Dog Geniuses (2019) Movie Script

Here we are, Mugs.
Our first day of class
at Pooch University.
Oh, boy!
I've waited my whole
life, all two years of it,
to attend Pooch U.
Me too!
And look at this place!
It's everything I
thought it'd be.
Let me tell ya.
Smell these
halls, the textbooks,
the number two lead
pencils, the erasers!
Listen to those paws squeak
on the freshly
mopped tile floors.
Oh, I've dreamt of this!
So have I!
Hey, let's find our classroom.
I don't want us to be late
to our very first lesson.
Neither do I!
Let's go.
Check this place out, Mugs!
It's so big!
So sprawling, it's vast!
I know!
Imagine throwing a
bone down this hallway,
then chasing after it.
Oh, what fun!
Or a Frisbee!
Now, hold on a
second, buddy boy.
This is the world
of scholastics,
an institution of
higher learning.
Yeah, so?
What's your point?
Well my point,
pup pupil, is this.
We can't act like a
couple of animals here.
We're not marauding
mutts, backyard brutes,
canine commandos.
We're students, and we're here
to get an education.
Oh, yeah!
I gotcha.
No chasing our tails
or alerting when
someone uses a pencil sharpener!
Or barking when
someone drops a book.
No barking?
Oh, no barking, Slobberstick.
Zero, nada, zilch.
Barking's a no go here.
We bark, and we'll
be canine non grata
for the rest of the semester,
you mark my words.
Okay, but barking is my
favorite activity, Mugs.
It's gonna be some kinda
tough to control myself.
Well you got to, Slobberstick.
We only get one chance to
make a first impression,
and I want ours to be
the best it can be.
Who knows, maybe someday
we'll be professors here.
You think?
If we play our biscuits
right, you never know.
That'd be incredible!
Professor Slobberstick.
Professor Mugs.
The future's bright, Mugs.
Let's buy some chains.
First things
first, Slobberstick,
let's get to class.
Here we are!
There's our room number.
Oh, boy!
Here we go!
Uh, hi.
You must be Professor Fetch.
And you must be
Slobbersticks and Mugs.
Mugs and Slobberstick.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, yes!
Well, are you dogs ready
for your introduction
to higher learning?
Are we?
We were born ready.
I like your attitude.
Let's get ready to start class.
Oh, goody!
Goody, let's go.
Toss something, Professor.
You got a rock, a wet
stick, an old shoe?
Hm, well this is not
that kind of class,
this is higher dog learning.
We must follow a certain
scholastic etiquette.
Is that a dessert?
It's like a donut, right?
I love donuts.
Slobberstick, please.
You're embarrassing us.
Quite the contrary, Mugs.
You are inquisitive, curious.
Etiquette is the customary code
of polite behavior in society,
or among members of a
particular profession or group.
Like dogs.
Yes, like dogs!
Which, as it so happens,
will be the subject
of our first class today.
Woo hoo!
I know this subject
like the back of my paw.
Me too!
This should be fun.
No doubt, pupils, no doubt.
Since you boys
are rearing to go,
let's say we begin at once.
There's much ground to cover.
How sweet!
Let's see...
Where to begin?
Ah, how about with
one you'll know.
If you don't mind
me asking, Mugs,
what kind of breed
of dog are you?
I'm a sheepdog, Professor.
We'll start there.
Have a seat.
If you or your friends
ever need to be corralled,
it's a good bet that
the Shetland Sheepdog
can more than do the trick.
In fact, herding is exactly
what this cute little
animal was bred to do.
Shetland Sheepdogs
are also known
as the "Sheltie" for short.
They're small dogs
that look a lot like
tiny versions of the
very popular collie.
The Sheltie is part
of a group of dogs
called "herding dogs".
The amazing Shetland
Sheepdog comes to the world
from the Shetland Islands,
where breeders created it
by mixing Icelandic Yakkins
with Border Collies.
These pooches were
primarily used to herd sheep
so that they are kept
away from garden plants.
How neat!
Even though when
it comes to herding
few dogs are as
good as the Sheltie,
today these magnificent
mutts are mostly found
herding kids around
in homes everywhere.
Moms and dads are very
grateful for this.
You can imagine.
The Sheltie is super popular
in the United States,
where it comes in at number 20
on the most popular breeds list.
Shelties can grow to be
about 15 inches tall,
and weigh in anywhere
from 20 to 40 pounds.
These cute little guys
have a thick double coat,
and a hefty mane
around their necks.
They come in lots of
colors like black and gray,
but it's the tricolored
black, white, and tan ones
that are most often seen,
and wow do we love seeing them.
They're just so
doggoned adorable!
Shetland Sheepdogs have
heads that are shaped
like a slice of pie,
almond shaped eyes,
cute little ears
with folded tips,
and muscular bodies
with long tails.
Shelties are
incredibly smart too!
In fact, they are the sixth most
intelligent type of dog
in the whole wide world.
I didn't know all that.
Neither did I.
You were a mystery to me, buddy.
Welcome to the world of
higher learning, pupils.
Where no subject is exempt
from our probing minds,
and no mental stone
will be left unturned.
I love turning over
stones, and sticks,
and balls, tennis
balls especially!
Slobberstick, please.
Oh, right.
Moving right along.
Tell us more, Professor.
What about collies?
Every wonder what
the smartest dog
in the whole wide world is?
