Dognapped: A Hound for the Holidays (2022) Movie Script

Mom, I'm walking into the press conference now.
Yes, I saw that video. All of America saw the video.
What? Mom, I can't right now.
Yes, I'll be home for Christmas. I promise.
Call you back. Love you.
I just want to thank everyone for coming out today.
I couldn't imagine this little guy sitting in a cage on Christmas.
I urge everyone to consider adopting.
- Have you picked out a name? - Well, his name tag says, "Tiny."
So I guess I'll stick with that.
Are you still planning on hosting Stacey's Department Store Winter Party?
Of course, and I'm planning on taking Tiny with me.
Even after what happened?
Aren't you concerned about the future of your company?
Today, I just want to talk about the shelter.
Any comment on the security footage of you at Sandra Reed's studio?
I can explain that, but...
I'm afraid we have no more time for questions, ladies and gentlemen.
Just ignore them. Thank everyone.
I just want to thank all the volunteers at the animal shelter
for bringing me and Tiny together.
Merry Christmas.
Don't sweat it, Victoria. You got this!
Victoria! It's me, Carrie. Hi!
- Hey! Say hi to her for me. - Oh, Carrie, hi.
- Hi. - Nice to see you.
- Your hair looks just like Victoria's. - Oh, thank you. I try.
Not as grand, of course.
Yes. Well, it's the thought that counts. I'll tell her you said hi.
Celebrity designer Victoria Frost
finds herself in the doghouse after the release of this shocking video.
How could they come at me like that?
It wasn't a bad move for you to be involved
with a story that folks really care about.
People love a good dog story.
That is not why I did it, DD.
Of course not.
He bit me! Emily, will you please take him?
He didn't bite you. He's just playful.
Tiny, you shouldn't bite your mommy.
Hush, everyone.
We obtained this surveillance footage of Frost taking photos
of her competitor's new line of home furnishings.
That does not look good.
That does not look good.
Since the video surfaced,
stocks in Frost Home Furnishings have taken a hit.
Commenting now is Frost colleague and competitor
Sandra Reed, of Reed Domestic Designs.
Victoria and I have been close friends for years.
So I never imagined she woul...
Well, I guess I should be flattered she wanted to borrowmy designs.
Poor thing.
Sucks to be her.
Stop pretending you don't want to put me out of business.
Our sources report that Victoria Frost
may pull out of her annual hosting of Stacey's Department Store's
"Sources." This is ridiculous.
You really need to get ahead of this. Christmas is huge for us.
Home dining ware, ornaments, decorations.
I know, DD. But there are still ten days until Christmas.
Some new story is bound to occupy those media vultures.
That story isn't going anywhere.
Victoria, I spoke with several of the board members,
who think that you need to--
Enough. I'll just need to lay low for a bit until all of this blows over.
The design team has been hounding me anyway.
No offense, little guy.
Fine. I hear that Turks and Caicos is nice.
No. How would that look?
I mean, jetting off to some fancy island is a total supervillain move.
No. I need to go somewhere where no one would expect it.
Somewhere simple and homey.
What?! You can't imagine me somewhere not posh?
I'll have you know, I grew up in the poorest section of Bel Air,
right before my mother met lucky husband number four
and moved us to the Maldives.
What's so funny?
I was just imagining you in my hometown, Plattsburg.
You know... small, slow-moving town.
The biggest event of the year is the Christmas tree decorating contest.
Usually gets all of about a dozen entries.
Mom, it's just for the holidays.
But honey, Victoria's used to penthouse suites
and people waiting on her hand and foot.
- She says she wants to be low-key. - Okay, fine.
She can stay in your sister's old room. She can't come home this year.
She's headed to Florida with her new girlfriend to meet her family.
It must be serious.
- Finally. Are you seeing anyone? - We're going there now?
I know that you're busy.
It's just that with all the dating apps, you don't have to do all the legwork.
And I could help you write your essays for your profile.
Mom, eww...
It's just that I worry that you're lonely.
I'm literally surrounded by people all the time. I am never alone.
Being alone and being lonely have very little to do with each other.
Thank you, Oprah.
- So it's okay if Victoria comes? - Of course. It's Christmas.
You can show up with three wise men and a camel, for all I care.
- What's one princess gonna matter? - Great. Thanks, Mom.
- Love you. - You too, sweetie.
Are you all packed?
Didn't think so.
- Everything set? - All systems go.
But are you sure?
There's no spa treatments or turndown service.
Please. I am looking forward to slumming it.
In fact, I was thinking, don't pack anything fancy.
I just want to hang out and nest.
Besides, I have the summer line to finalize.
True. I actually wanted to talk to you about that.
I have some things that I've been working on and...
Just let's table that.
Maybe pack the silk blouse with the cashmere shawl,
a couple of jumpers and my black angora sweater for evenings.
I mean, it's Christmas even if it is Plattsburg.
Mom, I'm home!
- Baby. - Hi, Mom.
Victoria, it's such a pleasure to finally meet you.
You must be the mom. A delight.
Your daughter is a goddess, a goddess.
And thank you so much for hosting us for the holidays.
It's my pleasure.
I love your home. Lovely.
Thank you. That's so sweet.
How was your flight? I know that airports around the holidays
can be such a nightmare.
We flew private to avoid the publicity.
I can just imagine the headlines:
"Celebrity Sleeps in Donna Stanton's Guest Room."
I wish that were the headlines. This holiday, I am strictly lying low.
And this must be Tiny.
Careful. He bites.
He doesn't bite. He's just playful. That reminds me.
We should probably make sure his shots are up to date.
- Is Dr. Hicks still in his old office? - He's the only vet in town.
And his son just joined the practice.
Jonathan? Jonathan with the big glasses?
His eyesight got better, and his biceps got bigger.
Easy, tiger.
Oh, shoot. If Tiny's going to the vet, you should probably change his collar.
If anything happens to it, I am out a bundle.
