Do You Like My Basement (2012) Movie Script

I'm Stanley, Stanley Farmer.
I am a filmmaker.
Oh, my God, baby, what's wrong?
Just tell me what's the matter!
Oh, my God!
rent was due yesterday dude!
Can you try and have it
for me today please?
Yeah, sure.
Hey, asshole, I already told you
I don't get paid till tomorrow!
I heard that, you little prick!
You know when the goddamn
rent is due
but, every month
it's the same shit.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'll get it to
you tomorrow, the latest.
I promise.
Just make sure you have it
for me tomorrow night, latest.
Hi Chad,
this is Stanley... I called earlier.
Oh, yes.
Hi Stanley, thanks for
calling, I just walked in.
So I saw the footage
you sent me.
I was wondering when you
could come along for a chat?
I can come over
today if you want.
Today is perfect.
How is 4:00?
4:00 works for me.
Are there sides or
is it a cold read?
Actually I just want to get a
sense of you, yourself,
rather than a reading.
So I'll just be asking
you a few questions, okay?
Of course, sure.
It sounds great.
Where are you located?
I'm Stanley, I'm guessing
you couldn't find the address?
I just moved here so
I inverted the numbers,
I am so used to
saying the old address.
Anyway, pleased to meet you!
Oh, you too.
I didn't understand
what you said just now,
but it's okay with me.
Please, come in.
Take a seat.
So I am making
a reality-style horror film.
The premise involves
a man placing an ad
which asks the question:
"Do you like my basement?"
Like this.
People see the ad,
call up to see if they
can spend the night
in the basement,
some out of curiosity,
others, more importantly,
to try and win the
thousand dollars,
but of course terrible
things happen to them
once they're left
alone down there.
And that is where you come in.
So, first I would like us
to go through a scenario
beginning with you
on the phone calling me
in response to the ad.
Do you mind I f I ask
a quick question first?
Sure, go ahead.
Is there pay for
the people who get cast?
Yes, there will
definitely be pay for those
that are cast in the film.
Okay, great.
I'm sorry,
I just wanted to be sure.
let's imagine the phone is ringing.
No, I say hello.
You're calling me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Please go ahead, that was...
Okay, the phone is ringing.
Hello, I'm calling
about the basement ad?
Well, I'm interested in
learning more about the deal.
The deal is simple.
If you can spend a
night in my basement,
I will give you a thousand
dollars in cash.
what kind of basement is it?
That's for you to find out.
Well, what do I have to do?
Can I ask your
sexual orientation?
Excuse me?
I want to know if you
prefer girls or boys.
I like boys.
Is this still part
of the conversation?
It's all part of
the conversation.
Is that what you wanted?
That's fine.
Could you wait here for
me until I call you down?
Ooh, this is creepy.
I'm glad you think so.
So I've always
loved musical theater
and that's why I'm here
in the big city.
And you think you have
a good enough singing voice?
Oh, my God, yes.
The people on
Broadway can't touch me.
Sing me a song.
Go ahead.
I may be able to
use a song somewhere.
So this is actually
a song that I wrote
when I was in
a band in Atlanta.
A glam rock band.
I was born on a mountaintop
Never saw the sun
Never saw the sun
Loved the earth
and kissed the stars
And danced in the rain
And I saw
you standing there
Alone in the world
and I thought boy...
Okay, okay, good.
That's enough.
Please sit down.
That was good.
Thanks, Chad.
Now, can you tell me something
personal about yourself?
personal about myself?
I'll give you an example.
When I was six years old,
I received a large, red,
plastic, Formula One
racing car for Christmas.
It cost my parents an
arm and a leg back then
and they thought I would
cherish it.
I had, in fact, asked
for a toy robot,
one that showed pictures
of the moon on the front,
but they ignored my request
and bought me this car,
which I had to sit
inside of and pedal to make go.
It was the most disappointing
moment in my life.
I understand.
When I was a kid, my favorite
thing to do at Christmas
was to help my mom bake cookies
for Santa so he and the
reindeer could have
a snack after
delivering our presents.
One Christmas,
my mom burnt her mouth
on a cookie hot out
of the oven.
