Dogman (2023) Movie Script

Whenever there is unlucky
The Lord sends a dog
The Poet Lamartine
To all units, please keep a
close eye on the white suspect
He is in his thirties
and is probably armed
New Jersey, Garden State
Good evening, madam
Your ID and vehicle
registration papers please
I'm sorry, policeman,
I left the house quickly
I don't have anything
with me, I completely forgot
Okay, ma'am, I need you to
step out while I search your truck
If I were you I wouldn't do this
Oh my God! What is this?
Ma'am, raise your hands so I can see them
I won't hurt you as
long as you don't hurt me
Ma'am, put your hands on the dashboard, now!
Ma'am, are you listening to what I'm saying?
Do you have a lighter, policeman?
Hey - Decker, I need
you at the police station
What are you saying?
We have a suspect. I don't
know if you've heard about it
It's two in the morning
Yes, I know, but it's an emergency
My mom? I have to go
what is happening?
We have an emergency at the detention center
Why do they always have to call
you in to do these annoying tasks?
I do what they assign me to do
Wow! How crazy you are!
This is not allowed
This is too much...
Ma'am, can I serve you with something?
Yes sir, I'm here for the
suspect who just arrived
The one wearing the pink dress?
This is amazing
Thank you
From here, ma'am
I'll stay behind the door, just in case
Thank you
Thank you
I'm Dr. Evelyn Decker.
Can I ask you about your name?
In addition to the fact that
smoking harms your health
I have to remind you that...
You are simply breaking the
law when you smoke on site
does it bother you?
Not exactly
Thank you
In fact, I'm sorry you wasted your time
I am not sick
I'm just tired
I am a psychiatrist, to be precise
I'm here because my colleagues
find it very difficult to deal with you
They don't know exactly
which ward to put you in, so...
They want to know who you are
I don't blame them
I don't know, I've
always loved camouflage
This is what you do when you
don't know exactly who you are, right?
You disguise yourself with clothes
and fabricate a past to forget your past
Is disguising clothes equivalent
to lying to yourself, doctor?
It varies
In general, disguise is used to
hide what you don't want to see
This is interesting
I always thought it was a
way to become someone else
Forgetting yourself for a moment
can be a very pleasant thing
Even if you know it's just an illusion
Are you well?
I was just thinking...
Do you love your life, doctor?
There are advantages and disadvantages
My family never had much, but my
parents always wanted the best for me
So I was able to enter university and
improve my life as much as possible...
Did you find love?
I have a little boy, 9 months old
I'm happy for you, are you married?
Life is not a long, calm river, is it?
Now that I've answered your
questions, maybe you'll answer mine?
Yes, sorry, what was your question?
Just your name
Doug, short for Douglas.
No one has called me that in a long time
Do you have children, Douglas?
Hundreds of them
Are you referring to your dogs?
Yes, they are my children
Her love saved me a thousand times
I owe her my life
Would you say you love your
dogs more than you love humans?
The more I got to know
people, the more I loved dogs
What features do humans
have that humans don't have?
Dogs have beauty without arrogance
Strength without rudeness
and courage without ferocity
All the virtues that humans
possess without any of the vices
From what I could
tell it only has one flaw
What is it?
She trusts humans
Yes, dad
I was probably nine
when it first occurred to me
I remember watching my
brother from my bedroom window
While he was dangling the
meat in front of my father's dogs
She watched them both starve her
In the days before the fight
This is how my father made
his living by organizing dog fights
Do you think he loved her in his own way?
My father was unable to love
It was full of violence
How many times have I asked you
not to feed dogs? How many times?
And you?
I tasted his violence like everyone else
When I listen to you, I am
struck by your calmness
Have you ever tried
to defend yourself or...
To complain at least?
Complaints are prayers to Satan
Do you have any memories of happy times?
Yes offcourse
when I was young
When my mother was in the kitchen
She mostly liked European records
She loved turning it on
while she was cooking
My father would come home
The show stops
Do you know anyone else?
A grandfather, aunt, or uncle
Anyone who might offer you
some attention or affection?
The child takes the emotion where he gets it
One evening, at the dinner table
My brother told my father
about me with all sincerity
He puts his food in his
pockets to give to the dogs later
No, that's a lie
I swear on this, I swear
an oath, and I wish to die
You love dogs?
Please, not on the table
More than you love your family?
You love dogs, you bugger
He counted my tears as an admission of guilt
From then on I was no longer
welcome in my father's house
And he put me in a cage
This is your family now
And your mother?
