Doblado (2022) Movie Script

I don't like being filmed.
That's a no-no for me.
You see me holding a
cellphone or camera right now?
I just want us to talk for now.
If you don't mind,
I would like to ask
a few questions first.
Is this a Q&A,
or job interview?
Please, no personal questions.
But if you want to tell
me anything, that's fine.
I will listen.
Well, I gave you my real name.
Ronan is your real name?
And I have no issues. I'm single,
so I have nothing to hide.
Well, I do.
So please respect my boundaries.
Good to know we're on the same page.
I will give you the best sex
I can provide.
To the best of my ability.
Sounds great!
I'm generous, but I do
have my limitations.
If you want to try
something out of the ordinary,
let me know first,
so nobody's caught with their pants down.
Okay? Promise?
You look like a gentleman.
You're right. I'm very gentle.
Actually, it's been a long
time since I last got laid.
So I'm probably out of practice.
Please take care of me.
No worries. I got you.
I haven't had any
action for five months.
You poor thing.
What happened?
My girlfriend died.
For real?
It was an accident.
I'm sorry.
I guess...
she just had too many drinks.
She got drunk, she fell
off the roof deck
She died instantly.
She was so young,
she was just 19 years old.
Sorry, Ronan.
I guess you're still mourning.
I miss her every day.
Actually, the reason why I
chose you was because
you look a lot like her.
Is that so?
I hope you made the right choice.
It says on your profile
you're 19 years old, too.
This was her school uniform.
I hope it's okay for you
to put that on.
Okay, sure.
So you really checked my profile.
Of course!
It said there your specialty
was cosplay and role-playing.
What was her name?
Call me Sophie.
Okay, Sophie.
I missed you.
Don't worry, Ronan.
I'm here now.
I missed you, too.
I love you so much, babe.
I love you, too.
I'm never going to leave you.
I'm yours forever.
I love you, babe.
I love you too, Sophie!
Ronan: Are you free tomorrow night?
My cousin's been trying to get me to join
El Gimikero for quite some time now.
I kept ignoring him because
I wasn't a fuckboy like him.
But when Sophie died,
I got depressed.
And I guess he felt bad for me.
You're lucky your cousin got the
Supreme VIP 3 membership instantly.
And apparently, he's well
acquainted with Madame Alexis.
I guess that's why my membership got bumped
to S-VIP 2 just like that.
I was shocked.
You're the first newbie I've met who got
upgraded to S-VIP 2 on their first booking.
I guess I am lucky.
If I didn't get upgraded,
I wouldn't have been
able to access your profile.
Besides, Tommy said it
takes 8 months up to 1 year
before anyone can get SVIP 2.
Your cousin Tommy is ThePunisher69?
Shit. Sorry, Tommy.
Has he been your client?
Yeah, just once.
He's fun, but he hasnt
booked me again since.
I guess Im not his type.
Nah, don't take it personally.
That guy's like a butterfly.
He just wants to perch
on all the different flowers.
Makes sense.
We're not the same.
He only wants a little taste.
It has to be a new flavor every time.
What about you?
If I like someone
I always come back for more.
Is that so?
You don't get easily bored?
I get easily obsessed.
Oh, no
Girls, what is hyper arousal?
Hyper. Arousal.
This isn't what you think this is, okay?
Get your minds out of the gutter,
It's too early for your dirty thoughts.
I'm sorry to disappoint you,
but our topic today is
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Not sex.
Hyper arousal is a symptom of PTSD.
It occurs when a persons body
suddenly kicks into high alert
as a result of thinking
about their trauma.
Do I really look like Sophie?
Actually, just at first glance.
Then I got excited about dating
you because your specialties
are role-playing and cosplay.
So, did I play my part well?
Yes, Sophie.
It's good that you're back.
I love you so much.
I hope you won't go away again, Sophie.
Yes, babe!
Hey, this is way too much!
You deserve it, Sophie.
Thank you, babe!
Oh, my ride is almost here.
I have to go!
Good night!
See you tomorrow, then.
Huh? What?
See you tomorrow.
If you're available.
Let me check.
Just message me on the website.
Good night, babe. I love you.
I love you!
What are the differences
between grief and depression?
The symptoms may look similar,
such as sadness and despair,
but grief is typically preceded and caused
by the death of a loved one.
On the other hand,
depression can develop any time,
and can have a variety of causes.
The situation becomes complicated
when the two of them come together.
Let me tell you, Marie.
LDR is so difficult!
I know, right?
I've experienced that with
my boyfriend from Cebu.
It's so traumatic!
Andrew and I had to be
content with video calls.
Just imagine, ever since
he migrated to Canada,
I've had no sex
for a year and a half!
Oh my goodness.
What if it closes up?
At least you have someone to
make video calls with, Connie.
I only have my vibrator,
while singing 'All By Myself'.
I told you, you should
go live on TripTok or I3,
at least you'll have an audience.
That'd be something.
Just look at Jaira!
What a winning smile!
She's definitely getting
laid on the daily.
And she won't even talk about it!
Huh? There's nothing to tell.
Playing coy.
I mean, my sex life
is pretty normal.
Nothing special.
As if?
Then why do you look so radiant?
Admit it! That looks
more than just nothing.
You always do it, huh?
You should invite us for a sleepover
in your condo next time.
Good idea!
Maybe some of your
charms would rub off on us.
I'm fine with any boys
you might not like as much.
We can make do with your leftovers
so long as they're good
at getting rough!
You guys are hilarious!
Alright, I'll go ahead.
She seems friendly.
Yeah, she doesn't seem obnoxious.
She doesn't seem
to want get close to us.
Feels like she has a lot of secrets.
