Doctor Dracula (1978) Movie Script

Who's there?
- That was great.
- Yeah, let's put it in tonight.
Yeah, just leave the rocks
out of the suitcases tonight, uh?
- Oh, I'll see yqu later in
my dressing rqom. - Okay.
- Miss fontaine.
- Yes?
- Telegram.
- Thank you.
Judith's voice: "Joanie fontaine
still reported as missing.
Sergeant Martin,
missing persons bureau."
Do you think you could remember
to find your way back, miss fontaine?
I'm afraid I lost you
on the second turn.
Have a seat.
I didn't ask you
that question to be funny,
but if you think our few
corridors are complicated,
wait till you start roaming
the back streets of venice.
I've got to find
my sister, sergeant Martin.
You know, joanie and I were both
orphaned for quite some time
and I'm the only one she's got.
I got the iivipression
when we first met
that you're just not
the kind to sit around
and wait for things to happen.
That's quite true.
Let me tell you something,
miss fontaine--
in this case that's
the best thing you can do.
Sit around
and just wait.
Your kid sister chose to live with a
bunch of hippies out near the beach.
Now it seems that
living near the water
brings out the best
and the worst in us.
There's an amusement park
just east of the pier.
It's a hang-out for pushers
and white-slavery operators.
Oh yeah, we've still
got them around.
And you'd be surprised
just how many young girls
come out here just hoping to get
involved in all this kind of stuff.
and beatings.
Now maybe you ask yourself
a question--
why do all these terrible
things have to happen?
Well, took me 21 years
of my 22 on this business
to get the answer,
and at last I have it.
What is the answer?
These people want
these things to happen.
Does that sound too simple?
Well, not really.
It's the most complicated
thing in the world.
Nobody but nobody
knows anything
about the subconscious,
miss fontaine--
not even ourselves.
Yeah, it's a dark dark world,
miss fontaine.
Barker: See Dr. duryea's
creature emporium.
It's the greatest living
thing in the whole wide world.
Only 50 a person--
50 for the ladies,
50 for the men.
Dr. duryea's creature
eiviporium" living creatures.
See how his
head is chopped off.
See the blood squirting
right out before your very eyes.
When you see this creature,
you will be so stunned
that you won't know
that you're alive.
Hey, where are we going?
This way.
Come right inside.
You gotta have a
ticket to go in here.
All right.
We wanna buyaticket.
"We wanna buy a ticket."
"We wanna buy a ticket."
"We wanna
buya ticket."
One dollar.
Ha ha.
See what I do with it?
I eat it!
Let's go.
Come right in.
Do not be afraid.
This is Dr. duryea's
creature emporium,
before you,
you will see sights
that you will
not believe,
but I assure you that
each and every one of them
is true and has happened
many times in history.
But I don't
even see anything.
Barker:You see,
you must open your
eyes to see things.
There's more to come.
It is only
an illusion, children.
It's all right.
Of course you are frightened
because this is all unknown for you.
The greatest mysteries in the
world are not mysteries at all
unless we take time
to become familiar with them.
He's really
a gentle fellow.
But put
that mask on him
and the whole world will
gladly turn against him.
I have this exhibit unattended
for several reasons.
I believe we all
should experience life
with a natural
And this can only happen
if there are no restraints.
Do you agree?
The romans had
their circus Maximus
seating over 200,000,
but their spectacles
were no more bizarre
than that which I can
conjure up for you right here.
Now look here.
Now look there.
- Man, that sure looks real.
- True-- all illusions look real
or they wouldn't
be illusions, would they?
Man, that place would
give anybody the creeps.
Poor baby, you're
afraid of everything.
Come on, let's get ready
for the big protest tonight.
What are we
protesting tonight?
I don't know
but I'll bet it's fun.
Well, groton,
i see you've arranged
the tables
correctly this time.
What about
the temperature?
Have you tested it
to the exact degree?
You heard them
up there, groton.
They want to
see an illusion.
They do not realize
that reality itself
is the grandest
illusion of all
and that human
blood is the essence
from which future
illusions may be created.
But the secret is not to
have the blood at rest.
No, the circulatory system
must experience
a traumatic shock--
one that is inconceivable
to the human mind.