My mother did the only thing she could do
Here are some things for you
You have to bury her
If your father finds it, he'll go crazy
I don't remember exactly what she said, I just
remember that her face was flushed and wet
And I apologized
I love you
This was nice
Was she pregnant?
Yes, in the seventh month
I think she wanted to give her child
a better life than my brother and I had
Have you ever tried to escape?
Where should I go?
One side of the barn was the
back wall of a hut of some sort
It contains a high pile of various things
Then one day
Scratch the wood
I managed to get my little hand
in and found a stack of magazines
Which my mother used to
hide for no apparent reason
A small window through which
I could finally see the world
As you can see, I received full...
Full tutorial from Modern Woman
magazine and American Magazine
Important things are coming your way.
Did you ever realize that
your situation was not normal?
Yes, I was aware of that
How long did you stay in that cage?
It's hard to know
Do you hate your mother for
abandoning you in this way?
My mother was weak, this was her
greatest flaw and greatest stroke of luck
In the wild, the weak are immediately
eliminated and devoured by others
But for humans
The weak and cowardly
always find a way to survive
For a while, at least
Because in the end...
The Lord always knows those who love Him
One more bite, for your mother's sake
Is it delicious?
Another bite
How was your work?
I saw his father hanging
out in the neighborhood today
Isn't he supposed to be in
an addiction treatment center?
Yes, that's right
She thought the judge had banned
him from going near the house
Yes, I did
He can act violently
Yes, I know that, mom
Like your father
I know this too
I'm not going anywhere, baby
Do you know? It is your fault
that our mother abandoned us
She made our father so miserable
that she couldn't take it anymore
And because you are so stubborn all the time
You are sowing misery around you
But you are just a lost sheep
With God's help...
Your father will bring you
back to the straight path
You must pray and repent, you little savage
The consequences of sin are death
But the gift of God is
eternal life in Christ our Lord
Do you understand?
In the name of the Lord
Cornwall High School
Hey, I came to talk to Dog Man.
Let's go
From here, young man
Don't be afraid, it won't hurt you
I'm sorry, but it's
almost time for her lunch
The excitement is intense now
You look strangely familiar.
Have we met before?
Yes me...
I came here several months
ago with my cousin Pablo.
We are the ones who complete
all the electrical equipment
Have a seat. Would you
like something to drink?
It's okay, I don't feel thirsty
What brings you here, Juan?
It's Martha
She very kindly delivers my
laundry every now and then
What a wonderful woman! Okay
She found a dog in the street
and it occurred to her that...
Oh my God! Okay
I thought he'd be happier here with you
What a little marvel!
It's an Australian Labradoodle, Juan.
Most of them are imported illegally, and
those that do not sell are killed by merchants
Or thrown out of the car window
This is what often happened to
this little dog: his back leg was injured
Poor thing!
Don't worry, you've fallen from
the sky to exactly the right place
I'll call you The Badie
Be sure to thank Martha on my behalf
He told her that if there was
something I could do, she should just ask
In fact, she has a minor problem
Tell me about it
There's a gang in town led
by a man they call El Verdugo.
New Jersey, Hangman, Garden State.
That is, the executioner
He's the one who recently opened
a bar on Third Street, isn't that right?
Yes, yes, it is him
Well, what about him?
For the past few months he has been putting
pressure on store owners in our neighborhood
To charge sums of money for protection
We pay him like everyone else
But this man comes
to us almost every week
Now, Martha can no
longer afford the expenses
She had to sell some
of her personal furniture
Which she inherited from her family
Tell Martha I'll see what I can do
Thank you
Hello, Mr. El Verdugo.
I'm sorry I have to call you by that name
But it's the only name I have about you
Who are you?
Don't worry, I'm not from the
police department or the FBI
Or any of your known enemies
In these circumstances I
am really your only friend
First, for your own
health I want you to sit still
This can be very
dangerous for your future
Assuming you are thinking
about starting a family one day
Hello Hello
Do I have your attention now?
What is your name?
What's your first name, Mr. Morales?
Do you like children, Diego?
You do realize that you need what my dog is holding
between his fangs to give birth to them, right?
Here's the situation,
I'll let you have children
In return, she will leave the wonderful Martha
alone so that she can raise her children
In peace and happiness too
Who the hell is martha?
It's an old lady who runs the
laundromat on the corner of Sixth Street
Try to take her dirty clothes
and not your dirty tricks
It will clean up nicely
What do you think of my deal?
I do not understand what you say
I'll sum it up for you
Stop blackmailing her or my dog
will rip your balls off right this minute
do you understand now?
Are we agreed?
