Dogging: A Love Story (2009) Movie Script

This is not the usual place
who expect to find in it some excitement
but one of my friends was lucky here last night
There is definitely something going on here
So Sarkin car
There are people here Jamehon
You can not be too careful these days
but let's see if the people
in this car would offer us
continued in view
hello, do not you mind if I photographed ?
I'm going to hand other
revealed window
Do you want to feel this?
No, my hands Bardtan
Are you sure?
Yes thanks, I photograph clearly gorgeous
I would like to join
enjoy it right
You you enjoy this, right?
Hello guys
God's sake Would one of you has so
hello, can I ask you a question that
Do you know what is Alduquenj?
Hear about it all the time
Good morning
Do you know what is Alduquenj?
Come on, man, honestly
I've heard of it
you're wondering, my beautiful Dakota
If what I have heard about Ahaddakma Alduquenj?
Do you know someone who was practicing Alduquenj?
Do not know what it is specifically, I saw him
Baldokinj Have you heard?
Do you want to practice Alduquenj me?
My girlfriend does not like to go out with strangers
Baldokinj Have you heard?
Do you know any one of you
What is Alduquenj?
I respected person in the community
frankly, when Thacrh inside
and everyone is watching, this is very
Do you know what is Alduquenj?
It... Let me is how Ark
O hello practitioners Alduquenj
I conducted research for an article
hello ladies
Jordi exciting girl entered the room
hello sir eight inches
hello, girl Jordi erotic
Are you sure?
Eight inches
Yes, Tqaysina You want that?
Probably do
you're so much
I bet you doin
I'm doing
What is the thickness Edok?
Good morning, my colleague
Good morning
What to do stupid?
What is the thickness Edok?
Curse on this
Do you want to smell this for me
O deviant
Do you still exist?
O normal, you measure the width of your penis
This is a clear difference
It's just a conversation
Did you go to school
Yes I do recalled more than you
Do thickness until the middle or even the end
Do you use my card
banking again?
Until the end, until the middle is the radius
refund you money, do not worry
I will refund you money
Well, when?
I hope someday I'll be rich
east England eight inches
It's good name
not well
I press
but this strange
if you will, or would only Tdhadjaha
exchange measurements with it?
I get up and I'll show you how it is
nothing wrong
I get up and I'll show you how it is
nothing wrong with my colleague O
I get up and I'll show you how it is
There is nothing wrong
I get up and I'll show you how it is
must play with it a little bit
should arouse curiosity
ask her
meet me + Discover yourself
I do not want to write this
You should send
you sure you want to
Yes sent
What do you do about this?
Strangest Me
Let me see what will answer
may be dirty words
Have you seen my car keys?
It is next to the phone
Are you sure I looked it up
Yes, it is there
those elegant tie too much
Yes you are right
What do I do
When / Where?
Strangest Me
Why there, not you in a good mood
when / where Lord created an eight?
Are not you in a good mood
Get away from me
you behave strangely
Yes, so what
What do you know about it
Is your answer yet?
Yes, I did
maybe it's time to conclude a deal with them
Snhdz her room
I conducted searched-for
searching for what, about?
you are doing well there
.... I'm new in town, so
You want me to clean the house
Do you want to live on the street as
It's your table
Do you want to leave and live with your girlfriend
did not live with this Miss
O youths
hello dear
I'll go
Jordi exciting girl left the room
Oh man you're with me on the same wavelength
I see the future, man
with four bedrooms with a bed all in one
And includes a large master bedroom
bed and a large marble
and then she took me to practice Alduquenj
you lie
we do, where you are sitting
You see, this is not about the practice of journalism
What was going to do editors?
They will experience it
Do this now
To be frank, my friend
is not my idea of ??a good night to go out
somewhere crowded
such as a strip club and touch upon the rage
You are not a man Press
What is the real story?
What is the title
Where is your idea?
What is the angle of seeing you?
