Do You Take This Man (2016) Movie Script

Mornin' sunshine!
Your note made my day.
I'm glad.
So what do I have to do to
convince you to come to brunch with us?
Ah, I'm sorry but I don't think there's
enough time.
Don't kill yourself over this, Kay?
Okay? It's... it's a rehearsal dinner.
It's our friends and our family and
so it's whatever we want it to be.
I mean we could...
we could order pizza and
everyone would be fine with it.
I know but I want it to be special...
It will be.
I mean this entire weekend could
be a complete disaster
but as long as I'm married to you
at the end of it
that's all that matters.
You're right. I
need to relax more.
What would I do without you?
Mmff, I shudder to think.
Hi!- Hi, boys!
Good morning.
Wow. Well, don't be ready
on account of us.
You just take your time.
I'm goin', I'm goin',
I'm goin', I'm goin'.
You guys want coffee or anything?
Oh, no, thanks. -
I'm good.
So I take it you're
not coming with us.
Oh, no, I'm sorry. There's just no time.
Come on! You've gotta come.
We're giving Christopher his present.
Why don't you just
give it to him now?
It's not that kind of present. -
I'm ready.
Have fun.
We'll be at Jar if you wanna meet us.
Okay. - Okay.
Ready to order?
Ah yeah.-
No, we'll need a few more minutes.
Thanks. - Sure. I'll come back.
You ordered the exact same
thing every week. What's going on? -
I'll be right back.
Okay out with it. What's happening?
Tell me.
Well. Bradley and I
chipped in and got you
a little something.
Well, what is it? -
Turn around.
Surprise. -
My god! -Hi. - Hi!
Oh so good to see you.
Oh my God I can't
believe you guys do this.
Hey Rachel. - Hey!
You about to take off? -
No, that's why I'm calling
The flights has been delayed.
What? Really?
It shouldn't be a problem.
I might just need to come
straight to you
and get cleaned up there.
Okay. You want me to call Mom and Dad?
No. I'll do that. I've got
plenty of time to kill now.
Okay. Well, have a safe flight.
Can't wait to see you.
Oh me too. Love you.
Love you too. Bye. - Bye.
Come on.
Hello Jacob. - Hello yourself.
What's goin' on?
Oh you know, the usual,
making a fancy dinner for 10.
How 'bout you?
- So that's a no to brunch then?
No, I'm sorry. There's just no time.
Yeah. But you still gotta eat, right?
Yeah. Hold on.
What? - Who's your pal?
- Come in.
Really? You're. Okay,
you're my pal, yes you are.
But do you know how
much food I have in the house
Yeah. But it's not this food.
Well, what is this food? -
It's a surprise.
Wait. So you were literally
the girl next door?
Well, not that literally.
I was actually a few doors down
not actually next door.
I mean not that it mattered.
We were pretty much together all the time.
Yeah. We were inseparable.
Then, until high school. Anyway.
Yeah. I think that everyone just
assumed that we would get married.
I know my parents would
have been happier with that arrangement.
Oh my God. Mine too.
They loved Christopher. -
How are your parents?
They're... They're okay.
They're still together miraculously.
Mine too. Same way I'm sure.
Status quo and their sheer force of will
overcome their mutual loathing.
Yeah. Exactly. Do you ever see them?
No, not really. - Yeah.
Excuse me!
Hi! Yeah. I think we need to get these two
sad sacks another Bloody Mary. Thanks.
Thank you for this.
Well I knew you wouldn't eat anything.
And you'd probably be
you'd probably be 10 times as frazzled
because of it.
You know me so well.
So Christopher out with the gang?
They're giving him their wedding gift.
I'm very curious.
It sounded mysterious.
I didn't tell you
what I'm giving him, did I?
No. For the wedding? No.
Well it's... It's kind of strange.
And I don't know.
And it means something to me.
But I think he'll like it.
What is it?
Well. Do you wanna see? - Yes, I do.
Well, funny enough. I happen
to have it right over here.
It's a pen.-
Well, it's a very nice pen.
Okay. It's not very romantic.
There's more to it than that.
Okay. I'm listening.
So we were on our first date
and we were walking around.
We pass a stationery store.
And this pen is in the window.
And Christopher stops and he stares at it.
He's kind of mesmerized by it.
And he starts to explain to me
what makes fountain pens so extraordinary,
how meditative they are to work with...
to write with or draw with.
Interesting. - Right.
Well. As he was talking about it
he was getting so animated,
so passionate.
And I'm watching him and...
I think I fall in love with him
right then and there.
Why have I never heard this story before?
I don't know. It's kind of
a hard feeling to describe.
And it's, well, it's more than a little
out of character for me.
You don't say.
So the rest of the date
goes incredibly well.
And the next morning I get up and
I go to the store and I buy the pen.
I don't know. It... I felt compelled.
I know it's crazy to spend $300
on a pen for a guy I just met.
But I... I just knew that it would...
it would make a great gift someday.
You know like a great landmark
gift for an anniversary or a birthday.
I just knew that if I didn't buy the pen
I would regret it.
You did this?
I know, right.
Well of course I also realized
that if it all fell apart
in the next two weeks
I could just return it. - Okay.
There's the Daniel I know.
Right. So... there I am.
I have this pen.
And our one-year anniversary comes up.
And I think: Okay, that's
a perfect time to give it to him, right?
But then I started thinking:
Well, maybe this pen is what got us there.
Okay. - No, hear me out.
Maybe because I was looking forward to
this anniversary, to this landmark event,
the anticipation of giving him this pen
kept me from fucking it up.
Wow. - No. But then I started thinking.
Well if I give it to him then
maybe that's it.
Maybe I stop looking forward.
I have never known you to be superstitious.
No, it's not...
It's not superstition. It's more like...
I had really started to change the way
I was thinking about...
the possible future.
And what's the greatest possible future
but spending the rest of my life
with Christopher?
And I mean a marriage is
supposed to be forever.
Right? So now's the time.
Daniel, he's gonna love it.
I hope so.
I don't know. I mean it was a year ago.
It was so specific.
He might not even remember.
He is going to love it.
I hope so.
When are you giving it to him?
Well, I don't know. I mean you're
supposed to give it to him after, right?
I think you should
give it to him right now.
I think you should give it to him as
soon as he walks in that door right away.
Yeah? - Yeah, I do.
No more waiting, no more foreplay.
Just give it to him.
Okay. Well, I mean, I don't even
have it wrapped yet.
You know I'll wrap it.
Okay. Tell me about this Daniel guy.