I brought his plain one. I figured we'd need it to take him out on walks.
What did I tell you, Donna? She's a goddess.
Thank you. Why don't I show you to your room?
You're so sweet. I might need an extra pillow or two and a fan.
- Is your water hard or soft? - Is she crazy?
It's wet, mostly.
- But I'll check. - Your momma's crazy.
Okay, buddy. We're going to the vet. It won't be too bad.
Well... here you go.
Good boy. Come on. Come on. Right here.
Good boy.
All right, let's go.
Anybody there?
Hello? Can I help you?
Hi, Emily.
Jonathan, hi. It's been too long.
I was surprised when your mom called and said you'd be coming in.
- She did now? - Of course.
I haven't seen you since I puppy-dogged after you at the junior prom.
I was such a nerd with a crush. You probably don't even remember me.
Sure I do.
Well, I guess you "puppy dog" for a living now, so it all worked out.
Yeah, I thought I'd work with my dad.
Surprised I'm even back in Plattsburg, but... here I am.
- What brings you to town? - I'm just home for the holidays.
- And this little guy needs a checkup. - You must be Tiny.
Hey there, buddy.
Why don't you guys come back to the exam room?
Looks like you're taking very good care of him.
By the way, thank you for texting over his records.
It looks like he's due for his canine booster shot.
- Is that all? - Yep.
Good boy, Tiny.
Sorry, I need to take this.
Yes, we just got here. Everything okay?
Marketing called. They said we can air a few more TV spots
on the Holiday Cooking Channel.
I'm just not sure which ones we should air a second time.
Go with the Belle Collection.
It's the least like Sandra Reed's modern stuff and we can avoid--
Looking like a thief? Thanks. I got it.
Belle Collection?
- Sounds like you're having a busy day. - Me? No. But my boss is.
- Victoria Frost? - How did you know that?
When I heard you were heading in, I looked you up.
You did?
And Tiny is Victoria's dog, I'm guessing?
Technically, I filled out the adoption papers
because you-know-who isn't too keen on paperwork.
- So you're dog sitting for the holiday? - Yes.
Well, welcome home.
Bernard? Are you here?
Well, it looks like some little guy needs a shot.
I have to say, I'm a huge fan of Victoria Frost
ever since her days on TV as a spokesmodel,
and like, my entire kitchen is filled with her Early Frost collection.
It's pathetic. Well, no, it's beautiful. I'm pathetic. You get it.
- I get it. I love that collection too. - You do?
- She's... she's not coming, is she? - I don't think so.
Well, at least you made it. Now, I promise this won't hurt a bit.
That's a really big needle.
Emily? Emily?
That's me.
What happened?
You looked at the needle and kind of... zonked out.
Zonked? Me?
Well, not to get technical, but yes, you fainted.
I'm so sorry.
It's been a crazy day. I guess I forgot to eat or hydrate
or do whatever it is people do so they don't faint in vets' offices.
Not so fast.
Thank you.
You want me to call your boss and maybe tell her what happened?
That won't be necessary. She'll just accuse me of lying down on the job.
Quick text maybe? I don't mind.
- Bernard. She's good, thanks. - Okay.
Why don't you go get Tiny from the holding area?
We like to keep the dogs under watch after their shot
in case there's a bad reaction.
In case their owners faint.
- Funny. - Thanks. I'll be here all week.
I'm sure the crowd just howls with laughter.
I think I've met my match.
Your job's pretty intense, huh?
Yeah. I'm always on call, but I get to travel a lot.
Well, I get to see hotel suites a lot.
I get to help run things like appointments, social media, pet sitting.
What do you really want to do?
Right now, I really want to get off this floor
and go bring Tiny back to his very impatient mama.
Let me.
We should really go get Tiny.
His chart says he's reacting great to the shot.
He's a very healthy...
- That's weird. He should be... - What?
- Did you see Tiny? - - I don't know. What's a "Tiny"?
- Tiny is my boss's new rescue dog. - Sorry. I just got here.
I thought I saw your car outside a while ago.
Yeah. I walked down to the corner to get a coffee.
- Dad, we have coffee here. - True, son.
But we don't have Millie's Christmas cinnamon latte.
Okay, so where is he?
Bernard, did you take the dog out for a walk?
No. He was a little nippy when I put him in the cage, though.
- He's not nippy. He's just playful. - I know what it is.
All right. Let's all split up and go look around.
Tiny? Here, boy!
He's not outside. Where can he be?
Well, did you lock the back door?
No, we never lock it during the day since we're in and out so much for walks.
Why would you leave it unlocked?
You don't even have any dogs back here to walk.
Force of habit, I guess.
You don't think someone snuck in through the unlocked door
when no one was looking?
Is it possible?
Tiny's been dognapped!
Did anybody see anyone enter the building?
Okay, let's all spread out and search the immediate area.
- Tiny's chart says he has a chip. - Is that like a GPS thing?
No, I wish. But if we find him, we can at least scan it and prove he's yours.
He may have gotten out somehow on his own and wandered off.
But just in case, nobody touch anything.
- This could be a crime scene. - A crime scene?
Don't worry, Miss Stanton. Jonathan, why don't you two head out.
I'll man the phones in case anyone calls.
Emily, why don't you jump in and we'll head over to the sheriff's office.
I don't want to make a public thing out of this.
Victoria does not need the publicity, especially right now.
We can just say that the dog is yours.
Do you have a photo of Tiny?
Are you kidding? Tiny has his own website.
Fine. I'll look for a photo.
All right.
- Hicks' Vet Clinic. - Hey, Bernard.
Oh, hi, boss. Any luck?
Not yet. Can you do me a favor? We're gonna send you a photo of Tiny.
Don't bother. I'll get one off his website.
Can you print out 500 missing dog flyers
that we can hand out and post up around the neighborhood?
Make sure you put that anyone with information should call the clinic.
All right. Are you offering a reward?
- I don't know. A thousand bucks? - A thousand bucks for a shelter dog?
