Dog Tags (2008) Movie Script

You want a mirror?
In what are you thinking?
That stray dog that usually hang around here.
We've called animal control about fifteen times.
Promise me food when I go away.
Do not want no bum.
When you get back I'll get you a real dog.
In the pet store.
Maybe I should let them do it.
Look, when you look at the recruiter,
will know that you are serious.
Are you sure about this, right?
When you are ready.
I think I am.
When you are sure tells me to stand up.
Very good. Stand up!
Hurry up!
Do not tell!
My boy from the army.
The book only tells you what to do if you do not want a boy.
I do not think it matters.
O God! If I got pregnant and a girl is gonna be so screwed!
You came up, right?
Do not feel?
Perhaps we should try again before they come home.
I think I need a little time, ok?
You'll never be alone, dear. Never!
Do not forget that.
I know you're nervous, ok?
And I know that sounds like a great thing,
but deep down it is not!
Do not forget that, dear.
It's just a small world.
I can not find my shoes.
I'll be late.
Hello! Mark Dessau, please.
Who are you talking about?
I considered calling my father before leaving, that's it!
He never even sent you a birthday card.
Why do you think he cares that you are going to recruit?
I thought that maybe he could finally meet him...
try to move on with my life ahead.
To tell you what?
You used to repair cars until you give up?
Or that you pulled back from school
Community because you could not take it easy?
wait until you leave the house your mother.
Wait until you get something on your own.
Then call him and appeared to him in uniform
and he will be sorry to have you abandoned.
You think?
If you connect to your father as
you think your mother will feel Nate?
Would make a decent breakfast.
Well at least I got you this parting gift.
'd Send you wrap, but...
but had no time to do it all
Cute as they do at the mall.
It's plastic?
It's barbecue on July 4.
Rays. I look so fat there.
The period and some margarita.
I love it!
Would give you an empty frame and
let you put the picture you wanted, but...
Everyone knows that.
I have all my photos here.
Yeah, well...
I thought that you would help
remember what is important and for which he fights.
I love mom!
C'mon then.
Let's do not want to start
melt on my uniform.
You have your bags made?
whom shall I call when my car breaks down?
Gene's better than me on this, he helps her.
If you do not die tomorrow.
Hey Gene!
If you want to ride to the clinic
you'll have to put deodorant!
I will not have a pig in the car!
Poor crazy, drink up and near death
calls it post-traumatic disorientation.
Yeah, right!
I can not afford to lose a
tenant with a monthly annuity check.
God! Do not want to end this way.
It will be difficult.
And you'll want to quit.
But only do your best darling.
I'm scared.
Sure you are.
Sure you are.
Do not say it out loud, or people get to know.
They'll think you're a coward.
Nate, I think the recruiter has arrived!
Today is the big day, huh?
You should be nervous, eh?
I remember when I went to training camp.
The first thing I did was get a hooker.
I do not need a bitch, I'm Trish.
Are you going to Camp Edelton?
I will.
And after training at Twilight Palms.
I'm still not sure.
Twilight Palms I've been on for years.
There was not much to do there but drink and fuck.
Despite being a good unit.
Do not forget the ring I want.
It is part of the romantic journey.
I want white gold, do not forget, white gold.
OK, I spare.
Save or steal, I do not care.
Send a photo so you take a.
I will not believe it when I see my son in uniform.
- Hello
- Hello
Ready to go?
You have the right paperwork?
Yes, sir.
Come on.
My God!
Will you work tonight?
Yes, in the dining room.
They were put to me there on Sunday!
It's called seniority Trish!
Why do I feel like
if going to war?
I just...
I was thinking.
You're not going to die, okay?
You're going to an exclusive meeting.
And you will not paint the eyes!
Will not you come here to look the Angel of Death!
I like!
Yes, you sleep with it,
or wash with a shower.
It's confusing.
I am.
Do not try to be very unique. OK?
This is the side of the picture with you without it.
Where you met this guy?
Look... if he likes you,
will treat you like you're somebody.
Limit yourself to two martinis.
You told her about Travis?
Of course not!
Neither shalt thou count.
Would he like you. Right?
I have not even met him.
you said you were ready to walk through life.
I'm ready!
Not chased him with your details depressing.
So what are you doing Andy?
I go to Palm Springs soon to a chore.
What kind of chore?
I'm not sure.
But it seems easy money.
I need to leave the apartment of Chris.
