Do Not Forget Me Istanbul (2010) Movie Script

I used to lose myself walking
around Istanbul alone...
...searching every corner,
all the alleyways that no one sees at first...
...and are revealed only
when you return many times.
Each alleyway carries
the memory of someone or something.
Maybe that's why it took me
so long to write about Istanbul.
Up to now,
every return to Istanbul...
...was a chance for me to be
liberated from my own nostalgia.
Now, I'm returning here again.
Attention please!
The 'Friendship Express' from
Thessaloniki will arrive at platform one... five minutes.
Bloody Turks... you're not
going to eat my Euro.
Constantinople brought you luck!
Let's go.
You can't even stand
spending one night here?
Didn't you make a single friend
here in all these months?
A Turk cannot be a friend.
They're only useful
when they're selling clothing, eh?
If the Chinese didn't screw up
my business in Thessaloniki...
...selling everything for one Euro...
...l'd never have come here!
See you tonight.
At least go
and see Hagia Sophia.
Leave me alone
for one day Makis.
I'm your brother, not your father.
Have a nice day.
See you brother.
then take your money back.
Take it.
Did you see Hasan?
No idea...
What are we going to do Mom?
Did he run away or what?
We need to do something.
The Greek man
came to take his stuff...
Let go of my son!
Cem, take these bags
and go to your aunt.
Immediately, ok?
I am here!
Mister... what?
Don't worry...
...everything's ok.
Just calm down...
He will.
He's my friend.
I made Cem work with Hasan.
Zeynep used
her small savings... make Cem
a partner in Hasan's business.
It's good, eh?
Your stomach is empty...
you shouldn't drink too much.
That's how my life is,
just like this moon.
The first half I was walking
happily in the bright part...
but for years now I have been
walking on the dark side.
Take these inside.
The problem is finished.
I talked with Hasan.
He had a big money problem...
...but can get a loan
from the bank tomorrow, ok?
He will send it, don't worry.
Find me tomorrow morning.
Just keep Cem away from there.
Other customers might show up
he shouldn't be around.
Good night, then.
Don't you have a hotel to stay?
What have you done, man?
Sister lffet...
Yes dear...
Hasan ripped off
this guy and ran away.
The man doesn't have
any money for a hotel.
He is waiting at the door.
I'm going to sort him out.
Sister... this is Mr. Vangelis.
Hello everyone.
He is Greek.
Do you speak Turkish?
Good morning.
Good evening.
God bless Hasan.
He's done us a favour...
Finally a man stepped into this house.
Why do you say such stupid things?
I'll give him money
for a hotel and he'll be off.
Is he going to leave
without having a coffee?
Come sit.
Thank you.
Go make some my dear.
I speak a little Greek.
We used to have Greek neighbours
and friends in this neighbourhood.
You have huge problems son.
Problems, big problems...
Do you see my stupid brother...
...the loans
I took to save his family?
Yes, I see.
I really saw it,
he is a lonely man.
Oh, you are making it up lffet.
Why would
I be making it up Asuman?
I tell what I see.
Let me see...
Look, he is curious...
Vangelis dear...
I say you should stay here tonight.
Stay here.
Why should we
spend money for no reason?
We'll prepare
a nice bed for you...
...and you'll sleep.
Dear, of course
I will stay here as well.
Iffet, don't do this,
for God's sake.
There's no way a single man
can stay in a widow's house.
You are single, aren't you?
Single, single?
I give up!
Oh, come on.
Let's clean up the table.
I can never make you
appreciate anything.
Alright son, calm down.
Orhan will take care of
the money problem tomorrow.
Go to bed now.
Good night.
Would it kill you to smile a little?
Should we
all sit around in tears?
What's done is done.
I won't wake up
even if you play the drums.
Go on in.
Come on, just a smile, please.
Do you think
I have the energy for that?
My dear...
...if you keep waiting
for the energy to come... will go dry like me.
Ah, don't talk like that,
you'll make me cry.
I'll just go in there.
I've put your pyjamas on your bed.
Good night.
Get out!
How the hell did you get in?
Wait, wait.
A bird came in,
a bird!
Give it to me.
Be gentle.
It will go over there.
Come on.
I have it here.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Let's go.
I'll go get the money from Orhan.
You'll wait here, alright?
Yes Orhan.
I'll get the money.
Screw you Makis.
They stole my money.
I didn't spend it in the casino.
Got it?
I'll come
back whenever I feel like it.
