Do Not Disturb (2023) Movie Script

[somber music playing]
[man] I'm on medication.
I mean, I should be.
[boat horn blaring]
[man] I've been through some hard times.
I left the ferry services.
Add the pandemic to that,
I've been out of a job for two years.
[on video] What are you waiting for
to become the hero of your life?
Take a look at yourself from above.
How much of it is you?
[somber music continues]
[man] I'm bored to death.
The boat was fine.
You know how some people get sea sick?
I think I get land sick.
We've been wearing masks for a while now.
It was hard getting used to that,
but we did.
But one can only stay home for so long.
In times like these,
you have to start listening to yourself,
and taking care of yourself.
There's a lady on Instagram,
Peri Snmez, the Perisozler account.
Two of her videos are my favorites.
"Forgive Yourself, Adapt, and Accept,"
and the other,
"Toxic Relationship? Never."
It's been working for me.
It was eye-opening.
I look around, and there's not a single
toxic person in my life.
I stopped seeing Salih, Bahri,
and other guys from the boat.
Simply put, toxic means poisonous.
If someone doesn't make you feel good,
you have to cut them out.
That reminds me of something
my Uncle Enver used to say,
"Don't wipe your ass with glass,
you'll cut yourself."
"Don't argue with the ignorant,
you'll go crazy."
Now I avoid any contact with people.
I'm happy in my little world.
I wanna be useful to myself for a change.
I'm sick of trying to make
everyone else happy.
That's the gist of it.
So, that's the gist of it.
All right.
You can start the job this Monday.
Thank you.
[on video] So, let's see
how much of you there is
when you put yourself in the spotlight.
If you're ready to be aligned, go ahead.
Just take a deep breath as you do that.
- [breathes deeply]
- [Peri] And even deeper.
And say, I accept
I accept.
- [Peri] Myself.
- Myself.
[Peri] Do you feel the alignment?
- [Peri] I am one.
- I am one.
- [Peri] I am one.
- I am one.
- And in confidence, say you accept...
- [phone vibrating]
- [Peri] Ask yourself this one question.
- I accept and approve of myself.
- [Peri] Who am I?
- [mother] What time do you leave?
Don't be late on your first day!
Mom, it's the night shift.
Get out, I'm watching a video.
[mother] What is all that
heavy breathing going on in here?
- Should I stop breathing?
- [mother] I mean the "oohs" and "aahs."
I don't like what you've become, Metin.
You don't look after yourself, either.
And what's with all that
talking to yourself thing, anyway?
You think I'm talking to myself?
[mother] Talk to her. Go ahead.
Ask her why your teeth have been like...
I had a fitting, they're almost ready!
[mother] I don't think
it was the right time for that.
What if you need to get engaged, son?
Look, there's Suhal.
You need to think this through.
Even the girl's father is in on this,
bless his heart.
And he lives so far away!
They're just trying to help, you know?
In their own way.
Listen, I agreed to what you said,
I'll work.
But the marriage thing,
I'm not sure about it.
[mother] I swear, that girl
is perfect for our family! She really is!
Just be thankful for it and go meet her.
What have you got to lose?
You think I'd do something
just because somebody told me to?
[mother] But they worked so hard for it!
Do not embarrass me, boy!
Only you can really
set your own boundaries.
To become a better version of yourself,
you merely need one thing.
- [mother] What's that?
- [Peri] Yourself.
See? She said "yourself," not your mother!
[mother] Oh, shut up!
[somber music playing]
[somber music continues]
- Ah, this room is for laundry and ironing.
- Yes, sir.
If anything's missing, like a towel,
or sheets, you can find them in here.
- Yes, sir.
- The girl works until morning, anyway.
You take care!
[Metin stammers]
- [man] Why are you playing with that?
- Well, it snapped, sir.
[man] Ah, forget it, I don't care.
Let's go.
[sighs] That's all.
Don't be too hasty to let out rooms.
Leave some water in the room
if a guest checks in.
Anything else they need.
There's a liquor store over there.
And your pay is 1,500 lira a week.
That's it! Here you go.
Uh, it's Metin.
It says "etin" here, my name is Metin.
They wrote "etin"?
Ah, whatever,
let's call it your trial week then.
There's the tip box.
Eh, sometimes guests could tip you ten,
20, maybe even 100 lira.
They'll do that,
and you're gonna put it in the box, right?
- I will.
- Yeah.
Like hell you will.
That's why 1,500 a week
is more than enough.
I will, sir, if that's expected of me.
Steal if you want, I don't have time
to deal with something like that.
Well, uh, when I was on the boat, uh,
all the tips were put into a box
and then divided between
all of the boat staff, a tip box.
Well, this ain't a boat, you understand?
This ain't the sea. This is land.
I don't have time to keep track
of your tips. Steal or don't steal.
Keep your business to yourselves,
because I couldn't give a shit.
I understand.
Try not to walk in the corridors too much
and don't go eavesdropping.
Sir, um, what exactly
is our customer profile?
High society, all high society.
Good evening, Bahtiyar.
- Good evening.
- Room 103.
Have you written any new songs?
We listened till morning the other night.
No, sir. Sorry about that, not tonight.
Send some water to my room later,
all right?
[man] etin's on it.
Okay, well, I'll be off.
Hacer will be here
at seven o'clock in the morning.
If you lock the door,
remember to open it for her.
Uh, how do I know Hacer when she comes?
When she gets here,
she'll say, "I'm Hacer."
Who else would be here at 7:00 a.m., huh?
She's a short girl.
Just give me your number, man.
Well, Cengiz, I'm
I'm really grateful for all your help,
especially since I'm just trying
to start over again, sir.
Eh, you should thank the girl.
You're on a trial period.
Sir, at the end of the day,
you're trusting me with your hotel.
What will you do? Nibble on the chairs?
Eat every wall, huh? What can you do?
Hey, uh, any pointers
on how I should smile?
Just do it.
And keep smiling, hmm?
[expectant music playing]
[Peri on video] The first step
is the most important.
When you set out on a new adventure,
show everyone that you're absolutely ready
to live up this new
and advanced version of you.
You've prepared your mind for this
as well as your body.
And now, you are ready.
I mean, notice how shiny
and glamorous you look.
Buoyant and light as a feather,
but tough and unbreakable as steel.
Whatever happens to you,
nothing can break you.
- Peri promise me?
- Peri promise!
[expectant music fades]
[intriguing music playing]
- [Metin] Suhal?
- Mmm.
I'm Mister Uh, no, I'm Metin.
Hi, there. How are you? [chuckles]
Good. Welcome aboard.
- May I help you?
- Uh
Uh, well, I just started working upstairs.
Good luck to you.
[Metin] Thanks.
- Are these machines automated?
- Yeah, I guess they are.
I just have to program them.
Where's this technology going? [chuckles]
I'm scared they'll
take over the world one day, or
- Uh, I'm just kidding.
- [Suhal laughs]
I had a fitting for new teeth,
but then the pandemic kicked in.
Uh, I've never seen you before, but I
- I have seen I've seen Mrs. Kezban.
- Mmm.
Kezban... I mean, your mother.
I've never seen your mother,
but her neighbor, he
I think "Mr. Nabi," right?
- She's your aunt, I guess, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Nadi is her sister?
- Yes, I'm Nadi's daughter.
I used to work on a boat.
On a boat? Really?
"You cannot be defined by other people."
"Look them in the eye
and cry out who you are in their faces!"
- [Suhal] Uh
- There was this video
Boats, I'm on boats.
So, like, all kinds of boats, do you mean?
No, I
- Queen Elizabeth.
- Uh
Cruise. Abroad.
Oh, so not a ferry boat, then?
I was an intern on ferry boats for a year.
Then I went abroad.
[Suhal] Oh.
- Can I be honest with you?
- Please.
This, uh, marriage thing
that our mothers were talking about?
Could we just, maybe
Could we talk about it some other time?
I have to put these in the dryer.
- Sure thing.
- Mmm-hmm.
[Bahtiyar] etin?
- Be right there!
- [both chuckling]
Metin or etin?
No, it's just a typo.
Uh, Ayzek, actually.
I don't know if you remember,
there was this TV show, The Love Boat?
It's from that.
Well, let me know
when you decide on a name,
and I'll call you that.
All right-y, then. I'm upstairs.
- I'm downstairs.
- No, no, that's not what I, uh...
[Bahtiyar] Hey, etin?
- He's stuck on etin.
- [Suhal laughing]
I guess he doesn't know that's not right.
I'll see you, then.
[intriguing music playing]
- etin? etin, come here!
- It's "Metin," sir. Metin. Metin.
- It's a typo because it's my first day.
- I got the water.
I thought you'd bring it up,
but you didn't.
I'm sorry. Would you mind
putting your mask on, please?
- What?
- Your mask, sir, like the one I'm wearing.
Well, I'm not wearing a mask.
But you go right ahead.
I'll put the water on your tab.
I'm not vaccinated, but I never got Covid.
Sir, I am vaccinated,
and I never got Covid either.
But maybe I just want to fucking die.
Sir, could you keep your distance
while we're talking, please?
Get me a six-pack from that liquor shop,
400 grams of salted peanuts,
a razor blade as well.
I suppose you have a kettle around here
so I could boil some water?
And something, you know, like a basin.
What could "something like a basin" be?
Probably a basin.
A six-pack, salted peanuts, and a razor.
No, a razor blade,
the small ones, you know?
With the swivelling head.
No, no, just the cutlass.
Just bring one and put it on the tab.
[whimsical music playing]
Hi. Hi, Mom.
Hey, are you asleep?
Well, listen
You really think
she's a good match for me?
Are... Are you guys kidding me here?
You're kidding me, aren't you?
Do you have any idea
how pretty that girl is?
You think she's a good match?
Why not?
Okay. Don't get your hopes up.
It's impossible! She's out of my league!
Go back to sleep.
I'm very sorry, sir.
- This is the Komodor Hotel, right?
- Komodor Hotel, sir, yes.
- Excuse me.
- So, um
Do you have a room for me? Just for one?
Just for tonight? And
And how much for the room?
Uh, a room for one? Uh, two 200 lira.
[man] Two hundred lira.
This, um
- This should cover it.
- Mmm-hmm.
Now, can I see your ID, sir?
Uh, now, so here's what happened.
We didn't think we'd stay here.
- [Metin] Hmm.
- We came from another city.
- [Metin] Uh-huh.
- It was a long trip.
Can you make it work without an ID?
Here, look, maybe
This could help.
Here, man, take this.
That's for you, okay?
Oh, uh, but
but, sir, we have a guest log.
Don't fill out the log, man.
Uh, I mean, be a brother,
and help another brother out.
But that's too much, sir.
Okay, so here's a ten with the other tips.
[Metin] Uh, wait a minute.
- Okay, just take it.
- Uh-huh?
- Take it. I mean, for yourself.
- But this is 600 lira.
- Are you from around here, dude?
- I'm from here.