I laughed 'cause
I thought she was joking,
and she slapped me
hard in the face.
It was the first
time she had ever hit me.
My father broke up with her
shortly after that Christmas.
We never made cookies again.
Chad, tell me, how could you
make that story better,
when reciting it?
Slap my mom back?
Now tell me, what you are
willing to do to get this part?
I'll do anything.
I can be at rehearsals.
I have a day job, but my
dedication is next to none.
I'll be punctual.
That's all fine, Chad.
But what are you willing to do
beyond the normal
requirements to get the role?
I'm not sure
I get what you mean.
It's simple.
Are you willing to go
beyond the normal requirements
to get this role?
Is there something
specific you want me to do?
Chad, how would you feel
if the inside of this basement
were to be the last thing you
saw while you were alive?
That would be horrible.
Just horrible.
Let's leave it there.
Well, goodbye then.
Goodbye, and thank you very
much for the opportunity.
I know I froze down
there, but I just got thrown
by the atmosphere.
I've never been to a casting
session like this before.
Well, Chad, there's never been
a film quite like this before.
Have a good night.
Uh, Stanley!
I was actually wondering,
would it be possible
for you to tell me
now if I got the part?
I feel like I didn't get it.
You didn't have the reaction to
the questions I was looking
for, so, I'm afraid not.
I can do so much better.
And I just got...
I froze.
You know, I dropped
the ball and I'm sorry,
but if you let me come
for a callback,
I promise I won't let you down.
Okay... When I do callbacks,
I'll let you try again.
I'll have looked at
the other guys by then, anyway.
Goodbye now.
Thank you so much, thank you.
Have a great night
and, uh, it was a pleasure!
Hello, this is Sylvia,
leave a message.
this is Dr. Schumann.
This is now the third
time you haven't shown up
for your appointment
without canceling.
I'm afraid I can't keep you
on any longer as a patient.
Tell your mother I said hello.
Yes, please come in.
So you're shooting the audition
beginning with my arrival?
Yeah, so we need to go through
to the living room please,
just around the corner.
Take a seat.
Can I just say that I'm
a little uncomfortable.
One with the camera,
which I'm sure I'll get used to,
but mostly with the fact we seem
to be alone in your apartment.
I actually don't need anyone
else here for the auditions
and it helps create the
atmosphere I'm looking for.
I can't say anymore than that,
apart from I am not
a psychopath,
which would mean
nothing if I was.
I really am just a filmmaker
trying to do something unique.
You don't have to feel
like you need to stay.
Really, you're free to leave.
I suppose it would help if
I knew what the film was about.
Of course.
And I'm one of
the respondents to the ad?
I love it!
It's so fucked up.
So can I take that as a yes?
You want to stay and
complete the casting session?
I'm sorry, I just got
freaked out a little bit,
this being New York City
and all.
Why do you love it?
Apart from it being
"fucked up?"
Well, it's corny and hokey
but it's also pretty
sinister, I guess.
This is London,
Stanley, the Tower of London.
It's where they
used to behead people
and put their heads on spikes.
Ben, shut up.
Don't tell him stuff like that.
Here, get Stanley, look at him.
What's the matter Stan, eh?
Ben didn't mean that.
I was only kidding, matey.
They didn't really do that.
Look, do you wanna
have a go, eh?
Be the cameraman?
I wonder if he's ever seen
a video camera before.
With that lot, you're kidding.
Yes, it's me.
Your Auntie Helen.
Film something
else now, Stanley.
Look at all the boats
out there.
Okay, that's enough now.
Oh, leave him be.
It's probably the most fun thing
he's done in his whole life.
So you can juggle
and fence among other things.
And you can do
a BBC British accent?
It's probably not
as good as yours.
So this is the basement
where it everything happens?
And you're not going
to kill me at all?
That's correct.
Not going to lock me up
and throw away the key?
Sylvia, tell me.
What attracts you to
a role in which
you will be tortured and
subject to discomfort, pain,
psychological terror
and real fear?
I love horror.
I love it...
Always have.
On my first sleepover ever,
we watched "Halloween"
and almost wet ourselves.
And do you think watching
that kind of film
makes you capable of
producing real fear?
Well, I think I've studied
fear enough dramatically
and know how to convey it.