Is he good enough for our boy here?
This Daniel guy is a great guy.
And yeah he's good for
our little Christopher.
He's a very reliable, stand-up guy.
He is stable unlike us.
Yeah we like him.
And he definitely loves Christopher.
That's good. Then I approve. -
Thank you.
Of course there's the age difference.
Here we go.
Well how big of an age difference?
Like nothing, like a couple of years.
No big deal. - Like 10 years.
Oh! Ten years is not nothing.
It's something.
It is not 10 years! It's more like seven.
And in reality day to day
it's not even anything.
I mean I don't feel it.
Not really.
Yeah, right.
Come on, if you guys didn't know
you'd have no idea.
He doesn't Botox.
Oh sure he doesn't.
He doesn't.
Hey come on baby.
I'm just fucking with you.
So you're not at all concerned about
being in different stages of your life?
Different stages? Guys, he's 40!
He's not 80.
And no, okay? I'm not concerned.
Because love is love and
when you know you know.
It doesn't hurt
that he's obsessed with you.
Yes. Okay. Well that explains everything.
What can I say? I'm adorable.
Alright. Wrapped and ready. I went simple.
Well thank you. It looks very nice.
You're welcome.
Hey! Are you still planning on
going stag tomorrow?
Yep. - 'Cause I've got you
at our table with us, but...
I could move you over here
with some single folks.
You know what I am fine
where you have me.
I'm not exactly looking to
hook up at your wedding.
No, I don't think you've invited
enough people.
Well, we know a lot of people.
What am I gonna do? Exclude someone
then have to deal with that drama?
I'm just saying seems a bit excessive.
Probably is. But it's a wedding.
It's what you do.
Daniel! Daniel! Come here!-
Hey! What's up?
Hi Jacob! It looks like you're gonna have to
set another place at the table because...
I hope you're not talking about tonight.
Christopher. Honey! No.
We discussed this.
We agreed that tonight
would be for our friends and my family.
Right? Look, whoever it is
it can come tomorrow.
That's fine.
Well, you're just gonna
have to make it work.
Because Emma is family. - Hey.
Hi. I'm sorry. You're family?
Yeah. Essentially she was my best friend
in the whole world growing up.
She was kinda like the Joey to my Dawson.
Well, I... I had no idea.
Christopher doesn't tend to talk about his
childhood very much. At least not to me.
It's very nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you. Emma.
- Emma.
And we can absolutely make tonight work.
Shit. I didn't even think about dinner.
We should have let you in on this sooner.
Sooner than the day of, you mean?
Yeah, that probably would
have been helpful.
She can have mine.
Yeah, we can just hit
the hors d'oeurves hard.
Split a dinner or whatever.
It's fine. Don't be silly.
There's plenty of food to go around.
Its fine. I look forward to learning more
about the exploit's of young Dawson.
Yeah for sure.
So... I'm Jacob. How did you guys pull
this off without Christopher finding out?
Well, we knew her name and where Christopher
grew up. So we just googled her.
I wish I could say it was more
complicated than that but it wasn't.
Summer called me
and she told me who she was
and then she told me that Christopher
was getting married,
then she convinced me
that she wasn't going to steal my kidney
or anything like that. I was... I was in
and it was like... two months ago.
And I've been just going crazy
with anticipation since.
Guys, that's an amazing gift.
Speaking of amazing gifts.-
No. No, no, no, no.
Wait. Is that for me?
It's Daniel's wedding gift for you.
Wait. Are we doing that now? Because
yours isn't finished yet.
Well, it's perfect that you didn't finish
because we are not doing this now.
I mean, the cats outta the bag -
Really no. Can we?
Oh boy. - So what is it? - What is what?
Oh you know what? I'm not telling you.
Come on. Is it good?
It's really good. - That's nice.
What... what's... what's nice?
Just Daniel said he was too busy
to come to brunch with us.
But he is obviously not too busy for you.
Would you leave him alone?
Please. I brought him some muffins
because I knew he wouldn't eat otherwise.
Honestly, why are you
always jumping on him, Summer?
What is your problem with him?
I like Daniel! I just get the feeling
sometimes that it's not mutual.
Why would you think that?
Well, for starters he
never comes to brunch with us.
In fact he rarely comes out with us at all.
First of all he likes you, guys.
I have heard him say I like those guys.
And he doesn't go out because he's not
like a super social guy.
And honestly I don't think you, guys, realize
just how much he's got going on right now.
He's planning the whole wedding, he's
making this giant dinner for everybody.
He's working 50 to 60 hours a week, he's
totally overwhelmed.
Then why didn't he get some help?
Because this is how he wants it.
Now for some screwed-up reason he's not happy
unless he's living on the edge of disaster.
I mean if it's too easy he loses interest.
It's the way he is.
You're right. You're right.
And you could be a little bit nicer.
Maybe we could be offering to help.
I wouldn't mind helping to.
I am sure he would appreciate that.
Yeah. Let's help.
I don't know, okay?
I mean there's just stuff
that I talked about
with those guys that you and I
don't tend to really talk about.
You know. It isn't like
I'm hiding anything from you.
It just never came up.
But how? I mean, we've talked
about that time of your life a lot.
I don't know.
I guess because there's just
certain things I'd rather not talk about.
Was it really that rough for you?
Look I wasn't abducted by aliens or
anything but... it was pretty awful time.
Well, I just hope you know
that there's nothing you could tell me
that would change how I feel about you.
Even if it involves aliens?
Especially if it involves aliens.
All right. Are you gonna tell me or not?
No. - Come on.
I know what it is you know.
Stop! - Its a watch.
It's not. - It's a watch.
It's something you can wear?
Look. Even if you guess it exactly right I'm
still not gonna tell you so stop guessing.
Is it something romantic?
Yes. But that's all I'm giving you.
You're mean, really mean.
You know that?
Hey. - Hi! - You, guys, okay?
Yeah we're fine. But Christopher
and I are gonna do presents later.
Emma, I just wanted to say
that I'm very sorry
if there's anything that I did
to make you feel less then welcome.
No, no, you didn't.
I'm... I'm fine really.
Cause I'm really not good with surprises.
So we're very glad you're here.
I'm very-very glad to be here
and be a part of this. Really.
And if you need a place
to crash you're welcome to stay.
No. It's all taken care of.
Okay. Great. -
And I'm really sorry, Daniel.
We... we should have told you.
Well, it's fine but thank you.
So I'm gonna go finish prepping the food.
Daniel! Daniel.
Just there's a lot of extra hands
here to help.