People are gonna know something's up.
How about 75 dollars and a Christmas wish?
Oh, big spender.
Hey, don't underestimate the Christmas wish.
Fine. Seventy-five dollars and a Christmas wish.
All right. Got it.
No mention of you-know-who.
If you mean my future BFF, no worries.
Thanks. I'll call soon.
Okay. Well, I think I got all the details.
Nice to see you back in town, Emily.
Thanks, Sheriff.
has your dad ever had any animals stolen out of the office in the past?
No. Never.
Well... is there anything unusual about the dog that would make him a target?
No, not really. We've only had him a few days.
Look, I get it. I got two French poodles at home.
My wife's idea, long story.
Daisy and Melody are part of the family now.
So, don't you worry. We're alerting Animal Control
and I'll reach out to all the precincts in the county.
- We'll find him. - Thanks. I really appreciate it.
Thank you.
- Have you told your boss yet? - No, not yet.
I figured I'd better do it in person.
Why don't I go check on the flyers, and we'll meet up later?
Are you sure? You've been so nice. I don't want to keep bothering you.
To be completely honest, it's entirely our fault.
I will feel much better once he's found.
- Good luck. - Thanks.
DD, I just got the box of this year's ornaments you sent me.
They turned out perfect. Colorful and so unique.
I thought you should at least have a look at them
since they've been shipping since August.
The pencil sketches Emily sent over really inspired the design team.
Pencil sketches?
Of course. She's really good at putting my ideas onto paper.
Well, I'm glad you like them, since you might be keeping about 5,000 of them.
Ever since your little video escapade surfaced,
sales have been slipping, Victoria.
- Well, don't worry. - Sure. You always pull through.
And Stacey's big corporate party, I'm still hosting that, right?
I don't think so. No one's calling me back.
Well, I won't let this beat me. I can't be beaten. You'll see.
Sure. Listen, I hate to ask, but how is your summer collection coming along?
The design team really needs your input since you hated all of theirs.
Well, they were hideous and they're lucky I didn't fire the lot of them.
But I'll get it done, DD. I just got off the plane,
and I've just been a bit distracted with little Tiny and all.
Of course. Totally understandable. We'll talk later.
Is everything okay?
I could make you some cocoa.
That would be lovely. Do you have oat milk?
- I am not?
It's Plattsburg. We have cow. Regular or skim.
Fine. Skim. I'm not a barbarian, you know.
- Hello? - In the kitchen, honey.
How's it going?
Well, DD's her usual doom and gloom, but whatever.
So how did the little guy do?
- Victoria, he's missing. - What?
He was in the vet's holding area recovering from the shot,
and when we went to get him, he was gone.
Wait. Gone? How?
No. You've got to find him.
We're searching the neighborhood,
we put up flyers, and the police are on it.
- The police? - Don't worry.
- I kept your name out of everything. - Okay, this isn't about me.
This is about the dog. That poor little guy.
He's probably scared to death.
Victoria, I'm so sorry.
- Hi, have you seen this dog? - No! No, I'm sorry, I haven't seen him.
Good luck.
Over here. Put one up there.
Like this? Good?
- Good. Perfect. - Hey, hey.
- Have you seen this dog? - No, I've not seen him. Sorry.
You haven't? Well, give him one.
Can you just... if you find him, can you call that number?
Yeah, I will.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Now, you know I've always been a patient neighbor...
...what with the barking and the cars parking in front of my house
nearly every other week...
Mrs. Fowler, the cars in front of your house aren't ours.
They're for Taylor's Repair Shop next door.
Well, I don't see how the barking could be coming from there.
And Taylor's Shop is closed for the entire month of December.
Then I don't know what to tell you. Excuse me.
- Any luck? - Not yet.
How's your boss? She must be going nuts.
She's coping. Thanks.
Why, is that Emily Stanton, Donna's daughter?
Mrs. Fowler, how nice to see you.
Well, it's so good to see you home for Christmas.
I certainly hope you won't be ringing my bell to sell me any of those darn cookies.
You know, she won the record for sales in her troop,
and I gained ten pounds on Coconut Crumbles every spring.
- They were good. - Oh, they were too good.
But now, Bernard... Now... now listen,
I understand that this clinic has a business to run,
but when it becomes an all-night affair, it's just too much.
I mean, there are some very clear zoning laws about this.
Wait. What do you mean by all night?
The other night, you had an employee going in and out of the building,
and he was making quite the racket.
Did you see who it was?
Oh, no. I'm not the nosy neighbor type.
But when I did look, the person was gone.
- Are you guys open at night? - No, we don't offer boarding.
And I lock the side door at night.
Well, not well enough, apparently.
Well, there's no sign of tampering with the lock.
You sure you locked it last night?
- Yes. I leave the key in during the day, and take it when I lock up.
I use the hot dog keychain so I don't forget.
- I have a dachshund. - And I'm sure he's adorable.
- She. - She.
Son, remember what time you locked up?
- Five-thirty, like always. - And you didn't come back?
I feel like I'm on one of these TV cop shows.
- Am I a suspect? - I'll let you know.
Well, you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm getting one of those security camera things in front of my front door,
and so then I can see who comes and goes around here any time of the day.
And then I'll see who's making the racket and have a video of them too.
Security camera. That's a great idea, Mrs. Fowler.
You guys should think about installing one too.
Maybe we wouldn't all be standing here right now.
We do have one,
but a French poodle chewed through the cable.
You might think about repairing that.
I guess I'm done here.
Isn't there something else that we can do?
Yes. We can eat.
The Plattsburg Diner is literally right down the street.
But there must be something else.
Look, it's 2 p.m. and you haven't eaten all day.
That sort of thing kind of leads to someone... fainting.
If they're so inclined.
Ha-ha, very funny.
So what do you think of that pie?
Oh, wow. That's even better than I remember it.
When was the last time that you were here?
A few years.
There's always something on Victoria's schedule
that comes up and keeps me from coming home.