I know! I feel the same way.
You taste so good, Sophie.
You're delicious.
Do you really have to go?
I don't want this day to end yet.
Oh, babe, I'm sorry.
You should have told me
when you booked me.
I have an appointment
in two and a half hours.
Yeah, it's alright.
Next time, let's stay overnight.
Sure! So long as it's on the weekends.
I have classes on weekdays.
You're a student?
Oops. Well, cat's out of the bag.
Just don't ask me
where I go to school.
Yes. Boundaries.
I'm not 19, either.
I'm already 21.
Well, thank you for being honest.
I guess the age on the
website is just for show.
You should have known that.
Yes, I get it.
And besides, you look younger than 21.
Okay, I have to go now. Bye!
Why is your handle Mr. L?
Make a wild guess.
Is it short for Mr. Love?
Short for Mr. Love-Love.
- Huh?
- Short for Mr. Lova-Lova,
Mr. Boom-boom-boom...
Aren't you familiar with that?
Sorry, sir, not really.
You really don't know
what that song is?
Nope. What year was that popular?
I was born in 2001.
Right, that song
was a hit in 1995.
I guess you're the same age as my kid!
Oh, no. Please dont, Daddy!
No buts! Bend over!
Alright, alright.
I'm stripping, aren't I?
Does Daddy want it bad?
By the way, why is your handle ISHTAR88?
Ishtar is an ancient
goddess of love and sexuality.
She's also the goddess of fertility,
and the goddess of war.
Imagine being the goddess of passion
in both bed and the battlefield!
She's so fierce!
Right, I always hear that from my kid.
What does the 88 stand for, then?
It's a lucky number for the Chinese.
It's also considered as an infinity symbol.
I put two for double,
double the good luck!
I thought it stood for
your favorite position.
That's my favorite too, the 88.
You 'eight' me,
I 'eight' you!
Oh, daddy. I've heard
that joke so many times
Some from people your age,
and from others older than you!
How many have you had by now?
You're the 69th, sir.
You're naughty.
Just a little.
By the way...
I don't like wearing a condom.
The condom sizes here
run a little small,
and this boy's an XL.
Sorry, sir!
I've never done barebacking
for any client,
you can ask Madame Alexis.
I'll pay you double, don't worry.
No, sir. I'm sorry.
It's not about the money.
This is non-negotiable for me.
I know there are other girls
that are okay with that,
but it's a dealbreaker for me.
I wish you would have told me
when we were still chatting on the website.
I'll pay you triple,
just don't be so finicky.
No, sir.
Oh, come on.
I don't have any STDs!
I didn't say you did.
Besides, I don't have
anything to explain to you.
I'm going to give you a bad review!
You fucking bitch!
ISHTAR88: Hi, Ronan!
Have you gone home yet?
My appointment got canceled.
Wanna hang out?
Ronan: Oh, yes, my sweet Sophie!
Miss, we've got space here!
Hi Sophie.
Thank you!
Those guys were so rude.
They probably found you alluring.
Just ignore them.
Oh, sorry, by the way, I forgot
these roses at the hotel!
It's alright.
Sorry, I forgot to bring them.
I was in a hurry.
Really, it's okay.
The important thing is,
you're here now.
I'm happy you came
to hang out with me.
It's only my second time
having a date with a client.
At the first time,
I just agreed because I was so hungry.
We just ate at the restaurant in the hotel
that we stayed at.
If that's the case,
this is your first time,
since you went out
of your way to see me.
I guess that's true.
What's happening to my boundaries?
Don't worry.
I'll still pay you for your time,
even if it's more wholesome than usual.
It doesn't have to stay wholesome.
You can go under the table,
and do whatever you want.
I'll just keep it quiet.
Babe, after what I did
to you a while ago?
I might get lockjaw!
Was this your favorite
restaurant as a couple?
Yeah. This was where she said yes,
two and a half years ago.
Actually, we've spent several
monthsaries here already.
You're so sweet.
Sorry, I meant our monthsaries.
We've celebrated many monthsaries here.
Isn't that right, Sophie?
Yes, babe.
It's nice to be back here.
You're so pretty today.
Thank you.
Are you hungry?
Hello, Ma'am Sophie!
Oh, sorry.
Sorry, ma'am! Sorry sir!
Are you ready to order?
Yes, sure.
Oh, hello, Ronan! Bro!
How are you?
How's my good lookin' cousin?
What's up?
I just got home.
We had snacks a while ago.
Nice! But doesn't that
seem a little too quick?
You just snacked on her?
That's weak, bro!
No, we've been together
since this morning.
It's our second time.
Oh, there we go!
That's my boy!
I told you she looked
like Sophie, right?
Am I right, or am I right?
It's not super close but
she does remind me of her.
Ah, whatever, I'm still right!
Yes, Tommy.
Same body, similar smile,
she's bubbly too,
and speaks in English, like Sophie.
She's very smart, too!
I like her.
So, thanks a lot for
recommending her to me, Tommy.
You're welcome.
And thank god you're no longer moping
and mourning in your room!
Ah, jeez, I'm so happy for you little bro!
I owe you big time, Tommy!
Don't mention it, bro.
We're fucking family!
No, I owe you one.
Let's put it like this,
so long as you're happy,
I'm happy.
Is that okay?
Thank you, Tommy.
By the way.
Madame Alexis is here,
I think she wants to tell you something.
Hello, hello, hello, Ronan!
Hello, Madame!
Good evening, ma'am!
It seems like your evening
is more than good today,
seems more like it's
very good! Or excellent!
That it is, Madame!
I'm so glad I became a
member of
Your membership was accelerated, too!
