.dog (2021) Movie Script

Can I help you?
My father gets out today.
Are you the barber's son?
What are you looking at?
He's gone. He's out.
Months ago.
Are you sure?
Can you check again?
Come on, Michalis,
I've got something to tell you.
Will you tell me what happened
that you've lost your voice?
D' you know how long
I've been waiting for you, man?
Speak up! How did it go?
What happened, D.?
He was gone.
Gone? Gone where?
He's outside, goddamit.
D'you get it, man?
He's free. Has been for months.
Fuck him!
Fucking chocolates!
Why did you toss them, man?
They were good.
I want to talk to you.
Not now, please.
Yes, yes, I'm listening.
Did you know my father was out?
I'll call you back. Thank you.
How did you find out?
Did you lie to me?
I was there.
I went to the prison.
Dimitri, why did you go there alone?
D'you want to get me into trouble?
Nick, please go to your room.
This is a private conversation.
-Why didn't you tell me?
-It's not up to me.
Who is it up to? You're the director.
You call the shots around here.
What happens to you is up
to Social Services, Dimitri. Not me.
Next week there'll be a hearing with
your father. Until that time, we'll see.
-Okay, I want to be there.
-It's a closed hearing.
I want to be there, do you understand?
I want to see my father.
Will you make her purr?
Pussy cat.
Isn't it better like this, D.?
You and me, man.
Together forever.
Like an old couple.
Look at me, man.
Whose birthday is it next week, huh?
-D' you want hookers?
Tell me you didn't get gas?
I don't know.
Take a look.
There's no gas in it.
What are you doing, asshole?
You want to blow us up?
D., are you okay?
With you, my friend,
I'd risk everything.
Okay then,
d'you have 5 euros for gas?
Fuck me, man.
No, I have 10.
C'mon, man. It's my last ones.
C'mon, friend, come in the water.
It's cool, come!
Leave him, man!
D'you think they're watching us?
Who? Those fucking birds?
Of course they're watching us, D.
They're watching
so they can shit on us.
-C'mon, it's like swimming!
Hey D.! Can you do this?
Can you watch my clothes?
Yeah, sure.
Look who's here.
The orphans.
We're in for it now.
Hey losers, did you come
to play or just moan?
If you don't have any money,
fuck off.
Do you have any?
-How much is that?
Hey you fucker, where the fuck
did you get the twenty, man? Fuck off!
If you let the ball go off the building,
you lose. Game over.
Piece of cake for us.
-The first one to score five.
Get it in, asshole.
You know what, asshole?
I'm no orphan.
Yeah, you're right.
You're the Greek's bastard.
You're an orphan, man!
And so are your other immigrants.
Fuck you, man.
What happened?
Don't cry, kiddies.
Hey, bitch.
what's in the can?
You want some?
There's some things I don't do.
Orphans! Orphans!
Who's in the living room, man?
The new guy.
Hey! Come and eat.
He is here, man!
Leave me alone!
My nose!
-You better run, you fuckers!
-Run away!
-What did you come here for?
-Yeah, run away!
That's him!
-I'm not sure, man.
-That's him, man.
-Why did you let the boys to come?
-Just a moment. I'll take care of it.
What are you doing here?
I told you not to come.
Dimitri, you don't need
to leave the guest house.
You still have one year to go.
-Do you understand?
-Do you understand what I'm saying?
Where are they, man?
Where did you put my clothes?
Get used to them, Dimitri.
They're our income.
I rent them out and I sell them.
Let's go. Let's go.
Open the door. Open the door.
Hold him. Go on, grab him.
Hold him, you're his master.
Put him inside.
Go inside, go inside, go inside.
Open up, open up!
Dimitri, don't just stand there.
Do something.
-Open up, open up.
-Do something.
Don't be afraid.
Open up, open up.
Get down.
C'mon. See?
That's how it should be.
Yes, yes, my love.
Welcome, man.
Like so.
Like so.
Like so...
and so.
Who's going to eat?
Wow, man.
How long have you been
working here?
About six months.
Six months eh?
You've got keys?
They're really nice to me
Mr. Kyriakos and his wife, Mrs. Ioulia.
They trust me.
They've known me for a while.
Great, great.
Now listen...
I've decided to throw you
a birthday party tonight.
-Okay, cool.
Thanks a lot.
-Happy birthday, Dimitri.
-Thanks a lot, Mr. Kyriakos.
Ioulia has your present.
Besides the dinner
she's making for you, of course.
