Which hospital is she at?
Yeon-du couldn't come
cuz she's sick
Let's try this
You draw me and I'll draw you
Why? Don't want to?
Because of my bruises and scars...
Don't worry,
I'll draw you very pretty
Where are you?
We have to meet
I'm just getting off work
I'll meet you at the hospital
No, let's meet somewhere else
Okay, then
Is something wrong?
Yeon-du was
sexually molested
From the principal
By force
he tried to, but failed at the end
Because she's too young
Can't be
Who said that?
Are you drunk again?
How many bottles this time?
Yeon-du wrote this last night
There are other kids, too
And other assailants
Mr. Park Bo-hyun even molested boys
Don't you know how I feel?
Report it to the police
The cops sent the kids who went
to report it back to the school
That's why they were beaten
Yoon Ja-ae who beat Yeon-du is...
the school founder's
adopted daughter
So, she's the principal
and twin's sister
Kim Yeon-du is admitted here,
Know what's even crazier?
Yoon Ja-ae and the principal
they're lovers
She warned as she cut
Yeon-du's hair
If she flirts with the principal
she's dead
Last Thursday you were
sexually molested
by the principal of Ja-ae Academy
Can you tell us what happened?
After school that day
I changed clothes
at the residence
then went out to play
in the yard
I was playing with Yuri
She went to the bathroom
but didn't come back
So I went into the school
to look for Yuri
The principal...
called me over to his office
He took me to
the Principal's room
The TV was turned on
A man and a girl
were naked on the screen
The principal came in
grabbed my pants
and pulled them off
Is someone in there?
It's raining hard outside
The sound of rain
falling on budding trees
seems to whisper the long,
cold winter is finally over
Open your windows and
listen to the falling rain
Our first song is perfect
for rainy nights like this
'Thorn Tree'by Cho Sung-mo
It's okay
Yeon-du says she saw it
There's too much of me
within myself
There's no place for you to rest
There are too many
useless dreams in me
There's no place
for your comfort
If you say this
to anyone else
I'll kill you
You don't know cuz you're new
Kids here make
strange noises for fun
- Daddy!
- Mom?
What took you so long
to get the door?
Teaching deaf kids
you going deaf, too?
Why didn't you call?
Do I need a reservation
to come to my son's place?
What is this a hotel?
Still, why bring
a sick child out here?
What? Did you forget?
It has been a year since
your wife passed away
So how's school?
Don't ask
Not welcoming the newcomers?
Bear with them
Country folks can be like that
What's that?
I heard the principal loves orchids
Professor Kim says your principal has
a lot of connections
Some teachers got recommendations
from your principal
and landed good jobs up in Seoul
Know what does people are?
Those people are...
I know
Demanding cash for giving you a job!
Think he's a good guy?
Know how I got that money?
It was my rental deposit
You moved out?
That's your house deposit?
Think I stole that money
or something?
You never once brought money home
How else would I get it?
Still, that was your house!
Come on
Suddenly acting
like the head of this family?
When you went around
the country to draw
forgot how your wife and I
raised Sol and supported you?
Your wife worried about Sol
and you till the day she died
Daddy? Are you fighting?
I don't wanna hear
one more word out of you!
Just like the kids you teach
close your ears and mouth
and just do yourjob
Sol! Are you okay?
Mom! Hurry!
- Oh dear
- Breathe in
- One more time
- That's good
I got a room in our old town
It's tiny, but good enough
forjust Sol and me
Don't think of
anything else but Sol
We request
the principal of Ja-ae Academy
be discharged
And the sexual offenders
be punished
Sorry to interrupt
Did the sex... molestation occur
during class hours?
If you watch
the recorded testimonies
- after school, the kids...
- After school?
That's not ourjurisdiction
Mr. Kim?
What happens if
a problem occurs after school?
That's City Hall's jurisdiction
But the principal,
Chief of Admin
and a teacher sexually assaulted
students at school!
