Dogged (2017) Movie Script

[CAB DRIVER] Can't take you
any further son.
SAM: Ah, no,
this is fine, thanks.
How much do I owe you?
Seventeen pounds, please.
Yep, born and raised.
Visiting your folks?
SAM: Funeral, actually.
Oh, sorry to hear that.
Sorry, uh,
I'm a student.
- Hi, Dad.
- Well, hurry up. The tide's coming in.
I hope you've brought
some smart clothes with you
- for the funeral.
- Of course.
Mum said Megan fell
from the cliffs.
Yes, terrible business.
What was she doing
up there?
I don't know, son.
Messing about,
I should think.
- Playing the fool.
- It just doesn't make much sense.
Every kid born around here knows
how dangerous East Point is.
Yes, well, some children just
don't listen to advice, do they?
And don't go talking
to your mother about it, either.
She's very upset.
Bloody hippies!
- Dickhead!
- Stay out of the sodding road!
- Hello, darling.
- Oh, hi, Mum.
Do you want me
to make you some food, love?
Uh, no, thanks, Mum.
I'm really tired.
I might just have
a lie down if you don't mind.
ALAN: Come on, you two.
Buying any wood?
Got magic in it.
[MOUTHING] Good morning.
Solomon had sinned.
Solomon had turned
his back on God.
And yet, God withheld
his hand of punishment
during Solomon's lifetime.
How come?
Why wasn't the entire kingdom ripped
away from Solomon and his family?
Because of David.
As far as he was concerned,
there was no other relationship
as critical as his relationship
with God.
And once he realized he had
jeopardized that relationship,
he struggled to put God
back in his life.
Scripture tells us
that Solomon's heart
was not fully devoted
to the Lord, his God,
as the heart
of his father had been.
David's relationship with God
was protecting his son
even when Solomon made a terrible
and disastrous decision.
And so, this morning's sermon
is intended as an encouragement
to those of you
who take your relationship
with God seriously.
When you focused
your life on God,
you have created
an inheritance of protection
for your children.
They may make foolish decisions
and pay a terrible price,
but your faith
will show to them
the worst effects
of their foolishness.
It's also meant
as a challenge
to those of you
who haven't realized
the importance
of your relationship with God.
You can give
no greater inheritance
- to your offspring.
- What?
- FATHER DAVID: And the inheritance...
- Stop staring.
We've been
through enough already.
Which brings us sadly
to the tragic story
this week
of our own young
Megan Lancaster,
who saw a deer that had
been injured at East Point.
As was her nature, she ran
to help the stricken animal
and in so doing,
fell from the cliff.
How sad so young a person
should lose her life
in coming to the aid
of a lowly animal.
And yet the difference
between a person and an animal
is no greater
than the difference
between divinity
and humanity.
That is why it is so amazing
the Divine Lord,
the highest form of life,
knowingly and willingly
sacrificed himself
for the sake
of a lower life form.
We pray this week
for Megan's family,
for John and Bea, her parents,
that their sacrifice
might not be in vain.
We shall all rise now
to sing hymn number 237,
All Things Bright
and Beautiful.
["All Things Bright
and Beautiful" playing]
What are you doing here?
Why'd you have
to come here?
It's a church.
I'm here for service.
Yes, I know it is,
but I don't want you here
- and I don't want...
- I'll do what I can...
Listen to me!
I don't want you here,
do you understand?
DANIEL: Well, that's very...
Just go home.
Body of Christ.
Sam? I thought it was you.
Dr. Goodman,
how lovely to see you.
The university term over already?
It can't be.
Well, no, I just came back
for Megan's funeral.
DR. GOODMAN: Oh, yes.
Terrible news.
Very good of you to come.
Oh, well, I...
What exactly happened there?
She fell. She fell
from the cliffs at East point.
- But...
- I signed the death certificate myself.
Horrible business.
Barely recognizable.
I just...
Enough, Sam,
let's not delve.
The village has been
traumatized enough.
And now tell me
how's university going?
- Is everything all right?
- Mmm-hmm.
Well, come on. Your mother's
gotta get dinner on.
It was nice
seeing you again, Doctor.
Me, too, Sam, albeit
in terrible circumstances.
Dear, Lord,
we thank you this day...