ISHTAR88 is a Triple A level!
You're lucky you have a backer!
You went straight to the seventh heaven!
You're so blessed, Ronan!
Sure, Madame!
I will post my five-star
review of ISHTAR88 tomorrow.
I'm extremely happy.
Just don't forget,
I still have a lot of girls
that can make you happy!
In fact,
I'm sitting right next
to my freshest little pet!
Pinkish nipples,
and a pinkish pussy!
Any way you want it,
she's game for it!
No breaks, just non-stop
action all night long!
Unless you give up first!
Actually she hasn't been here a month,
but she's got a ton of five-star reviews!
You should check her out, Ronan.
Sure thing, Madame.
But, so far, I'm very
content with ISHTAR88.
I'm not really looking for a porn star.
So you're after a GF then?
Girlfriend Experience!
Oh well!
Just don't forget,
whatever you need,
I'm happy to serve, okay?
I'm just a call away,
or message away.
Call me anytime you want.
Good night!
Okay, good night, Madame!
Your cousin's something else!
He's got the lovebug!
It's because he's a nerd!
A mama's boy
and a real softie!
Not like me.
Yes, unlike him you're
hard and strong!
Oh, yes. Yes!
Let me get a taste of
that steel-hard member.
Ronan: Please tell me your name.
ISHTAR88: Isn't it Sophie?
Ronan: Lol! I know you're playing a role.
ISHTAR88: I can be
whoever you want me to be.
Ronan: I know, you make
the role play seem so real!
ISHTAR88: So you really wanna know my name?
Ronan: Yes, please. Ishtar88 is weird.
It's like a band name from the '90s.
Ronan: So what's your name?
Just your first name so it's fair.
ISHTAR88: Jaira.
Ronan: Really? That
sounds like an alias, too.
ISHTAR88: Believe it or not, I don't care!
Ronan: Just kidding. Don't get mad!
ISHTAR88: Your fault!
You're being such a dummy!
Ronan: One more request, Jaira.
ISHTAR88: What?
Ronan: Can't we just talk on the phone?
Hello? Jaira?
Hi, Ronan!
Good morning!
Good morning.
I'm so glad you finally
gave me your number.
At least now, we can be textmates.
No, that's a waste of money!
We can talk on Viber instead.
Alright, I'll call on Viber next time.
Are you alone in your room?
You don't have work?
We have a family business in Antipolo,
a bed and breakfast.
I'm the assistant manager.
Oh, really?
But when Sophie died,
I stopped coming to work.
My parents can't exactly fire me.
I also do some Forex trading on the side.
By Forex you mean
Foreign Exchange?
Dollar exchanges?
Yes. But we mostly sell currencies.
Tommy showed me how it's done.
I see.
It's all remote work, though.
Pretty much work from anywhere, actually.
It just takes one to two hours a day.
Takes up about the same amount of time
you spend on social media.
Oh, I see.
What about you?
Shouldn't you be in class?
Hello? It's a Saturday!
I forgot, sorry.
Where are you?
Are you in your room?
Yeah, just lying down. Chilling.
Me, too.
What are you wearing?
Just my briefs. You?
Just my undies, too.
I can imagine you right now.
Are you satisfied with
just your imagination?
What do you mean?
Are you alone there?
In my room, yeah.
Is your house empty?
On Saturdays, my parents
go to Antipolo.
They bring the maid and the driver, too.
They won't be back
until Sunday evening.
Do you want me to come over?
Right now? How fast can you get here?
I've ordered your favorite chicken wings!
Wow! Thanks!
But you know, based off
the book I read,
we're doing the right thing.
What book?
Psychology textbook.
What are we doing right?
The role playing.
Where I pretend to be Sophie.
So what's good about that?
So you can process Sophie's passing.
In grief counseling,
the conventional practice
is, you talk to the person
who lost a spouse or romantic
partner in order to let go
or move on.
Isn't that how it's done anyway?
Yeah. But in the case of
severe grief, complicated grief,
that's the kind that
could turn into depression.
There's a better way, apparently.
Here, let me read it,
I took a photo of the page.
Instead of gaining closure
or saying goodbye...
Welcome to our home, Sophie.
We've been wanting to
meet you for a long time, now.
We're happy! Finally, we've met!
Thank you so much, uncle and auntie.
What are we waiting for? Let's eat!
The role of grief counseling
should be to foster a constructive,
continuing bond with the deceased person.
This can be accomplished through
remembering the good times,
setting up an internal dialogue
with the lost loved one,
continuning to think of the
person on a regular basis,
and imagining the person's reaction
to current life events and problems.
So we should keep
pretending that I'm Sophie
so that you can continue to heal.
Wait a minute.
Why'd you suddenly pick up
psychology texbooks?
Of course, it's because
I major in Psychology.
Should I be reading
Architecture books instead?
I majored in Architecture.
I just didn't graduate.
Isn't that the course that students take
when they don't know what to do in life?
Big words from a dropout!
You're just saying that
from a position of privilege.
You were born rich,
so even if you laze around
all day, you won't go hungry.
I'm not lazy!
Just depressed.
Well, I'm different.
My career path
is clear in my head.
I plan to be an HR Manager
in an International Cruise Ship.
That's the best kind
of work for adventurous
and independent young women like me,
who want to travel around the world.
Sorry if I offended you.
Now, I'm more impressed.
I hope one day you make
all your dreams come true.
Wish me luck!
At the moment, I'm trying to
help you overcome your grief.
Where is Sophie's uniform anyway?
Oh, it's in the laundry.
In the washing machine,
or did you hang it to dry?
Just the hamper.
But it's in there with all
my stained and smelly briefs.
Gross! We're eating!
