#dogpoopgirl (2021) Movie Script

Alright. Let's see. Sorry about the mess.
Would you like some coffee?
No, thank you, I've had one already.
It's very hot in here.
We can't do anything about it.
There are many of them here, you know?
Perhaps you could take one home.
This way.
-Have you owned one before?
-This would be the first time.
Are you looking for a particular one?
I don't know, I'm not good at this.
I think I'll know once I see it.
-That's how it goes most of the time.
-This one's so cute!
-Do you live in a house?
This one needs a backyard.
He'd struggle with living in an unit.
How about this one? We've had it for a
few months. He's been hit by a tramcar.
-Oh goodness!
-Yeah... But he's recovered miraculously!
-Oh my, how cute is this one, too!
-It's a she. Sara.
-How are you, Sara?!
-Hey. Easy, girl.
-She seems friendly.
-She's a bit sad. Her sister just left.
-A gentleman has adopted her.
-And now she's alone...
-Poor thing!
Well, things like that happen...
You say it's easy to settle for one, yes?
But I like them all!
There's no rush.
You don't have to take one home today
if you haven't made up your mind.
Oh my...
-His name's Oscar.
Yeah. Like the awards...
I picked his name.
-Do you like movies?
-Yeah, not really. It just came to me.
Oscar! He's the one. I want him.
-Are you sure?
-I'm absolutely positive.
No one has really taken
an interest in him.
-How come? He's adorable!
-Yes, he is...
-Oscar! How are you, little guy?
-Are you afraid?
-He's afraid, poor thing...
He is fine...
Oscar, come over here.
How are you, Oscar?
-My name's Alina.
-Feed him this to pacify him.
Perfect, now he loves you.
Hey, Oscar, would you like
to come home with me?
Oscar, are you OK?
-Aren't you going to clean that up?
-Beg your pardon?
The dump.
Aren't you going to clean it up?
Of course, but I don't have...
That's not dump.
It's only an indigestion.
Take it out of here, ma'am,
before it does something else.
-I agree, but let her clean that up.
-Of course. First she cleans it up.
Look, Tili, the dog shit in the train.
Look, baby, something prety.
Look, poop de chien!
-Look, mommy, poo!
-Please clean that up, ma'am.
-That's not poop.
-Can't you smell that?
-Thank heavens it didn't shit on us all!
-He only threw up, sir.
Don't you have bags for that,
why don't you clean that up?
-I don't, I just adopted him.
-God forbid, you're so rude, woman!
Here, take this. Wipe it off with this.
I can't use that, you know.
One is not enough...
Why can't you use it?
Can't you see how much it is?
The dog puked... I need more...
Clean up that shit, you lazy woman,
we're dying in here! Do it!
-It's not shit, ma'am!
-Oh my God!
Who do you think you're talking to, lady?
To the lady.
She can't hear it's not shit.
It's not shit, ma'am, the dog puked.
He's sick and he threw up.
Beat it, you and your fucking dog,
before I smack you up!
Beg your pardon?
Make sure you clean that
up before you leave.
Leave me alone, will you?
Just say that again.
Stop making all that noise.
Come on, clean up that shit and leave!
Say that again.
Let it go, Petre,
she can't help being rude.
Wipe that shit off
before I smack you up!
Come on, smack me up in front
of all these people.
Look at you, a grown man, threatening
to smack me up. Do it if you dare!
Oh my God! Help him.
Hold him, please!
Oh my God! He's had his hand
operated on, you murderer!
You just don't do that, lady.
Suck it up and do it already.
Don't just stand there! Yeah, you!
Can't you see the dump on the floor?
-Do something about it!
-Hello! Wake up!
Oh dear, if it's come to us shitting on
each other, we're done for.
Clean it up, lady, please...
Look, she's leaving!
Please clean this up, ma'am.
Do it, please. Ma'am?
-Man, is she, like, pantiless?
How are you, beautiful?
-What's that, man?
-Wank material, dude, take a look!
Daaamn! Tili! Tiliii, come over here!
Dude, if you post this online,
you'll get a shit load of likes.
Why do you even think
I took them for, man?
Wanna bet Oagru's stuff
will get him more clout?
-What stuff?
-Show him, man!
Take that!
-What's that?
-What do you mean? Listen!
-Listen, dude!
-I can't hear what it says!
Stop it, man. You're being stupid!
It curses, dude, are you deaf?
It says "go fuck yourself." Man! Man!
Why are we fighting
when we could organize a contest?
How about you both post them online
and whoever goes viral is
the online King of the Prom.
Stop it, bro. If you tell me some blurry
pieces of ass will get more likes
than a parrot cursing in the bus,
I'll set myself off, I swear.
-Yeah, man, no way. No way in hell!
-I've got something, too.
Are you kiddin' me, bro?
I've got something, too!
-Say what, dude?
-I've made a cool video, too.
-What video?
-The one with the shit in the subway.
-Have you caught that?
-What shit?
-What's wrong with him, man?
-Hand it over.
What's that, man?
That's gold, dude!
Are you kiddin' me, man? A geezer falling
in the subway and a dog taking a dump?
You're being stupid now.
C'mon, are you in?
All day!
There you go, man.
You two post yours and he posts his.
Let's see who gets more likes until
morning. Wanna place some bets?
For sure! For sure!
I'll go with the parrot.
We'll see about that.
I'm gonna whoop your ass.
Upload it at the same time so it's
a fair dig, will you? 3, 2, 1... Go!
-Done. Mine's on.
-Mine, too.
Mine also...
46 lei and three condoms!
Let's get this party started!
Get outta here!
-Hello, Alina.
-Good morning.
I asked you to leave the water meters
at 26 and you haven't.