Wait, I'm coming.
Most of the money is here.
Thanks to you, all the money
we earned making pastries...'s all gone.
Be smart.
If you want to do business... have to be alert.
Good bye.
When does your train leave?
In three hours.
Have a nice journey.
Have a nice trip.
She's a proud woman.
this is for the train.
Hey, you will miss the train.
What's wrong with the toy train?
It's not Turkish.
We'll buy it in Turkey.
Don't be a jerk.
Then you buy something
authentically Turkish.
I'm going back to the hotel.
You're leaving me here alone?
Screw the train.
We're here to enjoy and relax.
We've earned it.
Go to hell.
So, I'm never relaxed!
I'm always the one who's bitching!
I don't give a shit
if you buy the toy for that kid.
They're your friends anyway.
My friends?
Marija can't stand me.
And Milan says I'm too nervous.
He said you need
a break from Belgrade.
And that kid is
an impossible brat.
He's unbearable... you are unbearable.
Screw this vacation
and the shopping.
Stop it.
We can't have
a vacation anymore.
Stop it! Stop bitching!
How much?
The kid is
too young for a puzzle.
Two lira! Ok?
I'm not feeling well.
Let's get out of here.
I feel dizzy again.
That's from this weather.
We'll sit down soon,
let's just buy something first.
I'm tired.
I know.
That's why we're here.
I can't.
All this is terrible for me.
You're exaggerating.
I hate this bargaining.
Your bargaining.
I hate not knowing what the price is.
I don't get it.
What's the point?
How do they make
a profit when you lower the price?
And why do you always
feel like shit in the end?
For me it's great.
I like it. I'm having fun.
I won't let you ruin everything again.
Well then, enjoy.
Sorry, I don't understand you.
You've confused me with someone else.
I'm in a hurry.
I said I'm in a hurry, sorry.
Everything will be alright son.
My dear...
Mother! Mother!
Let me in!
Blood 0 Rh-.
Do we have any?
Is she his mother?
Check if her blood type matches.
Mirko is my son.
Our only child.
He was recruited into the army.
That was 15 years ago.
It was war time.
And then they told us...
that he died.
And so we buried him.
We thought he was dead.
And now I've found him.
I've found him here.
It's him, I know it.
I have a photo of him.
Somebody stole my wallet.
Everything will be alright... that I've found him.
Sorry, I can't understand you.
I am really sorry.
Where were you all this time?
I took a walk.
They found yourwallet
at the reception.
Check if everything's in there.
Let's go shopping.
Fayez Haadi?
My God!
I recognise you from TV
and the papers.
Yeah, it's awful.
On the contrary.
You should be proud.
Your books honour
the Palestinians.
I wish it was that simple.
Are you still in Tel Aviv?
Dad, actually...
I'm in Istanbul.
What are you doing in Istanbul?
Are you alone?
Who would I be with?
I don't know.
Like I don't get why you went to
Tel Aviv in the first place.
If my book is to be
adapted to the screen...'s hard to avoid the Israelis.
Your naivety is the reason why...
...your enemies
will get you one day.
Keep in mind... have a wife and
a family waiting for you.
This should be your only concern.
Good night, my love.
Very soon...'ll occupy my heart too.
If I should die... this heartless place...
...before holding your hands
and kissing your face...
...death would be joyful...
...knowing I was on my way to
salvation and grace.
Don't be afraid, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Come on, what could happen?
Go back to sleep.
I'm leaving tomorrow, I promise.
Kiss our son.
You fake Palestinian...
...hiding in Europe like a scared dog.
Do you really expect me... show sympathy...
...for this brother of yours?
You speak Arabic, right?
I always wanted to see this city.
Experience the great monuments
and history.
It is truly a beautiful place.
Hi Dad.
Your voice sounds strange.
What's wrong?
I don't know...
You were absolutely right.
The whole movie
adaptation idea was stupid.
I shouldn't have left.
I just want to come home.
What's keeping you?
Hurry then.
We're all waiting for you.
What honey?
It is the cause.
It is the cause my soul.
Let me not name it to you... chaste stars!
It is the cause.
Yet I will not shed her blood;
Nor scar that whiter
skin of hers than snow...
...and smooth
as monumental alabaster.
Yet she must die...
...else she'll betray more men.
Put out the light...
...and then
put out the light once more:
If I quench thee,
thou flaming minister,
I can again
thy former light restore.
But once put out thy light,
Thou cunning'st pattern
of excelling nature,
I know not where is that Promethean
heat that can thy light relume.
