Do You Love Me? (2023) Movie Script

Kira, are you still going to be a while?
- Kira!
- I'm coming now!
Kira, help me with the dishes!
Hi Kira, you have a new hairstyle?
You look so much like your mother!
May I congratulate you?
Are you a student?
Yes! I'm almost a film actress!
There are no films now.
Listen, there was art, there will be art,
but now there is no art.
- You just said that about money.
- You can apply this to anything.
USSR resources give you everything.
A film theater, film sets,
but you must support the Soviet ideology!
- Everything will fall apart soon!
- No, never!
What are you doing?
Friends, help yourselves.
Dessert is served.
- Kira, what's this?
- Nothing.
- You took my lipstick again?
- I didn't!
- I see through you!
- I didn't, I swear.
Also, have you seen my shoes?
- Which ones?
- The white ones.
- No, I didn't.
- Liar! Don't touch it.
When are we cutting the cake?
Wait! You're not alone.
- Mom, dad!
- Hello, happy anniversary!
Good afternoon!
Your attention, please!
I want to make a speech!
Our dear children! Vira and Lev!
So, so... Binging without me?
Hi all.
Wow, mister Voronin!
Lev, my dear, hi!
Hello! Hello!
- Vira, where's the vodka?
- Wait, I brought whiskey!
Wow, whiskey!
- Kira! Is it really you?
- It's me.
Come to me.
Kiss me twice like in France.
Listen, how old are you?
Almost seventeen.
I'm almost an actress.
Well, I can see you're an actress.
Turn around!
Can't believe it. So, where's your wife?
Vira, where are you?
- I'm coming!
- Vira! How beautiful you are.
How many years have you been standing her?
Come on, it's her who's standing you.
- She's been enjoying me for 20 years.
- 19. Don't add to my age.
Friends! A toast!
Of course, we are not related.
But it is such a feeling that we are.
So on this anniversary day, I would like
to wish you more money, less work...
- Let us drink already!
- Don't interrupt!
- Well, let's have more kids!
- Exactly!
Vira, go to the bedroom,
start making babies, I will come soon.
Well, I'm serious.
Well, happy wedding anniversary!
Wait, I'll bring you some food.
I need to buy dollars.
Can you help?
No problem.
Don't worry, you have to think
about your heart.
Kira, get up.
You're going to be late.
Good God, what is this mess? Kira?
I found my shoes under your bed.
Where is the sweater?
The one Voronin gave me yesterday.
Why are you taking everything from me?
Come on!
According to the USSR government's data,
94% of food products are distributed
via ration cards.
Nearly 73% are alcoholic beverages.
But the biggest reason for worrying
is the introduction of the commercial
rate of the ruble in the country.
- One minute, dad!
- How many times do I have to ask you?
- I'll put it on you, how about that?
- Put it on yourself.
Is that mom's lipstick?
I swear it's mine!
May I?
Go for it!
Well done!
Yeah, well done!
Look at him.
No, I won't do it.
I won't do it either. That's childish.
Why can't we play something seriously?
I'd love to eat.
A cinnamon roll.
How original!
I got lots of stuff. Whiskey, gum, Pepsi.
- Open it!
- Nope, give it back!
I'll give it back for a wet kiss.
OK, I'll do it.
Wow, come on!
Why? You want more?
Kira, Kira!
May I have a word with you?
- With me?
- Yes.
- Kira, who's that?
- I don't know.
Just don't open!
- Hello, my name's Liza.
- God, what a beautiful jacket!
Thanks! I made it myself.
- Yourself?
- Yes.
Oh wow. Beautiful.
- Can I try it on quickly?
- Sure.
I'd love to dress like that.
It's awesome!
Hold it.
How is it?
- It really suits you!
- Does it?
I work in film production.
Together with your dad.
Oh, will you cast me?
We may.
I don't even know where to start.
- Start somewhere.
- Well. I'm Liza.
- You told me.
- I told you. Good. The thing is...
I meant...
Kira, I...
Kira, where are you going?
Get up!
Come on, get up!
How is work?
Everything is fine.
What is fine?
No one's making decent movies anymore!
Did you call Voronin?
Did I have to?
We talked about it.
He may have a job for you.
I'm a film director, not a businessman!
Where were you? Why didn't you call?
God, your feet are freezing.
Lev, these are hard times.
- You need to find a job!
- Vira, don't start, ok?