Well, um
Would you mind putting your mask on,
if you have one?
Now with this whole mask mandate,
everyone on the road
was wearing one while driving.
So, it served me well, actually.
We got out.
They let us out.
Because of corona, everything shut down.
Sir, I, uh I can't hear what I'm saying.
- Would you mind if I took this off?
- Go ahead.
They let you go? Who did?
We were in the clink.
They let us out because of coronavirus.
Uh, so you said one night, right?
One night. One night.
[sighs] Okay.
Thanks, my friend. You're very nice.
You're a very good person.
Well, I try, you know?
It's my trial shift,
I'm the night manager.
I see.
My car is parked across the street,
do you think it'll be all right?
- Your car?
- Uh-huh.
- It's okay. I'll be here, brother.
- God bless you.
- And thank you for the water too.
- Sure thing.
- Is the room upstairs?
- Yes, that's right. I'll be down here.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
[intriguing music playing]
[Bahtiyar muted] No. No, darling, no.
- It's totally my fault, I know that.
- [bottles clink]
[Bahtiyar] Yeah, I know.
You did a great job, and I didn't, I know.
Yes. Hey, where are you?
God, that music is awful.
It sounds like the music
you listen to when I'm not around.
[chuckles] Darling, I didn't call
because I didn't wanna argue.
Nothing, nothing, yeah.
I don't want anything. Come in.
Nothing, nothing.
It's all my fault, I'm telling you.
It's my fault, it's my fault.
Dora, I know I'm not easygoing,
and I'm okay with that.
Okay? All right, good night.
Excuse me? What?
[angrily] Oh, no, you...
Listen, I didn't call you, you called me!
Please don't call me again, all right?
What? Forget it, I'm nowhere!
Everything has a price, right?
Of course it does, Metin.
Uh, they don't have a tab at the
liquor store so I paid for it in cash.
It was 270 lira, sir.
What? There was a bad song playing,
I got fixated on that.
- Did you get the razor?
- There it is, sir.
[Bahtiyar] Oh.
Uh, sir, the money, please.
[sighs] Can I please pay you tomorrow?
Can I be honest with you?
You know, I've made a decision,
which is to express myself clearly.
And I'm sure you're very understanding,
so I'm saying what's on my mind.
[sighs] Go ahead.
Sir, what I mean is,
if you don't pay back those 270 lira,
I'll get upset.
[hesitating] I don't want to offend you,
but if I keep my feelings to myself,
they'll come back to me
as negative energy.
Don't worry about it.
I swear, I will definitely
pay you back tomorrow, Metin.
You can call me "Ayzek."
I'm an an ex-shipman, sir,
so I'm great at reading others.
Anyway, forgive me
for being a little blunt.
- Great on reading others?
- Yeah. 270.
Since this is my trial shift,
I don't want that bugging me. Good night.
Is Ayzek a reference to The Love Boat?
Yes, sir, from The Love Boat.
But, I mean, the boat is gone,
the love remains.
We're on land now, Mr. Bahtiyar, right?
And everyone puts on a show
here on land, but not at sea, you know?
The sea is what makes a real man.
Anyway, you need balls at the sea,
pardon my French.
Since I'm a sailor
and that's my background,
that's why I'm being a bit blunt,
so I'm sorry, once again.
I got a chuckle out of it.
Don't forget the basin.
You gotta shave.
[Bahtiyar sighs heavily]
You're enjoying some beers
and you're making me pay for them, huh?
If you screw with me,
I'll screw with you. Jackass.
- [man] Oh, my brother.
- Yes, sir.
I haven't eaten. You know
where I can find something to eat?
There's the liquor store, but they just
sell biscuits and snack food.
Across the street,
there's a chickpea and rice cart.
Awesome, I'll check it out now.
Would you like me to bring you something?
No, I'm refraining
from eating at this hour.
Unless it's a few almonds or goji berries.
- [man] Okay.
- Acidic food's bad, brother.
People say that our intestines
are the second brain.
That's what they say.
- I'll get you some pig intestines then.
- Eh.
That's a good person right there.
He asked me if I want some food,
he said he'd bring me some. Hmm.
[upbeat music playing on radio]
- Oh, Captain, welcome to the lower deck.
- [laughs] No captain around here.
Just food and drinks.
Food and beverages. F and B.
Sure, thanks.
What are you doing? Are you drawing?
- May I see some of it?
- Yeah, sure.
Ah! Kinda like children's drawings, huh?
Well, you know, I'm just drawing.
- Just to kill time, right?
- No, I have an exam coming up.
Handcrafts class?
[laughs] For the academy, Mimar Sinan.
Oh, uh, Mimar the one in Findikli.
College is hard.
It's the entrance test.
Hopefully, I'll get in soon.
[upbeat music continues]
- What's this music?
- Akn Nur Yengi.
Ah, yeah, that's right!
Akn Nur Yengi.
See, her sister
used to live in Kiziltoprak.
Uh, I remember that she used to
- Look.
- [imitating high-pitched singing]
Whatever, I shouldn't distract you.
Draw me sometime, will ya?
Do you do it by looking or from memory?
Well, you know, it depends.
I guess either.
- Do you have something like a basin?
- Uh, I've got a basin.
Ha! Bahtiyar was asking for one.
I'll take it upstairs.
You can draw me from memory later.
- I have a lot of ironing to do, so
- I'm just kidding!
- I just saw a rat over there.
- Where?
- Look, it went that way.
- Ugh.
Rats and mice everywhere.
- [Metin] I Well, I'm off.
- Not again.
You're very attractive. Whoever thought
we were a match is straight-up crazy.
Not a joke, it's the truth.
I agree.
- Wait, are you joking me?
- No, I agree with you, they're crazy.
[chuckling] I've got other jokes,
plenty more.
- [man] Thanks, bud. Take care.
- [vendor] Have a good night.
Good sir!
What can you do for me tonight, buddy?
- [man] Keep walking, don't piss me off.
- No problem, bud, it's all right.
Don't worry about it.
It's okay, eh? [mumbles]
[Metin] Fuck off! Beat it!
- I moved my car to the front.
- No problem, sir. I'm here, it'll be fine.
I'm gonna eat over here.
Got anything to drink?
- What would you like?
- Ayran, soda, anything will do.
- [Bahtiyar groaning] Metin, come here!
- What the... Sir!
- [Bahtiyar] Damn it!
- [Metin] Sir, what have you done? Wait!
I tried to cut myself
and I couldn't even do it right.
- [man] Put pressure on it!
- [Metin] Call an ambulance!
Don't call an ambulance,
this is embarrassing enough.
- [Metin] What'd you cut it with?
- The razor!
- And I was the one who bought it!
- Does it seem like you're gonna pass out?
[Bahtiyar] No, not at all.
- He had beer and made me buy it!
- Hey, is it bad?
- It's not. Hey, bring us some sheets.
- [Bahtiyar] I wanted to die.
But it turns out dying is tough!
It's not simple!
I don't know how a man like you
could do something like this!
- Did it stop? Am I bleeding?
- It'll stop, the cut wasn't deep.
- Should we call the cops, maybe?
- [man] No, no.
Come on, I'm the night manager,
and he did this on my watch!
- Rest your head.
- [Bahtiyar groaning] I'm trying.
[man] Like this, Metin.
Hey, lady, over here. Over here.
Over here, good.
- [gentle music playing]
- [man] Put pressure on it.
Suhal? What's wrong with your foot?
What do you mean?
- [man] Don't clench your hand.
- I should get back, the iron's still on.
[Bahtiyar] Oh my God,
there's too much blood.
[man] It's okay. You'll stop bleeding.
[Bahtiyar groans]
I'm really sorry about this.
[man] It's done, it's done, it's done.
Are you okay?
- I'm not.
- [Bahtiyar] Do we need an ambulance?
No, no, no ambulance, I'm good.
[Bahtiyar] I hope it doesn't get infected.
[Peri on video] Whenever you find yourself
wrapped in dark thoughts,
which we call the negative frequencies,
imagine that you're running on your own
in the fields.
And whisper this to yourself three times,
"I'm valuable."
- "I'm valuable. I am valuable."
- [mouthing]
Everyone's got value in their own way,
it's true.
Could you get some gauze, iodine,
and stuff for him
from the pharmacy real quick?
Sure, brother. Yeah.
What's wrong? Are you in shock?
Blood makes you queasy?
No, sir, I'm okay.
Did you ever run in the fields, brother?
Yeah. I used to run in the fields
all the time when I was a kid.
It makes a difference, am I right?
Absolutely. Absolutely.
Okay, so go get those things.
- And I'll stay with him, sound good?
- Yeah.
- Good evening.
- [woman] Good evening.
Hold on, I'm gonna make you
wait for a second, please.
I'll be right with you.
- Let me bring this down.
- Uh, hey
[Metin] Uh, excuse me.
Uh, hey,
before you close the place, I need
some gauze, iodine,
and bandages as well, please.
I'm not closing the place, we're on duty.
Are you hurt or something?
Can I take a look?
Do you work at that hotel?
Yes, I do.
I'm the night manager, but it's, uh
It's not really an emergency.
Just as a precaution.
Oh, for the first aid box.
All right.
In that case I can give you, uh
some hydrogen peroxide.
No, it's nothing that serious.
It's oxygenated water.
Oh, okay, sure.
- [woman] Some iodine and gauze as well.
- What else do you recommend?
- Perhaps cotton?
- Some cotton, sure.
I'm Metin. Uh, I used to work on boats.
I'll just put it on the hotel.
No, it's okay.
You know, uh, I'm the night manager.
I handle the expenses.
- How much is it?
- Ninety lira.
[Metin] Ninety.
And you are?
My nickname is Ayzek.
From the show The Love Boat.
Maybe you remember that?
[Saniye] So, you're on a TV show?
I don't think I've seen you before.
- [Metin chuckling]
- [intriguing music playing]
I'll get out of here! Wait for me!
[Saniye laughs]
You know? [chuckles]
Like this is a jail visit? It was a joke.
[chuckles] See you around.
Have a good night!
- We're both on night duty.
- [Saniye chuckling]
[Metin] Saniye.
If there's a woman for me,
it's Saniye, right?
[Suhal] Oh.
The sheets are covered in blood.
There's also some on the carpet floor.
Hey, Suhal.
Uh, I didn't know about your, uh
I'm sorry.
Oh, really? Seriously?
That's really something.
[somber music playing]
[Bahtiyar] Oof.
Everybody's got their own opinion
and I'm just sick of it.
See, I just wish
someone would say "I have no idea."
We could cry and be upset together,
or we could let it go
and sing songs together.
But, no, everyone's got an opinion now,
and their ideas are amazing!
I don't understand
how everybody became so knowledgeable.
It's like everybody's holding a key
and looking for holes to slide them in.
Sir, stop mimicking with your hand,
would you?
Just don't move it.
[Bahtiyar scoffs]
- [clicks tongue]
- Cherry juice for your blood formation.
