Do Not Disturb (2022) Movie Script

(SINGING) Sitting her own
chair, rattling her chair.
Stomps in her head,
she can't think there.
So now, she feeling crazy.
Stop stick out her weary.
Lord, won't you save her?
She feeling kind of scary.
But then you tell her
she's got the power.
She's got the power.
Bring unto submission every
thought that's in the head,
in the head, in the
head, in the head.
Every that's in the head, in the
head, in the head, in the head.
Every thought that's in the
head, in the head, in the head,
in the head.
Every though that's in the
head, in the head, in the head,
in the head.
Oh, worry so much.
Help me, oh, Lord because I need
a touch with your holy word.
Life gets so stressful,
feeling so ungrateful.
Want to be successful,
seems impossible.
Then you tell me
I've got the time.
I've got the power.
Bring unto submission every
thought that's in my head,
in my head, in my head,
in my head, in my head.
Every thought that's in my
head, in my head, in my head,
in my head.
Every thought that's in my
head, in my head, in my head,
in my head.
Every thought that's in my
head, in my head, in my head,
in my head.
Every thought that's in my head.
WENDY: [yawning loudly]
My room isn't ready.
- Yeah, us neither.
- Oh.
[gasps] Oh.
I'm Wendy.
Oh, hi.
Um, I'm Chloe.
This is Wayne.
This is, uh, Jack, my fiance.
No, husband.
Uh, we just--
I'm not used to saying that.
You just-- OK.
I'm just going to
go check on the room.
Um, can I see?
Can I?
Oh, now that is what a
lovely, elegant wedding
band looks like.
Look at that crazy thing.
That's what he got me.
My gosh, right?
Oh, gosh, you have
terrible taste.
But I love you anyway.
Cost a fortune.
Oh, yeah, just like me.
So this is your
honeymoon then?
Sort of.
We've been together
forever, though.
But yeah, just got married.
You come down here often?
First time.
Yeah, we don't vacation much.
I'm trying to save up to
go back to nursing school.
- Ooh.
- Smart.
Good for you.
- You're a smarty pants.
That's super cute.
We're good.
Well, why don't we--
- OK.
- Uh, let's have lunch sometime.
- Yeah.
- OK.
WENDY: Lunch?
- Yeah.
WENDY: Can we grab lunch?
That's awesome.
Um, OK.
Let's eat.
Yeah, sure.
We love eating.
OK, I'll see you.
[laughs awkwardly]
Oh, shit.
JACK: I can't believe that kid.
What kid?
JACK: That room service kid.
JACK: You didn't notice
him checking you out?
I was too busy trying
to figure out why you
left me alone with that couple.
I went to the front desk.
You didn't even
say hi to them.
I don't know why you
have to be so rude.
I just didn't feel
like talking to them.
Oh look, we got wine.
I should have tried to score
some pot, maybe even some blow.
From that couple?
No, the kid.
CHLOE: Maybe you should take
a break from that stuff.
I haven't touched it in years.
We're on vacation.
Why would I take a break now?
I thought we could try again?
It's been six months.
I couldn't even afford an
ocean view in the offseason.
We talked about saving
that money for other stuff.
I know.
But we came all this
way for the ocean.
It would have been nice
to be able to see it.
It's like a five-minute walk.
It's like that
couple in the lobby.
Like, is that our future?
Cheap hotels in her 50s?
I mean, I love you, man.
But I can't spend my whole life
waiting for you to grow up.
I know the first
time was an accident,
and you didn't really want it.
I don't think I'm ready.
You were ready
when I was pregnant.
JACK: Well, you were pregnant.
What was I going to say?
OK, so when do you think
you're going to be ready, Jack?
I'm not getting any younger.
Look, just let me get
ahead the next few months,
and we can try again then.
CHLOE: I've been giving you
a few months for years now.
[toilet flushes]
I just-- I worry.
I want a family, and I'm
not sure that you do.
JACK: I do.
Enough to work towards it?
Fine, let's make
a baby right now.