You know, if you want it.
No I've got it all under control
but thank you.
Why don't you show Emma
around town or something?
Daniel, don't be ridiculous, okay?
This isn't all on you.
Let us help you.
All of us wanna help.
If that would be helpful.
You guys are awesome. Thank you.
Well you heard 'em, captain.
Put us to work.
Okay. Well in that case...
That living room is sort of a disaster
So if you could help clean that up,
that'd be great.
And then get the table set?
Yeah cool. Yeah. Following you.
And Jacob. I could actually use you
in the kitchen. - Okay.
So is this... is this you helping?
I'm moral support. - Awesome.
So hey. What was going on in there, huh?
I think Daniel's feeling left out
because he thinks that I tell you, guys,
things that I don't tell him.
Well you do?
I guess so. But I feel bad about dinner.
I mean, that was kind of insensitive
of me, you know.
I shouldn't have sprung it
on him like that.
He's cooking for everyone.
You just pass a big chunk
of that guilt over here.
I think you both need to relax.
He seems fine.
Maybe. Sometimes it's hard
to tell him though.
Okay. You're... You're crazy.
Could you please just do this for me?
No. The pen is a great gift. He's gonna be
moved to tears. Trust me.
No. Not now.
I mean what it's a $300 pen.
I'm sorry... No... We should...
we should like book something
last minute in Palm Springs.
I mean I could take the whole week off.
You don't need to one up his friends, okay?
You both got him
beautiful meaningful gifts.
I mean he's a lucky man.
And it doesn't matter anyway
if he didn't get you a thing.
Would it change the way you feel about him?
Would it make you not want to
spend the rest of your life with him?
Of course not.
So I feel like I'm not say anything right.
I mean they reunited with his
long lost childhood friend.
And I get him a pen.
Yeah because the fact that it's a
pen is what's important about it?
Daniel... You know, you're in
a relationship, not a competition. Okay?
I mean you're supposed to be the more
mature one. Grow the fuck up already.
You say the sweetest things.
I mean why does absolutely everything
need to be said?
Is anything less than everything,
some sort of deception?
No. I don't need to know everything
he's ever done.
And I know he wasn't...
He wasn't really beg into
monogamy before we met.
I don't want to hear about that.
And I know he hasn't been upfront about
his relationship with Jakob.
Yeah. He said that before we met
they tried going out a few times and they
realized they were better off as friends.
But I can tell from things that he let
slip there's way more to it then that.
Well have you asked him about it? - No.
See that's my point. I don't need to know.
Okay maybe he needs to know.
And I gotta be honest with you
I was a little bit surprised
that he had no idea who I was
and I mean... I know: you and I
lost touch but I thought that...
No, no, no, no, no.
That's my whole point.
Look. Letting our friendship slip away
was one of the lowest points of my life.
And quite frankly I feel
really stupid about it.
I guess I just... I didn't want
to take any of that adolescent baggage
with me into my new relationship.
You know. Not that you're baggage.
Nice one. - You know what I mean.
I do know. I know and I feel the same way.
And if I could redo that
whole period of my life
I would.
Hey can I ask you a question?
Is Bradley bringing anyone to the wedding?
I don't think so.
Why do you ask?
Don't make me say it.
Isn't he a little young for you?
Knock-knock. Hi, sweetheart!
Look at you. You all ready? Long drive.
I'll be right back.
Hi sweetie!
Hello dad. What are you guys doing here?
The party isn't for another five hours.
I know. I know. This is
what happens when you don't let her help.
I've let her help.
Not enough, I guess.
Look I'm really sorry. I tried.
What are you guys gonna do
for the next five hours?
Oh I'm good. No problem.
But what about mom? -
I suggest you let her help.
Everything just smells delicious in here.
Oh see. Everybody else is already here.
Hi everyone!
Look at this!
It looks wonderful.
Hi Jacob. You're helping. Hi dear.
What a spread!
Oh my goodness! What's that?
Is that the seating chart?
Yeah, Mom. That's the final seating chart.
Oh it's so cute. I love the colors.
Thank you. - Where are we sitting?
We're sitting over here with us,
with the family.
Who else? Who's at the other tables?
Hey! - How are you? - Good.
Good, are you ready for this?
Yeah. I think so. - Good.
Hi. I'm Steven. I'm Daniel's Dad.
Hey. Emma. I'm... -
My best friend from growing up.
Wow. Great.
Do you guys wanna check something out?
Yeah. - Come here. -
Come on. - Let's go. Okay.
All right. Now I have set up my iPad
to stream to their television.
So when I push this button
I can watch all of my favorite shows
on their TV.
Wow. - Is that amazing? -
That's amazing. That is amazing. - Daniel!
Isn't it cool?
Yeah dad. I'm the one who set it up.
I just think it's so cool.
I'm just... I'm completely mobile.
That's great, Dad.
Watch it.
Wow. - Wow.
Oh watch. - Okay pull up a seat. -
Is it for me?
Hey! So everything's pretty much set up.
Why don't I get my guys out of here.
So that way you can cook in peace.
And if you need any help
you have your mom and Jacob here.
Hey. You know what I'll go
to feel like I'm just in the way here.
Why don't we take Emma up to Griffith Park
get a good look at the Hollywood sign?
I think she'd like that.
That's a great idea. - Thank you.
Well it'd be a shame to see your head
explode before I hear you say: "I do".
There it is. Ain't it cool, right? - Yeah.
I cannot believe you live here.
You seem to have a really great life here.
I'm really happy for you.
Thank you.
I'm also more than a little bit jealous.
So move out here.
Yeah. - What? Why not?
Oh come on.
Like a million reasons.
It's far away. Really expensive.
I have no real career to speak of.
Oh my God. That's horrible.
Right. I don't even know what you do.
I don't know what you majored in.
Yeah. We have a lot to catch up on.
And a lot to put behind us too.
Yeah. We do.
Can I ask you something?
Do you think they'll make it?
I don't know. Summer didn't look
too good. - Yeah.
Daniel and Christopher.
Yeah. Sure. Why not?
I don't know.
They just seem so different,
don't you think?
Well yeah. I mean in some ways, you know.
But not in the ways that really matter.
I don't think.
I mean, they're good for each other.
You know they certainly,
certainly love each other.
Well, what about the age difference?
I don't think it matters.
It's not a big deal. Do you?
I used to. Now not so much.
Not so much? - No. -
Good? - Good. - Okay.
Come on, Summer.
Up the hill.
Don't forget who drove.
If I die you're screwed.