I'm sure cherry juice
has no effect on blood formation.
Get that out of my face.
Mr. Davut, I'm sorry,
there's weird things happening here,
don't mind us.
It's all good.
[Bahtiyar sighs]
[door opens and closes]
Sir, I mean no disrespect, but I, uh
I also go through moments like that.
Yeah. Similar lives, we're only human.
And on those moments, I tell myself
When life starts suffocating me, I say,
"Ayzek, don't worry about it, okay?"
Uh, what are you supposed to,
uh, do anyway? Just let the burden go.
I shut it down, I do that in my mind.
So I think maybe you just need to give
that real Bahtiyar inside you a chance.
What the hell are you doing?
Well, I thought this was wallpaper,
but it's just paint.
[Bahtiyar sighs]
Anyway, what I'm saying is,
you have to listen to yourself, Bahtiyar.
Think about it.
Give yourself a chance, man, mentally.
What was I just saying before this?
Uh, sure, but that's not
my own opinion, actually.
Do you use Instagram?
Do you know
the account "Perisozler" by chance?
Uh, this is in her videos.
Please watch for a bit.
A huge good morning to you, my friends.
Hello to the sun, the trees, the birds,
the insects, and the blue sky.
[Bahtiyar sighs]
Today, we're gonna do something different
Turn it off. Turn that off right now.
I'm really not in the mood, Metin.
That's complete nonsense.
It's bullshit, for crying out loud.
Come on, Metin.
"Hello to the blue sky," really?
Come on, man.
That's Eurovision-level bullshit.
Mr. Bahtiyar, what they did to
Athena's lead singer was totally unfair.
But what did he do? He didn't give up.
And he made himself
Gkhan from Athena. Right?
So, if he didn't do his affirmations,
where would he be?
Just look at some of our own artists.
Where are they now?
- And look where he is now.
- Listen to me.
There are thousands of stupid videos
just like that on social media.
Just stop watching them.
- They won't do you any good, man.
- [phone vibrating]
[scoffs] There are fewer patients
than doctors. Now, everyone's a therapist.
Sir, is this your phone? It says "Dora."
No, no, put it down. Come on.
Don't worry about the phone, it's fine.
Such an awesome phone,
and look at my mine.
It's a simple equation. Yeah.
Why would someone
with such an awesome phone
try to commit suicide?
No comebacks, huh?
Metin, can you find me some rope?
Mr. Bahtiyar, I will go to the kitchen,
and I'll make you some hot tea
from my very own stash.
You will drink it nice and easy,
you will sleep like a king,
and then you'll wake up,
and what will you do?
I'll wake up to the blue sky
and say good morning?
No, the 270 you owe me.
Copy that, sir?
Listen, I'm 50 years old.
I work here for 1,500 liras a week.
Mr. Davut's also being inconvenienced.
Please, okay?
When I'm the captain on duty,
nobody abandons ship.
Copy that, sir?
Metin, I have something important
to share with you. Please come here.
Bahtiyar, please.
I will pay you right now to choke me.
I beg you, Metin, end this, please.
Bahtiyar, I swear
I'm gonna call the police.
I swear I'm gonna do it.
I'll bring you the tea, mate,
and you'll drink it. Copy that?
- [gentle music playing]
- [door opens and closes]
[Davut] What's going on?
- What does he want?
- Uh, well
He's not thinking straight, brother.
But I pulled the man together.
He said, "I'll be quiet."
Now he's going to sleep.
Metin, no cops, it's not a good idea.
I'm here.
I'll handle him if he tries anything.
Let him sleep for now.
Brother, he's clueless.
- He thinks dying is like fainting.
- Yeah.
I mean, no cops, you understand?
Take this, man. That's for you, okay?
- You can count on me, sir.
- Thanks.
Is he drunk?
He's got a six-pack in there,
but he had, like, two, maybe.
- Take the rest out of his room, okay?
- Huh?
Do it, take them out of his room.
You hear me?
- You know what? I'll try to return them.
- Listen, just don't let him drink 'em.
- Go ahead.
- Yeah. All right.
Room service!
[gentle music playing]
[upbeat music playing on speaker]
[singing along]
What's happening?
- What's up?
- Weren't you here a minute ago?
Yeah, well, I dropped by the liquor store
to return these, but they're closed.
- Is that soda?
- You're also a drinker.
No, soda is acidic.
I'm doing a detox.
I can't eat or drink anything
after 8:00 p.m., other than six almonds.
Good luck with that.
- Pick a song for me.
- Huh?
- What do you like to listen to?
- Uh, well, I'm working. [chuckling]
Hey, this reminds me of that one movie
where there was a pharmacy in it too,
and then the elder brother comes
to the door and talks to the youngest.
- Uh, Mazhar Alanson.
- Yeah!
And then his brother goes up
and asks if he'd like some ice cream.
- [laughing] All right, bye-bye!
- 'Kay, bye!
Hey, there, pretty gir... I'm sorry.
The pharmacy lady,
we got some gauze from her.
What happened to Mr. Bahtiyar?
He just lost it.
I gave him some advice, he's okay.
- You gave Mr. Bahtiyar advice?
- Why the surprise?
- Now I've really seen everything.
- What do you mean?
Did you know that
Mr. Bahtiyar's a literature professor?
Oh, really? So what?
Shall I read him a poem?
He's a professor, Ayzek, come on. [scoffs]
Are you saying he's better than me
or something like that?
By the way, I checked out The Love Boat.
Why Ayzek, though? He's Black.
Just think about it.
We have a lot in common.
Well, it's sad. I mean
He quit his job at school
and pursues a music career.
Then corona happens,
and it gets pretty tough for two years.
I think he's got issues with his family,
I saw them here a few times.
What the heck did you watch?
The Love Boat is nothing like that.
I'm talking about Bahtiyar.
The pandemic hit him pretty hard.
The pandemic brought divorce rates up.
Everyone's broke.
[somber music playing]
- [Metin] He offered me money.
- Who?
[Metin] Bahtiyar.
For what?
Actually, he said,
"If you strangle me, I'll pay you."
- [laughs] You can't fool me.
- Really!
Don't say things like that
to make yourself look interesting.
It's the truth!
Did he say how much?
I mean, it can't be much, right?
He owes me 270 lira.
The store's closed,
so I couldn't return the rest.
Look at those numbers.
- Whatever, just don't kill the man.
- Do I look like I might?
Kinda, yeah. I mean
- Have you watched Joker before?
- No.
- Were you saying something nice?
- No.
So why are you smiling?
Well, you kinda look like you would,
and that's funny.
Oh, really?
Whatever you say, pretty girl.
Works for me, okay?
Go ahead and believe that.
Hey, don't forget to draw me!
But from the side,
gotta hide the bald spot.
Ah, gee.
Everyone's looking for an adventure.
She thinks I could kill him.
She can believe that.
[junkie yelling] Hey, ma'am!
Hss! What's going on?
- [Saniye] Hey, stop it!
- [bottles breaking]
- [junkie yelling] Ma'am, open up!
- [Metin] Hey, man!
- [Saniye] I'm calling the police!
- [junkie] I need it, give me some pills!
- What's going on?
- [junkie shouting] Hey, Saniye!
- Please, just one!
- I called the cops, go away!
- [Metin] Get down!
- [junkie] Ahh! Fuck off!
Get down! Hey, you! I said get down!
- [junkie] Come on, we're homies!
- [Metin] Come on, get down!
What are you doing? Stay away!
- Saniye, get inside.
- Hey, don't talk to him!
- Is there a problem? Is there a problem?
- Who the hell are you, weasel?
- [junkie] There's a goddamn...
- Move!
[Saniye] No, please. He's gonna yell,
then he'll leave. He's just a junkie.
- [junkie] Get off me!
- [Metin] Go inside, okay? Lock it.
- I called the police!
- Okay! You have a problem?
- [junkie] Who the hell are you, weasel?
- Ayzek!
You have a problem? Come here! Talk to me!
- Suhal, just stay inside!
- You as well!
Stay inside. Lock it.
- Okay, let's talk. What is it?
- The fucking antichrist is here.
- Get out of here!
- [Saniye] Ayzek, please just...
- It's okay, don't worry.
- [Suhal] Ayzek!
Don't mess with him, okay?
Suhal, stay inside, just stay inside!
Suhal, you're already
staying inside of my heart!
- Dude, stop getting on my nerves!
- [Saniye gasps]
Huh? You hear?
I'll slap you into oblivion!
- Into oblivion!
- [Saniye] Ayzek, please!
- That guy's crazy.
- [Davut] What's going on?
- [Metin shouting]
- They're about to get into a fight.
- [Metin and junkie clamoring]
- [siren whoops]
No, they'll be fine.
Let's just stay inside.
[siren whooping]
[Metin] Suhal, go back inside!
- [Metin] Dude, what's your problem?
- [junkie chatters incoherently]
- [junkie] Wow, look at your teeth, buddy!
- [Metin] Get out of here! Never come back!
- Ah! They're here.
- [siren whoops]
- [knife stabbing]
- Ow!
[junkie] They don't lock up no thieves.
- I'll fuck you up!
- Hey!
[Saniye] He stabbed him.
He's running away.
- It's okay! It's okay!
- I told you, you shouldn't speak to him!
Metin, are you hurt?
- It's okay!
- [Saniye mutters]
I told you! Why did you even talk to him?
- [officer 1] What's going on?
- It was Charlie! Charlie stabbed him!
- You okay? We'll take you to the hospital.
- Oh, no, it's fine.
I'm the night manager over there.
He came here, started harassing the lady,
so I had to, you know
[officer 2] Charlie? We'll find him.
We'll take him in.
[Metin] Thank you!
Well, I didn't do anything, so
- [officer 2] We'll take care of it.
- [Saniye] Let's take a look.
[Metin] Don't come, don't come.
[groaning] Oh, my God, he stabbed me.
- [Saniye] Well, I knew this would happen.
- [Suhal] Ayzek?
- Hey, let's get you to a hospital.
- Saniye will take care of me, it's fine.
You go back to the hotel. I got this.
She's got it!
- [Metin groaning]
- This way.
- [groaning continues]
- [Saniye] Oh, what an animal!
I can't believe he stabbed you!
- [Metin] I think it's pretty deep.
- Go over there. Take your pants off.
- I'll be right with you.
- My pants?
[chuckling] Well, hey, we already
we already bought
some cotton and iodine from you, so
Go on in, Ayzek.
Well, I mean, do I really have to, uh
Lie down over there
and take your pants off.
[Metin] Well
- [Saniye] Let me see.
- [grunts] Ah, gee.
- [Metin] Wouldn't it be a shame if
- You'll be bare.
Ooh! That's a lot of blood.
I'm gonna clean you up
with some water, all right?
I didn't even feel him stab.
You don't need stitches,
don't worry about it.
- [Metin] Ah.
- It's not bad.
- [Saniye] See? It's not bad. A clean cut.
