Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World (2023) Movie Script

Do Not Expect Too Much
from the End of the World
A) Angela: a conversationwith a 1981 film
Old blanket/which shall I
cover /my head or my feet?
Fucking shit!
Fuck it!
Wassup, this your bro Bobi.
Thanks for the likes yesterday.
I'm up early, last nightI was
with my mate Andrew Tate,
picking up some hot stupid cunts
who flocked around my Maserati
like they hadn't seen a car before.
They wouldn't let me go untilI fucked
them in the ass, mouth, and cunt.
See ya, cheers!
Remember, like and share!
Our promotion - - I know it.
Uber also has Uber for Ukraine.
I heard a joke about it.
In the US, where you can
buy guns from supermarkets,
a teenager buys a whole arsenal
to slaughter his schoolmates.
The shop assistant goes!
"Would you like a bazooka?",
"For each bazooka we sell,we
send a machine gun to Ukraine."
For all Bobi fans,here's
a Hollywood production,
introduced by the MGM lion.
Blow me!
...Let's do the robotLet's
destroy the whole lot
Let's kick the dead man's
buttMake him do the robot...
2-9-5, here we start.
Apusului Street,where tram 36 turns,
Comrade Zaharia.
The Cimpoiului tram stop.
The Cimpoiului tram stop.
....Downing bottles like a freak
Proper way to start the week
Make the whole club scream and
shoutRocking out with his cock out...
Angela Rducanufrom Forbidden Planet.
Please take off your shoes!
Sure.My friends with babies do the same.
No babies for us yet,
but we like to keep clean.
Of course.
- Hello. - Hello.
-Mr Pepenas?- He's out fishing.
Bebe called him,he went out with him.
No way.I'm here for his audition!
I told him, but...
And he let me drive here
first thing in the morning!
He said you could do it over Zoom.
He has the app? - Of course!
We use it to talk to our daughter in Spain.
She lives in Zaragoza. - That's in Spain.
Back then, they gotorders
from the Secret Police,
or from Ceausescu himself.
If he wanted a footballer
to win the Golden Boot,Ram
they had to let him score
3-4 times in each game,
against each team.
That's how Rodion Cmtaru
won the Golden Boot in 1987.
Right. I'm ready
I need you to introduce yourself
and tell your story, how it all happened.
In your own words.
And show yourbandaged arm to the camera.
End with the adviceabout
following regulations.
Then I send the footageto
Forbidden Planet and they decide.
Well, some foreigners do.
And the contract will be
with you?It's 500 euro, right?
CIf they select himBut it's the
company who signs, not me.
Please use an artificial background.
We can't show you having
fun.It should look dramatic.
Something tragic.
This is a better image. Let me press
"record".Sings to activate Windows.
Go to Settings to activate
Windows.You can start.
My name is Pepenas Rodion, like the
footballer.Settings to activate Windows.
ttings to activate Windows.I'm 54.
Two weeks ago we tested a new
planing machinetings to activate Windows.
and I didn't followthe operating
instructions.ttings to activate Windows
tings to activate Windows.It caught
my hand and cut off my fingers.
My coworkers helped me, bandaged it
with a shirt,ettings to activate Windows
at the hospital I got a
lot of stitches, my fingers
couldn't be saved,Settings
to activate Windows.
Settings to activate Windows.and
they put on a sterile bandage.
Were you wearing a helmet?
No, but that doesn't protect
hands.tottings to activate Windows.
Go to Settings to activate WindowsI
know, but they make me ask.
They bought new equipment
with fancy protection
sensorsGo to Settings
to activate Windows.
Go to Settings to activate
Windows.and they want to show it off.
Go to Settings to activate Windows.What
was also very serious, I believe,
is that his two coworkers
first called the bosses,
who saidGo to Settings
to activate Windows.
not to call an
ambulanceuntil they check his
employment contract.Go
tongs to activate Windows.
They left him howling in pain for about an
hour.Go to Settings to activate Windows.
He won't tell you, but they
took his mobile phone, so
he wouldn't call.Go to
Settings to activate Windows.
Go to Settings to activate Windows.Yes.
Now the advice - right.
When new equipmentis
brought into our plant,
all my colleagues using them
should follow the instructions
so they don't share my fate.
I was lucky, it could have been worse.
Excellent.Let me take a photo.
A screenshot.
-And now we hope. - Yes.
We could do with that money
Winter is comingand we
can't afford the heating.
It was cut off for two months last year.
My nose nearly froze off.
Prices are so high,what
with the war in Ukraine....
Let's hope they pick you.C
Fuel prices are up
too, but it's not the war.
Shell is boasting a 500% profit growth.
OMV too.C
Those bastards deserve to
be burned alive in oil barrels.
unionWe too, if we had a
unionwe'd have had some leverage.
Should have unionised. I'll hang up now.
- Strong rod, Rodi!- I caught some already.
Speaking of fish,I just
remembered that horrible joke.
What does a blind man
say at the fish market?
"Hi there, girls!"
I knew it.
Hi, Bobi here!
Aparently here, on the lake,they're
gonna make a huge water park.
You'd have to be a retard
to get in this filthy shithole
when you can go to Therme,
or Fratelli, some luxury joint!
Let me tell youwho's going to come here.
Syphilis and AIDS-ridden
sluts and their pimps.
And I don't mean like Pimp My Ride.
A nation of sluts and pimps!
Fuck them all.
You won't catch me dead here.
You'll find me in Therme,
mouth-fucking all
thosepretty, healthy, clean girls.
Clean enough you'ddrink
water from their cunts.
None of those slutsfull of
cellulitis and stretch marks,
crawling with cooties, like this guy.
Pay me cash, don't ask why,
No invoice, VAT goes bye-bye,
Don't make me say it twice, son.
Give me the money!
Show me that money!...
Think you can stop anywhere?
Taxi drivers.
You're blocking traffic!
Great start of the day.
So sorry I'm late!
Check that bellybutton!
[How far would you go for your baby?]
Prince Charles will be king now.
You know he has an estate here, in Viscri.
- He'll give us a lot. - Yes, a royal cock.
Language, dear.
Me, I liked the Queen.
She had that elegance.
- Just ask the Indians.ww-Oh well
Thanks, man.
Everyone just bulls forward,
forget traffic regulations!
Poor souls!
There's no more room.We'll
suffocate each other.
Sometimes when I get out of
the carI feel like an astronaut -
Look at this one.
-come upon a planet withan
atmosphere made of 100% farts.
There's the illegal garbage burning, too.
I hope those guysdie
slowly and painfully of cancer.
Gypsies, all of them.
It's foreign companiessending
garbage from all over Europe.
- Germany, Italy...- But
our Gypsies burn them.
- Why doesn't anyone stop
them?-It's a vicious circle.
...if I forgot and handed you the knife,
you slapped mebecause that brings quarrel.
I can't remember
Of course.
- Hello.- What's up, Angi?
Looking for a double-muzzled
dog that can bark while it bites.
Working, what else?
I sent you the first handicapped guy.
I saw. Is he able?
Not sure, he was gone
fishing,we had a Zoom call.
But he's articulate and cooperates.
We have one more in Ferentari.I
mailed you the phone and address.
Ferentari? OK.
When can you finish them?
With the new one, maybe 1:30.
2 o'clock tops.
Good.Don't miss the pre-production meeting.
I'm dead tired!
You know I put in 16 hours a
day for the History Channel idiots.
Can't help it, everyone'sfilming
for Canis Majoris Attacks.
They're doing overtime too
I'm low on staff,there's
a lot of green screen.
The director is a crazy German,
Uwe Boll, who beats people up.
And I'm telling you I'm dead.
It's one thing to be in the office
and another to do fieldwork,.
doubling as driver and whatnot.