Honey, I will take the
keys off your lifeless corpse.
I'd like to see you try.
Don't you want to see the sign?
Well has it changed?
Did the "O" fall over or something?
No. - Then I'm good.
You know your friends are great.
Yeah they're awesome.
And it's nice that they seem
to get along with Daniel.
Yeah for the most part.
I'm just kind of bummed out that I'm not
meeting him under the best circumstances.
No, you don't... you don't like him?
Well, I think that he seems like
a really great guy.
He does. But what I'm saying is...
He seems a little bit stressed right now.
So I just think I'm not meeting
the best version of him. That's all.
Yeah. But trust me...
I mean if I would've told him about you..
There is no doubt in my mind that he
would've done the same thing they did.
I mean that's the kind of guy he is.
He's caring, he's compassionate,
he's sensitive.
I love that. You deserve that.
I don't know. The whole thing.
The idea of spending the rest
of your life with one person.
Yeah marriage. In general.
It just kinda freaks me out.
It's so final.
- Well, yeah. I mean ideally. - Yeah.
So marriage doesn't freak you out?
I didn't say that.
And honestly I never really gave it
much thought until it became a headline.
It wasn't an option for me so...
Yeah, I never really saw it
as some sort of goal.
A marriage was irrelevant. A marriage
was something that straight people did.
Because they thought they were supposed to.
And half of those end in divorce. So
why would it have any meaning for me?
For some reason I didn't expect
to hear that from you.
I don't feel that way now.
You know we offered to fly my parents
out for the wedding?
Wow. Really? - Yeah.
I thought I'd regret if they didn't come.
Are they coming?
No. They don't want to be here for this.
Wait they don't or you don't?
Both, I guess.
Did you ask them?
Because they would've said yes.
Which is the appropriate thing to do.
They would've come and
then they would've been uncomfortable
which would make me uncomfortable.
And then Daniel and everyone
would be uncomfortable.
And so I decided to do
the inappropriate thing,
and save all of us a lot of heartache
and misery.
That must have been a very hard decision.
It was the right one.
You know, I think part of it
was the gay marriage thing.
Marriage is marriage.
You know, it's not gay marriage or straight
marriage or traditional marriage.
I mean it just seem really simple.
People can either get married
or they can't, you know?
People are created equal or they're not.
You know, you can legally discriminate
against a particular group or you can't,
you know.
That's the bigger issue for me,
if the government wants to
get involved in this they need
to be fucking consistent, ok?
I don't need anyone to define
happiness for me.
I certainly don't need anyone
telling me that my idea
of happiness is somehow less
valid than somebody else's.
Are you finished?
I think I am. Yeah.
That's very impressive.
And I agree.
But personally my favorite is the sanctity
of marriage people
'cause there is so much sanctity in,
you know,
getting shit faced and
a quickie wedding in Vegas
and then divorced two days later.
Oh Brittney.
Well, isn't this a welcome sight.
Oh, don't let him fool you.
He just sat down two minutes ago.
Hi, honey.
Oh and look he's up again.
How was the hike?
It was good, it was really good.
I got to talk with Emma a lot and catch up
but the real news is Bradley and Jacob.
Yeah? - Yeah.
They walked ahead of everybody,
they were laughing,
they were talking, they were flirting.
Well, Jacob was asking if Bradley
was bringing anyone tomorrow.
When did this happen?
I don't know.
But wouldn't it be nice if our wedding
brought them together?
Hey! Why don't you two go relax?
I can keep an eye on the kitchen.
I think that's a great idea.
Ah, okey. But, mom, you really
do need to keep stirring that.
I got it, go.
And I'll be down in a little while
to check on everything.
I know.
How was the hike?
So you hear from your sister?
Yeah. She's gonna make it in plenty of time
but she gonna stop off at our parents
place first to get ready, you know.
Well, that's a relief.
And, look, things seem to be going
great with your parents downstairs.
You know how they are.
Mom likes to stick her nose in everything
and dad knows to stand back and...
It's fine. They've been very helpful.-
Well, then tell your neck that,
because it is in knot, babe.
I know, I'm okay.
No, you're not, here, sit.
This is a joyous event, remember?
Yes and my getting stressed out
is not a comment on that.
I wish I would've pushed harder
to have you get it catered.
Well, I thought that cooking
would calm me down.
It usually does.
I just want everything to be perfect.
You use that word a lot, you know.
How many times do I have to tell you, babe?
Perfection doesn't exist, Kay?
If you keep chasing it
you're just always gonna be disappointed.
I'm sorry. I'm just a neurotic mess.
And you're all mine.
Hey, Christopher. I got some news.
I got a call about that little part
in this Scorsese film, they want me.
Holy shit, no way! That's awesome!
Yeah. But I have to fly there
first thing in the morning.
What? No, no, no, no, no, you don't.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I can't believe I'm doing this to you.
I can't believe you're doing
this to me either.
Please don't hate me.
Look, you know I can't turn it down.
It's Scorsese.
I mean, right?
No, of course, not. That's huge.
Thanks, sweetie.
What the hell am I gonna tell Daniel?
Ah, I don't know.
Okay, well, do you know anyone else
ordained that can do it?
I don't, I'm so sorry.
What about online, okay?
You did it online, right?
I could get Summer or Bradley.
They could go and they could do it online.
Well, you can get ordained right away
but you still have to register
with the state
and that takes a few weeks.
Look, I'll cover all the deposit's
and what not if you lose them.
Oh don't think that's the issue.
Well, I still have a ton of packing to do
but maybe... I don't know...
Should I just come by quickly
and apologize to Daniel in person?
What do you think?
Probably not, right?
Yeah, probably not.
This sucks. I suck.
No, it's okay. We'll figure it out.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
I'll talk to you when you get back.
Break a leg.
Thank you.
Hey. - Hi.
What's wrong?
Now you're the one looking
a little distressed.
Oh, um, no actually it's the opposite.
I actually... I've really good news.
Zoey has an audition so she won't be able
to come to dinner tonight
so the extra person problem is solved.
Hey... enjoy yourself tonight, okay?
You too.
Oh yo, hey.
Hey. So that's good the dinner thing
worked out.
I'm so fucked.
What? Why? What happened?
Zoey booked a part in the Scorsese film
and now she can't do the ceremony.
What? Are you kidding me?
Wait, how can she do that?
Oh how could she not?
Listen, I don't want Daniel to know, okay?
What are you talking about
you don't want him to know?
Well, I can't do that to him right now.
What are you insane?
You have to tell him.
Of course I'm gonna tell him,
I will tell him eventually.