Am I trying for myself? I do it for you!
Where are you going?
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
- Why?
- Look at me.
Kira. Careful! I'm watching the road.
Once mom walked into my room and said:
"Something stinks".
"The neighbors probably smoked".
Oh God, I was so scared.
You should have said: "Mom, it's not me".
I quit smoking after this.
- Scary?
- Scary!
For God's sake, where d'you get this
- Turn it off, the parents are...
- Kira, don't you dare!
This is the tape of my life.
Now comes the fun part!
Nobody does that in real life.
Shut the fuck up, I can't hear anything!
Can you imagine your parents doing that?
My parents? Why?
Well, any parents.
Right now I'm imagining mine.
Ugh, I can't.
Careful. If we break it,
they'll take away our bonus.
I've been working for twenty years
and now it's over.
Hello. Oh Kira! I didn't recognize you.
You're growing up! You're beautiful.
Pardon me, where's my father?
Don't you see what's going on here?
I don't know where your father is.
Might be in the screening room
watching his movie.
Ok, thanks.
- Do you think we will all be fired?
- I don't care anymore.
I only care that we get our salary.
Hi, Kira.
Yep, we're wasting time here anyway.
To you mummy. To who else?
I don't have anyone but her,
she's the only one left.
Wow! Doing great.
What are you doing here?
Been missing you.
- Are you playing truant?
- No, we got permission.
Are you satisfied with your movie?
- Happiness, what's that?
- Simply happiness, that's all.
Wait, I know.
Happiness is when all is well.
So happiness in family...
is only for adults?
For kids too.
For all!
Adult can't be the only happy ones.
Write: "we wish you happiness
in your family life."
Dad, please...
Otherwise I'll bring nothing
for you from Moscow.
- What? Are you going to Moscow?
- Uh-huh.
- You weren't going to.
- I was.
- Alone?
- Yes.
- Can I join?
- No, you can't.
You will join next time.
You keep saying next time,
but you and I never...
Stop it, Kira. Stop being childish.
Kira, hurry up!
- Do you have "Terminator"?
- Nope.
- "Rambo"?
- Nope.
- So what's left?
- Only Jackie Chan's movies.
- Do you have "Laskovy May"?
- No?
- Mom, let's buy bananas?
- We don't have enough money.
- Please! Why don't we buy anything?
- I have a shopping list!
- Please, mom.
- Cut this "mom" crap.
Mom, look.
Kira, let's go.
Vira, hi! How are you?
Listen, I just saw your hubby downtown,
and now I run into you!
- No, Lev is away.
- No, we saw him!
- That must be a mistake.
- But we saw him!
He's not in the city. You are mistaken!
Kira, what time is it?
- We did see him!
- No, you are mistaken.
We are running late. Let's go, Kira.
- Got the tape?
- Nope.
- But I asked you!
- What happened?
Heating is off. In all countries, I heard.
- Maybe even in Moscow.
- Yeah... And America!
- So funny.
- Alright. Let's go.
However, here family is defined
as the object
of strategic interests of the state.
As we all know, if family is fit and fair,
fair is the state.
We must remember the key element.
Better to write it down.
Remember what our enemies said?
Homo homini lupus est:
Man is wolf to man.
Due to the economic situation
in the country,
the government has introduced a tax
for luxury items: diamonds, furs.
Taxes are increased on cigarettes
and beer.
Today the government of Soviet Ukraine
has decided to mitigate
the conflict with
the hunger-striking students.
The government has decided
to satisfy all demands of the protesters.
The issue of confidence in the government
will be considered
in a popular referendum in 1991.
Are you going somewhere?
Are you drunk?
What's going on?
Everything is wonderful.
- Where are you going?
- For a walk!
- Walk? It is nighttime.
- I'm invited.
- By whom?
- You don't know them.
Mom, wait! Where are you going?
What about dinner?
You're an adult! Cook it yourself.
- Dad, do something!
- I'm leaving too.
Are you kidding? You've just come back.
- Are you expected by friends?
- Or girlfriends?
Let's stay home!
- Dad, please...
- Good!
Then I'll invite my new friend Liza.
Into your room. Now!
We're breaking up!
Yes! Pack up and have fun...
With Liza, Katya, whomever you want!
Keep quiet, you need to sleep.
Please step out, you're in the way.
I'm not drinking it.
Drink, I told you! Drink!