The things is
Ja-ae Academy is ourjurisdiction
But the residence is social welfare's
jurisdiction at City Hall
Please go to City Hall
and talk to them about it
I've already been there
They said it happened at school
and to come here
What happens after school
is not ourjurisdiction
Look lady!
Children were abused at school!
Whose jurisdiction is it!
The Blue House?
The White House?
City Hall
Why aren't you investigating?
Children were molested
from the principal of the school!
Shouldn't you investigate?
Of course we should
Then why aren't you?
Ms. Seo
The principal is the elder of
Mujin Church
He's a devout Christian and
well known as a respectable man
I have the children's
recorded testimonies
This is the evidence!
Why can't you bring him in?
How can we handcuff him
based on what some deaf kids say?
He received the governor's
award a few days ago
With human rights and such
I can'tjust bring people in
You know that very well
What rights when he molested kids!
Then I'll go straight to
the district prosecutor's office
By all means
Don't think it's because
we don't want to investigate
It's because the prosecutors
haven't given us the okay
Hope my son becomes
a prosecutor not a cop
It's me Young-hoon
A TVstation from Seoul called
to cover our case
Hurry back
They're on their way
I'll be right there
Come here!
Come here!
Get up.
Don't lie down there
Get up. Hurry
Where are Yeon-du and Yuri?
You're close friends
Stop grumbling and speak!
Damn frustrating!
Damn mute! Say something!
I can't understand
your grumbling!
Damn kid
Getting old Mr. Pak?
Kids aren't scared of you anymore
Mr. Park?
This is the principal's office
Go someplace quiet
If I open up can you make them
get punished?
Yes, I promise
Why did your brother
go to the railroad at dawn?
Can you tell us what happened
to him before he died?
As Mr. Park Bo-hyun was
getting off work
He told us to
come to his house
We didn't want to go
But if we said no
he hit us
Why? You wanna go first?
I told you to stay quiet!
I can't concentrate!
Come here!
I told you being noisy
is bad manners! Son of a bitch!
I warned you to stay quiet!
I told you to wait quietly
for your turn!
Come here you!
I don't know how long
time passed
He took off my pants
in my butt he...
Couldn't you resist
or run away?
If I tried,
he'd beat me all night
Did it happen before, too?
At his house and
a bathroom at the residence
My brother was so weak
After that happened
he couldn't walk from the pain
Inspector Jang?
What are you doing?
You have the right to an attorney
and the right to remain silent
You must've seen the TV show
but it's not me!
Think I could do such a thing?
I'm the elder of Mujin Church
I'm a servant of Christ!
You know that very well
Let me go, fools!
I'm friends with the police chief!
What's your name!
- I'll have you all fired!
- Don't worry! It'll be okay!
Jesus will protect you!
Don't worry!
Those who framed you
will definitely pay for this!
Inspector Jang!
How could you!
- Bro! Bro!
- Stop her!
Inspector Jang
Don't you believe me?
How can you do this to us!
After everything we gave you!
Mujin Police Headquarters
flipped upside down
Not only me, but prosecutors
are about to lose jobs
I won't say this twice,
so stop whining and listen up
Use all your connections and get
a lawyer who used to be a judge
Chief prosecuting attorney
at least
From Mujin would be better
Say crap like you didn't do it
when you pray alone
Before you find a lawyer
I suggest you close your ears
and mouths like the kids
You understand me?
Beloved citizens of Mujin
Elders Lee Kang-bok and Kang-suk
have worked hard for years
for the development
of our church and Mujin
Serving God above and poor
disabled children below...
They've served others non-stop
Do not forgive those evil forces
who frame our elders!
It's a good thing
I repeat!
That the kids can't hear this
They've worked hard for years for
the development of our church and Mujin
Serving God above
Did you find out anything
on their lawyer?
Hwang Woo-sik is a very
famous attorney from Mujin
He graduated magna cum laude
from Seoul Law School
He used to be a judge and recently
opened private practice
This is his first case
Privileges of former post
What's that?
Retired judges are given
a favorable ruling
at their first trial in practice
How can they be so alike?