I'll be real quick.
No, I don't want to be
involved if it's all about you.
You want to get pregnant,
but you don't want to have sex.
So make up your mind.
OK, the fact
that you seriously
think I would even consider
having sex with you right now
is unbelievable.
I just was trying--
I've been up since 5:00 AM.
I haven't eaten.
I'm not drinking.
I'm not fucking.
I'm going downstairs
to eat something
if you want to join me.
And you promised the
beach before sunset.
[door shuts]
It's amazing that
you're here because it's
usually really, really
empty here in the offseason.
We just needed to get away
and get some beach time in.
[gasps] Oh.
Hey, I've been carrying
this around because I really
wanted to give this to you.
- Oh.
- Here.
Oh, you didn't
have to do that.
WENDY: That's nothing.
We're hoping to recruit you
into our network of jewelry
sales agents across the globe.
You can make millions
if you work our system.
I'm joking.
- [snorts]
- She makes them herself.
- Right.
Oh, it's nothing.
It's nothing.
I quit my 9 to 5.
WENDY: And I make these.
And Wayne, he helped me set
up this online business.
And I just love it.
She sells them
all over the world.
Isn't she talented?
WENDY: Oh, mojitos are here.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
Cheers, guys.
Eye contact.
Otherwise, we have
seven years of bad sex.
Who wants that?
So what are you guys
planning on getting
up to while you're here?
Mm, he wants to rent jet skis.
And I just want to lie
on the beach all day.
Now, you should rent a
car, go to Key Biscayne.
I actually want
to go snorkeling,
but she's afraid of sharks.
I used to snorkel
here all the time.
It's gorgeous.
We'd love to take you guys out.
Uh, we leave the day after next.
Oh, you leave
before the weekend?
Yeah, we're just here
until we hop on our cruise.
So, listen.
You two like to party?
Fuck, yeah.
If it's OK with
you, of course.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
Mm-hmm, of course.
I, um, promised I would take
Chloe to the beach for sunset.
So maybe we'll go do that,
get that out of the way,
and then we'll come meet
up with you guys afterward.
Yeah, cheers on that.
WENDY: Cheers, woo-hoo.
CHLOE: Are you happy?
What do you mean?
It's just, the only
reason you stayed
was because I was pregnant.
And now that I'm not, I--
What are you talking about?
Did you see how proud that
guy was of his wife's business?
When I told you I wanted
to open a yoga studio,
you laughed at me.
Like, he actually helped
her build her company.
You can't teach yoga.
That's not a job.
Yes, you can teach yoga.
I take classes.
It's a job.
We were supposed to be in
a different place by now,
and we aren't.
And I'm never going to be
able to afford college.
Look, I told you I
would take care of it.
You don't have to.
That's what I'm saying.
Yeah, but I want to.
I just want to start
building a better future.
No more week-to-week.
We'll figure it
out, all right?
Don't worry about it.
Take it easy, OK?
You lose control sometimes.
Well, I thought--
I thought you
wanted to let loose.
That's you.
I can't let loose
unless I can count
on you to take care of me.
(SINGING) You feel tonight.
Give me all your heart.
What do you dream?
I'm really sorry.
- I'm over it.
- Yeah?
Yeah, the past few months
were rough, but I'm fine.
How did Jack take it?
He had boys talking about it.
That happens.
More than you think.
Can I tell you something else?
Something I really
can't tell anybody.
Getting pregnant wasn't
totally an accident.
I just wanted him to stay.
(SINGING) Now, you'll
see the light of day.
(SINGING) Because I
won't ever go away.
WENDY: Whoa.
It's going to get better.
CHLOE: He's funny.
Don't hold back.
(SINGING) Give me all your love.
La, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, love.
There's X mixed in that Coke.
Oh, yeah.
[foreboding music]
We're going.
Let's leave.
Come on.
We got to go.
- Oh!
Let's go.
Come on.
We're leaving!
[door shuts]
Don't be mad.
He had his hands all over you.