Last night I fell asleep at the
wheel, I woke up when a lorry honked.
I've been doing16-17 hours for a month.
Just have a strong coffee.
If I had anyone else to
send, I would. See you at 4.
Can't help it. Bye.
Hard times.
Hope he diesslowly and
painfully of cancer too.
They make dozens of thousands of
euros. It makes 16 hours a day worth it.
And I need to beg them
for my fucking salary!
[Christian orthodox cemetery]
They say Saint Seraphim of Sarov
always shouted "Christ is
risen!" when entering a cemetery.
And the buried deadmerrily
answered "Truly He is risen!"
No, no.
I'm not interested in insurance.
No, Madam, I'm busy.
I'm busy later too.And
tomorrow and the day after.
I'm not interested, why do you insist?
see I have to hang up on you.
[Passer-by, don't pass coldlyI
was like you, you will be like me.]
- Which part got returned to the
owner?- Everything over there.
Who will do the exhumations?
No idea, Madam,we just
know there was a lawsuit.
- Thank you.-You're welcome.
How are they supposed to know, Mum?
Sanda told me you're doing
those vulgar videos again.
Big deal.
I'm just making fun.
So I don't go crazy.All day
long, just work, work, work.
Bucharest, martyred city]
9-B. 2202E
Getting cultured?
This is hardly a woman's job.
- What's your job? - Me?
I'm a chef.
Good one.So that's a strong man's job?
You should knowthe
best chefs are always men.
You don't say!
How much do you make?
-The basic salary-- Not that.
It's the tips that make the difference.
- I don't count that. - You don't trust me?
- I don't count that. - You don't trust me?
Stop here.
...Hands up for the cleaning lady,
Or not, she can't use them anyway.
No reincarnation either?
That sucks, brother.
Better have no principles,
Say fuck it, I'm invincible...
-Who's there?- Hello,
this is Angela Rducanu.
For the shooting.
I need to film youso they
can decide if they pick you.
For the work accident video.
Come in.
The electricity is cut.
I forgot what it's like.
Then I'll ask you to go by the window.
- May I help?- Thank you, I'm fine.
Will the children keep quiet?- Don't worry.
My name is Docea Mariana, I am 43.
One day, I was working
overtime, I was tired.
At the end of my shift I
had to go on a walkway,
lost my balance and fell,
breaking my spine and hip.
It left me in this wheelchair forever.
That day,it was a coworker's birthday.
He offered ussome brandy in plastic cups.
I mention this becauseI was
accused I had been drunk.
But I only had a sip. I see.
Did you wear your helmet?
Yes, but what was the use?
It could have happened to anyone.
Now the advice for your coworkers.
Task my colleaguesto wear
the protective equipment,
safety helmet included,
and never drink alcohol.
I'll just be a moment,while
I transfer the footage.
I have to back it up,they
need it for the meeting.
You know, my car is downstairs.
There were some shady
guys there,I'm a bit worried.
Don't worry, it's safe.
I was a bit stressed,with
my laptop and my phone...
The neighbourhood is
dirty, but people are good.
The garbage isn't collected for
months.But we're good people.
When that hysterical mayor argued
with the waste disposal guys,96200
Sector 1 was full of rats too.600
The "civilised" throweven
more garbage on the street.
- If I may ask something -- Please.004
When do I know if I've been picked?
This evening, we'll call you.
Thope they pick you,you stand good chances.
We have only four cases
and you're the only woman.
But it's the Austrians who decidesee.
That cat is gorgeous, so realistic.
You can have it.God, no! Just saying.
Please, it's my pleasure. A souvenir.
Maybe the children like it.
They have others.
You know I'm a believer.
A Christian Orthodox,
though I don't go to church.
But I realised I looklike
Father Arsenie Boca!
Same forehead, same...
The Dostoyevskian gaze, the eyebrows...
What could it mean?It
must mean something, right?
I'd ask Father Visarion Alexa,
but he's busy ass-fuckinga
parishioner behind the altar.
Spare some change?
Babies born left and right!
9-B 2202
9-B 2202
9.B 2202=
9.B 2202=
- Boy or girl? - Boy.
Better. Girls have it harder.
What's going on?
- Move, lady! -What's wrong?
Get treated if you're so nervous!
Hurrying likeyou're missing your funeral.
Oi, fucking blonde skank!
Who was the fucking idiot
who taught you to drive?
Like you own all the lanes!
- Are you fucking with
me? Fuck off, retard!
Fucking piece of shit!
Fuck you and your mum!
Suck it, cocksucker!
Don't make me come
over and fuck you in the ass!
Fuck off!- Did you suck
cock to get your license?
Fuck off, you moron!
Mr Trofil is stillin
the mindfulness class.
Follow me to Brncui Hall.
But we had an appointment! My mother did.
Aristotle saysthe
improbable is a possibility.
- Hello! - Hello.
- Dan Trofil. -Angela Rducanu.
I was looking at...
Ajoke for our business partners.
When theysee it, they
freeze, thinking it's Marx's.
- It's just a book about New York.- Funny.
It looks like a gold bar.
The author's name is
Goldsmith.No further comments.
The cemetery was extended
abusively, without a permit.
In breach of the minimum
hygienic distance of 50 m.
Plus some trees.
It's not your fault,but
it's not ours either.
The innocents pay for corruption.
But I, well, my motherbought
that burial place legally!
You acted in good faith.
But the law wasn't observed.
They invaded theland that we later bought.
16 m of the cemetery are on our property.
Not to mention the legal borderline.
My clients can't step outamong
graves of private cemetery.
Imagine having coffee on your
terrace next to a wailing black widow.
At least if it wasa cute
young widow, like you.
- Do I digress? Sort of
The right of ownership is
guaranteed by the Constitution.
Article 44, paragraph 2.
"Private property is guaranteed
and protected by law."
"Irrespective of who owns it."
It says so right here. I know
But we have to unearth my
grandparents.My mother's parents.
We have a problem with that.
A religious problem?
Rest assured, we've hiredelite
priests recommended by Mr. Pleu.
We make sure it's done by the
canon,Reburial service and all.
I've lost my mother
too, I am mindful of this.
- This isn't normal!-I
understand your distress.
But theologically speaking,
we're good. 100 percent.
And our companycovers all the expenses,
Even a 10-year subscription
to another cemetery.
They get reburiedafter 7 years anyway.
Some of the dead weremore
reticent - I mean recent.
The bodies are rotting, full of worms...
My grandma was buried just 5 months ago!
My grandma was buried just 5 months ago!
At any rate, we providethe
hearse and premium coffins,
from the funeral company
that handled King Michael I.
Top specialists.
Although the municipalityor the
private cemetery are responsible
You could sue them, but it takes time.
My mother can't sleep...
I can understand.
We made a Minecraft portal,want to see?
Wait for me in the cubiculum.
I told you, religiously speaking,
it's all by the book,they'll
be relocated soon.
Both I and the managerVan
Meegeren are religious,
though he's a Protestant, not one of ours.
I guess.
Allow me to offer you my business card.
Call me anytime,I'm here for your pleasure.
- Thank you. - Please.
Thanks.Who's in the painting?
You've noticed.
It's a Fayum portrait. A copy, of course.
We are trying to purchase the original.
These covered the faces of
the deadwhen they were interred.
In Egypt, centuries 1-2 AD.
So she died young.
The coincidence isa bit creepy, if I may.
Take it down until we sort things out.
This is Dallas, Texas!
Your bro Bobi Ewingcame
out of this skyscraper.
I was in JR's officeand
our old mum came and said
"Bobby, a hard cock without
a storydoesn't get the cunt!"
"Jock doesn't fuck me lately,
won't you give me some?"
"I won't tell Pamela."