Why are you staring at me?
Who would want you...
- What?
- You're a moron, that's what.
You're a moron yourself.
How are you?
Where's dad?
I'm here.
What are you doing here?
I've come to see if you're alive.
Alive and well. You can go now.
- Why so angry?
- I'm not angry, I'm cool.
Where did you get the car? Stole it?
Stole it.
Have you ever?
Okay, we're ending this.
It's a point of no return.
I've decided.
Girls say it hurts awfully.
- We can stop it if you want.
- No. It's okay. Let's do it.
Is that it?
Well... So, it won't be worse?
Everything is fine... Just...
I don't know why everyone
likes it so much.
- So, he never came?
- No!
We don't talk to him, you should know it.
I don't forbid talking to him. Do I?
I just admire you. Give me some salad.
I tell all girls...
Gran, let's turn on the music!
It's awfully boring!
Kira! Like we missed your music.
Are we celebrating?
As soon as I say a thing about her dad,
she goes nuts!
What did I say?
Did your beloved dad wish you
a Happy New Year?
He didn't congratulate me.
Folks, why are we sitting quietly?
Let's do a round of shots!
Let's see the new year off...
I mean the old year!
- Not all the family is at the table.
- Grandpa, stop it.
Don't worry. He may still change his mind
and come back.
Mom, not now. It's New Year.
19 years together and now
everything is meaningless.
I'm gonna see Lev and take him back home!
- Dad!
- Oh, please...
No, no! I must.
Tomorrow you'll do anything you want.
Take care of your heart!
I can't stand it anymore! I'm leaving.
Happy New Year!
Kira, wait! I'll give you something.
Are you back?
Misha, I just thought...
Let's move in together?
And start a new life! We're grownups!
Aren't you happy?
I'm happy, I just...
didn't expect...
I won't close it.
So we'll freeze to death?
Do you know that you steal
all of the blanket at night?
Well, you snore!
Did you like me at once?
As soon as I saw you throw up.
Jeez, don't remind me.
You never told me what had happened then.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Let's stay here forever.
I still need to go to work.
Who would you like to be when you grow up?
I've already grown up.
I can kiss with an eye. Wanna see?
Have you ever seen a dead person?
Of course. I'm a doctor, after all.
Oh, you know him?
- I do.
- Enough with that going around!
I can't watch TV or speak on the phone
because of you.
Why are you here?
Are we going to talk in the hallway?
OK, let's go to the kitchen.
Misha's sleeping.
Is he?
I've been looking for you for two days.
- Tea?
- Yeah.
Let me.
I can do it but thanks!
So you're going to live here, yeah?
Dad, where do you live now?
You know full well what happened.
Who, me?
Wait, how should I know?
Is someone telling me stuff? No.
If you're here, do tell me all about it.
I'm all ears.
Go on, tell.
You don't have the right
to leave mother in this situation.
So you have the right and I don't?
Listen, dad, it does look unfair.
Don't you think so?
Howdy! What a handsome man...
Do you need me?
- Nope, it's my dad.
- Howdy, dad. And who are you?
Well, I'm Misha's fiance.
Fiance, why are you using my kettle?
Sorry, I just wanted to make tea for dad.
Sorry to disturb you,
we're leaving already.
This is what you'll do, Kira:
pack up and go home.
By force?
Good morning.
- I am Lev, Kira's father.
- I know.
Do you know she ran away from home?
Vladyk, stop yelling!
Can I ask you to step outside for a bit?
Holy shit, I've never been thrown out
of my own kitchen.
We just need 5 minutes.
Listen, can we just sit and have tea?
No, thank you.
I've already had tea.
What did your parents say?
- I didn't even ask them!
- Really?
- How old is he?
- Twenty-five.
And how did you meet?
- Malkin, what are you doing here?
- Go get lost!
We have our adult talks,
fucking eavesdropper.
Listen, Kira...
Did you have sex?
- Of course!
- How often?
Five, six times a day.
Five, six?!
You're not afraid to get knocked up?
Careful, boys! I'm sleeping there,
what the hell?
Is he going to propose?
Just stop it, these aren't your things!
Kira! What will you live on?
Are you gonna live here?
Drop out of school?
Please get down! Boys...
Just get down!
Bit quieter, would you, please?
I'm putting kids to bed!
Sorry, we will quiet down.
Quieter, please. It's late, I beg you!