I can't make it tonight,
Mr. Kyriakos.
You can't? Why not?
I'm busy.
I'm sorry. Please tell her I'm sorry.
I honestly can't make it.
No. You'll have
to tell her so yourself.
Happy birthday, my boy.
-To your health, Dimitri.
-Thank you.
Kyriakos says you're going
really well at the garage.
You know
we're very proud of you?
Let the boy leave. He wants
to go and see his friends.
And what about the thing
that's in his room?
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday, Dimitri,
happy birthday to you!
-Happy birthday, Dimitri!
-Thank you very much.
And thank you for the phone.
Both our phone
numbers are in it.
-Is the taste okay?
-Yes, it's very good.
-Did you give it some thought?
-Ioulia, not now.
If you'd like to stay here
more often, I mean.
It would make us
really happy, Dimitri.
We can talk about it with Skevi...
No! I mean, because
I'm still thinking about it...
But today was really nice.
Thank you so much.
You're very welcome, my boy.
Have a nice evening.
Come on!
What the hell are you doing?
-It's hungry.
-It's hungry?
My meat?
My dogs' meat?
-But it's starving.
-It's not my dog.
-But can't we keep it?
Keep it? I've got
my own dogs, man.
You can rent it out,
can't you?
Are you kidding me?
Rent out that thing?
-Step aside, please.
-Wait, wait!
You want to do it?
Here you go.
Quit looking at me.
Get it over with. Just look at it.
Put it out of its misery.
It's going to die anyway.
I don't want to do it.
Do you want to talk?
I'm fine.
Happy birthday, bro.
-What's this, man?
-Open it.
A prezzy?
-D'you like it?
-It's the best.
Does it look good on me?
Thanks, buddy.
Family, D. I'd do anything
for my family, man.
Me too.
Will you sleep here?
Tell me, have you ever been
to the other side?
What other side?
The Turkish occupied side, man.
Okay then, partner. So today
we'll do something new together.
Aren't you driving me
to work?
What did I just say?
We're on our way there.
Your old man needs help.
It'll be an adventure. You'll see.
Tomorrow you'll be
back at work.
I've never missed a single day.
Who'll open the garage?
I'm sure they can get by
without you.
-Don't you have a new phone?
So then call in sick. It's simple.
C'mon, kid, stop stressing.
You're driving me crazy.
We'll have a blast.
Today you'll be my apprentice.
So they bought you
this amazing new gizmo, eh?
Lucky you. I think
he wants to be your dad.
-Does he have kids?
Hands up you fucker!
How are you?
That's my son.
Fatso's one of ours.
Hey! What have we here?
-What's up, man?
-Just look at you!
Son of a bitch!
-How's it going?
-Good, good.
-Guys, this is my son, Dimitris.
Isn't he a bit old to be
your son, barber?
-Your brother perhaps.
-He's all mine.
-Why do they call you "barber"?
Prison talk.
So guys, Dimitris wants to learn
the job. He's my apprentice.
As soon he learns how it works, I'll be
able to trust him to do anything, right?
Can your son keep a secret?
Of course he can.
He's my son.
The apple sometimes falls far from
the tree. How do you know for sure?
Did he take the test?
-Do you trust me?
-You, I trust.
So then trust my son.
He has to pass the test
anyway, barber.
What test?
You'll have to trust me.
Try not to cut me.
If you cut me, we fail the test.
I've never shaved anyone.
Don't you shave?
-A little.
-It's the exact same thing.
After the lather, hold the blade tightly
and you work it upwards, upwards.
If they see blood, we lose.
Look at me.
Your father was the best barber
in the slammer.
The new inmates
shave the older ones.
That's how we build trust.
You cut him?
You're cut out.
There's nothing on it.
Here! Here!
One move!
One fucking move
and you're dead.
That's the real reason
they called me "barber".
That's my son, man!
My son! Mine, mine!
My man!
I can't believe
it didn't bleed.
Nobody gets it on the first try.
Little bastard!
Get out of here!
Bye, fatso.
D'you know anything
about driving?
Yes, I've tried at the garage.
But an automatic not a manual.
An automatic!
Okay, so look, it's simple.
Gas, brake, clutch.
Get moving and we'll see.
Come on, start. Let's go.
Step on it, step on it.
Step on it, put it in second,
You're moving,
you're moving, you're moving!
That's the way.
When I was with the Hellenic
Force in Cyprus...