- [grunts] All right. On my trial shift.
Can you see my butt?
[Saniye] You've got a nice butt.
[groans] Saniye, ma'am, I'm 50 years old.
I really thought 40. You work out?
Oh, no, just a little boxing,
and stretching.
- [Saniye] I'll rub this on.
- [Metin sighs]
- [romantic song playing on speaker]
- Hey! Hey, this is my song!
[Saniye] I love this song! Oh!
- [Metin grunts] May I cover my butt?
- My song!
- [romantic song continues]
- [mouthing]
Funda! Sing girl, you sing!
[song continues on radio]
- [Saniye] Here, have some. Take this.
- Uh, but
Cheers to you.
One more thing,
then I'll cover you up, huh?
Oh, jeez. This has gin in it. [grunts]
[romantic song continues]
Almost done, Ayzek, dear.
It's not bad, don't worry about it.
- May I cover my butt?
- Of course!
[Metin sighs]
All right.
There are some wet wipes over there.
[romantic song continues]
You own this pharmacy?
Yeah, but I'm moving soon.
The area's shit.
Everywhere is the same.
Immigrants, am I right?
What'd you say?
Nothing, I just said "immigrants"
and did this with my arms.
Well, whatever.
Anyway, let's drink, come on.
Cheers! What show were you in?
I'm not in any show ma'am.
My name comes from a show.
Yeah. You know, from an old one. "Ayzek."
Oh, I thought you said you were on a show.
Everyone's an actor nowadays.
For that you would need
to sign up with an agency.
I just, you know, uh, love the sea.
Love boats and, uh, I'm a captain.
What about the hotel job, hmm?
The hotel job, um, it's my trial.
Uh, someone I know recommended me.
Figured I could handle the place.
I'm trying.
[romantic song continues]
- And you made me drink gin. [chuckling]
- Enjoy it, have fun.
The thing is, I'm on an alkali diet.
Wow! You know about
the alkalis and stuff, huh?
Of course! Uh, there's an account on
Instagram, Perisozler, and I'm a follower.
Alkali, you know? Uh, food intolerance.
Uh, intermittent fasting.
Not Ramadan fasting.
And also heavy metals.
Well, I guess I was
stabbed with a heavy metal, so
my diet's done for! [chuckling]
Look at that!
I had a fitting for my teeth,
they're almost ready.
Come on, it's unbearable otherwise.
- The teeth, you mean?
- Hey, no, I mean the night shift. Cheers.
To the hero of the night shift.
[laughing] I'd better not drink,
I'm on duty.
- [romantic song continues]
- You can leave when the song's over, okay?
That's a duet, right?
'Cause two people sing it?
Mmm-hmm. Duet.
- Mmm-hmm.
- [romantic song continues]
- See you around, Saniye. It was fun.
- See you and take care of yourself.
[intriguing music playing]
- [Metin] What are you doing here?
- Smoking, okay?
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm fine.
[grunts] Oh, gee.
[Suhal] You can hold on to me if you want.
[Metin grunts] Okay.
- [Suhal] Does it hurt to walk?
- Nah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
- [Suhal] Did he get you in the leg?
- Nah, a little higher.
- [Metin] It's farther than I remember.
- [laughing]
[Suhal] That guy is always around here.
Next time, just don't mess with him.
[Metin] You have no idea
what I could have done to him.
I didn't want to get in trouble
with the police.
I mean, it's my trial shift.
- [man] What happened? Are you okay?
- [Metin] Yeah, it's nothing.
- [man] Are you okay?
- [Metin] I am.
[Metin] And I didn't even say a word.
- [Metin exclaims]
- [Suhal] Watch your step.
- [Davut] Hey, are you okay? Is it bad?
- Yeah! Oh, not at all, sir.
It's nothing. I've seen much worse.
Hey, the guy's a drug addict.
You know the type.
He'd sell out his mother
and father for a fix.
The woman was all alone there,
so I slapped him, and he stabbed me.
- See?
- [Suhal] Oh, right.
You can take off your pants if you want,
there's a spare.
Consider it a talisman
against the evil eye.
Brother, I've seen worse.
That was nothing.
I went over there, but that woman
pulled down the shutters on my face.
[Metin grunts]
Come on, what was she supposed to do?
Don't mind it.
- All right, let's get you changed.
- He really tore it, look.
- [Suhal] Let's go.
- I'll just go get changed, brother.
And on my trial shift, go figure!
[whimsical music playing]
[Suhal] Take them off and give them to me.
- [Metin] I'll do it here, okay?
- Yeah, sure.
[Metin] Damn, what a night.
- Sorry.
- Here you go.
- [Metin] Oh, gee.
- Oh, wow, it's a really big hole.
- Saniye said there's no need for stitches.
- Saniye should mind her own business.
Here, obviously this needs stitches,
your underwear too.
- The undies got got the worst of it.
- Wow.
Hang on, I've got three pairs
that guests left behind.
- I'm wearing someone else's underwear?
- They're washed and clean, don't worry.
Who leaves their underwear at a hotel?
Doesn't make sense.
Whatever, I'll wear them inside out.
I'll wash yours real quick, take them off.
I'd let you wash my undies. Are you crazy?
- [loud thud]
- What the heck was that?
Oh, for heaven's sake.
- [whimsical music continues]
- [Metin] Well
Why is everyone so eager
to take off my underwear tonight?
Is it the trial shift? Hmm!
[Bahtiyar sighs]
What happened, Bahtiyar?
I wonder what surprises you have in store.
I heard some people fighting,
I hope no one's hurt.
It's okay. Junkies, right?
Wait, you're checking out?
Metin, I'd like to have
a private word with you.
Let's go sit over there
and talk for a bit.
- I'm having trouble sitting, but sure.
- Okay.
- [downbeat music playing]
- What's up?
Well, I thought about
what you said before.
Listen, at the end of the day,
you and I are two strangers.
- Sure.
- And when you think about it,
there's an advantage in being strangers.
We can tell each other personal things
we might not even
be willing to tell close friends.
So, what are you getting at?
I'd like to make
my offer to you more tangible.
Go ahead, just do it then.
This saxophone is worth
eight to ten thousand dollars.
The mechanism is absolutely marvellous.
Even the wind can get notes out of it.
Oh, wow.
[Bahtiyar] This is my offer.
This instrument is my life.
It's my best friend.
Your best friend owns it?
No, no, no. The saxophone is best friend.
Ten thousand dollars you say?
That's your offer?
For the same thing you wanted, right?
Yes, please.
I might, uh, take it to a shop in Tnel,
I could sell it there.
I mean, you figure I'd sell it
rather than develop an interest
and learn to play it, is that right?
Yeah, but just make sure
someone decent has it, please.
Sure, no problem.
I'll do a background check first
and I'll check on it once in a while.
Plus I want your cell phone, Bahtiyar.
I think it's be better
for me to carry out this mission.
- Sure.
- Give it.
Oh, it's in my room.
Wait, I'll go grab it.
Listen, I'll do what you're asking,
but don't mention this to anybody.
I will determine
the place and the time, hear me?
No more trying to harm yourself,
no more unpleasant attempts.
- You hear me?
- No problem.
- [Metin] What's this?
- It was a failed attempt.
You'll pay for this lamp, okay?
Give me your phone.
You want the case?
No, have it.
Right. Now, let's leave the room.
It feels depressing here.
From now on, we're gonna
play by my rules, you hear me?
- Promise?
- Promise.
- Peri promise.
- Okay, cool.
[Metin] Now, listen
By the way, Suhal is very clever.
So make sure
she doesn't get suspicious, okay?
As of now, there's no going back.
I won't give the saxophone
or the cellphone back, all right?
- And just forget the 270.
- Perfect.
Awesome. What's, um
- What's your passcode?
- Right.
It's "1991." The year Stan Getz died.
The same year I took my captain's test.
I won't forget.
- Are you on Instagram?
- Kind of.
- This is you? Hmm!
- Mmm-hmm.
Fourteen thousand followers.
And you still want to die.
What a shame. I only have 14 followers.
All right. Listen, I'm gonna
start making all the arrangements.
Keep moving.
[Metin] Hello, Suhal.
Bahtiyar, are you okay, sir?
Please, have a seat.
- I feel so ashamed, Suhal. I'm very sorry.
- I was so nervous.
I've never seen you like that before, sir.
He's okay, he's okay.
He's pretty good now, right?
You two have a little chat, okay?
I have some work to do upstairs.
Hey, I saw some rats up there.
Do we have any rat poison around?
- Yeah, it's up there. Look, back there.
- [Metin] Oh.
- Oh my, did you draw these pictures?
- Mmm-hmm.
- They're great! Congratulations.
- Oh, thanks a lot. [laughs]
Hey, uh, you know how she drew them?
Uh, from her head, she made that up.
- I just draw, it's not so special.
- [Metin] Mmm.
Now, I'm, uh, gonna make some tea.
You just sit there,
and, uh, you know, get some rest.
And I guess I did get stabbed, so I
can't sit down with you.
[chuckling] Saniye did say
I should be resting, though.
That woman's an alcoholic.
Hey, you think that's fair?
Putting labels on someone like that?
She doesn't worry about
what other people say, just like me.
Well, fine, she doesn't worry,
so I might as well say it.
- She's an alcoholic.
- Fine.
Maybe you should speak
to Bahtiyar about it. He is a professor.
They're all crazy. I swear they're crazy.
I mean, I'm the one managing them.
What a strange group they are! Huh?
They're a weird group.
- I'm an individual. I'm doing really well.
- [dark music playing]
Everyone's got a grudge for someone.
They'll jump at each other
if you let them.
All according to plan.
[dark music continues]
Pardon, sir.
- [voice echoing]
- Ahh! Ah!
What are you doing?
- You scared the hell out of me, brother.
- Can I have some soda?
Sure. You know
We're having a chat with Bahtiyar
downstairs in the laundry room,
so you can join us if you like, of course.
Looks like, uh, he's better, I guess.
He's relaxed.
- Maybe I will, yeah.
- Just chatting.
All right.
Let's have a cup of tea.
We've met each other at a strange time,
we've been sad, we've been emotional.
In 20 minutes, it'll be in your system.
Let's chat, and
Well, all right, then.
- Come on.
- [Bahtiyar sighs]
[Metin] So, tell us.
Well, I really wouldn't want to
want to disturb you with my
personal problems and my mental state.
But you were so cheerful
just the other day, Mr. Bahtiyar.
We were on the terrace
while you were playing the sax.
Darling, I guess you could say that
I've lost my hope for living.
I'm embarrassed to even
be talking to you about this, but
Why, do we seem more hopeless than you do?
- [snaps fingers]
- That's a very good question, Suhal.
He's deflecting if you ask me.
Let me ask you this.
Uh, is hope the bread
of the poor people only?
Or do the rich ones also need some of it?
I changed the subject a bit.
So I'm rich, now? Strange.
I'm not sure I got exactly
what you asked me, come again?