I think he's tired that I sleep on the couch anywhere.
I like to travel.
See the world.
I will arrange a used car
and starting to see the universe.
And what prevents you?
I never wanted to do alone.
You can not go indefinitely without a plan.
You will not get anywhere.
The dolphins do.
They have a complex internal system of sonar and
use it to guide yourself around the world.
Gave that program...
How do you do?
How do I do what?
Tell them who's your mother.
His mother is Louise Strong, the actress.
Where is the bathroom?
What do you think?
Alan, sorry about...
I thought...
How is his body?
Let's pool.
I have a swimsuit.
I have!
And it suits me?
I have several sizes upstairs.
At the end of the corridor on the left.
Andy, you do not need a bathing suit.
It was you who said to be sophisticated.
Sophisticated and fun.
Do not let anyone
without flirting a bit.
- Hello
- Hello
You'll enter the water?
I do not know.
Dolphins go.
You know, I think I found ourselves before.
I was on the phone,
you were nervous.
You need a belt?
I think Chris had good
intentions to try to join us.
But I'm not the kind of boy
trophy of the party, if that is what you seek.
I'm not as shallow as I look.
Your eyes were so sad.
You need someone special.
I had someone special.
Poor romantic.
So it did not work?
Not the way I expected.
How am I compared to?
You're different.
He had no money.
It was just a Marine.
It seems that the rule is:
once a Marine, always a Marine.
The fault is not yours.
It was recent?
The last time I saw him...
God! I can not remember anything!
I lose track of time.
Have I ever done?
I do not remember nothing happened...
to 4 minutes or 4 years.
No, not really.
Well ..
we know,
Of course we know-mos.
It's just one of those
rare coincidence, I think, where...
make things click.
The last time I saw him, you just
remaining few days in town, so....
the last time we were together in a hotel junk.
A hostel of a star.
And we made plans.
For traveling, a dog, kids.
You know, our family.
And when we were together that night...
knew so well, because...
... he was special.
I could try to describe it...
Unbelievable what happened between us.
It was like...
we were able to
close the door to the world.
You know, I have this feeling...
When I left, I could...
see you at the corner of the eye.
He was there.
I swear that I supervised all
my dreams in one direction...
and he turned and went to the other side.
Never seen him?
Sometimes I can see it.
More or less.
Small fragments in my mind.
I wish I could review it.
Wished there was a
way to go back and relive everything.
So maybe
I could be prepared for what happened.
And do not take these...
Able to overcome.
Can not seem to overcome.
Hey, sorry for...
It was my fault.
Gotta go.
God! Rid yourself of guilt!
Not attractive.
You know, I think this is no place for me.
Tell Chris I will not need to return to his couch.
You are so lost!
Hey! You look lost.
I hear there is an old drive-in
on the road, I thought to get going but...
Let me guess...
Marines. Right?
Yes, in basic training.
They do the basics in 29 Palm.
Long story.
It is forever.
Hopefully things are of
always find a way and another.
Tell me something...
bus passes through here?
You do not need the bus.
I give him a ride.
Come in.
Carpe Diem eh?
Yes, it was my idea of u200bu200bthe bride.
She says I need to commit myself to more things.
When will marry?
Actually, that's why I will be the city because
want to buy an engagement ring, before going home.
Saved enough money for an engagement ring?
It says something about you.
The announcement says that balances meeting in the city.
And you believed them?
The jewelers are always asking for half the head.
But I have an idea of u200bu200bhow to earn extra money.
To purchase this alliance.
Come in. Come on.
Get in the car.
Nice car.
Let's go.
Home Sweet Home!
Come in.
Want a drink?
A red wine or something else?
My mother drinks red wine.
Here you go.
I need to sign it.
Thank you.
What is this?
Just, you know...
give me your permission, blah, blah, blah...
who has over 18 years...
in the event of federal
appear asking for your identification.
If I do not have it, I end up in jail to take in the ass,
Believe me. I have been there!
Not as sexy as it sounds.
He has arrived.
Sit down, I come back.
It looks good.
The hair is longer than the photo, but...
How much do I pay for this?
How much are you worth?
I do not know. Never did anything like that.
Five hundred?
Five hundred?
It pulled a bit eh?
I have to send money to my mother.
She is taking care of some things for me.
I gotta tell you...
lots of people do more for less.
what type of model we are doing exactly?
Right. Let me ask you a few
questions so they know you a little.
Who are "they"?
