Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) Movie Script

- Did that kill it?
- No.
That, that will kill it.
The Book of Vishanti!
We can't let it take your
power. Get to the book.
- How do we get across?
- Jump!
It's too strong.
I can't hold it.
I'm so sorry. This
is the only way.
What are you doing?!
We can't let that thing take
your power. You can't control it.
But I can.
But we're friends!
- You're killing me.
- I know.
But in the grand
calculus of the Multiverse,
your sacrifice is worth
more than your life.
Doctor Strange.
Doctor West.
Haven't seen you in a while.
I was a little preoccupied
being dust in the air for five years.
So were a lot of us.
While I was gone...
thank you for asking...
I lost both my cats.
And my brother.
I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
I, uh...
I guess what keeps me
up at night is wondering...
Did it have to happen that way?
Was there any other path?
But I made the only play we had.
Of course, you do.
The best surgeon
and the best superhero.
But you still
didn't get the girl.
Glass of red, please?
Allow me, Miss.
A little too on the nose?
What, for you, at my wedding?
Nah. It was perfect.
Thank you.
There's Charlie.
I have to introduce you
because he's kind of...
It's embarassing, but
he's a big fan. So...
Hey, uh, Christine... umm...
I should have...
I wish it had been different.
I never stopped caring about us,
but I had to make sacrifices.
To protect you.
I'm sorry.
It was never gonna
work out between us.
Why not?
Because Stephen...
You have to be the
one holding the knife.
And I always respected you
for it, but I couldn't love you for it.
How long have you
had that one in the barrel?
Long time.
Yeah. I bet.
Truly, I'm just glad
that you're happy.
I am.
I really, really am.
Are you?
I'm happy.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
Look out!
Do I know you?
You're welcome.
Do you know it's ancient custom to bow
in the presence of the Sorcerer Supreme?
Yeah. I'm aware of the customs.
Hold it. Hold it.
- That's incredible.
- Yeah.
- Who's this?
- Yeah, I was gonna ask the same question.
Hey, kid.
What did that
creature want with you?
Where are your parents?
Take her back to the Sanct...
She took my slingy.
She took your slingy.
We're not gonna kill you, kid.
I just bust my ass trying to
save your life, remember?
Giant monsters, I
can clearly handle.
But what bothers me, is that
last night, you were in my dream.
That wasn't a dream.
It was another universe.
How much experience do you
guys have with the Multiverse?
We have experience
with the Multiverse.
Most recently, there was
an incident with Spider-Man...
With what Man?
Spider-Man. He has
the powers of a spider.
Hence the name.
Gross. Does he
look like a spider?
- No. More like a man.
- Climbs walls, shoots webs.
- Yeah. Bingo.
- Out his butt?
- No. Maybe. I don't know.
- Ew.
Honestly, I hope not.
Super weird.
You're gonna get a stomachache.
I'm from another universe.
How do you know my stomach
works the same as yours?
I don't.
I don't even know if you're
from another universe.
Which is why I'm still sitting here
waiting for you to enlighten us.
of the two Doctor
Stranges that I've met,
you are not my favorite.
Which means?
He can't speak Spanish?
I don't even know if he
speaks his own language.
Look, I left a very nice
wedding to save a smartass kid
from getting eaten
by an octopus.
- Whose wedding?
- -Tell me... Christine's.
- You went?
- Holy shit. You married Christine?
Do you mind?
Yes, I do. No, I didn't. Yes.
You need to explain
to me what's going on.
Why was that octopus
trying to eat you?
That thing was
trying to kidnap me.
It's like a henchman
who works for a demon.
All we knew is that they wanted
to take my power for themselves.
What power?
I can travel the Multiverse.
You can physically move
from one universe to another?
- How?
- That's the problem. I don't know how.
I can't control it.
Only happens when
I'm really, really afraid.
Okay. Did the other me know
how to defeat this demon?
Well, you just knew this
magical book of pure good,
that gives a sorcerer whatever
they need to defeat their enemy.
The Book of Vishanti?
It's not real.
It's a fairy
tale that doesn't exist.
Actually, it does.