Everything all right, Rachel?
Yes, Father.
Well, we really
should be getting home,
so you can help your mother
prepare for the festival.
We have much to give
thanks for this year.
- Dad?
- Hmm?
Never mind.
Look, I know things have been
difficult since Daniel came back,
but we really should be grateful
for his safe return.
Megan. She was so young.
She never got
to experience anything.
[SIGHS] I know, my darling.
But some experiences
are overrated.
I just mean that the Lord
had a higher purpose for her.
That's why he took us
from her.
I know.
This was her home.
It's your home, too.
This island is your family.
What more would you need?
Beware thrill-seeking, Rachel.
It's done your brother
no good.
And I'm sure young Sam
will come back to us in time.
You must not travel
down a destructive path.
Has Daniel spoken to you
of his addiction?
His path was not predetermined.
He's ill.
And he's made some terrible
decisions in his short life.
I don't want you
to do the same.
Come on.
You know,
I've missed you
since I've been away.
You've always been
my best girl, Rach.
[GASPS] Daniel.
What are you doing?
This has got to stop.
We forgave what you did
before, Daniel.
Don't push your luck.
She's your sister.
I'm sorry, mummy,
I can't help it.
What the hell
was that about
at church this morning?
Do you not realize that
your actions reflect on me?
On this family?
Is this what you're looking for?
But there's more.
She went that way.
ALAN: Right. I'm off
down to the pub.
Have a nice time, love.
- Are you coming?
- Uh, no, thanks, Dad.
Come on.
The fellas will think
I have a daughter
instead of a son
if you don't come out.
Leave him.
He's had a busy day.
Couple of beers
will do him good.
He doesn't want to.
Besides, I want to catch up
on new stories about university.
It's about time he grew up.
It's just a bunch of old men, Dad.
It's boring.
You need to get your head
out of the clouds, boy.
Get involved in real life.
I have a real life.
It's not here.
See you later. Don't wait up.
Sorry, mum, I didn't mean...
I know what you meant.
So, how is university?
[CHUCKLES] It's brilliant.
Kite, come on.
[GRUNTS] It's caught.
[GASPS] Run.
- LADY: Is that all of it?
- KITE: Yeah, I think so.
Thinking isn't good enough.
We need to know for sure.
Yeah, I don't know
because I wasn't there.
But I think so, all right.
Let's get out of here
before anyone sees us, yeah.
[WHISPERS] Bad magic.
Bad magic.
Bad magic.
There once was a man
from Nantucket,
who had a dick so big
he could suck it.
He looked at the glass,
he saw his own ass,
and he broke his own neck
trying to fuck it.
Yes, Father.
I'll have a sherry, please.
And a large brandy, I presume,
for the good doctor.
Come now, Donald.
It'll do you good.
And I thought
your area of expertise
was the spiritual.
"Quench not the spirit,
despise not the prophecies.
Prove all things, hold fast
that which is good.
Abstain from all forms of evil."
Your taste for that
what was landed you back
in the warm embrace of our island,
Goodman, don't forget that.
And what a lucky fellow I was
that you saved me.
Well, you can go back out
in the cold if you prefer.
But that will be such a shame
given all that
we've achieved together.
I still don't know what she
was doing out there, Father.
She knew.
All the kids knew
not to go near those cliffs.
Come now, my son. It does not
good trying to second guess
the motivation of others
at times like this.
Instead, be thankful that she's
in a far better place now.
And keep faith
for fruitful times ahead.
What time is it?
It's nearly midnight.
Shit. I've gotta get home.
Let's go.
Never mind.
Let's go.
Who's there?
RACHEL: Get in the car.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Do you feel he was watching
the whole time?
Sam! Sam!
What time do you call this?
And what time
did you get home last night?
I don't know.
At half twelve.
This isn't my home.
This is not acceptable, Sam.
Uh, what?
You know full well "what."
I'm not an idiot, Sam.
I can smell
the sex on you.
You're not taking
my car out again.
She's the pastor's daughter.
You're irresponsible.
And you're putting me in a...
- A situation.
- NANETTE: All done.
Well done, love.
Let's get going.
Oh, and go and see
your Nan on the mainland.
She called last night
to say she's not feeling well.
No, but I was gonna...