That's exactly what
I am getting at.
You see, I think studied and
replicated fear doesn't sell.
What I'm looking for
is real fear...
Well, I can only show you
what I have in my repertoire,
I'm afraid.
But I'm willing
to try everything!
You have a great attitude.
So how do you feel about being
handcuffed to this hook here?
Ahh, you see, you already
have the perfect expression
of real fear on your face now.
Do you see what
I am getting at?
Oh, my God, yes.
This is exactly what my mother
and many therapists
warned me about.
Don't go into the basement
alone with a stranger.
And most importantly, don't
let that stranger tie you
to the beams in the basement.
Jesus Christ.
If you try and kill me, I'm
gonna be so upset with myself.
And you.
I mean, you have that
wonderful English accent.
I mean, you eat crumpets for
breakfast and drink tea at 4:00.
You couldn't hurt
me if you tried.
Could you?
I couldn't have
put it better myself.
Shall we?
If you'd be so kind.
Why, they could have
been made for you.
There, you already have the
perfectly frightened expression.
So Silvia, now, is
there anything specific
you're particularly afraid of?
Well... I guess
being alone and helpless
with some sort of maniac.
Something like
this but in the dark.
let's see how you convey that on screen.
How do you mean?
Stanley, where are you going?
Hello, Stanley?
This isn't funny!
Come back here and let me down!
Oh, fuck!
Help, help, help!
Help me.
Help me!
Nicole, where you at, girl?
Call me!
Andrew is mad at me for you not
showing up for work yesterday.
I can't get hold
of you or Frank.
And you know what
day it is tomorrow!
Call me, please!
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Sorry, I wondered if
you would be kind enough
to answer a few questions.
Depends what the questions are?
Well, the questions vary.
I'm making a film
and I'm trying
to do some
research for material.
Okay, what's the film about?
It's a horror film.
And I wanted to ask you if you
had ever been really,
truly frightened
and if you had been,
what was it that made
you feel that way?
That's an interesting question.
And I can tell you, yes, I
have been really frightened
and for a damn good reason.
Really, that's fantastic.
Would you like to
tell me about it?
Please... We can we take
a seat over here?
I'm Stanley by the way.
Okay, I'm Nancy.
So are you going to
use this in the film?
It depends on what it
turns out to be.
That's the beauty
of random material.
So, you're filming
now, should I start?
Just out of curiosity,
what are you are going
to do with the film?
Oh, I'm not sure yet.
It depends on the ending.
Would you like to begin?
Frank and Nicole are not here right now.
Please leave
a message after the tone
and someone will get
back to you then.
I'm standing outside your door right now
and nobody is answering
and I'm starting to freak
the fuck out.
I'm going to the police
if you don't call me,
you understand?
Hello, can I help you?
I don't know.
My name is Valerie and I'm
looking for my friend Nicole.
She lives here.
Nicole, ah, hmm.
What you mean "hmm"?
Nicole unfortunately
had a family emergency.
I'm just subletting the place
in the meantime.
It was all rather
last-minute I'm afraid.
Why are you filming this?
I'm a filmmaker.
Nicole was kind enough to let me
use the apartment for a project.
You know, I made
a couple films myself.
They're online right now.
Check them out,
I will, most definitely.
So what kind of
emergency was it?
And she didn't even call
to let me know.
Frank went with her too?
Yes, they...
They left together.
I'm... Look, I'm-I'm just in the
middle of something right now.
Is there a message
I can give them?
I'm sorry, what was your name?
Stanley Farmer.
I never heard
her mention your name.
And I known Nicole
my whole life.
I don't really
know her that well.
Some friends of mine put
me in touch with her.
And this filming business.
This is all fucked up, too.
Anyways, I'm probably gonna go.
I'm sure she'll
call me and let me
know what's happening
when she gets time.
You said her mom was sick?
Family emergency of some sort.
Okay, then.
I best be going.
Good luck with the filming.
Hey, Stanley, you wouldn't
mind if I just came in
and used
the bathroom real quick.
I gotta pee real bad and
it's freezing out here.
Of course.
Do you know where it is?
Yes, thanks.
I just realized you have
an Australian accent?
