Do lok tin si (Fallen Angels) (1995) Movie Script

Are we still partners?
We've been business partners
for nearly three years.
This is the first time
we've ever sat together.
We hardly ever see each other.
I know how hard it is for a man
to control his passion.
Partners shouldn't get emotionally
involved with each other.
Fallen Angels
Paging 3662.
I'd like to leave a message.
I'll meet his friends tomorrow.
Where and when?
Most people work from 9 to 5.
I'm the opposite.
My job is simple.
I visit friends now and again.
I don't know any ofthese people.
They don't interest me, either.
Soon, they'll be history.
- Going out?
- Yes.
One's profession is very often
determined by one's personality.
I love my job...
no decision making.
Like who's to die, where and
when - is all planned by others.
I'm a lazy person. I like others
to arrange things for me.
That's why I need a partner.
It is Ming, isn't it?
Remember me? I'm Hoi.
Remember? We were in the same
class at junior high
What a coincidence
If my Merc hadn't broken down.
We wouldn't have met
Everyone has a past.
Even an assassin once had
classmates at junior high.
Whenever I bump into old pals...
...they always ask the
same old questions.
What do you do for a living?
Got a card?
We must keep in touch
Let's arrange something.
What d'you think?
As long as there's money
to make...
You run your own business?
Are you married?
Don't tell me you're still single?
Hey A son
He looks exactly like you
You're telling me... Your
wife's a nigger, eh?
You're very liberal.
Blacks... They're beautiful.
Colour doesn't matter, does it?
You really look like a couple.
Say, are you insured?
Think about it. I'm a pro.
Insurance is my business.
You know, I've been crowned
'King ofthe Brokers... Southeast Asia.
TIME are doing an interview
with me in the next few days.
Look, for old time's sake...
...l'll work out a decent plan for you.
You may not want to hear this...
...but accidents happen, your
family needs protection.
Your job involves travel.
You must think ofyour
family unit.
Would an insurance company...
...underwrite a professional
killer, I wonder?
I'd love to take up his offer...
but who do I name as beneficiary?
Remember the big bosom?
The one we both fancied?
We're getting married next week.
Here's an invitation card.
Just fill in you name, okay?
Please come, and I'll have
the insurance ready for you.
Bring your wife along, too.
See you
Ages ago I paid a black woman
$30 to pose with me for a photo.
Whenever people asked
I'd say she's my wife.
And the kid in the picture? I think
I bought him an ice cream.
I always wanted to go
to a wedding reception.
But I know it's not my scene.
Sifting through a man's rubbish... can easily find clues
as to his background.
He visits this bar a lot.
Likes the laid-back atmosphere.
I always sit at the same table
he sat at.
Makes me feel sort of
closer to him.
There are some people you
can never get close to.
Get too close,
and you'll find him boring.
I'm someone
who plays by the rules.
I know how to be easygoing.
No, he hasn't come home.
- You're telling the truth?
- Why should I lie?
You live here?
Of course.
- Ever seen this person?
- No.
Keep out of sight.
The cops are still outside.
Where is your son?
We rub shoulders with people
every day.
Strangers who may even become
friends or confidants.
One thing I do know-these cops
will never be my friends.
My name's He Qiwu.
My prison number was 223.
I haven't seen him for days.
I'll inform you when he returns.
I saw him come in.
I want the truth
That's enough Keep still
I'm a very happy man.
I was very talkative
when I was small.
But since eating an out of date can
of pineapple when I was five...
...I lost my voice.
For this reason.
I have very few friends.
I also found it diffiicult
to find a job.
So I finally decided
to be my own boss.
Having no capital,
my only option...
...was to enter shops after hours
and run my business that way.
I don't mean to take advantage,
but it's practical...
to run an all-night business.
Customers do come in at 3 a.m.
To buy meat. Business is business.
Always satisfy the needs
ofyour customer.
As the old saying goes:
'The customer is always right'.
And as the boss, I must be
kind, caring and tolerant.
One can't afford to be selfish...
...there's no such thing as a
free lunch in this world.
I always work very hard at night
- well, until very late.
I don't make a fortune,
but I'm happy.
Are you crazy? Why are you
making me wash my clothes?
I'm a beggar The last thing
I need is a laundry
Leave me alone...