When I have pluck'd the rose,
I cannot give it vital growth again.
It must needs wither:
I'll smell it on the tree.
Hello, welcome.
Hello love.
Yes, I arrived.
No, I didn't hear the phone ring.
I don't know,
I guess it was noisy here.
No, the hotel is great!
It's marvellous!
Hold on, it is here.
No, no,
I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to the receptionist.
No, he did not find it yet.
Well yes, he is young...
Hello love,
what's wrong with you?
Of course not.
I did not.
No I did not.
I didn't mean you're an idiot.
When I asked
if you think that I'm an idiot,
I didn't mean anything by that!
Ok, if you say so.
I'm in the room!
How come? I've checked.
It must have been
because I was in a hurry!
I'm sad you're not here too.
Hey, what is wrong?
And you have mercy too!
I never loved him!
No I'm not mad at you.
Are you mad at me?
So call me
when you're no longer angry.
Men are shit.
That death's unnatural,
that kills for loving.
Peace, be still.
I will.
What's the matter?
Who's there?
It's me Desdemona.
Will you come to bed, my Lord?
Have you prayed tonight,
Yes, my Lord.
If you bethink yourself of any crime
unreconciled as yet to heaven and grace...
...solicit for it straight.
Alas, my Lord...
...what do you mean by that?
I mean...
...suit the action to the word,
the word to the action.
I mean...
What do you mean by that?
What do you mean by that?
Since guiltiness...
I know not...
I know not...
...yet I feel fear still.
Think on thy sins.
They are loves I bear to you.
Yes, and for that you will die.
That death's unnatural...
...that kills for loving.
Yes, I can talk...
What's wrong with you?
I swear on my life, I did not do it!
Go ask him yourself.
Do I need to die
to make you believe me?
And you have mercy too!
I never offended you in my life!
Never loved Cassio...
but with such general warranty
of heaven as I might love.
I never gave him anything.
We're late.
They're waiting at the hotel.
They won't run away.
Let's go there.
That line is for the Turks.
Mother, we're going to
lose our place.
Look son.
We just arrived from Syria,
but we are Palestinians.
I came to see my sister.
I haven't seen her for 62 years.
If you let us go,
I will pray for you
for the rest of my life.
I don't think it will be long...
...but I swear I'll pray every day.
You think you are in the UN?
- Tell him about the fight with
the neighbours, too? - Just translate.
No worries.
We'll be at the hotel in an hour.
Did you take your medication?
At least remind me
to buy you some water.
We can't fly, you know.
What do I know?
I'm an old woman.
I can't do anything.
That's the way it is.
We had to
wait for passport control...
...then wait for the luggage...
...and now we have to take the bus.
These things take time.
You go on the bus,
I'll buy some water.
Leave them here.
My daughter hasn't come back!
Stop please! Stop!
If I crawled it would be faster.
Weren't we just here?
Thank you.
Zahra Wattad...
Isam? Hi.
At last.
At last, my sweet.
So... where is aunt Samah?
She isn't here?
Ah, she just went to
her room to freshen up.
She wanted to look nice for you.
I know.
She always was a classy woman.
Go straight ahead auntie,
straight ahead.
Ok, this way?
Just go straight ahead.
May I help you?
You want to go there?
It's really easy, I'll take you there.
As soon as my wife
and daughter are done,
we'll go together.
Have a seat.
Where are you from?
- From Palestine.
- Welcome.
Are you sure
everything's alright Dima?
Of course aunt,
why do you ask?
We should check on Samah,
maybe she feels sick?
Let's just wait a few minutes.
Dima, what's happening?
Mother is like this, always late.
She never used to be.
Mother, why do you act like this?
I know my sister,
she was always punctual.
It's ok.
People change Mom.
- Is the colour good?
- It fits you perfectly.
Everything suits you.
You have the best of
your parents' features.
You like it?
The colour too?
This one is also nice.
Isn't it too short?
Maybe a tiny bit.
How long haven't
you seen your sister?
It's been 62 years.
God! Since the Naqba.
You fled to Syria
and your sister stayed?
What's the Naqba Mom?
It's the 1948 war...
and the occupation of Palestine.
Don't they teach you anything in school?
Can we go to this shop, Mom?
Okay honey.
We'll be late then.
It'll just take two minutes.
We're almost there, don't worry.
My father said nobody else could have
survived what she has been through.