I found out in the secret book you get
when you become Sorcerer Supreme.
You're not the Sorcerer Supreme?
No, I am not the
Sorcerer Supreme.
Other you was Sorcerer
Supreme in his universe.
Although it does exist,
the Book of Vishanti is
said to be unreachable.
It is, except...
we reached it.
Then the demon
caught up with us.
I thought you'd
protect me, but...
You didn't.
That was the fight in my dream.
That wasn't a dream.
Prove it.
It wasn't a dream.
That means...
Dreams are windows into the
lives of our Multiversal selves.
That was his theory.
So that recurring nightmare where
I'm running naked from a clown...
Somewhere out there, it's real.
Somewhere out
there, I had a ponytail.
There could be more
creatures coming for her.
That power is dangerous
enough in the hands of a kid.
Imagine if a real threat acquired it.
It occurs to me, young one,
we don't know your name.
America Chavez.
Miss Chavez, will you
come with us to Kamar-Taj?
You'll be safe there.
How do I know you won't
betray me like he did?
I guess you're just
gonna have to trust me.
What do we do with him?
That's gotta violate an ordinance.
I've buried worse.
The creature that
killed him, did...
Did it have the same
markings as the octopus?
This isn't sorcery.
It's witchcraft.
Do we know anyone
who's faced such a thing?
I think I might.
- Chocolate!
- Hey!
What did I say?
But we can't wait.
Well what did I say?
Go wash your hands.
Mom, come on.
I'm too old for that.
You can tuck me in, Mom.
I will.
You know...
A family is forever.
We could never truly leave
each other even if we tried.
Mom, I changed my mind. You
can come tuck me in if you want.
Love you.
Apples, right?
- Smells...
- Sweet.
I was gonna say real.
It's all very real. Thanks.
I put the magic behind me.
So I can see.
Well, I knew
sooner or later you'd,
show up, wanting to discuss
what happened at WestView.
I made mistakes,
and people were hurt.
But you put things right in the
end and that was never in doubt.
I'm not here to talk
about WestView.
- Then what are you here for?
- We need your help.
With what?
What do you know
about the Multiverse?
The Multiverse.
Vis had his theories.
He believed it was real.
And, dangerous.
Well, he was right about both.
We found a girl who can somehow
travel across it but she's being pursued.
- Pursued by who?
- Some kind of demon.
One that covets
her power for itself.
Now we've taken her
to Kamar-Taj, and...
We've got our defenses, but...
We could use an Avenger.
There are other Avengers.
Yeah, but given a choice between
the Archer with a mohawk, and
several bug-themed crimefighters,
One of the most powerful magic
wielders on the planet, it's an easy call.
Come to Kamar-Taj.
We'll get you back
and a lunch box.
What if you brought
America here?
Yeah. I know what it's like.
To be on your own, hunted
for abilities you never wanted.
I can protect her.
You never told me
her name, did you?
No, I didn't.
You know, the hex
was the easy part.
The lying, not so much.
The Darkhold.
You've heard of the Darkhold?
I know it's the Book
of the Damned.
And that it corrupts everything
and everyone that it touches.
I wonder what it's done to you.
The Darkhold only
showed me the truth.
Everything I lost...
can be mine again.
What do you want with America?
What do you want
with the Multiverse?
I'm going to leave this reality,
and go to one where I
can be with my children.
Wanda, your
children aren't real.
You created them using magic.
That's what every mother does.
If you knew...
there was a universe,
where you were happy,
wouldn't you wanna go there?
I am happy.
I know better than most
what self-deception looks like.
What you're doing is a flagrant
violation of every natural law.
If you take that child's power,
she won't survive.
I don't relish hurting
anyone, Stephen.
But she's not a child.
She's a supernatural being.
Such raw power could wreak
havoc on this, and other worlds.
Her sacrifice, would
be for the greater good.
Well you can kiss the
lunchbox goodbye because
that's the kind of
justification our enemies use.
Is it the one you use?
When you gave
Thanos the Time Stone?
That was war, and I
did what I had to do.
You break the rules
and become a hero.
I do it and I become the enemy.