Who sees it.
To be more interested in you.
You sure do not want a beer?
Where is the bathroom?
Well done!
So where are you Andy?
Who's Hollywood?
But I'll go.
That's my plan.
Uhhhh! Running away from home.
Running away from home?
looking for my vocation.
I think.
Yes! It happens.
One day you open your eyes and you'll be ahead of you.
I hope so.
Will be!
It happened to me.
Different cases, right?
And I should know!
Why do not you undress?
I like!
Straight or gay porno?
No matter.
I find a movie for you.
Are all equal.
You know... this is not for me.
Hey! Where you going?
I do not...
Gotta go.
What's happening?
is nothing special.
Do not have to touch each other,
just playing with yourself.
Do not have to touch each other.
This is not cool.
Why do not you go
swim in the pool a bit?
I'll get a cigarette and I climb.
Does not sound too good.
It was a real lab when I bought it.
I should have listened to my mother, of course.
Would take a look?
I just want to get out of here.
Yes, I too.
Well done!
OK, try now!
Do you hear that?
It's my good karma to offset.
I think that is your starter.
Want to go riding?
If I take it off again?
Can skate a little.
Breaded not want to be on the road alone.
Where you going?
To my mother's house in Los Angeles.
My house is on the road.
You'll be okay?
Yes, I am spending a season at home
then I have combat training.
And then embark on me.
And do you think it good?
It was not exactly my idea.
But you have to keep things, okay?
No. I mean,
you have no problems with the war?
For me it's just a job.
And I need a job.
There was nothing you could do?
A family business or similar?
I thought to be mechanical.
Open a repair shop.
But my fiancee and my mother,
say there is no future in car repair.
It seems to me that you have many responsibilities, soldier.
This is what I seek.
So greet my mother,
go back to the road.
Where are you going?
I start by Joshua Tree,
and go from there.
Follow what then?
I do not know.
I just want to go away.
It is as if we were tied to the material world.
But, but what kind of world is it?
Look at your face.
The infinite!
Stop whenever you want.
You do not want your girlfriend sees you?
Better to be surprised.
Even if it's just me.
It seems to me a lot.
Ok, so...
do not forget to go to a mechanic.
I'll try.
Good luck with a. .. Joshua Tree.
Good luck with your war.
Monta me Davey!
Mount Me!
I'll come!
Yeah baby, I am.
Let me enter.
Where is the key?
What are you doing here?
Said he'd be tomorrow.
What? Would come back later?
You're kidding me??
Get out of here!
Fuck this!
Are you okay?
What happened to your girl?
My boy came home early!
Where are you been?
Did you see the carrot cake in the refrigerator?
It's your favorite.
I knew it!
Did you know?
Yes Nate. It is too
old for you anyway,
you need be a new decent girl.
But it was you who join us.
She seemed like a good girl at work.
How could I
guess that she was with everyone?
With everyone??
Yes! She closed the bar every
nights since you went away.
Even gave a name to a drink
her honor, called the Bride of War.
I never should have enlisted.
So what are you gonna do?
Give up?
You think I give up?
How do I know?
You know, this is your father speaking.
No, it's not! My father has his
company itself is not a quitter.
How did you find the Mark?
I do not know. You used to write him e. ..
to tell your friends how he abandoned us, so...
I remembered his name and tried.
Why do not you want me to meet my father?
Nathan, if you call this man, I
swear to God I never talk to you!
Because you sent out?
Yes! But the frame is good.
A new beginning.
You think you do pick up again?
Busy to talk to himself.
Wacko of lightning!
However it's good with cars.
You're back!
What's happening?
The war is over?
Not for me.
The car of my friend has a problem
on startup, maybe something else.
Pu him walk, but needed that you saw it.
Is parked on the street, okay?
I can not pay much.
No! You give him some money when it's gone.
Otherwise it goes to the bar drinking.
Can I have it ready in a few two days.
Two days?
After tomorrow Gene.
I can not stay here so long,
gotta go have my mother's house.
Alright! I give you a ride.
Let's get outta here.
Think you can tell that he arrange the car?
Depends. If you feel like working on it will fix it.
Thanks again for the ride.
No problem.
I heard you discuss with your mother.
I think you should call your father.
What do you think?
Do not be afraid of your mother.
I'm not afraid of it.
Just do not want to bother.
If you can go jump into the middle of a
war zone within a few weeks,
I think I deserve the right to connect to your own father,
and let him know what's going on with your life.