Do you guys have a school uniform?
We do.
But that's mine, and it's not going
to help me channel Sophie.
Do you have other clothes of hers?
Wait a minute
This was hers?
Yup. I just kept it
in memory of her.
Very academy-chic!
She liked stuff like that,
accessories that made
her look like a teacher.
Actually, I liked it on her, too.
Come to think of it.
I just realized Sophie and
I did some role play before!
Yes, ma'am!
Like you, she knew a lot
more about sex than I did.
As embarrassing as it is to admit,
I was a virgin
when I first met Sophie.
She was my first.
You're so cute!
You're adorable.
But I was a quick learner!
She said I was a very enthusiastic student.
She was so impressed by me,
because for the first time,
I made her orgasm
with just oral sex.
None of her exes had done that before.
In all fairness, I really
enjoyed you eating me out.
Thank you!
It's getting into your head again, Ronan!
You've got to give
credit to your teacher, too!
Whatever bedroom skills you have today,
is because Sophie taught you well!
So be thankful to her.
You're right.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for everything you taught me.
I miss you so much!
And I know you want to make me happy,
so that's what I'm doing now,
with the help of Jaira.
I know you understand.
I will love you forever,
and you'll always be in my heart.
That's nice!
You're such a sweet guy.
Anyways, I hope you don't
think you're some kind of
Sex Jedi Master!
There's always more to learn.
Yes, ma'am!
Like what?
Have you ever made a woman squirt?
Not all women can do this.
But for some, squirting
comes naturally for them,
even with just minimal effort.
I'm kind of envious because,
no guy has ever made me squirt before.
I've only ever done it to myself.
Is that so?
My god, it feels amazing!
It's the most intense orgasm ever!
And I have to be 100 percent
in the mood to make it happen.
And it takes time,
around 30 minutes.
Sometimes I would need an hour.
Do you think I can handle that?
A lot of them have tried but,
so far no one's been successful.
It's not that they don't
know or they're not good,
I guess they didn't really care enough,
and I didn't really care enough about them.
Meaning, I wasnt 100 percent
comfortable with our situation,
and my partner as well.
What about me, ma'am?
Are you comfortable with me?
Yes, Ronan.
And I'm 100 percent
in the mood for it.
It's just
I have a feeling
I'll ace this thing!
No pressure, though!
Let's just try it.
If we don't make it happen, that's fine,
we can always try again next time.
Let's do it.
Do you know where the G-spot is?
Of course!
I found Sophie's before.
Nice and slow.
Of course, ma'am.
I take time to build up, so
- Yes, ma'am.
- be patient.
I already taught you how
to use your fingers, right?
It's like you're digging for
something with your fingertips
but carefully.
Gently, but, be consistent.
there, keep going.
Yes, watch me
Look at how I react.
I will tell you when you
need to increase the pressure.
But so far, so good.
Did we do it?
Did I make you squirt?
I climaxed, but I didn't squirt.
That came from over there.
Damn, I thought I made you squirt.
It's fine.
You got an A
for a-ffort.
Let's just try it again next time.
I also didn't drink
enough water, I think.
Hello, Madame?
Jaira! How are you?
I'm doing okay, Madame. What's up?
How are you doing with Ronan?
We're doing okay.
Let me see
18 dates,
in 21 days.
Sundays are your only rest days!
I can say that's more than okay, Jaira!
Thank you, Madame!
But I have a problem with you.
What is it, Madame? The other clients
have been complaining about you!
You aren't letting the others book you!
We can't have this!
That's bad for my business!
I'm sorry, Madame!
But you know that
I'm studying, too, right?
And I can only accept
one to two clients per day.
So why aren't you booking two clients?
Why is it always Ronan?
Ronan is always asking for an extension,
and sometimes he wants an overnight, too.
I know he's crazy about you!
But you can't stay exclusive for him!
I know, but...
Let me tell you something,
when he eventually gets tired of you,
and believe me,
all men get tired eventually,
you might not have
any clients to return to!
They're all starting to
get upset with you, Jaira!
I'm sorry, Madame,
I'll just try to talk to Ronan
to give the others a chance.
Yes! You should do that.
I have a premium client who wants
to book you for a threesome!
You can do it with my
new pet, PinkyPanther!
Madame, you know
I'm not okay with threesomes.
You're so finicky, you little bitch!
This is why Mr. L is so angry with you!
You know that he's one
of our top premium clients!
He's a very generous man!
You're the only one
he gave a bad review on.
You embarrassed him!
Madame, he wanted to
do it without a condom!
I didn't embarrass him,
I was polite when I talked to him.
You better make sure of that, Jaira!
Or else!
You seem pissed.
A little, Daddy-o!
Jaira is so irritating!
She thinks she's so smart,
but she's making so many dumb choices!
So frustrating!
What are you waiting for, Pinky?
Make your momma proud!
Yes, Daddy-o!
What about you?
I'm good.
Remember this, Pinky.
In this marriage,
she always comes first.
Remember that, alright?
I'm glad you know that.
Of course, sweetheart!
Anything for you.
Well, Pinky?
Go on and rev up Madame's engine!
- No problem, Daddy-o!
- I got you, sweetheart!
- Alright!
- Okay then!
Babe, I'll take you to your condo.
Sorry, babe, but my ride
is just two minutes away.
Then cancel it!
We'd inconvenience the driver.
You'll still pay for it!
I'll reimburse you.
It's not a problem.
Oh, you.
You're breaking down
all my boundaries!
It's because I don't have
any boundaries with you!
Besides, you've slept
over three times already,
but you haven't invited
me to your condo once.
Alright, fine!
Lets go!
my space is a little small.