It's English actually.
I like that, the way you
say "actually."
That's just like
the motherfucking queen!
I know something
is going on here.
My best friend in the world
suddenly disappears
without saying a word
and then some crazy English
talking motherfucker
is in her house filming me?
Get that camera out of my face!
Look, I don't know
what you want me to say.
I'm telling you the
truth, all right?
I want to know
what is going on here,
and if you don't tell
me right now
I'm coming back
with my homeboys
and they gonna fuck you up
'til I find out
what is going on here.
Tell me you
didn't just punch me!
Oh shit!
You motherfucking inject me?
You think you can fuck with me?
I'll kill your ass!
I ain't no fucking victim!
What the fuck you do to me?
What'd you do to me?
Oh, God!
Please, let me go!
Oh, God, please help me!
It's Auntie Helen.
Auntie Helen.
Hi, how are you?
Great, now that I can finally
speak to my only nephew.
I just wanted to see
how you're doing out there.
Yeah, no, I'm...
I'm fine.
Everything's going good.
It's a great town.
You sound exhausted.
Did I catch you on
the hop or something?
Yeah, something like that.
So, come on, tell me.
How many films have you made?
Are you in LA yet?
No, not quite yet.
Things have been pretty
slow of late.
But I'm actually doing
something of my own right now.
Oh, that's great.
Your Mom says hi, by the way.
She said hi,
and to send her love to you.
Yeah, yeah...
Okay, okay.
I'm sure you're
okay for friends.
All of yours out here miss you.
Said to send their best.
That's nice to hear.
I've met a lot
of people out here.
All of them are awesome.
Because you know if you wanted
to, you know, you could always
come home and live
with me and Ben again.
You like Ben, don't you?
I know you like the pub
at the end of the street.
I do like that pub.
I'm just in the middle of
something right now
and you know,
when it is finished,
I know it's gonna make me.
There hasn't been
anything quite like this before.
And you'll hear about it.
And if it doesn't work out,
then maybe I'll think about
coming home.
You promise?
Yeah, I promise.
Well, you take good care of
yourself and I do miss you.
I really do.
I miss you, too.
We both do.
Bye, now.
Hello, we are here
for the film.
Do come in.
I'm Stanley.
I am Manami.
This is my daughter, Kumiko.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you both, too.
Please come through.
Can I get you anything?
No thank you, Mister Stanley.
So Mister Stanley, can tell
us what the film is about
I'm sorry.
I'm laughing at
your serious expressions.
They are very concerned.
This is a
no-holds-barred horror film.
Mister Stanley, is that
why you advertise "no pussies"?
"No pussies" would indicate
a certain amount of...
balls, to be
anatomically precise.
And you can just
call me Stanley,
there is no need for
the "Mister."
So, Stanley, what
is the film about?
The film is about a man
who advertises a reward
for people who can spend
the night in his basement.
So something happens to
them when they stay?
What happens to them?
Something happens to them.
Mister Stanley, I
would like to know
what happens to them.
For me, it would help me
understand the film more.
Yes, but what I want is
a spontaneous reaction,
so whatever happens
is played as authentic
and the reaction from
you will be real.
I understand.
So this will allow for a
more improvised reaction?
I understand.
So it is like a reality horror?
Oh, very much so.
Oh, I am very excited now.
So how do we begin?
Well, we could go down to
the basement and begin now,
but I'm not sure it'll work if
your mother is there with us.
Will she be okay
to stay up here?
I don't think the atmosphere
will be right
if she comes down.
You need to feel isolated.
I can go and come back
an hour, Kumi.
How about if I make
you a cup of tea
and you can stay right here?
Okay, I will stay.
Better put the kettle
on then hadn't I?
We'll have to wait
for the water to boil.
My name is Frank Delacourt.
I'm 36 years old.
I work as a finance adviser
for Woolams and Gaskin.
What do you want from me?
Continue, please.
Let's talk about your
Oh, please...
She's a good woman.
Don't harm her.
What would you say is your
favorite thing to do together,
say on a special
Saturday night?
And something to read.
Thank you.
What kind of tea is this?
Oh, it's an English brew.
