Dogman (2018) Movie Script

Quiet, my love...
My love, sweetie, would you
like a cookie?
Here's your cookie.
I'll give you a nice shampoo,
c'mon, okay?
Your head.
Well done.
Turn around.
Bravo, my love.
Turn away.
Turn around.
Like that.
Well done.
Like that.
Once again.
The other side.
Turn away.
Like that.
Sales of jewellery
Let's go.
Our players! Alfredo, great! So what?
Yes, I really want to see!
Mr Carmine.
Alfredo! Is it all right for
everyone tonight?
Is it okay for them too?
- We'll be there.
Those two are good at football.
- Young people run.
Is there a plate of greens?
I do know these hands...
Whose are they?
Whose are they?
Alida, my love, sweetie!
- Hello. Enjoy your meal.
So what?
Is everything okay? So you'll take
her to me at 8:00, can you do it?
- Yes? Okay.
Bye, mom.
- Bye, my love.
Come here, my love.
My sweetie.
Go, pour some water down here.
More water, don't worry, or
its eyes will hurt then.
That's it.
More water is needed.
This has to be cut away.
Then all these ends.
This one.
Ali', go ahead.
- Okay.
Hey, so what? hand hurts.
What have you done?
What have I done?
They told me that you beat
two Romanians, didn't you?
You beat two Romanians...and
that ten guards had to stop you.
Is that true?
Do you have some cocaine?
I do, but...
I can't hear you.
- My daughter is here.
My daughter is here.
I'll give it to you but...
you'll leave then.
Won't you?
- Yes.
Take, Simo'.
It's good stuff.
But you'll leave now, won't you?
No, Simone.
You told that you'd leave.
Please, c'mon.
My daughter is here.
My daughter is here, please.
C'mon, that's how it is.
Go somewhere else.
Hey, where are you going?
You told that you'd leave.
Not here, Simone.
Please, I beg you.
C'mon, Simone.
My daughter is here.
How can I make it clearer?
Can't you go somewhere else?
Turn on the water at least.
Where's my stuff?
Good morning.
- How are you?
All right.
Are you done with work?
Not yet.
- See you later. - Bye.
How are you?
- Hi.
Fucking hell...
Simo', take.
- How fucking long did that take you?
But you have to pay it this time.
Take, I have to go,
I've left my shop open.
Do it.
- What? Simone...
- Do it, prepare it!
- Yes, right here.
Do it here.
I'm in charge here, do it.
It's been two hours!
- Wait...
For what?
Well, look at that, once again!
Once again!
- Hey!?
Have you broken it?
This was new.
I put 300 euros in.
What have you put in?
- 300 euros.
You've been playing for half and
hour and put 300 euros in? C'mon!
Give me.
- Just look at this mess.
Give me 300 euros.
- What? 300 euros in your dreams!
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
Simo'! Stop it!
What are you doing?
I'll give you the money,
keep still!
Keep still! What's wrong
with this guy today?
Take these 100 euros.
Give me a break, c'mon!
What are you doing?
What's going on?
All right, that's fine!
I'll give you the money!
Leave it here!
Here're your 300 euros!
Just tell me...
That's unbelievable.
Please, excuse me, help me out.
We'll put it back there.
Francesco, just a moment.
I'll help you out.
Let's put it back there.
What's up with him today?
How would I know?
You know what he's like.
Slowly, easy.
- Well done, easy.
Do not let that people come in.
- What should I do? This is a mess.
It's not that simple
not to let him come in.
One and two.
A little bit.
Let's go. Come.
My love.
Be good, though.
Well done.
Eat there.
This is yours.
Go there, c'mon.
Take. Here.
This is mine!
What's up? Want some pasta?
You don't like the kibble, do you?
One for you and one for me.
Stop it.
I'll give you.
One for you... Well done,
like that. And one for me.
What are you doing?
You must be good. I'll give you.
Do not move. Let me watch the movie.
Hurry up!
You haven't much time!
Dad! Use the hair spray
and then the comb!
And raise the mohawk!
Comb it...
All of it!
You have to comb all of it.
Thanks to a perfect use of
the straight scissors,...
...the winner is Dalio
Frilova Tano!
Amazing giant poodle,
Congratulations. First step of
the podium is yours. Photo-op now!
Let's call the referees too.
We got three wonderful specimens
of poodles, three wonderful sizes.
What's up? - Come with us,
as we need you for a while.
Come with us.
- No, I'll go home.
It's a very easy job.
I've to feed my dog.
C'mon, get in.
What do you have to do?
- Simo'?
Let's go, c'mon.
- What do you have to do?
Hey, c'mon.
C'mon, Marce'.