But If I tell him now he will spend
the entire night on the phone
trying to find some other random
person to marry us.
And even if he miraculously finds someone,
which he won't,
the entire night is gonna be ruined because
all this hard work and his planning
and everything he put into this
will be for nothing.
Alright. Look, you have a point I suppose
but he's going to lose his shit
when he finds out.
I know but listen if he's gonna blow up,
he's gonna blow up.
I'm just saying let's let him
blow up later.
That's all.
Yeah, you do have some sort of
diabolical logic
that I find very hard to argue with.
Hey, Rach.
You've finally made it.
Hey, dad.
How was your flight, honey?
Uneventful once we finally took off.
Look at you.
Did you already leave
your stuff at our place?
No, mama, I wore this on the plane.
Okay, okay, okay.
You look great.
Oh, you too. - Thanks, dad.
So glad you made it.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Can I get you something to drink?
- Yes, please, thank you.
- Red or white?
- White.
- Got it.
The place looks incredible
and smells incredible.
- Thank you.
- You're amazing, Daniel.
- Jacob!
- Hi, gorgeous.
- Hi, how are you?
- I'm good, I'm good.
So are you seeing anyone?
Wow, we're gonna open with that, huh?
Well, I mean I said how are you first?
You did, yeah.
So, well, not exactly.
Not exactly, what does that mean?
That means that I am hopeful
but I'm not sure yet.
So are you bringing him to the wedding?
Kind of?
Do you know what the hell
he's talking about?
I might have a little idea.
Okay, well, I'm too tired for these riddles
so just tell me when you wanna tell me?
You're no fun.
I gotta get back.
Hey, the bigger question is are you
seeing anyone?
Gotta get back out there, kid.
No, I'm not ready, I'm still
processing it all.
Divorce sucks.
Yeah, especially when you realize
the million ways
you fucked it up.
Oh, hush, hush, hush.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So how's he doing?
Good, he's doing good.
He's a little stressed but he handling it
pretty well.
You're so good for him, he's mellowed out
like 300 percent since you guys
have been together.
Wow, he was 300 times worse then this?
Oh God, you have no idea.
No, he really, he really doesn't.
Christopher, this is why we love you.
You wanna meet my friends?
This is Rachel.
Alright. If everyone is hungry
please take your seats.
Dinner is about to be served.
If I may.
A toast to all of you.
You're so important to us and
we are very grateful
that you're here to share in
this exciting new chapter in our lives.
Tomorrow is the big day
with the big group but
tonight is for the people we love the most.
Thank you, honey.
All I wanna thank Daniel
for this wonderful meal.
I can't tell you how wonderful
it is to have
all of you in this house right now.
And especially to Summer and Bradley.
Thank you so much
for bringing Emma to this.
I can't tell you how much it means to me
that you're here right now.
To friends.
I just wanna add
how wonderful it is to us
that you two found each other
and decided to make this commitment
because after tomorrow everything changes.
I know it's hard to believe
that a marriage would mean that much,
it seems more like
a symbolic thing but it does.
It just strengthens and deepens
your relationship in ways
you can't even imagine.
So good luck.
It isn't always a picnic, it takes work
but no question, this is one of
the best things we get to do in life.
Ah, thank you.
So if there are no more toasts let's eat.
It's so good.
Jacob, I'd like some fish
and vegetables, thank you sir.
Daniel, you should have been a chef.
That would ruin it, that would make it work
and not fun anymore.
Please, no one ruin this.
It must have been pretty cool
growing up with a brother
who's such a good cook though huh?
He didn't cook, I cooked.
Yeah, I can't say that I remember
Daniel ever cooking anything.
He didn't, he couldn't,
not even mac and cheese.
Now, I'm not sure that's true.
Ya, okay.
Wait, so what happened then?
Well, I guess it was necessity more
then anything.
You know I was broke so I couldnt afford
to go out to eat
but I loved food.
So I decided to try to recreate some
of the incredible dishes I came across.
Well, I would say you succeeded.
Thank you.
But really the most satisfying part
about cooking
is sharing it with people I love.
Well, I still haven't heard
how you two got together.
Daniel was my first big patron.
He bought three of my paintings at a show.
What was it buy three paintings
get a free boyfriend deal that day?
No, actually we never even met.
He just came in, he saw my work
and he wrote a check and left.
I was so drawn in by his paintings.
I was so effected by them
that I just had to have them.
Which was incredible because
I painted them as trilogy
so they were meant to go together
so I knew whoever bought them,
they really got it, you know?
And it drove me crazy that I had
no idea who it was.
Well, see, I was actually afraid
to meet the artist.
Why was that?
Well, I mean what if he turned out
to be a pretentious asshole?
I mean I didn't want anything to interfere
with my experience of the work.
So how did you meet?
I tracked him down.
Of course you did, stalker.
What. Three paintings and
the mystery of it all, come on.
So I went to the gallery owner
and I gave him a letter
and I said deliver this with the paintings,
Daniel got it, he called me,
we had coffee and here we are.
Well, that must have been some letter.
It was.
So you had just one coffee
and then... boom?
- Yeah, pretty much I mean.
- Yeah.
I'd say the chemistry was immediate.
Yeah, totally.
I think most of you know
that I tend to overthink things.
- No?
- You're kidding?
Thank you.
So anyway when I find something that
kind of turns the volume down
I tend to grab onto it.
Cooking does that for me
and I have a ritual with coffee and art.
Well there's something about Christopher
that just balances me out
and I can't explain it but I could feel it
right away.
And so I grabbed on.
It was definitely one of those sappy
"you complete me" types of situations.
Opposite really do attract.
There's something fundamentary
true about that, I think.
I don't know, Michael and I were
pretty instantly attracted to each other
and we're very similar.
But maybe you're right, maybe it's
opposites are the ones that stay together.
No, honey, I didn't mean that.
I wasn't saying anything.
No, no, I know you didn't, no I don't,
I don't know why I went there.
I guess with the wedding it's on my mind.
Just call me Rachael buzzkill.
No, it's fine.
I can imagine that a wedding is not exactly
the ideal place for you to be right now.
No, no, that's not true, no, and
I'm not down on marriage at all.
I mean mom's right it does,
it changes everything
and makes it so much deeper.
But the work, the communication,
you have to do it, you have to
want to do it.
Shit, just shut me up please.
Well, I can think of one thing I would love
to know more about Emma.
I'm dying to hear more about
you and Christopher.
Okay, yeah, sure.