You realize that you broke the agreement
It would be completely against your
values and my values, Mr. Morales, okay?
Great, give the phone
back to Mickey now, please
Don't stand still
Bring him back alive
Come on, come on
Melvin, it's not me that's keeping
you from seeing your son, it's the judge
And you know you're not supposed
to go anywhere near the house
Listen, can you stop please?
You're scaring my mom
No, I won't bring him to the
park. It's not good for me or him
The best thing you can do
is take care of yourself, okay?
Go forward, go forward
You can't stop here, ma'am
Sorry, parking is prohibited, ma'am
Well, keep moving forward
my lady
Oh, my God! Is there anything else?
My lady
Have you heard from them?
No not yet
Do you need an escort, Madame Police?
Thank you
Thank you - You're welcome
They let me go to your house to
get you some things, as you requested
Thank you
It was your home...
Very messy
Yes me...
I'm usually very tidy
Need some help?
No, I'm fine, thank you
Latte and caramel with
whipped cream, right?
Excellent, thank you
I know I'm not supposed to
eat it, sugar is bad for my health
But abstaining from all the little pleasures
in life is more harmful, don't you think?
You must be exhausted
She only slept for a few hours
If I have some delicious
coffee, I'll be ready for anything
Anyway, your story is so amazing
I haven't heard from you yet about
where they will take you or when
So I'd like to ask more questions
about your childhood, if you don't mind?
It's a little late for
this, don't you think?
What do you mean?
To train a good animal, the
earlier you start, the better
I'm too old to be
retrained, don't you think?
Do you find talking about your
childhood embarrassing or uncomfortable?
No, but I'm not used to this
In fact, I feel like it
might do me some good
There is no person without a past, right?
They say that the past is
the root that turns into a tree
True, but the roots are not
visible, why should we dig them up?
Because this benefits you
You hit the truth
So what do you want to know?
How did you get out of that cage?
I see them!
Look at this
No, no, no, Richie - That's great
Wait and see what daddy will do to
your puppies when he finds out about this
He will make it into dog food
Please, Richie, don't do this
Otherwise? Don't do this, Richie.
Please, Richie
My brother Richie cheated on me again
and came into the house and told my dad
no no no
My father was a sick man
He hated the whole
world, starting with himself
He didn't like life
Constantly try to destroy it
Go away - No, please
Please, don't hurt her -
Go away! I have enough of it
- I will take care of her, I will feed
her, please - I told you: Go away
Move or a bullet will hit you instead
I'll feed her, I'll feed
her - Get out of my way!
Open the hell up - I'm trying to open it
Go away, son
Stay away
Do you see this?
I told you this would happen
He's got something wrong with him
I said stay away
Go away, devil!
I'll shoot you all
He came out carrying a hunting
rifle to demonstrate an idea
I refused to get out of his way and
the shot went off and I lost a finger
dad dad!
Never mind, never mind
No, stop, stop I'll take
care of it, I'll take care of it
Let's go inside Let's go inside
You didn't do anything,
it's not your fault, okay?
My father, my father, my father
Listen to me, come in, come on
Come on, it's okay, I'll take care of it
This is not your fault, don't worry
Come on, come on
Let's go
I'll handle it, okay?
You refuse to understand it
You refuse to accept your
mistakes and act like an animal
you dont deserve it...
Love of the Lord
But only His mercy
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Moby, see this?
It's a car
I want you to find them
And you give them this
police car
Did you understand this?
The car and the bag
Go, Moby!
Go, Moby!
You insolent hybrid!
Amazing little dog
It seems like he is
trying to tell us something
Is he one of your informants?
This is very funny
To the operations department,
they sent two additional machines
We'll go right up, cover
me on the stairs, okay?
Let's go, come on
Climb the ladder, let's go
Oh, my God!
I'm going to need support here
Ambulance and social services
Come on, let's move
Don't move!
- Put your hands on the floor now
Place your hands on your
head and lie on the ground
Put your hands on your head right now
Oh, my God!
That would have been
the best day of my life
If the shot was due to
an unlucky coincidence
It bounced off the wall
and stuck to my spine
I was finally free but God deprived
me of the legs to enjoy my freedom
I truly believe in the Lord
But I think I'm at that point in my life
The question I asked myself was:
Does God believe in me?
I see they put you in a leg orthosis
Can you walk?
A little
They allow me to walk
steps in emergency situations
But the shot was in a
very sensitive location
Whether this was right or wrong, the
doctors did not want to risk removing it
So with every step I take
There is a possibility that my
bone marrow can spread in the body
This is highly discouraged
I can walk
But only until my death
This sounds a lot like
Shakespeare, don't you think?