What are you talking about,
this is perfect for me!
I could live in a matchbox,
so long as I'm with you.
I'd like to ask you something.
Do you still see me as Sophie?
What do you think?
I don't think so, because
we haven't role-played
for more than a week
and you don't make me
wear her uniform anymore.
I'm glad you noticed.
When was the last time
that I called you Sophie?
It's been a while.
About two weeks.
Exactly my point.
So you've moved on?
Isn't it obvious?
That's good!
You're healed.
Thanks to you,
my grief counselor.
I need to tell you something.
Madame gave me a call...
I love you, Jaira.
I want you to be my girlfriend.
Are you sure, babe?
I'm dead serious.
I love you so much.
And I'm sure Sophie guided me to you.
She wants me to be happy.
And this is it.
This is too much
I didn't think you were
this serious about me!
You deserve to be taken seriously,
and you deserve to be loved by me.
As you.
Just the way you are.
But, Ronan
you don't know me that well yet.
That's why I want to take
down your boundaries.
You're the only one here
with secrets.
You already know everything about me!
What do you mean 'okay'?
Do you love me or not?
I do.
I love you, too.
Thank you, babe.
You won't regret this.
I will love you so much!
I really didn't expect this, babe.
As they say, love comes
when you least expect it.
All I want is for us to be exclusive.
You can't go on dates with
your other clients anymore.
What, we're going
to quit El Gimikero?
Not really.
It would be rude to
Madame, and Tommy, too.
I don't want her to get mad at me.
I owe it to her that
we were able to meet.
So I will still continue to
book you through the website,
so she won't have anything to say.
And don't worry.
I will still pay for your time,
and since you're my girlfriend now,
I can support you better financially.
Thank you, babe!
Just remember,
we're exclusive now, alright?
No other clients.
It's been like that for three weeks now,
if you haven't noticed.
Then let's keep it that way.
What did you and Madame talk about again?
It's nothing.
She just asked if
I was happy with you.
Of course, I said yes.
That's good.
I love you, babe.
I love you, too!
Let's go,
you still have school tomorrow.
Okay, babe. Let me
walk you downstairs.
Hello, Madame?
Hello? Jaira!
Did I wake you up?
It's alright, Madame.
What's up?
You have a last-minute booking tomorrow.
9:00 p.m.
Don't forget!
Oh, no, Madame! Remember
I'm booked for Ronan tomorrow?
Isn't he booked
for 3:00 p.m. as usual?
But he gets here
around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m.
And usually we're together
until 10:00 p.m
sometimes until 11:00 p.m.
You bitch!
You can't back down
from this client!
This is a congressman!
He shoots with my boyfriend!
Tactical shooting!
It's his friend from the firing range!
Ah, okay.
You can't make me look bad.
He's a super VIP client!
So you better wise up, Jaira!
It just so happened that
he asked for you specifically!
Madame, maybe you could
talk to Ronan?
Are you an idiot?
You have to handle this yourself!
You need to figure out
how to make this work!
Madame, he wants us to be exclusive.
You fucking whore!
Have you ever fucking
heard of any of my girls
being exclusive to one client?
I swear I will put a
bullet through your head
if you don't fucking fix this!
Stupid bitch!
I dont know what to do!
Here's what we'll do.
Tell Ronan to come early.
Make it believable!
Tell him that the professor from
your last class didn't show up.
Which is why you should
meet at 3:00 p.m. sharp!
So after you guys fuck around,
you can say that your head hurts,
or your stomach, whatever it is!
So he can let you go home!
He's going to take me home.
Oh, so you're letting yourself
be brought to your condo now?
He's very insistent.
For all I know,
you're falling for him, too!
Madame, he's just very sweet,
so it's hard to say no.
This is work, not The Bachelorette!
You idiot!
I'll push your appointment with
the congressman to 10:00 p.m.
Make sure that you'll be there.
Yes, Madame.
Good! Don't worry, that old geezer
won't make you stay up too late.
He's a one-hit wonder.
He'll be out in five minutes, tops.
Then, after that, just cozy up to him
so he can let you go home early.
Don't disappoint me.
Okay, Madame.
Good night, Jaira.
Good night, Madame.
Does your stomach still hurt?
Yeah. Babe, I'm sorry.
If you want, I can bring
you to the hospital.
No, no need.
I'll just sleep this off, I think.
Don't bother going upstairs, alright?
You should go ahead so
you won't get caught in traffic.
Okay, babe.
See you tomorrow?
Love you!
Love you, too.
You said you loved me.
My car was parked all night
outside the condo.
Sorry babe!
I'm so sorry!
Madame Alexis threatened me to have sex
with an old congressman!
He was disgusting!
He smelled like the grave,
and his mouth stank!
It was painful for me, too!
The five minutes that I spent with him
I felt violated!
I don't like seeing you hurt, so please!
Please, forgive me!
I forgive you.
I'm not angry anymore.
You're the victim here.
I didn't cheat on you, okay?
I love you so much.
If I could quit, I would!
I don't want to have sex with anyone else.
I want it to be you.
I will talk to Madame Alexis.
Ronan, my man!
- Hey, Tommy!
- What's up!
Thanks for coming!
- Coffee? Do you want coffee?
- No, no, I'm good!
So, what's your problem?
I thought you were happy
with your little Ishtar?
Her name is Jaira!
Jeez, you really can't take a joke!
I know that! I'm just kidding!
God, you really are whipped.
Yes, I am! And this is your fault!
My fault?
Is it my fault that
you're a hopeless romantic?
You dumbass!
I brought you to El Gimikero
so you could hook up with women!
And for you to get over
your dead girlfriend!
Do you know why I did that?