Are you kidding? Give it to me!
What the hell are you doing?
Hey, folks.
Party is over. Head for exit.
- Kira, who is it?
- It's Misha.
Kira, the deal was until morning.
I asked you to be quiet. Kids.
Alright, bye!
Alright Misha, I'll clean up.
I told them to behave...
Please forgive me.
It's okay...
My patient has died.
Your turn to clean, woman.
I've just cleaned.
Well: hallway, bathroom, toilet...
toilet and kitchen.
- What?!
- What's wrong?
Maryna, what's for dinner?
I'm so hungry I could eat a whole sausage.
There's no servants. Go clean!
Kolya, I'm warming it up! Vladyk,
come eat.
Excuse me, you forgot to clean the toilet.
The streets in the center are blocked
and the police are on full alert.
Let's hope that doesn't start a riot.
As you can see, the order remained.
Despite the fact that many of them
have different views, even opposite,
all political parties
have gathered for the protest.
But all the slogans are different.
Although everyone is in favor of looking
for ways to consolidate,
the main thing is not to allow
the collapse of the country.
"No dissolution of the USSR".
What's the queue for?
Sorry, what can I buy here?
Nothing so far, we're waiting.
What d'you need?
Dunno. Some meat, maybe.
Yeah, meat is good.
Will it make an okay soup?
Of course! Will be enough for meat jelly.
And patties too. Buying?
I'd share the pancakes
but food is hard to come by now...
My husband and I are waiting
for the exit visa.
We want to emigrate to Israel.
It's okay, I understand.
I'm making soup.
May I have a fork?
Any news about the visa?
They will never let us out.
How is it?
But I'm not hungry.
Will you play the guitar?
I don't know how.
Cute little things!
Are you selling them?
Aye, what else do with 'em?
- Expensive?
- Expensive.
See, so much meat.
Well, I would... buy one.
But I just don't have money.
But I got a watch.
Electronic. Imported.
Will it pay for one rabbit?
- Okay. Which one?
- This one.
Why do you need it?
Look, it's so cute!
It will be our child-training.
Good Lord, you are like a child.
Okay, clean up this zoo!
You're all sitting on my head.
Vladyk, did you blow your nose?
- What happened?
- We got the exit visa!
- What?
- We got the exit visa.
Kolya! Mark, don't give away
the furniture.
Lyuda, don't give away the dresser.
Got it?
No, it's more than you need.
How much can you take?
20 kilos per person.
What the heck is this?
What's this rubbish?
You've already read it all...
I stood all night in line to get this.
I wrote a dissertation about it.
Just listen!
Mark, please, this is not the time.
Mark, we shall take this desk for Vladyk.
The aquarium, too.
It will be Vladyk's new toy.
Books can be used as toilet paper!
Now reading is old-fashioned,
everyone watches TV.
Can I take the projector?
Oh God. Just take anything.
Lyuda, stop worrying like that.
Come on, Mark, how do you say hello
in Hebrew?
Oh Lord, look how young they are.
I saw. Been looking an hour.
We'll never get old, will we?
Kira, let's have some sleep.
I need to work tomorrow.
Do you love me?
Okay, I am going to the toilet,
you turn it off.
What, nowhere to get any food?
No, my son says,
"Mom, give me something sweet!"
But where will I get it?
If only there was a way to get at least
some potatoes or cabbage.
it's good that you came.
You see, we are celebrating
the end of the world here.
Who are all these people?
First time I see them.
Don't forget to return
your Soviet passport!
I'm no longer a Soviet person,
I'm tearing my passport!
Damn the Soviet Union!
Guys, let's drink!
The French brandy.
- Something happened?
- No.
- Listen, you're sad.
- It just seems so.
Here. My business card.
If you wanna talk, any questions...
any problems, just give me a call.
- Okay.
- Promise?
Look, some brandy!
I don't drink, I have a night shift.
Let's drink to TV and video player!
Not many tapes but God gave you
the video player,
God gave you tapes. I need a glass.
Kolya! I see everything.
50 grams here and there,
what's the difference?
Let's drink.
I don't drink, I have a night shift.
Oh Misha, your work is a waste of time!
Here, look. Our Igaryok is shuttling stuff
to Poland. Are you?
Binoculars. We don't need them,
but they sell like hot cakes there.
- Think about it.
- What's there to think?
- Am I some filthy dealer or what?