The thing that no one gets is,
Victoria actually gave me my life back.
Really? Her?
I was in a really bad place, and...
she saw something in me that no one else did and she took a chance.
That just sounds like good business sense.
Well, you've only seen me at my best...
falling down in a faint and losing my boss's dog.
- What about you? - No, I've never fallen down in a faint.
I mean, did you always plan to work with your father?
Sorry. I don't recognize the number. It could be about Tiny.
- Hello? - Hello. It's Sandra.
Sandra Reed of Sandra Reed Domestic Designs.
Yes, I know who you are, Miss Reed.
Of course you do. You must be Emily.
This is she.
Good. I was hoping to speak to your boss, but...
it seems she's not taking my calls.
Not that I blame her;
she must be extremely embarrassed.
How can I help you, Miss Reed?
You know, I wasn't too amused by Victoria's little stunt in my studio.
But Victoria and I go way back.
She's like the... older sister I've never had.
So I'm calling to help.
It seems that Stacey's Department Store
is looking for a new hostess for their big holiday shindig.
And they called you?
Who else?
Besides, I was planning to attend anyway.
So it only makes sense that I be the one to lend a hand and...
replace Victoria.
You're too generous. Really.
You're funny, Emily.
If you need a job when Frost goes belly up, you call me.
Thank you so much. Will there be anything else?
Yes. Please tell Victoria I hope she's enjoying her new dog.
He's simply adorable. You take care now.
You okay?
Well, it's a little unnerving to get a call from Victoria's arch enemy.
I heard about her on the news.
She's the one who's accusing your boss of stealing her designs.
But it's the last thing she said...
that she hopes Victoria is enjoying her new dog.
And that's bad because?
Because of the timing. I mean, coming from her...
Now she's moving in on Victoria's annual hosting gig at Stacey's New York, and...
I don't know. It just seems too convenient.
Do you think she has something to do with Tiny's dognapping?
I know it sounds crazy, but I have to tell Victoria anyway.
Can we get these pies to go?
Sure. And I'll go get a doggie bag.
So bad.
Find anything?
Hard to tell.
It could be clothing fibers or schnauzer.
Or both. You know how many pets come in here wearing sweaters?
Especially around Christmas time.
Actually, I do.
- Sorry. - Yeah.
I mean, I've always loved working with animals.
I was surrounded by them, growing up.
My real passion was... art.
I actually worked in an art studio,
graphics mainly, in the city.
And then, when my mom got sick...
my dad needed some extra hands at the clinic,
especially towards the end.
I'm so sorry.
So I moved back home,
started working with my dad all day
and started studying for my veterinarian's degree all night.
I thought my schedule was busy.
- Emily, hi, honey. - Hey, Mom.
- And hello, Jonathan. - Hi, Mrs. Stanton. It's good to see you.
I'll call you if I hear any news.
Thank you. And thank you for the pie.
See you tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
Did you have a nice time?
You know what?
Of course I feel guilty about Tiny and the dognapping,
but yeah, I did have a nice time.
Well, maybe something good will come out of this mess.
What? You think him and...
Never say never.
Did he forget something?
Maybe he wants to ask you out.
Anybody there?
Mom? Can you come here?
- What's going on? - I don't know.
Oh, what is that?
Don't touch it!
- She's right. Let me find you a glove.
Really? This is silly. It's probably just some fan mail.
Oh, it's like that, is it? Fine.
One million dollars or else?
So Emily, why didn't you tell me Tiny was Miss Frost's dog from the start?
We didn't want any unnecessary publicity.
And besides, I signed the adoption papers, so technically, he is my dog.
Emily's right. But it's not about my privacy anymore.
If we want to save the little guy, we have to use my celebrity
to get national media attention to find him.
National media attention?
Of course. I mean, who knows where they've taken little Tony?
- Tiny. - Yes, of course. Tiny.
Well, on the bright side, dog's probably safe.
Whoever took him, they're after the money
and probably wouldn't want to risk hurting him.
So, what's our next move, Sheriff?
Well, wait till the dognapper makes contact with the details.
And then what?
A million dollars is a lot to come up with in cash.
It might take a little time.
I can arrange a cash transfer from your personal account.
No, that's okay. I'll handle the money myself.
It just might take a little time.
Maybe that's what Sandra Reed wanted all along. Maybe she is behind it.
Sandra? I wouldn't put it past her.
In any case, we'll get the money back
after the dognappers are caught. Right, Sheriff?
That's the plan, ma'am.
But we need the money soon.
You know what? I'm sorry. Let's just concentrate on getting Tiny back.
No comment. No comment.
I'm not giving you any comments.
Okay. Buh-bye.
Jonathan, have you seen this?
It's just beyond.
It's awful.
And kind of exciting.
Yeah, nothing ever happens around here.
Well, the news of a vet tech being laid off might be exciting.
Bernard, border collie in back needs its anal glands expressed.
Now, please.
I don't like the looks of this...
Not with an animal at stake.
I agree.
And all the press about the dog being taken from our clinic...
Jonathan, do what you can to find him.
Thank God I'll be retiring soon.
If you're out there listening,
please take good care of little Tiny.
If even one hair on his little head... Sorry.
If anyone knows anything, or has seen anything...
please dial the number below.
That's all. Thank you. And Merry Christmas.
And cut. Got it.
- I'll add some graphics and post it. - Great. You know, I was thinking.
For the future, it might make sense
to shoot these videos in front of the Christmas tree.
Although, I was thinking we should probably swap out these ornaments
with the new Frost ones.
Victoria Frost ornaments on my family tree?
Oh, don't worry, Donna. You'll be able to keep them. At wholesale.
Really? Well, maybe I'll enter this year's decorating contest after all.
Sure. Why not?
And Emily,
I love the new ornaments. They're gorgeous.
- A little birdie told me you helped. - Thanks. I hope you don't mind.
I sent some drawings over to the team.
Of course not. You know me. "Best idea wins."