- Let's pass the time, just talk.
- [Bahtiyar] Mmm.
What's hope, anyway?
First of all, I'm not a big fan
of statements like that one.
You know, when they say something, um,
like, "Hope is the bread of the poor."
[exhales] Big statements like that
sound very powerful or poetic, don't they?
But those are very serious concepts,
we could take one hour
dissecting each one of these ideals.
Just squeeze that into 20 minutes,
I guess.
Well, I mean,
I'm not an expert on the subject,
so don't take this as a lecture,
but I don't think it's a two for one deal.
Not everyone who faces poverty
is rewarded with hope.
Anyway. Well, I've obviously given up.
I stopped fighting, didn't I?
So let's see what happens.
All right, then, knowledge or intuition?
[sighs] Well, I don't
think I'm a good example, I...
What the hell is wrong with my voice,
damn it? I'm sorry. [exhales]
- What did you say again? Intuition?
- Or knowledge?
Oh, dear, you're putting me
in a difficult position here, Metin.
Can we maybe just talk about this
some other time, please?
These questions are very profound.
Let's talk about ordinary things.
So you're telling me
you wouldn't be caught dead
talking to people like us
about something profound?
What? No!
How did you come to that conclusion?
What are you even saying right now?
Don't you, uh
Don't you think every day
brings us new hope?
Fine, it brings us hope.
Sure, lots of hope.
I'm sorry if I'm a little agitated.
I understand that my problems
might sound petty to you in a way,
I really do understand,
but just put them all together in a list,
make a detailed analysis,
- and you'll understand.
- I understand you, professor.
Oh, do you? I also wish to be understood.
Well, it seems to me
you'd rather be loved more.
I guess being
understood is a little more, uh
- To be understood.
- [Bahtiyar] What does that even mean?
You think you're a physics problem,
my dear Ayzek, is that it, huh?
Humans just want to be loved.
Oh, Davut, brother! Question for you.
Being loved or being understood?
My answer is "loving."
See? Davut's saying something else here.
"Loving." Join us, please.
- But you see Davut's actually
- Actually what?
[sighs] You know, being loved
is in the passive voice, a passive verb.
I don't think "loving" is a good response.
I'm sorry, what am I talking about?
- Loving, to be loved, it's the same.
- I can't gather my thoughts, forgive me.
If the question was "to be loved"
or "loving," then I think
For us it's "loving" for sure.
Loving madly.
[Bahtiyar] He said "madly for sure."
Whatever. Yes.
- [Davut] Did I say something stupid?
- [Bahtiyar] No, not at all.
I'm just having a hard time
gathering my thoughts.
[Davut] No, I mean...
[Bahtiyar] I didn't mean
anything negative at all.
[Metin] He says "loving."
That's nothing bad, right? Nothing bad.
So when we said "loving,"
did we say something bad? Because
- I don't really get it.
- No, no, no, nothing bad.
What's wrong?
Rat poison.
You did it, you gave the guy rat poison!
I look like I'd do it, right?
The man's about to die
and we're having tea with him?
- Huh?
- [Metin chuckling]
Pretty girl.
Bicoverdim, six milligrams.
It's my medication. I just gave him some.
In 20 minutes,
he'll be soft like a jellybean, you know?
Look, I took his phone from him.
We'll call his friends and family
and they'll come get him.
- I can't deal with him all night!
- Oh, awesome. That's great thinking.
You just wait,
I'll have him belly dancing in here.
[chuckling] They're my prescription meds.
These right here.
- So you take pills?
- I take them, yeah.
- One every morning and one every evening.
- Huh.
- What's wrong?
- Oh, no.
It's just that I had two of these,
but this one's empty, apparently.
Wait a minute.
Uh, the prescription's here.
Yeah, I brought it.
I think it was in my pocket. [gasps]
- I put your pants in the washing machine.
- Did you? Really?
There was nothing in your pockets, though.
Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
I believe I took out of my pocket
along with the cash.
I left it on the front desk, right.
I left it at reception.
- It's not a big deal, but, um
- Well.
This morning when I was leaving home,
I had two of these.
And probably, I, uh,
put them on the kitchen counter.
- I thought I had two, but there's none.
- Wait, you took one this morning.
- Do you need another?
- Huh?
No, I, I, I I don't.
Of course I don't, okay?
I have the prescription,
and I'm not an addict, okay?
You think I'm a pill popper?
- [both laugh nervously]
- I just thought that I had them on me.
- So that's why
- [Suhal] You seem agitated, so
[Metin] No, no, no.
Whenever I leave the house,
I take one with me, always.
Uh, my coat.
Could they be in my coat? Not in my coat.
But, at least there's, uh
Right! Saniye and I are friends, so
Oh, I'm glad.
Well, my prescription's here,
but it's covered in blood.
But Saniye's on duty.
So then no worries, right?
Goji berries?
- They heal everything.
- [phone vibrating]
- His phone's ringing.
- Yeah, but he's in the basement, too bad.
What's this? It's sour.
But they're antioxidants.
Anyhoo. Well, at least Saniye is on duty.
She's on duty, so
so it won't be a problem.
- Let's not worry. Um, you'd better, um
- [vibrating continues]
He didn't fall asleep yet.
So we weren't able
to talk about that thing.
We should talk about us, right?
Uh, you go downstairs.
I'll make us some tea, right? Mate.
[both grunt]
- I'd better take this with me.
- Yeah.
- [Suhal] Mmm-hmm.
- [darkly intriguing music playing]
This is all covered in blood.
It's illegible, ah
It's illegible. Why me
- [boat horn blaring]
- Huh?
[darkly intriguing music continues]
[horn blaring]
Now, professor,
we're talking about real emotions here.
And I'm sure everyone
perceives them differently.
Listen to me,
saying that we're talking about emotions
doesn't mean we can't back it up
with true reason.
At the end of the day,
emotions generate real issues, right?
Now you're gonna say to me,
"Issues are part of life," am I right?
- We'll say this, "loving madly."
- [Bahtiyar sighs]
Yeah, loving madly's a part of life.
Right, sir? I mean
Uh, Davut, uh, like the kind of love
you find in poetry or in the novels.
He's a literature professor, you know.
Loving to death, you know what I mean?
Yeah, right. Loving.
Loving like we hear in songs or in poetry.
You know how sometimes
language stops making sense?
I'm having one of those moments right now,
Davut. I mean, I get it.
You all want something powerful,
don't you?
Something like a boulder! I mean
Not a boulder, because boulders
have organic aspects as well.
Actually, it's more like
a big block of concrete, you know, man?
Something more like stones,
and pebbles, and sand,
and those big blocks,
and "bang bang" and "boom boom."
Let's spew out the words
and demand respect! Oh, yeah, baby!
What books do you mean? Which ones, man?
[Davut] You know,
real lives are what inspire novels.
Yes, but what does that leave you with?
I mean, tell me. Tell me.
Could be the theme of a novel,
or a poem, whatever,
but tell me, what do you get out of it?
What happens when you are
a subject of something, man?
- Professor, where are you from?
- [gasps]
- He's asking where you're from.
- Where am I from?
[laughing] It's been so long
since I've heard someone ask that!
He's asking [laughing]
- [Metin] He didn't say anything bad. What
- Can you believe it, guys?
- All right, Suadiye!
- [Bahtiyar and Suhal laughing]
- [Metin] He's from Suadiye, apparently.
- [laughing] I mean, who asks that?
[Metin] It's not a big deal.
I think, uh
I think what Davut's trying to say here
is, uh, how sometimes
we make novels out of our own lives.
That doesn't make sense,
we can't make shit of it!
You can only be the subject.
- Uh, please excuse me, my dear Suhal.
- [Suhal] No, no, please.
[Metin] We should come on.
Floyd Barclay has beautifully said this,
"When going to your death,
you can only take your dignity."
Who am I preaching to?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, pardon.
Oh, I feel my my chest expanding.
Metin, you think it's happening?
Yeah! Sure! Sleepy.
- Loving someone to death happens in life!
- Okay, fine, it happens. Whatever, man.
- It happens.
- Fine.
- Did you say Floyd Barclay before?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna google that,
because I have a thirst for information.
Shall we, professor, go to bed now?
Let's go back to our room.
No, I'd like to read a book
and gather my thoughts, please.
- No problem, okay?
- Oof.
Davut, brother, he meant no harm,
"to love" or "loving," doesn't matter.
- [Davut] You take care now.
- [Metin] All right.
Have a good night. Bahtiyar,
I'm going to spread the new sheets.
[Metin] Get up, let's go. Come on.
These are very nice.
You're an amazing talent, Suhal!
"My Love" is calling.
- My head feels like it's plastic, Metin.
- Really? Mine too, mine too.
[Bahtiyar grunts]
- I'm not dead, Metin. It's weird, huh?
- You, sir?
You can't die, you're a king, huh?
[chuckles] Go on.
Nothing will happen to you.
[soft intriguing jazz music playing]
- [inaudible]
- [jazz music continues]
I'm imagining that I have a big,
blue ball in my hands right now.
And what am I doing with this ball?
I bet my old Peri friends
will know right away.
Ugh, for pity's sake, turn it off.
It's horrible, Metin.
What the hell is she talking about?
Please don't watch these kinds of videos.
They're nonsense, Metin.
Trust me, don't do this.
Come on
That Davut guy is empty-headed.
We were talking for very long,
and he didn't say "me" at all
during the ten minutes he spoke.
He kept repeating the word "we."
"We made this and that"
Eventually I just blurted out and asked,
"What on earth do you mean by 'we'?"
He ignored me.
Would you prefer it if he kept saying
"me, me me" all the time?
He's saying "we," sir.
Like, all of us, humans, you know?
You're so eager to make sense of it
that you're forcing it.
You're so passionate
that you make me wanna teach you.
I get this urge to grab your ears,
and just shake your head,
and pour all my knowledge into it,
but I'm too tired for it.
That Davut is a shady man.
All right, professor. Uh
What do you think about Suhal?
Do you think she's my type?
- Can I be real with you?
- Oh, yeah.
- Because she's an artist? You're right.
- Whatever.
[downbeat jazz music playing]
[phone vibrating]
[woman on phone] Hello? Bahtiyar?
Bahtiyar, are you there? Hel...
[sighs] What should I say?
- "Dora, hi."
- [keypad clicking]
"We're at Komodor Hotel right now."
"Bahtiyar happened
to fall asleep."
No, I'll keep my name out of it.
No, the name's not necessary.
[text message whooshing]
[phone chiming]
"I hope you burn in hell."
What did I say wrong?
[door opens]
Is he asleep?
That jerk was mocking me.
Brother, men like him are like children.
You just gotta laugh it off.
Never mind him.
You're covered in sweat, are you okay?
Well, you know, there's a lot to my job.
That young lady from the laundry room,
are you
Oh, I'm sorry for asking.
Are you guys seeing each other?
[Metin] Oh.
A little while back, our families
wanted us to get married, you know?