You are crazy
Get your hands off my clothes
Sod off
I'll smash you to pulp
Okay, I'll pay you...
if it's money you want
Leave it
I don't want an aubergine
No, I don't want them
I must act like a lady.
I don't accept freebies from
strangers. People will talk
I'll have a melon, okay?
What the hell
You crazy or something?
Stop that
Listen, I washed
my hair yesterday...
Ouch Take it easy...
Don't scratch
I just want a late snack.
I don't need a shampoo
Okay, you win.
Do what you like
I don't want a shave
Don't touch me...
Listen, I know I'm diffiicult,
but I know some...
...who aren't
Please don't shave me...
I don't want a shave...
I'll pay you not to, okay?
A double cone, please.
Fuck It's you
I'm sorry... sorry...
Stop pulling my hair, okay?
I'll serve myself.
I'll do it.
Hi, it's me.
What are you doing?
Go to bed, don't wait up.
I'm having some ice-cream.
I hope I can come home soon.
I don't know how much more
I'll have to eat.
Of course I'll have to pay
Look, I've run into this guy, and...
What's to explain?
It's the truth
Come down and see for yourself.
Oh, no way
I can't eat that
lt'll burn my moustache.
This is beyond a joke...
What the hell's going on?
I said come by yourself. I didn't
say bring dad and the kids
Too much ice cream's
bad for dad.
What if something happens?
And the kids have school tomorrow.
What's that...?
I don't want to die
from eating too much ice cream.
Look, I'm being serious.
I'll pay you, okay?
Tell me how much, and I'll
buy all the ice cream. Go on.
My ice cream maybe a
bit more expensive...
...but I think this family's
having a great time tonight.
I love ice cream.
When I was a kid... ice cream van always
stopped outside our place.
Every time I saw it.
I was happy.
I even asked my dad why he
didn't drive an ice cream van.
He didn't answer me.
I later found out...
...that my mum was killed
by an ice cream van.
I was born in Taiwan...
...and came to Hong Kong
with dad when I was five.
He worked as an assistant
in Chungking Mansions.
After my mum's death.
He very rarely talked.
And we never ate ice cream.
The fact that we're both
quiet and subtle...
...probably explains the
close bond between us.
What are you thinking of?
And why the ice cream?
You know I don't like ice cream.
It's too cold...
...and it gives me the runs.
You're crazy
Let me out
What are you playing at?
What are you doing?
I'll kill you
Open this door
You hear?
Paging 9090.
I'd like to leave a message.
I'll meet his frinds tomorrow.
Let me know where and when.
It's crystal clear... crystal clear...
I just want to check
that I've got the right place.
It's a fast-food store,
not a barber shop.
You may think that we're
making a lot of money.
What price a human life?
Depends on your luck.
Business can be slack for ages.
So, to make a living...
...l'll occasionally invest
in other businesses.
Like debt collection.
Hold on. I'll get your money.
But lately. I've suffered
quite a few injuries.
I hate digging bullets
out of my own body.
It's very exhausting.
I went to bed early that night.
When I awoke next morning,
I came to a decision.
Lady, we're closed.
Two weeks after I was
injured, I asked her out.
I wanted to tell her my decision.
But... I didn't show up.
I'm sure she'll come looking
for me in a couple of days.
After all, we've been partners
for a long time.
Being partners, you get to
understand each other.
Almost able to read
each other's minds.
I'd often leave her some clues... trace my actions, or
my whereabouts.
After all these years.
She's become part of my life.
But nothing can remain
the same forever.
I have to tell her
that I desperately want out.
But I don't know how to start.
So, I've devised another method.
A woman may come in
asking for me.
Please give her this coin...
...and tell her that 1818
is my lucky number.
1818... it's the code for one of
the songs in this jukebox.
After she's listened to the song.
...she'll understand my message.
Okay if I sit here?
It's raining
Let's have some fun
Oh, it feels so great
Come on
Perhaps I'm tense...
You coming?
Sure you don't want to come?
Made up your mind?
Forget it
Hey... come and get it
It's not drying.
I'll take it to the cleaners
for you tomorrow.
Did you hear me?
Answer me
Open the door
Hmm, nice. Fits you well.
Whose is this?
Do I know you?
You bastard
What are you doing?
What now?
What do you want?
What do you want?
I'm overwhelmed
Guess why I became a blonde?
I don't know.
So no one will forget me.
Looks great
You're making fun of me.
No, you're very special.
I've heard it all before.