Like, what the fuck
were you thinking?
Are you fucking kidding me?
She was giving you head!
You were dancing with him!
So that means you can
put your dick in her mouth?
No, no, no, no, no, fuck that.
Fuck that!
You started it.
I told you to take it easy.
I asked you to be responsible.
Well, maybe I
can't fit in this,
like, little perfect world that
you want us to fit into, OK?
What does that even mean?
It means like, why
can't it be like it used
to be when we used to have fun?
Because I want us to grow up!
So why can't we
grow up and have fun?
All I'm asking is for
you not to put your dick
in other women's mouths!
Oh, my god!
I'm not even talking about that.
No, of course, you're
not talking about that.
This trip was supposed to bring
us together, not the opposite!
You want to play these games?
You want to party with other
couples at adults-only hotels?
I saw the brochure.
I'm not a fucking idiot.
Make up your mind before
you force me to play along
and then freak out!
Well, you want to know
the real reason we're here?
It's not because you
can't afford a real resort.
The real reason we're
here is because it
is an adults-only
resort and because there
are no kids around.
Every time you see a
kid, you start to cry.
I'm fucking sick of it.
CHLOE: [snuffles]
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
Of course.
[trickling water]
It's so fucking hot.
[exhales] I'm sorry
about last night.
I don't remember.
You ready for the beach?
JACK: I'm going to stay in
bed for another two hours.
No, it'll be too hot, and
then we won't be able to go.
JACK: Come on, we
can turn the AC on
and just stay in all afternoon.
I'm still pissed
about last night.
JACK: I'm sorry.
You say that a lot.
JACK: Hmm.
I'm going for a swim.
You will pick up the rental car
and meet me at the pool area.
[music playing]
CHLOE: Did do you mean
what you said about getting
your shit together?
Because you've said that before.
You don't have to
stay with me if you
want to be with other women.
I don't.
What about last night?
Well, I was the one
that put a stop to it.
Yeah, because
you're so committed,
not because you got jealous.
Look, I get it, it's normal.
It's not like I don't
have any fantasies.
But I made a promise to you,
and you made a promise to me.
I was just stoned.
I don't want to be
with anybody else.
Not even Andrea?
I told you nothing happened.
She's my best friend, Jack.
I mean, she was my best friend.
We talk.
What'd she tell you?
That you guys tried to fuck,
but you couldn't get hard.
Well, maybe I didn't
want to fuck her.
Or maybe you felt guilty.
[coughing] Guys?
Oh, fuck.
Guys, hey!
You think he's one of
those bath salt guys?
Uh, no fuck.
Oh, no.
Oh, fuck, what do we do?
Buddy, can we help you?
[panting] You want to help me?
I'm fucking done.
I've been to the end
and back already.
I don't know how long I've been
here or where the hell I am!
How are you going to help me?
You don't even know.
We were on a boat.
And we partied!
Oh, yes!
We partied.
I've been walking through
this goddamn sand for days.
I don't know.
It's just so-- it's just so hot.
Now, someone--
someone fucking told
me that it would end like this.
They said we would
never be the same.
But no, I didn't fucking listen!
And now-- now, she's gone.
You know what?
Fuck it!
You guys take this shit.
Take it all, OK?
Take it.
Just take it.
This shit-- this
shit is from Mexico.
They said that it
will open your minds.
But fuck, if I know
how to close it.
Go ahead, take it.
You know what,
just take all of it
because I don't need
any more of this.
Oh, my god.
- Buddy, what the fuck?
- Take it!
Take it!
- What did you do?
What the fuck is this?
It's all yours.
- What is this shit?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where the fuck is he--
what the fuck?
What the hell is this shit?
I don't know.
We've got to get out of here.
What-- what about him?
JACK: What about him?
Lifeguard didn't even see him.
We gotta get out of here
before the cops come
and see us with all
these drugs and whatever
the fuck he put all over us.
I have to go in the water.
With him?
Yes, I need to rinse this off.