Their looks and their acts
For the last few days
I trembled in shame
And thought about
why God gave me this adversity
Our father and teacher,
Lee Jun-bum
had pity on the deaf and
took his entire fortune
to establish Ja-ae Academy
50 years ago
Since we were young
Our father taught us
to care for such young sheep
We never once forgot
Interpretation please!
Interpretation please!
Your Honor
Deaf people here
cannot hear you
If you speak without permission
I'll order you to leave the court
I'm Seo Yu-jin from
Mujin Human Rights Center
This trial has to do with
deaf people
Please bring in a sign language
interpreter for them
Ms. Seo is ordered
to leave the court
Escort her out of here!
I object! Your Honor!
Your Honor!
I object, sir!
It's only fair that a sign language
interpreter be here for this trial!
Let go!
Anyone who disturbs this court
will be dealt with strictly by law
Defendant, please continue
We pray in Jesus' name
Sexual molestation?
You filthy fools can only see
dirty things!
What are you doing!
How dare you little bitch!
Who are you!
I'm Principal Lee's wife!
- You devilish bitch!
- What are you doing!
You wheedled kids to scam money
off my husband, didn't you!
- Ma'am!
- You got the wrong man, bitch!
- Stop it!
- Let go!
You devilish bitch!
Be gone Satan!
Be gone!
She should be begging day and night
for her husband's forgiveness!
What are you an angel?
She spits on you and all you say is,
'What are you doing? '
Can I stay at your office
for a while?
Why? Ran away
from home or something?
Did you get fired?
They can't fire you like that!
Don't worry, Mister
I'll throw 'em in prison
and get you reinstated
Must be nice
Life's easy to you
You got me all wrong
My life's no peaches and cream
Protests after protests
I never had time for dates
I can't get a job
cuz my grades suck
With the chicken feed I make...
Do you regret it?
Jumping into this case?
How'd you know
it was my pay day?
I wired some money
Go check the bank
Yeah, everything's fine
No, don't come down
I'm busy
I got a lot of stuff to do
I'll come up sometime soon
I swear
to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth
So help me God
Witness, Oh Jung-sik
Counsel? Your witness
Mr. Oh Jung-sik?
What is yourjob title
at Ja-ae Academy?
I'm the night guard
at the school
- How long have you worked there?
- 5 years
For the last five years
you've seen the defendants
what is your impression of them?
They're both great men
- Always so thoughtful to me
- Your Honor
- Question is irrelevant to the trial
- Sustained
Ask questions
pertaining to the trial
You patrol the school
every night?
I go around it once every 3 hours
I see
Then, for the last 5 years
Have you ever seen the principal
or his brother call in children...
to their offices
or drag them there?
No, I haven't
Interpreter, please convey clearly
Commotion is not tolerated
On the night in question
you saw Kang In-ho
outside the girl's bathroom?
What did he say?
That he heard screams
from inside
So, what did you do?
He asked me to check
So I went in and looked
Was someone in there?
No, no one
I see
No further questions
Please cross-examine prosecution
What did you do before
working at Ja-ae Academy?
I was a janitor at
Mujin Elementary School
Then why'd you move
to a special school?
The salary is much lower
than at a public school
While working at Mujin Elementary
you were indicted for stealing and
selling school supplies, correct?
For that you were jobless
for over 3 years, correct?
Your Honor
Prosecution's questioning
is irrelevant to this case
The staff and teachers at
the school all have weak points
That's why the unfortunate events
were kept silent and hidden
That could be the heart
of this case
Sustained. Continue
How did you come
to work at Ja-ae Academy?
With your background
it wouldn't have been easy
Someone introduced me
Someone introduced you
You even paid them
a school development fund
If the school should close
due to this case
you have nowhere else
to go, correct?
No further questions
You examined Jin Yuri when a human
rights center employee brought her?
What was your diagnosis?
Her vulva was inflamed and
her hymen was damaged
Can a girl's hymen only be damaged
by sexual relations?
It can be damaged by riding a bike
or severe masturbation
As an OB-GYN, I assume you've seen
many sexually abused patients
What kind of state are they in?