So the Joey and Dawson thing
was pretty accurate
but maybe for like
a self fulfilling prophecy
though 'cause the show did
come out when we were 13
and then it became sort of
a guide for our lives.
Yeah, no sneaking up ladders though.
I mean not in that neighborhood.
You'd get shot.
But we were friends since...
I can't remember a time we weren't.
So what happened, that caused?
You know what her and I haven't really
had a chance to talk about this yet.
Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
No. I mean it's okay.
It just is two sixteen-year olds
living their life as a TV show,
two members of the opposite sex
spending every single moment together.
I mean, what do you think happened.
Yeah and then after that
everything changed.
I thought...
I thought that I made him gay.
It's incredibly idiotic.
Now I know that but that's what I thought.
And I was just confused
be it all, you know?
I know a lot of you think that
people in my generation
have it a lot easier and you know
for the most part that's true
but still I mean it wasn't exactly
okay where I grew up.
You know I wasn't flying a rainbow flag
from my window or anything.
It was stupid, he told me and I was a mess.
I thought that I did something wrong
or that something was wrong with me.
And she pulled away, I pulled away
and then we just never talked about it.
Yeah, then we stopped talking then
we stopped hanging out altogether.
And then college where
you can really lose touch.
Well I'm sorry.
I loved Christopher truly
and I guess I thought in my teenage brain
that we were gonna for sure married
and be together forever.
And then we finally turn things romantic.
And then he's coming out to me
and telling me that being together
helped figure it out.
I'm so sorry.
Was she the first person you told?
Of course.
Who else would I have told?
But wait I thought that...
I thought you said you told your mom?
Yeah, eventually, she cried.
And your dad?
No, I knew my mom would tell him
and I didn't really wanna
deal with his reaction.
Did that not go well?
It never happened.
What do you mean?
I mean it never happened,
I never brought it up,
she never brought it up,
we just didn't talk about it.
I didn't know that.
It's cause there's nothing to know.
Did you tell them about wedding?
Not yet.
I mean I'm gonna tell them,
obviously I will tell them.
It's just we don't really talk about
this aspect of my life.
Which is just another way
Daniel and I are opposites.
I mean you two are like the most
supportive parents I've ever met.
Thank you.
I mean that's not always been easy.
I just can't imagine not having this.
And parenting, everybody parents
Most of the time I don't think we know
what the hell we're doing.
You just do what you think is right
and hope for the best.
And every parent loves their children more
than those children will ever know
until they have kids of their own.
Yeah, I know, I mean...
Obviously we don't have
the best relationship
but, you know, I know they love me.
Well that's good, that's important.
I assume Daniel told you about
coming out to us.
Yeah, what he didn't tell you
because he doesn't know
is his mom and I spent
the rest of that night in tears.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, I knew you were disappointed.
Oh no, no, no, not disappointed, no.
Not to understand this
you would have to have kids.
No parent wants their child
to have a difficult life.
You want nothing but a happy, pain free,
long, beautiful life for them
even though you know intellectually that
the challenges and disappointments
are essential.
Life without those things
it would be devoid of meaning.
You still feel what you feel.
It's hell when your kid is in pain.
And even with a growing acceptance we knew
that Daniel would have a harder life
then he would if he were straight.
I mean he could be discriminated against,
harassed, prejudged.
And you want your children
to figure out who they are
and be happy and be proud of who they are
but it's impossible not to be worried
or concerned
when you know they're gonna
face more challenges.
We got over all that.
And the challenges and disappointments
made them stronger, better people.
We couldn't be more proud at the man
that Daniel has become
or the woman that Rachel has become.
I can't really speak for
your parents, Christopher,
but I think the point I'm trying
to make to you is
maybe they were feeling some of
the similar things to what we felt
and it's more about idea
of the pain of knowing
that you were dealt
some extra challenges.
But regardless of that you now
have another set of parents
who love you and are as proud as can be
of the man you are.
I'm sorry.
You guys, wow. I love you. I need to go.
It's okay.
That was some pretty
heavy shit in there, huh?
I have to tell you something.
And you're gonna hate me.
What are you talking about?
Why would I hate you?
I tried to wait til after dinner
to tell you but I can't.
Tell me what?
Christopher, tell me what?
Just tell me.
Zoey booked a job
and she can't do the ceremony.
She flies out tomorrow.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
Were you just not gonna tell me?
No, of course I was gonna tell you.
When it's too late to do anything about it?
What would you have done? Kidnap her?
No. I don't know.
I would've made some calls, you know?
Try to find someone else.
Maybe there's still time.
No, see this is exactly
what I was afraid of,
this is exactly what I thought
you were gonna do.
You weren't gonna accept it,
and then you gonna ruin this whole evening,
the entire evening
that you just killed yourself for.
Oh so now just the ceremony that
I've been killing myself is fucked, right?
Just our actual wedding.
Why does it have to be fucked?
I mean we can still have the party.
The party?
Do you even hear yourself?
Do you understand?
People have flown in from all over,
everyone we know will be there,
everything is planned.
This was it.
What now?
So we'll just go down to city hall
on Monday,
it's only one day later.
No, I am not going to city hall.
This was never about
the legality of the thing.
I wanna get married to you.
Don't you get that?
I guess not.
I wanna stand up in front
of our friends and family,
and declare my intention of spending
the rest of my life with you.
It's not about signing
a fucking piece of paper.
So we'll do it next week, okay?
Or next month, whenever it has to be.
I begged you not to let her do it.
I literally begged you.
But she was so excited to do it, you know?
She went online and got ordained
and everything.
And I'm sure that was really hard for her.
And now she's probably got it
on her fucking head shot.
Look, just how you don't wanna sign
a piece of paper.
I don't wanna have some stranger
marrying us.
You know and she would have been
great at it.
Yeah, she probably would've been.
So what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
Look, I know you're disappointed with me.
Of course I'm disappointed
because you keep fucking lying to me.
I'm not lying to you.
Not telling me shit is lying.
No, holding back information so that way
you don't ruin your entire evening
that is not a lie.
Yes it is, that's exactly what it is.
Because you don't trust me
'cause you're deciding
what I need to know and when I need
to know it.
That sucks, that is not how
a good relationship works.
So now we have a bad relationship?
Yes, in this one particular area.
Yes, I think we do.
Okay, mister holier than thou,
then what about you and Jacob?
What about me and Jacob?
I know everything there, right?
What are you talking about?
Your relationship.
Our... I... I told you we
went out a couple times.
Yeah, you said you went out
a couple of times
and then you were better off as friends.
Right so that's bullshit, isn't it?