The idea of trauma
is nota new one.
But I am sure
I am the first
such experimenter
to incorporate the horror
of an actual decapitation
with the later rejuvenation
of a human body.
My, it's remarkable...
A few scars-
scars that with time
will dissolve away--
nothing more.
Had she not be drugged
into a surface somnolence,
she could walk away
from us now
as though nothing had
happened on that fateful night.
But of course we cannot
allow that to happen.
No, not until enough of the
serum has been made and tested.
Oh, she's a lucky
young woman, groton.
We have desperate
need of her blood.
She has survived
and is manufacturing the right
type of vital fluid for us.
We are not
butchers, groton.
We don't have
this young lady here
to merely drain her body
and cast her aside.
We are scientists
and we must have
others to experiment with.
You understand that, groton?
And you also understand
what must happen
to you once again?
Now, groton, on with the
work we must continue tonight.
I have my tools, groton.
You have yours.
Don't wander
away from the pier.
We all wait
for you, groton.
Walk silent
and walk well.
Dr. duryea,
i presume.
I hope your busy
schedule will allow me
a brief visit
with you.
What do you want?
It's late
and my exhibit is closed.
And how did you
get in here anyway?
All that is
unimportant, doctor.
You see,
i know your secret.
There are ways we
can help each other.
All right.
Come into the light
and we'll talk?
That sounds like peculiar
conversation fora man
who is the last living member
of the family of Frankenstein,
is it not,
Dr. duryea?
Or should I say
I am too old
and too sick
to be interested or
surprised by anything.
But when a man
comes into my house
and casts no
reflection on my mirror
and upon his hand wears
the unholy crest of Dracula...
There is
no scientific answer
to anything.
Now what
is on your mind,
count Dracula?
Dr. Frankenstein,
I know you were raised
by the duryea family.
Before your
crippling accident
you were discredited by
members of the medical institute
because of your real
family's background--
cut shorta rather
brilliant career--
but your mind
and surgeon's skill
were meant to fulfill
the Frankenstein dream
and to infuse life into that
artificially-created man,
the likes of which
civilization will never forget.
You cannot
escape your destiny,
just as I cannot
escape mine.
What you say is
very true.
Very true.
If only I had away to get
the power I should have,
I'd show those
fools out there
who think of me only
as a carnival freak an d--
and get your revenge on drs.
Beaumont, stedmen and marky
who ruined your career
and caused the accidental fire
which crippled
you as you are now.
Yes yes...
Yes, it's
all clear now.
They were the ones.
But what does
this mean to you?
I have in my
possession the remains
of the original
Frankenstein monster,
put to rest
in oakmoor cemetery
by one of a group
of scientists
whose experiments with
the monster were cut short
byan epidemic
which plagued this area
many many years ago.
The only remaining scientist
had secretly buried the monster
hoping to resume his experiments
at a later date.
He also was the man
who discredited you
for fear that you had knowledge
of his work with the monster--
Dr. beaumont.
When groton returns,
he will be--
relax, doctor.
I will give
you orders
and you will
follow them.
You don't frighten me.
I live beyond fear.
I think you will find
that working
with me will be
a more intelligent
decision, doctor.
We cannot wait.
I will help you now.
We must prepare
your laboratory for him.
The monster.
And all those
who would meddle
in the destinies
of Frankenstein and Dracula
will see an
infernal blood bath
the likes of which has
not swept the earth before.
Laura, you're gonna
have to learn to relax.
Iam relaxed. I wish you
wouldn't keep saying that.
Oh, I love to have you
in my arms like this.
I like to think of you
as belonging to me.
Oh, come on, will you?
The second time
you've done that tonight.
I hear it again--
likea huge dog
prowling the beach.
Oh, he's probably
looking for his mate.
And I've found mine.
Bob, I don't want
to stay here any longer.
All right.
All right.
The first thing you said
when I picked you up tonight is
you were tired of being
in a crowd, right?
You wanted to go
someplace quiet and alone.
So I blowa dollar on gas,
we come all the way out here.
You know what's the matter
with you, don't you?
It's that damned
imagination of yours.
H h? A m a n:J"/h '
- I hear it coming too.
- Oh, don't listen to it.
Let's get out of here.