That's great, because...
the ideas were actually mine, and I was thinking...
Don't worry. I don't think anyone from the team
will accuse you of stepping on their toes.
I'm glad there was no pushback from them.
They are a territorial bunch,
artistic egos and all.
Oh, Donna dear, I feel a caffeine low coming on. Could you?
Of course. Coming right up.
Just a minute.
Hello, DD.
Victoria, I got your message. What's up?
Thanks for calling me back.
I have a super big favor to ask.
What's that?
I need a loan. A big one.
A loan?
Yeah. I need a million dollars in cash,
and I need it right away.
A million dollars? In cash?
Oh, my goodness.
You never stop working, do you?
It's not in my DNA.
Now, I brought you a cocoa.
And I think I finally got Victoria's coffee order right.
My future as her personal barista is secured.
Thanks. I know she can be a little...
Honey, Victoria is a lot of things.
"Little" is not one of them.
These are beautiful.
What are they for?
Just some design ideas I've been working on
based on period wall papers and engravings from the Gilded Age.
I'm hoping Victoria will use them in her summer collection.
Oh, she'll want to use them all right.
The question is whether she'll take credit for them.
I heard her take credit
for those illustrations that you did for the ornaments.
Well, technically, she does own any work I do for her, so...
Well, technically, that doesn't make it right.
Good news about Tiny?
No, it's... it's Jonathan.
"Need a dinner break?"
Oh, short and sweet.
Like one of those messages.
Mom, you gotta let that go.
Never say never.
I just keep going over it and over it in my head.
You know, I'm just at a loss.
Why would anybody do such a thing?
I mean, who steals a person's dog at Christmas time?
It's definitely a mystery, but you need to take some time for yourself right now
to... refuel.
You're right.
I just can't stop thinking about it.
Well, try.
I used to love this place growing up.
Now I feel so spoiled.
Candles, tablecloths, a very nice wine.
Plus, it's the only place in town that's open past 7 p.m.
Can I ask you a question?
What's this big book that's always sticking out of your bag?
Just some design ideas I've been working on.
May I?
Great news. Victoria's post about Tiny already got 200,000 hits.
Now if every person gives you five dollars,
you'll have the million dollars you need.
Yeah, like that's gonna happen.
This is impressive.
So what's your next move?
To get the dog back?
No. For you. As a designer.
I really want to get my designs out there.
I love designing practical objects that make people's lives better.
Don't you think being surrounded by beautiful things
could really change your life?
When you put it like that.
I think that's why people love Christmas so much.
We get to decorate our lives and make ordinary things just a bit more special.
You sold me.
So what's stopping you?
Before Victoria, I was all set to go to graduate school in New York.
But my boyfriend...
the guy who I thought was my number one...
turns out I was his number three.
After that, I took the job as Victoria's personal assistant,
and cut to five years later, here I am.
So you're in the perfect place to be able to picture ideas, right?
Turns out the job is like a hundred percent "personal assistant" work.
And she also just doesn't see me that way.
She's a fool if she doesn't see that you're a genius.
But maybe now, it's time to run your designs by her
and maybe take a more creative role.
Yeah, that's what my mom thinks too.
Victoria does "borrow"
my designs from time to time.
Yeah. It's frustrating. It's like she knows.
Every time I try to bring it up, she has some logistical crisis she needs me for.
I think she does it on purpose.
If I was moved to a design position, who would fetch her dry cleaning?
Why let her logistics stop you?
You know what? You're right.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna corner Victoria and demand a promotion.
If she doesn't take me seriously as a designer, then I'm moving on.
Okay. Let's toast to that.
Thank you. For the pep talk.
Ma'am, excuse me!
- Oh, no. - Do you recognize them?
No, but I thought I recognized the dog.
- Did you see the plates? - Nevada plates. MB something.
Let's call it in to Sheriff Dandry.
Okay. Thanks, Sheriff.
Okay. Yeah, thanks for taking my call so late.
Thank you. Bye.
So he's gonna run the plates, but it's only a partial number, so we'll see.
Don't give up yet.
- I think-- - I just--
- So-- - I wanted--
- What I wanted-- - I think you--
You go.
Just that... it's been nice getting to know you. Again.
Especially under these circumstances.
Same. And thank you for tonight.
You're welcome.
Good night.
Good night.
Who's there?
Oh, sorry.
I heard voices and I thought you might be the dognappers.
And you planned to umbrella them to death?
It was the only thing handy.
Hello, Jonathan. I'm sorry to interrupt.
No, no, I was... I was just leaving.
It was nice to see you, Mrs. Stanton.
Bye, Emily.
We're here in the charming town of Plattsburg,
where Victoria Frost is asking for the public's help
in locating her dognapped rescue, Tiny.
She should be out any minute now.
What's going on?
Seems there's a TV press conference happening right here on our lawn.
Emily, we need to get as many eyeballs out there looking for Tiny as possible.
And I need you to steam my silk blouse.
And, Donna dear, easy on the blush.
Think morning news, not the Late Late Late Show.
Okay. Thanks, Sheriff.
Emily, I'd like you to meet Griffen Jones.
He's the head of corporate security at our LA office.
DD thought he could help us.
Great. Nice to meet you, Mr. Jones.
- Same here, Emily. But it's just Griffen.
I called Sheriff Dandry
and he got me up to speed on the car you spotted last night,
but without the main plate numbers,
I'm afraid it's difficult to make a match.
And why the press conference on our lawn?
Aren't you nervous about revealing the location of the house?
It's already out there from the photos online.
What photos?
These were taken the day we arrived.
Who took these?
Well, the websites aren't going to say anything.
They're not gonna reveal their sources. But I'm doing some digging.
I have a feeling that this is all connected.
Thank you all for coming today.
If anyone has any information on who could have done this,
please call the police.
If anything bad happens to him...
I'm sorry.
It's just that...
He's been gone so long and he's so sweet and--
Miss Frost, are you still planning on hosting Stacey's Winter Gala?