"I'll give you a million
dollarsand an oil well."
I was tired, but whenI
heard about all that money
I got so hardmy balls
were hurting like crazy!
I said "Mommy, I'll fuck you, but
only in the mouth, no dentures."
She closed the door, took off her dentures
and sucked me offwith those toothless gums!
Sod off.
It's lunchtime,Bobita's eating fresh fish!
Good fish?- Yes, it's easy to swallow.
kebapPARTSUNGAPlease, Madam.
kebapPARTSUBORGet the fuck out of here!
FORkebapPARTEURONLeave her alone!
kebapPARTEUOut, you fucking scum!
kebapTORPARTEUNCAYou're the scum!
Fuck you!
Where have they gone,The
golden years of their glory?
Where are the daggers,Horses
and rifles in outlaw stories?
The highway he roams no more
To put the rich under the sword
And feed the poorWith
the purse of the lord.
[Private parking]12455
Really, my name is Angela too!
- Come in! - Thank you.
Ovidiu should come backfrom
the doctor's any moment.
I'll take my shoes off. No need!
A coffee?
Please, I'm dead tired! An
espresso would be great.
When I heard your name,
thought you were a Gypsy.
BIGIsn't Rducanu a Gypsy name?
-I don't know.Like that football player!
BIGWho, Cmtaru?
BIGNo, the goalkeeper, Rducanu.
BIGAnd Emma Rducanu, the tennis champion.
-No idea, but I'm not.MUG-I have
nothing against them, God forbid!
BIGJust saying.
I was a taxi driver,MAUGnow I'm retired.
Does Uber pay into your pension?
No, and no medical insurance either.
It's considered a phone app.-ReallyCOCK
My full-time job is
collaboration-based as well.
What was it like, being a taxi driver?
BIGBack then..
BIGIt was great because I was young!
BIG"And we didn't
have this horrible traffic.
- I couldn't drive through this.Reall
That's how I met my husband, in my taxi.G
You did?MUG Yes, the filthy bastard!
He got into my taxi dead drunk.
My ex-husband had been a drunkard too.
When I first picked up Gyuri,
he was also dead drunk.
But he was elegant!
Comrade! Where to?
-I hope I didn't upset you. -Oh, no.
You were a true gentleman.
My ex-husband drank,I'm used to it.
I should have known. He was married, too.
Stay away from married
men like they're the devil!
- I'm sorry, it's the only
drink I have.- This will do.
He said he was going
to India to work in drilling.
And he did, briefly.
Good morning, Sir. Can I help?
Then he came back.
Because someone informed
the Secret Police about him.
He came back,
fell in with some whores,
the baby was already born...
So I told him:make up your mind!
He quit drinking, quit the
whores.It was good, for a while.
Then the Revolution came
Then the Revolution came
and we got divided by politics, damn them.
Being an ethnic Hungarian,
he went to Trgu Mure
back then, when we almost
had a civil war, in March 1990.
Naturally, I sided with the
Romanians,he with the Hungarians.
We made up, but...
Why are you here?
To tell youI can't live without you.
He had conflictswith
some Romanians at work.
Then he lost his job.Around
'93, he started drinking again.
Good Lord, the grief he gave me.
I only repeat things once.
Never twice.
After a lifetime's work as a
taxi driver,my pension is shit.
My life's been nothing but torment.
When did he die?
Your husband.
The bastard's alive and
well,in the other room!
- Gyuri!-I was watching the Queen!
May she rest in peace.
She's Angela, my namesake.
- Hello, Ms Angela! I'm
Gyuri.- Nice to meet you.
You are an elegant, sweet girl!
And you look like Clark Gable!
Thank you! - Oh my!
Shall I recite you some Petfi Sndor?
- Wow, lovely!- Now some Eminescu.
If there was ever a way to acquire
My heart's most fiery inner desire,
I would become a mirror aglow
To take you in from head to toe!
- Lovely.- Showoff!
- Ovidiu is back.- Hello.
- Angela. - Hey, Ovidiu!
She's Angela, love.
I'll get my backpack.
Take your time.
-All good? -Yes.
[It's later than you think]
While I still live, I must contend
that I have not yet met my end!
Gyuri dear, sit down.
- Thank you! - Sit down.
Mr Ovidiu, you can start.
My name is Ovidiu Buc
During the 2020 pandemic,
after working overtime,
I was heading towards the
gate, passing by a barrier.
A coworker driving an old
Daciawas speeding towards it.
The barrier wasn't painted accordingly,
so he hit it and the barrier hit my head.
That's all I remember,
then I fell into a coma.
I woke up a year and one month later.
After all that time in a hospital bed,
my back was full of raw bed sores.
And I'm wheelchair-bound.
Now the adviceabout safety equipment.
It's very importantfor everyone to wear it.
-More firmly OK.
It's very important for everyone
to wear the safety equipment!
It really is important. I'll take a photo.
Now to see whoour foreign clients pick.
I don't think they'll pick
him. He's sued the company.
I hope it's not that idiot Pepenas!
He's so obsessiveabout
"that idiot Pepenas",
like in The Count of Monte Cristo!
- You know it?- Never saw the film.
There's this scene with two friends
sentenced to death by hanging,
and one is pardoned at the last moment.
The other one complains -
not that he is to be executed,
but that his friend is not.
In a way, I understand.It's
easier when you're not alone.
There's a Slovenian joke:
God tells a peasant: "Make a wish."
"It will be granted, andyour
neighbour will also get it, doubled."
The peasant thinks:
"He gets it too, but doubled?
Take out one of my eyes!"
"Greek town, feels like home."8 letters.
Starts with a K.
No idea.
What do you think about Viktor Orbn?
Orbn Viktor is a great leader!
An extraordinary man!
Hungary has never before had
a leader who cares so much
for the population's wellbeing.
- Isn't he a dictator? - No, he is not!
Everything he does is...
For the benefit of the people!
Could be "Kalamata".
Here's another one:"Emotion
after a roast", 9 letters!
"Major stars", 8 letters.
"White for the yellow"
Last one
"Serves God and country tidily."
- What is it? "Orderly".
Lovely meeting you. - Likewise.
Take care of yourself, dear.
Men come in two kinds:
the good and the bad.
Said my mother from Uranus.
[Excellence in robotic surgery]
What do you do after work?
- Why?- We're celebrating
a fellow chef's birthday.
I thought you could come.
After you change and put on some makeup.
I'm sure with some
touching-up you look like a lady.
I'm busy tonight.
Sorry to hear it.
That will be 100.
Keep it.
It really is such a pity.
"Like a lady".
What the hell do I look like now?
Here is the contract,we'll
need your signature.
We have a side room, you see.
I can't really bookthe whole
restaurant for this amount.
Just for two hours,our
clients' lunch break.
But still...
- We're talking 8-10 people,
right?- Could be 11 or 12.
- How about this lovely table?- No way!
They're some snobbish Austrians,
they want the
wholerestaurant for themselves!
- We'll have a string quartet too.- A what?
We'll bring them a string quartet
to play while they eat.
Schubert, Couperin, stuff.
The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler.
They say thatAntoine Bourdain, the chef,
killed himself after seeing his
chickgetting pumped by a loser.
- So he killed himself.- I don't know.
I'll call Albeteanu to ask8,000
euro more for the whole place.
No problem.
Hi from London, you peasants,
from the Queen's funeral,that poor cunt!
While they were putting her in the grave,
Hooked down with tears in my eyes
and through my tears I saw a gorgeous lawn,
every juicy blade cut to size.
So I asked the new king, Charles.
I knew him from Viscri,we
double-teamed a truck stop slut there.
He mostly ass-licked her,
his age doesn't help.3012
I say, "Your Majesty,"
"how can I grow a lawn
like this around my villa?"