I crossed over into the Turkish
occupied side and nobody saw me.
Long before they opened
the Road Blocks.
It was dangerous back then.
But I didn't care about anything.
I needed to see what was
on the other side.
Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing, man?
It's not a problem. But I don't
want to risk it. Will you help me?
Of course. I just don't want you
to get into trouble.
Relax, man.
Relax, it's okay.
Take this.
Have you ever seen more?
It's a good deal, isn't it?
Smell them.
Touch them, go ahead.
Watch me.
Mine. Ours.
-What's this money?
-I'm a courier.
-Yes. They owe money, I deliver it.
Open it.
Come on. Close it now.
Open the other one.
C'mon, c'mon.
Okay, hold it.
Look at me: safety above all.
Above all.
-You trust me?
-Of course.
Good. Drop your pants.
I adore Cypriot nature.
Are you proud
of our country?
-What country?
-This one.
C'mon, hold on to it.
Hold it.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't pee your pants now.
There'll come a time
when you'll need to pee your pants.
Where are you going?
What are we waiting for?
Shut up. They should be here,
God damn it.
Take it.
Yeah, yeah.
-C'mon, do it, they're here!
-Just a sec.
The cigarette!
C'mon, open up.
C'mon, open up, man! Dimitri!
What an asshole!
-What's that?
Did you pee your pants?
A little, huh?
You didn't tell me
you'd leave.
I told you: you won't pee
your pants until you have to.
The time hasn't come yet.
What's wrong now?
What's wrong?
Are you mad?
-Huh? Are you mad?
That was nothing, man.
C'mon partner!
Get used to life outside
your protected guest house.
Stop that! Stop!
Put on your seat belt.
Dimitri, are you okay?
Open up, please!
Want some help?
I'm okay.
Here you go.
Here she comes!
Come here!
She comes
almost every evening.
D'you want her?
What, you don't like dogs?
No, it's not that.
I have to go.
Go away!
Go on! Go on!
Go back! Go back!
Dimitri! Dimitri!
Come here.
Come here and meet Andri.
Drink with us, Dimi.
Drink with us.
Hi, Dimi.
Hi. It's Dimitris.
- Isn't it the same?
- No.
C'mon, c'mon, man.
Relax, relax.
What do you do?
-Are you in school?
-My son is an auto mechanic.
He's very smart.
He's so good, his boss has given him
the keys to the garage.
He's going places.
D'you see my son?
D'you see my son?
One day he may even
become a barber!
Look at him!
Wait, wait, wait! Stay!
Dimitri, listen...
Today, I have a surprise for you.
A real birthday present.
Go on, Andri.
Show him his present.
She's all yours, my boy.
-Don't be afraid.
-All yours.
Don't be afraid.
Touch them.
They really like it.
Grab them.
Kiss her.
Dimitri! Dimitri!
Come now! Come on!
Come on, man! Listen to me!
She wants it!
Why are you upsetting my dogs?
-What's wrong?
-Sit down, Dex. Sit down!
Where are you?
Another fucking bastard.
Where do they come from?
Foti, what are you doing?
Don't shoot!
-Leave it alone, it's a stray.
-Wait, wait, wait!
C'mon, get rid of it.
You can't just shoot it,
it's a dog, God damn it!
Andri, God damn it!
You'll listen to me.
Get it over with.
-Shoot the fucking dog now!
But let me kill it somewhere
far away from here.
-Far away where?
-Somewhere Andri won't see it.
Where I can bury it.
Okay, get done with it.
No crap, okay?
Andri, I'm talking to you!
I want to apologize
for yesterday, man.
What do you want?
A buddy of mine died, man.
Can you please help me?
Haven't you done it before?
Shave a dead man? No.
Dimitri, c'mon.
Wipe him clean.
We used to come here.
With your mother.
You're the only memory
I have of her.
We were together since then.
Since the army.
You have her eyes.
Did you know that?
I don't remember her.
You must always
remember to help.
That's what she told me.
As soon as you get out,
bring him to live with you.
Why didn't you let me see you
all these years?
To see what, Dimitri?
What would change
if you saw me inside?
I needed you.
Damn it, son.
Fuck it all.
Can't you listen to me once?
One fucking time?
We're together now.
Now is what matters.
Can't we just help each other?
Is it so hard?
Well? Is it?
Come and sit with us,
Mr. Alavane.
How are things here,
-Are you adapting well?
-Yes, yes, thank you very much.
This is my first meeting
with the both of you.