Well, you're about to meet them.
Get set to meet
the wondrous animal
known as the Border Collie.
Border Collies are working dogs
who are relatives
of landrace collies.
These amazing
animals were created
during the 19th century
by breeders to chase
and keep farm animals
like sheep together.
Border Collies are world famous
for their incredible
and excellent herding skills.
Nowadays, they make
super household pets too!
Border Collies can
grow up to about
18 to 22 inches tall,
and weigh around
27 to 45 pounds.
These dogs have smooth fur,
and at times, it can
even feel a little rough.
They're usually black
and white in color,
but it has a
beautiful double coat
that can be a mix of white, red,
and light or dark brown.
They are gorgeous,
simply gorgeous.
Border Collies have
flat, medium sized heads
with loving, oval shaped faces,
and ears that can either
stand straight up,
or be dropping.
They have medium length hair
that goes all the way to
the tips of their tails.
How handsome is this dog?
Border Collies are
famous for being
the smartest dog in the world,
and the smartest
Bordie Collie ever
was named Chaser.
This amazing animal
learned the name
of each of her 1,000 toys.
Now that's smart!
Another super smartypants
Border Collie was Striker.
He learned how to
roll down car windows
using his nose and paws.
Maybe he even knew how to drive,
and just didn't tell anyone.
Border Collies are insanely
happy and loyal dogs
who love to be
surrounded with people
and other animals.
Hope you have a big backyard
if you own one of these.
These dogs need lots of exercise
to stay happy and healthy.
A bored Border Collie may
drive you a little crazy.
Border Collies can learn to
do lots of important things
like being search
and rescue dogs,
and serving as therapy dogs
for people who need
some extra attention.
They really are
all-purpose pooches.
Rowdy, those collies!
A boxer is a very
interesting dog breed.
Put 'em up, kids.
You're about to meet
a dog like no other!
Say hello to the boxer!
Well, not a real boxer,
though these dogs
would look super funny
wearing boxing gloves.
The boxer was created
by dog breeders
during the 19th
century in Germany.
They were made by mixing
Mastiffs with English Bulldogs.
The boxers were bred to
be good hunting dogs,
but over the years
they've become
really cool and
popular house pets.
You might even know one.
They're medium sized
dogs that grow to be
about 21 to 25 inches tall,
and weigh in from
around 55 to 75 pounds.
These handsome animals
have short hair
and smooth fur,
and are usually multi-colored.
Boxers have smallish
heads with big lips
and floppy ears,
their jaws are
usually square shaped,
and their bottom jaws stick out
farther than their top ones.
How cute.
So, how did this dog
get its feisty name?
The name "boxer" refers
to one of the more
interesting habits of
this particular pooch.
A boxer will actually
stand on its back legs
and use its front paws
to actually box a bit.
That's too cool.
Also cool, there's a
boxer named "Brandy"
who holds the record for having
the longest tongue ever
in the Guinness Book
of World Records.
How long?
17 inches!
A kiss from Brandy would
leave you soaking wet.
Be prepared, though.
No matter what the tongue size,
all boxers have a habit
of drooling.
Sloppy, but cute.
Boxers are also super
fast for their size,
and when running, can
reach speeds of up to
30 miles per hour.
They're super athletic dogs,
and were usually circus stars.
They were even used during
the World War as messengers.
Boxers are so unique, Professor.
I want to play with one.
Who do you think would
win in a tug-of-war, guys?
Me or a boxer?
You might stand a better chance
with the next dog breed, Slobs.
On to those chihuahuas.
As you wish, Mugs.
Here come the chihuahuas.
Let's hope you're ready,
because you're about to meet
something really special.
One of the smallest dogs
in the whole wide world!
Say hello to the chihuahua!
The chihuahua is a member
of the toy breed dog family,
and they make awesome
little friends,
as they love being
companions, and of course,
adore lying in your lap.
They sure are small
enough to fit, huh?
Chihuahua are relatives
of an ancient Mexican dog
that was known as
the Techichi dog.
These tiny barkers
lived in Mexico
for about 1,400
years before making
its cute little way
to the United States,
and eventually, around
the entire world.
These little critters
are super popular,
or should I say, "pupular".
Chihuahua only
grow to be no more
than nine inches tall,
weighing in around
four to seven pounds.
Now that is so tiny.
Want to know something cool?
There was once a chihuahua
named "Miracle Milly"
and she holds the world record
for being the
smallest dog on Earth,
being on 3.8 inches tall,
and weighing just
a couple of pounds!
That's half the
size of a banana!
Aw, too cute.
There are two kinds of
adorable chihuahuas.
One has long hair
and a smooth coat,
and the other is
usually a silky,
or at times, wiry single,
or even double coat.
They come in lots of colors too.
Like red, black,
gold, brown, white,
and even sometimes show
up as multicolored.
No matter what your
favorite color is,
there's probably a
chihuahua out there
waiting to lick you on the face
with a big old kiss.
Chihuahuas have
little round heads,
big bulging eyes, and ears
that stand straight up
on their noggins.
They're named after the
largest state in Mexico,
and for a little while,
it was also known as either
a Texas or Arizona dog
because that's where
these little fellas
had been found in
the United States,
just near the Mexico border.
What cool dogs chihuahuas are!
I can't think of
another small breed
that has more
charm than they do!
Well, Mugs, are you
familiar with the Pomeranian?