Usually there are severe
lacerations to the vulva
And they are about to lose
their minds from humiliation
How was Jin Yuri
when you first saw her?
She was calmly eating cookies
Too calm for a girl who
supposedly got sexually molested
There were no other
bruises or wounds either
So, she didn't seem like
a child who was sexually abused?
No further questions
That doctor is
the head council of
Mujin High School alumnus
And she's the president
Your Honor
What is this?
This is the witness'
first diagnosis of Jin Yuri
This is your first diagnosis,
Did you write your diagnosis twice?
Answer yes or no
The first diagnosis says
the lacerations to the vulva
and damaged hymen
are not suspected to be from
recent sexual relations
The later diagnosis says
Not from sexual relations
but other causes
In your second diagnosis
you ruled out sexual relations
Why did you rewrite your diagnosis?
I didn't know this case was so serious
Does a doctor's diagnosis change
depending on the case?
The first diagnosis said 'not from
recent sexual relations', correct?
Then you saw signs of
sexual relations before, correct?
Why did you change
your statement?
Is it really because
the case got too serious?
No. It's just
her hymen wasn't
damaged recently
It seemed to be
about 5 years ago
That makes her only 9 years old
- It's too young to have sex so
- Please!
Is it possible for such a young girl
and a man to have sexual relations?
Even if it was, without the girl's
voluntary consent it's impossible!
Min-su? It's not good?
Do you want something else?
Yeon-du, aren't you hungry?
I used to come to the beach
with my parents
Before I lost my hearing
I could hear the waves then
Now, it's too quiet
The most beautiful
and precious things in the world
Cannot be heard or seen
But only felt by the heart
Helen Keller said that
It's my favorite quote
What did she say?
She wishes I was her dad
And that you're her mom
He's a widower with a kid
I didn't even get to date
anyone yet
That's absolutely crazy
Don't even dream about it, okay?
Why aren't you answering?
Come on!
Don't over react
Tell her there's nothing
between us
First, I'll ask the defendants
How do you feel seeing this child?
Though it came to this
She is still your student
I was curious who started
such ridiculous lies
Now, that I see
I think I can remember her
Are you saying you don't even
remember the girl you molested?
I've seen her a few times
Principal Lee is right
She even has a mental disability
So I remember feeling sorry
and patting her head a few times
What about you?
Of course I know her
She was in my class
I loved her
and cared for her a lot
Which one
took off your clothes
and hurt you, Yuri?
All three
How many times?
A lot
Very many times
Can you remember
since when it started?
Since I was in grade 3
Chief of Admin gave me money
every time he hurt me
$1 each time to buy cookies
He pulled off my pants
I said no
because it hurts too much
I ran away
because I was scared
He grabbed me hard
And forced me on a table
He tied my hands
and feet to the table
That's all a lie!
- She's crazy, Your Honor!
- He's right!
- Don't believe her!
- Be seated!
It's all a lie!
- Stop lying!
- God knows the truth!
Who told you to lie!
Who put you up to this!
With those who
sexually molested kids?
The prosecutor said sexual
molestation to kids under 13
can be annulled if they settle
with the victim's parents
What parent would settle
after what happened to their child?
Yeon-du doesn't have parents
But Yuri and Min-su's parents
have mental disabilities
Damn bastards
They purposely chose kids who don't
have parents to take care of them
If Yuri
and Min-su's parents settle
The principal
sexually molesting Yeon-du
that's all there's left
I'm sorry to ask you to meet
so suddenly
It's fine, sir
I should've called you
I heard from attorney Hwang
I'm the one who introduced you
to that school
It puts me in a tight spot
I'm sorry, sir
No, don't be
It's not good for you
to be caught up in this any longer
It's the money you donated
I added a little more
We hope you will help
in settling with Yeon-du
Once everything's settled
we'll support Yeon-du till
she goes to college
And you should continue to draw
Your talent would be a waste
to stop like this
I found a spot for you
at a school in Seoul
They promised to hire you full-time
after a few semesters
I'm sorry, Professor
I'd better get going, sir
Mr. Kang?