It's the first of several regular visits
before the hearing in two months' time.
So I can evaluate
how things are going.
Things are going well.
I mean, it's still the first days,
but... we're doing very well.
We already went
on a day trip.
To the mountains.
We ate.
We had some nice fish
at a fish taverna.
It's really nice. We're son
and father, a reunion. Right?
And the party?
I threw him a birthday party.
We had a very nice time.
-Didn't we?
-Yes, we had a nice time.
And yesterday was really nice.
-What do you eat?
Whatever Dimitri wants.
Whatever Dimitri wants.
-We have pizza.
-I see.
How's your apprenticeship
at the garage?
It's going very well.
I'm learning a lot.
Mr. Kyriakos and Mrs. Ioulia
are very good to me.
Of course I'm glad
to finally be with my father.
All right.
Look. To be honest,
this doesn't look like a house.
You haven't followed
my recommendations.
I must be able
to tell my supervisor...
that the boy is well and living
in a healthy environment.
So, I'll be back next week
and I want to see a difference. Okay?
Dimitri, can you walk out
with me, please?
I'll see you soon, Mr. Alavane.
Where are you?
Come here.
What is it, my love?
I was worried about you.
Look what I brought you.
Come, come, look here.
Some sausages.
Come here.
How pretty! Wait, wait.
What are we going
to call you? Eh?
Shall we call you Alice?
D'you like it?
Is that the stray?
-Have you given her a name?
-Yes. Alice.
Hi, Alice.
Fuck. Hold her
for a sec, man.
Okay, dudes, see ya.
Later, bro.
D. is everything good?
What's that over there?
What? It's with the guys.
What are we doing here?
Have you got the keys?
I need something.
Like what?
There's been a fuck up and
I need the diagnostic computer.
For the Mercedes.
-D'you mean to rent it?
-To rent it?
Nice one.
No, I don't want to rent it.
I want to borrow it.
-That's not possible.
-Why not?
-When will you bring it back?
You'll bring it along
to work, man.
I only need it for tonight,
I promise.
Dimitri. Come on, son,
come on, son.
You're going to analyze this too?
You have to be quick.
Like this.
Look at me. You need to be
decisive and careful.
Look at me.
It's the only way to survive.
Go on. Go on.
You're outta here.
C'mon, c'mon. Go, go, go!
Move it. Move it.
-See? That wasn't hard, was it?
-Yes. Tomorrow morning.
-Did I promise?
-Yes, let's go now.
-You're one cool dude for this.
-Yes, shall we go?
D'you hear me?
Back. Back.
It's been days
since you came by the house.
Ioulia will be very pleased
to see you.
Have you seen
the diagnostic computer?
What? No.
I've asked everyone.
I can't find it anywhere.
Hey Fatso,
not much to say now, eh?
Look who's here! Welcome.
What are you doing here?
Why don't you say hello?
He's pretending
to be a ghost. Sit down.
I'm sorry,
I don't want to interrupt.
-Can I talk to you?
-Go ahead.
Did you come
for another shave?
-C'mon, sit down.
Outside? Now?
Have you fucking lost it?
You come inside, you see my cards
and the money on the table...
and you tell me to come
outside now? What for?
What do you want?
What do you have
to tell me now?
Why aren't you home?
-Where are the tools?
-The what?
The tools! The diagnostic computer.
Where is it?
What does that have
to do with anything?
Okay. Do you trust me?
Speak up! Say yes or no.
-Do you trust me?
-Of course I trust you.
Okay, so my friend
fucked me over.
I trusted him
and he fucked me over.
I'm going after him.
I'm not going to let it go.
D'you hear me?
We're getting it back.
Kyriakos keeps asking me.
-Did you tell him anything?
-No, I didn't tell him anything.
Cool. Not a word.
-Here you are.
-I'm okay.
Dimitri, please. Let me be
a good dad. Please. Okay?
Listen, kiddo.
Tomorrow we'll do something nice
together. I promise. Okay?
Have yourself some fun, all right?
Thanks for letting me
invite Nick.
Bullocks, man!
Come on, man!
Is she the one you'd make purr
but you couldn't get it up?
Shut up, butterfly boy.
So, what have we here?
What, you're fishing without bait?
-We don't have any bait.
-Well now it's here.
So then.
Come on, little guy.
Come on, little guy.
You put it through, all along
the length of the hook.
-Get it?
Watch me. I'm not going
to do it every time.
It's in.
It's in.