Charles says "Bo-bee-tzuh,"ogoo
"you water the grass,
mow it, that's about it."
"Really?" I ask"Yes," says Charles.
"300 years later,you'll
have a lawn like this."ogoo
Hey, what's up?
All good, loveonly we
can't meet this afternoon:
I was supposed to have
time off, but they're killing-me.
I have to go to...
I see. Not even for 10 minutes?
- I can't! Not until
late tonight!Let's see.
- Should I call later?- Sure,
I don't have obligations.
I got the innuendo.
It's no innuendo, I'm just
sayingI don't want a new cage.
I'm staying a free woman.
Alright, later then.
I'll hang up,I have an appointment.
By the way,I loved
your story on Morii Lake.
Do more location stories,
leven have an idea.
Igot 20,000 views, up since last week
Anyone home?
Can you please do that trick?
I told you he can't talk at all.
Right, I see.
Thank you.I'll just take a photo.
I don't know, I think they
need someone who can speak.
I'll go home for a nap. I can't keep going.
Send someone else for those lenses.
I don't have anyone.
A driver from the Canis Majoris set.
I'm not interfering with their
production.You rest when you get back.
I'm worried I might fall
asleepand cause an accident.
I don't want to end up
like those poor cashiers,
who died in that minibus accident.
Think positive!
Have a Red Bull,or
pull over for half an hour.
I'm not sleeping in the
car, I can't.I just can't.
- There's no pleasing
you, I swear.- OK bye!
Fuck you!
What the...
- Forward? - Forward!
Can you fall in love in traffic?
Already a callerwants
to tell us their love story!
Hello!People call you every morning...
...As of today, I'm a free mac
This office chair's ruined my back
While you built your dominion
On the one deathless criterion:
Work, work, round the clock,
Work, work, no time to talk...
[Private property]
So, who's Bobi fucking
today?- Every slut in town!
Angela, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
You're killing me with that,I'm addicted.
Andrei says they're too vulgar.
Oh, how delicate! Anyway, I'm dead tired.
- I'm here for some lenses.-Here.
How is it here?- Lots of
overtime, otherwise OK.
Lots of green screen
shooting-What's it about?
Cut, cut, cut!
So: blankets gone!
I said it before,don't
bring the blankets back.
Mask off, everybody.
And we need more energy, look at this!
It's a monster, it can eat you!
You have to be scared, fight for your life!
More energy. Hey, masks off!
More energy. Hey, masks off!
Now she films here?
Dr Boll, she's a colleague,she
works here in another production.
I came to pick up some
lenses,I'm Angela Rducanu.
- Not our lenses! - No, no.
It's from another project.
I just wanted to see...
I saw aclip with you on
YouTube when you were...
beating the shit out of some film critics!
- Why did you do that?- I hated them.
They were trashing my
films, not even looking at them.
I shot 30 films and they watched two.
And I got bad reviews for all my films.
So I said "Guys,if
you want to destroy me,"
"I'll destroy you in the ring."
Then they came and I smashed them.
That is history of cinema.
Yeah, but I hope my films
are also history of cinema,
not only my boxing against the critics.
But it was fun, and a lotof
directors actually gratulated me.
They said "I really wantedto
do the same, but I cannot box."
I saw your film Assault on Wall Street and,
you know, sometimes I havethe
envy to take a gun and do the same.
With my boss, for example.Don't tell him!
I also do some small movieswith
this filter that I post on Instagram.
Horrible!It's like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Do you agree to make
a small movie with 'me?
Hello, I am here with Dr. Uwe Boll,
and to all our haters,
I tell them -we tell them to fuck off!
- Fuck off!- Just fuck off!
Fuck you, also.
Sir, we are seconds away.
- Seconds or minutes?- Seconds.
Perfect! Yeah.
Get it ready, I'll turn my chair
and let's shoot the next one.
You mentioned the writer
Robert Louis Stevenson.
You know how he died?
From Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
He had a brain haemorrhage,
and his brain was in blood,
and he started hallucinating and said
"My face is transforming!"
Then he collapsed, dead.
I'm looking for a good spot for a video.
Can I be in it?
Sure, let me find a spot.
Bobi Unforgiven here from the Wild West!
Just mined some 14-carat gold
and found this Pocahontas here.
After I fucked her mouth
and explained a few things
about Romania,
she said this, in her Indian language -
It's applying the filter on you.
She says "A cunt is like four countries:"
"Wet like the UK,split in two like Korea,"
"bloody like the Wild Westand
glad to be fucked, like Romania!"
made by allwelt span6000
made by allwetti in span6000
made by allwell in spanA very
great and courageous man.6000
Why's everyone crying? No one's died.
Here's looking at you, kid.6660
- Long live Communism, Boss!-Right, Boss!
Trick , trick 72....
comment..Asking if lever had a threesome.
See translation original sound-popaAdd
commentYou can have sex with...
commentAny number of people.
Add commentBut no, never had one.
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Theard he was in Dubaishooting
an ad for Coca-Cola.
He had dinner at the
hotel,said he was tired,
then they found him dead.
Like David Hemmings.-Who's that?
Huge actor,he was in Antonioni's Blow-Up
Blow Job!- That was Warhol.
Blond, sexy guy, sensual lips.
He was filming here about 15 years
agoand died of a heart attack on set.
You should have heard Ric, the
camera assistant, he died of Covid.
"I look over the old guy's not moving."
"Grandpa, wake the fuck up!"
"Nothing! Dead as a dodo, drooling."OR.
"Film gets cancelled one week in,
we get sent home with no pay."OR.
"Fucking old timer picked
some time to die!"DR.
"I had dropped another
project for that one."OR.
Just think!MOR.
To be the big star from Blow-Up,OR.
who uncovered a murder
just looking at a photo...OR.
And that Godard, committing
assisted suicide at his age.YOR.
Like a cat!MOR.
What could he do, shoot himself?
It's not a Christian thing to do.MOR.
Doris logged on Hello, Doris!WOR
She is Doris Goethe, our
boss from Austria.MOR.
Doris, you heard the tragedy,
that our beloved Massimilianodied
all of a sudden.MOR.
-So we thought of Tibi...- Hello.
Who fortunately was eagerto
embark with us on such short notice.
I was absolutely shocked when I heard.
But let's go, in an hour I
have to run to the airport.
Yes, the show must go on.
Can you introduce yourself?- Yeah, sure.
I direct televisionand
advertising since 2000,
I have also made one feature
film,a Mircea Eliade adaptation."Tab
I have directed, basically,
more than 500 TV ads.Tiby
And my most important clients
were OMV Petrom, McDonald's,"
Procter&Gamble - the Bonux brand,Beer
Bucegi, ING Bank and Dacia Renault.
You know, I feel bad myself,to be honest.
It feels like I have the job only because
this guy I respected passed away.
Come on,
Come on,
that is life!
"Life is life!"
Are you frozen?
Oh, it's OK.
Yeah, you know, it's like...
Of course we can have our
successonly because the others died.
I mean, imagine if Goetheor
Shakespeare would be alive today.
Nobody would publish,I
don't know, Elena Ferrante.
I told you to be careful
with night customers!
No dilly-dallying!
Take it all off!
Stop it, we're not highway robbers!
What if he had his way with Victorita?
Get dressed, chickie. - Thanks, Ma'am.
People can see you naked here.
And you don't have much to show.
Laugh, but this will cause you trouble.
I wanna be clearwe're
not making commercials,
but films about the careour
company has for its workers.
Our emphasis is on the fact that we
want our workers to respect the procedures,
the rules, the regulations,
to wear their protection
equipment,helmets and so on,
to make them aware of the dangers.
Now, this man withthe face broken in half?