They tried, uh, to convince us.
But they didn't accept,
so I think there's a chance she was hurt.
Marry her, it's charitable.
- [dark music playing]
- [sighs]
That's not the case
in any meaning of the word, brother.
Never mind.
I'll go to sleep, too.
I'll be up around 7:30.
Sure, get some sleep.
I mean, she does work at night, so maybe
I happen to be working
the night shift myself, right?
That could give the family strength.
If that's what you mean, then, yes.
Take this. You haven't
eaten anything all night, Metin.
Grab a bite. Here.
Davut, brother
if anything goes wrong, count on me to
[imitates guns firing]
[dark music continues]
[on video] Good morning! I'm Peri.
And who are you?
We are once again together
on this journey to self-discovery.
Shall we begin?
Lately, I'm really tired of people saying,
"How can I make them happy?"
I don't know, maybe I'm exaggerating,
but you know what I do?
I take a deep breath, as so
[inhales deeply]
And I tell them this [exhales]
"I'm not a pizza, dear."
Maybe it sounds weird at first,
but the point is,
don't try to make everyone happy.
- Why not?
- You wanna know why?
Yeah! Why shouldn't
I try to make everyone happy, Peri?
It's a simple question.
[bittersweet music playing]
Why not?
Why shouldn't I
try to make everyone happy?
[bittersweet music playing]
A lot of stuff has happened,
so we couldn't talk.
There were some things I misunderstood
and some things that you misunderstood.
Mr. Metin
"Mr. Metin"?
No problem, it's fine.
You can call me that. Yeah.
Uh, if I'm projecting myself
to you as a mister, you can call me that.
[bittersweet music continues]
[Suhal sighs]
Mr. Metin, our parents came up
with these ideas in their own minds.
I haven't been living with them
for a year now.
They told me that you're our neighbor
and that you'd come around
to see about a job tonight.
So here we are.
You came here tonight and that's all.
They said you've been
sitting around at home for two years,
that your mom's been crying her eyes out.
They made you feel sorry for me, huh?
Yeah, but that's
a toxic point of view, they just
think that way
because they can't go beyond it, that's
just how they think.
It wasn't just because of that.
I just, uh
You and I have a similar background.
A difficult life.
All right, but what you're doing
right now is called "spacing."
You're pulling me into your own space
right now, you know?
Inspiring empathy.
It's true, there's a video about that.
- Sure. It's okay.
- Anyway.
Please, we can't figure
this whole thing out in just one night.
This whole thing about marriage is crazy,
I gave my mother hell for pressuring me.
But this is the way mothers are.
Yeah, well, our mothers
they gave us
life, brought us into the world,
so they think
we have to do everything they want.
I used to do ancestral therapy
and we talked
Well, let's not get into that. Sorry.
Well, I'm
I'm sad that you felt sorry for me.
Eh, it's a pity.
Well, uh, I
called my mother.
Uh, and I said, eh
"Suhal, uh, is a very pretty girl"
Don't get me wrong.
Anyway, uh
"She's pretty, she deserves good things,
and maybe she's not the one for me, but"
[sighs heavily]
I thought that
maybe I could end up acting in a way,
or doing something
that made you think that I'm not,
you know,
interested in you
or attracted to you, right?
Uh, so, yep, that's why
that's why I pretended to be
interested before.
And then
[sighs] Then I guess
I was a bit of a jerk, because
I approached you with intuition.
I mean, uh
You gave me some information, right?
And I converted that information
to intuition, and thought
I thought you deserve better, you know?
So for us to really have a connection
I understand you.
In the end, well
I understand your struggle, I really do.
At the end of the day,
you're just a young woman
who's trying to stand on her own two feet.
Ah, I'm sorry.
I apologize.
- It was on that video.
- What video, you dick?
Fuck off!
[Metin] Hey
I told you about Perisozler.
Instagram, the videos.
- [grunts]
- [melancholy song playing on speaker]
[melancholy music continues]
[singing along]
[singing along]
- [both singing along]
- [melancholy music continues]
[melancholy music continues]
Can I show you a video?
- [music stops]
- Oh, wow! Look at that.
Don't play it too loud though.
Uh, not on the speaker.
No, we need the sound, keep it. Here.
[Peri on video] When I come home,
it always feels like I'm in my castle.
Of course it's a cotton castle. [laughing]
Who knows where that idea came from.
All right,
people always ask me this very question,
"Who is our soulmate?"
Mmm, she had a facelift.
She had work done, obviously.
No, that's not what this is about.
It's like self-development. It's great.
You know, this is my most recent pursuit.
[laughing] Come on, at 4:00 a.m.?
Oh, drop it, will ya?
I've picked all the songs so far,
you choose the next.
But slow music,
please don't change the vibe.
Saxophone music.
- [saxophone music playing on speaker]
- Saxophone.
[Saniye] Hmm
Saxophone's not the vibe.
Except if I'm really in love.
[saxophone music continues]
- [Saniye] Come with me.
- I, uh...
- [Saniye] Come, come, come, come, come.
- Uh
- But...
- [Saniye laughs] Come on. Come on.
[Metin] Uh
- You know, I take pills.
- No problem.
Just pop one now,
and you'll be ready in 20.
No, no, like, uh
bicoverdim, six milligrams.
Ayzek, that's some strong stuff, you know?
Well, uh
Do you think, uh
Do you think I can have some?
- Do you have a prescription?
- No.
[Saniye chuckles]
Listen, I don't like people
who think they can trick me.
- So don't be smart.
- No, no, I mean it.
I had one this morning,
but I'm supposed to
pop another one in the evening.
[Saniye] Hmm.
I wouldn't give you a prescription
even if you fucked me.
- Well, in that case
- There is no case.
Right, you said you wouldn't, didn't you?
[Saniye] Mmm-hmm.
Ugh. Damn it.
Just because we're drunk,
you're messing with me, right? [scoffs]
Name it! Ajda or Sezen?
- For what?
- Shut up! Ajda or Sezen, come on!
You were all mushy-mushy a second ago!
I just asked for a single pill.
- We're neighbors, aren't we?
- Oh!
Now you're being persuasive, huh?
Listen to me, I'm not a pizza, Saniye!
I can't please everybody!
So don't get on my nerves, okay?
I just need one single pill!
It's all I ask you.
I'm on my trial period!
What if my hands start to tremble?
What, do I have to trash this shop?
I just want one!
- That's fine!
- Why wouldn't you give me one?
- Calm down, I'll give it to you.
- Just one!
- You're gonna give me one? Really?
- I will, you just have step out.
- Just one?
- I will. Just step outside with me.
- You'll give me one?
- Just step outside. I'll give you one.
- Watch your head. Okay.
- Wait! Don't pull it down, wait!
- You'll give it to me? Ahh.
- All right, I will. I promise. I will.
- Yeah, pull it down.
- Okay, great.
- Uh-huh. Listen to me.
- [latch locks]
If you're the devil, I'm double the devil.
Now, fucking beat it, asshole!
Fucking junkie!
You're the junkie! My doctor
wrote that prescription, my doctor did it!
I'm trying to get better!
You have all the pills in the world!
- You drunk!
- [dark music playing]
You should drink less!
One measly pill!
You're the pill lady!
[boat horn blaring]
Fine. Ajda or Sezen?
Sezen. Sezen, just one song.
[boat horn blaring]
[discordant music playing]
[unsettling music playing]
[bag rustling]
[bell ringing]
[Peri] Good evening, etin, how are you?
[unsettling music continues]
Yes, ma'am, my name's etin.
Welcome aboard our vessel.
How may I help you, ma'am?
Actually, I'm the one who's here to help.
So, how are you holding up?
Everything's all right.
Look here, I'm having almonds.
- [Peri] Shall we go up?
- Please.
[Peri] Everyone's complaining about you.
That's how the service industry is.
Dealing with people can be rough.
Let's transfer you to our field.
Uh, I thought you also dealt with people.
[discordant music playing]
- Please, ma'am.
- Hmm
- What can I eat, etin?
- What would you like to eat?
Maybe a quinoa salad
with a slice of avocado on top?
And, uh, how about, you know,
that juice you drink with that, Peri?
Papaya juice.
It fights inflammation, right?
That's right.
Peri, ma'am, I'm glad you're here.
To be serving you is my purpose, ma'am.
The other customers are worthless.
Run along now.
Yes, ma'am.
[dark music playing]
Hey, get me a quinoa salad
with avocado slices on top of it.
[vendor] The hell do you mean?
We're all here for the pilaf, babe.
Make it quick, damn it!
Make it quick! Come on, you!
- The customer's waiting for me!
- [vendor] What the hell was that about?
[darkly suspenseful music playing]
Looks so great.
That's exactly how my diet is.
Check out my skin.
Skin's important.
Peri, in your videos, you said,
"If you dream enough, it'll come true."
I work here for the sake of
having a steady job.
Is that why my dreams won't come true?
What even is "steady" nowadays?
Do you remember what I say in my videos?
Don't play it safe. Be open to adventure.
But if everyone is going on an adventure
[laughs nervously]
Uh, who picks up the trash
the next morning?
What trash do you mean?
It's just something I thought of,
Thank you, take it away.
We promised you peace
inside the womb of a mother.
- Ah.
- [Peri] Of course.
Either that or the freedom
of reaching the other side
and soaring about
as you embark on your journey.
And what about in between?
I need something that's right in between.
I got it.
But I'm not a little baby,
you know what I mean?
And I'm not dead either.
Oh, golly.
[dark music continues faintly]
[Bahtiyar sighs]
Ah, hey, come in.
I'm here to check up on you.
I'm checking up on myself too.
Come in, have a seat.
Guess who just came here? Peri Snmez.
We just had a one-on-one session.
- You'll all see once it's over.
- [scoffs]
You wanna know
what your problem is, Metin?
Those who have wisdom to give you
don't have time to do so.
Those who have the time
don't have any wisdom to give you.
- Is that a quote?
- Ha! That's mine, actually.
Whatever, it's yours.
Ha! I'm gonna google it
to see if it's someone else's.
Peri has an awesome saying.
"If you dream enough, it'll come true."
[scoffs] You're hoping for a feast
with no effort, there's no such thing.
What are you saying?
She didn't ask for a feast,
just an avocado salad.
You made that up!
Think about it.
Will this make sound
if no one's playing it?
No. Meaning what?
The meaning
If you're the smartest one
inside the room,
then chances are you're in the wrong room.
Does that ring a bell?
- Ah...
- Cut it short here.
I'm gonna leave this room,
I get what you're saying.
I guess you don't have the time, right?
Wise man.
How about, you know,
the time when you thought I'd murder you
for 10,000 dollars, remember?
- Maybe an apology?
- [inhales]
Ah, you're right.
That quote by Floyd Barclay,
I don't know if you remember,
"When going to your death,
you can only take your dignity."
Just remember that, Metin.
Well, I'm afraid around that time,
I left my dignity behind.