I thought that'd teach you
to use your cock
and not your heart!
I can't help it, man!
Jaira's irresistible!
Oh, god.
- Alright. I know what I missed.
- What?
I should have given you a workshop
before I signed you up at El Gimikero!
Fucking hell, man!
All that romance shit isn't meant
for this kind of lifestyle!
Drill this into your thick skull,
it's all about lust!
I did let the lust take over!
But I couldn't help it,
we matched so well!
Ah, whatever!
You're hopeless!
Literally hopeless!
What do you want me to do?
Well, here's the thing
Tommy, I know you're
close with Madame Alexis.
So, yesterday, I called her.
Jaira called her too, seperately.
maybe you could talk to her this time.
Wait a minute, what did you talk about?
Jaira wants to quit.
As for me, well
I mean I dont want to embarrass you.
Or Madame, either.
So I'm willing to let
Jaira stay at the company,
and I'm not going to quit, either.
Even if Jaira's my girlfriend,
I'll still pay the necessary fees.
A debt of gratitude, if you will! Right?
Alright then! What did Madame say?
Madame said she should
stay for six more months.
And then, Jaira should
have the option to be booked
by two other clients besides me.
In a week!
She says I can't have
my girlfriend exclusively!
Well, there you go!
It's not so bad!
What do you mean?
Jaira already wants to quit!
Tommy, come on.
This is real tricky for me.
What's so tricky about it?
The conditions I set
are already in her favor!
Tommy, bro
Cut that out!
Alright, alright!
I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks, Tommy, you're the best!
- Hey, wait! Not so fast!
Remember this, okay?
Madame is really strict
when it comes to business.
She has connections
with the police, politicians
even crime syndicates!
What does she think of me and Jaira?
Like we're trying to
compete with El Gimikero?
We have no plans of
doing anything like that!
The following images are extremely graphic,
and we are advising our viewers to watch
at their own discretion.
A young lady was found dead
with two bullet holes in her head
in a motel in Pasay City,
early this morning.
20 years old,
and a resident of Makati City.
The victim was discovered
completely naked
by the members of Pasay City police
inside a VIP suite in the motel
where the crime was commited.
The police are still investigating
who Perdigon was with
when they checked in to the hotel.
This is Julie Ann Tuazon, reporting.
Fuck! Oh my god, that poor girl!
Who is she?
Madame's pet?
That was Madame's Flavor of the Month!
Fuck! Who the hell booked her?
Shit, fuck, Ronan.
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry but I can't
talk to Madame right now!
Hey, Tommy! Why not?
Fucking bad vibes, man!
I'm gonna take a break
from El Gimikero for now.
How the hell am I supposed
to get hard with shit like that?
Tommy! Bro! What about me?
Let's pack it up and get out.
Let's fucking hide.
Let's go back to Zamboanga!
What the hell did you do?
Relax, Daddy-o!
There's nothing to worry about!
What the fuck do you mean
'Nothing to worry about'?
Did you know that
Congressman is right outside,
pacing like a caged animal!
He's looking for you
and he wants to talk!
Goddamn it, why did you
even bring him here?
What could I do?
He wanted to talk to you!
It's the Congressman!
I can't say no to him!
How are you?
To whom do I owe the
pleasure of your company, sir?
Jeez. As if you don't know.
I was at the airport.
All I see is her face
on the TV monitor.
I wish I were in Davao
with my family!
Instead, I am here talking to you!
What the hell happened to
that girl I screwed last night?
Sir, I guess somebody killed her.
Well, it wasn't me!
When I left her she was
alive and well, and
very satisfied, I might add.
I never doubted that.
Alexis, you know how I operate!
30 minutes!
In and out and I'm gone!
That's actually pretty long for you.
Normally you don't take
more than five minutes.
Is that what you think?
Do you want to die like Pinky?
Would you like a bullet
between your head?
And die in a pool
of your own blood?
I can make that happen, Alexis.
I can even include
your idiot of a husband!
Enough of this bullshit!
I'm not here to make
pleasantries with the two of you!
I need assurances that this homicide
does not bite me in the ass!
I do not know Pinky!
And I've never met her.
Do you understand?
Yes, Congressman!
You have nothing to worry about.
We'll make certain of it.
I guarantee you, sir,
There's nothing to worry about!
Just relax.
Okay. Thank you.
And I assure you,
I don't know Pinky!
The police have no evidence
that will connect her to me,
or my website!
That's all I need to know.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You know
do you know who did this?
I mean, that poor kid.
She had so much potential!
And she was
she was good,
she was very talented,
she was hardworking!
You are correct, Congressman.
She wasn't like
that last girl you gave me.
She was ten times better than that woman,
who was like a cadaver in bed!
What a waste of viagra!
Which is why I gave you 50 percent
off on Pinky, Congressman.
50 percent discount.
As you should have!
And I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Anyway, sir, whoever killed her,
it's better that we don't know,
since we don't really know
anything about what's going on.
Do you think it's the boyfriend?
You're right!
It could be the boyfriend!
I mean after all, maybe
she felt that, since she had
an extra three and a half hours,
Yes, sir.
Wouldn't want that jacuzzi
to go to waste! Right?
Are you on your way home?
Come with us, we're going to the mall.
I have a ride.
Oh, really?
Is it your boyfriend?
- Oh, well, dad's here, so
- Yeah!
We're going to go ahead, alright?
- Bye!
- Okay, bye!
- Take care!
- Bye-bye!
Dad, dad, dad!
What is it, my daughter?
Let's park for a while.
Okay, just for a little bit,
just two minutes alright?
Just two minutes?
I might be late for my meeting.