Call him!
I'll call.
Hello, Mark Dessau, please.
Nate is Merrith... Nathan Merrith.
Yes, I would schedule a meeting.
You are not happy to have done?
What happened?
Make an appointment to see your father tomorrow.
How do you feel?
As a kid scared.
Grandma explains that pairs cry for news.
Want some more medicine?
I have to tell you something about my mother,
she is very...
It's what?
My God!
I waited and waited!
I expected you sooner.
Why did not you used the key?
I have the key.
Who is this?
My car broke down.
Nathan gave me a ride.
Look, I cleaned your room...
Where's Travis?
This is splendid.
It is very good.
I love red wine.
It is the only one who does not give me headaches.
I love your house!
Thank you.
It is no longer what it was.
When I met Andy and his father
this house for years, I remember thinking:
Endless Possibilities!
Of course Andy said, "Infinity".
Andy's father and I were starting, and
I was so proud.
A direct me to this house in a stylish black car.
This car...
clear that I understood...
he was not exactly
the man I thought you were.
Andy does not remember this,
but when he was young,
before his father died,
he used to smoke in front of all...
Would compliment you.
About how tough you are.
How are tough.
O God!
Tylock that sounded...
show that I did...
I can not remember anything.
Andy, as called the show?
Remember? The one where I created,
and there was this boy...
And then?
So you're an actress?
Never leave home.
How can I go if I have Travis?
Left the house before Travis.
I will not argue in front of others.
I suggest that...
accept our differences.
're careless.
You are a person with no worries.
And I'd rather stay home.
Who brought the groceries, Mom?
When was the last time someone
asked him how he spent the day?
Good idea.
I go to a shooting,
and thou...
'll take care of Travis.
What Louise?
Your child needs a bath.
What is this?
What is this?
What is this?
When you said your mother took care of things
for you did not think you had been talking about a baby.
With your son.
I hope he takes care
him a little longer, until...
Until what?
I think we should stay here tonight.
I do not want to drag behind me.
Where do I sleep?
My room is at the bottom.
He is so polite.
And attractive.
It's your boyfriend?
My car is being repaired,
and when ready I'll look for work
and I'll bring some money.
Not gonna leave me again,
as you walk around.
The Travis is your responsibility,
I can not, sorry...
Why not make a movie?
No! Wait!
Stay with me.
I undo your boxes and
You can go back to school.
This is what we like.
It can also stay.
What are you doing?
I was putting it in the cradle.
He will not stay here?
Do not want to change her habits.
You can get the bed,
I sleep on the floor.
No. Okay.
Could you please share?
No. What I meant is that
I do not mind sleeping on the floor.
where is the mother?
It's an excellent question.
Have you been sick?
Barely knew her.
I went to picnic with a friend...
some tequila, a spectacle of fireworks,
is easy to get confused.
I'm a little confused.
About what?
I'm trying to understand you.
What are you trying to figure out?
I think I have nothing to do with it.
Unless you want to be.
I wrapped the book about babies.
What book about babies?
The book she left things with him.
It also wrapped up some old toys Blackie.
Why dog u200bu200bwrapped toys for a baby?
A toy is a toy.
- This thing is broken?
- How do I know?
Honey, do not forget the food.
You must ensure that he eats.
He likes cookies, but in moderation,
you do not want him to have stomach pains.
What are you doing?
You hear me?
Do not want to give you stomach pains.
What are you doing?
- Where is Nate?
- What are you doing?
- He is a mechanic...
- I'm mechanics, like any other,
I'll try.
Dear out there!
- Why can not remain so?
- I do not know! I do not know! I do not know!
But I'll try.
So attractive in that uniform!
Why so upstanding?
Will meet his father for the first time today.
What do you think?
I think he'll be very proud.
Please be informed if problems arise.
Please play after you.
I died for concern.
Do not worry so much.
Why worry so much?
You'll find out.
Sooner than what you think.
Be careful with you.
I love you.
It is now.
Deep breath.
What do you think he'll think of me?
You will love thee!
You think?
Look at you.
Who would not?
If you take a long time back.
Good luck!
It is a very brave thing.
There is food in his bag.
You should feed him.
This thing is like Pandora's Box!
What is this?
The ridicule of my mother
thinking that my son is a dog.
Vai. I'm fine.
I know.
It was a coincidence.
I know!
It was like...
Nathan Merrith.