That doesn't seem fair.
What happens now?
Return to Kamar-Taj,
and prepare to hand over
America Chavez by sundown.
After that...
You'll never see me again.
And if we don't?
Then it won't be Wanda
who comes for her.
It will be the Scarlet Witch.
Scarlet Witch.
Wanda's gone.
She's got the Darkhold
and the Darkhold has her.
Scarlet Witch is a being
of unfathomable magic.
She can rewrite
reality as she chooses,
and is prophesized
to either rule,
or annihilate the cosmos.
She took over a whole
town using her mind.
If she gets America's power...
she could enslave
the entire Multiverse.
So the person you
went to ask for help,
and told exactly where I am,
is the person that's
trying to kill me?
Suspend teaching at once.
And arm the students.
Kamar-Taj must now
become a fortress.
That's the Masters of the Hong
Kong and London Sanctum.
Honored to face death
again by your side.
The honor is ours.
Whatever the Sorcerer Supreme
asks of us, it shall be done.
It's ancient custom.
Choose your words wisely.
The fate of the Multiverse
may depend on it.
Got it.
No pressure, then.
All this for a child
you met yesterday?
Wanda, you are
justifiably angry.
You had to make
terrible sacrifices.
I blew a hole through the
head of the man I loved.
And it meant nothing.
Do not speak to me of
sacrifice, Stephen Strange.
If you give me what I want...
I'll send you to a world where
you can be with Christine.
The full might of Kamar-Taj
stands against you.
Defensive positions. Now!
Do not dare to enter
these sacred grounds.
You have... no idea just
how reasonable I have been.
Yeah. Book of the
Damned, calling yourself a
Witch, conjuring
creatures to abduct a kid...
I don't exactly call
that being reasonable.
Sending those creatures after
her instead of myself was mercy.
And in spite of
your hypocrisies...
and insults, I have begged
you to safely get out of my way.
You have exhausted my patience.
But I do hope you understand...
that even now...
what's about to happen...
This is me, being...
Nailed it.
Reinforce the shield!
She's trying to
get in their heads.
Sorcerers! Fortify your mind!
The shield is down!
Take cover!
Fire at will!
Fall back!
Wong! Get out of here!
You want the girl, you're
gonna have to go through me.
We gotta get you
out of here. Now.
- Why? What happened?
- Kamar-Taj has fallen.
She's using the
reflections. Cover them!
You gave all those lives just
to keep me from my children.
You took those lives.
You cannot be allowed to
cross into the Multiverse.
I'm not a monster, Stephen.
I'm a mother.
Wanda, you have no children.
They don't exist.
But they do.
In every other universe.
I know they do.
Because I dream of them...
Every... night.
Of my boys...
Of our life together.
Every night,
the same dream.
And every morning...
the same...
What if you reach them?
What happens to the other you?
What happens to their mother?
You okay?
You saved me.
I hope so.
Surprised you didn't puke.
That's not my
first weird trip, kid.
So. This is New
York in the Multiver...
There it is.
Cut it out.
Yeah. You got pretty dinged up.
We'll get you fixed.
All right, America.
You've gotta open a portal
to get us back there right now.
I don't know how.
You just did it.
Not on purpose.
Wong is back there alone with
Wanda and I'm the only hope he has.
I can't control my powers...
You must be able to control
it somehow. Even I could...
Well, what about this universe's version
of you? Maybe she can control her powers.
This universe doesn't have a me.
- What?
- None of them do.
But how do you know that?
Because I've looked.
And... because I never dream.
It's okay, kid.
Even if you could get me back
there, I have no way of fighting Wanda.
- What about the Book of Vishanti?
- What about it?
Other you thought it could
stop whoever was after me.
Yeah, well, good for other
me. He's not here, is he?
I don't know where it is. So
unless there's another other me...
We need to go find...
Other "other me".
They go on red?
Rule number one
of Multiversal travel?
You don't know anything.
It's red.
So, what's rule number two?
Rule number two?
Find food.
Preferrably, pizza. Pizza balls.
How'd you pay for that?
It was free.
Food's free in most
universes, actually.