How much were your father
and brother sentenced?
My father was sentenced to twenty years
He committed suicide
two weeks after his arrest
I guess he didn't have my
ability to live life in a cage
And your brother?
My brother was sentenced to 12 years,
but thanks to the Lord and good behavior
He came out after only eight years
Did you see him again?
Yes, I did
The day of his release
is this yours? Okay
go from here
They took him out in the morning
One of my most persistent dogs,
Polly, was waiting for him there
Did your dogs kill your brother? no
The Lord in his great wisdom
Put him out of his misery
Excuse me, ma'am
Thank you
Do you mind if I eat some food?
Help yourself
It's not really appetizing
but my appetite has returned
I don't know, maybe it has
something to do with your presence
This is good
But just as a precaution I should tell you
that our conversations are being recorded
There is a camera on the ceiling
Two actually
I know, do you want one?
No thanks
I see here that you are out of the hospital
They sent you to a nursing home
The first of many, I see
Do you remember anything about that period?
You have replaced one prison with another
It is more spacious and
definitely more comfortable
But without my dogs, my
isolation was more severe
Didn't you make any friends?
Dogs have a real sense of family
Even when they come from different breeds,
they come together in difficult times
It forms a cohesive and solid unit
The boys I met in foster
care were already scarred
They have been exposed to the
blows of life and are unable to unite
They were just doing what their
survival instincts told them to do
Dogs love their friends
It bites its enemies, unlike people
Who always confuse love with hate
Have you ever been in
a romantic relationship?
This is not true
There was actually one
You're Douglas, right?
I'm Salma. The library custodian
told me that you're an excellent reader
Have you read this before?
Do you know Shakespeare?
Oh my God!
I'm about to change your world
Shakespeare is the
greatest writer of all time
You can imagine this
All playwrights were inspired
by this man who wrote plays
Four hundred years ago
The best one, in my opinion, is Macbeth.
She was a lawyer who taught acting
She is beautiful like a ray of sunshine
She could talk about
Shakespeare like no one else could
She taught me how to make up
She said that if you don't like the
reflection of your face, you should change it
Do you know? Nothing has proven that the
mirror reflection is fake and that we are real
Perhaps the reflection is convinced that
it is the reality and we are just a copy
I've never met anyone like her before
It's your turn, Sharp!
I can't - Of course you can
You can do anything you want
You can become a king or a prince,
you can become a beggar or a flower
Anything you choose
Well Well
Theater was like a religion, she said
An assumption that a true
believer experiences as reality
And remember: If you can act as
characters in Shakespeare's plays,
You can represent anything
In fact, I'm talking to you
as if I were on a high hill
True, and you will kill me if you please
For any harsh word that falls
on my heart from that high part
My ears have not yet drunk the
hundreds of words that my tongue utters
But I know this voice
You're not Romeo
- Who are the Montagues?
- I am neither of them, beautiful saint
If you don't like either of them
My dearest love
Duncan's coming here tonight
And when will he go?
Tomorrow, he said
May the sun never see tomorrow
What's wrong now, mom?
Hamlet, you have insulted your father
Mom, you insulted my father
You can actually say that
Because that hand is the
one that revealed my heart
A free hand: the hearts
of fathers offered help
But our coats of arms are hands, not hearts
My name, dear saint, is hated
by me because it is your enemy
If I had written, I would
have torn the word - Romeo
May all who love me follow me
I was finally alive
I was able to express myself fully
My whole body
I was what I wanted to be
The barriers of reality were dismantled
through adornment and poetry
You see, while the real world
was constantly rejecting me
The imagined world opened its
arms and welcomed me completely
In this new kingdom,
Salma was my princess
did you love her?
Did you tell her this?
I was getting ready to tell
her but one day she was gone
She was hired by a theater
group in suburban Boston.
I was happy for her
Her talent deserved much better
than a home for juvenile delinquents
That's for sure
Have you lost track of it?
I followed all her steps
I struggled at first
But Salma had enough
talent and love to succeed
Soon I started working with
more professional people
Within a few years, I
arrived on Broadway.
I want to...
Finally, I managed to summon
the courage to go and see her
Was Beautiful
I asked one of the security
guards if I could go backstage
And he let me in
Sorry to bother you, Salma, there's someone
here who says he's your number one fan
He knows you, would
you allow him to greet you?
I was so terrified that
she wouldn't remember me
But she remembered me now
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
How you have grown!