I'm sorry, I'm better now,
don't you worry.
[angrily] You're okay, huh? Well, I'm not!
Never bother me again, bastard!
- Whatever is the matter with that man?
- [door shuts]
[saxophone tuning]
[dark music playing]
"Do not disturb me."
You know what? You are.
[menacing music playing]
- "To To To love you"
- [keypad clicking]
"To love me"
Oof. "Loving"
[grunts in frustration]
[dark music playing]
You know what? I don't like it when people
expect something in return
when they do you a favor.
[angrily] Do you hear me?
Here, take your pants back.
I don't wanna
be around you anymore, Suhal!
I couldn't care any less about
my outside appearance, do you hear me?
Plus, I do not care what anybody thinks!
[shouting] Do not disturb me!
You did a great job, sir.
Everyone should know their place.
She didn't seem to care about me.
Maybe, but who cares?
- It is noble to be lonely.
- That's good.
Because I always knew I was a lonely wolf.
[dark music continues]
Saniye! Please let me in! Open this now!
You're a drunk! You're filthy!
You're a drunk!
[hoarse] We were off to such a good start!
[yelling] You ruined everything!
You ruined it!
Let me in!
Give me my meds! Give me my meds!
[sobbing] Give me my meds!
Let me in! Let me in!
Now! Give me my meds!
Let me in! You ruined everything!
You ruined everything!
[hysterical] Let me in! Please!
Please! I'm begging you!
I'm begging you, please.
I'm begging you, please!
Please, let me in!
Let me in! Please, let me in! Just one.
Just one.
All right. All right, I will.
Have your meds.
On one condition.
I'll do anything, I promise.
Anything. It's true.
- [car approaching]
- [police siren whoops]
[officer] What's going on?
Nothing! Nothing!
[dark music continues]
- What's happening here?
- We're sailors, Mr. Cop.
We're taking this boat to the shore.
I got this.
[unsettling music playing]
[saxophone playing in background]
[playing continues]
Hand over the sax, mister.
Give me the saxophone!
I treated you guys with nothing
but kindness and love for you.
But I see absolutely no development
in our relationship, you got me?
Mr. Davut's the only one
who never wavered.
Go ahead, play and dance
as if I'm not here! Play and dance!
What's wrong with you?
- You're sweating, Metin.
- Oh, really, professor?
Everyone's a therapist now.
Everyone's got an opinion or some ideas.
And who said that?
[upbeat song playing on phone]
- [laughs]
- [laughing] What is this?
Youngsters like this.
Can you play this music?
- Nope.
- [song continues on phone]
- [loudly] Can you play it?
- [Suhal laughs]
- [song stops]
- Let's hear it.
[playing upbeat song]
[playing continues]
- [Bahtiyar] Awesome.
- Not just a story, I'm gonna post it.
You see? I'm ready to adapt, I'm modern.
Huh? Are you ready to adapt too?
You despise me now, right?
Come on, we had fun, all right?
Now, let's move on.
You're all happy thanks to my kindness,
but I'm carrying all your baggage now!
[angrily] I'm doing
everyone's work for them!
That includes Saniye!
And what do I get in return? Nothing!
Haven't you taken your medication, Ayzek?
"Have you taken your medication?"
I guess you
I guess you've taken your medication.
She slapped me before, did you know?
Did you slap this gentleman?
Huh? I'm falling on deaf ears, man.
"Darling, just imagine."
"Lets imagine a guard
who envies the prisoner."
"Nothing in the world is sadder."
"They envy us. They always will."
"Because it's hard work
trying to live as humanely as possible."
Edip Cansever.
[clapping violently]
[angrily] Dude, I can find even better
ones on the internet, all right?
Much better. Much better ones.
Listen to this.
[mockingly] "Life is just a day long,
and that day is today." Chan Yuchel.
- He didn't write that.
- [angrily] Oh, is that right?
You might be a professor,
but you're clueless about the internet.
You hear me? The internet is
swarming with those! He's doesn't know!
Hey, I can beat you. I swear I can, man.
Don't mess with me. I will beat you.
You're dead to me, sir, you hear me?
I'm just talking to you still so Suhal,
she can learn a thing or two about life.
But you don't care about that.
It's like you said.
You are not a good example.
Well, shut up then!
Suhal, you say you have dreams, don't you?
Dreams, are these your dreams? Let me see.
You're still where you started, my friend.
Is this a woman?
Look, tell me, is this a woman?
Come on. What the heck is this?
It's like one of those
connect-the-dot things.
Is this is how you get into college?
If this is how
you get into school nowadays,
then I don't know
what to think of anything!
What's wrong with her drawings?
They're naive and consistent.
[mocking] Oh, yeah!
Listen, Van Gogh's brother
said that Van Gogh's paintings
appeared as if they had been
painted in a rush.
- Mmm-hmm.
- And he replied,
"That's because you
are looking at them in a rush."
Why, aren't you clever?
Van Gogh schooled his brother.
The perfect comeback!
He put him in his place,
being the big brother he was.
Hey, man, can you think
of a comeback on your own, huh?
"Van Gogh said this," huh?
"Doystoy said that!"
Gossip all around, huh?
"Have you read this book?"
"Did you see this poem?"
Always with names and quotations!
"The books I've read
could fill this room!"
- I never said any of that, Metin.
- Really, man?
And I grew up
in a room the size of a book!
You are always trying to make a statement.
Am I? I am trying to offer you knowledge,
but you both just refused it!
[angrily] So who am I preaching to, huh?
You! You know who you are?
Here, it is written in here.
"You, Bahtiyar, are a very horrible man."
Not my words, okay?
Ayzek, come on. Enough.
Ayzek? Me? Come on.
It says "etin" here. Read it if you can.
[Bahtiyar sighs]
Hey, I see that you're showing off
to the girl, but what about me?
If you really want to be understood,
you'd go to the trouble of explaining,
you know?
- Don't argue with this idiot right now...
- That's right! Right!
[hysterical] That's an internet saying!
"Don't argue with idiots!"
"Because they will
pull you down to their own level, and"
You should pull me up to your level then!
[crying] Just get me
up to your level, buddy! Do it!
I'd like to be at your level!
Can't you pull me?
Hey, Metin, come on, enough.
- Fucking smart ass!
- [Suhal gasps]
You're going too far.
All right, I'm sorry.
I'm not talking
with either of you anymore, hear me?
Either! And you, I'll unfollow you.
If you don't know what that is,
go search for the meaning!
[voice breaking] You know
what makes me sad?
Like the saddest I've been in life?
Being enemies with intelligent
and knowledgeable people like you.
[sobbing] Can't you
take me with you up there?
Take me there, please, man.
I wanna join you up there.
Whatever you do,
never watch those videos again.
Don't do that, please, Metin.
You're just jealous!
- You're jealous! He's jealous!
- [sighs]
Did you draw him?
You said you draw from memory!
You drew him by looking.
You were looking at him.
[breathing agitated]
[menacing discordant music playing]
You'll see.
- You'll see.
- [menacing music continues]
[keypad clicking]
was born with you."
[coughs] "You"
"You died tonight too."
Yeah, figure that out! Figure it out!
You'll see.
"I gave you I gave you my hands, lover."
"I gave you my hands, lover."
- "However"
- [menacing music continues]
"However, you had my heart in your hands."
Yeah, go figure that out!
Figure it out!
- Okay.
- [discordant music building]
He got a like for that.
[hysterical] He got a like for that, too.
[whimpering nervously]
- Ahh!
- [discordant music continues]
- [exhales slowly]
- [discordant music stops]
[boat horn blaring]
[horn continues blaring]
[upbeat dance music playing on speaker]
[dance music continues]
[dance music continues]
[dance music continues]
[dance music continues]
- [music stops]
- [Saniye] Here.
[somber music playing]
Listen, not a word to anyone, you hear me?
Yes, Saniye.
"It's charitable," huh? Unbelievable.
I didn't say that, I promise.
You turned out to be
a terrible person, didn't you?
- [Metin] You think so?
- [melancholy music playing]
Take this, dude. You might need it.
No, sir. No, it's not necessary.
You've wasted no time
in taking on the role of martyr,
but you don't refrain from making jokes
on the most serious of matters.
You're right.
For example, you could only
make me laugh once. What the hell?
Point taken, sir. Thanks.
- You're in the right, bro.
- Thank you, sir.
Hey, which show were you in?
Uh, The Love Boat.
[melancholy music continues]
Are you angry, babe? Here.
You did me wrong up there.
You know that, right? Mmm-hmm?
You're right, buddy. I'm sorry.
[melancholy music continues]
- You want to be loved, don't you?
- That's true.
- I love you, brother, I really mean it.
- Right.
[dark music playing]
Ajda or you prefer Sezen?
[dark music continues]
[Bahtiyar] Psst.
I understand what you said.
Floyd Barclay, don't you forget.
I won't.
[dramatic note plays]
[darkly menacing music playing]
Here you go.
Your videos don't work, Peri.
We need to talk.
- [Peri] Mmm!
- [menacing music continues]
Did you take your medication?
No, this is a sober conversation.
I talked about your videos' wisdom,
but instead of being heard,
he tried to come up on top.
- Who?
- Everyone!
Ignore them. They're just toxic opinions.
In your videos, ma'am,
do you invite people to look at themselves
and around themselves?
That's not what you say! What do you say?
"Put yourself in the center."
But who the hell am I to be in the center?
Who am I?
Wait a minute! Who am I?
Maybe I'm an asswipe.
Yeah! In that case, what do you say?
"Take a deep breath." That's all?
What did you have today?
A little too much acid, maybe?
Obviously! Obviously!
What else could it be?
For three months, I've been eating
avocados without telling my mom.
She has no idea, you know?
That freaking alkali diet, and for what?
I'm a laughing stock!
But you're not looking at the big picture.
Looking at the big picture?
But I'm like the devil!
I have eyes everywhere!
I don't even need that, though.
But do you ever
grate a cinnamon stick on a little
dash of probiotic yogurt, my friend?
I'm not grating fuck all anymore!
Come on, 30 years ago,
every Sunday
we'd be gathered for breakfast,
we'd eat a kilo of su boregi,
and nobody was sad like now!
You don't give me tools
to help me communicate with people.
But I'm woken up!
I'll expose you, I'll post it on Twitter!
- [Peri laughing]
- [menacing music continues]
- You have 14 followers, Ayzek.
- So?
Aren't those 14 people humans?
Yeah, right, anything
under a million isn't even important!
You think you can do whatever you want
just because we're helpless!
I don't even have any good underwear,
but I can't be a good person
unless I eat probiotic yogurt, come on!
You have an answer to everything.
[mocking] "Harnup helps you stay relaxed."
You hate bulghur for some weird reason!
For heaven's sake!
From the rings of Saturn to the inside
of a womb, you say you know it all!
You don't know everything!
You should at least
be a little skeptical when you can!
Sweetie, so you don't think
the immune system's important?
How could eating sausages be a crime?