That's fine.
Open the bag.
This is good, this...
- It's all good here.
I see.
- And what about this?
You took it.
- Yes.
We haven't left anything behind.
There's the money. Here it is.
Have you seen that fucking
chihuahua? - Yes.
Fuck that dog! It had some kind
of antitheft alarm in its mouth.
I said: "You know what?
You've pissed me off!"
I caught and threw it
into the ice.
"Into the ice".
What does that mean?
Into the freezer.
What does "into the freezer"
Inside the freezer!
That's why I was no longer
able to hear it. - Sure.
So it will die, though.
- Who the fuck cares?
That stupid dog wanted us
to go to jail.
A pair of earrings and a bracelet.
See you later.
Wait, is that all you give me?
- What?
Marce', you didn't do fuck all,
You got that right. He didn't
do fuck all! Let's go, Simo'!
Take, get some petrol.
Hey, c'mon.
Go, c'mon.
Well done.
Hey, darling.
My love.
Come here.
Come here.
You made it, my love.
Come here.
Come here.
Quiet, like that.
Quiet, like that.
Go. Here it is.
What did they do to you, my love?
What, my love?
My beauty.
Come here, my dear.
Have you recovered, haven't you?
Go. You can do it.
Great. Go.
Do not follow me.
Stay here.
It isn't much.
It isn't much.
But how much?
150 euros.
Only 150 euros for all this stuff?
Which stuff?
Pearls, diamonds...
I don't buy pearls. That's why "Cash
for Gold" only is written out front.
I buy and throw them away. So I'll
pay you the weight of gold.
What I'm doing with the pearls?
I don't know, but I do nothing
with them for sure.
150 euros, Marce'.
Are they fine for you?
C'mon, I've to give my daughter
a present, please.
I need them.
150 euros, do you want them?
Okay, give me these 150 euros.
See that we agree?
Let's look for a place nearby
or in Calabria.
Yes, but... - Calabria is amazing.
Have you ever visited Calabria?
I never saw the seabeds
of Calabria.
So how can you say that
they are amazing?
Will we go there, won't we?
I don't know.
You choose all places like this...
- Because they are beautiful. - Near.
The "Hauai", or "Hauei",
as they say.
- Let's see how the Hawaii are.
What is this?
- This is Maldives.
Let's see.
The Maldives aren't that far away.
Where are the Maldives?
I don't know.
- Neither do I. Let's see then.
This. I know, I'm done with
the other one.
Damn you!
I'm working here!
Do not move.
Got it? Everyone has seen!
He broke my nose!
Get out of here!
I must work here!
You understand or not?
I'm going to report him this time!
I don't give a fuck!
What are you saying?
You'll report him, but we'll
start over after two months.
Moreover, he'll be out
after two months...
...and the deal will become
four times bigger.
Sure. But we have to find
a solution.
Because we can't go on like this.
He has no limits anymore.
I was thinking about this.
I've got a solution.
What would it be?
Some people who can help us
come to me.
People from outside.
Got the picture?
Do you realize what you're saying?
I'm just offering a solution.
What will you solve?
He's a maverick, someone will
kill him sooner or later.
I just don't get why I've to take
the responsibility of it.
So you're waiting that someone
else will solve your problem?
You must solve it by yourself.
We all have actually to do with this
problem. So this problem is all ours.
Thus we all must solve it.
And there's a solution.
Yes, but I don't agree with
what you want to do.
Excuse me, what do you want to do?
I'll wait. One will kill him
sooner or later, his fate is sealed.
Tell me his name, who is this one?
I'll go talk to this guy.
Let's get rid of him, let's kill
him and that's it, in my opinion.
Quiet, keep it down.
How much would it cost?
I don't know, we'd have to pay.
Let's see, I've to talk to them.
I want no part of it,
I don't agree.
All right, you're impossible
to talk to.
- What's up?
What are you doing?
- I'm peeing.
Give me some blow.
- I don't have it, it's over.
- It's over!
Go get it.
With what money?
You'll give them it later.
- No, they want the money now.
Do not fuck with me,
I know them. Let's go.
- No, let's go.
But you have to slow down.
Go slow.
- Hi, Marce'.
What have you done?
- Nothing... 5 grams.
Want 5 grams?
- Yes.
Will you bring me 5 grams, please?
- I'll go.
Give me the money.
- I'll give you the money tomorrow.
So you'll get the stuff tomorrow.
- Look, I've already sold the stuff.
Take it easy. Trust me.
- Make sure you're on time tomorrow.
Do not fucking play me.
- You know, I've always been precise.
Mom, I said I'll be back.
I'm with a friend of mine.