Have you seen this girl?
- What?
- Have you seen this girl?
She's a friend of mine.
No, not that I remember.
A a "w aw a n: A a:
A m: M m @\\~ii;Li1~liw
Just bring me
some coffee.
Rico-- talk to you
a minute?
What's going on?
That broad over there,
she's asking questions about you.
- Which one?
- Over at the table.
Oh, yeah.
What does she want?
She's looking
for some broad.
give her these.
Dr. Frankenstein,
your scientific
skill has not failed us.
We will make
the monster walk.
He was born with the
electrical fury of the heavens
when the zornov comet
passed over the earth.
the comet returns,
completing the
monster's first life cycle.
Soon he will be
born again.
We must work quickly.
The zornov comet
has returned.
Dr. beaumont,
tonight you shall
meet an old friend.
Who are you?
Keep driving.
I will tell you where.
- Who are you?
- Iam known
as the count of darkness,
the lord of the
manor of corpathia.
Turn here.
Get out of the car,
Dr. beaumont.
An old friend of yours,
eh, doctor?
You'll see that
Frankenstein and I
have made
some improvements.
You feeling better?
Somebody thought you
were a cop, slipped you a drug.
You were
in another world.
Who are you?
- Where am I?
- My name is Mike Howard.
This is my pad.
Who are you?
I'm Judith.
No last name?
- Did you want one?
- No, not necessarily.
Let me see
if I can guess.
Oh, I see the same
turn in the nose,
the full upper lip.
- You know joanie.
- I knew joanie.
I don't know
where she is now.
You know, no one here
will talk about anyone.
It's a kind
of self-preservation.
Between urban renewal and the
country welfare department,
we get bombarded
with questions in relays.
Your ears get
curled on the inside.
What do you mean
you knew joanie?
What I mean is in this part of town,
everyone knows everyone
- in one way or another.
- But how did I get here?
Come on,
i won't hurt you.
They brought you here.
That's Samantha.
She goes with that
goofy-looking kid over there.
He's strange. That's his name--
also classification.
- You sound rather cynical.
- Nota bit.
It's just
an observation.
That's my bag. I make
observations for later replay,
like the football game on TV.
Hey, Mike!
They found a guy chopped up
down at rocky point!
It was all in bloody
bits and pieces!
- Vvhat are you talking about?
- They never found his girlfriend though.
Guy can't make out
in peace anymore.
Man, it's a real bummer.
It's not usually this gory
on the premises.
- Maybe we'd better go inside.
- No, wait.
Justa little bit
more fresh air.
Okay, come on.
Like I told you,
she didn't say much.
We saw her on the beach
about six months ago.
That's just about
the time she left home.
This section of the beach draws
a lot of weary, conscious people.
They can take those deep breaths
they've been dreaming about.
Joanie was up
by the amusement park.
That was the big
The big attraction?
She used to have
fantasies about--
about being a freak.
A freak?
Oh, I can't believe that.
Two heads,
an eye missing,
an elongated spine" anything that
vvas grotesque, it turned her on.
Well, that-- that's not
the whole story.
The idea was
to turn into
something beautiful
by using some
magical formula.
That's why
she used to
hang around
that creature emporium.
What in the world
is a creature emporium?
A leftover from the
sidewalk carnival days,
run bya Dr. duryea.
At least,
that's the name he uses.
You mean this place
is a house of freaks?
Oh, everything's phony.
It's strictly for the tourists.
On the other hand,
i suppose
it all depends on what
you're really looking for.
Joanie was looking
for her own special fantasy.
This just doesn't
sound like joanie.
So we greet the world
of Dr. duryea.
It's nothing
but a cheap sideshow.
I told you it's strictly
for the tourists.
Mike, I don't want
to go in there.
There's nothing I can find out
about joanie in a place like that.
Rule number one about
observation collecting:
Never take a situation
at face value.
What you see
is not what really is.
Better get out his pipe
and slippers, Sam.
- He's showing his age again.
- You two better be careful.
- The doctor may be casting today.
- Don't you let him touch me.
- What about me?
- You know how to go invisible.
Only from
the waist down.
Strange: Wonder where that little
scary guy is that takes the tickets.
Maybe he's out to lunch.