I need to get this
shit off of me.
What are you doing?
I'm going to sell it so
we can upgrade the room.
CHLOE: What?
Come here.
Grab your sandals.
Grab your sandals.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
This is exactly the kind
of shit I'm talking about.
One minute we're talking
about building a future,
and the next minute,
you're talking about,
like, selling drugs?
A dude dropped a bag
of drugs in my lap.
What the fuck do
you want me to do?
I don't know, like,
ugh, throw it away?
You just spent a month
yelling at me about the fact
that we have no money.
And now, you're telling
me to throw this away?
You don't even know
what that shit is, Jack.
You're just going to
sell it to someone.
It's drugs.
CHLOE: It's--
We're in Miami.
Well, someone could die.
Nobody's going to die.
You worry too much.
You're such a fucking child.
JACK: Why?
Because I want to
make some money?
Easy money?
It's peyote.
The dark one's super rare.
It's supposed to be
really, really intense.
And that's supposed to take
you without the guidance
of a shaman.
And the powder?
It's tucibi.
It's like a synthetic cocaine.
10 times stronger.
Which explains
why I'm so edgy.
Yeah, it's like
200 bucks a gram.
Two of those
baggies could get us
a night at the Fontainebleau.
Are you going
to sell drugs now?
You want to get arrested?
All right, whatever, fuck it.
Let's just do the peyote.
You want to come together,
that's what this shit does.
People take it to
find themselves.
Come on, let's do that together.
Uh, no, I'm right here.
I know what I want.
I just need you to get on board.
Just do this with me?
I'm not going to just eat
random drugs some crazy person
on the beach gave us, no.
It's cactus.
You said we needed a shaman.
For the really intense,
like, spiritual journeys.
But I just want to--
I just want to chill
and get close to you.
Yeah, I know what
you mean by that.
All right, whatever.
Yo, what are you doing?
JACK: I'm going to
sell this stuff.
JACK: Just pack your bags.
We'll upgrade you
when I get back.
No, Jack, seriously.
JACK: Watch some TV.
Order some room service.
I'll be back soon.
- OK, fine, you win.
You win.
I-- I'll-- I'll do it.
I'll take the fucking
peyote with you.
Just close the
curtains and sit down.
Please don't make that face.
So, um, we just eat it?
I think so.
You think so?
Well, I don't know.
I haven't done them before.
[sighs] OK, well, we would
do the softer one first
just to see what it's like.
I got a better idea.
No, no, no, what
are you doing?
I'm mixing them together.
Uh, no fuck this,
I'm not doing it.
We've done mushrooms before.
It's not that different.
Did you see that
guy on the beach?
What the fuck happened to you?
All right, fine.
Just give them to me.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I don't want to hear
you cry all week, so fuck it.
I'll just do them
to shut you up.
Well, I don't
want to force you.
Oh my-- here.
You ready?
[gasps] Cup.
So what now?
I guess we wait.
How long?
Can you feel anything yet?
JACK: You want to do some more?
Shouldn't we wait?
Don't make me do it alone.
Come on.
I need real food.
I need sex.
Order room service?
I need to fuck.
Feed me, then fuck me.
No, no, no, I'm not
falling for that game.
CHLOE: [chuckles]
- Mm-mm.
Oh, baby, my belly's too full.
I can't.
I don't feel like it.
You think your little guy
can manage it this time?
First of all, don't
call him little.
That happened one time.
Come on.
[laughs] You're
not going to die.
Well, I might.
But let's get some food now so
we don't have to wait later.
Hold on.
I want some steak.
Do you want a steak?
Room service?
Yeah, we'd like two steaks.
Um, medium?
JACK: Rare!
Actually, no, make that rare.
And, um, yeah, beers.
Beer, cervezas.
Yeah, si, gracias.
Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm not ready.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You made me wait too long.
So it's my fault?
JACK: Do you feel anything?
Oh yeah?
I'm feeling something.
What are you doing?
Wait, wait, don't.
You just-- you just--
You're biting me.