What about that guy?
- He drove me down here.
Get out together with him.
- C'mon, please.
No, you must get out
together with him!
Hi, Mi'.
- What the fuck are you doing here?
You still owe me 5,000 euros,
you wanna give the shit to me now?
You're right. - So why you come here?
You got a face like a slapped arse!
Excuse me.
- Do not take people like this here!
- Do not get angry.
No! I do get angry! You've to
give that money back to me!
Do not get angry. I had a problem.
- You've a problem in your head!
Simone, c'mon, forget about it,
let's go away!
What the fuck do you want to talk
about? Your brain is burnt out!
Can you give me half a hour?
- Half a hour? Motherfucker!
Careful, Simone!
I'll kill you, bastard!
Piece of shit!
What are you looking at?
This girl?
C'mon, come here!
Show me.
- It's nothing.
What? Nothing? Blood is coming out!
- It's nothing, let me stand up.
C'mon, open.
Look there... Simone.
Simone, a doctor is needed!
Simone, can you hear me?
- Mom...
A doctor is needed.
Look there.
I told him but he didn't
want to go.
A doctor is needed.
Look, he's losing a lot of blood.
Marcello will do it, mom.
- Easy... What? Me?
Why? Can you do it?
- No, I never did it.
He's able to do it, cmon.
- I work with animals. - C'mon!
He will do it.
- Simo', I can't.
C'mon, you can.
- What do you need?
Tell her what you need.
- What do you need?
- Bring me some...
Some pliers...
Things in order to disinfect...
Some cotton wool.
You've taken me to my mother...
You didn't want to go to the
hospital, what do you want from me?
But this will burn.
- Never mind!
Let's take off his jacket.
- Sit up.
Keep still, Simone.
- C'mon, Marce'.
Keep still...
Here it is.
Whose is this?
- What is it?
Whose is this?
It's not mine.
- Really?
So I can throw it away.
- No. - Why not?
I've to keep it for a friend.
- A friend of yours, not of mine.
Mom, you can't throw it away.
- Here it is.
- You promised me.
You promised me!
"I won't take it anymore."
You must leave, you understand?
Go away, I don't want you here anymore!
Go away!
Go away!
Leave me!
Leave me, I told you.
Leave me!
Leave me...
That's enough, you've to leave...
Good evening!
My love!
Did it go well?
Hey, Simo'?
Come here.
So what?
Can you hear that it's empty?
I can, so what?
Let's make a hole now.
- And?
And we'll go in there.
What are you saying, Simone?
Into Franco's?
Simone, forget about it.
Why not?
- Because Franco is a friend.
Forget about it.
Who's he friend with?
- A friend of mine.
That guy is only a friend of
money, what are you saying?
C'mon, indeed.
Simo', please.
What's on your mind?
That we'll take everything
away from him.
Simone, everybody loves me
here in the neighborhood.
And I care.
Forget about it.
You want to do this thing just here,
with all the existing "Cash for Gold"?
- Why?
Because you're here and
he's there, here's why.
Simone, I'll lose everything.
I've got a daughter.
Do you know how long it took
me to make all this?
No, forget about it.
Go somewhere else, indeed.
I don't want to.
I don't feel like it.
Can I talk now?
Simone, there's nothing
to talk about.
I'll do a clean job, Marce'.
I said no. You won't do anything
here. Pure and simple.
I care about my neighborhood here.
- Why can't you listen to me for once?
No, I don't want to.
- Trust me.
For once. Close the shop.
- I don't want to listen to you.
No Simone, not this time.
- Once.
Close the shop and bring me the keys.
C'mon, I'll take care of it.
Simone, do not wait for me,
I won't bring you anything.
I won't bring you anything.
Do not just wait for me.
Simone, do not wait for me.
I won't come.
I won't come.
Ouch. - You've to listen to me
when I talk to you, Marce'.
Am I a friend of yours?
Yes or not?
So you'll close the shop and
bring me the keys. - Okay.
Do not let them throw the ball!
Do not let them throw the ball
from there!
Go ahead, Marce'!
- Give me the ball!
C'mon Marcello, go back!
Go, Marce'!
Down there!
- Keep calm. Calm down!
Keep it, Genna', look at it!
You've got it!
Get away from your marker, Gennaro!
- I'm the owner of the shop next door.
Wait a moment.
Have you lost another set
of keys by any chance?
Did you get some idea of how
they went into your shop?
Through the shutter.
Through the shutter.
We can actually see that
it was pried,...
...there's a break-in, but
the door wasn't pried.
It was opened by a key.
I've got it.
You've got it, so it was you
or someone else.
It must have been someone else
for sure.