We're a little curious about
our classmate's ride for today.
Is that your classmate?
Yes, Dad.
Sorry about this, Uncle Louie.
We're really curious to see
what her boyfriend looks like!
Marie's been obsessed
about that girl for so long, Dad!
Just me? You too!
We have a feeling, Uncle,
that she has a double life.
Double life?
What we know is, she's
from a poor family in Palawan.
She's from a public school.
But she lives in a condo.
Her phone is the latest model,
and her bags are
all designer brands!
It's kind of suspicious.
Marie thinks she has a dirty
old man for a sugar daddy!
Really, now?
He's here!
Marie! Marie there's her ride!
Not old!
He's cute!
Oh, he's young!
But he's an old-school gentleman.
Jaira's so fierce!
Well, Marie? I guess you're wrong!
I'm so embarrassed! And envious!
So annoying.
I wish I had a boyfriend, too.
Well, Connie? Shall we go?
Okay, Dad! Let's go!
Thank you for indulging us, Uncle Louie!
You're really the best!
Happy to serve you!
What's your classmate's name again?
Jaira Mae Lacsamana.
We're friends on Friendsbook, Dad.
You don't even use your Friendsbook!
You're such a boomer!
Hello Jaira?
Who is this, please?
This is Mr. L.
Who are you?
Jaira, don't pretend
you don't know me.
I'm sure you know me very well.
Weren't you picked up by your boyfriend
a while ago at school?
How did you get my number?
Let's just say that I found out
that you're classmates with my daughter.
What do you want?
Before I tell you what I want,
I'm going to tell you
what I don't want.
Do not try to block,
or end this call, Jaira.
As of 8:30 p.m. I have added your father
as my friend online.
I also have a screenshot
of your sexy profile picture,
and your snaps from El
I can easily send it to
your Dad in Palawan,
to your school's admin,
and to your classmates
who are so curious
about who you really are.
And to be fair,
I'll send it to your
entire family in Palawan.
So what do you want to happen?
I just want one simple thing:
I want us to continue
that date we couldn't finish.
I will still pay for your professional fee,
whether it's doubled or tripled.
That's no problem.
I just need you to grant my request.
Fine, I agree.
You don't need to pay me.
If sex is all you want,
I'll do anything you want.
Just don't bother me.
Good girl.
Just give me what I want tonight.
After this, we'll forget everything,
and I'll consider us quits.
I'm here outside your building.
My kid thinks
I'm not tech-savvy.
It was so easy
to find your pixtagram.
You had so many photos of your building.
I found this all so easily.
I've been passing by this place every day!
Who's the boomer now?
Who's the boomer now!
What? I don't know!
I'm giving you 15 minutes,
come down here.
Don't take a bath
or doll yourself up,
because we're going to a motel anyway.
You better hurry up
because Im about to blow.
Timer starts
Show me your face.
- Show me.
- No.
Don't you dare cause a scene.
Uncle Auntie
What happened?
We're out of ideas, Tommy.
Your cousin regressed
back to his old ways.
Just look at him!
He's depressed again.
He's catatonic again.
I managed to talk to him for a bit
before he completely shut down
and became unresponsive.
What did he say?
His girlfriend replaced him
with another man.
Poor thing.
We haven't even met
that Jaira girl,
and she already messed things up.
Oh, shit.
I dont know why
Ronan even fell for her.
Jaira's a prostitute.
Specifically, a college girl
who sidelines as a call girl.
Your cousin hasn't eaten
for three days.
I asked him to go to the hospital with me.
You know what he did?
He lashed out!
Broke the flower vase.
We don't know what to do anymore.
He doesn't want to leave that spot,
says that it's important to him and Jaira.
What's happening to you, Jaira?
Sit down!
Help me, Madame!
You're the only one I can turn to!
Who did this to you?
Was it Ronan?
Ronan won't do something like this.
It was Mr. L!
He was the monster
who did this to me!
He found out where I was studying.
His daughter's one of my classmates.
He raped me!
Stop crying.
He took a video while
he violated me like an animal.
He's a fucking monster!
Fucking shit!
What a douchebag!
He called me again a while ago,
he wants to have sex again!
I just agreed the first time because
I thought that would be the end of it!
But he hasn't stopped blackmailing me!
He told me he would tell my classmates
and my family in Palawan!
What did you say?
I told him to give me time for
my bruises and wounds to heal,
but he only gave me three days.
He set his date for you on Saturday.
Do you want to set up an entrapment?
Or we can report him to the police!
Or the NBI!
It will be easy.
We'll get the media on it, too!
He knows about that already.
He printed everything he had on me,
even screenshots of the videos he took,
and gave the files to his men.
They know the address of my classmates,
the school and even my family members.
Anytime he gets caught he
says he's going to make sure
that I'm going to get
dragged down with him.
That cunning son of a bitch.
I don't know what to do!
I'd rather die at this point!
Stop crying, we will get back at him.
That's yours.
I dont know how to use that!
That's easy, I'll teach you how to use it.
You need to protect yourself!
Alright, Madame.
I can already picture how
I'm going to shoot Mr. L.
That's the spirit.
Okay, here's the plan.
I'm going to book a threesome
with you and me.
The three of us, with Mr. L.
He's a regular of mine for threesomes,
and he enjoys his time with me a lot.
I don't like threesomes!
Stop being picky, you little whore!
You need me to be there!
I'm going to make sure
you'll feel good!
At least give me this, Jaira,
you know I've been wanting to
play with you for a long time now.
Do you want me
to protect you or not?
I already said yes!
I'll call you once I set a date
for the three of us.
Just make sure
you bring your gun with you!
I'll bring a bigger weapon, just in case.