Are you kidding? Look at these
clothes you are decorated like a prince
I wanted to throw this at you at the end
But I was afraid she wouldn't
get to the stage from where I was
she is beautiful
Come on, let's get her a bowl
It is amazing!
I was thinking about you a few days
ago and wondering what happened to you
I'm warning you, I want the
whole story to start talking
Okay, I kept reading and this
is probably what I am best at
Then I passed several exams
and took a university course
It is amazing!
You must have made friends there
No, it was an online course
The university campus was very
far from the house where I was
I only went once a month to
take exams and other things
But this did not prevent me from
obtaining a degree in biological sciences
Bachelor's degree in
science, that's very cool
What did you research in your thesis?
I should have guessed that you
were always talking about it back then
Look, it's beautiful
Not as beautiful as you
This is very nice
And acting? Did you follow his practice?
A little...
But it's different without you
I hope so
But I have followed your
work since the beginning
I've clipped every article I could find
since your first production in Boston.
Did you do this?
Yes, for you
do you like it?
This is the best gift anyone
has given me in a long time
She seemed really happy to have me there
Come in - What a show!
Thank you
They loved it very much - Thank you
Douglas, this is Bradley Mukherji
He also happens to be my husband
Hey Doug, I've heard a lot about you, man
Great - Yes
He is the future father of my child too
Congratulations to you both, since when...
Two weeks ago
truly? this...
This is very fast and
you are already pregnant
You mean Bradley?
No! We met 3 years ago and have been
getting to know each other for a long time
We got married last winter
The topic of pregnancy is recent
You are one of the first to know about it
I haven't even told my family yet
I'm flattered, this...
It's great
Look, baby, Doug...
Douglas made this for me
He has kept every article
about me since I started acting
Isn't this wonderful? This is beautiful
This is real artistry, man
So you're a member of the group, right?
Are you from an artistic family?
Do you work in the technical field?
I work with dogs
That evening, I returned to the shelter where
I had worked for the previous five years
And I felt...
I'm so stupid
She was older than me
And wonderful beauty
And successful
And I was just...
Just a guy in a wheelchair so...
Even if he could walk, he
has no idea where he would go
How could I believe even for a moment?
That she felt anything but pity for me?
Her love for me was
so real, honest and pure
Without any tricks or falsehood
Dogs never lie when they talk about love
what happened after that?
I adapted to the situation
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
You want to close the shelter?
The state has a severe deficit
The new governor launched a very
tough program of cutting expenses
Your organization's funding has been cut
They cut the funding I have been
receiving in half for the past three years
But thanks to donations
And the dogs that are kept here constantly,
we do not cost the state anything
You have accomplished a remarkable
feat. We completely understand this
But we have received several complaints
for several types of inconvenience
harassment? like what?
Unpleasant odors
The municipality decided to sell
the land to a real estate developer
So it's about money
We follow orders, you know - Yes, I know
What will happen to the dogs?
Should we release them and ask
them nicely to return to their families?
I suspect she will be taken
to a more appropriate facility
I know how this is
Moving from one house to another
You have no chance
of rebuilding your life
Your record here is not subject to criticism
I'm sure social services
will find you another job soon
When will the promised day come?
Theoretically, Monday
morning at six in the morning
We can ask them for more time if you want
And you get an extension
But thank you
I'll see you on Monday
Well, Monday
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning
First, we take out the director, as
the young man uses a wheelchair
He's a bit eccentric
Then we take care of the dogs
New Jersey State Dog Shelter New
Jersey Department of Animal Control
What is this?
Where the hell did he go?
We'll be fine here
Polly, tell the other dogs, okay?
I believed you
Just call me baby
This will become my new dean.
From now on I will never be Romeo.
Who are you, who came under the veil of
darkness to surround my hidden secrets?
I don't know how to say my name to you
What other name do we give to roses?
In other words, it smells the most amazing?
So Romeo doesn't want to be called Romeo.
He retains that lovable perfection
that he had without his title.
Get rid of your name, Romeo.
And in exchange for your name, which is not part
of your being, take my whole being in its place.
I believed you
Just call me baby and
you'll be my new dean.
From now on I will never be Romeo.
Have you seen Salma again?
She gave birth to two children
with a slight difference in age
She stopped acting and
her husband resorted to beer
Even the stars disappear
and eventually go out
The place you lived in was well equipped
How did you manage it?
I help people and people help me in return
Yes, but it must have
cost a lot of money, right?
True, in the beginning, it
was difficult for me to find a job
But I found it difficult
My degree is in biological sciences
She couldn't even open the
doors to a fast food restaurant
What do you do by smelling flowers?