It's weird you guys
have to pay for it.
You didn't pay for that.
Crap. Maybe it's not free here.
Pizza Poppa always gets paid.
Alright, Pizza Poppa.
Relax, she's just a kid...
Relax yourself
there, Doctor Strange.
Where did you get
this cape from anyway?
Oh, that feels authentic.
It's not a cape, it's a cloak.
And I suggest you let go.
You took this whole suit from
the Strange Museum, didn't ya?
- Strange Museum?
- You're a taker.
Why don't you take
some mustard, huh?!
Come on. It's not permanent.
Is it gonna stop
in a few minutes?
About three weeks.
Those universes we went through,
were we paint in one of them?
Yeah. You don't
wanna get stuck in there.
It's really hard to eat.
How many universes
have you been through?
Seventy-three, counting this one.
That's a lot.
Memory Lane.
Replay your significant memories,
now in a discounted price.
We remember,
so you don't forget.
This is pretty fancy.
Sure you didn't have to
take out another student loan?
Nah. I just sold one of those
kidneys that we operated on last week.
So, I got you a little something...
What is it?
Open it and see.
Christine, this is...
This is amazing. Thank you.
We don't have time for this.
Memory Lane.
Replay your significant memories,
now in a discounted price.
We remember,
so you don't forget.
Where's this?
My moms.
Yeah, you're right. This
is just a waste of time.
Hey, kid.
That was the first time that
you opened a portal, right?
It doesn't matter.
It does matter. You lost your parents.
I didn't lose them.
I killed them.
No. No, you did not.
Don't even think that.
Okay, I opened a portal
with the powers I can't control,
and sent them to a random, probably
deadly universe with no way to escape.
Listen, if your moms are
anything like their daughter...
They survived.
I'm sure you'll meet
them again someday.
Not bad.
That woman, in your Memory
Lane thing, that was Christine, right?
Yes, that was Christine.
How do you know her?
From other you.
Were we together?
No, you didn't talk anymore.
You blew it.
Of course.
Did you blow it
with your Christine?
Yes, I guess I did.
More complicated than being chased
by a witch through the Multiverse?
Yes, actually. It is.
"Gave his life
defeating Thanos?"
Yeah, see? We're not all bad.
If other you's dead...
Who's master of the Sanctum?
Oh, shit.
- You know him?
- Yeah. Mordo.
He's actually the first guy
who let me into Kamar-Taj.
Oh, great.
And then he snapped and
dedicated his life trying to kill me.
I always suspected
this day would come.
You did?
Because you always
suspected this day would come.
My brother.
All right.
Come, and tell me everything...
About your universe.
We go on red.
You're quite formidable too, it seems.
A multiversal traveler.
But thank the stars you
brought Doctor Strange to safety.
Well, just 'cause we jumped
ship, doesn't mean we're safe.
Our Wanda has the ability to conjure
demons and monsters to attack America
- in other universes.
- So she has the Darkhold?
Oh, you know of the Darkhold?
Oh, yes. We have a
Darkhold in this universe, too.
I got it here in this Sanctum.
We would never risk a weapon that
dangerous falling into the wrong hands.
Damn right.
If your Darkhold is
anything like ours,
I'm afraid she can do far worse
than just summon monsters,
to come after you.
What do you mean?
There is a spell
contained within those pages.
Corrosive to the soul.
A desecration of reality itself.
A dreamwalking sorcerer projects their
own consciousness from their universe
into another.
Possessing the body
of an alternate self.
Playing puppeteer,
this unholy doppelganger,
and pursue their
enemies from afar.
The possession is not a
permanent link between realities,
but in the fleeting
time they dreamwalk,
they can do irreparable damage
to the universe they invade.
So it may not be a
demon that you face.
It may be, the Scarlet Witch.
But, why didn't she
do that to begin with?
Because that was
her being reasonable.
What do you know of
the Book of Vishanti?
The Darkhold's antithesis.
It can give a sorcerer whatever power
they need to vanquish their enemy.
I need to...
I'm sorry, Stephen.
But I hope you, of all
people, understand...
That it is not Wanda Maximoff
who threatens our reality.