An hour is too early?
He is ready to receive it.
Only spent a minute.
Are you okay?
You are the son of Debbie Merrith?
The name!
Merrith! It took me awhile to remember me, but...
How is she?
Working hard.
One feature that did not.
Always the same thing.
Do not want to sit?
I want to.
I can not believe that Thou art.
The last time I saw you had...
Yes, I've spent a long time.
And now...
you are a U.S. Marine?
Yes sir.
My wife and I were...
big fans of the war.
She's pretty.
It's an actress.
Want children.
Have not told you yet about the vasectomy.
I thought of keeping it for the paper anniversary.
She knows about me?
You know what about you?
- I told him?
- He said what?
I told him I had a son?
I told him I had a son?
Because you say so?
Because I'm your son.
You're my father!
You are my father, right?
Well ..
What's so funny?
I do not...
Who told you that?
Who said what?
I was your...
Listen, I'm not your father!
- You're not my father?
- No.
Debbie you already had when I met her.
So if you is not...
She never told me.
I do not know.
I thought it was some kind.
You know, you should...
check at the bar, there are many kinds out there.
Sorry to bother you.
I regret very much for this Justin.
It's Nate!
Nate... Merrith.
Will love you.
She'll think you're a coward.
What happened to the uniform?
What the devil are you doing?
Do not you hear the cry?
Accidentally locked the car.
You have the keys.
You're unbelievable!
He was hungry. I would try to find milk.
There is food in the car!
Andy, your mother made the bag
is even in the backseat.
I could not open the damn bottle.
You can not let a kid closed.
in the car with the windows closed.
I opened the sun roof.
Oh My God!
It is a human being not a dog!
Think you do not know that?
It's my son.
So act like his father.
Do not worry about it.
We're sorry! Because you are.
What the devil happened there?
Ohhh! Come on!
Through hell, where are we going?
He suggested that I look
the son of a bitch from the bar!
I can not believe it!
you told me...
Who is referred to as
father on Birth Certificate?
She had no one by that?
There is law?
No, she does not have to by one
rather, it is not law.
So you lied.
If I wanted to know,
I have...
You do not have that.
Just wanted to know who is my father.
To me it seems to me that you have
know who is your mother.
I always had this...
image of who he was.
You have to abandon this image.
That's what I try to do.
It's not as if I had left
Travis in a container or similar.
Was in a car outside a school.
She always wanted a son.
It would really leave him?
And if I carry it with me and something happens to you?
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.
I have no purpose.
You know, I am nothing!
Until I find that demon on this planet,
discover what is my vocation,
Jesus Christ!
He agreed.
Give me my pipe in my suitcase?
Pipe? You're kidding, right?
I'll get.
I follow this path,
do not do anything that is not totally natural.
Even in front of your baby?
I hope the smoke will keep you asleep all night.
Probably hungry again.
No. .. not now have,
but will have soon.
What is it? Babies enjoy herbs do not like?
Help me open.
I must have loosened it before.
I think he likes carrots.
It's a kid so cute.
You have not seen anything yet.
He seems to like me, does not it?
Some carrots?
When I was a kid there were...
lots of kids in my neighborhood.
They moved everyone, but I think to study.
I did not go very far.
You changed you.
No, not really.
I wonder where they went all.
You know, as they arranged the courage to...
leave and sailed alone.
Maybe you should come with me.
Are you serious?
Well, was not...
to hear me say it.
I did not care.
We get along quite well.
I think I'm a wall.
Breaking the law, starting with the wind.
Could you help me with it
I need someone.
Yes, I know.
I wonder what would happen if I...
leave everything behind.
What you leave behind?
It's an excellent question.
A clean start.
Endless Possibilities.
Want to join?
Look, I...
You know something?
Do not start with the guessing game, okay?
I just...
I'm not sure if I should...
There are no certainties or assumptions.
What does Nate want to do?
How do I look?
You look great.
What are you doing?
- No. ..
- Stop it!
Be quiet.
The chosen, the proud...
You know, you should let your hair grow a little.
Cover your ears a bit.
There are not that great, but...
a little hair looks good.
What do you think my mother
will say when they see me like this?
Who cares what she thinks?
You know, we get your car
and I'll ask him yourself.
Who is he?
Where is he?
What happened?
You should!
Maybe she is honest,
maybe not.
And if not...
find your father ourselves.
Yes, it is our mission.
We travel the country looking for your father.