Come stupid
Do you understand me
Go of the tunnel
over it, stupid
It's a business trip
I think that there is a big prize in her mouth now
I did not go on a business trip by
not this exciting
This is not remarkable, right?
Wants to Asabgueni?
I own the road
I own the road
My name is Rob and I own the road
focused on the road
Hello Sir
How's the isolation you
What if, just lights up her Massabag
I have rear lights
Why, as well as the idea
No, you're
No, you
No, rear lights are gay
I will write Note
Lighting Lights interior is inviting for spectators
and Akhvad window
moment, interior lights
I thought it headlamps
Akhvad window is an invitation
This complex
should I write
exercise sex with sexy girl
and you do not have that invites them to drink first
This is excellent for you
because you will not have to stop to urinate
will not have
continued, stupid
You're in a room full of Balogbea
me down here
I want to do some interviews on my way
you will be an interview with me?
Are you Will?
should send this to my girlfriend to see
I'll do
Well Rob
Why exercise Alduquenj?
Baldokinj Have you heard?
Yes, I've done
and what do you know about it?
Sex in the car
sex with an unknown person
Alduquenj first thing
fucked with him and his two legs
this question in order to be able to write an article about it
Yes I'm trying to know
This will not come out to talk to whoever was
will not tell one
If you will not receive any calls from neighbors
I'm more worried about you
you're trying to Tsorne
How do you know?
You're trying to Tsorne
Alduquenj is sex different style
It does not have sex in the car
and to try to control things
Alduquenj is sex different style
When Tsfha the Fastback
Tsfha when the stern, this is not true
when the girl slapped her ass
and is dragged interview on the road?
Not with him
not mean, of course with some of the duet, but as fellows
May do this
not, are you gay?
no desire to speak to me about the fun with men
What are you talking about?
I did as requested by me
with 98 Girl
I'm happy for you to Rob
I can not be happier
You can go out girlfriend
Sanzaaj why when people see me
spank on the rear of my girl fat
and have sex with her
waiting for the moment she is not fat
make sure they'll see this and are drunk
probably should not see this
If you Watching this and you're not drunk
I unfortunately
C, aides told me you
Do not go to the club to work
I do not want to go to the club
Because I do not like clubs
C in your case specifically remember a long time ago Ataltk
Mnavek continued to rely on going to the club
No one wants to go to the club
should go to the club for three ten week
and must be enough time
And must stop Jawkinj
and if successful in finding what is wrong
will be able to continue your business
and then we will be able to give you a loan
Is money
not money
will be able to buy a few equipment
that will help you
I want to do anything
we'll give you a notice of cash
that you need in order to work
but you were not active recently
I've been active
What would you do
I was following my work
and any business is this?
It is in the prostitution trade
Yes basically
I brought the girls
I want to see Amy, Donna, Emma
and Susie
Is this true?
Yes, this must be the first
I am not without ties to Mr. Dube
But how'll take care of my job
= If you are on the list of work
I understand what I mean
club work
Here's my papers
thank you
if what you're doing at work?
I was doing different things
you train as a journalist so that I could write letters of
You and a few interviews
Sataba you some of my work
weeks km think you walk away from work
should write something so
five or three
five or ten
five or ten
I am a journalist, so as you know, I travel a lot
order to write about stuff
Do you have e-mail?
Not'll want an Okatronya?
Are you planning to send your business because of
Oktrona through the mail?
does not see this
I understand what I mean
maybe we can act now
hello, talk Tania
someone taking a chance practical
I'm afraid I'm a little busy now
unfortunately, do I have to speak to you later?
Yes please, tomorrow will be a good time
I was hoping to know how things happen
Is there an emergency?
I work out so I
'll let you go
Do you include your business online?
Yes, as you know, this practical
does not work on the Internet without
Work is going out and doing something
so your boss does not work properly
hello Aaaftiat
Are you okay?
Can I get your number, please?
Why not?
Because we do not know you
so what?
You'll be able to identify Ali
Are you okay?
I asked you if you're okay
Do you want any help in carrying books
Can I get your number, please?