So I should let you know,
you may hear some screaming
which will sound rather
like Kumiko here
is being murdered and
sliced into small pieces,
but she will in fact
be just acting.
Mom, it is okay if
you hear me make a scream
or like I am in pain,
just ignore.
We can do a few takes,
so she gets used to
hearing the sounds.
I will be okay.
I'll leave this camera here.
I have another one
set up in the basement.
Shall we?
Yo, man, what you filming?
Just a little project of mine.
Can I have six prepaid
phones please?
What is it, a film?
Yeah, a feature film.
I'm gonna be in it?
If you want to be.
I'll be in it if you make me
rich off all those royalties.
All right.
Let me know when it comes out.
I definitely will...
All right.
I am ready.
Let's begin.
Something the matter?
It smells bad here.
That, my dear, is all part
of the physical experience.
Now, I want you to
close your eyes
and let your mind go dark.
Let the inky depths of the
blackest night into your mind.
And imagine that
you are confined
to a very small space.
Keep your eyes closed but
imagine you have opened them
but it remains dark,
and you realize that
you are inside a coffin.
A very small, tight,
claustrophobic coffin.
I want you to feel the
coffin around you
and choke on the putrid
stench of rotting flesh
as you realize...
it is you who is about
to experience death next.
I'm acting!
It's okay!
that was pretty convincing
if your mother's reaction
is anything to go by.
Okay, I have a slightly
different scenario now.
I'm going to blindfold you
and I want to see how well
you react to
actually being in the dark.
This will be
frightening for me.
What are you doing?
Wandering around...
Wondering... you
will feel..
...when you can't talk
ever again...
because your
tongue has been removed?
Oh, excuse me?
Did you say something
about my tongue?
Hey, Stanley, this is Chad.
I don't know if you
remember me,
but I auditioned for you
a few days ago and you said
you would be having callbacks
this week maybe.
Yes, Chad, I do remember you.
And I am having callbacks,
as a matter of fact.
Are you
available tomorrow night?
Can you be here
at 6:00?
Okay, this is my bike,
the four-by-four of
New York City.
Okay, so it's my last delivery
and I'm going home.
Hey, buddy.
Where you going?
Let me see that.
This says 15B.
There is no 15F.
Go ahead.
On your left on
the way out, okay... Left!
Si, seor, si, seor.
He puts the ads where?
Like in a newspaper?
Well, no, on the notice boards
of bars, clubs, cafes,
maybe on the street.
So, what I would like
to do is for you to come up
with a character like yourself
who sees this advert, meaning,
what kind of person do
you think would be attracted
to an ad like this and who
would you make him?
Form the character you
want to play in your mind
and remember that we'll be
continuing the casting session
with you in that character
when you choose him.
And can I stand?
I just wanna...
Go ahead.
So this character,
he's desperate, no?
He's is in the street, because
he's illegally...
He's illegally in
the country and he lost his job
and he has no money,
and his mom is sick.
So he can't pay the rent so
he's out on the street
and he goes to
the homeless shelter.
And in the homeless shelter,
he meet people
and they give him drugs, right?
And he want the drug, so he's
walking one day in the street,
you know, and he really want
the drug and he's really cold,
so he goes into a coffee shop
and he see your advertising.
He see your
advertising and he's like,
man, $1,000 for one night
in a basement?
Like, facil, I can do this.
Is he brave?
Brave like a lion.
You think you are
ready to begin?
Yeah, I think so.
do you have a big family in Honduras?
Oh, you mean like in the real
life or in the... in the movie?
In real life.
Oh, yeah.
Four brother, three sister,
my two grandmother
and my father and
mother and a lot of cousin.
And what made you come here?
It's America.
Everybody want to come here.
Aren't you a little
old to be a delivery boy?
Well, I do all sort of things.
I am a dishwasher,
I am a cleaner.
You know, I need to work
to make money to send back.
My family depend on me.
How would you feel if you knew
you were never going to
see your family again?
No, I can't even
think about that.
My family mean
everything to me.
I send them money every week.
You know, I'm going back
to Honduras, like, in a year.
I'll be back.
But you also want to act?
Yeah, man.
I always wanted to act.
Like, since I were
4 years old, my mom said,
you gonna be on television.