The Pomeranian?
Then allow me to introduce you.
Looking for the
perfect companion
to have fun and cuddle with?
Who isn't!
Needless to say,
you're gonna fall
quickly in love with
our next furry friend,
the Pomeranian.
Pomeranians are the
smallest members
of the Spitz family of dogs,
and even though they are small,
they have giant
sized personalities.
They're also a very
popular dog breed.
Pomeranians are one
of the 15 most popular
in the United States,
and have stayed on that
list for over a decade.
Wow, how cool!
Pomeranians are adorable.
They can grow to be about
seven or 12 inches tall,
and weigh in somewhere between
three and seven pounds.
These pooches have
thick, fluffy coats,
and come in a ton of colors,
like sable, red,
blue, gray, orange,
brindle, and even bicolored tan,
white, brown, and balck.
How cool!
Pomeranians have
pie shaped heads
with pointy snouts
which makes them look
kind of like tiny foxes.
They also have
almond shaped eyes,
pointy ears, and small
bodies with curly tails.
Aren't they cute?
These adorable doggies
are uber intelligent,
very loyal, and even
kind of independent.
They aren't very
demanding animals,
but they will bond
with their family
and follow them
from room to room
to make sure they're near,
should they want to
give their pooch a rub.
Pomeranians also
love to be dressed up
and travel with their families,
either on foot, or
in a doggy stroller.
Isn't that sweet?
Plus, because they're so smart
and can learn tricks easily,
they're extra fun, fun, fun!
Nice, but what about some
big dog breeds, Professor?
These teeny, tiny dogs
are like wind up toys.
Can we hear about
something we can relate to?
Oh, you want the big dogs, eh?
Okay, Slobberstick.
Try the Mastiff on for size!
The Mastiff?
Say hello to this big dog.
The English Mastiff
is a very large
and awesome worker animal.
Let's check out
everything about them.
English Mastiffs were
created in England
by breeders from a
now extinct dog breed
that was once known as Molossus.
The English Mastiff
came to America
on the Mayflower
with the pilgrims!
Can you say colonial dog?
These pooches are
the 26th most popular
dog breed in the United States,
and are great and
gentle house pets.
But the English Mastiff is big.
Fully grown, they can
be 27 to 30 inches tall,
and weigh anywhere
from 140 to 220 pounds.
My, my!
These marvelous animals
have short, sleek coats
that come in light yellowish
brown, light reddish brown,
or sometimes yellowish
brown with black spots!
Breeders call this
color combo "brindle".
An English Mastiff has a
really big head and body,
and you guessed
it, they eat a lot.
If you have a Mastiff
living in your home,
you'll likely be
going grocery shopping
for you and the
Mastiff quite a lot.
For as big as they are,
English Mastiffs are calm
and very gentle dogs.
They're super loyal, and
get along with everyone,
even other pets.
Be warned, though.
They are very
difficult to train.
They're overly sensitive
and stubborn doggies,
but they learn well from love
and positive reinforcement.
English Mastiffs can be kept
in small houses and apartments
because even if you
have a huge backyard,
this big fella would
rather hang out
inside with its family.
Aw, too cute!
What a big guy.
Now that's a dog.
Sure is!
I thought you boys
would enjoy that.
And before we continue,
no discussion of
large dog breeds
would be complete
without touching
on the German Shepherd.
Guess what?
You're about to meet
one of the best dogs
in the whole wide world!
Not to mention, one of
the most beautiful too.
Say hello to the
German Shepherd,
and prepare for lots of kisses.
Originally known as the
German Shepherd Dog,
this breed is one
of the only ones
to have the word "Dog"
be apart of its name.
Well, that's a great question
that has a pretty cool answer.
Back in the olden days,
being a German Shepherd
was a job that
lots of humans had.
That's why the
breed became known
as the German Shepherd Dog
so people could
tell the difference
when speaking about either
the person or the dog breed.
Pretty cool, right?
You betcha.
During the year 1889, a man
named Max von Stephanitz
started breeding
what we now know
as the German Shepherd.
This happened at a dog
show when he caught sight
of a medium sized, gray
and yellow type dog
that he thought
looked like a wolf.
Developing this breed earned
Stephanitz the nickname,
"Father of the
German Shepherd Dog".
German Shepherd dogs
come in many colors
like black, sable,
gray, black and tan,
red and black, brown,
black and silver,
and even blue.
How cool is that?
Over the years, German Shepherds
have grown in popularity
all over the world,
and it's become the
second most registered dog
in the United States of America.
When it comes to a performance,
there's not a whole lot that
a German Shepherd can't do.
They make great house
pets, awesome guard dogs,
serve on the force of both
the police and the military,
and even make incredible
service and companion dogs.
In a word, German
Shepherds are awesome!
Amazing dogs, those
German Shepherds!
On to the Rottweiler!
Give us a Rottie, Professor.
One Rottweiler coming up!
It's time to meet not
only one of the best
watch dogs in the world,
but also one of
the most adorable!
Get ready to say hi to
the German bred pooch,
better known as the Rottweiler!
Rottweilers were created
with protection in mind.
In the olden days,
they were work dogs
who were employed to guide
cattle to the market,
and to pull heavy carts for
both butchers and farmers.
These dogs are strong,
with a capital S.