From whom?
We were together for some time.
I had long hair.
You called me 'Baby'.
Let bygones be bygones.
You like me now, that's fine.
I didn't say that.
I want some female company.
Just for the night.
Maybe you'll like me
better in the morning.
Get out On your way
Get the hell out of here
What I d'you want to tell me?
You want to have kids?
What's all this crap?
You want to get marrid? Fine
I'll marry you... but
I'll need some time.
There's no need? Why?
What do you mean?
Oh, you dickhead
You sent me a wedding invitation?
Why did you do that?
Oh, I see Congratulations
Who's the lucky girl?
Well, what a perfect couple
Me? Her bridesmaid?
What should I wear?
Chinese style? Me, as a pageboy?
Should be interesting
Sure. Is Blondie there?
I must congratulate her.
Okay. Thanks. Bye bye.
Lend me a coin for the phone?
I know you're there.
Stop playing games
Pick up the phone, will you?
Damn you
I'll curse your next life
Marrying Johnny, eh?
I only asked you to pay
his electricity bill
And now you're marrying him
You scheming bitch
He doesn't love you
He's using you to bear him
a son He wants him...
...born in the Year ofthe Pig.
It's already April
You won't have enough time
Oh, I get it
You got pregnant by another guy
and told Johnny it's his
If I ever see you again...
...l'll flush you down the pan
like the shit you are
Hello? Hello?
I'm not finished yet Hello?
Give me another coin
Fuck The bitch has hung up on me
I need a shouler to cry on
The night's full ofweirdos.
This one seems to turn up
wherever I go.
I'm fine now. I'll pay you back
next time I see you.
Same old story.
I wish I could tell her... can't solve
problems over the phone.
You have to talk, face to face.
It that fails, you can
punch him on the nose.
I keep my thoughts to myself.
But somehow, she appears
to be able to read my mind.
I think you're right. Let's go.
Blondie, I know you're there
Come out ifyou've got the guts
We're gonna torch the place
on the count ofthree.
One, two, three
Wrong floor
Blondie Come on out
3 seconds and you burn
One, two, three
Let's try the next floor.
Is that a wig?
No way, it comes with age
Looks blond, not grey.
You related to Blondie?
I don't know any Blondie.
Her nickname's 'Stowaway'
- Funny name
- Is she your chick?
Leave me alone, you loonies
Pervert Follow her...
- Is Blondie your daughter?
- No.
I can see a resemblance.
You've forgotten her?
- Think hard
- Leave it
We searched high and low
all night.
I don't think she knows
where this blondie lives.
I give up.
Everyone protects her, hides
her away. Where the hell is she?
Why won't anyone help me?
The slut
It's not fair
What kind of game is this?
I'm not playing anymore
You must have slept with her.
I bet you have, but you won't
admit it. Right?
You on vacation?
Think the whole world's
on your side, bitch?
You slut You dare show
your face? You're finished
You bitch Slut Tramp
Fuck you You bitch
Where does all this energy
come from?
Stop eating - watch the door.
Blondie could show up
any minute now.
She comes here with her dad.
How do you spell 'Blondie'?
Oh, what the hell...
Listen to this.
I, Blondie, a.k.a. Stowaway,
behaved in an ugly & shameless way.
I'm returning Johnny Kwong to his
rightful girlfriend Charlie Young.
I hereby terminate all
relations with him.
Our signatures binding until
death. Great. You think so?
I'll make Blondie sign this.
Must get her fingerprints
and I.D. Number on it.
Get her dad as a witness.
Photograph them together.
You're Blondie?
You're Blondie?
Yeah, so what?
Hey, you Blondie?
I'll fucking chop you
into little pieces
They say women are
made ofwater.
So are some men.
Most folk experience first love
in their teens.
I was a bit older.
Maybe I'm too choosy.
On May 30th, 1995...
...I fell in love for the first time.
It was raining that night.
I looked at her...
...and had this feeling
like I was a store.
...and that she was me.
Without any warning, she
suddenly enters the store.
I don't know how long she'll stay
The longer the better, of course.
When did you last wash?
You need a bath.
Huh? You stink all over
When did you dye your hair?
They say love can change a man.
I find myself looking handsome
and becoming more charming.
Suddenly, I discover
my hair's turning blond.
Perhaps it's because
my mum was Russian.
Dad speaks in a Taiwanese
...which no on can understand...