- Why a filthy dealer?
Times have changed. You need to spin
like that squeaky wheel.
Isn't there something to sell at work?
I drive an ambulance,
I can't get more money.
Don't overreact. What did I say?
I want the best for you.
I can't...
We had one like that back home.
I see.
Listen, I wanted to ask you.
Your dad is an important guy.
Why don't Misha and you move in
with your parents?
They probably have a large apartment.
And Maryna and I would expand here.
- It's just...
- Her parents are divorced.
They didn't divorce!
They didn't divorce!
No divorce, got it?
- Kira!
- Can I sleep by your side?
What time is it? Kira, what's up?
Kira, are you pregnant?
And then I promised to carry it myself...
But, as a result, you carried me
and the toy, remember?
Do you remember how we...
used to pick mushrooms?
Sleep, my baby girl. Sleep.
Picking honey fungi...
Do you remember, mom?
I do. Sleep, sweet girl.
- Do you love me?
- Quiet, hush. Sleep.
Sleep, my dear.
Okay girls, here's to you!
Hi! Kira, hi!
Get acquainted everyone. This is Kira.
Kira, this is everybody.
- What will you drink?
- I don't know.
Okay, take it off. The usual.
Try it!
So how are you?
I'm great.
I'll soon land a film role,
I live by myself.
I'm an actress. I'm doing great.
I suddenly made a lot of friends.
Well, not suddenly,
I always had them!
Is it the sweater I gifted you?
Let's forget about your parents.
Misha! Misha!
- Kira? Is it you?
- Hello.
- Hi. Can I stay here tonight?
- Come in.
Are you pregnant?
Why the rabbit?
- Where did you get it?
- I bought it.
Oh God, you're all wet, honey!
Cold and hungry!
Get changed quickly,
I'll boil water for tea.
- Kira.
- Hello.
Hello, hello...
You lost weight.
And grew up.
And became prettier!
Have you seen my nose? Like a potato.
Have you seen mine? Are we related?
- We are, for sure.
- Grandma likes it.
Why are you sad? Something happened?
No, just tired.
Oh, everyone is getting tired now.
What a time, so restless.
Something is happening in the world.
Oh, my God, my God...
Yes, a different time has passed...
Grandpa, I've always wondered,
why you always eat only half of a candy,
and not all at once?
Because I love it, but it is harmful.
I eat a piece and I'm already happy.
Don't you want some?
No, I'll go wash up.
Kira! Kira!
Vasya, get up, up, up!
Time for breakfast, Kira is here!
Vasya, get up! Vasyenka!
Get up!
Dear friends,
we are gathered here today
to bid a final farewell
to our dear comrade
Vasyl Vasyliovych.
Vasyl Vasyliovych was also a family man.
A husband, a father, a grandfather.
He was a symbol of Soviet culture!
A terrible, cruel war
against the
German Fascist invaders,
and then a long period of reconstruction
of our native Soviet Ukraine.
But the good memory of him
stays forever in our hearts.
- Oh Kira, my condolences.
- How you have changed!
Listen, can you explain to me:
how do you pull it off?
Where are your principles?
You're a chameleon.
Listen, it's not us,
it's the times we're in.
I recalled my Ukrainian roots.
Joined the Ukrainian Art Movement.
All progressive people do it.
Finish your drink.
Bless him! May he rest in peace!
By the way, the vodka is over.
I will bring it now.
It is necessary to change.
Soon issues of nationalism
will become fashionable.
And you can write scripts
and start shooting a movie about it.
My condolences.
At him, yes. From her, great.
Yes, more love, more!
More passionate!
Yes, well done!
What about you, Kira?
Do you know what love is?
No idea.
If not, then act it!
Everyone's acting!
So? Can you?
I can.
Yes, well done!
Great job!
Kira! Hi!
I'm sorry I scared you.
I was driving by, didn't recognize you.
Listen, you're such a beauty.
How are you?
- Are you married now?
- Not yet.
I'm super busy. Just came back.
I was going to visit you.
How are you, your parents?
They divorced.
But please come by!
Alright, I need to go.
Listen. Wait a moment.
Shall we have coffee?
- I can't, I need to work.
- What work?
My friend's just opened a restaurant.
Just coffee. Get in!
Come on, let's go.
Pretty girls shouldn't work.
Well, you understand. Come on.
Take a seat.
Let's roll.