Stop it.
You must be stoned.
Are you?
I'm just annoyed by you.
I don't know why I did that.
Oh, get off me.
Oh, I just barfed it all up.
That's normal.
I don't feel anything, though.
That's normal.
Did you just say that?
JACK: That's normal.
Did I just say that?
That's normal.
Stop staring at yourself.
You might fall in.
You're the one
standing in the mirror.
When did you put that on?
I need some fresh air.
It's night.
Yeah, it's night everywhere.
But it was day.
And now, it's night.
That's how it works.
The fuck, though.
It's 11:00.
11 what?
It was only noon an hour ago.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Are you stoned?
I don't know.
Did we get stoned before?
I can't remember.
- Am I stoned right now?
- I don't know.
Well, I can't feel my body.
It's really hard to tell.
Did we eat those?
I guess we're stoned.
[laughter echoing]
This is the worst drug ever.
I didn't even know what it was!
How long does it last?
(STRUGGLING) I don't know.
We took it 11 hours ago.
Is this all it is?
JACK: I can't
remember being stoned.
But I can't remember anything.
I don't feel like I'm
stoned, but I think I am.
And now, I'm melting
into the bed.
I want to go dancing.
Let's go dancing.
Weren't you listening to me?
I can't feel my body.
Why don't you care?
Don't make me.
Dance with me.
Why do you keep saying
that when I'm paralyzed?
You're so mean to me.
I hate dancing!
Then I'll dance
with someone else.
JACK: I can't feel my legs.
Fucking hell.
Dance with me.
(SINGING) That makes
you do what you do.
Every time I hear this groove,
it makes me want to move, move.
Must be the feeling it
brings to you that makes me
you do what you do.
[music intensifies]
[party music continues]
(SINGING) Every time
I hear this groove,
it makes me want to move.
Must be the feeling
it brings to you
that makes you so what you do.
Every time I hear this groove,
it makes me want to move.
Must be the feeling
it brings to you
that makes you do what you do.
Every time I hear this groove,
it makes me want to move.
Must be the feeling--
What the hell
happened last night?
I feel amazing.
Yeah, me too.
Not even tired.
You need to rest?
Fuck it.
CHLOE: No, what are you doing?
Oh, my god.
Don't make me
eat it by myself.
We're going to OD.
It's cactus.
OK, but I'm
ordering room service.
This stuff tastes like shit.
First, we have some
unfinished business.
Oh, yeah.
[moans] Ow.
OK, fuck.
Calm down.
You're biting!
Stop it!
You want to play?
You like that?
You like it, huh?
You like it?
Shut up!
You're a fucking asshole.
But I love you.
Now, I'm going go fuck you.
Get off!
[eerie sound]
What the fuck?
I had the craziest
fucking dreams.
Oh, my god.
Are you OK?
You're covered in blood!
Your back is fucked, man.
Your back is fucked.
What do you mean?
CHLOE: Does that hurt?
I'm still numb from the peyote.
I think.
Yeah, fuck, I
still feel stoned.
I can't really tell anymore.
What did we do last night?
I mean, did we--
I don't think so.
It seems like a lot of blood.
Oh, no, I can't eat.
Don't you feel weird
about what we did?
I don't know.
I think we got kinky last night.
So what?
Jack, I think I ate
part of your shoulder.
OK, so you're
the fucked up one.
That's not funny.
Don't laugh.
JACK: [laughs] It was a
weird night, whatever.
I took a full bite out of you.
This isn't a fucking hickey.
Oh, god.
There's that guy.
Oh, shit.
I hit him.
Oh, great.
Now, he's coming over.
Hey, guys.
How's it going?
Pretty rough night.
Was Wendy with
you by any chance?
She said she was stopping
by your room last night.
I haven't seen her since.
Uh, no, we haven't seen her.
But to be honest, we don't
remember much about last night.
WAYNE: Oh, me neither.
I had the worst food poisoning,
exploding out of both ends.