I think it's not appropriate
to have him, it's too scary.
Doris, don't worry,we
already included him out.
Yeah, I feel bad for the guybut, you know.
Yeah, too much -Tod
Browning's Freaks.I totally agree.
Yeah, no...
you know,
funky creatures or whatever.
The way I see this small film is
that these people, whowere
wounded but are alive,
they are survivors and
they have a story to tell
and a message to tell us
and especially to the other workers.
"Respect the rules, because
if you don't, you are fucked."
This should be the focus!
Regarding the style, I was thinking
to film everything in a sequence shot,
with a wide lens, let's say
a 25mm Cooke S4 lens.
This will create a feeling of reality.
But also we must show the money.
I mean it's production value.
That's why we'll use a golddiffusion
filter directly on the camera,
so as to give it a warm, golden glow.
OK Very good.
So let's take a look at the casting,
the real heroes whowill
be in front of the lens.
Maybe Angela herecan
give us all the details.
Yes, sure.
Yes, sure.
She is Mariana Docea,
she drank something and fell.
Her text will be about the responsibilityof
not drinking while working.
And she's also a great mother.
She looks nice!-Yeah, she's great.
Optimistic and strong, she has
a commitment for your company.
That's great!
And she's Gypsy, Soit will
show we're more inclusive.
Yes, but don't forget,
for the Romanian market
this is not a good point.
Sad but true.
Well, you know better.
He is the victim of an accident,
He was going out of your
the barrier moved or
something,he didn't pay attention
and hit his back and his head.
Because he didn't wear a helmet he got
into a coma and remained half-paralysed.
He's nice, he's got a nice smile,
he's much younger and healthier.
Very joyful, it's very moving.
But he shouldn't mention Russia.
No, no.
No problem, don't worry, Doris.
Does he have a family?Yes.
He has a mother, a daughter,I think a wife.
His father is batshit
crazy, he's Looney Tunes.
They can appear in
the clip alongside him.
Family values, I will think about it.
We have a small problem.
The name of the man is Ovidiu Buc.
"Buc" means "his ass" in Romanian.
No, it's actually "half-ass".
"Buttocks". "Buttock".
Would that be a problem?
Well, yes,especially for the target.
You see the film andyou
laugh at his name of "Buttock",
and you don't pay attention anymore.
So what we suggest is, we use in
the testimony only his first name,
That's fine with me, let's keep him.
He's more impressive,
he's got a real energy.
I have a messagefrom
my boss, Mr. Hans Frank.
He read the booklet and
he wants to -here he is.
Hallo, Herr Hans Frank.- Hello!
Where is my director?
Here!Hello, Mr Hans Frank.
I am Tiberiu Berbece,very
glad to be working for you -
I have only one word for you:
We want to use a gold diffusion filter!
- Is he out?- Yes.
So he wants emotion.
I heard "locomotion".
No, emotion.
He means he wants a close-up.
No problem, we will shoot 8K, you
can zoom in as much as you like.eredW
I think we can endthis
Zoom conversation now.
- See you later, alligator!- OK, bye!
We'll have a catering especially for you.
From the company that is the
official furnisher for the royal family.
OK, bye!
It was good. We survived.
That went great.
A book?
Oh, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
How much?- 5 lei a piece.
Here's 6, give meSeven
Apocalyptic Years too.
Your bro bought a
book to get high-cultured!
Here, The Prime of Ass Whorrey.
It's written by some skank,
Mooriel Spank.
More like a wannabe
skank,who would fuck her?
It's about how I made
that Miss into a Madam.
I didn't take her prime fuck though,
her old cunt was dry as wood.
I told Miss Broad-y"Stuff
some margerine up your ass!"
Then I fucked the slut with a maize cob -
William Faulkner style!
I bought it off a poor
beggar in the street,
one of the fuckswho
leech off us honest citizens!
Fuck you!
Rodica, pleased to meet you.Come in.
- No need to take off
your shoes.- Thank you.
Angela, my sweet! Come by my side!
Thank you, I'll just sit here.
-He wasn't feeling well,
he dozed off.- I'll wait here.
We have to go to the fitting
session,Ms. Angela is here.
If they pay you for the shooting,
can I go on that mountain trip?
I visited Indiawhen I worked in drilling!
You know this one?
All Romanian women are Hungary for it!
What's the news on Salman Rushdie?"
- Did he die? - I don't know..
Might have.ENERCON
Could be.
"O, my shoes are Japanese,' Gibreel sang."
- The lift's out of order.It is.
- Fuck it.- It's the stairs, then.
- Can I help? - Please.
- Can you manage? - I'll help.
- I'm blocking the wheels. -Take it slow!
Easy, easy.
This is great forexercising your pecs.
You know that song...
- "Baby, work your
chest"...- Ovidiu, stop it!
This one's lower.
Let's avoid those stones.
- So many stones.-- Boulders!
- Just a moment. - Sure.
Can I help?- Rodica will.
Let me get ready.
We have our technique.
Wait, not yet.
Let's try.
-All good?Need help with the chair?
She'll manage, she has experience.

...Check the moon, check
the stars,check the lifeguard!
Vamos a la playa, only in Mamaia,
Carnivals by Mazre,hotter
than in Saint Tropez!
The Romanian Ibiza, when we
party it's aMadhouse, a wild banger,
1, 2, 3, banger!
Party up, party hard,
Who's paying? The lifeguard!
"The Lifeguard" is mayor Mazre.
Yes, it's that old song by Loredana.
The Mamaia Anthem.
I don't think he was corrupt.
He is a political prisoner.
Could be, what do we know.
He was all for young people and fun.
Could you stop the musicor turn it down?
It's the radio.
Sorry, but if I doI might
fall asleep at the wheel.
Mum, what's wrong with the music?
Hi, wanna trade chewing gums?
Mine's better than Orbit!
- I'm off, good luck and a
pleasant evening!- Thank you.
I'm here by the royal train,
with a special question
for all my fans on Tik Tok.
Ernst Kantorowicz spoke
aboutthe king's two bodies.
Does that meanour King
Michael had two cocks?
- What's up, baby doll?. Great.
Who was the old fart in that video?
Some German directorshooting
a bug-killer film here.
Didn't he say he was a doctor?
Doctor in film criticism, don't care.
You said you had a surprise.
The surprise is
I have no surprise
and you expect one and there's none.
I'm off my periodand
you can cum in my mouth.
So good, yes.
I love your cock!
- Pull over. - Why?
I said pull over!
Why have you never told me?
- What do you want? - Wait.
When was it?When you
stayed over at your mother's?
Finish in my mouth!
Shove it in my mouth!
Wait, what the fuck?
You shot sperm all over my dress!
And I need to go to the airport!
The airport, at this hour?
Some bitch coming from Austria.
You know what?
One time we were shooting
a porn film for some Danes
and in the middle of the scene,
the guy couldn't get it up anymore.
So he got up fromthat hot ass under him
all naked and sexy as hell,
and to get it back up hewent
on PornHub on his phone.
It struck me as apocalyptic.
- How am I supposed to show up like this?-
You can't see athing on that glitter.
Could you lend me 200 lei?
- Lost at the slot machines?- No, man!
They just haven't paid me.
I keep having to beg for my pay.
And the war's pushed prices up.
- On Revolut?- Yes, thanks a lot.
Did you see what it sayson
contactless card readers?
- No, what?- "You blinked, you paid."
I'll be there in 5,tell her
to wait at the taxi stop!
She's there already!
Didn't she havecheck-in
luggage to wait for?
- We're embarrassing
ourselves!Can't help traffic, bye!
Fuck off.
Fuck off!Fuck your mother!
Sorry, I was -
- Traffic was hell.- It's OK.
So sorry.