What? Hosting?
I only care about finding my dog.
It won't be Christmas without him.
- Excuse me, Emily. - Hey, Griffen.
This is Griffen. He's Victoria's corporate security chief.
And this is Jonathan. He's a veterinarian and an old friend.
Emily, I was scrolling the responses to your post.
Do you know this woman?
Yeah, that's Carrie. She's Victoria's number one superfan.
Okay. Well, it looks like this was taken... here.
What? So she's here?
Stalker fan kidnaps celebrity pet.
Makes sense to me.
So she's probably still here then.
There she is.
Carrie, hi.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. But I saw Victoria went to Plattsburg for the holiday.
And then I saw the street sign said Chestnut Place
in the background of one of the online news photos.
- Of course. - Were you at the restaurant last night?
Yeah. I mean, I was just trying to get dinner.
That restaurant's the only place open in town past 7 p.m.
That's true.
Do you by chance have Victoria's dog?
My Tiny?
Your Tiny?
Of course. I mean, I had to name my new dog Tiny, just like Victoria's.
Where's the dog now, miss?
Right over there. Hey, baby.
Can we go pet him?
Carrie, Victoria might take a couple questions, if you want to go catch her.
Thanks. I do.
Hey there, little guy.
Is that him?
I'm not sure.
Collar's different.
Otherwise, it's hard to tell.
He doesn't seem to recognize me.
Well, maybe we should take her and the dog down to the sheriff's station.
Well, you got nothing on her.
Jonathan, if we take him to the clinic,
we can scan his chip and see if it's a match, right?
That's a great idea. Maybe you can tell her it's for a free exam or something.
Can you talk her into it?
Yeah. I'll promise a private meet-and-greet with Victoria.
But I do need to stay here with Victoria. I can't leave her alone.
I can hang back. And Bernard can run the scanner.
That sounds good to me.
- Okay, great. Let's do it. - Great.
Come here. Yeah.
Thank you so much.
It's been overwhelming, and you've all been so kind.
She's with Griffen.
They're at the clinic trying to find out if your superfan's dog is actually Tiny.
The clinic? I don't understand why she needed to wander off there too.
I wouldn't exactly call it wandering off.
She's trying to help you find your dog.
Really? How many personal assistants have you had?
Excuse me.
Of course, Mother said I was ridiculous, camping out for Victoria's book signing.
But I was like,
"You're ridiculous. How else am I supposed to be the first in line?"
She doesn't get me. Nobody gets me, except Victoria. And like honestly--
Ladies... this dog is fit as a fiddle.
- Traced the ID chip. - Are you sure?
- I checked it myself. - I told you so.
We told them, didn't we?
Thanks for coming on such short notice. I appreciate it.
Of course. I was in the area anyway.
Well, back to square one.
DD, stop calling me about the summer collection.
You do understand that I am involved in a police case, right?
I am being extorted for a million dollars.
Speaking of which, thank you for sending Griffen over with the money.
You're welcome. But I need you to listen to me. Please be very careful.
This is my own personal money and I can't afford to lose it.
Okay, on the brighter side,
sales are really starting to pick up.
People are totally relating to you in this dognapping thing.
It's become more important than Sandra Reed and forks and knives.
Well, I'm glad there's at least some silver lining.
Silver? Honey, it's pure gold.
That is great news, DD.
It is, Victoria. And I need you to be right about getting my money back.
I'm putting all my faith in you right now.
Of course, DD.
I gotta go. I think Emily has some news for me.
Victoria, I want you to meet Carrie.
She's your number one fan.
Victoria knows who I am. Bring it in, girlfriend.
You smell good. Here, let's take a selfie.
Oh my gosh, so fun.
So fun.
One, two, three, cheese.
Oh my gosh.
I am sorry to interrupt.
But I just found this envelope
behind a flowerpot on the front step.
Oh my! Not again.
"One million cash 10 a.m. tomorrow
"trash can on Silmar and Friar.
"No cops."
This is crazy. I mean, it's a million dollars.
I don't care. Right now, it is all about saving little Tony.
- Tiny. - That's what I said.
Victoria, this is too dangerous.
I should be the one that does the drop.
I mean, what if this person has after more than just the money?
She's just gonna drop the bag.
Besides, if anyone else does it,
it might scare them off.
Don't worry. I'll be close by.
Are you sure you want to do this by yourself?
I appreciate your concern, but I'll take the risk.
My fans expect it.
Okay then. Drop happens tomorrow morning, 10 a.m.
I need some good ideas.
It's terrible what's happened to Victoria Frost.
But Stacey's Department Store must have a hostess for their Winter Gala.
So I've decided to step in and help.
It's Christmas, and it's the charitable thing to do.
So this year, I will be hosting Stacey's Night
You gotta admire her moxie.
That's one word for it.
She's taking advantage of this horrible situation
and stealing Victoria's biggest event of the year.
So maybe just find another event.
Like that's so easy.
Not every Christmas celebration needs to come out of some big city, Emily.
You know what?
I think you're onto something.
- I am? - Yeah.
Certainly there must be some local holiday
ceremony or dedication that Victoria can be a part of.
Well, we do have the annual Christmas tree decorating contest
that happens at the community center.
Maybe I can call the Chamber of Commerce
and see if they'll take Victoria on as one of the judges.
It's all for charity.
Could be good publicity for everyone.
The Christmas tree decorating contest. I completely forgot. You're a genius!
Hi. Hehe.
Oh, boy, I better go. It's... 9:15.
Hopefully, this money drop works and we can save Tiny.
It'll all be fine.
You go.
I will work on my connection with the Chamber of Commerce.
Great. Let's meet up later?
Good luck on the drop.
- Bye. - Bye.
I just wish it weren't Victoria doing this. It's way too dangerous.
Honey, you know how she loves the spotlight.
Victoria, can you hear me okay?
I hear you just fine.
Good. Go ahead and make the drop now.