Yeah, I can just
imagine what he's eating.
Exhibit recording:
Welcome to the creature emporium.
My name is Dr. duryea,
and I am the creator of all
you are about to witness.
It's like listening to
dial-a-prayer on the telephone.
Please follow my voice
to the first platform.
Mike, we didn't come here
to hear a recording
of some doctor's voice.
I've never been
in this place before.
Maybe there isn't
any Dr. duryea.
Strange: Mike, take my word for it.
He's around.
The guillotine
was invented
by a French physician
educated at a jesuit college.
As a deputy
to the national assembly,
he proposed
that decapitation
be adopted as the method
of capital punishment
in order to make executions
as swift and painless as possible.
Of course, there is no way
we are able to determine
if the method
is entirely painless,
but we certainly know
by observation
that the entire
procedure is swift.
If this had been
an actual demonstration,
you would have noted
the extreme lack of blood.
Sounds like he
enjoys every word of it.
Look, Mike, there are wires
all over the place.
This whole exhibit
must be mechanical.
Maybe you were
right about Dr. duryea.
And what is right
about Dr. duryea?
Oh, I'm-- I'm--
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
there was anyone about.
Iam everywhere,
particularly in this room,
since all of these creatures
are byproducts of my mind.
I'm afraid we came here
for another reason, doctor.
My sister visited
your exhibit...
Many young
people come here
to study to
mysteries of the occult.
- ...and now she's missing.
- Missing?
Yes, she was last seen on
the beach right by your very exhibit.
Oh, I see.
I have a picture of joanie.
The face is not
familiar to me.
I know she's been here
in the past, doctor.
Many people come here
to study the exquisite
work of Dr. duryea.
Afterwards, their faces
all blend in my mind.
However, you may leave
your address at the box office
and I will contact you
immediately if she reappears.
He was right about
being all over the place.
Did you see his eyes when
i showed him the picture of joanie?
- Yeah, I saw his eyes.
- He knows joanie.
- I just know it.
- What he knows
and what he'll talk about
are two different things.
to latest research,
the male gorilla
may attain a height of six feet.
Hey, do we have to
listen to Dr. Doolittle again?
I think we've had it.
It is interesting to note
the canine teeth
of the female
are not developed
into tusks.
Yeah, that's
real interesting,
especially if you're going
with a female-type gorilla.
Hey, Samantha!
Look, a tire!
You're on that kick?
Oh, but it's got meaning!
Everything's got meaning.
You're dreaming again, strange.
Hey, Samantha, fetch.
Hey, baby, where you
been keeping yourself?
Why don't you
cut out, rico?
I've pulled myself
out of the sewer.
I don't think she likes us.
I think I'm gonna cry.
Let me tell you
something, baby:
Nobody leaves us.
Do you understand?
I think you've been around
these squares long enough.
I need myself
a new chick today,
so hop on the back
and we'll cut out of here.
You all right, Sam?
Hey, look at the hero.
Ain't he cute?
Leave him alone.
Hey, that's a nice lookin'
piece you got there.
Okay, baby,
you want it this way,
but next time--
well, you'll see.
Come on, you guys,
let's make it.
Well, I see you've moved
into our neighborhood.
Sergeant Martin, did you
see those motorcyclists?
Yeah, that's just part
of the environment.
Well, they almost
attacked Samantha.
Samantha? She knows
how to take care of herself.
I can't believe the police
would sayathing like that.
The police aren't
saying it, miss fontaine.
I'm saying it.
This is my area.
I know it.
People like to play games,
and pretty soon
you know what they are.
You learn when to leave
something alone or break it up.
What do you know
about Dr. duryea?
Well, now are you trying
to play detective again?
No, I'm just trying
to find my sister.
I told you to leave
that to me, miss fontaine.
- Cop: Lieutenant?
- That'll be something important.
If you've gota fireplace,
burn some wood in it.
It'll be a lot better than running
around loose on the streets.
Miss fontaine, stay away
from the beaches.
Theresa maniac
running loose.
What do you think
of my little hideaway?
Oh, Mike,
it's beautiful.
It's hard to believe
there's so much
trouble in the world
when you're sitting here
listening to the sound of the ocean,
and being here
with someone so nice.