It's the two of you.
What was in that tea?
You son of a b...
Sands of Nisanti.
I only acted, as you would.
You got me.
Boys, it's time for bed.
Can we have one more ice cream?
- Please, please...
- Please!
- You know who's best?
- Who?
2003 Tigers.
Yes, sweetheart?
Where are you going?
Just... to take out the trash.
Can we show you something?
Mom, hurry. Come on!
Come on, it's important.
Mom! You'll like it.
Come on.
Hurry up. It's important.
Okay, so...
Listen to this.
- I'm gonna start it.
- No, I wanna start it.
- I wanna start it!
- No, I wanna start!
Why don't you both...
start it... whatever...
it is, together?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Three, two, one, go.
We like ice cream
like every child should...
And if we get some ice
cream, we promise to be
You're alive.
But so many others were lost.
Set me free. I need
to destroy the book.
No. It cannot be you.
Mom! What happened?
Are you okay?
Billy. Tommy.
No. No.
I need the Darkhold spells.
You are the Sorcerer Supreme.
Tell me what you know.
You'll have to kill me, witch.
Not you.
Wanda, stop.
Wanda, please.
The Darkhold was a copy!
A copy?
Legend speaks of a
mountain with the wretched
spells you seek
carved into its walls.
It's there the Darkhold
was transcribed.
Mount Wundagore.
No one has survived the journey.
Perhaps we will
be the exception.
This universe sucks!
Hey, Labcoat.
Where the hell are we?
Look, I don't know who you are or what
you think you're trying to do here, but...
These situations don't usually work out
well for a nameless scientist, so just...
Hello, Stephen.
Ay, Dios.
Miss Chavez.
To answer your question, you're
in a highly secure research facility.
The two of you,
along with your sentient
are here for surveillance and testing.
Well, yes. You're visitors
from another universe.
Your magnetic signatures
could be radioactive.
You may be carying diseases
we just don't have treatments for.
Hence these amazing
polycarbonate fishbowls.
Right. So, I have you
to thank for these then.
Yes, I developed those
using the Sands of Nisanti.
One of 838-Stephen's
magical relics.
838-Stephen. Is that
some kinda cyborg me?
Our universe is 838.
And we've designated yours 616.
You guys sure must know
a lot about the Multiverse.
You got someone going
around naming realities.
My senior phoned
the Baxter Foundation,
and I specialize in
Multiversal research.
So, how'd you end up
working here? Wherever here is.
Oh, I volunteered.
At your funeral.
Thank you for going.
Your injuries, they're...
They're similar, but
they're not identical.
It's fascinating.
What were we, to each
other in this universe?
We never quite figured that out.
That's something
we got in common.
You gotta let us out of here.
Everyone's in real danger.
Look, I know you don't know me...
And I don't want to. Whatever
I was to you, in your universe,
does not matter.
Why not?
Because you're dangerous, Stephen.
Someone from my
universe wants that girl.
And she's gonna rip this place apart, atom
by atom, until she gets what she wants.
So I don't care, if you're from the
Avengers, or S.H.I.E.L.D...
We're neither.
Well, what then? Hydra?
The Illuminati,
will see you now.
The Illumi-whati?
Don't let anyone hurt the kid.
It's gonna be okay.
You couldn't portal us up there?
My magic can
only take us so far.
Masters of the Mystic
Arts weren't meant to
tread upon the forbidden
grounds of Wundagore.
Eons ago...
The first demon, Chthon,
carved his dark
magic into this tomb.
These same spells, were later
transcribed into the Darkhold.
There's no telling what
soulless monstrosities lie within.
They've been waiting for me.
This isn't a tomb.
It's a throne.
Stephen Strange...
You are now called
before the Illuminati.
I, Baron Karl Mordo,
The Sorcerer Supreme, hereby...
Captain Carter.
The First Avenger.
Blackagar Boltagon.
Keeper of the Terrigen Mists.
The Inhuman King.
Blackagar Boltagon?
Hey, the guy over there.
Captain Marvel.
Defender of the Cosmos.
And the smartest man alive,
Reed Richards of
the Fantastic Four.