Here you go. Here you go.
You're all set.
Take it. Take it.
Give me that.
It's simple.
It's even simpler than driving.
Swing it.
Swing it.
I'll give it some space.
Swing it and throw it hard.
That's my boy.
Watch and see
how real men dive.
You fucker!
Did you see me?
I'm the king of the sea!
He's the king of wankers.
Dimitri! Come on!
Don't be a pussy.
Jump in! Come on!
Jump in, my son!
What are you waiting for?
He'll stay with me.
I can't swim.
You can't swim?
Here, chickie, chickie.
Dimitris is a great swimmer.
Aren't you, D.?
I taught him.
I taught him.
When he was a baby,
I threw him into the water.
He learned how to float early on.
-I'll sit and keep Nick company.
As you wish.
Like I give a flying fuck.
My little mermaid!
Little mermaid!
Come over here, you bitch.
Little mermaid!
Do we just leave him
like that?
Don't you worry. It's fine.
I still...
owe you a birthday present.
I just had sex.
D'you hear me?
You know what would be
perfect now?
Want some?
You're late.
I was waiting for my ride.
Who was that?
It's my father.
He's out of prison?
Dimitri, why didn't you tell us?
You're a really good kid.
Look after yourself, d'you hear?
-Come home. Soon.
-Yes, I will.
-Fotis still hasn't brought it back.
-Hasn't brought what back?
The equipment.
Aren't you listening?
Wait up, man! Wait up!
You have to come back
to the guest house. That's your home.
What the hell?
That place isn't a home.
Yeah man, that place is a home.
You used to call it your home once.
D., come back while you can!
I can see what's coming.
-You're supposed to be my friend.
-I am your friend and your family.
Then find me a way out!
Yeah, that's right!
Go back to your daddy!
Like I care!
What an asshole,
he broke my bike.
C'mon, wake up.
Wake up, wake up, it's time
you showed me your loyalty.
Let me sleep. I've got to go
to work in the morning.
-Sleep is for losers. C'mon.
-And what are you?
What was that?
Nothing. I'm kidding.
This is our life.
This is our world.
This is how we survive.
D'you think you have
another choice?
Don't pretend to be
someone you're not.
You are me.
Are you kidding me?
-Open up, quickly.
-I don't have them. I told you.
-I don't have the keys.
-Of course you do.
-I don't.
C'mon, search your pockets.
Empty your pockets. Quickly!
Are you serious?
Are you fucking serious?
I need it, damn it!
I need it!
Don't you want to help me?
Don't you want to help us?
-Aren't you my son?
-Cool it, you're hurting me.
What? I'm hurting you?
I hurt you just now?
I hurt you.
God damn it!
-Can I ask you a question?
-Of course.
It's about living here
more permanently.
Yes, tell me, what?
It's just that
I'm thinking about it.
I'm glad.
D'you want us
to tell Kyriakos?
Fuck them! Fuck them, man.
I don't want them either.
They can go fuck themselves.
Hold it higher.
Where's Nick, man?
Tell me, man, where's Nick?
He left, man.
He didn't tell you?
Have a seat.
My keys please, Dimitri.
-Can I have my keys back?
I'm very sorry,
but you'll have to go.
Me leave? Why?
My mechanics
have worked for me for years.
Nothing ever went missing.
Not ever.
Now it's been twice
within a few days.
Do you have
something to say?
This saddens me deeply.
And it will sadden Ioulia.
I won't tell Skevi.
I'll find an excuse.
Look what I brought you.
No, damn it!
Wake up!
Don't move!
Don't you dare move!
-Why did you do it?
-What did I do, Dimitri?
Stop your lying, just stop it!
C'mon, put the gun down
and give it to me. C'mon.
You're supposed to be my father.
I am your father. I am.
Why did you kill the only thing
I loved so much?
You're being paranoid, Dimitri,
don't you think?
Fuck you! Fuck you!
You're not my father anymore.
I wanted you to be but you can't.
Just look at you!
Dimitri, please, give it to me.
You'll pay for what you did to me.
Truly you'll pay.
-You can't do it.
-Oh yeah?
Oh yeah? C'mon.
Try me. C'mon.
Stay away from me.
Just stay away from me.
Fuck you, man!
-Out! Out! Out!
-Fuck you!
Come back!
I'm your father!
Shall we go on vacation, man?
-What vacation, man?
-Well, somewhere. Shall we go?
-Man, there's no tennis court.
There's no tennis court.