All done. I'm on my way home.
Come to Papa.
Oh, no.
Nobody move. I'm gonna go check this out.
Hey, hey, hey! Kid, stop!
- Stay here. - Emily!
Hold it right there.
What is it, lady?
- Give me that bag. - Hey, give it back.
Yeah, bagels. What do you think it was?
A million bucks, that's what.
A million bucks? I wish. Can I go now? My mom's waiting.
Yeah, you can go, kid. Merry Christmas.
Says you.
We blew it.
You blew it.
Frosties, I have some bad news.
The dognappers still have Tiny even though I paid the ransom.
I'm just...
I'm not giving up hope. And you shouldn't either.
We have to stay strong.
Did you hear? They took the money. No Tiny.
I gotta tell you something, and you're gonna be mad.
But I'm the one who's been taking photos of Victoria and selling them to the press.
What? You?
I got a lot of bills at Christmas time, and I didn't think it would hurt anyone.
People sell photos of Victoria all the time.
It's a legit business. And look, you've been around her.
She soaks up the attention. She loves it.
You're unbelievable.
How am I ever gonna explain this to them? To Emily?
Stop being so dramatic.
There's a good reason I'm telling you this.
Oh, really?
Oh, really.
I was taking some shots from the parking garage during the money drop,
and I think I got a shot of the dognapper's car.
This might just save your job.
Well, what are you doing talking to me? Go.
I'll deal with you later.
Jonathan just texted me.
He has a photo he wants me to see.
Okay, thanks, Griffen. Did you say photo?
That's funny. You know those photos that were taken of me outside the house?
The ones in the tabloids?
Griffen's source finally got back to them.
It turns out they were from eNews in Seattle,
and the photographer's a local.
Do you know anyone, since we've got here, with a camera?
Oh, no.
Oh no, what?
- Jonathan? - Hey.
- What are you doing here? - There's something I need to show you.
I see you brought your camera.
Yeah. We keep it at the office.
Take a look.
- No-- - It was you.
No. No, no, no. It was not me.
This camera was in your car when you drove me to the sheriff's office.
I remember it.
What are you, some kind of amateur paparazzi or something?
No, of course not. Just... just let me explain.
You used me to get access to Victoria.
You sold us out! How could you?
That's not true! Bernard took those photos. I just found out.
Oh, please. That's pathetic. Bernard?
Why should I believe you? You're just another liar.
For all I know, you stole Tiny!
How could you even think that?
It happened at your clinic. Nobody had better access than you.
Did you stage that too?
Come on. You know me better than that.
I don't know you at all.
I'm sorry this happened.
But it wasn't me.
Yeah, I'm sorry too.
Sorry I ever let myself trust someone again.
Just... stay away from me and Victoria, or I'll call the cops.
Maybe I'll just call them anyway!
It's not like me to complain.
But this is the second time in a week for these noises.
Yes, I understand. I hear you, but I can't really do any--
Oh, hey, Jonathan. I... I gotta run.
They need me at the community center for tonight's event.
Yeah. They said I could meet Victoria if I help out.
- Okay. - Yes!
No cameras.
Hi, Miss Fowler.
Hello. As I was saying,
this is the second time in a week that there have been noises
coming from this clinic at night.
I was wondering if you had a change of policy.
What kind of noises?
Barking. Definitely barking.
Well, on and off during the night, starting at around 11:00.
Bernard. Did we have any dogs stay overnight last night?
No, that's for emergencies only.
It must be coming from a neighbor. It's not coming from us.
Well, I'm gonna find out.
How's that, Miss Fowler?
This morning, I had my grandson install me a video security camera,
and it's pointed right at this building.
Anything moves, and I'm gonna know about it.
Then we'll see who's up to what.
Well, if it's not coming from us,
maybe it's coming from somewhere nearby.
It couldn't be the repair shop. They're out of town.
Either way, I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
I think you're onto something, Mrs. Fowler.
Let me see if I can find out where the barking's coming from.
Looks like I've covered pretty much everything.
Should be easy.
All you have to do is shake some hands, pose for some photos,
and pick the prettiest Christmas tree from the finalists.
Is that all?
Well, I was thinking we could give out a few Frost products as prizes.
We have a couple sample boxes of the new ornaments and tableware
that DD sent over.
That's right. I have some that I never opened. They're in my room.
Great. I'll grab 'em.
These look like my designs.
I found the box.
I'd be surprised if you didn't.
And these?
These look like designs that I've been working on.
Well, great minds think alike.
I'm afraid sometimes they do.
No, thank you.
Who was that?
- You-know-who.
Well, at least he's persistent.
"Taylor's Repair Shop. Hurry."
Taylor's? Why? They're closed for the month.
I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.
Would you mind zipping me up?
You're welcome.
Where are you?
Looking for something?
What have you done with the dog?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
I was just headed over to your place.
I thought I heard barking coming from inside the building.
Nice try. I'm not buying it.
It's over for you, Griffen.
Or whatever your name is.
Now, where's Tiny?
All right. You win.
I'll show you.
Stand down, mister.
Or somebody is gonna get hurt.
Oh, God.
- Jonathan, are you okay? - I'm fine.
That was fantastic.
Never underestimate a woman in heels.
- Tiny! - Tiny!
Tiny, are you here?
Here, boy!
Tiny! Hi, buddy.
Get the door.
- Hey, it's okay. - Come here.
- There you go. - It's okay.
- Okay. - Come on, little guy.
Let's get you home.
The dog stays where it is.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Victoria? What are you doing?
Oh, please.
Don't play coy with me, Emily.
- Look who's back. Are you all right? - Getting there.
I should have known it was you.
Oh, please.
If getting caught stealing Sandra Reed's designs taught me anything,
it was how to cover my tracks.
You certainly fooled me.
How could you?
How could I?
How could you?
- Me? - Yes, you. Both of you.
Working in cahoots.