So, only this luggage? - Yeah.
- Tomorrow evening I fly to
Singapore.- Great, amazing!
I parked the car there.
To Otopeni.
My car was first in line!
He's going to Otopeni.
You want to drive him?
Lucky me.
Another woman would have...
I'm not easy to scare.
Have you been a taxi driver long?
- Five years. - Nights too?
You really nailed it.
If your wife was a taxi
driver, you'd know how it is.
I've never had a taxi driver wife.
No wife at all, in fact.
And I doubt I ever will.
Not like you need one.
- Can I ask you something?- Please.
Are you related with Goethe?
The writer? -Yes.
I'm his great-great-granddaughter,so
to speak.
-No way! -Yes.
- No!- I am, through my father.
Wow, that's so cool!
Do you think that what
he wrotein Dichtung und...
Dichtung und Wahrheit.
...that what you wish for when you
are youngyou get it galore in old age?
No idea.
To be honest, I never read
him properly.Faust, maybe, but...
When it's family, somehow...
You don't feel like doing it.
Yeah, sure.
So I hope I make it
'til I'm 70, and then...
Although I feel already very old.
And maybe he meant itonly
for the Germans, who knows?
Drivers are very aggressive here.- Oh, yes!
A lot of idiots. They don't care!
You know, on a road to a city called Buzu,
there are more crosses for people
who died in accidents than kilometres.
I don't get it.
The road is like 250 km long,
and there are around 600 crosses.
When someone dies in a car crash,
the relatives installa
Christian cross there.
- Oh, I see! - Yeah.
Horrible!Yes, and...
You can imagine that some
crosseshave more than one person
and some dead people don't have
crosses,or they're stolen or destroyed.
Why does this happen?
Because that's a one lane road
and it has an emergency
lanethat's very narrow.
And people treatthat narrow
emergency lane as a real lane.
Like it would be a two
lane road,which it's not.
- Sounds very stupid. - We are.
It's easy to fix,
the police should just force
people to only drive on the legal lane.
Nobody does it, we are alone!
And to be honest,I'm really
afraid to drive on that road.
Especially since, as a PA,I
drive a lot and work extra hours.
0419790 10 12 2003 BOTOSANI
How much do you work?
Well, when I have
projects, 15-16 hours a day,
sometimes even 20 hours.
We are exploited. Slaves.
I hope for this project you
weren'tforced to work extra hours.
Oh no, for this one no, of course
not! Only 8 hours, don't worry.
But otherwise,some foreign productions
film or television, are the worst!
They treat us like cattle.
Maybe robots and Tesla or other
self-driving cars will solve this problem.
Maybe, but can we trust their software?
Self-driving cars, I mean...
I guess so, why not?
Well, let's imagine this situation.
A self-driving car approaches
a child who got on the road.
And the only way not to kill the child
is to turn left and throwthe
car and the driver into a wall
and kill the driver.
What decision the software takes?
It will kill the child or the driver?
I honestly don't know.
I just read a study on the plane,
saying that Romaniansare
the poorest in Europe.
6 times more than the European average.
I don't know if it's about the
EU or the whole of Europe.
Well, I think it's about the EU.
Otherwise the Albanians are more poor.
More primitive, too. - Oh, yeah. Sure.
Can I ask something delicate?
But please don't get me wrong.
Is it true that your company is
destroying Romanian forests for wood?
Or is just a rumour?
Wood for the furniture factories,of course.
I work in the marketing
department,I have no idea.
I don't think so, I've never heard of it.
Anyway, if it happens, it's
because Romania allows it.
If Romanians would
say no,it wouldn't happen.
Yeah, a lot of corruption,
politicians corrupted.
Citizens who accept, as well.
But it's better for us to just do our job.
That's the secret of happiness!
"Wu wei", as the Taoists say.
Meaning "all flowing".
We should flow with the
world,we shouldn't force.
Tell me, do you likethis "manele" music?
This turbo-folk or...
Sometimes, yes.I like all music, why?
Could you play me some manele?
Oh, sure!
My favourite is Sandu Ciorb. "Soup"!
la de-aici c n-ai servici, meaning
"Take this 'cause you don't have a job".
It's pretty cool.
He's from Trasylvania.
Take this 'cause you don't have a job
'Just make sure you don't fall down...
So huge! Very impressive.
Was there something here
before or was this an empty field?
No, as far as I knowit was a neighbourhood.
"Uranus" or something like that.
Ceauescu demolished it
to make this huge palace.
Second after Pentagon.
What happened to the people living there?
Their houses were put down, destroyed,
and they were moved
to some blocks of flats.
Ceauescu was an imbecile.
He destroyed Romania.
To Uranus, please.
Maybe a babywould have saved your marriage.
Yeah, right.
I was four months
pregnantTwaswhen he beat me up.
- Enough about me, it's not
interesting.-I find it very interesting.
-Enough about me, it's not
interesting.-I find it very interesting.
You don't regret
not having children?
I only regret what I have done.
It's not too late, though.
At my age?Last thing I need!
Why?You still look young.
Your mother is amazing!
Stop there, at the iron gate.
What a beautiful GypsyShaking
her asshole givesme shivers.
...something in the Danube
Delta, they'd come back tomorrow,
directly after the shoot.
Excuse me,the lady's name was?
Goethe, G-O-E-T-H-E.
- You know what Goethe
said when he died?No.
Apparently he said
Mehr Licht! "More light!"
But my grandfather told mewhat
he actually said was Mehr Nichts.
"More nothing".
I can't go on like this, Mr. Vladimir.
That's what you think.
B) Ovidiu: raw material
"Now that your head broke down the
wall,what will you do in your new cell?"
Hello, I am Ovidiu Bucand
on the 24th of November 2020,
after 17 hours of constant work -
Ovidiu, no need for your family name.
"Ovidiu" will do. - OK.
It's friendlier and itmakes
you think of the poet.
The Roman.
Tristia and Ex Ponto! "Carmen et error"!
So the audience see youas one of them.
I see.- As a friend.
Lovely name, too, Buc.I'll
have it changed when I turn 18.
If he took his wife's name...
It's your name, so what.
Just a bit funnywhen you first hear it.
My name means "ram",
so I know what it's like.
Also, Ovidiu, try to articulate.
-I'll do my best.Given the
circumstances, of course.
Though the event is tragic for him,
we want to show him as a fighter.
Hello, I am Ovidiu.
On the 24th of November 2020,I
had worked non-stop for 17 hours.
We had a furniture order
to fill for Russia and France,
the holidays were coming
and we were all working hard.
I came out and walked
towards the parking lot,
to my car, so I could go home.
The lighting outside here is
poor,it's pitch black at night.
an old Dacia 1310 came this way.
The driver didn't see that
barrierand drove into it.
It's not marked,just a rusty
metal bar on a cylinder.
The car sent the bar
flying and it hit my head.
I was in a coma for one year and one month.
Hey, man.
I woke up to find myself
paralysed from the waist down.
My back was allraw flesh from the bedsores.
...those weeds and the rubbish.
Right! Well done.
Very good, very touching.
We need to take offthat
vodka ad and move the lorry.
-And he can't mention Russia.-Your
company still has branches in Russia.
Because we'd have to fire people
and we care about our employees.
We're neutral, like Switzerland.
We need to get rid of that banner.
And move out that Kuchnie lorry.
- So don't mention Russia.- Only France?
Go get that thing.
What?The frame
You know what this is?- No.
A nuclear fallout shelter.Really?
The door is welded shut.
Besides, how many people could it fit?
Not enough roomfor the whole country.
-Making any new films? This one.
I meant a feature, something
serious,not corporate stuff.
Everything is for corporations now.
This shot looks like a Lumire film.