Do Tmaenain
you if you go to the University
Unfortunately, my friend.
You you go to the university this clear
Come on, just give me your number
Ahrjk will not, and will not bother you
Do you want to digital?
No, no
I was wondering when the game will be in the following Alduquenj
Are you going to be tonight?
Will you come?
Perhaps today
I thought that I could come Mekma you and Sarah
I'm watching Rivers Bakri
you're in the back seat
and are controlling things
and is moaning and screaming
waiting for the moment
Yes, this would be a good
How will rise and face my penis
ugly in the car
I understand what I mean
not realize that there even exists
a withering I do not hear you
Well, tonight nine o'clock
In the car park in Sodox
Well I must go
I have a lot of homes to show her
for its customer
How did you start it?
How did people start to do it
simply must accompany the person to do so
Well, and you go on your own or with the
Some people
No, the situation becomes complicated and more feminine
more feminine?
Yes, you lose control over it
Do I had any bad experiences?
Personally, but this did not happen with the police
Arrested Ali and I pee
What happened?
They come all the time to look
for the crimes of child molestation
It's a beautiful garden, is not it?
I saw you at the university and you feel you are very beautiful
You feel you are so beautiful
Although you from the inside and very rude
does not mean you're a slut from the inside
Maybe I'm not a nice inside
as you are from abroad
You remember my name
Me strangest
this beautiful car
What's going on here?
My name is Jim
I do not care what your name is
What to do when my door
Can I speak with your daughter please
No, you can not talk with them
= = Why?
Because I am a fanatic for these things
Well I am her father
and I talk to her Omnek
Now I leave
I have encountered a hard days
do not want to see your face at my door
Now I leave
Do I can speak with her please
kill you
Where did you get them?
From newspapers
I see you in the future as a nurse
what your boss will think your
Well just so
Sanzel this little
do you want me to be dressed so
Yes, and go to work
Should look nice
Yes nice, not nice and accessible
must show feminine
Do you think that you can Tertdm
particular measure does not come right?
Extra things to make the man of the Nile easy
Winston, is the head of my
and has no opinion in my work
Do not start
I do not know the young man
've followed me home
from this young man was
How do you know that named Jim
If you do not you know
because it told me
How do you think
You know Dad, I can take care of myself
You are young and beautiful
but I do not like your friends bitch
Jordi exciting girl entered the room
east England eight it established?
= Are you okay?
I think about you
you as well
what you're thinking?
I was thinking, Are you an old perverted
I was thinking, Are you an old perverted
what I did for the doors locked?
You do not tell the truth
I do not want my character as well Tko
They're all behind one thing
I bet you were one of those Alegaoiat
Listen, I know it is hard for you to be my understanding
mother but were not a good woman
I was born you too well
You do not have to go in the same way
You do not have to go in the same way
Do you still exist?
Jordi exciting girl left the room
Yes, Yes
Do you see anyone
= Are you okay?
Show me some respect
Odaioa light or similar
I would like to enjoy a little
look at him that he was sitting there
someone there
someone near the truck
not believe this
stay away
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I'm here with my friends
I am with my friend DJ
Did you see it
I'm not in the mood to talk
kept here and I'll buy you a drink
strangest Me
hello ladies
there Something is definitely going on there
Hello, Here Comes The other person
I'm not deaf man
see came from, abnormal
It askew
still in front of that truck exactly
This is the problem in Alduquenj
you crazy , me out
Well Sakhrjk
Did not come here to see you enjoy
Atmanon that....?
Prefer we practice Alduquenj
you can do it
back to here
Yes this wonderful
enjoyed Bliltkm
I am looking for girls
Do You okay
What do you think of this
if not improved disposition
will not go on holiday
What a brawl going on
It's a bad joke
I'm here only for girls
... But here is the order
By the way I don
I'm Laura
I was pleased to meet with you
this embarrassing
It also
Is this your friend?
Yes, it is
Do not look to them
I do not see them
I did not see
Yes, you
I try to avoid considering
Come without
done it before
Why did before?