Hello, Stephen.
Fantastic Four? Didn't you
guys chart in the sixties?
I'm sorry. Is this
a joke to you?
Well there's a guy over there with a
fork on his head, so, yeah. Little bit.
Be grateful Black Bolt doesn't
engage you in conversation.
Why? Does he have bad breath?
This Strange is even
more arrogant than ours.
No. Just more alive.
For now.
Stephen, your arrival here
confuses and destabilizes reality.
The larger the footprint you leave behind,
the greater the risk of an incursion.
- Incursion?
- An incusion occurs,
when the boundary between two
universes erodes, and they collide.
Destroying one,
or both, entirely.
Your alternate self created
the Illuminati, to make
difficult decisions
that no one else could.
Today, we're here to determine
what to do with you, and the child.
So, before we vote,
if you got anything serious
to say, now's the time.
Yeah, I do.
It's incursions you're worried
about. Do you seriously
think I'm a bigger threat
than the Scarlet Witch?
Oh, we can handle either of the
witch if she decides to dreamwalk.
No. No, you cannot, not unless
you give me the Book of Vishanti.
We appreciate your concern, Stephen, but
it's not the Scarlet Witch that we fear.
From our experience, the greatest
danger to the Multiverse, it turns out...
is Doctor Strange.
Your Doctor Strange? Earth's Mightiest
Hero who died defeating Thanos?
We should tell him the truth.
Our final member...
Professor Charles Xavier.
What truth?
That's not how our Strange died.
You're wondering
what happens now.
No. I had already accepted.
But I do wonder...
When you can force America to
send you to any universe you want,
Why take her power for your own?
You know it will kill her.
For Billy and Tommy.
To protect them.
What if they get sick?
In the infinite Multiverse,
there's a cure for every illness.
A solution to every problem.
I won't lose them again.
Try as you might, Wanda,
you cannot control everything.
I can.
Look at that view.
It's carved in stone.
I was meant to rule everything.
But that's not what I want.
I just want my boys.
At the cost of a child's life!
Is there no peace
in knowing that,
even though you can't
be with the ones you love,
there are worlds where you
are together. Is that not enough?
Our Strange did not
die defeating Thanos.
We were at war.
While the rest of us banded
together to try to stop Thanos,
Stephen, as always,
chose to go it alone.
He turned to the Darkhold.
Began dreamwalking.
In hopes that our salvation
might lie in the Multiverse.
And guess what? It didn't.
But he kept doing it anyway.
One day, you called us all together, to
profess that you've been dreamwalking.
And in your words, "things
have gotten out of hand."
You never told us the
details of what had happened.
Only that you had inadvertently
triggered an incursion.
You, our friend, had caused the
annihilation of another universe.
Everyone in that
reality died. Everyone.
Stephen renounced the Darkhold.
He even helped us
find the Book of Vishanti.
A weapon we did use to
kill him, to defeat Thanos.
Thus, one final threat remained.
I shall miss you, my friend.
I'm ready.
I'm sorry.
Did you tell Christine?
That statue... what
about the statue?
You built a statue.
The world needs heroes.
We made a difficult choice because we
knew what our Strange was capable of.
Or perhaps, every Doctor
Strange is capable of.
The building's been breached.
No shit, genius.
Status report, all sentries.
She's headed for the child.
Watch him. We'll
vote on our return.
Stephen, should you manage
to escape this chamber,
you must guide America Chavez.
What the hell are you saying?
Save the girl, and get
to the Book of Vishanti.
What, you have the book here?
Yes. You built a waypoint.
Charles. We cannot trust him.
I believe we can.
Just 'cause someone
stumbles and loses their
doesn't mean they're lost forever.
We will see what kind of
Doctor Strange you are.
Thank you.
Everybody out.
It's Wanda.
Ultron commander...
Ultron command...
Hurry up, Doc, she's coming.
Oh, no.
Wanda, stop.
You possessed an innocent woman,
but you can still do the right thing.
Let her go.
I have children of my
own. I understand your pain.
Is their mother still alive?
There will be someone
left to raise them.