Enough, they're my
flowers, I'm paying for them
I'm sorry, we don't have any
vacancies right now. Good luck
I'm sorry
my lord?
Well done girls
Yes! - Well done, girls
Beautiful Annie, this is beautiful
Thank you, Annie
Cher, it will be your turn after this
show and before the magician's show
You are still my favorite - Thank you
I came about the address on the door
I'm sorry I...
You mean the bar job, we found an employee
I'm sorry, I forgot to take the announcement
off the door. I'm sorry, have a good day
In fact, I was thinking of another job
I'm an artist too
You mean you're making an offer?
I memorize all of Shakespeare's plays
Boy, you're in the wrong
theater. This is a show for imitators
No, I understand that, but...
If you can play Shakespeare's
characters, you can play any character
He's cute
I know all the old songs too
So I can offer this as well
I'm sure you're doing
well, but understand this
People come here to have a good time
Not to see a man dressed as
a woman sitting in a wheelchair
I can stand
To perform one song
Let's go
Give him a chance
Just give him a little
chance. He stood up
Let's go! - Please, Rodney.
For me - Please, no, he stood up
Seriously - look at him
One night - Yes, yes
Does he love me? I want to know
How will I know if he loves me?
Does it show in his eyes?
No, he'll fool you. Does
that show in his smile?
It's time for the big reveal
Girls, the crowd is
a little quiet tonight
If we could increase vitality
that would be excellent
Can you be quiet for a while?
That's rude!
Douglas, it will be
your turn in two minutes
you look beautiful
Thank you
I thought you couldn't walk without these
I can't
But I can stand still
for a bit
Are you confident about this?
The important thing is that you
don't leave me there in the end
No, of course not
Once the song ends I need you to
be there to hold me, promise me that
I promise to be with you
Applaud our amazing
magician, wasn't he amazing?
Unfortunately, our wizard
will be taking a short vacation
After those simple incidents
that happened in the kitchen
And in the next paragraph
we have something...
Cher - You've never seen him before
Are you comfortable? Okay
one two Three
Okay, we'll be here
Good luck
But now, without further delay
I want to welcome to the stage
the French First Lady herself
Miss Edith Piaf
Oh my God!
Things will be okay
Really amazing
I did well
I did well
I did well
The curtain! Close the curtain!
- Douglas, Come here, come on, come on
Sit, sit, sit
Are you well? Are you well?
That's why he needs you to support him
So you've had great success?
We must not exaggerate
You were convincing enough
So the manager would hire me
once a week every Friday night
I have to admit, I was
longing for Friday night to come
That was my one and only moment
In which my reflection succeeds
in making me forget my image
So, modeling was your
only source of income
No, I was working as a matchmaker
of sorts, studying the client's file
I suggest a mate with similar interests
Your primary activity was to find
homes for dogs with people in them
Looking for relief from their isolation?
Yes, often
Mostly, what does this mean?
I was also providing protection services
How large are these protection
services in your business plan?
People want to be loved and protected
That's all anyone wants
to get through the day
But I guess the pay was never enough
You still need money to establish
and take care of your dogs
The answer actually came from my dogs
how? What do you mean?
She was not only my closest
friend and most loyal companion
But she understood everything, too
Absolutely everything I was telling her
Plain flour
Thank you
I will need...
250 grams of unsalted butter
Thank you
And two large eggs
Thank you
Be nice and bring me some sugar
Thank you, my God
I will prepare a very delicious cake
I believe in redistribution of wealth
Did you know that the 100 richest people
are richer than the poorest billion people?
Yes, I know, that's disgraceful
But this does not mean that
your actions are not against the law
The wealthy wrote laws to control the poor
It should be the other way
around, don't you think?
You are right
But that doesn't mean
you can play judge and jury
I think you are right
I admit my guilt
If you earn enough money to cover
your expenses, why do you steal like this?
For fun?
No, the reason is very far from that
I think that when society rejects
a child, it makes him an outcast
He takes everything that was not given to him
as a way to atone for his sins of injustice
Don't you think that your
interpretation is just a play on words?
I mean, a pervert is a pervert, right?
No one is born a deviant
Rather, it becomes so,
because of circumstances
If God had wanted, He
could have made me a pianist
Or a florist or even a
doctor, why didn't he?
Dog grooming is a respected
profession like any other
Why did you keep robbing houses?
I stopped
Several months ago
What made you do that?
A chance meeting
Ackerman, Insurance
Come right this way...
My lord
Good morning, ma'am. I'm Ackerman.
Your insurance claims
investigator for the day
Thank you for agreeing to meet with me
Please take a seat
So what do you want to know?