She'd love to see you
whilst you're back.
No argument, Sam.
While you're back
under my roof,
you do as I saw, understand?
And your bike's in the garage.
Shit, shit, no!
Oh, shit.
Is Rachel in?
Sam, wait.
How's it going?
Yeah, it's good.
Let's go. Come on.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, it's good.
RACHEL: Sam, let's go.
Hurry up.
- So, um...
- Uh...
Sorry. [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
- You first.
- No, you go.
What did you want
to talk about?
Daniel. He knows.
- Knows what?
- About us.
He's probably not gonna say
anything but I don't know.
Since he came back,
he's different.
Now he's trying to get
my dad on his side.
I'm worried he might say something
to take the heat off him.
My dad knows we were out
last night, too.
Everything all right,
my lovelies?
Now, what can I get you?
Um, could I have
a cup of tea, please?
Make that two.
What are we gonna do?
I wouldn't worry about it.
Fucking hell, Sam,
you wouldn't worry about it?
You haven't got
a fucking clue.
Don't you remember
what it's like here?
[SCOFFS] It's alright for you.
I'm stuck
with the repercussions.
You know,
you could have left, too.
You got a place at uni.
And who would pay for that?
My mum's not
on my side, remember?
I'm sorry.
No, I am.
I'm sorry you left me.
So what are we gonna do, then?
I've gotta go
and visit my Nan.
Not that. About Daniel
and your dad?
Well, yeah, um...
Can we meet later
and talk about it, then?
When? I'm helping
with the festival tonight.
You're coming, right?
I just can't stand the thought
of having to make idle chitchat
with people I don't really like.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I'll be there.
What about After?
Fine. But you better figure out
what we're gonna do.
To what do I owe
this displeasure?
Was it just me
or was that tea really sugary?
- [CHUCKLES] Little bit.
- Really sweet.
I'd better go.
- Yeah, me too.
- I'll see you tonight?
Try and swing by if I don't get
any better offers.
Shut up.
Bad magic.
- Are you...
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Please, let me go, I...
- Where's the fire, Sam?
Sorry, Father.
The woodsman...
Gave me a start, that's all.
I wish you youngsters wouldn't
insist on calling him that.
He's a vagrant.
No place in this community.
Sorry, Father.
A man should learn his place.
What did he say to you?
I didn't say he said anything,
he just gave me
a start, that's all.
- Sorry, I...
- Will you be joining us for the feast this evening?
Will Daniel be there?
Yes, why?
I didn't realize
you two were friends.
Oh, no, we're not.
I just wondered.
How's he doing now?
Well, Daniel is Daniel.
I'm afraid
we'll never change him.
Some children
are just born inherently...
So, where were you running to?
Oh, I was just gonna check
on my Nan. [CLEARS THROAT]
Mum and dad are on the mainland
getting the shopping in.
Ah, yes, I dropped in
on her myself the other week.
She really is a fearsomely
independent and dogmatic woman.
Even since the stroke.
Well, I should be getting along.
And sorry again.
Don't worry, Sam.
Do give her my fondest regards,
won't you?
Oh, and Sam?
Stay away from my daughter.
You understand.
You may have given up
on this island as your home,
but she's still one of us.
You won't ever change that.
We'll see you tonight.
Fucking hippies!
SAM: Nan?
Nan. [CHUCKLES] Uh...
I didn't know that you could
move that fast, um...
Do you wanna come downstairs
and I'll get the kettle on.
And... And did you know
you left the front door open?
Damn you, Dad!
Let me out!
- Mum?
- Um, no, Dad, it's me.
Sam, where are you?
We've been trying to call you
for an hour.
Sorry, I [STAMMERS] dropped
my phone down the toilet.
Um, it's a long story.
Where are you?
We missed the bloody tides
due to your mother's doodling.
I'll have to wait till
the morning to get back.
Look, I...
I don't wanna worry you, but...
SAM: I donno where Nana is.
Don't worry. She's fine.
Meredith called earlier
to say she was gonna pick her up
for the feast.
- What?
- She's over there now.
Okay. Good.
Are you all right, Sam?
Yeah. [CHUCKLES] Sort of it.
- It's been a wierd day.
- ALAN: Well, look...