I love to act.
So let's begin.
Swing your legs up on the bed.
I'm going to cuff you to the
bedhead for the first part
of this scene, okay?
Yeah... So we
We already in
the basement then?
So, Raul, you think you have
the cojones to stay the night
in the basement huh?
Do you believe in ghosts, Raul?
No, I don't believe in ghosts.
Do you believe in demons?
I don't believe in demons.
Do you believe in the devil,
No, I don't believe
in the devil.
So you don't believe
in the devil, Raul?
Do you believe in evil, Raul?
So, do you believe in evil?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I believe there is evil.
Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing, man?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, come on, man!
Mister, please, please, please.
Please stop... Stop,
stop, stop!
Mister, please...
Please stop, stop mister!
Oh, thank Christ!
Excuse me?
I am Otto, maintenance man
for this apartment building.
I been trying for to get
in here for three days.
I'm sorry, now just
really is not a good time.
No, no.
You are the one that called
about the AC and the mold
in the bathroom ceiling, yes?
Hi, Stanley!
Hello, Chad.
Listen, I am in the middle
of making a film.
It really is
inconvenient right now.
It's fine with me
if he needs to work.
It's not gonna to
spoil my focus.
Listen, the landlord says I
must do the job, okay?
Today is Friday.
I must get the work done today.
For God's sake... All
right, all right, come on in.
What was your name again?
So you are making film
in here, yeah?
Oh my God!
You look ready.
I am so ready.
Thank you so much for this
opportunity and nothing,
nothing is going
to throw me this time.
Okay, well, look.
Let me just get Otto sorted out
and I'll brief you, okay?
The chap downstairs already
in the basement,
he's a real talent.
He's getting into
character now.
The AC is down by
the window over here, yeah?
Down here, right,
by the window?
So I can leave you to it?
Yes, yes, no problem.
I take care of everything.
Do you need extra, no?
Extra, for your film, yes?
No, thank you, we
already have our cast.
Look, if you could just try not
to make too much noise
and get on with
what you're doing,
we're gonna be downstairs
in the basement, okay?
Okay, boss, you got it.
Okay, so as I was saying,
Raul, the actor you're
working with is fantastic.
He will not break character no
matter what you throw at him.
So just go with this,
whatever happens.
Just let me take a second
to get ready.
Is he downstairs already?
Do you have something
on your face?
Yeah, Raul is already
downstairs, and this time,
we're using a little
gore effect
to get the realism
I'm looking for.
Basically, he is at the point
where he desperately wants
to get out of the basement.
He is going to try to
convince you to help him,
but you are intent on winning
the thousand dollars,
so you're gonna do
everything it takes,
everything you can, to
stay in the game.
So I want you to stick
with this, whatever happens.
Do you think you can
do that, Chad?
And let me say, thank you so
much again, I'm so grateful...
Okay, okay, okay.
So let's begin.
You go down first.
Who's that?
Who's there?
Help me, man!
Help me, please!
Help me...
Get me out of here, please!
It's gonna be okay.
Hijo de puta!
Don't worry!
Hijo de puta!
You gotta help me.
Help me, please.
Please get me out of here!
Tell me, is this
a scene you can handle?
I can handle anything.
Fucking loco!
What the fuck are you doing?
We just have to stick together
and we can get out of here.
What about you, Raul?
Stop fucking filming me,
Look what you did
to my fucking leg!
Sir, you gotta help me.
Help comes in the morning.
Right now you just gotta
listen to me.
Oww, fuck!
Keep it together.
What the fuck, man?
Look at me, please I'm begging
you, look at me, look at my leg.
Get me out of here.
I need to go to a hospital.
I need to go to a hospital!
Yeah, you need a hospital.
Look at me, man!
Look at my fucking leg!
Fucking help me, man!
What the fuck are you doing!
Just keep it together.
You hang in there, pal!
Fuck you!
Stop fucking filming me!
Fuck, fuck!
I'll kill you!
Fucking fuck!
Listen to me, you little bitch!
You shut your fucking hole!
I will figure out a
way out of here!
Dios mio, sacame de aqu.
Por favor, Dios mio!
Fuck, ahh!
You hang in there, pal.