Black Bolt can destroy you
with one whisper from his mouth.
What mouth?
Take me to the Book of Vishanti
so that we can fight her together.
You are in no
position to give orders.
My vote will conclude these
proceedings when they return.
Haven't you had enough?
I can do this all day.
Get the hell out of my universe!
They're not coming back.
And you just cast your
vote now to kill your friends.
Not that that ever
bothered you before.
You know, you hated
me where I came from.
I bet secretly, "my
brother", you hated me here.
You must've been so jealous.
Do you know what? I bet you were thrilled
when you heard I've been corrupted,
hell, you probably gave me
the Darkhold to begin with.
You know nothing,
of this universe!
I know, that killing Stephen Strange
was your ticket to getting the Sanctum,
to becoming Sorcerer
Supreme, and to joining
your little circus of
clowns, the Illuminati.
I'm ready!
To cast my vote.
I think I'm beginning
to understand,
why your Mordo,
didn't like you very much!
You're sealed shut!
Get back.
Help me. Please...
Wanda Maximoff...
Your mind is being held
hostage by your alternate self.
Grab my hand.
If I can pull you from under the
rubble, the spell should break.
Hey. You all right?
You okay?
You all right?
She fixed him.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Xavier said I built a waypoint to the
Book of Vishanti. Can you take us there?
How am I supposed to trust you?
I know what happened.
I'm sorry for what he did.
But believe me, the Book
of Vishanti is the only way.
Yeah. Your way.
You sound a lot like
my Stephen right now.
He had to be the one holding the knife,
and then that knife kept contolling people.
This Stephen is different.
He is. It doesn't matter
about all the other Stephens.
They're not like him.
Smart kid.
Give me your hand.
Do not make me regret this.
I won't.
- Okay, can we go now?
- Follow me.
Where does that tunnel go?
Under the river.
Go. Go, go, go!
I warned you.
Other Wanda, if you're in there,
hold your breath.
Did it kill her?
No, but it bought us some time.
The book's through here.
But only Stephen's ever opened it.
A chant only specific to me,
something only I would know. Come on.
Come on...
Thank you.
Open sesame.
Come on, kid. You got this.
I got this.
Are you all right?
This is the gap junction. The
space between universes.
All right, Book...
Give me what I need.
My boys.
This isn't what your
children would want.
They'll never know.
Maybe not. But you will.
Oh, no. Oh, crap!
It's like, this reality
collapsed in on itself.
Yeah. Two realities collided.
Come on. America doesn't have long.
So where are we going?
Well, if there's still a
Sanctum in this universe,
then there might be
another, other, "other me",
and that's our best shot
at getting back to her.
Well, I can see why you guys
were so worried about incursions.
Whatever happened...
this universe's you didn't do
a very good job of stopping it.
I'll tell him you said that.
Stop where you are.
How did you get here?
By accident.
Who are you... what are you?
I'm just, one of us.
From the Multiverse?
That's right.
Prove it.
We had a sister.
She, uh...
She died, when we were kids.
We were...
playing on a frozen lake, and...
She fell through the ice.
I couldn't save her.
Sounds about right.
But we don't talk
about that, do we?
No, we don't.
I suppose your reality
wasn't always like this?
I suspect it'd be
somewhat like yours, until...
Until I lost.
To who?
What do you want?
I just want to get home.
Yeah, believe me...
I've been trying to leave
this place for a long time.
The Darkhold.
You guard the Darkhold
in this universe?
Yeah. For good reason.
That's a start. I could use it.
It could help me to
communicate with my universe.
The Darkhold
exacts a heavy toll.
I don't mean to be callous, but,
how much of a heavier toll
is there left to exact?
Not just on its reality...
On its reader.
Look, I'm sorry you couldn't
save your own universe,
but maybe, you could
help to save mine?
Are you happy, Stephen?
Are you happy, Stephen?
It's the question that...
Christine Palmer asked
me at her wedding.
I said, yes, of
course, I'm happy.
I'm a sorcerer with the power of
gods. What man wouldn't be happy?
Then I, came back to this
goddamn haunted house.