Rottweilers are the 10th
most popular breed of dog
in the Untied States,
and make super great house pets,
and of course, guard dogs.
Rotties are fairly big too.
An adult can grow to be
almost 30 inches tall
and weigh up to 130 pounds!
Told you they were
big and strong.
Rotties have really
smooth, short black coats,
sometimes with brown markings
on their adorable faces,
and their super muscular
chests and legs.
Their heads are
thick and sizable,
with cute little triangle
shaped ears on top.
Some owners like to shorten
or crop their tails
when they're young,
but we'll take these
black beauties.
Any way we can get them.
Aw, how cute.
Rottweilers are insanely smart,
but along with that,
they are super stubborn dogs.
It can be easily
trained as long as
their humans are fair and firm.
Rotties are sometimes
related to being bullies,
but that couldn't be
further from the truth.
These dogs are very cuddly,
and happy to please their humans
by being very loyal.
They really do make
awesome, loving pets.
Rottweilers do not
like to be alone.
They are social dogs
that want to spend
as much time with their
families as possible.
Do you guys want to
hear about Dobermanns?
I'm sure everybody would
love to, Slobberstick.
Check this out!
One of the more famous
work dogs in the world
is without question, the
renowned Dobermann Pinscher,
and there's a great
reason for that.
When it comes to
getting a job done,
few pooches are
as capable, smart,
and strong as this
handsome dog from Germany.
The marvel known as
the Dobermann Pinscher
was originally
created in Germany
way back during the 1890s.
Breeders did so by
combining around
seven different breeds of dogs,
including Rottweilers,
Manchester Terriers,
the German Pinscher,
and even the Great Dane.
Why go through all
of this trouble?
Because the breeders
wanted to create
one of the world's
best guard dogs,
and they were
totally successful.
These incredible animals
came to the United States
somewhere around the
beginning of the 20th century,
and since then, they
have become the 12th most
popular dog in America,
and it's easy to tell why.
Not only are they
incredible watch dogs,
but they are amazing house pets.
Dobermanns can
grow to be anywhere
from 24 to 28 inches tall,
and weigh between
60 to 100 pounds.
Now that's a big dog.
These good lookers
have a thin, short coat
that ranges in color
from black, to red,
and even blue or
yellowish brown.
They all have rusty
colored markings
above their cute little eyes,
on their necks, and of course
on their strong chests.
Sometimes though,
you can even find
a completely white Dobie.
It's rare, but it does happen.
Dobermann Pinschers
have long snouts,
medium sized ears, and
super muscular bodies
that end on a mighty long
and usually wagging tail.
Look at their little
backsides wriggle, so cute.
How's that for a fascinating
and sometimes
frightening large breed?
That's so cool, Professor.
Do any Dobermanns
take classes here?
We used to have a couple, Mugs,
but they couldn't get along
with our Great Dane students.
Great Danes?
Tell us more!
Don't worry, I will.
Ready to meet one of the
greatest dogs in the world?
One that's so great,
it even has the word
great in its name?
Say hello to the Great Dane!
These dogs are as
big as they come.
Great Danes are large animals
that belong to a group of
dogs known as working dogs.
Even though they have the
word Dane in their names,
these dogs are not from Denmark.
Great Danes came to
the world from Germany.
They were created
by dog breeders
over 400 years ago
when they mixed old English
Mastiffs with Greyhounds
and Mighty Irish Wolfhounds.
The result is a
wonderfully fast, smart,
and aggressive dog
that were perfect
for hunting animals
including wild boars.
Over the years since
their creation,
Great Danes have become
far less aggressive,
because they aren't used
for hunting anymore.
Instead, they
prefer to play with
and protect their family.
Great Danes are
awesome house pets,
and are often shown
off in dog shows.
These dogs are big.
Great Danes can grow up
to nearly three feet tall
and weigh anywhere from 100
to well over 120 pounds.
Wanna talk big?
Check this out.
There was once a
Great Dane named Zeus
who became famous for being
the world's tallest dog.
That's right.
Zeus is in the Guinness
Book of World Records
for growing to a height of
three feet, eight inches tall,
and weighing 150 pounds!
Now that's a big dog.
Great Danes have
short coats of hair
that come in three
different kinds.
Black, black and blue,
fawn, and harlequin.
No matter what their color,
they're all incredibly
pretty animals,
and are a sight to remember
once you've seen them.
These big pooches
have giant heads
that are long and narrow,
and sitting on top of them
are cute little floppy ears.
Their bodies?
Well, they are as
muscular as they come.
Even though they're large,
Great Dane are also
big, emotional softies.
They're loving and
calm and get along well
with other dogs, and even cats.
Great Danes just want
to love their families,
and they hate to be left alone.
Surprisingly, Great
Danes don't eat much,
and don't need much exercise.
Just walk them as
you usually would,
and they'll remain
happy and healthy.
How do you guys
love the Great Dane?
They're amazing, Professor.
I have a Great Dane cousin
somewhere in the Midwest.
Oh, yeah!
Cousin Marlon?
I remember him.
Hey, what's next, Professor?
How about that
super cool terrier?
Yes, let's hear it!
The adorable Boston
Terrier is a lot of things.
They're cute, funny,
playful, absolutely loyal,
and no matter what
its name says,
it isn't a terrier.
Let's find out more
about this fuzzy friend.
Boston Terriers were
created when breeders
mixed the English Bulldog
and the now extinct.