Why did before
fed you must duck
must leave,
beautiful shoes
I'll give Digital
Do you bring this with you?
No, you're scrambling
I did not do
You inflicted
Yes I've done
After a few days we will go to my house
If you find it fun, all of us we will go there
If you like to exercise Alduquenj
Do you act so
= = No, do not go
Thank you
'll See you at home later
I was pleased to meet with you
I was pleased to meet with you
I'll see you later
I'll see you later
hello Laura, are you okay
C, Get out of Here
I met a girl
Can I ask you about something important?
Are you a man?
There is a meeting at the home of the torch soon
Are you going
darkness covers the trees
to bury them in the yard like
but this journalist violates Opinion
Alduquenj is life
All you have to do is click on the window
and to get what is inside
sex is love
this is not love
it easy for you to know that is true
think so Dear
Yes, for a woman like you
What is this?
Hello! Do you disappear again??
What will be the
this nonsense
practitioner who is usually Alduquenj
better to ask
from not so
O people
O doctors and lawyers
And Constructors and of every action in life come
but Alduquenj British as they are old
veterans and maids
Duquenj, Duquenj, Try it
'll love it or maybe I've loved before
It's related to the way in which you read them
Duquenj, Duquenj
Do you like it?
Spite of this effort Alkpier
you still can not find work as a journalist
I was shooting when I do not know anything about him
I'm usually awake
Adaab ladies
're playful in the past
You playful right
I still to this day as well
made me believe beautiful girls
= = I mean is impressed me more than my admiration for her
, But I do it because it is beautiful
Is it?
Do Tzlana, if you understand me
feel euphoria inside
and Baldgdgh and warmth
I understand what I mean
It's a very beautiful girl, believe me
Can I ask you been asked?
What may shake a nice girl and beautiful?
What are you doing?
Where is your girlfriend, then?
True you have a girlfriend
Well, Well
I say that there is no way to answer the phone properly
You have to be ordering
where you are anyway
Club Alduquenj
this sudden
Do not start, know that I do not like it
Take care of me, but as you know
Yes I know it lets you sleep on his feet
And there is no opportunity for you in order to sleep on my legs
you is the owner of the certificate
and you should take care of my
I'm just a local clumsy
Why are insisting on this?
This really bothers me
Yes Tonight
In the usual place
Yes I'll see you there
I also
you are suitable boat
Is fallen
How can Tdhan Girl do not know who she is
Qillk small so you can not
And if you do not you're going to do a small
I've done things
if you do not you're going to do a small
she was going to do
is able to expand this in the forefront of the car
had to do it
= = was to do it
Come dear, Go up to the car
will not ride in this
not there a lot of filth it
Go up to the car
Are you okay?
You're better off
Sorry sir Is this your car?
But you do not do this and you are in the Age
So what people will think?
Some will think that my friend from doing it
do not, will not do
they think that my friend claims that the reason for that
Why do not you place a sign on the car that I
agent so
Bank Everyone knows my friend
and you do not have work
not everyone knows
Do you know it?
Sorry my friend
She does not know
O you children of the eye
child eye
This was bad
In fact, it is getting worse
Do you want me?
Do you want to know how the daily
this funny
How is work?
Do not want you to ask me because you are compelled to do so
..... I want you to ask me
I asked you how your business is going
I want you to ask me how the work was
but do not ask because you think it should be you have to ask
I did not think he should Ali
I asked you how the work was
what the Alkhti
for you I felt that you should
Do not want you to feel that you should
I want you to want to do it
I asked because I wanted to know how it was working
why it Tdkhmon
I'm not the biggest thing
You did not ask me why you I do
I know what you're doing
This is all what you do
You sit at home all day
and looking at Internet
this very exhausting
hello, Can I get you anything
Welcome, what Ibaek
Hi, can I help you
Can I help you?
Hello, Fuck you
hello, good job
km wall painted
What was the color
Did you take a lunch break
Was your feet cool
Where is the excitement you have not?