Well, it's about
time you admitted it.
I just haven't
wanted to get involved.
So many things
i have to do.
You're right.
We don't want
to get involved, do we?
Just be good friends, right?
Yes, you're seeing it
coming into
being now, groton.
The final stages of the
adrenaline molecular structure.
The traumatic shock
which has vibrated
through these bodies
has now been tempered,
to an even rhythm.
The blood has reversed
through the pulmonary artery.
We are all
going through changes
of having the same blood.
It is following
throughout all our bodies.
We shall soon become
more and more as one.
Soon perhaps
we will even look as one.
Your cure is here.
I promised.
I promised you that,
but I must have the
full force of the serum first.
I can no longer
remain in this wheelchair.
I'm chained to it.
I need to feel the
earth beneath my feet.
Without that, groton, none of
you will experience a normal life.
What is it, groton?
I've not given
you your shots
for transformation
for the past 24 hours.
You should not
be experiencing
any forms
of metamorphosis.
I will not have that, groton.
No, I cannot have you
work with me like this.
Your only quest
in this form is for blood.
You're forcing me,
forcing me to give you
a portion of the serum, groton.
You forced me
because of your weakness.
Because of your weakness,
we will lose a measure of the serum.
I will not
help you again, groton.
Not again.
Mike, I've been thinking
about what you said before.
About what?
Oh, about joanie being
old enough to live by herself.
Are you giving up?
No, I'm not giving up.
Just giving joanie something
she's always needed--
her freedom from a big sister
who thinks she knows
what's right
and what's wrong.
I'm sure joanie
will thank you for that,
but maybe there's something
else you don't know about.
Something else?
I've been thinking about
everything that's happened.
I may have come
up with a new idea.
Everything that's
happened in the last week
is centered around
the amusement park.
And the only amusement that
extends out onto the beach
is Dr. duryea's
creature emporium.
You mean the place where
joanie got her parchivient?
Yeah, and who
knows what else?
Then duryea
is the answer.
Well, not
the complete answer.
There's a couple
things I want to check on
that may give us
enough information
to force duryea
to tell us about joanie.
This has gotta be
some kind of a gag.
Drop her.
Stop or I'll shoot.
Oh, Mike.
Oh, thank god it was you.
Oh, I was
scared to death.
You shouldn't
be out here alone.
I know, but i
just got tired
of waiting for
you to come back.
Did you find out
anything about duryea?
Sure, I found out
he's a doctor all right,
but I still
don't trust him.
Come on, let's check
the pier under his exhibit.
Be careful, Mike.
We should be under
the creature emporium by now.
This could be what
we've been looking for.
- Vvhat is it?
- The panel this chain's attached to
doesn't seem
to match the others.
If I'm right, it could
open likeatrapdoor.
If I'm right about that,
I'm right about Dr. duryea.
Come on, Mike. I don't want
to stay here anymore.
- Come on, let's go.
- Okay, we'll go...
If I can figure out what
we're gonna do about it.
Mike, do you really
believe what you just said?
I believe the doctor
is a collector of humans.
Oh, that's horrible.
I also believe
he's trapped in that--
in his wheelchair
and somebody...
Or something
does his work for him.
But what about that
trapdoor we just saw?
Easy exit
for the hunter.
Mike, we just met the man.
I know he's strange,
but he's not mad.
How do you-- how do you
recognize madness?
Of all the
aspects in a man,
madness can be the
most impossible to observe.
But there's nothing
we can do without proof.
We'll get proof.
Mike, why are
you doing all this?
What are you
so surprised for?
I told you
nobody quits me.
Rico! Rico!
Please help me.
Please help me!
Oh, don't hurt me please!
Help me, rico.
- Vvell, you gave yourself to
that flower freak, huh'? - No.
It's all right. I just knocked
the pollen out of him.
- No! - I hqpe ycdu saved a
little for my friends here.
Hey, baby, you're
in the sandpit...
And are you
gonna enjoy it!
It's nice and warm.
And you got your tum-tum
up against something.
No, rico, no!
No, rico!
Oh no!
Did you hear that?
It sounded like
achain unwinding.
Oh, Mike, let's not
talk about that again.