White English Terrier.
Since its introduction
to the world,
this beauty has become the
state dog of Massachusetts,
the official mascot
of Boston University,
and of course, one of the
most popular dog breeds
in the United States of America.
How about that?
Boston Terriers can
grow up to about
12 to 17 inches tall,
and weigh anywhere
from 10 to 25 pounds.
They have smooth, shiny coats
that come in lots
of colors like red,
black, or even brindle.
No matter what the color though,
they all have white markings
on their face and chest.
So cute.
These furry pals
are also known as
the American Gentleman,
because their overall markings
make them look like they're
wearing a fancy tuxedo.
So refined.
Boston Terriers have
box shaped heads,
short snouts, large, erect ears,
broad chests, sturdy
muscular bodies,
and very short tails.
Know what really makes
them stand out though?
Their huge, loving, round eyes.
Boston Terriers are
very loving and gentle
with extremely fun
loving personalities.
They're smart, too.
Super smart, in fact.
But they're also
stubborn at times,
nearly hyperactive even.
It takes a long while to
properly train these cuties,
but once they are,
they're one of the
best dogs around.
Boston Terriers are
real athletes too!
They're agile and can jump high,
and even pull weights
in doggy competitions.
I told you they were
strong as can be.
Boston Terriers get
along great with kids
and other animals,
and have been
known to even learn
how to ride skateboards.
That's radical!
When the day's
activities are over,
Boston Terriers like to
chill out with their owners,
and maybe even
cuddle up on a couch.
So cool!
What's the next dog
breed, Professor?
The amazing beagle!
Got any beagle cousin, anybody?
Oh, I have a cousin
in about any breed,
color, and size!
I'm willing to venture to say
that one of your favorite
cartoon characters is Snoopy!
Everyone loves him.
Ever wonder what kind of animal
this fellow is?
Well, Snoopy is a beagle,
and they've been around
for thousands of years.
The beagle was created
over 2,500 years ago.
Holy moly.
This ancient dog breed
came to the United States
from the country of England
during the 19th century.
These beauties were
bred to be great hunters
of rabbits, hares, foxes,
and even birds and fish.
In fact, the beagle is still
very popular with hunters,
and they're still used as good
and dependable hunting dogs.
Beagles have super
friendly personalities too.
They're medium-sized
animals that can grow
anywhere from 13
to 16 inches tall,
and a full grown beagle
will weigh around
20 to 25 pounds.
Everyone agrees on one thing.
Beagles are awesome.
In fact, they just happen
to be the fifth most
popular dog breed in
the United States.
How cool is that?
You can spot a
beagle super easily.
They have really smooth coats
that range from white,
to black, to brown,
and a mixture thereof.
They have cute,
little round skulls
and long, super floppy ears.
Their bodies are long,
and pretty muscular
for a dog of its size,
and they have the sweetest
little curly tails.
And don't be surprised to
see them wagging like crazy.
They're so easy to
fall in love with.
Like Snoopy, beagles are
super smart and curious.
They're very friendly
dogs who love
going on adventures
with their owners.
Also like Snoopy, beagles are
comically stubborn animals
who are anything
but easy to train.
Still in all, they are
very loyal to their owners,
and that's part of
why they've become
so very popular.
Beagles do have a
tendency to get lonely,
as they're a pack animal,
and they hate being left alone.
They actually like
having other dogs
to pal around with too.
There's always time
to play and get into
a little mischief, right?
What are we tackling next?
Now I'm going to
tell you all about
the dogs known as Basset Hounds.
Basset Hounds?
Indeed, Mugs.
Let's begin!
Hope you have your
traveling shoes on,
we're gonna have to travel
all the way to France
to meet our next furry friend!
The Basset Hound!
Basset Hounds were
developed and bred
all the way back
in the 16th century
by French monks.
These monks wanted
a dog whose bodies
would be close to the ground
so they could easily
pick up on the scents
of other animals,
both big and small.
They may be short,
but Basset Hounds
are kind of heavy,
standing at only about
11 to 15 inches tall,
this beast can end
up weighing anywhere
from 50 to 65 pounds.
Now that's a sideways
fire hydrant.
How did they get their names?
Well, I'm glad you asked.
I told you already
that the Basset Hound
originally came from France,
so it makes sense
that their names
came from the French language.
Basset comes from the word "bas"
that means low in French.
How about that?
Even though Basset Hounds
make great hunters,
they're also so cute and sweet.
These guys look kind of sad,
but they're totally not.
It's those deep set in
face with loose skin
and wrinkles that make
them look that way.
They're actually
very happy animals
with super cute, long ears,
a very long body, and
stubby, short little legs
with really big paws on 'em.
Take all that, and add in a tail
that sticks straight
up on their body,
and you have the
recipe for adorable.
Well, adorable and loud.
Basset Hounds bark
and howl a whole lot.
In fact, that's part
of how the Basset Hound
got so famous.
A long time ago in
the southern U.S.,
hunters and other
owners of Basset Hounds
would feed their dogs easy
to make fried cornballs
to quiet their barking buddies.
These treats eventually
became known as hush puppies,
and now they're people treats!
Isn't that funny?
Over the years, Basset
Hounds became very popular
and they're features
in lots of movies,
and even cartoons.
They're so famous
that they even have
a brand of shoes named after
them called Hush Puppies.