Where did you go?
Some exciting things continue to be under
What do you think should go to an Indian restaurant last
do not, we'll go and do something
What do you do?
Will not stay here
Come Come with me
Honey, let's go
What are we doing here?
'll Know when the time is right
Do you have a cigarette?
Not Tadhai light
you behave Btafolah
I do not behave Btafolah
So what is the cause of all this?
I do not want to I light the light
This is everything
Do not start
Do you try to kiss me
I want to kiss you
no, no
See, we are no longer in seventeen anymore
Yes, I know it
Maybe if you had work
will have Some money
and then you will have an apartment
And then you will have a place
take it from you want to be married
instead of complaining all the time
and can drive to the parking
in a deserted place
This was like
not Tnzle window
= How are you?
What he wants?
You can come to our place
It's big truck
in that direction
Miss, you will love the marriage of the two
If you understand my intention
Bring your friend, you may want to view
If you.....
Have you heard about Alduquenj?
Brought here because you want some excitement
This guy seems like Freddie Assad
not seem like Freddie Assad
Well, my friend
It's nice
Is leaving him so?
Oh my God, you want me to open his legs
Do you know what this means
What are you doing?
I am beyond
Do not scream my name
you said you want some excitement
I can not believe this
I have obtained
Here you
= Can you be quiet
this public bus, have a little respect
you Laura?
Not Tkatrthe them
They come from places ugly
neighborhood such as Brooklyn
you understand my intention
Can not allow that
Laura, they are not bad people
They just do not have anywhere else to go
to have fun and Eskeroa
You look really great
You're Beautiful
= = In fact, you look amazing
You like the light in the middle of the bus
you radiant and beautiful
Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?
I am starving
Let's go down together
I'll pay
we can go to the library if you want
not getting off here? , Has not yet reached
Not getting off here?
Hear Jim
I really find it difficult to forget some of the things
deceived me and one of them has to go home for the night torch
So I went and I thought it
I I Ocyrhm and have sex with a stranger
= Can you stray out of my way please
this phone Tania
sorry I'm not here
Hear my friend
Where are you?
I have encountered a problem with Tania
and I ran away and I do not know where she is
It is time to go
Salami claimed to have
without sending Salameh
There's nothing to see here
Go, Nothing to see here
Did not you hear
Get out of Here
It is very difficult
Of course it is also dear
but not as you think
The men.....
must Terclehm in the rear
hate to say this
but this is about the young
may become very mean to
when they want it
it was similar with both of us
It was also
So we started practicing Alduquenj
There is some excitement occur there
but they do not know the existence of Chimera
I do not know what's going on here but....
What do you think the last Cup of Yes
I want to see pictures of other grandchildren
That's enough of photography
Look at this
I did not see anything like this
It's a wonderful
not this Mimur
No, not Mimur
You're right it is not
girl and she is very interesting
It's great
Otrida have to go on a journey with us
No thanks
it with red hair
It's rare
very rare
I fled willingly us
= How are you, are you okay?
I told you I will get
Brought a condom for this purpose
Are you okay?
Lesson you learned tonight
Fuck you
What a beautiful mouth
Thank you very much
so I hope it
Maybe in another time
I'll see you
Where were you?
Enter the car
Jim, I'm not in a good mood for this
I just came to see if I was okay
I'm fine
Are you okay Where were you?
I'm fine
Are you sure
Yes, I'm fine
not bother you any of these?
Not Jim
I'm fine
I swear to God I Sankgm O
Ghuraibi eccentric delinquents
Stop wailing as a girl and ride by car
I think it stayed with me some bacon
of the park
= Do you want to come with me and feed your dogs
There are more than one
How much is strange to do so?
should not laugh
I was thinking
What do you mean you're thinking?
Where were you?
You're probably wrong
All this
What are you talking about?