Sat down...
and wondered why I'd lied.
I never meant for
any of this to happen.
I was looking for a world
where things were different.
Where I had Christine.
Where I was... happy.
But I didn't find it.
All I found were more of us.
So I did those Stephens a favor.
You ever had that
dream where you're falling,
as if you've been
pushed off a tall building?
That was probably me.
The Darkhold
exacts a heavy toll.
All the more reason to give
it a rest, so let me have it.
Here's the deal: I'll let
you use the Darkhold...
if you give me your Christine.
I don't think she's
gonna go for that.
Didn't think so.
Hang on. We're coming.
What are you doing
with the Darkhold?
Are you going to dreamwalk?
Slightly more than
just dreamwalking.
All you Stranges, you're the same.
I know.
You're right.
We are all the same.
But right now, that kid needs me, and
I can't do any of this without your help.
While I'm under, I
need you to protect my
body, in case they
attack me for trespassing.
Who's "they"?
The Souls of the Damned.
But doesn't a version of you
need to live in that universe?
So that you can
dreamwalk into them.
Who said they have to be living?
Stephen Strange, possessing
a dead body is forbidden!
Cease your dreamwalk, and
face the eternal consequences.
Don't let me go.
Hang on. Hang on, hang on.
Brazier of Bom'Galiath.
Go back to hell.
I've got you.
You're a Master
of the Mystic Arts.
They're spirits. Use them.
Use them.
Use them.
Come on!
Dreamwalking, you hypocrite!
This time, it's gonna take
more than killing me to kill me.
I don't even wanna know.
She's breaking free!
Hold her!
Strange! Take America's power.
There's no other way.
This is the only way.
It's me, in other me's body.
You're gonna take
my power, aren't you?
Before Wanda can.
It's okay.
I understand now.
No, America.
I've come here to tell you to
trust yourself, trust your power.
That's how we stop her.
I can't control it...
Yes, you can.
You have been all along.
Every time you opened a portal, you
sent us exactly where we needed to go.
What about the first time?
Even that led you
to this moment.
You are gonna
kick that witch's ass.
I've got you!
I can't beat you.
So I'll give you what you want.
- Mommy!
- There's a witch!
What have you done?!
Wait! Boys. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'm their mother!
Get away from them.
Not yet.
Get away from our
mom! Leave her alone!
Boys, stop. Please.
Wait, boys. Stop.
Stop it!
Please don't hurt us.
I would never hurt you.
I would never hurt
anyone. I'm not a monster.
I'm not...
Mom. You're okay.
Okay, okay... I'm okay...
- Mom, no!
- Don't go. Don't.
Know that you could be loved.
What now?
Get out of here.
I'll find you.
We have to go. Now.
I opened the Darkhold.
I have to close it.
No one will ever be tempted
by the Darkhold again.
Are you all right?
- Is it over?
- Yeah.
Is America okay?
She's on her way here to get us.
So she destroyed the
Darkhold in every universe.
She did the right thing.
Yes, she did.
What's your universe like?
It's very beautiful.
I wish I could show you.
I'd really like that.
But I... have to go.
Yeah, I know.
It's too bad, though.
Could have been one
hell of an incursion.
I love you.
I love you in every universe.
It's not that I don't
wanna care for someone,
or have someone
care for me. It's just...
I get scared.
Face your fears.
Doctor Strange.
How is this so much harder
than a Multiversal portal?
She needs to slow
down, and be more patient.
Reminds me of
another student I knew.
How are you feeling?
Why do you ask?
You used the Darkhold to
dreamwalk into your own corpse.
Oh. Yeah, right, uh...
I'm fine.
But I do wanna
ask you something.
Are you happy?
That's a...
interesting question.
You'd think that saving the
world would get you there, but...
It doesn't.
Sometimes, I do wonder...
of my other lives.
Yet I remain
grateful in this one.
Even with each tribulations.
Soon we'll have to go
through a long one.
No, we don't.
- 'Sup?
- 'Sup?
Made some sparks.
Your parents would be proud.
I hope you'll get to
show them one day.
I'm glad I found your universe.
So am I, kid.
So am I.