In fact, Basset Hounds are
still the official mascot
of this popular, comfy shoe.
How neat.
Bassets are so fun.
Who loves bulldogs?
Did I ever tell you guys
my cousin Tricks and...
Let me guess.
Cousin Tricks is a bulldog?
What's a friendly
dog that snores a lot
while farting?
Wanna meet that fella?
I'm sure you do.
We're talking about
a bold little dog
known as the bulldog!
Bulldogs are great
medium-sized companion dogs
that were created way
back in the 16th century
when dog breeders mixed
Mastiffs and pugs.
The result of that
mixing is adorable
in every way.
Bulldogs have sort of
an unusual look to them,
and because of that,
you can always find them
in movies and on TV.
In fact, they're one of
the most popular dogs
in the whole wide world.
A bulldog can grow to be
about 12 to 16 inches tall,
weighing in around
40 to 50 pounds.
That's pretty heavy
for such a small pooch.
They have short, smooth coats
that come in lots of varieties,
but it's their cute little faces
that make them so good looking.
Bulldogs have wide
jaws and short snouts.
The skin on their faces
looks wrinkled and loose,
and the teeth on
their lower jaws
stick out over their top jaws.
They have big,
muscular shoulders,
short bodies, powerful legs,
and tiny little tails.
If you couldn't guess
by looking at them,
bulldogs can be super stubborn.
But with proper training,
they can be very obedient,
and also become great athletes.
Though they are hardheaded,
bulldogs are also smart,
and become friendly animals
that are perfect for families.
Yes, bulldogs look heavy,
but they're also
pretty quick and agile.
An adult bulldog can run
up to 15 miles per hour
and even jump about
seven feet in the air!
Can you say "Air Bulldog"?
They'd rather stay in the
air, or on the ground,
because these dogs
are not good swimmers.
So if you have a pool, just
remember that little tidbit.
Are dachshunds next?
Yes they are!
How did you know?
K-9 intuition!
Hot diggity dog!
Our next barking buddy
is a real wiener.
Get ready to meet the
cute little critter
known as the dachshund!
Dachshunds just happen
to be the 11th most
popular breed of doggy
in the United States,
and it's super easy to see why.
They are adorable.
Dachshunds grow to be
about nine inches tall,
and can weigh in anywhere
from 15 to 30 pounds.
Mini dachshunds
usually weigh about 11.
Such cutie pies.
Dachshunds are super
popular for being
what's known as a wiener dog
because of their
short, stubby legs
and their long bodies.
They have two types of coats,
either smooth, or long and wiry.
Even cooler though, they come in
at a whopping 12 colors,
and at least different patterns
like sable, brindle, or mottled.
Dachshunds have
long heads to match
their long, muscular bodies,
and are complete
with a long tail.
They have beautiful
eyes and floppy ears
hanging off their little faces.
How darling is that?
The name dachshund actually
means "badger dog" in German.
Because of their
incredible sense of smell,
dachshunds were used
to hunt badgers,
foxes, and rabbits.
Their tiny legs were
made for digging,
so they could get their
prizes either above
or below ground.
How about that?
Dachshunds are known
to be very brave,
they're also smart
and energetic animals
that have a habit of being
pretty darn stubborn.
Instead of listening to you,
they would rather be
chasing other animals
or even birds.
In a pinch, a nice, fun toy
will keep them very occupied.
They may be tough to teach,
but holy cow, are they loving.
Dachshunds have
been known to bond
with their human
families super quick,
and they always
want to be a part
of whatever is going on.
They're just all
around fun play-mates.
Hooray for that!
I had a play-mate
who was a dachshund
when I used to go to
doggy daycare as a puppy.
Did you like him?
Nah, he was annoying
as all get out.
I can see that!
How about the Dalmatian,
Professor Fetch?
I'd guess you have
at least 101 reasons
to love our next dog
breed, the Dalmatian!
Not only are they superstars,
but they're also some
of the bravest dogs
in the whole wide world!
Dalmatians are also
known as "dau".
They're an ancient
breed of pooch,
but no one seems to know
exactly where they came from,
it's a mystery.
Breeders and
researches all believe
that these wonderful
dogs came to the world
from the Dalmatia
area of Croatia.
Given the name, that
makes perfect sense!
Wanna know something cool?
Of course you do!
Archeologists have
even uncovered
pictures of Dalmatians
on the walls of
Ancient Egyptian tombs,
and that means that
ancient Dalmatians
even scampered around Egypt!
Whoa, now that's amazing.
Today, Dalmatians are
used as popular house pets
and also as rescue dogs.
For a long while,
they were even known
as carriage dogs
because they have a
super friendly
relationship with horses.
For many years, horses were used
to help speed along
fire carriages,
and the Dalmatians
have a cool ability
to keep horses
calm around fires.
So, for the longest time,
they've been
traveling with firemen
and other heroes to help
get people out of danger.
Talk about brave.
A Dalmatian can
grow to be anywhere
from 19 to 23 inches tall,
weighing in around
40 to 70 pounds.
They have really
short, smooth hair,
and are usually white
with black spots on them.
Every Dalmatian has
a unique pattern,
and no two Dalmatians
look alike.
Now that's interesting.
These superhero dogs have
large, muscular bodies,
thin ears, and super long legs
with cute, round little feet.
These dudes can run for hours
without getting tired,
and during the Second World War,
they were used to
send secret messages
back and forth between troops.