Tania Wait
I know when I see a beautiful rear
I know when I see a beautiful lip
It is I, dear
future lover
Tania Wait
Tania, there Michrdan abroad
without, we practice Alduquenj
just go from here
Shut up and helped me
turn off the light
Tania Stop
weirder from here
= Ask your question =
What do you think?
On buddy?
I am excited
you excited
yes without
enthusiastic, well jump out of the plane
raises enthusiasm
I try something new and exciting and different Hamas
I return and I want to once again
I do not try to find us a new hobby
I'm trying to get information for research
This is everything
I've had an incident
I did not mean it to happen
did not mean to does it happen?
I drove the car to a place dedicated to the practice of Alduquenj
and did not intend that to happen
I did not think you Strhalin with the first stranger approached the window
I'll show you what I'm doing
I'm glad you came
and you saw research
And I want you to know that it has finished
If you will not go back there?
You're not serious?
Yes, I am serious, and I think that you should
can do it too
If it was important to search and go looking for it
This is not possible if you are looking
for the serial killers
what I'm going to the street and kill
You are not looking for the killers without
you're looking for practitioners Alduquenj
All I'm saying is that the search important
If you want to be a journalist
to go there and do it
and if you want to have sex Mann
This is not journalism
If you want me to Okhzki Tmarsa
Aldokiq again in order to complete the article
Well I'll find people doing it
Are you going to a great meeting?
Do not think so
You are one of the stimuli
Why not?
You Takbrenna lies
do not have to threaten him
would not open my home to you
It is a complex
I will not do it
It's also me too
complex? , How?
Practice Alduquenj people change
I loved the people more than before
practitioner Alduquenj the only one who liked it humiliates me
It's not easy, is not it
It police
It's the police car
It's a great experience
Do you know there
No one here
Are you sure?
I can see people
Get out of here
I tossed on my window
I found this on the passenger seat
How old are you?
Busy again
meet me and Discover
this is the last opportunity for you
Enter and proved to me you deserve to be here
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Showed me you mean it
Enter there and proved to me that you are worth the money
this is the last chance you Rob
admitted to there and do not let me see you
What do you mean what?
I take a shower and you have left something
True, you're going away
do not know who you think you yourself Dwarf
What do you know about me?
What do you know about anything?
Rob wonderful man
but I like to exercise more Alduquenj
So, I'll have a taxi
And I'll go to the lake so Otary night
Of course I love her
Halonha were practiced in Alukinj
What do you mean, You mean your girlfriend?
Do I asked you about Tanya?
Are you serious about this?
Let me ask you a couple of liquefaction.
Let me ask you a couple of liquefaction
... listen, did you
Can I ask you a few ask?
Have you heard anything about that Sara Lee sincere
... but not
but not without
In fact... give me a moment
The answer is no
= Can I get your number, please?
If you are with a girl cause you problems?
Well listened to I will tell you everything you need to know
and you want to tell me what was wrong with Tanya
And I do not mean that I feel badly
but that convinced me that you are with Tanya order
right reasons
I apologize
Saqublk and on your lips
you lie
No, I want to put this
so I hear your reasons right
And I cousin
I want to know why you're with someone
treat you like dirt
I'm not doing this in order to be a dingy
I am doing this because you allow me
No, Do not, for one moment
Tell me three things you like them
I will not do this
Ask Me About three things I like in Sarah
are nice and sensitive to the feelings of others
and people respected
I do not mean to be rude
but you Alduquenj practiced with her four years ago
And is a nice girl is not shy about sex
in the car park, enjoy strangers all night
It's as simple
O you dreaded
I do not follow you
I'm here waiting for Girl
= I is the girl Jordi erotic
this is not it funny
Wait a moment
Wait just a moment
I'm sorry
I did not mean to run away
I'm sorry
Wait, do not Trhali Ajok
another chance if we talked
= Are you okay?