The Lumire brothers' first film,with
the workers leaving the factory,
is considered a documentary,
but that was only the first take,
when they filmed workers
actually leaving the factory.
The brothers didn't like it,so
the second take was directed.
They made them come out again.
So fiction was there from the start,
as were ads and corporate films.
Their footage was also an
ad for the Lumire factory.
And in 1897, Melis had
alreadyshot a Bornibus mustard ad.
What mustard was that?Bornibus.
I'd like to see it. It's sadly lost.
Only a photo from the shooting
survived.Photos last longer than films.
But yes,I might do a series for Pro TV.
An adaptation of Scorsese's The Irishman,
with old Romanian gangsters
working for the Russians.
Ex-Communist Secret Service agents.
Bobi says hi!
It's very hot today!
The city is full ofnaked
asses and tits today,
I've had it!Stay the fuck inside!
Can't look this way, can't look that way,
where the fuck should I look
if your tits and ass are out?
Fucking sluts!
Man, you'reso vulgarwith this Bobi!
I criticise by way of extreme caricature!
I'm like Charlie Hebdo, sucker!
They say 14,000 children were sent
in front of the troops to set off mines
during the war between Iran and Iraq.
More to the left.
Set.- Action!
Hello, my name is Ovidiu
and on the 24th of November 2020,
I had worked non-stop for 17 hours
to fill a furniture order for France.
The holidays were comingand
we were all working hard.
I came out of the
warehouseand walked to the exit,
to get my car fromthe
parking lot and go home.
The lighting outside here is
poor,it's pitch black at night.
Suddenly,an old Dacia 1310 came this way.
The driver didn't see that
barrierand drove into it..
It's not marked,just a rusty
metal bar on a cylinder. cylinder.
The car hit it, sent it
flying,it hit me in the head.
I was in a comafor one year and one month.
woke up to find myselfparalysed
from the waist down.
My back was allraw flesh from the bedsores.
I'd like to urge everyone
to be careful at work,
so such incidents don't happen again.
Bravo, Ovidiu.
Will we repeat this a lot?
It depends on what you consider "a lot".
Chaplin is famous forthe 800
takes he did for City Lights.
- What?- 800, Madam.
For one shot, because, wait for it,
he didn't like howVirginia Cherrill spoke.
In a silent film!
I like Buster Keaton!
Ovidiu, you shouldn't mention the overtime.
Or the makeshift, rusty barrier.
You can see it's still rusty,
how can say it wasn't?
This thing really is dangerous.
It's a heavy iron bar!
If a car hits it, it will fly again.
I'll tell them.
I'm in marketing,I have
nothing to do with it.
I know, but this man...
It's Communist heritage,
we didn't put it here.
The building is an interwar
jewel.Those corniches!
The building, yes.The barrier
is from Communist times.
But it's been 33 years
since the Revolution!
And the placestill
isn't lit properly at night.
Only that block gives some light.
I'm glad you told me, I'll forward it.
It will be fixed.
It's very important for
us that Ovidiu mentions
he wasn't wearing his safety helmet
and advise his coworkers
and everyone watching
to wear their safety helmet.
Just like we had to wear
a mask to not get Covid.
The safety helmet is the same, Mr Buc!
What Covid?
But the helmet wasn't
compulsory,that's why we sued.
The regulations sayit's
compulsory everywhere.
It's in the occupational
safetyregulations you signed.
It includes the courtyard.
I was by the exit!
But still in the courtyard.
I was two metres from the
barrier!-But in the courtyard!
Could be a micron or a light-year!
Excuse me, but we're still
waiting for the court's decision.
Sure, the rules may
say so,but it's ridiculous,
wearing the helmet out here,by
the exit, withno falling hazards!
If the barrier was properly attached
and made of plastic, not 30 kilos of iron,
if it was painted visibly,if
there was even a little lighting,
the driver would have seen it.
Or, anyway,this wouldn't have happened.
So don't ask us to lie!
We're not asking you to lie!to lie!
Just don't say things detrimental
to the company paying you.
1,000 euro for one day's
shootingis no small thing.
We're doing this to help people,
not to be put in a bad light.
He puts himself in a bad light.
If you were so unhappy with the
barrier,why didn't you speak out?
Do something to change things?
Did you send a memo to the management?
No, so there's no point complaining now.
I will only say the truth.
Then why won't you sayyou
weren't wearing a helmet?
-It's not important.- Of
course it is, Mr Buc!
With a helmet, you'd be fine,or
you'd only have light injuries.
-You can't know that.Nonsense!
It stands to reason,that's
why the helmet is compulsory.
As for the overtime work,
you were paid for it,so
no point in mentioning it.
I wasn't!You should have asked for it.
He did, and they saidit's a
delicate time for the company
and everyone must make sacrifices.
Though they declare rising profits.
Mr Hans Frank boasted their profits
grew by dozens of millions. Euro!
Maybe before the pandemic,but
the two aren't mutually exclusive.
Even with higher profits,you
can have a lot of issues.
Negative growth is a thing.
But the accident
happenedbecause of overtime.
At 5 pm there's still light,the
driver would have seen the barrier.
Speculations!And 5 pm
in late November is dark.
And it had been sunny the whole week.
No point complaining about overtime.
In these hard times, you
couldhave made a small effort.
We keep praising the Americans,
but did you see them during that tornado?
Workers in a candle factoryin
Kentucky were kept at work
and Amazon asked an
employeeto deliver in the tornado.
You think you're exploitedbecause
of a few minutes of overtime!
I'm not complaining Yes you are.
And Kentucky is full of troglodyte apes.
That Colonel Sanders from
KFC was apparently a huge racist.
That's why I prefer McDonald's.Same here!
Or Burger King.
Profits grew in Lithuania, not here.
Tibi, can have a word?
Let him say whatever first,then
add the safety helmet thing.
And we'll justuse the second
part.Can't we edit out the rest?
Yes, of course, but... I don't agree.
This is supposed to be an educational film.
Telling the truth.
- Don't start. - I don't, but...
I can't tell him what to say.
I won't edit it out, either.
I give you the complete footage.
I left the camera running all the
time, you can even do a "making of".
- Then we'll edit it. - Suit yourselves.
I'm staying out of that.
I'll be fair and give you
the footage with all he says.
Wait, Doris is calling me.
Break for two minutes!
I'm on your side. Thank you.
I won't have you say
anything but the truth!
We have tothe lawsuit is still on.
This footagecould be used against us.
The defense would go"He
himself says it was his fault!"
And it's not true, it was their fault.
Maybe it wasn't a good move to accept this
We meant not to.But it's good money.
Could be a peace offering,
maybe we'll strike a deal.
Don't give up. We won't.
But you know their
bean-counterscling to every straw.
We need to stay alert.
In the Second World War,
an American officer who had been
in command of an execution squad
went around the people
executed for defection
and pulled out the bullets. pulled
What for?- I'm getting there.
He made a necklace out of these bullets.
His superior notices and
court-martials him for robbing bodies.
Here's where it gets interesting.
The officer, or his attorney,
claims he didn't rob the bodies,
as the bullets weren'tthe
property of the executed,
but the propertyof the execution squad.
As such, the officer onlytook
back what was rightfully his.
Sure, the prosecutor says,
they belonged to the squad,
but firing them wasthe
same as discarding them.
So the squadhad relinquished ownership.
Basically, the firing
squad made a donation,
donated the bullets to the executed.
Which means our officer did rob the bodies,
who had came to own
the bullets by donation.
But, says the officer, or his lawyer,
we may presume,
as confirmed by their attitude
before and during the execution,
we may presume, then,that the executed
firmly rejectedthe donation of bullets.
They absolutelydid not want those bullets.
As they refused them,
our officer robbed no one.