All right, do you know why
she was coming to our room?
I don't know.
You-- you don't
remember seeing her?
No, man.
All right.
Well, can you tell her I'm
looking for her if you see her?
Yeah, of course.
[music playing]
Chlorine is burning my back.
Want to do the beach again?
Doesn't blood attract sharks?
I can't go to the pool.
I can't go to the beach.
What the fuck did we
come to Miami for?
Yeah, thanks.
Well, can I make it up to you?
I promise I won't bite.
Come on.
Grab your stuff.
[knock on door]
Uh, thanks.
Oh, wait.
[toilet flushes]
Oh, it tastes funny.
Let me try one.
It's pretty good.
[non-english speech]
CHLOE: What the fuck?
I still feel stoned.
Did you?
No, I mean, like a lot stoned.
What's so funny?
The TV.
No, it isn't.
The salsa.
I put peyote in the salsa.
No, that's not funny.
What's the big deal?
Oh my-- you drugged me!
Don't be mad.
Fuck, too late!
No, stop.
What the fuck is that?
You fucked Wendy while
I was passed out?
Like, right next to me
while I was sleeping.
On our fucking honeymoon?
I didn't.
How'd her panties get here?
You're fucking sick.
I didn't do anything.
You-- you drugged me.
No, don't touch me.
JACK: Chloe, I swear to god, I
don't remember doing anything.
Oh, so you might have done
it, but you don't remember.
That makes it OK?
When did this get here?
Did we eat this?
Who ordered it?
Well, did we eat it?
Why am I still starving?
What the fuck?
You snorted the tucibi.
We're going to sell that!
Two days have gone by.
JACK: What?
I don't remember anything.
I can't believe you
fucking gave us more!
I wanted to stop!
There's cocaine in there.
Don't change the subject!
But how did it get here?
Oh, my god.
You don't love me.
You don't love me.
You just felt bad for me.
Stop saying that.
You only stayed with me
because you're a coward,
and you'll say anything
because you're a liar.
Oh, my god, I
can't believe it.
I feel so stupid.
I've known this all along,
I just never trust myself.
Instead, I trust you and
your stupid fucking lies.
Chloe, I love you.
Oh fuck!
I love you!
Fuck off!
I want to be with you.
You don't even know
you're lying, do you?
Maybe it's me.
Maybe-- maybe I have a fucking
need to take care of you.
Maybe it's me.
It's my fault.
You're just stoned.
But I won't let
you ruin my life!
Do me a fucking favor and go.
Just go!
What the fuck is that?
[gasps] Huh!
Get that-- get away from me.
What did we do?
JACK: Jesus Christ.
Is that Wendy?
[knocking on door]
What's that?
Somebody's at the door.
CHLOE: What?
I'll see it.
[knocking continues]
WENDY: Are you guys in there?
Oh, it knows us.
What did you want?
WENDY: [chuckles] You guys home?
Jack, are you guys in there?
Who was it?
The one who gives me head.
Whose head?
You guys OK?
It's that bitch Wendy.
Oh, witch.
Oh, do-- don't!
Don't let her in!
Don't let her in!
She's got cocaine.
Just a minute!
Um, see, you got to-- you
got to flick the thing.
It's really not that--
Whoa, OK.
Uh, maybe you don't need these.
Um, are you-- you good?
Is Chloe-- hi.
Uh, Wayne has food poisoning.
And we're on the boat tomorrow.
So I just thought we'd-- we'd
give you these just, um--
JACK: Woo hoo!
--as a sorry for
the other night.
Do you think you really
need any more of that?
Oh, totally.
WENDY: What's that?
Why is that pink?
Let's dance.
Hang on, OK.
- Do you want some?
- No.
- Yeah, you do.
- I think I--
I should go back.
- Yeah, you do.
- I should--
- No, take some.
- OK.
- It's good.
WENDY: [sniffs]
- Yeah!
JACK: Let's dance!
WENDY: Did you play some music?
Is it too loud?
[laughs] OK.