They truly were like
the first animal spies.
Now that's impressive!
Dalmatians love to
play in the water,
and are very good swimmers.
They require a lot
of training though
because they're also
very independent animals
who make awesome guard dogs.
Dalmatians are so interesting!
There's no other
dog quite like 'em.
Same goes for the pug.
Did you know it's
easier on the pug
to raise two pugs together?
I didn't know that, Professor.
What else do you
know about the pug?
Let's find out!
It's time to get cute.
Our next kind of dog is
as cute as they come.
Get ready to meet the pug!
A small, toy-sized
animal that is
one of the best companion
dogs you could ever have.
Pugs were bred about
200 years B.C. in China,
and specifically
for the Emperor,
who wanted the perfect lap dog.
How's that for important?
Pug were created to be royalty.
Pugs made their way to
Europe in the 16th century,
and became a very
popular breed of dog.
Now, you can find
these little guys
all over the world.
Because they're so
small and friendly,
they make for great pals
for just about anyone.
No matter how old or young!
These little dudes and
dudettes grow to be
about 14 inches tall,
and weigh in around
14 to 18 pounds.
They have really short hair,
and can vary in color,
but their cute little
noses are always black.
So adorable!
Speaking of their
faces, pugs always look
like they've been
squished in and wrinkled.
This makes their big eyes
all the more lovable.
They're known for
their adorable faces,
short little legs,
and tiny, curly tails.
How cute is that?
Make some room in your bed,
pugs enjoy this one thing
more than anything else.
They get tired super easily,
and will sleep around
14 hours every day.
Don't expect them
to bring that stick,
ball, or bone back anytime soon,
they don't really
like to play fetch,
and are actually hard to train
because they're so stubborn.
Pugs would rather
just eat, sleep,
love you, sleep some more, poop,
sleep, kiss you, and
then sleep some more,
more than anything else!
They can run about three
to seven miles per hour,
and for a four legged animal,
they're notoriously
bad swimmers.
They may be small animals,
but pugs have huge
When they are awake, pugs
are super playful and loyal.
They're very
interested in people,
and will often follow their
owners around the house
to always be near them and
see what they're doing.
Pugs also love to lay in laps,
and sleep with
their human owners
as much as possible.
Incredible, Professor Fetch.
We're learning so much
in such a short time.
It feels like my
brain might burst.
I don't think your
brains can burst, Mugs,
but they might get bigger,
and we're not done yet.
Bring it on!
Oh my!
You'd better have
a pillow ready,
because by the time
I'm done telling you
about the Energizer
Bunny of the dog world,
the Jack Russell Terrier,
I can almost guarantee
you're gonna need some rest.
Jack Russell Terriers were
created in jolly old England
at the very beginning
of the 19th century.
These cuties are
the direct relatives
of what is now known as the
extinct British White Terrier.
Jack Russells are
incredible hunters,
but nowadays people
usually keep them
as companion dogs.
If there's one thing
that Jack Russells
do better than hunt,
it's be great friends.
The Jack Russell
Terrier can grow to be
anywhere from 10
to 15 inches tall,
and usually weighs
around 14 to 18 pounds.
They generally have white coats
with black and tan markings,
but sometimes can just
be white and brown.
Speaking of their fur,
Jack Russells have
three kinds of coats.
Short and smooth,
long and rough,
or a combination of both.
They have little eyes that
are shaped like almonds,
tiny, triangular ears,
and small but sturdy bodies.
And my goodness, is the
Jack Russell active.
You can even call
them hyperactive!
They just keep going,
and going, and going,
and going, and going.
They love playing with balls,
digging in the dirt,
and of course, exploring.
You have to teach them
at a very young age
how to be calm,
or you'll own a friendly
four-legged comet
that speeds around your
house insanely happy
for the rest of its life.
How about that?
Because they enjoy
running so much,
the Jack Russell Terrier
needs a lot of space.
These little poaches
need big houses
and big backyards to run around.
That's probably the only
thing that will make them
tired enough to sit still
for even five minutes.
Jacks, so playful, so smart.
Same goes for poodles, guys.
Oh, poodles!
So fluffy too.
Time to check in
with a cuddly dog
who's super famous
for having one of the
coolest and most recognizable
haircuts in the world.
Say hello to the poodle!
The poodles as we
know them today
were created in Germany during
the 15th or 16th century,
and they were originally
used for hunting birds
who hung out and made
their nests around water.
Then, very quickly, they
became super popular in Europe,
especially when it
came to royalty.
Well, could you blame them?
Who wouldn't want to
cuddle with a poodle?
To this day, poodles are
still very popular house pets.
Not only are their
appearances charming,
but so are their personalities.
There are three kinds
of poodles, standard,
miniature, and even toy poodles
which are super small!
A standard poodle
will grow anywhere
from 11 to 22 inches tall,
and weigh around 60 pounds.
Poodles have fluffy coats
that come in lots of colors
from black to blue,
red to silver,
and even beige and white.
They have cute, round
heads with long noses,
cute oval shaped peepers,
and long, flat ears.
Their tails are also
pretty noticeable too,
as they stand straight up high.
How cute is that?
And get this,
poodles are so smart.
In fact, poodles are the second
smartest dog on the planet,
right next to the Border Collie.
They are really,
really easy to train,
and learn tricks super fast.