No, not really.
Not really?
I know there's more to the story
than you're leading on.
I know you went out more than
a couple of times.
Fine. We went out more than
a couple of times
but we never clicked romantically at all.
There's nothing more to it than that.
So why didn't you tell me that?
I don't know.
Because I didn't want you to be threatened
by our relationship,
our friendship because...
that's all that is it, a friendship.
Fine, and I accept that and I believe that.
The difference is I knew you weren't
telling me everything
and I knew why and I didn't care.
I trusted you.
You on the other hand don't trust me enough
to let me leave out information
that is better to be left out.
You're a hypocrite!
Okay, fine. I'm a hypocrite, sure.
I told you a little lie about Jacob
but you've left out huge important chunks
of your life.
It's like I don't even know you anymore.
So then why you do wanna marry someone
that you don't know?
Well, you wanna call this off?
Do you?
Ah guys, um... how 'bout you take a minute
and just cool off?
There's a lot to process right now.
Alright Daniel you wanna go upstairs
and we'll talk?
Ah listen um... I know I've been
a little bit negative lately.
I think I'm just dealing with your
garden variety
girl in her 30's watching her younger
gay friend get married
while she can't find a decent man
to save her life issues.
And I wanna say don't fuck this up, okay?
You two have got something very special.
You've got what we all really want.
Okay, that's all I'm done.
Do you wanna go talk too?
Okay, come on.
Thank you.
What the fuck are you doing?
Thanks. You're right, this is helping.
Listen to me, I destroyed my marriage
doing the same shit
that you two are engaged in right now.
What you guys are doing is not smart,
either of you.
I don't know what to do.
Well, do you still wanna marry him?
Of course.
Then let it go.
You don't need to win.
I'm not trying to win.
I just want him to stop keeping secrets.
I mean I didn't know anything
about him and Emma.
Until today and all that stuff
about his parents.
None of that.
I'm just worried about marrying someone
who keeps secrets so easily.
Well, I wouldn't say easily,
from what I saw it looks like
it's eating him alive.
Yeah, and look you'll have the rest
of your lives
to discover all the gory details.
It's just not worth screwing up
what you two have
unless you really don't trust him.
No I... I trust him.
Well, then that's it,
that's what's important
the here and the now, this Christopher,
not past Christopher.
And I really don't think it's about
trust with him.
I think it's more about him baring
bad feelings
which isn't great but it's something
you can help him with,
not make him feel worse about.
Oh, God, are you gonna talk me off
the ledge for old times sake?
Sure, why not?
But honestly I don't think that I can.
I don't think that I know enough
about Daniel
or the situation or you actually,
to help you.
I just thought you'd wanna step away
and talk.
All I wanna do is talk to you.
You have no idea how much I missed this.
I know, right? Just being like this,
doing this.
It's just... it's insane to me that we let
what happen.
I know.
So why didn't you...
tell him about me and like us,
and what happened and everything?
I don't know.
I should have and that I have
it seems so stupid that I didn't.
I just... I didn't wanna talk about it.
But you did talk about, talked about it
with your friends.
Yeah, but that's different.
I don't know, just doesn't seem
like it should be.
You don't feel worthy of him, do you?
I don't know.
Is that what you see?
You know I don't know the guy very well.
But he's impressive. I mean, he's older
and he's successful,
he's got a great relationship
with his parents,
and he's really, really, really
smart and I...
I don't know, I'm intimidated.
I never really thought about that way
I guess.
I mean I have asked myself,
more than once, why he's with me.
I wanna spend the rest of my life
with Christopher and...
I mean, I do trust him but I still
have this feeling in
the pit of my stomach that there's
some big revelation
he hasn't told me that at any moment
could change everything.
Well you're gonna have to work that out.
You're gonna have to sit down
and talk and ask him.
And whatever he says you're gonna
have to decide
if you can accept that and move on.
Because if you can't you just might
as well not even try.
That's bleak.
It's reality.
I know but it's pretty bleak.
Yeah, well, cost me my marriage to find out
some of this stuff but now all I can see
is how preventable the whole implosion was.
Do you still love him?
Of course I still love him.
I think I'll always love Michael
but I fucked it up
because, like you, I expected perfection.
Yeah, I thought it was supposed to be
like mom and dad, you know?
And when we started
to have problems
I didn't wanna do the work
I just kinda checked out
'cause I didn't think we were
supposed to have problems.
I thought it just meant that we
had a bad marriage so fuck it, right?
But I think that mom and dad's
marriage is unique.
No, it's not, no. They just work at it.
And they take time for each other,
and they talk to each other,
and they appreciate each other,
and they don't let little insignificant
things turn into
these huge impenetrable walls.
I just wish they had shown us
that part of it
and not made it look so easy.
Yeah, so they kind of set
a terrible example after all.
Yeah, oh God how absurd is that?
You just can't win.
You know earlier today Christopher told me
there's no such thing as perfection
and I know he's right.
I know that's true.
But how do you stop looking for it?
I don't know.
Sometimes I think we're just programmed to
screw up whatever we have,
no matter how good it is.
Do you know that it took me a really
long time to realize
that it wasn't my fault that you were gay?
That's really stupid, right?
Not as stupid as me thinking
you didn't wanna be my friend
because I was gay.
Did you really think that?
Of course I did.
What else would I have thought?
I was to self absorbed to realize
that I probably broke your heart.
You did, you know.
I know, I did and I'm sorry.
Oh no, no, no I'm sorry.
You needed me, you were dealing
with these huge issues
and I wasn't there for you,
your so called best friend.
I wasn't there for you, I'm the one
who was self absorbed.
God I wish we could go back,
knowing what we know now.
I know it's totally bizarre
trying to remember thinking
how you thought about things
before you knew the things
that you know now, you know.
I'm sorry. Did that make any sense at all.
I think so.
It's like you can't go back and
remember looking at words
and now knowing how to read them.
Exactly, it's practically impossible
for me
to put myself back into
my teenage brain.
Oh! It's a terrifying thought.
I would never wanna do that.
I had a lot of therapy, over the years
and what I've come to understand
is the way you and I were taught
to deal with things,
our amazing parental examples,
was to not deal with things.
Just to pretend like it never happened
and move on, right?
Yeah, that's not healthy.
You just can't keep things
bottled up inside.
It'll eat away at you in ways
that you can't imagine.
And it will destroy any chance
you have at a meaningful relationship
'cause if you can't communicate,
if you can't deal with things head on,
then how's it gonna work?
I'm so happy that you are here.