Hmm? Hmm?
I'm on bad terms with my mother, okay?
I mean, my mom's bad.
I'm also bad, okay? That's possible!
Why am I even listening to you Peri? Huh?
I stopped seeing Uncle Ibrahim because
Mercury was in retrograde, damn it!
'Cause he's toxic, come on!
But I see it clearly now.
My hands will be at your neck
till Judgement Day, I promise you that!
[exclaims] The other side!
- My favorite.
- Of course.
You'll be there, too, am I right, Peri?
Angel energy and stuff.
[angrily] You have to be everywhere!
You can't miss anything, right?
I moved to and settled in Peru,
did you know?
There's a temple there
at 5,000 meters high
where there is breath,
there is energy, there's yoga.
- Am I talking to myself here?
- Absolutely!
Huh? Am I talking to myself?
- Yes, you are!
- [menacing music continues]
You really upset me with your videos!
[mother] But I'm very upset, too, Metin.
Yes? Is that my mother?
[mother] What on earth
have you become, boy?
All right, Mom, maybe you're right.
But I accept and approve of myself.
Hear me?
[Peri] Don't talk to your mother.
She's completely negative right now.
Really? My mother?
I have a question.
Are you happy at least, Mom?
Am I the only one who's failing?
[laughs menacingly]
How would I know, Metin?
I've been dead for two years.
Those videos are very old.
And of course I'm happy,
because now I'm pure energy up there.
- [menacing music continues]
- And those videos? I don't know, sweetie.
They were good for me at the time,
you know?
The loneliness was talking, I swear.
You swear to me? That's it? You swear?
How did you die?
I fell while skiing and broke my neck.
Were you in Uluda?
No, I was abroad.
- Of course.
- [menacing music building]
- How did you fall?
- Like this.
- [body slams]
- [music stops suddenly]
[dark music playing]
[dark music continues]
[dark music continues]
[dark music fading]
[groans and winces]
[darkly intriguing music playing]
[man] Ayzek!
Hey, what's up?
- I've been calling you, you never answer.
- Wow, it's you, Salih.
- What's up?
- What's wrong?
You don't look so good.
This is not the place for me, am I right?
The sea was all right, mate.
We screwed up on land.
I'm afraid that's true.
The pandemic sure hurt.
You're not wearing a mask.
Ah, who cares?
I I was wearing one until today,
but I threw it away.
You see any guys from the dock days?
I see Bahri here and there.
Mehmet is already with us.
[Metin] Right.
If any of the guys ask,
tell them Ayzek's run ashore, yeah.
I'm the night manager right there.
[darkly intriguing music continues]
[phone vibrating]
- [sighs]
- [vibrating continues]
[melancholy music playing]
- Are you all right?
- I am.
Could you, uh
Could you maybe call, um
Uh, Bahtiyar's wife?
You know, her name is Dora, I guess?
I sent her, like, weird text messages,
you know, Suhal?
I don't wanna mess anything up,
can you talk to her?
[Metin sighs]
- [melancholy music continues]
- What are these?
[exclaims] What are these?
I sent her some poetry,
and, uh, I looked for some quotes.
- I googled them and I sent them.
- [Suhal exclaiming]
What about the shit emoji you sent?
I must've been angry or something, I
Just call the lady
and tell her to come and pick Bahtiyar up.
Why would you do this?
Sometimes you just wanna be useful,
or do something good for a change.
I can't call her, you do it.
Yeah, I shouldn't involve you in this.
But just be yourself for me, please.
It's time I became myself, right?
[melancholy music continues]
[phone vibrating]
- Bahtiyar.
- [Metin] Greetings, ma'am.
I'm Metin, the night manager
of the Komodor Hotel.
Uh, are you Mrs. Dora by any chance?
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
Where's Bahtiyar? Did something happen?
Well, uh, ma'am
Bahtiyar had a little accident
last night at the hotel.
We tried to call,
but couldn't reach you, Mrs. Dora.
I don't follow, what accident?
Is Bahtiyar with you?
I'd like to speak with him.
Sure, sure, sure, he's right here.
Tell her you're fine.
- I'm fine, dear, don't worry.
- Did anything bad happen?
No, ma'am, no!
Nothing bad could happen on our watch!
- [Metin laughs]
- I appreciate that, Mr. Metin.
Bahtiyar, I'll be there shortly.
Could you please text me
the location of the hotel?
Certainly, ma'am. Right away.
I appreciate it. Thank you.
- You're welcome, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.
- [phone clicks]
[Metin sighs]
Hearing that was all I needed.
I spoke so very well.
When I'm in my right mind, I'm able
to express myself better, professor.
- Here's your phone.
- Thank you very much.
Actually, you're really good
in your own way.
[laughs] How crazy
and ignorant do you have to be
to give me someone else's pills,
but, hey, I mean, it worked.
Professor, enough with the fretting.
- Well, I'm not, Metin.
- Mmm-hmm.
Isn't it strange, professor?
When you don't fret, you're good.
- When I do fret, I'm not good.
- [laughing]
[gentle music playing]
[gentle music continues]
- Here you are, sir.
- Thanks a lot, Metin.
Open it up and take a look.
It's just as you left it for safekeeping.
No doubt about it.
Oh, really? Some skepticism's nice.
After all, you're a man of science, right?
We're scholars of literature.
We'd like to believe we are.
Ha! Floyd Barclay.
He's a grumpy man, ma'am.
He has an answer to everything.
May God give you patience.
- That's not how we see it.
- [Bahtiyar sighs]
Were you the one
who sent me those weird text messages?
No! I'm just the night manager here.
- All right.
- [Bahtiyar chuckles]
Thanks again for everything
and good luck to you.
[gentle music continues]
[gentle music continues]
People are weird, right, Suhal?
He never paid me the 270 lira.
No. Everyone's who they should be, right?
[Metin] Oh, dear.
Did that professor leave?
He wasn't really that bad after all.
- Would you like some breakfast, sir? Tea?
- [clicks tongue]
- I'll go make a cup.
- All right, then.
[gentle music continues]
Hey, Suhal, Cengiz said
a lady would be here at seven o'clock.
Would you recognize her?
Someone's coming, is that her?
Oh, yeah, that's Hacer.
[vendor] Good morning, ma'am.
- How are you?
- Very good.
- [Metin] He said she was short.
- That's Hacer.
- [gun cocks]
- [both yelp]
- [Suhal] Davut! Wait! Wait!
- [Metin] Davut, hey! What's going on?
[shouts] Davut, what's going on?
Davut! Wait, sir!
- Hacer!
- What, Davut?
- [gun firing]
- [Hacer screams]
- [Metin] What are you doing? Stop, sir!
- [Davut] She's dead!
- [Metin] Stop!
- Did I shoot her Metin? Did I get her?
- [bystanders clamoring]
- [Suhal screaming] Hacer!
- [Metin] What did you do that for?
- Car keys! Get me out of here!
- [Suhal] Hacer, no!
- [Davut] Take me out the back!
- Is there an exit, Metin? A backdoor?
- [Suhal screaming]
[bystander] Are you okay, ma'am?
- [Metin] Sir!
- Does that lead to an exit?
- [Davut] I shot her, Metin!
- [cries] What have you done?
- [Metin] I said what have you done?
- Get me out of here!
- I need to get out of here!
- Sir, please! I can't let you leave!
[cries] Davut, wait!
Davut, please don't do this!
Listen, I told them you never wavered!
I said you were a good guy!
[Davut] I came here
just for this moment, brother.
I haven't slept all night
because I told myself I would do this!
[Metin] Sir,
I've always been on your side!
I said you were a good man!
I'm begging you, sir!
[Davut] Take this.
Put this in your pocket.
[Metin] Come on.
Why are you giving me money, Davut?
- [Davut] Okay, I'm thinking.
- Are you escaping?
- [Davut] We'll run away!
- Don't escape!
[Metin cries] Brother. Brother.
Get rid of that gun! You get rid of it!
You're my brother now, you hear me, man?
- You're my brother! Is there an exit?
- Yes, sir, but, listen... There is, sir.
[tense music playing]
- There's no exit back there.
- [crying] Yes, there is.
- Is this a misunderstanding, sir?
- Don't make me go up there.
[crying] Listen to me All night, I've
I've been on your side, sir.
I agreed with everything you said.
Hacer was supposed to be here at 7:00.
The hotel was my responsibility.
But you shot her, man!
I loved her to death, brother!
Hacer was my love, man!
[cries] What kind of love is that, man?
I was here all night with Peri Snmez.
All the things I did for her,
no one called it love!
- But what you did is love?
- I said loving her madly!
Loving like they do in films!
Loving like they do in the novels!
[yells] Which books have you ever read?
Which books have you read?
Dude, what are you saying?
Name one book, then!
A single book you've read!
- Look, dude, we
- [angrily] Don't say "we"!
Enough with the "we," dude!
Don't get me involved!
First-person singular!
[crying] I said you were a good man!
I kept defending you all night,
telling them you're nice.
Why are you doing things like this?
I've been putting these
in the tip box all night!
Damn it, did you know? Huh?
How long are you gonna face for that?
I won't, dude. We're gonna run.
[calmly] Are you?
Do you happen to own a nice tie like mine?
- Yeah, man.
- Good.
Because you'll be wearing it in court.
- [gun firing]
- Hey!
[dark music playing]
[groaning loudly]
[dark music continues]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [inaudible]
- [dramatic music continues]
- [inaudible]
- [Davut groans] Call an ambulance.
- Huh?
- [Davut] Metin!
- It's okay. You're okay.
[Davut groaning] Call an ambulance!
- [Metin] Yeah, I will. I'll call the cops.
- [groans] You're a good person.
- [Davut] Call an ambulance!
- I'll call the cops, all right.
[groans] Get me out of here!
[groaning continues]
[Davut] Metin!
Call an ambulance
What happened?
- [Davut groaning]
- It's okay. Go back upstairs.
It's fine. Go up.
[Davut coughing] Metin! Call an ambulance!
[groaning] Metin!
[dark music playing]
[weakly] Call an ambulance
Please [coughs]
What did I tell you last night?
If anything goes wrong
- [imitates guns firing]
- Didn't I?
[Davut weakly] Call an ambulance
Metin! Metin, you're a good person!
Please call an ambulance, Metin!
You're my brother!
[crying] Metin, you're my brother.
- [dark music continues]
- Metin!
Call an ambulance!
[coughing] Please, Metin!
[dark music fading]
[wistful music playing]
Here. This is your share of the tips.
Use it to go to a school for art.
[wistful music continues]
You dropped this.
[laughs] My name's not etin, anyway.
It's Metin from the Karaky Port.
I'm going to go
and take Hacer home right now.
[Metin] Mmm.
[intense rock music playing]
[rock music continues]
[rock music continues]
- [rock music continues]
- [inaudible]
- [rock music continues]
- [inaudible]
[rock music continues]
[rock music fading]
[mellow saxophone music playing]