Because they do learn
tricks so quickly,
they were a staple in
circus acts of yesteryear.
They can perform anything,
even dancing around on two legs.
Poodles are super loving animals
and adore kids and other pets.
They're also very loud.
If you have a guest or
someone comes to your door,
they're going to
tell you about it.
They're loud but never mean.
They are as sweet as could be,
and that makes them
perfect therapy dogs
for people with handicaps,
or of course, the elderly.
How sweet.
The Maltese is pretty cool too!
I've always wanted to know
more about those dogs.
Well, here's your chance, Mugs.
But be prepared for
high levels of cuteness.
Let's check them out.
All right!
Get ready to bow wow wow,
because we're going to
learn about pooch royalty.
Here's one of the
favorite dog breeds
of the wealthy folks
in the Mediterranean,
the Maltese!
The Maltese comes to the world
from the island of Malta,
where it enjoyed its
status of canine royalty
for a whopping 28 centuries.
That's a long time!
The Maltese came to the
United States of America
for an 1887 showing
at the world famous.
Westminster Kennel Club.
Like royalty, the Maltese
have a very refined
and dignified look to them.
They have small,
cute little bodies,
and silky straight
hair that flows
all the way down to the ground.
Maltese are usually white,
and their little
black noses and eyes
make them look simply adorable.
Bless you.
Don't worry, you're not
sneezing because of the Maltese.
These dogs have no undercoats,
so they don't shed much,
and are what's known as
a hypo-allergenic dog.
No sneezes around
these little pleasers.
A Maltese can grow to
about 10 inches tall,
and weigh around
four to seven pounds.
Most of that is probably hair.
Their hair is so long
that usually owners
tie it in a knot with a bow
just so the dog can
see where it's going.
How bout that?
These dogs are super
affectionate and lively.
Got a camera handy?
Well, good!
Because the Maltese know how
to ham it up around people.
They want your attention,
and will do just about
anything to get it.
The Maltese is a playful, fun,
and full of energy dog,
and yep, they will
probably tire you out.
I'm pooped.
You're right, Professor Fetch!
The Maltese is crazy
cute, and super smart too.
Oh, can we check out
one more dog, Professor?
Woo hoo!
Time to meet another tiny dog.
A mini one, even.
Coming to us from Europe
is the adorable
Miniature Schnauzer.
Let's learn all about them.
Miniature Schnauzers
are tiny little dogs
that come to the
world as part of the
terrier family of animals.
They were created in Germany
during the 19th century
when breeders mixed
a regular Schnauzer
with Affenpinschers and poodles.
Mini Schnauzers make
great companions
and are also very
popular show dogs.
Currently, they are listed as
one of the 20 most
popular dog breeds
in the United States.
How cool is that?
These tiny dogs can
grow to be anywhere
from 12 to 14 inches tall,
and weigh in anywhere
from 11 to 20 pounds.
They have very clean
and wiry double coats
that are super thick!
Their coat is
usually solid black,
or a combination of
black and another color
like white or silver.
Miniature Schnauzers have
snouts that are square shaped
with thick hair on their faces.
They have long, bushy
eyebrows and long beards.
How cute!
They have a folded set of
ears and sturdy bodies.
Schnauzers have short
legs that are super strong
as well as having
very short tails.
So, how did they get their name?
In German, the word "Schnauzer"
translates to muzzle,
and because the Miniature
Schnauzer's furry faces
are so recognizable,
that word ended up
describing them perfectly.
In fact, their
snouts are so popular
they have kind of
become their trademark.
How interesting.
Mini Schnauzers also
have an incredible
sense of hearing.
They can hear sounds
that are two times
higher in pitch than human ears.
How cool is that?
These dogs are super
happy, caring, and smart.
But they are also
pretty stubborn,
and require a lot of training
to become good house pets.
And that about does
it for today's class.
We're done?
So soon?
We sure are.
Did you boys enjoy your
first day at Pooch U?
- Yes!
- Yes!
I'll see you both back
here tomorrow morning then,
and we'll continue our lessons.
We'll be here bright and early,
bushy tail and all.
Professor Fetch, I
don't want class to end.
Is there any way we
can have some homework?
My bones!
In all my years of teaching,
no students have ever asked
to do homework before.
You two really are serious about
learning all you
can, aren't you?
Very well.
I'll give you some
homework on this topic.
- Yes!
- Yes!
You both can do a round
robin, brain blasting,
doggy study session
in the comfort
of your own home.
And we'll come back refreshed,
reinvigorated, and ready
to learn evermore tomorrow.
Woo hoo!
Let's go!
Pooch U has already taught
us so much about dogs,
and it's only our
first day of class.
How wild!
The semester's barely begun,
I wonder what else
we'll learn about.
There's just no telling!
Professor Fetch is
like a mad genius,
and the classroom is
like his laboratory.
Whipping up hot problem potions
and solving doggy
daydream dilemmas.
I love Pooch U!
So do I.
Let's go home and
chew on some facts
like it's an old chew.
All right!
My mouth is already drooling.
Let's take a bag of
kibbles to the living room,
Slobberstick, and tackle
some of these homework.
What do you say?
Okay, let's do it!
We still got any of those old
smoke flavored jerky bites?
You bet your collar, Slobs!
School is cool, Mugs!
No doubt, Slobs!
I feel like a dog
genius already!