I came home early
You know, Laura, when your mother...
beg Dad
Please Listen
I'm not good at talking
but must I say this
fled when your mother
When you let your mother
Dad, I do not want to talk to this
Let me try to say this please
when you lose someone
This does not mean you know how to Thpinhm
and when you realize your mistakes
it may be too late
And would not want you then
.... your mother
mother did not let me leave and
have her away
and I'm doing the same thing with you
I do not blame your mother
O from me A man without the benefit of
I want you to know that I just love you
do not always know how
Give me another chance, okay?
Dad Come here
Let's talk about Jim, is a dear friend to you?
Not Dad
I almost kill him for you
Well my strong
Where is the car?
Do Rkintha somewhere?
I've forgotten
How Alduquenj go to practice without the car?
without seriously Where is the car?
I freeze up
... I'm not going
We're not going
I do not want to go
I do not understand
Are you saying you do not want to go to practice Alduquenj
.... command only
I'm going to somewhere
gave her a flower and accepted by
must They flower from Habib sweetheart
because they liked
Laura, I Oahdik friendship blossoms
best to be your friend for years
instead of a few hours
hoping he would not leave me
you can not say this
I'm sorry
Do you know anyone involved in the
I'm sorry
I do not like cement
I do not like cement, but I say this
this compliment .. So you seem like cement
No, I do not like cement
I say this in the song
I'm just trying to talk to you
I swear
hard to talk to you
.... Well not cement
No, not this again
I'm sorry
I was wondering if you want
Tqablaney that night?
If this is appropriate
If you do not change your mind or whatever
I do not change my opinion
Of course you change your mind
All the girls change their minds
How's that?
I do not know, but this is what you do girls
hello my friend
I have bad news
I'm not coming tonight
Where are you going?
Do you have a car?
Wait, Wait
Wait Laura
Laura Wait
Where do you think you're going?
Where are you going?
Is it a friend or what?
I do not understand
We have put sex
you had sex
We we practice sex
Attention for the road
Are you sure you know how to lead?
Yes, of course I know
since I was a kid
Why did not you tell me?
I told you
you can that you write to me
or to send her a message
You do not want to stay with it
I told you
not for you, we would not be in this problem
shut your mouth
read map
Why did not you tell me to turn left
I told you
I Adoor in rings
Told me where to go
Thank you, man
've said you're a nice guy
She said she loved
I am tired of people who are doing it
Do you know if anyone is practiced Alduquenj
in this place Aadak
Thus says the map
What do you say?
I'm sure of it here
I'm sure it's here where
should it happen
I do not know if it was a house to practice Alduquenj
or to urinate
This is definitely the place
Oh my God... If let's do it
we can not we close the road
here... whoa whoa here
This is a good place .. whoa here
Jim mute
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Do you want my coat?
Too cold
Look to the stars
Ptozaaha wonderful
people say they see it as a beautiful
I like were not by
Now, after Wright Stars
you kidding me
Do you exercise sex with a tank car?
Those dirty bitch
people say that the bear claws scary
I did not see Dibba
Come Jim.... I'm ready
What are you doing?
Can we please leave?
... Jim Allen practiced with me Alduquenj
not our clothes if we Snkhala
What happened?
Do not want to freeze up
Are you okay?
Do you mind if I photographed this?
I do not care who you are, man
I'm in the middle of a conversation
Let's leave
Do you abandon me C?
I really admire you
I Love You
.... but thank Jim
I'm not here for this reason
you can not walk a single
place full of Balmchagbin
It is raining
= = We are different, man
we are different
Well you are going to do...?
Just leave, please
Well, Well
Do not mind if I filmed this, right?
Well, Well
only tribal dear
This is what I'm talking about
Unfortunately, I
I do not mean to interfere, but you...
.... Yes you
It's a dirty whore... is not it?
Leave, oh man
curse on this
where they came from all of them?
How a young man to have there?
May Oh man
Did you know you ?
Move... seriously
I leave
fuck you
you stupid... what do you do?
Where is Laura?
Laura... Where are they?
I was looking for
... I hear there was a minute ago
've Gone
Are you going to look for it?