Think of your little daughter
I heard she's quite sick
They already settled
Yuri's relatives
convinced her father
As you know
He's mentally disabled
Are you sure
you want to testify?
I can do it
This is school?
You said you were too busy
at school
Is this school work?
Think folks stay quiet cuz they
don't know what's right like you?
If you wanna take care of
yourself and family
you can't always just do right
and speak up
I have to go in
Is she more important
to you than Sol?
I was there
when she was being abused
I haven't done anything
If I let go of her hand now
I don't think I can be
a good father to Sol, either
Kim Yeon-du?
You say the principal
sexually molested you, correct?
Did you see the principal often?
Then how do you know the principal
sexually abused you?
I saw him a few times at school
And he dragged me to
the principal's office that night
out of those two men
which one is the principal?
Asking the witness to verify
the defendants now
is meaningless
It's a very important question!
Claiming that the principal
molested the victim is circumstantial
The principal's twin brother
could've committed the crime
That means Principal Lee Kang-suk
is not guilty of the charges
Sustained. Continue
Which one sexually molested you?
Your Honor, she'd like to go
up closer to look
Defendant 4022
He is defendant Lee Kang-suk
how did you know?
How can you tell the difference?
They both cannot do
sign language
But when the principal
dragged me to the bathroom
or hurt Yuri
He'd say one thing in sign language
What's that?
If you tell anyone else,
I'll kill you
When I did the sign language,
one understood and grimaced
So, this man
is the principal
According to your testimony
of that night
you realized Yuri was missing
when coming back from buying ramen
then you said you saw Yuri get
molested in the principal's office
Is that correct?
You said you were heading
to the residence
when you heard faint music
from the principal's office
So you went there, correct?
Your Honor, that's just it
Faint sound of music
Yeon-du is deaf
How can she hear music?
She claims she followed the music
Then she found the principal
sexually molesting her friend
Your Honor, how absurd is that?
- Making up such ridiculous lies to...
- It's not a lie
I definitely heard
a faint sound of music
It's a song by Cho Sung-mo
You said you'd lost hearing
But you still heard music?
We will test to see
if you can really hear music
Raise your hand
when you hear the music
Let's begin
There's too much of me
within myself
There's no place for you to rest
There are too many
useless dreams in me
There's no place for your comfort
The darkness in me
that I can't control
takes away the place
for you to rest
There's so much sadness in me
that I can't get rid of
Like a thick thorn bush
I accept the witness' account
Prosecutor, submit an expert
diagnosis of Yeon-du's auditory state
The court will be back
in session on Friday
Notify me of any further witnesses
Are you okay?
How can adults do that
with these poor children?
Come up as soon as this is done
What brings you out here?
You must have sensed something
Yup, this is it
A signed settlement
Min-su's grandmother
saw the money
and signed right away
Though she's poor and uneducated
her grandsons went
through all that
and she signs
over a few lousy bucks?
Well, it's understandable
Her only son is sick in bed
like a corpse
Her daughter-in-law ran away
And her grandsons are mute
and deaf
At times like this
even God seems so unfair
Can I look at this
while I testify?
I want to do a good job
like Yeon-du, but I'm not sure
So, I wrote it all down here
When Mr. Park did that
to my brother and me
About you testifying
It's been cancelled
But why?
Your grandmother
forgave him
They begged for forgiveness
Your grandmother is a good person
He killed my brother!
He killed my brother!
He hit us and pulled our pants
down whenever he could!
Who forgave?
I didn't forgive him!
He didn't beg forgiveness
to me and my brother!
How can he be forgiven!
You promised they'd get punished!
You promised! You promised!
I'm sorry, Min-su
I'm so sorry, Min-su
What is it?
I have something to tell you
There's something I didn't mention
When I was dragged to the TV
in the office
about the naked man
and girl on TV
I'm not sure, but I think he's...
You think there really is
something like that?
Though there is,
it can't still be there
The principal was arrested
suddenly that day
What if he asked someone
to get rid of it?