I heard it before, Judith,
but now I think
i know what it is.
- You stay here. I'll be right back.
- Mike.
- Mike, don't go without me.
- Don't argue with me.
Just stay here.
I'll be back.
Mike, I just couldn't stay
there by myself anymore.
Mike, that's just about where
we were standing over there.
I know.
I could swear
i saw something here.
- Vvhat do you think it vvas'? - Looked like
somebody trying to pull themselves up--
unless I'm starting
to imagine things.
What is it?
Samantha's locket.
Oh, Mike, no.
I'm gonna get in
there and find her and...
- Nothing's gonna stop me.
- Mike, vve've just gotta get some help.
This way,
ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. duryea's
creature emporium.
Stop! Hey you! You gotta
have aticket to get inside this!
- Not for what I want.
- You gotta have a ticket!
You're big!
You can do that
toa little man,
you wise guy!
But I won't be this way
very long! I'll get you.
Your friend waits
for you inside.
- My friend?
- Yes, of course.
\ \ m
do not fear me.
I am a little man,
of no use to anyone.
- Then you have seen my friend.
- Yes yes, of course.
He's waiting
for you inside.
You wish to
see Dr. duryea?
I've seen your
phony exhibit, duryea.
Now I want to see
what you have down below.
- Mike!
- What-- get up here.
Be quiet.
Back this way.
At least this'll be ready
for us when we wanna leave.
He's making it too easy.
- This time, ycdu vvait. - Mike, I've
gqt to kncdvv what's dovvn there.
Mike, it's joanie.
Duryea on intercom:
Your sister-- alive and well.
You see, you are not
visiting a m0nster's lair.
are you all right?
She has experienced
a most remarkable
scientific venture,
butas you see,
she is well
-and no harm has come to her.
- Why are you showing us all this, duryea?
Because I want
you to understand
why you have been chosen
to participate
in my experiments.
Again, you must understand:
You are not trapped,
but rather you will
be spiritually released
by what will occur
in the next few moments.
Like millions of others,
you believe
what you see before you
as an uncontested fact.
A moment ago,
you witnessed
the claiming of another
being for my experiment.
She is well, but because
of what she witnessed--
the destruction of three
young men who wished her harm--
she produced a remarkable
cellular conversion.
Her blood has
the exact components
to complete my serum.
I never thought such
an alteration was possible
at such a short
period of time,
but it happened.
It happened. And now
i know it can happen again.
You two are
lovers quite obviously.
And when you witness
the sudden death of your lover,
the traumatic shock
will draw the
reservoirs of blood
into a single
electric stream.
You will feel yourself
lifted to a new plateau.
And this physical
will be the beginning
of a new life for yourself
and for others--
mainly my friends here.
Yeah, wise guy!
You're not so big now, are you?!
You're gonna get yours!
Groton, they've hurt
our friend grazbo.
They must all die.
They must all die!
Judith, get out of here! Get help!
Groton, get the girl!
Stop her!
Get the girl!
What about Samantha?
Something must've happened to her.
We're gonna
check the emporium.
I gotahunch
she might be there.
Don't forget we found those
three bodies underneath it. Come on.
- Sergeant.
- Yeah?
On the roof,
is that Judith up there?
I don't know for sure.
Sergeant, find
a way to the roof.
We'll check out this side.
I'm afraid your
quest for knowledge
must end tonight.
Your interference
is going to prove
very costly to you.
Your fear
will fully energize
the molecular
structure of your blood.
The monster will enjoy draining
out every bit of warm fluid!
This is your
last stop this evening,
your very last stop.
You are responsible
for the death
of Dr. duryea,
last of the frankensteins.
I am Dracula.
The serum he perfected
would've rendered me invincible.
But do not worry,
it will not be long
before I get all
i need of that serum.
When I do,
i will return
with a league
of living vampires,
an indestructible
army of the undead.
Nobody will
stop me then.
Nobody will stop me then.
No, him!
Him! No!
My coffin awaits
your becoming
immortal in its embrace.
Now you will join me
in the world
of the living dead.
Judith: No!
Stop! Stop or I'll
destroy you piece by piece
as Dr. Frankenstein
created you.
I must escape
the burning sun!
I must get back
to my coffin!