It has been someone else.
So follow me. Follow me.
Excuse me, why?
You'll explain who has been at
the police station. Come with me.
Excuse me, I...
- Come with me.
Excuse me, I suffered an injustice
and I have to go to the station?
If you have nothing to hide, come
to the station with me and explain.
Come with me. - Why?
- Because you have to.
Why? What did I do?
- Come!
I did nothing.
- You'll say that at the station.
Let me go, please. I've a dog.
- Leave the dog. We'll take care of it.
I've a dog!
- Get in!
Hey! I'm telling you that
we know everything.
We know you've been seeing each
other. Or you think we're idiots?
He forced you, didn't he?
We know that he fucks with
everyone in the area.
Who knows what the fuck
he promised you.
He doesn't keep his word
about anything he promises.
You know he's a piece of shit?
He has set you up.
He broke the lock of your shop...
...but locked your door behind
and do you know why?
To put the whole loot
in his pocket...
...and make you get
the fuck out of here.
Sign here and you'll go home.
I'll talk to the judges and
get your sentence suspended.
But you have to cooperate.
If you sign, we'll send him to jail
and everyone will live more in peace.
You don't have to think
about it, just sign.
This is a chance.
Home, prison.
There's no choice.
Home, prison.
If the problem is that you're afraid,
you don't have to, we got you.
You've got a little daughter,...
...would you like her to be without
a father rather than to say his name?
Do you prefer to be in jail
in his place?
What the fuck is you
thinking, man?
Do you know what they will do you,
a guy like you, in prison?
Do you know what they will do you,
being such an asshole, in jail?
Are you looking at me now?
Are you being afraid now?
Sign, c'mon, sign the papers.
Go to jail then, go.
Serve all your sentence in prison.
A year later
Alida, my beauty.
Come here.
My beauty, how are you?
How do you do?
Everything's okay.
- Really? - Yes.
I've brought Jack.
- My love, Jack, come here!
So what?
Come in.
What do you say?
- I can't stay for long.
- Mom must take care of some things.
What must she do? - I don't know,
go shopping or things like that.
I'm sorry.
I missed you a lot.
Me too.
Damn...C'mon, I've planned
many journeys, you know.
- Guess where we're going to go.
To Calabria?
No, I'll take you to the
Red Sea, I promise.
Do you believe it or not?
What do you think?
My beauty.
Listen to your mom, okay?
Stay close to her.
- Yes.
Go now.
Bye, dad.
- Bye.
What are you doing?
Do you flee?
Do you flee?
Forget about him!
You have to leave!
I don't want you to be here!
You need to get out of here!
- That's enough!
You must go away, traitor!
You're treacherous! Get out of here!
Go away, jerk!
You have to leave!
You're a traitor!
- Forget about him!
C'mon! Go away!
You have to go!
Go away!
- He must go away!
I never want to see you again.
You have to go away!
Go away!
What are you doing?
Are you looking at me?
Don't you realize what
you have done?
You were one of us, how the fuck
could you get involved in this?
Aren't you ashamed?
Have you no shame?
Speak! Are you ashamed?
Yes or not?
Just fuckin' say that you're
ashamed! At least that!
You got to get out of here! Out!
I never want to see you again!
Fuck off!
C'mon, Gandalf!
The time has come.
Quiet, down!
Down. Well done.
Okay. Quiet, Sofia!
You're a baby but eat more than...
Come here.
Come here.
Take, Sofia.
Simo'! I've been looking
for you for days now.
Hey, Marce'.
What's up? Don't you say anything?
How are you?
I'm not fine.
What about my money?
- Which money?
The money you had to give me.
Which money I've to give you,
your part?
Yes, my 10,000 euros.
You want 10,000 euros?
There're no 10,000 euros, Marce'.
It's a bit excessive.
what did we agree?
If you need the money now,
I've this... 300 euros, take.
You can keep the small change.
- Take them.
Simone, you have to give me
10,000 euros. I need them!
Take these for now.
I've been in jail for a year
for you, to keep quiet.
See that I'm changed, got it?
I'm not the man I was.
I see, you grew some balls.
Show me, throw a right hand,
Show me, tiger.
There's the money.
Don't get pissed.
No, I just don't get pissed.
I'm calm.
You'll have to give me that money.
Simo', you'll have to give me
that money.
Hey, Marce', c'mon.
- Or give me the keys of your motorbike.
Do not scare me, though.
You're scaring me when you look
like that, little Marcello.
We'll speak tomorrow.
Tomorrow, right?
Come here.
Come, c'mon.
Be good, Luna.
Do not drink the dirty water.
Come here.
So it will eat this, since
it's allergic to chicken.