I promise you,
you will get your revenge.
Thanks, Madame.
Good girl.
Cheers, cheers!
One big yes!
Oh, yes, yes!
Drink some more!
She needs more, right?
Yes! Yes! Of course!
A Filipino-Chinese
businessman was found dead
at a resort here in Taytay, Rizal
early this morning.
According to the operatives
of the National Bureu of Investigation,
the man suffered two
bullet wounds to the head.
The victim has been
identified as Luisito So,
the owner of several hardware stores
in Manila, Pasay and Paranaque.
Two women, who he checked in
with last night,
have now been classified as suspects.
One of these was Alexis Rose Paglikawan
who also processed the
reservation of the resort house.
According to the NBI,
Paglikawan is the ringleader
of a high-class prostitution service,
and Mr. So was one of her clients.
Alexis Rose Paglikawan
is the main operator of, a private website
for high class prostitutes.
The clients of this website
are rumored to be
rich businessmen and
other high-ranking individuals.
According to our asset,
- Poor Madame.
- Paglikawan also acted
like the rest of her pets,
- I hope her politician friends can help.
- and sold her services along with theirs.
As seen from the CCTV footage
that the resort owner handed over to us,
Jaira Mae Lacsamana was
the only one caught on video.
There was as shot of her carrying a gun,
thus making her the
main suspect of this case.
We are also considering another angle,
which would connect this to
the death of another woman
who was killed in a motel
in Pasay two weeks ago.
The gunshot wounds
that both victims sustained
were very similar.
We have reason to believe that
the woman in the Pasay motel
was also under Alexis Rose's employ.
It's possible that there is
only one suspect in both cases.
The NBI and the police
are currently still on the hunt
for both Lacasamana and Paglikawan.
Julie Ann Tuazon, reporting.
You finally picked up!
Babe, is that you?
Yes, this is Jaira!
I changed my number.
I'm innocent! Help me, please!
I have a very strong
feeling it was Madame Alexis
who killed Pinky.
I just don't know why.
It also seemed kind of weird
that she was so eager
to avenge me from Mr. L.
But there's one thing Im sure of,
I was set up by that fucking bitch.
I fucking hate her.
I wasn't even supposed to ask
help from her in the first place!
I just didn't have a choice because
I couldn't contact you.
Sorry about that,
I had another episode again.
What do you mean?
My depression came back.
No one could talk to me.
Just staring into space,
lost in my own head.
I was like that for two months
straight after Sophie died.
But are you alright now, babe?
Yeah, I'm feeling better.
I came back to my senses
after watching the news.
What's your plan now?
I want to escape
I want to get out of the
city and start a new life.
That's perfect, that's
what I was thinking as well.
I'll go with you, babe..
until the ends of the Earth.
You're being a little too dramatic!
Just until the end of
the Philippines, I think!
We'll go to Palawan.
There's a lot of places
to hide in our province.
It'll be like finding a
needle in a haystack.
Are you going back to your
family in Puerto Princesa?
Yeah, I want to see them.
But I have nothing to show for it.
After all, all my dreams
turned into smoke.
That's good, I have my car with me.
We can take the Ro-Ro to Coron.
Coron is beautiful!
Get dressed.
We're leaving.
Get dressed.
Were leaving, we're
going to Coron right now.
Let's go in the morning.
We should get some sleep.
Get dressed. We're leaving now.
Get moving!
- Hurry!
- Wait, hold on!
You're hurting me!
Hurry up, before the NBI
and police catches on to us!
- Come on!
- What the hell, Ronan!
Why are you being like this?
I am Conan.
His alter-ego.
Ronan is weak!
Ronan is a coward!
Ronan is a bag of shit!
He doesn't deserve to live!
Hurry up!
Hurry up! Hurry up, Jaira!
Ronan, just hold on for a bit!
Your guest has been waiting for you.
Hey! Jaira!
I'm doing all of this for you,
and this is the thanks I get?
You thankless bitch!
If you want to end up like Sophie,
I can make that happen!
You've got some fight!
All this time I thought
there was no witness.
But a while ago, someone called.
Said he was a cop.
Someone showed up, claiming
to have witnessed everything.
He asked for three million
to settle the case.
I negotiated. I asked for two million.
And I asked him to come to the house.
The greedy motherfucker fell for it,
and I stabbed him.
I told you, I'm not Ronan!
I'm Conan! Conan!
We need to escape!
They're coming after me!
I'm not coming with you!
I already expected that, you bitch!
I don't love you like Ronan does.
You're going to ruin our lives.
Say hi to Sophie for me in the next life.
Babe, what the hell!
I don't care!
I don't trust you anymore!
Get away from me,
I'm going to jump!
Babe, stop!
Babe, stop!
She was so beautiful,
with her eyes closed like that.
And I suddenly thought,
what if I pushed her
off the edge?
There was no one around.
There weren't any CCTVs either.
So I did it.
I fucking did it!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Kurt was wrong, he was wrong.
- You motherfuckers!
- Sorry, sorry!
You think you can fuck with
other people's girlfriends?
No, no!
- My girlfriend?
- Sorry! Sorry!
Where's the fucking congressman?
He already left hours ago!
- Help! Help!
- Shut the fuck up!
When you're so in love with someone,
you hate the thought of sharing them.
You want them all to yourself.
And if you're crazy about them,
there is nothing you won't do for them.
Would you kill for someone you love?
It's not that hard.
I did it. I killed my sweetheart.
That's how I love.
I'm ready to kill,
and die.
I knew it.
I fucking knew it.
You killed my wife.
Crazy people like you deserve nothing more
than a bullet to the head.
Drop the gun!
Get him out of here.