The disgruntled employee--
"Boo-hoo, Victoria's stealing my designs,"
who brought me to her hometown to seek revenge.
And then, the childhood sweetheart
who conveniently runs the clinic where my dog was stolen.
You're the one who's ingenious.
You won't get away with it.
Get away with what?
The dog's fine, and my business is booming.
It's what they call a "victimless crime".
And who's gonna press charges?
Not me.
What about the ransom money?
Well, it's just the price of doing business.
I'm sure DD can write it off on her taxes.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
in 20 minutes, I have to get on stage
and announce that we have found the little mutt.
I'll cry a little, the crowd will eat it up,
Frost Home Furnishing stock will go through the roof,
and I'm a million dollars richer.
What makes you think I'm going to keep quiet about all of this?
You'll keep quiet because I'm going to make you
the new head of the designs department.
It's all you've ever wanted, and now it's yours.
All you have to do is play along.
And if you don't, well, you'll end up behind bars.
You have this all figured out, don't you?
I think I do.
And Emily, I'm so glad we had the chance to discuss your career.
It comes with a big raise
and a signing bonus, if you get my drift.
Griffen, get the door.
Sorry to run, but I've got a contest to judge.
I suggest you two stay away.
The place will be crawling with cops in case you two get any ideas.
Better take their car keys. Just in case.
Oh, and Emily!
Thanks for the summer collection designs.
I've always hated stealing your work,
but your designs are just so much better than mine.
And if I was to kidnap my own dog and make off with a million dollars,
I couldn't blame the crime on a nicer girl.
So, be smart, keep away,
and I won't have to blame you for the dognapping.
It's okay, Emily. They won't get away with this.
No, they won't.
Jonathan, I need you to do something for me.
Have you seen Miss Frost? She hasn't arrived yet.
Don't worry, Mayor Brown. If she's not here yet, she'll be here soon.
Hello, Mayor Brown. I am so sorry for the holdup.
No problem. I'm just glad you're here.
DD, I am so glad you decided to come.
I wouldn't miss it. Everything looks terrific.
But I am concerned about my money.
Don't be.
I have a big surprise announcement planned for tonight.
- You found the dog, and my money?
You'll see. But don't be surprised
if we have a new head of designs department starting the new year.
Seriously? Emily?
Like I said, you'll see.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me.
Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to Plattsburg's annual Christmas tree decorating contest.
Now, it's my pleasure to introduce our very special guest judge
for this year's competition:
the founder of Frost Home Furnishings,
Miss Victoria Frost!
Hi there. Merry Christmas, everyone.
Merry Christmas!
We love you, Victoria!
I love you too.
But before we get started judging these beautiful trees,
I have a little announcement to make.
With the help of our wonderful Plattsburg police department
and Sheriff Dandry,
my puppy Tiny has been returned to me.
Please bring him out now.
I'm just so happy to have him back with me again.
Thank you.
And thank you all for your support.
Now, please enjoy the party
while I confer with Mayor Brown about these wonderful trees.
What did I tell you?
It's fantastic. And you got my money back?
Not yet, but I'm sure the sheriff will keep working on that.
Please do.
Hi, honey.
Mom, not now.
Excuse me.
You have some nerve showing up here.
No one has more nerve than you do, Victoria.
You took a good deed and made something criminal out of it.
Twisting everyone around your little finger,
all while stealing a million dollars from your own friend.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
It's your word against mine, and my word is better than yours.
Well, you asked for it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I didn't want to embarrass anyone during tonight's festivities.
I was hoping to confer with the sheriff after as to spare someone close to me.
But here's the woman who dognapped my puppy Tiny.
Emily Stanton and her accomplice Jonathan Hicks
conspired to extort me for a million dollars.
And my friends,
they almost got away with it.
Sheriff, I insist you do your duty and arrest her.
Please. Listen to me.
This is all a lie.
How can you believe something like this?
Look at me.
I'm Emily Stanton.
I grew up here.
You've known me since I was a little girl.
I... I waited your tables at the diner.
I sold you cookies every Christmas.
Excuse me.
- You're like family to me. - Excuse me.
Are you just going to stand there and listen to this pack of lies?
And if that's not enough, roll 'em.
Thanks for the summer collection designs.
I've always hated stealing your work,
but your designs are just so much better than mine.
So, be smart, stay away,
and I won't have to blame you for the dognapping.
Jonathan, I'm gonna need that as evidence.
I'll take that.
All right. Everybody!
Put your hands up.
Nice work.
You too, Victoria. Get over there with the rest of them.
Oh, what? You're double crossing me?
I'm sorry, but you're too recognizable to be tagging along.
I can't believe you're doing this.
Believe it. Move.
All right.
I'm leaving.
You're not.
And don't even think about trying to stop me
if you really care about what happens to this dog.
The dog bit me!
He didn't bite you. He's just playful.
All right, that's it. Come on.
Let's go.
Victoria, it's over for you. You're done.
Get real, DD.
I am not going anywhere. This is my company.
Was your company, before it went public. Sheriff?
Sorry, Miss Frost, but you have the right to remain silent.
Wait, you can't do this. I barely know the man. He made me do it.
Yeah, yeah. Tell it to the judge.
Well, that was close.
Mrs. Fowler had a little bit of trouble with the thumb drive.
She was all thumbs.
I've always known that your sketches
were the driving force behind the product line.
How would you like to be the new face of the brand, going forward?
Me? The face of the brand?
That's right. Your designs, your way.
What can I say?
I'm in.
Your first official duty is to get on that stage and pick a winner.
That I can do.
And now, the new head of Frost Home Furnishings,
our very own hometown girl, Miss Emily Stanton!
- Can you believe it? - Of course.
Thank you, everyone.
It's been a crazy week and an even crazier night.
And under these unusual circumstances,
I'd like to think that we all came up winners this Christmas.
everybody wins!
Looks like you have a new job and a new dog.
I guess I owe you a reward for helping me find him.
Seventy-five dollars and a Christmas wish, I believe.