Apologize to Father David
for us, will you?
Explain what happened.
We'll be back early tomorrow,
all right?
- Yes. Fine.
- MAN: Good.
Now you better get home
to get ready.
Okay. Yeah, I will. Bye.
He'll be all right.
I know. I...
He manages to get by University
without you.
Evening, young man.
What can I get you?
Um, could I just have
an orange juice, please?
There you are, love.
Have a good night.
So he just turned around
and walked away.
Um, excuse me, Meredith.
Would you excuse me
for a moment, please ladies.
I was just wondering if...
- Rachel...
- Yeah, she's not.
And you won't be seeing her
again. Do you understand?
[WHISPERS] I know what you did
to my little girl.
You filthy animal.
[STAMMERS] Is my nan here?
No. She wasn't feeling well.
She's back at her house.
Thank you for looking after her.
FATHER DAVID: Well, thank you
everybody, for coming out this evening.
I'm sure you'll all agree it's
been a most wonderful celebration.
ALL: Here, here.
I'm sure you'll all like to join me
in thanking the ladies of the village
for preparing God's bounteous
feast for us.
ALL: Here, here.
Now let us now our heads
and give thanks to the creator.
Dear Lord, we offer you thanks for this magnificent
feast that you bestow upon us this season.
We thank you for
brightening our world
and we thank you for the life
of young Megan Lancester
and the joy
she brought to us all.
- Amen.
- ALL: Amen.
And now, go in love
to serve the Lord.
Do you know what he did?
What they did?
You don't deserve my help.
Help! Help!
Get outta here.
Bad magic.
MAN: Go!
Shut the fuck up...
Shut the fuck up.
Excuse me, but what the fuck
is going on?
Who were those people?
Who the fuck are you people?
Your priest, yeah...
He's a murderer.
Father David?
But... But... [STAMMERS]
ALAN: Wonder what he wants.
- FATHER DAVID: Good morning.
- You're up early, Father.
Yes, well, I need to
speak with Alan...
...on a serious matter.
You go inside, love.
I'll bring the shopping in.
Do you...
Do you know what your son did
to my daughter?
Yes, Father.
But I'm sure it was consensual.
- Here.
- [SIGHS] Thanks.
What's your name?
- Sparrow.
- No. Your real name.
Lucy Omens.
I... I don't know [STAMMERS]
- What...
- Jim tried to warn us.
I just thought it was
a madman with a grudge.
- Who?
- Jim.
The woodsman.
It's his real name.
What... He... He tried to
warn you about what?
- Your lot.
- What do you mean my lot?
- Islanders?
- No, we're all islanders.
But your lot, the villagers,
you're weird.
We live in a bunch of
dirty hippies living in...
Hey, remember that time
I saved your life.
You might wanna be grateful
to this dirty hippy.
Jim, the woodsman,
LUCY: told us about the cult.
But we just thought he was mad.
One of the original dirty hippies who
came here in the 60s was my dad.
Just did one too many
types of acid.
He was one of you.
Yeah. To start off with.
He's gay.
My family's been here for generations.
We'd have known about it.
- Your son is impure.
- What about your son?
You know not to speak
of Daniel's impulses.
He's ill.
Sam knew for well what he was doing
when he violated my daughter.
Was it worse
than what Daniel did to Megan?
Rachel and Sam have been
seeing each other for years.
I... I assumed you knew.
That's why I agreed to let him go
to University on the mainland.
You know what
we're going to have to do.
- Don't you, Alan?
- Now, you listen here.
Sam goes back to the mainland
tomorrow after the funeral.
As far as I'm concerned,
that's the end of it.
You hear me?
They killed that girl too,
you know?
The girl they dumped
over the cliffs.
She fell from the cliffs.
The doctor told me himself.
He saw the body,
signed the death certificate.
Wake up, Sam.
They killed her and dumped her body off
the cliff to look like an accident.
I've got proof.
It's a cult.
People have been
going missing for years.
It's nothing we can do.
Police aren't interested in us.
We're just transients.
They tell us that they've probably gone
back to the mainland, got proper jobs.
When I...
When I found that girl
at east point,
I knew there was no use
telling anyone...
...that they'd probably
cover it up.
I was right. They did.
Then Kite found something
and when we went looking...