Here're its little toys.
This is just its favourite.
Do not lose it or it won't sleep!
In addition, here's its
little cover.
Don't forget, lay it out on the
floor and it's enough you say: "Come"...
No worries.
What have you done here?
What have you done here?
What have you done here?
And here?
You can't do this, you can't,
got it?
You can't do this.
What should I do with you?
Do you want the money?
Here's the mask.
Hey, hello.
- Hi.
Al? My love? So what?
- Bye, my dear, I'll go.
Bye mom.
- Be a good girl.
Well, what do you say?
My little dwarf.
Ouch, wait.
Where's my bag?
Wait, what's up with you?
- Nothing. What's up with me?
What are you on?
- It's nothing.
- What are you on? - An accident.
Let's go, c'mon.
Be careful up here.
- Can you tell me what you're on?
Here we are.
C'mon, let's go.
You already had everything
loaded up?
I'm sorry.
All right.
Is everything okay, dad?
- Yes.
You want me to call someone?
- No. - Okay.
What the fuck are you doing here?
Calm down, Simo'...
I want to apologize to you.
I'm sorry.
I got you a gift.
How is it?
It's good, isn't it?
Very pure.
Bye, Simo'.
They're friends of mine...
Real stuff.
Top notch stuff.
They can give us all the
stuff we want.
Listen, Simone, come on over here.
You know what?
I've got a plan.
I need money.
I'm fed up with being here.
Nobody loves me anymore.
I'll have them come in my shop.
- I'll have them come in my shop.
- These people.
You'll hide.
As soon as they come,...'ll wear your hood so
they won't recognize you.
We'll beat the hell out of them
and grab everything.
And then we go our separate ways.
What do you think about that?
Hey Simo', why you show up
only now?
Quick, they're coming!
C'mon, let's go!
Listen up, Simo'.
When they come,
we'll weight it here.
When they give you their shoulders,...'ll be in here.
All right?
- Here.
What are you saying?
Do you think I'm a dog?
Simone, that's the safest place.
You'll stay in here.
Isn't there another place?
Just tell me.
Into the bathroom.
- Yeah, into the bathroom.
So they will see you right away.
The first place where they catch you.
Simo', stay here, listen to me.
I won't get in.
- What? Here. What does it take?
You'll stay here, like that.
You'll get out and boom!
We'll grab the stuff.
There's a window over there
and we'll go away.
I'm twice the size of you. No.
- Just try it.
Give me some blow.
- Not now, later.
We'll have it later.
C'mon, try.
- No, I don't want to.
So let's forget about it. I'll call
and tell them that there's no deal.
Who gives a fuck?
Simone, c'mon. Get in.
C'mon, they're coming.
Hurry up, c'mon, cheer up!
Go, quick!
Quiet! Go! Like that.
Hey, wait. Let me do it.
Make room for me.
Well done. Go!
Very well. Like that.
When they give you their shoulders...
Got it? You'll get out.
You'll get out. Quiet!
You'll get out...
- Why are you locking it?
Don't worry.
Take it easy.
Why have you locked it?
- No worries. I'll remove this too.
Don't forget, Simo'.
How is it?
I just didn't get it. Why did
you lock it? - They're coming.
Can you hear them?
Look, they're coming.
Hey, look!
Look, they have brought
a lot of stuff.
Wait for a moment.
- Look here.
Sniff this 100% good stuff...
- Unlock this thing.
Oh my God, look, it's good.
Terrific, that's wonderful!
Hey! - How delightful!
- Open this thing.
I'll kill you this time.
Unlock this thing.
Open here!
Open, Marce'.
Open, I'll kill you.
- Oh my God. - Open!
So what?
How are you feeling?
You're feeling to be trapped in,
aren't you?
You have to apologize to me,
got it?
You have to apologize to me.
Got it?
You owe me respect, understand?
I'll show you the respect now.
- Say you're sorry and it's over.
Look at him!
Look at him, Jack!
Have you seen, haven't you?
A dog! We have brought
another dog here!
My love, do you want a little bit?
Do you like it?
How is it?
Want a little bit more?
You've to stop it!
You've to stop doing like that!
You must respect me!
What's up?
Please, Simone.
Stop it.
I'll kill him now...
What should I do?
What should I do?
Take it easy, Simo'.
Everything will pass now.
It's not deep.
I'm sorry, Simone.
I didn't want to hurt you.
What's up, Simo'?
What's up, Simone?
It's me, Marcello!
Can you hear me?
I'm Marcello!
Come and see what I did!
Come and see!
Can you hear me?
I'll take care of it!
I'll take care of it!
I'll be back soon!