Just, you know...
I think you should
tell me the whole story
We're back from the UN party
About one o'clock in the morning
I took off my necklace
I placed it on the dressing
table as I always do
Not in... the safe?
Because I think you have a safe, right?
No, I was too tired to come down here
And the staff? What about the staff?
Had they all left?
I've been locking the front
door myself for a long time
Dogs, didn't you hear the
dogs barking last night?
Not at all
And I'm a very light sleeper
too, and I would hear it
Was the window open?
The windows were all completely closed
Except for the one in the bathroom
But it is very small
and no one can cross it
I understand, and at what time did you
realize that the necklace was missing?
When I woke up at seven the next morning
So... well, I want to get it clear
The jewelry disappeared
sometime between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m
Is there a locked house while you are in it?
If you think I'm making this story up
To get the insurance money...
Well, it's impossible for me to
suggest something like that, ma'am
Your reputation speaks for itself
But you have to admit that this...
You get what I mean, a
difficult equation to solve
Isn't that why you're here?
Yes, definitely
As you requested,
surveillance camera footage
We have 12 cameras around the entire house
No camera inside?
We value our privacy
my lady
I left you some food
At one o'clock and four minutes in
the morning, the woman arrives home
Nothing happens until seven in
the morning when the maid arrives
Step back a little
come back
What do you do? It looks
like she's greeting someone
What is this?
Yes, a stray dog enters the property
She plays for about five
minutes and then leaves
Go ahead
Go frame by frame
Forward, forward
Stop here
There, the dog
See? He's holding the contract!
The dog holds the necklace
This is difficult to see clearly,
perhaps his identity collar
Do you have recordings from last month?
The robbery that
happened on Virginia Street?
Yes Yes
Go get it, Jerry.
There, go back
Come back, come back, come back
did you see? Didn't I tell you?
There is another dog
There is a dog there
It's hard to tell, sir. Maybe it's a fox
They have a fenced area in the back yard
Is that what you think, Jerry?
Go get tape recordings from similar cases
- Now, Jerry.
- Yes
Huck, see there? What is this?
See this?
Follow, follow
This, my friend, is the work of an artist
Outside the barracks
At the corner lamp
I always stand there
and wait for you at night.
We will exist
A world for two
I'll wait for you all night
I'll wait for you, Lili Marlene.
I'll wait for you, Lili Marlene.
Trumpeter, don't call to arms tonight.
I want to spend another
evening with his magic.
Then we will say goodbye and pass on.
I will keep you in my
heart - Really well done, dogs
With me, Lily Marlene.
Follow, follow
With me, Lily Marlene.
Give me a rose to show
me how much you care.
And tie a lock of blonde hair to her leg.
You will feel sad tomorrow, of course.
But then a new love will come.
For you, Lily Marlene.
For you, Lily Marlene.
State of New Jersey,
Department of Public Safety.
Police records
Douglas Monroe, January
27, 1991 Title: Unknown
It's you
Lilly Marlene
- You were very brilliant.
- Very brilliant
You looked beautiful - You were amazing
I'm very proud of you
Are you modest girls? good
Marilyn, my dear, you have a
visitor asking for your affection
She has fans now - Hello
I'm sorry, I just wanted to congratulate you
This was amazing, I really like you
- Thank you.
- Yes
May I? I'm sorry, may I?
Yes, my mother's family is from
Germany, so I know all these songs by heart
And believe me when I say you
gave an amazing performance
Well, when a professional says this, I
appreciate the compliment even more
Do you perform every night?
No, only once a week - a good decision
Yes, the rarer something
is, the greater its value
This is correct
On what night?
Now you know where to
find me every Friday night
Listen, I know this is a
bold proposition, but...
May I invite you to dinner?
I'm dying to get to know you
You already know the best side of me, my dear.
The rest is not worth wasting your time on
You are very humble like all true artists
I don't know what your job is, sir
But you can become a very successful seller
I work in the insurance field
Yeah, that makes sense, they're the worst
When you are right, it cannot be argued
you are absolutely right
But you know what? Under this suit
There is a man, a man worth getting to know
I'm sure of that
Or at least worth having dinner with
Come on, have dinner with me
I know you'll have dinner with me
That's very kind of you,
and I appreciate your offer
But I have to go home
My children need someone to
feed them. I hope you understand
Well, I apologize if I'm being a little bold
not at all
Okay, I'll see you next Friday?
You... made my night
What was that?
Oh my God! Is it real? Okay
How often does this happen to you?