...he found that.
And then we started
to follow him.
LUCY: Priest.
Once the world was pure...
Created as it was,
a simple place.
But humans have perverted it...
...scarred it
with their impurity.
We will keep the island pure.
ALL: We will keep it pure.
Nature came before man.
And we will return to nature.
ALL: Banish the sickness.
But we too are wicked.
Each of us.
We must cleanse ourselves...
...with the blood of the impure.
I alone can cleanse you
of this blood.
Never shall you take blood
without my blessing.
On the appointed day,
we shall take an impure spirit,
and cleanse ourselves
of wickedness.
ALL: Yeah.
Then we realized...
They're all in on it.
And now Kite's gone
missing, too.
We have to go
to the police with this.
I'm going when
the tide drops tonight.
- You need to come, too.
- I... I...
They won't
believe me alone, Sam.
Can't you control this animal?
It seems we both have a problem
controlling our sons.
But my son didn't rape and kill
an innocent child.
Get yourself together, man.
We've got work to do.
Get up!
You do realize what needs
to be done. Don't you, Alan?
He's with the fragrance
at the farm.
What do you suggest
we do with him?
How much further is it?
[WHISPERS] Try not to broadcast our
location at the top of your voice, maybe.
How much further is it? [GASPS]
Head round the cliffs and make our
way along the rocks to the causeway.
We'll make the tide.
But we need to pick up the pace.
That can't be good.
Come on.
What's going on, John.
Where are you going?
Not now, Bea.
- I have to go.
- Where?
GIRL: Sam! Sam!
Please, I'm up here.
- Rachel?
- No, Sam. Wait.
I'll talk to Alan.
Get him to find out, okay?
- Thank you.
- It'll be all right, I promise.
Bad magic.
Bad magic.
Who did this to you, poor soul?
Bad magic.
- They killed your girl.
- What?
- What did you say?
- Fox.
Fox hunter.
I see it...
Bad magic.
Bad magic.
Please, don't. Fox.
Don't you...
Go left.
- Dad?
- Why?
Why couldn't you just do
as you were told?
- And none of this would have happened.
- None of what?
- This.
- David is a murderer.
Not a murderer.
A leader.
A leader of men.
A savior.
Our savior.
Don't tell me
you knew about this, Dad.
I don't want any part of this.
Sam, please.
Sam, please join us.
Now, we can begin.
we have been defiled.
This one...
He is from our place
but he is not one of us.
He has turned his back
on purity and Godliness... favor of a lustful
and destructive existence.
He alone has brought filth
into our sacred garden.
And worse...
He has corrupted
one of our own sweet children.
Forgive us, Lord.
My own daughter...
...debased by an unbeliever.
Stop. Stop. Don't you see
what he did to her?
We must purify ourselves.
Our island.
With the sacrifice of his blood.
Am I your savior?
Am I your shepherd?
Am I your father?
ALL: Yes.
Then let me show you the depth
of my commitment to you.
My devotion...
She has been marked.
We must purify ourselves...
...with the blood
of these carnal beasts.
Help me.
Fuck you.
You're sick.
Sick like Daniel.
Is this why you killed her?
Is this why you killed Megan?
How does she know?
- You fool!
- What?
- What did she say?
- Now, wait, John.
- I can explain.
- You!
- You killed my little girl.
- Now, John, wait. Let's not...
- You bastard.
- Shut up.
What are you doing?
You have no place here.
Who are you to tell us
what to do?
Killed our little girl, John.
For what?
Women have no place
on this part of the island.
- It is sacred.
- Good.
- Why would we want it.
- Right.
That's enough of this.
You stupid bitch.
- FATHER DAVID: Now, look here...
- SAM: Wait.
Stop this.
Take them to the police.
They need to know.
Stop. Not like this. Please.
- No.
- FATHER DAVID: Brothers...
FATHER DAVID: Brothers...
Come on.
Let's get you to bed.
You should've gone
to the police.
Oh no, darling.
There's no need to get
anyone else involved.
We islanders handle
our own problems.
Come on.
Say goodnight to your father.
You shouldn't have...
Sam, we'll have no more of that.
You have to put this behind you
if you're going to get better.
Now get some sleep.
I love you, Sam.
He's upstairs.