You hang in there.
Look what he did
to my fucking leg!
I sorry interrupt.
I need paint
for bathroom ceiling.
You know where it is?
Yes, it's downstairs,
the eggshell white.
I'll get it.
You can stay here,
I'll bring it to you.
He is okay?
So, let's continue?
Fuck you.
Fuck me?
No, fuck you, pal.
Fuck you!
Listen man, you need
to help me, please.
This guy is fucking crazy, man.
Look at my leg, he put a
fucking hole in my leg.
Listen to me.
There's no movie, he's
gonna fucking kill you.
He's gonna fucking kill you.
Por favor.
Maybe, but I ain't going
down without a fight.
I need that money, man,
and I'm willing to do whatever
it takes, anything to get it.
No money.
Hello, Wadjka?
Guess what!
They are filming down in
the basement on job I am in.
What... Who?
Anyone famous?
No, some English guy, look
like Hugh Grant.
It's a low-budget,
you know, like Corman.
But you know, maybe they put
me in the movie, huh?
Don't be ridiculous.
You act like a prize ham
in the Brezno fair.
you need to fucking help me, please!
What's that?
Wadjka, I'll call you
right back.
Don't be stupid man!
Look at me!
- Please!
- Help comes in the morning.
Right now, you just
have to wait.
We have to stick together!
Fuck together, man!
That fucker drilled a
fucking hole in my...
Fuck you, hijo de puta!
Fuck you!
And fuck you!
Jesus, Otto, look,
we are trying to make a film
and I have a deadline.
Can you please go back to work
and let me
finish what I started?
Everybody is okay?
I am sorry, very sorry.
It sound like someone
is dying down there.
Then I'm doing
a good job, aren't I?
Yes, yes.
Very good job!
Are we doing the scene again?
Nope, we're moving on.
I just need to grab some props.
All this going on, I can't
get nothing done.
Hello, Wadjka?
Otto, what was that noise?
I got frightened.
Oh, it was nothing.
It was the actors
downstairs filming.
It's okay.
You are an amazing actor,
you know that?
I mean, I wish...
I hope one day I can reach
your level of performance.
Really, it was fierce.
Like, just so
incredibly fierce.
No, no, no no!
Wait a minute, something is not right.
Otto, don't go down there!
Mister Stanley?
Come on, Chad, come back.
Chad, come back.
Please, man.
Come back... Chad.
Chad, come here!
We're going home.
Chad, Chad!
Chad... Aghh!
Chad, Chad...
I just want to say...
thank you
to all those people who helped
make this film possible.
First and foremost my parents.
And I could never, ever
have done this without you.
My drama teacher, Mr. Pitt,
Auntie Helen
and Uncle Ben, you...
I really do love you
both so much.
You are both stars!
And to all you
filmmakers of horror
with big breasted amateurs,
you are the people
who made me realize
this was possible.
Look at the realism
I have captured!
I know what real fear is,
and it's been
a long time coming.
There were times,
times I thought
I would never
be able to continue.
But to all you budding young
filmmakers out there...
When darkness is
rising all around,
and there seems to be
any choice left
but to pack it in,
give it up and get
a proper job...
"When you are
going through hell...
keep going."
That's what I have done,
my friends.
That is what I have done,
and only by going through hell
have I produced such...
a masterpiece.
Thank you all.
Thank you all so very much.
9-1-1 operator,
what is your emergency?
Police department,
is anybody down here?
Let's check it out.
Damn, it smells bad here.
Sean, we got
live ones down here.
Check the back!
Holy shit!
Holy fucking shit!
Check the back!
I checked the fucking back, okay, I can't
see shit. Did you check the fucking back?
Yeah, I checked
the fucking back.
Don't move, just
don't move, okay?
This is fucked up,
John, this is real fucked up!
Shut the fuck up and stop
acting like a fucking rookie!
You said you can't see shit,
how do you know it's clear?
Let's call for back up!
Just everyone just shut the fuck up, okay?
Just shut the fuck up
and let me think, okay?
Let me think, let me
fucking think!
What the fuck is this shit?
Oh my... Oh, God!
Oh my fucking God.
Oh, God.
Oh, my fucking God.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.