Who? His wife?
So he can tell her, who worships
him like Jesus, that he's a pervert?
Or tell his lover Yoon Ja-ae?
She would've tossed him
right into the laundry machine
Such bullshit
The date on the tape is the same
as the date Yeon-du claims
You said it before
Kids over 13 can settle
But the date is March 14th
That's before Yuri's
thirteenth birthday
Sexually abusing kids under 13
can be punished
regardless of a settlement
And with definite evidence like this
their attorney won't be
able to do anything about it
The verdict hearing is soon
Is it possible to have another trial?
Still, we can't show this
as evidence in open court
Then what?
Don't worry
I'll take this evidence
to the judge directly
as teachers of a school
for deaf children
sexually molesting young students
is a terrible crime
You have the social responsibility
to protect the children
But you sexually molested
or abused them
And should be severely punished
they have added greatly
to the development of society
with no prior criminal record
Also the guardians of
Jin Yuri and Jeon Min-su
have settled with the defendants
Considering how well
their children were taken care of
they wrote petitions for
lenient sentences
I give the following sentences
Defendant Park Bo-hyun
8 months imprisonment
and 2 year probation
Defendant Lee Kang-bok
6 months imprisonment
and 1 year probation
Defendant Lee Kang-suk
6 months imprisonment
and 1 year probation
Prosecutors should
immediately take
necessary steps for
the defendants' release
For the rest of my life
Great work
It's all because justice will
assert itself
Justice will assert itself?
Justice will prevail!
I like that
I'm sorry
For being unable to help
till the end
See the kids before you go
Tell thatjudge
I'll thank him well myself
No need. Privilege of former post
is a given
I'll buy him
a drink sometime myself
By the way
How did you win over
that prosecutor?
He's been circling the countryside
with no career advancement
Basically, he hit rock bottom
with nowhere to go
He was ecstatic when I said
I'll take him in my law firm
I'll reveal it!
Are you hungry?
Min-su went to Park Bo-hyun
to get revenge
I'm going to his house
Hurry over
Are you listening?
Our unchanging love
Did you miss me?
You're soaked from the rain
Let's go in and wash up
Min-su! Min-su!
Is anyone there?
Damn that hurts
After how well I treated
you and your brother!
How dare you do this
to your teacher!
No manners!
I told you to open up to me!
Know how much I loved you!
Is it that hard
to open up to me! Huh!
How can you do this to me!
I repeat
You are occupying
the street illegally
You are holding an unlawful rally
Please disperse at once
You are holding an unlawful rally
Please disperse at once
I repeat
You are occupying
the street illegally
If you don't disperse at once
You will be charged with
traffic violations and...
They can't hear
Stop them!
Hurry up and shoot!
This boy
cannot hear or speak
This child's name is
He cannot hear
or even speak
This boy's name is
He cannot hear
or even speak
His name is
He cannot hear or speak
This boy is
This boy is
He cannot hear or speak
His name is Min-su
How are you doing, In-ho?
Sorry I haven't called
in a long time
A lot has happened since then
Some are good, some are bad
First, the bad news
Our appeal was rejected
The settlement was the problem
The good news is
there are people
who help the kids now
The kids who quit Ja-ae Academy
now have a place to stay
Some volunteers
cook meals for them
Yuri is receiving psychological help
and got a lot healthier
She's even teaching me
sign language these days
Yeon-du says she wants to become
an art teacher like you
Merry Christmas kids!
So, just like you
She wants to help sick children
I asked them once during a meal
What changed the most
before and after this whole thing?
Know what they said?
They realized they're precious
just like everyone else
Watching them grow so well,
it makes me think
that we should not fight
to change the world itself
but to stop it
from changing us
that we really are
The weather got very cold
Winter is cold
so that we can feel the precious
warmth of those around us
Though we're not with you
I'll pray you'll feel
the warmth of us around you
Currently, some assailants are
reinstated at the school,
and court rulings
for the case are done
But the effort to dig up the truth
is still ongoing