Of course I'll do
wait... Come here
You come here ..
when they ask you to wait .. wait
I know parametric Oh man
she asked me to have sex with her
Come without
hello dear
How are you?
I'm fine thank you
Do Tsorne?
Do you bother?
Well Satafiha
It's a cold night
Yes, it is also
It's really cool
Where are your friends?
I've left them
I wanted to stroll around
cool atmosphere and I wanted to Ttjola?
What do you think should go on a trip?
did not fight like this before?
It was like I was fighting for
Sex with the girl in the twentieth
You know what I mean
I also like I was twenty and you
You know this is not what is going on in my mind
but I wanted you to know
We have come to a dead end
I will look for lights Front
I'm going in the woods
you kidding me?
Are you shocked or something?
The cool air
condom with you if you?
I just do not want to stroll around...
I understand
Well, so we'll talk a little bit after that
I just... I grabbed my and I'm trying
to think a little
... my name is
We are back to the same car
We turned around in circles
wait , you are in the car?
Those bitch
without Do you think it is going to ride in a taxi
Do you going to ride in a taxi
she imprints her nipples
this annoying
I think you'll find the light is off
I do not care, man
these fingerprints for my girlfriend
give me some privacy
spoke to me, stupid
Sarah ... What are you doing here?
Excuse me... Did you see a beautiful woman
large open mind running here?
I leave from here
If this dog named Oder
It's nice
I called after the father
was named dings
Do you have any pets?
If you do not like animals
Yes, I love her
but I did not get one
... if you do not want to do anything
because you are not ready
I wanted to bring and to do a few things
and then I realized what you mean
Why do you want that you leave
Do Stgaderan?
because I want to have unprotected sex with you
and watching video
I want to see pictures of my kids
I can give children
you baby
I'm not a kid
I'm not a kid
You whore
Well I am a whore
and everything Tredenh is entertaining people in positions
and all What can you do is look at what rod to
I do not care
Enjoy and go
Marcy sex
Onkahi anyone want
Sarah, I got angry
let me know you to the beautiful Laura
Laura, these young men here
Can you Taatsai with all of them
Laura hello
Laura hello, glad to meet you
happy to meet you
You look fantastic
I love your feet
I love your shoes
itself is beautiful, is not it?
can Amtaek is without any doubt
I do not know what happened the last time
I was hoping to celebrate for a longer period this time
It is a member of a beautiful and gentle
Yalk of Villain
does not release the names
not again
air cools
Do you have any whips
= = Do you want some chocolate
Sara I'm sorry I lost my temper
........ I
brought bottled water for all
thank you
Give me one I thirst
grabbed her
Did you remember to bring some towels
brought towels
= Can you bring Ms.?
Brought Ms.
Do not you mind if I waited here
... Have you seen
master must Sener What do you do here?
.... What do I do I'm here
What are you doing here?
Get Out
Dear despicable
None of your business
Wait here
What did you say?
Think twice before you do anything stupid
I'll do something stupid
O dreaded
O Sasourkm now Perverts
I will discuss commanded all of you
Who is he?
Do you know
Do you want that you move from being with people
to a place where there people
even if you want me for me to be in the neighborhood
and to laugh for you
You know what I used on saying
You left me behind and I
It hurts
I'll tell you what I feel
hello... Sorry
Is Sarah... I'm looking for someone
O Come damned
.. sorry to bother you, but you will not leave True ?
hello, young man
I am young
Yes you well
My name is Jim
Where do you want to go?
... I do not want to go
this wonderful
You see that dog
he recorded observations
Do not look to him
O fools
kill you
Do so
Go up to the top you both
this wonderful
hello all my name is Tania
Thank you for coming to the conference marketing skills
Samrr you these papers
If you have any problems with Hands Off
Or if you have anything else
've saved me last night
I've done
I did
Do you want to give me a kiss?
Do you want to give me a kiss?
I asked first
stop this
Amazing what can be done first page
What can happen now?
Now everyone knows about the practice Alduquenj
I did not say it was a bad thing
it can start with something worse