...because of his strong
Russian accent.
Hello? Chungking Mansions.
Who's speaking? Blondie?
On June 22nd, 1995...
...the Italian team Sampdoria
came to play in Hong Kong.
I took Charlie to the match.
She's a fan of Ruud Gullit.
She was ecstatic that night.
She insisted in staying on
after the game.
It's not right
What was the point of playing?
They had the better team.
Our boys were outclassed
There's no miracles in this
world. Fat chance
Do you know why I came?
I was actually hoping
for a miracle.
Johnny's a great fan of Gullit.
I thought he would come.
He wouldn't have had time.
He's getting married tomorrow.
Guess why I was
yelling and waving...
...and acting crazy earlier?
I hoped he'd see me on TV.
He promised me he'd come
So why didn't he?
I realise that she still misses
Johnny, but it hurts me.
But I'm an optimistic person.
It's said...
...nothing remains the same forever.
But will it apply
to Johnny and Charlie?
Time will tell. I suppose.
Perhaps I'm being
a bit too optimistic.
A few days later, I invited
her to another match.
She didn't turn up.
I really thought she'd soon
get over Johnny.
How wrong could I have been?
It was me she got over.
I stayed on after the match.
As the stadium lights dimmed.
I redlised she wouldn't show.
I'm heartbroken.
Not a hope
They say 'love hurts'...
...but it's different with me.
Something strange happens.
My hair changes colour.
Just like with my first love.
I also realised how irresponsible
I had been in the past.
I shouldn't have taken over
other people's shops...
...the way I did.
Every shop
must have its own feeling.
This realisation cheered me up
and prompted me... change my life.
Just for one.
We'll have a new menu
next time you come.
Am I keeping you?
Get a glass. Be my guest.
How's business?
What's it cost to set up
a place like this?
Hi, there.
You interested in a business?
Just wondered how much
a place like this cost.
At least a million.
When you live out of a suitcase... don't need a place
ofyour own.
Things have changed, though.
Got to start planning ahead.
I had a good chat that evening.
He even offered to help me...
...if I started up my own place.
- Another beer?
- Why not?
What are you really worth?
I'd stayed away from the bar
for some time.
I couldn't bear hearing
that song.
But some things you can't
escape from.
So, after that evening,
I never went back.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
- Okay?
- Good.
How are you?
Dad's fine. No need to worry.
I know it's your birthday soon.
Sorry I can't be with you.
Is mum feeling better now?
Is your sister okay?
Doing well at school?
How was that?
Sato-san loves his family
very much.
Before his present job he
used to be a film director.
So whenever he has family
business to talk about...
...he just makes a video recording.
I'm sure his son gets great
pleasure in receiving the tapes.
I'd like to do the same...
...but who would I send
the tapes to?
I can't really send them
to myself.
Maybe I could be like
Sato-san's son...
...and imagine the happiness
he gets from the tapes.
How much for a double room?
With twin beds?
Twin room - four fifty.
Too damned expensive.
You've got to be kidding.
Forget it
Calm down...
Stop filming
Go to bed
That's enough
Go on, get out of here
Later that night...
...I caught dad having a
sneak look at the tape.
He really enjoyed it.
My memory's not that good.
...I did remember that it was
his 60th birthday.
God knows why. But he gets
great amusement watching it.
And I do know that he's happy.
Silly devil...
Working with someone
for a long time...'re bound to be influenced
in some way.
I know that fragrance...
...but I'm not used to smelling
it on other women.
This suits me just fine.
It's shrunk a bit, though.
I always thought the perfume
was a bit overpowering.
I smelt it on this other woman
this afternoon.
She wants to see you.
I fixed up a meeting.
Will you go?
I think you should go and
get things sorted out.
Perhaps it's not such a good idea.
Anyway, I thought you'd go.
This is for you.
I'd like...
...a packet of crisps.
Not the red pack, the yellow
They sit there together
for ages.
I wonder what they're talking about?
Meanwhile the rain keeps
bucketing down.
It's raining so heavily, how will
I get home by myself?
And just when I need
a raincoat...
...he appears at my side.
I hope the rain...
...will never stop.
I'm not coming in.
Then why walk me home?
You could've let me walk
I was going to do that anyway.
You trying to be funny?
Oh, what the hell
Just fuck off, will you?
We came to an agreement.
I never agreed anything
You insisted on seeing her, not me
What d'you want from me now?