Well, very much so
Are you sure this is the correct address?
It's just a shortcut
I need some fresh air
Do you think you could help
me with the chair please?
Thank you
Hello, how are you?
Well, it was a good talk
Boys, get ready, we have guests
Although I admire your persistence,
sir, this is almost becoming an annoyance
I can sue you for this
Do what you want my friend, I
will tell the court about your dogs
Which she trains to steal from homes
My dogs are as free as
the air they breathe, sir
You have not received any special
training from me, I can assure you
I have dozens of video
clips that prove otherwise
Some of its heroes live
in this particular room
I also have a list of all the
valuables that were stolen
Mostly jewelry, which she
feels free to flaunt on stage
That's cute, but I don't steal
I contribute to the redistribution of wealth.
They are two completely different things
That's okay for me, but let's
redistribute it differently, okay?
If you don't mind
It's all about the money then
It's all about money
Money, money, money
Life is always bright
In the world of the rich
Honey, whoever you are,
the show is over, okay?
You'll hand over all the jewelry you
must have hidden somewhere in this mess
Don't try to tell me it's in a bank
Because you don't have any
bank account I checked this
Don't mess with me, give me the jewelry
I don't want to shoot a disabled
person today but I sure will
Seventy, eighty, seventy
Seventy, eighty... what is
this? what are these numbers?
It's my vital signs and the password
to the safe right there in the closet
Now that you have become wealthy, I am
pleased to accept your invitation to dinner
Please sit down. Dinner
will be ready in two minutes
You... want to have dinner with me?
What's wrong with this?
I mean to be completely honest...
It doesn't happen often that people visit me
Also, money was never my motivation
And all these necklaces will be most
useful around the necks of beautiful ladies
you are crazy
Thank you
Do you like hot sauce?
Well, you know... it
depends on the situation
My mother used to make it all the time
I loved watching her cook
I'm so hungry I could eat a horse
That's lucky for you, it's ready
You do realize we're talking about
a serious criminal act here, right?
Dog eats dog
It's just a simple law of nature, right?
As you know, my profession requires the utmost
confidentiality regarding our discussions
But if you are a witness, even indirectly
A criminal act that resulted in a death
I have a legal duty to report any
information I have to the authorities
I'll stick to the self-defense argument
You're risking the death
penalty, do you realize that?
I've already died, several times
This may be the last time
Well, if this is the will of the Lord
In the end, I'm just a
puppet at the end of his string
no you are not
Troubles happen in life, it's true
Most of the time there is
nothing you can do about it
In the end, our reaction
is what matters most
You can be sad or desperate
Or you can fight or make fun of it
That's up to you, that's your
decision and no one else's
This is called free will.
God created it
How many times has this
type of situation happened?
What kind of situations?
Killing a human being
This didn't happen until yesterday
What happened yesterday?
The Lord sent angels of resurrection
I want you to love me, only you
No one but you
I want you to love me and only you
I want you to kiss me, only you.
No one but you
I want you to kiss me, alone.
No, please, please
I could not aspire to anything higher
than to feel desire
By making you mine
I want you to love me, only you
I want you to love me and only you
Are you sure he lives here?
Yes, yes, I swear to God, I swear to God
There, at the end of the
driveway with his dogs
Well, I believe you
Find me this bastard now
It's time for war, dogs
What is the matter?
Damn dog!
Go check out the place,
go check out the place
Search around Search around
Okay, I'll go from here
and you go from there
Okay, okay, come on
Damn dog!
Damn! Are you well?
Bring me artillery
It's over, boy
We had an agreement
I thought we had an agreement
But as we have known for a long time
They are just emotions that
lead to a person's collapse
You are the devil
I will send you back to hell
If this is the will of the Lord
I think God is not on your side today
We toast you
It's a cute lighter
Want to keep it?
Thank you
Do all these dogs belong to you?
Yes, they are my children
I don't know what they will do with it
Don't worry, she knows exactly what to do
I think I've asked enough
questions for today
I'm going to take some
time to digest all this
To find a way to...
I will help you with it
That's very kind of you
She has already given
me a lot of help actually
you are right
I need to make a decision about my life
Maybe I should pay the maximum price
To earn the right to be by his side
Today is Sunday
It is the Lord's day
The correct way to ask this question
Thank you, dear doctor
Thank you, Evelyn
Can I ask you one last question?
What made you reveal your secrets to me?
We both have something in common
Really? What is it?
The pain
Thank you
Are you done?
I have finished
Hello comrades
Well, it's time to go
Here I am
for you
I stand for you
I stand for you
I'm ready
I'm ready