He just took back the donation
refused by those executed.
I don't get it.
It's raining.
Is this story made up? No, it's all true!
I read about it too.
So what was the sentence?
Not guilty, apparently.
Fuck off!
Go back to India!
Come again and I'll break
your legs!Little bastards!
Serves them right!They're children, Madam.
Children today, thieves tomorrow!
Doris is at the hotel, not feeling
well, but she wants to see our frame.
What a racist hag!
loana wants to show our
frameto the Austrian client.
She can come with her phone
and film the video assist monitor.
Don't worry,it's just a light drizzle!
We're getting wet!
Can you see?
Not very well, butif the
barrier is rusty and dirty,
keep it out of the frame.
I don't want to give
ammunition to our enemies.
-OK, what should we have in the
frame?- Only the building, no barrier.
Yeah, tschuss!Keep upthe good work, bye.
We need to keep the
barrierout of the frame.
It's fine, we're filming in 8K,
you can zoom in all you need.
All the way to close-ups.
No, remove it.The raindrops
will show if we zoom in.
Get rid of it.
TakeTake it away.
Do you know that during communism,
Occupational safety films
blamed the workers, too?
All films were censored
back then.Motherfuckers!
We removed the
barrier, so don't point to it.
Go at the back, keep the ladies dry.
When he talks about his
coma, should take his
Affectionately,Grandma Angela moves on!
It doesn't cover all of us.
We'll get one more.
Only hold it between
takes.- Understood.Under
I'll record this take with my phone,
so Doris can send it to her boss.
It will look bad on a phone.
Hans Frank wants to see what we're filming.
Fine, just go!
It's raining!
- Sound! Rolling.
Wait, you're leaving?
Hello, I am Ovidiu.
On the 24th of November 2020, I
had worked non-stop for 17 hours
for a furniture delivery to France.
The holidays were comingand
we were all working hard. we were
I came out of the
warehouseand walked to the exit,
to get my car fromthe
parking lot and go home.
The lighting outside here is
poor,it's pitch black at night.
an old Dacia 1310 came this way.
The driver didn't see
that barrier,so he hit it.
It's not marked,just a rusty
metal bar on a cylinder. cylinder.
The car hit it, sent it
flying, it hit me in the head.
I was in a comafor one year and one month.
I came out of the coma
and found myself
paralysedfrom the waist down.
My back was all infected from bedsores.
It was all raw flesh!
I want to tell everyone to
wear their safety helmets,
so such incidents don't happen again.
Cut! Great!Bring the umbrellas.
Bravo, Ovidiu!
I'm sending this to Austria now.
We'll wait for their feedback.
Waiting in the fucking rain!
If you want to leave, I'll drive you.
Yes, let's.
They're bastards!
In those communist films they used to
show horrible things, hands chopped off.
They also blamed the workers!
They were made to say:"I
made this fucking mistake..."
Hi, it's Bobi!
This is my atomic fallout
shelterwith some sluts inside,
can't tell you much about
them, there's people around.
Just want to say:
A support President Putin
in his crusade against Nazis
as for Zelensky,that two-dime Jew actor,
I hope he dies like Hitler
and his Ukraine with him,
and Mr Putin stays there forever!
Are you OK? Yes.
Surya Bonaly!
Aren't you afraidthey'll
label you a Putinist?
No, I hope some peopleare still smart.
You worked for 30 hours?-Even 48, once.
I was younger,I wouldn't do it now.
We had a shooting in the mountains
that took 40 hours, for a beer ad.
The one with the deer?
No, the one with the squirrel.
Now I don't accept anything over 16 hours.
As everyone should. Except they don't.
To each their own.- They
don't want to upset producers.
Hans Frank sayshe has
a problem with the text.
- Says he wants the Bob Dylan thing.JWhat?
"No way, the text is problematical."
"Do it like in the stupidhippie
kike Bob Dylan clip. With papers."
Sounds like Donald Trump.
IWait, I get it!
Bob Dylan has this video where
he's holding sheets with the lyrics
and letting them drop one by one.
Subterranean Homesick Blues.
Subterranean Homesick Blues!Yes, we know.
Do we even have paper?
You can write the text
and I'll go print it out.
Then let's do this. Page one:
"After work."A
Page two:"I was heading to the exit."
Page three:"A car hit the barrier."
Page four:"I wasn't wearing a helmet."
Wait, the paper will be shiny.
In our truck there's a big green board.
We just cut that.- We
need white ones, not green.
No, this green board
works like a chroma key.
You can fill them withany
text you want later. my text you
Great idea, Andi, hats off!
-And it won't stay green? No it won't!
They're green becauseit's
easy to replace in CGI.
Cut that green board
into ten A3 rectangles.
Ten will do, right? Even fewer.
So you are likeCharlie Hebdo, Anjelica?
Maybe you'll be shot in the head.
Valeriu Sterian madea
remake of Dylan's video.
Oh, the one with...Oh, th
"Declaration" and all that shit.
You don't know it?No.
Valeriu Sterian, he had
this video.Holding papers.
HeHere it is.
It's in English? Yes.VE
Didn't he sing the one with
"Look what's left of humans"?
...Institution - Separation
Prostitution - Decoration...
I think it's about '90s stuff.
I think that one's about President Iliescu,
he called himselfan
emanation of the Revolution.
They called him "The Emanated".
Fuck you and your shooting!
Why isn't Doris Goethe
hereif she cares so much
instead of directing us from Heldenplatz?
She's feeling sick, she's at the hotel.
Between you and me, last
night she drank with some creeps.
2000 euro tab.
They're paying our fees
too, we can't badmouth them.
Ms Goethe can keep her airs to herself.
Read Thomas Bernhard, you'll
see the Austrians were real Nazis.
Millions of themapplauded
Hitler in '38 in Heldenplatz.
They were happy with the
Anschluss,only played the victims later.
In the '80s they votedan SS
officer for president, Kurt Waldheim.
I can't stand them.
They come here, destroy our forests,
and we just stand byand
make videos for them.
Fast as a circus artist!
Getting ready to shoot!
You hold these like Bob Dylan in the video.
Or like Vali Sterian.
And, one by one,you pass
them to the young lady.
- In silence? Yes.
Sound! Rolling.
Set! Action! Acti
Now, Ovidiu, the same thing.
Pass him the boards!
Just slower. Understood.
AAnd action!
Very good!
Lunch break, then home!
OK, lunch break, shooting's over!
-Finally!- Great work!
Madam, perfectly done.
There's nothingon those green boards.
No, they'll add textwith computer graphics.
-So they can write whatever they
want?-I'll raise hell if that happens!
Don't worry, Madam,we'll
write what we said we would.L
- You won't trick us, will you?- God, no!
We're a world-class company.
We can't ruin our
international prestige for...
You can always sue us.
We don't have the time or the
moneyand we're fed up with lawsuits!
Bobi asks:
are there any vegetariansamong cannibals?
I hope they won't write
something that could harm us.
Out of the question.
Something that could be used against us.
Don't worry.
Let's eat!
It's all I can do. It really is!
- Thank you for being on
our side.Don't mention it.
My, I'm so stiff.
Ilinca, wait for us!
Get in!
Don't let the dog near me.
But we're going to eat.-
They told us to come to lunch.
I have to drive you
home, I'm so busy today.
We are hungry!
Let's go,fuck those bastards!
fragments from the film"Angela
Moves On by Lucian Bratu
etc.quotations from:
In this world/We walk on the
roof of hell/Gazing at flowers
antist zgomoteNICOLAS
FIORASOnregistrare zgomote KEN NNGANYADI
Wake up, wake up!)/ Let's
be friends,/sleeping butterfly
You make the fire/And I'll show you
something wonderful:/ A big ball of snow!