[gasps] Oh, gosh.
What happened?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, my gosh,
that's really bad.
- It's fine.
- Did you see that?
That's a gaping wound.
You have a-- that's--
is that new?
OK, you need to cover that,
or stitch it, or something,
or disinfect that.
[gasps] That's-- you
should dance with us.
Don't worry about it.
She's stoned.
She's-- oh, ow.
That-- OK.
- Mm.
- Witch!
Get away from me.
What did we do?
Is this Wendy?
CHLOE: Is she even alive?
We need to pull her out.
Oh, my god.
It's a fucking arm.
Is it-- is it just
the peyote maybe?
Like-- maybe this isn't real.
Why did you do this to me?
Do this to you?
[knocking on door]
Go, go, go.
Hang on!
WAYNE: Hey, guys.
You in there?
WAYNE: You in there, Jack?
Just a sec!
WAYNE: Hello?
[knocking continues]
WAYNE: You in there, Jack?
Hey, guys.
I'm sorry to bother
you guys again.
But are you sure you
haven't seen Wendy?
The boat leaves in two hours.
What's going on here?
I got food poisoning.
Yeah, I think
that's going around.
What's going on here?
Look, just tell me.
Is she-- did she leave me?
Is that it?
I never should have
made her come here.
She only did it
to make me happy.
I'm so fucking pathetic.
You have a good wife, Jack.
JACK: I have.
Don't make the
mistakes I made.
WAYNE: Thought I was being open,
but I was just being a bully.
I love her, Jack.
I know that sounds funny
since I've wanted her
to fuck you the other night.
All I ever wanted was for
her to be happy, that's all.
I've never really figured
out how to give her that.
But I was selfish.
I see that now, it's all for me.
I asked her if it
was what she wanted.
She said yes.
But I knew she was only
saying yes to make me happy.
I knew that I was
pressuring her,
but I wanted it
too badly to stop.
Fuck, I'm such an asshole.
I just wanted us to be happy.
What's so wrong with that?
I know.
I know.
I know.
But he-- he just--
he wouldn't stop talking.
Where are you going?
Come back.
No, stop, stop.
Please, please.
Stay here.
Just-- just stay here.
Where are you going?
- I'm going for help.
- Help?
But you can't.
- Jack!
No, no, no, no.
We need medical
help or something.
This is out of control.
It needs to stop, please.
Stay with me.
Just let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go, please.
It's crazy.
Let me go.
I love you.
CHLOE: You love me?
What the fuck does
that matter now?
Jack, let me go, please.
- You're OK.
It's just the drugs.
We're just stoned.
CHLOE: What did
we do to his wife?
- Hey.
- Fuck!
You know what you did.
You know.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, oh, fuck.
[sobbing] It was just the drugs.
It was just the drugs.
No, I don't--
I don't know what's real.
[groaning] Ahh!
[scream echoing]
JACK: I feel sick.
I don't.
I mean, physically, yeah.
My god, it's a mess.
But-- emotionally?
I don't know, I
feel weirdly good.
JACK: You're OK?
It's just so primal.
It feels, uh-- right.
They say that shit
brings out your true self.
Is this what we are?
I mean, what should we do?
Mm, what do you mean?
We turn ourselves in?
You think anyone will
notice the missing?
Someone will.
[chuckles] Who?
Their swinging friends?
You don't think people will come
in and out of that lifestyle
all the time?
You said he'd
already checked out.
He brought their bags.
They didn't have
any kids, right?
I don't know.
They didn't.
I know this because
I actually had
a meaningful
conversation with her
about something
other than sports.
Their parents are dead.
Her brother died last year.
He only talks to his
brother at Christmas.
She had a miscarriage
six years ago
and couldn't have any
children after that.
By the time anyone notices them
missing, we'll be long gone.
Nothing to connect us.
Baby, we killed those people.
They did those acts.
They were seriously fucked up.
They tried to come
between us, hmm?
In two days, we'll
fly back to Canada
and no one will know any better.