I, you and Travis.
It'll be great.
You're right.
It's my life.
The decisions are yours.
Want to see?
What do you think?
I think I'm not coming back.
They would have to wage war without me.
Are you serious?
If you return the sheets by the neck
will be on my terms and not in theirs.
I think I have everything I need.
Looking at this brings me memories.
Where is my mother?
You are up front.
You dress like a winner.
Out with the old.
Your father would be proud.
What's so funny?
You're ridiculous!
I'm ridiculous?
For wanting something better than this?
You blame me?
He has his own office.
Make enough money.
He put my picture on your desk for when
The visit is all they know I'm somebody.
He just the beginning.
Good luck.
You think I'm making a mistake?
Invoices, bills, bills!
What are you doing back here?
What did the eyes?
I wish you were honest mother.
You talked to him was not it?
Yes, because you told me
that man was my father.
Please! What difference does
who he is or where he is?
It has nothing to do with
man or that you are going to be.
If you think this is even then
why not tell me where is he?
I'll give you one more chance
tell me where is my father.
Or do what?
It will tell me or not?
So I quit.
Well ..
if you think this is the right decision.
How can I
whether it is the right decision?
It's not as if I had
a model of behavior.
It's the same old story
or is it an idea of u200bu200byour friend?
It was her.
Let's mom...
never thought I would achieve.
I never wanted I could.
How can you say one thing
knowing that such is not true?
It's true!
You know...?
Your father!
It was a military man.
E. ..
I thought things worked,
Between us, it's perfect.
E. ..
When I was pregnant with you...
he was so proud.
Because he was the one.
It was!
when he returned from service any
thing happened, he was different.
And I thought I should find someone else.
Did not want to shame you had from your father.
How can I be ashamed of
someone who does not even know his mother?
You know him Nate!
You know him!
Hola Nate!
I'm looking for the key.
It's here somewhere.
Give me a second.
No. Okay.
Take the time you want.
I hid it somewhere specifically,
not to lose the special e. ..
I hid it very much.
That's the problem.
I keep repeating myself,
I have to organize myself one day, but
am so busy chasing my tail...
Are you planning to open your own garage?
've Been planning since I was your age, just...
can not stop planning and start doing.
Yes ..
Yes, I walk around within this site
busy working
and never get a. ..
have the important things done.
So is it.
Tiny cute.
Is yours?
All mine!
My to do bullshit.
Well, I did lots with Nate, but...
he did well.
He is an excellent type.
I remember Nate at this age.
Sometimes when I go to work, eye
for the rearview mirror and I can swear,
yet when I see sitting behind the bench
with baby toys scattered everywhere.
I miss that.
When I look at Nate, I... I...
see my...
my purpose!
And my...
My reason for being!
Nate was my...
Exactly! Yes!
I just....
It's so hard to let go.
You okay?
You want anything?
There is wrapping paper, do you?
Wrapping paper?
As for gifts?
I found the key!
The damn key was on my neck all the time.
Look... sorry...
No. It's okay...
I wanted to repair the car.
Okay Gene.
Did very well.
Yes .. just... the same story.
Nothing special.
How much do you...
How much do we owe you?
Do not worry about it.
What's up?
Tell me about that...
such driving.
That to the base?
Nothing to tell...
used to go there.
I and thy mother.
Do not tell him did you?
Will you tell?
Sorry Nate!
I'd better go to work.
Is everything okay?
What is it?
Are you coming with us does it?
It was a stupid idea, I suppose.
Not very realistic.
He could sit in this car for
always and not even walk a meter.
I miss my mother.
I better take you back to base.
There is a place where I go first.
I'm proud of you.
It's here. You can park here.
What happened here?
Actually, I think it was here...
It was what?
Have you thought where are you going?
I do not know.
I think I'll trust the universe to guide us.
And you?
Are you sure about this?
I'll try to stay focused.
Do not chase my tail.
It's a good idea.
The base lies at the end of the road
I can walk the rest of the path.
Are you sure?
I'll walk.
I have something for you.
I wrapped it in the house of your mother.
What is this?
Good luck soldier.
Will you work?
What do you think?
I received my benefit earlier this month.
You did well Gene.
Hey Deb!
Nate got me thinking...
remember when...
You and I used to...
Remember that night at the drive-in?
How long have you been?
Gene has a good night.
You know I never did any of this before, right?
But if you stay with me, I think we're fine.
A new beginning.
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