Nobody knows me like you do, you know?
I feel the same way.
Oh we wasted so much time.
See, no stop, don't do that.
Stop. We have to just put it all behind us.
See like talking to you
and telling you how I feel
having that little bit of the conversation
that we should have had a long time ago
I feel like a huge weight
has been lifted off of me
so it doesn't really matter
how long it took to happen
that point is that it happened.
Yeah, yeah you're right
It's like with the Daniel situation.
Like I knew there was more
to the story with him and Jacob
and I held that like some sort of...
like trump card.
I mean isn't that sick?
And then once I played it, it's gone
and now I feel better.
Do you think I can fix this?
Are you kidding?
Have you seen how he looks at you?
Do you have any idea at all
how much that man loves you?
You have to call him.
You do, you have to tell him how you feel.
What you've figured out.
No, it's too late for that.
There's to many hurt feeling
and legal bills.
You don't know that.
Come in.
Hi, can we talk?
Yes, I'd love to.
Thank you.
Call him. I'm serious.
I'm sorry. I hope I haven't ruined this.
If I haven't ruined this,
you haven't ruined this.
And I'm sorry about Emma,
I shoulda told you.
It's okay. I understand.
It's just..
Look, babe, I want you to know
there's not some
terrible secret in my past or anything,
It's just..
It just a lot of not dealing with shit.
And I wish there was something, you know,
it would be a lot easier
if there was but...
the truth is...
it's death by 1000 cuts
but I wanna get past it, okay?
I want you to know everything,
every stupid little thing about me.
And I wanna know it all and not because
I don't trust you.
Because I do trust you.
It just... I mean I wanna be there for you.
I wanna help you.
I know.
And I don't care when or
where we get married.
That's really not important.
I should've told you about
the whole Zoey thing.
I don't know...
I mean, I probably would have ruined
everything trying to fix it
and it's... It really doesn't matter.
No, it matters
but not as much as making the commitment.
Spending the rest of our lives together.
So tomorrow let's just have the party,
no ceremony.
And we'll go to the justice of the peace
on Monday like you said.
No but I want you to have the wedding
that you want.
The wedding that I want
is the one where I'm married to you
at the end.
I don't need an audience for that.
I mean the only people
that I really want there
are the people who are in this house
right now
and I don't even need this,
I just need you.
What time is it?
Um, a little before 10, why?
Because the people in our house right now
are in our house right now.
Zoey doesn't leave until tomorrow morning.
We could do it.
Where? Here?
Yeah, why not?
I love it.
Okay, yes.
Let's do it. - Really? - Yes.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, no, no, don't be sorry.
Just get over here right now.
You have to marry us.
- Really?
- Can you?
Of course!
Hey, everybody.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
that we put you through all that.
Yeah, me too.
So we have some news and we hope
you're all up for it.
We've decided to get married here, tonight.
And we wanna do it outside
so we're gonna need all of your help
to make this happen.
Yes, whatever you need.
Ah, home deposit is still open.
I can go get some lights
and some extension cords.
Okay, great and maybe pick up a cake
on your way back.
Hey, I'm on it.
- What do you want me to do honey?
- I don't know clean up?
And the rest of you just work
on the backyard
and make it look the best you can.
It doesn't have to be perfect.
- Is this where he wants it?
- I think so.
Looks good.
You are being extremely helpful as usual.
But you're doing such a good job.
Yeah, alright.
Guys, this is amazing.
I know right.
Hi, midnight wedding super brilliant.
'Scuze me pardon me comin' through.
Excuse me, sir.
- Scorsese?
- I know, right?
Are you kidding me?
That's sick, right?
It's so cool. - It's so crazy.
Alright, put me to work. What can I do?
Ah well, you both, you two.
What you're not doing anything?
Of course she's not.
Great, honey, right there.
Leave room for the dessert.
Donuts and coffee?
Well, there wasn't anything open.
And I don't know about anybody else
but I know I'm gonna need some coffee.
Maybe right now.
Good for us.
Is this memorable enough for ya?
Yeah, I think so.
Alright, you guys ready?
I'm ready.
Yeah, let's get married.
Dearest friends and family,
we are here tonight
to celebrate the marriage of
Christopher and Daniel.
I now have the honor of marrying these two
after almost being the one to prevent this
from even happening altogether.
This incredible, impromptu ceremony
is a testament
to their love and devotion to one another
and should serve as
an example to all of us.
I unfortunately got that memo a little late
and ate an entire pint of ice cream
in my misery.
Daniel, you are everything to me.
Never in a million years would
I think that I would end up
with someone as brilliant and generous
and loving as you.
I mean I still don't know how that happened
but I stop trying to figure it out.
It's impossible to think that our love
could get any deeper or stronger
but just in the past few hours
it already has.
And if it gets better than this then...
Oh man, I can't wait.
I love you.
Christopher, you're one of
the strongest people I've ever known
and you make me stronger everyday.
And I don't know if there's an order
to the universe
but I do know that I was meant to find you.
You've changed me in ways that
I didn't even think I could change.
And you've made me a better person.
And I cannot imagine my life without you
and I hope that I never have to.
I love you so much.
Um, the rings.
Rings! Rings!
Babe, I got you.
There are many different thoughts
to what a wedding ring is all about.
It's an unbroken circle,
it's a symbol of eternity,
it's the never ending commitment
to marriage,
it's a symbol of unity,
it's a symbol of togetherness,
it's the cycle of life.
But I think it means this.
I think that it is a constant reminder
that you're joined with the one you love.
And the person who gave you that ring
is yours and you are theirs,
and you are never again to be alone.
And don't ever forget that.
It's also means that you are taken,
so just keep on walking, buddy,
you're barking up the wrong tree.
So, Christopher, do you promise to love,
care for, support
and respect Daniel
for the rest of your life?
I do.
Daniel, do you promise to love,
care for, support
and respect Christopher
for the rest of your life?
I do.
Okay, well, I think we all know that
you two are perfect for each other
and meant to be by the state of California
and that internet church thingy,
you, guys, are married and
should definitely kiss.
Now this is perfect.
Mmmhmm, it is.
So when do I get my present?
Oh right... How about now?
What? - No, I'm too comfortable.
No, no, not now.
I'll be back. - No.
Do you remember the guy in the hat?
God, that was hilarious.
Thank you.
So Jacob and Bradley are curled up
together on the couch.
Aww, that's so cute.
So this might require some explanation.
Oh my God,
it's from our first date.
I don't deserve you.
Well, I don't deserve you so...
I guess we better make this work.