You think I'm stupid?
Oh, get lost
You're a cheat and a liar
Give me your hand...
I've left my mark, okay?
You may forget my face, but
you won't forget my bite
I'm easily recognised, though... the mole on my face.
If a woman with a mole on her
face ever comes up to you... could be me.
Will you remember that?
I'll remember.
Will I remember her?
Actually, it's not important.
For her I was an oasis in
her journey through life.
I hope she soon reaches
her destination...
...and finds her soulmate
for life.
We all need a partner.
When will I find mine?
Are we still partners?
I don't know how to answer
her question.
I've come to look at partners
from a new angle.
As a business partner,
she's perfect...
...but not one you could
spend your life with.
I'm terminating
our business relationship.
Do me one last favour, will you?
I don't know why I agreed.
Probably because it's a last favour.
I want to place an advert
for my friend.
I want the front page.
The best thing about my job -
I don't have to make decisions.
Who's to die, when and where,
it's all been planned by others.
I'm a lazy person.
I like others to arrange things for me.
But I've been doing some
thinking lately.
I feel the need for change.
Whether it's right or wrong...
...I must make a decision
for myself.
'Being photographed will
shorten your life'.
Seems there's some truth in it.
One evening,
dad was taken ill.
I took him to hospital.
A little later, he passed away.
Thanks to him, all my life...
...l've always felt like
a little boy.
He was always there to
sort out my problems.
Packing his things away
that evening...
He was always there to
sort out my problems.
Packing his things away
that evening...
...I felt grown-up for the first time.
I didn't want to be grown-up...
...I just wanted dad with me.
When I left the hotel...
...I took the videotapes with me.
I watched them
over and over again.
Watching dad cooking
made me very happy.
I know I'll never taste
his steaks again...
...but I'll never forget
just how they tasted.
Oh, hell, it's you again
Not the hair Leave it...
I'm happy to be your client.
Did I ever refuse?
I didn't, did I?
Just look at me
Let go of me...
My wife's visiting China...
...and I've some business
to attend to.
Give me three hours and
I'll be back.
Three hours, okay?
Three hours...
Two hours?
Two hours and I'll be back. Deal?
Trust me. We're old friends,
aren't we?
People cross all the time.
Two hours...
Trust me, you have my word
We're like brothers, right?
You want it written in blood?
You're kidding, right?
Leave it out...
Just one hour, okay?
Don't do this...
have mercy... Wait...
Can I have some
small change, please?
I'm downstairs already.
I'm waiting for you. 'Bye.
Talk about bad timing...
Shortly after dad died,
Sato-san returned to Japan.
I haven't got much money saved... I can only do what I'm
best at - being my own boss.
I'm being very cautious this time.
I pick only the stronger ones.
Ones that won't get hurt easily.
Take this one for example.
Guts of steel.
Saves a lot of hassle.
Sometimes I run into
old acquaintances.
Some haven't changed at all.
Others I hardly recognise.
I'm always glad to see them...
...even though they may not
remember me.
Of course, there are some
exceptions to the rule.
On August 29th, 1995...
...I ran into my first love again.
I don't think she recognised me.
I guess I'm more handsome now.
- You're late.
- Sorry.
- What's up with him?
- I've no idea.
It turned quite cold that evening.
I hadn't expected winter
to come so soon.
I'm not used to this
kind ofweather.
It seems to have been
a long winter.
Although I eat well every day...
...I still feel cold.
I've got used to working alone.
Occasionally I do work
with others...
...but not on a regular basis.
I've learnt to be more careful.
For instance, I won't work
in hotels any more.
And no more checking out
rubbish bins.
I firmly believe... mustn't get emotionally
involved with one's partner.
We rub shoulders with many
people every day.
Some may become close friends,
or confidants.
That's why I'm always optimistic.
Sometimes it hurts.
Not to worry -
I try to stay happy.
That night,
I saw that woman again.
I knew we'd never be friends
or confidants...
...we'd let too many chances
pass us by.
Nothing happened,
there was no chemistry.
Maybe it was the weather...
...but that night
I found her very alluring.
I'm about to leave,
I ask him to take me home.
I haven't ridden pillion
for a long time...
...nor have I been this close
to a man in ages.
The road home isn't very long...
...and I know I'll be
getting off soon.
But at this moment, I'm feeling
such lovely warmth.