I remember
how she left with your father,
I was just six then.
My sisterwas
ready to stay and fight.
But your father was the man,
he decided.
My mother is lost.
I don't know where she is.
Hold still.
Hi Ali.
No, I'm in Beyolu.
Come here.
It's my only day off,
I'm with the children.
You could have told me earlier.
I'll try to see what I can do.
Ok, see you.
Auntie, I'll just...
Are you okay auntie?
Do you need water?
It's a whole new engine that I need!
We're almost there.
Ok, let's just move on.
That's enough.
I'm leaving.
Thank you.
She's alright, don't worry.
She's old and
she doesn't speak English.
Don't worry, she'll find the hotel.
She doesn't even
have her medication.
Are you crazy, auntie?
What more do you want from me?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Every Living Being Will Taste Death.
Where are you?
I'm here, with your father.
I got your message about the storage.
We need to talk.
I'll be home soon.
Every pipe in the
building is leaking.
The walls are all mouldy.
The roof is on the verge of collapse.
How can we ever pay for all this?
My father built this shop long
before he married you.
He put so much into it.
There's no other solution.
If you have another idea just tell me.
Everything is broken.
Whatever we sell, the money is yours.
I don't want anything.
It's not about the money.
He worked all his life for this shop.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
What the hell is this?
It's a real graveyard here.
Come on.
I brought you tea.
Thanks Mrs. Reyhan.
Mrs. Reyhan?
Should we throw
everything away or... there anything
you want us to keep?
Everything needs to go.
Please come in.
The guys in the back
are waiting for you.
This place used to be
his grandfather's shop.
What are you doing?
You never told me
you hired the removal men.
Yes, I did.
You just didn't want to listen.
I can't deal with it anymore.
I'm fed up, Aylin.
What part of
that don't you understand?
Don't lie. You want to close the shop
and move on with your life.
I don't want to fight with you.
I'm trying to do my best.
Help me... please.
If you don't want to help me...
...then do whatever you
want with the shop. I'm done.
Ohannes Muradian
1868 Constantinople
Whilst I was still a student...
...walking down the
Grande Rue de Pera,
I would hear six different
languages ringing in my ears.
Turkish, Greek, Armenian,
Sephardic Hebrew, Italian and French.
My fatherwas Armenian... mother a Greek.
I graduated from the Greek
Elementary School of Heybeliada.
It was there that I learned Greek,
the language that made me a writer.
All the rest of
my studies were in German.
When I went back to the school
a few years ago...
...I witnessed scenes of desolation.
I stood there,
unable to hold back my tears.
It was as if, buried among
these ruins, was also my language...
...the one this school
had taught me.
I didn't feel the loneliness
of the island during elementary school.
It started in high school.
The school was near the
Tower of Galata.
This daily trip back
and forth between a city full of life...
...and an island with
few inhabitants...
...made me feel very lonely.
In the last years of high school, I started
staying in Istanbul a bit longer on Saturdays...
I'd lose myself searching for books
in Hachette bookstore...
...or grab a sandwich and
beer from Atlantik with friends...
...and go to the 4 o'clock screening...
...usually in Emek cinema...
Hachette is now a Starbuck's,
Atlantik a Levi's store,
As for Emek...
The 2nd of May 2010,
Emek cinema is still standing.
They want to destroy it.
We won't let them!
Then, once again, the last boat to
the Prince Islands would leave at 19:30...
...the hourwhen Pera starts to
prepare for the Saturday night...
...and my friends would be discussing whether
they would go watch a second movie...
...or to Saray patisserie for desserts.
Each alleyway carries the
memory of someone or something.
Maybe that's why it took me
so long to write about Istanbul.
Up to now, every return to Istanbul was for me
a chance to be freed from nostalgia.
Do you remember Petros?
Two years ago...
...we started talking and...
...that was when this story
came out, right?
Did you ask me or did I ask you?
I can't remember.
Well, when I told you
I used to live in Kurtulu,
You said,
'I live in Kurtulu too.'
I asked you 'Where in Kurtulu? '
You said...
'Near the terminal station
there's this building: Narin'.
I asked 'What floor of
this building do you live on? '
You said the fifth and I used to
live on the fourth. That's how it came out.
The day my mother got smacked by my grandmother,
24/10/1951. Her son, Petros Markarian.
What do you see Papa?
I see Tatavla...
I see snow falling on
Tatavla, Josefina.
For my grandparents, Joseph and
Tassoula, who never made it back to Polis