What about the bodies?
We'll cut them up and carry
them out in their own luggage.
You wanted to go
jet skiing, hmm?
We'll dump them out in the ocean
and let the sharks do the rest.
[chuckles] Well.
I wasted so much of my
life with you already.
[door opens]
I can't do it.
The blood, the smell.
Take this.
Give me that.
I'll fucking do it.
Go get us some fucking jet skis.
Make yourself useful.
[music playing]
You want to go out?
I'm just bored of
feeling sick in here.
We lay low.
JACK: I'm just-- I'm going a
little bit mental in this room.
Grow up.
JACK: I'm hungry.
So get food.
JACK: But I can still feel it.
Which is exactly
why we're staying in.
We're here for--
JACK: Hey.
Yeah, can I get
two steak dinners,
please, rare, and some beer?
Uh, and an entire
bottle of vodka.
Yeah, thanks.
You think that's a good idea?
Well, we still have
some of their bone left.
So I might as well
try and have some fun.
I'm going to take a shower.
What's the matter with you?
No, Jack.
We're done.
What do you mean we're done?
What the fuck do
you think I mean?
I said no.
You don't say no to me.
I'll say no whenever I want.
Get the fuck away from me.
Stay the fuck away from me!
Oh, you want to hit me?
Come on, big man.
Come on.
Come on, hit me.
Can you do it?
That's what I thought.
I'm sorry.
Touch me again and I'll
cut your fucking hands off.
[door shuts]
[knocking on door]
Who is it?
Who is it?
MANUEL: I got your steaks.
Do I need to sign something?
No, just put it over there.
Hey, my wife is in the shower.
You can join her.
- No.
Just go in there,
pull the curtain back.
No, that's cool.
I'm just going to go and get--
She's in the shower right
now, right there naked,
not 10 feet away from you.
I didn't mean anything by it.
I just got to--
Hey, just go over there.
I won't stop you.
I'll even hold her down
for you if you want.
I got to--
- Why?
You don't like my wife?
Look, you guys were
great the other night.
I'm sorry you couldn't
get it up or whatever.
Y'all play a little
too rough for me.
I got more deliveries to do.
I got to get going, OK?
What the fuck did
you just say to me?
- Dude, Jesus.
- Did you fuck my wife?
- Fuck, man.
- Did you fuck my wife?
No, I didn't do anything!
Well, fuck.
Did you fuck my wife?
I what?
Did you?
MANUEL: No, I didn't.
Tell me!
Yes, I fucked you both.
[screaming] Ow!
Oh, fuck you, man.
CHLOE: Let him go.
Let him go.
CHLOE: [growls]
Uh, no.
It's over, Jack.
[police siren wails]
Baby, I'm cold.
I can't feel my feet.
(SINGING) I tried to cut ties.
I did-- I tried
to curl the ties.
Good to know-- lies last
time I told you goodbye.
Are you hungry?
(SINGING) You should
be over me now.
You should be over this now.
Is it done?
(SINGING) We can't keep
living for disease.
You should be over me now.
You should be helpless now.
I can't keep
bringing you the tea.
(SINGING) Oh, you should be
over me, over me, over me.
But do not die.
You should be--
(SINGING) Over me,
over me, over me.
We hit up run.
You should be over
me, over me, over me.
[groaning] Uh.
JACK: Ahh!
(SINGING) You should be
over me, over me, over me.
(SINGING) Over me.
You know I'm done.
You should be over
me, over me, over me.
(SINGING) Yeah, maybe
it's for your best
that we just let this be.
I need some time for me.
[phone ringing]
[knock on door]
Come back later, please.
[phone ringing continues]
["must be the feeling" playing]
(SINGING) Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling,
feeling it brings to you.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling,
feeling it brings to you.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling.
Must be the feeling, feeling,
feeling it brings to you.
Must be the feeling,
feeling, feeling, feeling.
Must be the feeling
it brings to you.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling.
Must be the feeling
it brings to you.
Must be the feeling.