Please do that because otherwise you'll
have to pay a lump sum and that's not OK.
-Sure, sorry. It slipped my mind.
-Can you read them for me now?
-No, yes, yes.
I mean, I'll jot the readings down
and drop them in your mailbox.
-Please, I'd really appreciate that.
This month's utilities have arrived.
Yours are worth 138 lei.
Make sure you don't fall behind
or else we won't be restoring
the unit building this year either.
Oscar. Oscar! Drop that!
Drop it!
-Do you have a dog?
You haven't reported it
to the association, Alina.
-When were you going to tell me about it?
-What do you mean?
Well, isn't that a dog?
25 lei extra for pets. That's the rule.
What breed is it?
How big will it get?
I don't know the breed...
He's a mutt.
If it gets big, it's 50 lei per month.
So that'll be 138 lei and an extra 50.
Didn't you say it was 25?
25 for now.
That'll be 163 lei this month.
The building's got 2 million lei worth
of unpaid bills, Alina.
Mrs. Isanos died last week and left
behind a utility debt of 50,000 lei.
What can we do? Sue the dead?
Come on, please.
Give me the money
and I'll pay for you if you're busy.
-Sure, thank you.
-Do you have it on you now?
I don't. But I'll give it to you tonight
as soon as I come home.
I'd appreciate it very much
if we got this over with.
Perfect... And...
Turn on the TV!
And this is what happens
inside your stomach.
Oh, and it burns!
It appears that the woman has fully
lost not only her speech,
but also her ability to swallow swords.
We're keeping the circus employee
in our thoughts.
Today, God is a circus performer.
...right in the subway. The woman,
a teller from Bucharest,
refused to clean up her dog's waste and
ended up starting a conflict
with an old man who scolded her.
Since it was uploaded less than
twelve hours ago by a young man
who filmed the incident with his phone,
the video has amassed over 15,000 likes
and almost 4,000 shares.
The majority of the comments are very
critical of the pet owner's attitude.
"Now that's a prime specimen
of Romanian rudeness.
It's a wonder she didn't...
in the subway."
"Does any of you know
this stupid broad?
How about we give her a trashing
she'll never forget?"
"What was the subway officer doing?
Wasn't he supposed to do something?
He should've cleaned up the...
and shove it down her purse.
He's paid from taxpayers' money!"
-Would you like some coffee?
A Facebook group has also popped out.
"Who's the Dog Poop Lady?
Anyone with info about her,
please comment."
Show me.
It's not dump. It's puke. He puked.
He was ill and he threw up.
-You should've cleaned it up.
-I didn't have anything to do that with.
I'd just adopted him. I didn't at that
time. Now I do. Sprays, bags, everything.
But then I didn't.
You should've taken an Uber.
No one would've taken you in.
Do you think I would've liked
it if I were on that train?
Sorry to intrude, but no one
would've taken you two in.
Not even an Uber driver. If you had
a crate, maybe, but not like this.
If you don't mind, how is one supposed
to carry a pet across the city?
If you can't use the subway
or an Uber...
It's not that you can't,
it doesn't say anywhere that you can't.
But would you get your car dirty
for 1.30 lei per km
knowing that a full
car wash is 25 lei?
And that old man who fell.
That was really bad. Poor man.
That poor man would've beat me
if it weren't for the people there.
Yeah, sure...
He raised his hand at me.
He fell trying to hit me.
You can't see that on camera...
You can't...
But that's how things went.
At least no one can see
your face properly.
If I hadn't seen Oscar,
I wouldn't have known it was you.
Such online things don't last.
15 minutes of fame and that's it.
...and then I'll pay you back.
Good day.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, ma'am.
Mr. Marian, could you please help
me with the water? I'm loaded.
I'm coming right up.
-Will you come here for a second?
Is everything alright?
The officers are with Precinct 111.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Maria Vcrescu and Petre Chifu,
Precinct 111, Animal Welfare Unit.
Everything's alright. We just want
to ask you some questions.
We're investigating a report
of animal cruelty,
which pursuant to Law 205/2014,
is punishable by a fine
of 1,000 to 3,000 lei.
We would like you to confirm whether
you're the lady in this picture.
Hold on.
Do you have Wi-Fi here?
Of course. "Iancului Branch".
Password: WDCKIMJLKM2001.
Alright, I've logged into it.
Now, we would like to know if you
can identify the lady in the picture.
Yes. It's me...
I understand.
Is that your dog?
Since it's me holding it...
We're just trying to do our duty here,
ma'am, there's no need to get offended.
No offense taken
but where's the cruelty there?
To be honest, Mrs. Moga,
we don't know either.
A complaint has been filed by
an animal welfare association,
alleging pursuant to Article 6(J)
of Law 205/2014
that you have subjected the animal,
what's its name?
That you have subjected Oscar
to humiliation
by allowing it to defecate
in a public space.
There were people screaming
and causing a stir in the subway train.
They say emotional distress
was inflicted on it.
I hope you realize that
is an aberration.
Mrs. Moga, with the Internet so widely
available we just can't turn a blind eye.
To be honest, we can't fine you
for emotionally distressing the dog
but we'll charge you
for public disturbance.
That'll be 1,500 lei. You can pay half
of it within 15 working days.
We've already drafted the report...
If you have no objections...
-Can I ask you something?
-Yes, of course.
How did you find me?
I can't with rudeness anymore.
I just can't.
Have you heard the news about the
woman whose dog shit in the subway?
So, there is this woman who goes
on the subway with a dog,
the dog shits on the floor,
and that woman refuses to clean up.
People were begging her,
saying ma'am, please,
it's your shit, your responsibility.
But no, the woman left
and the shit was still there.
I just... Dude! Duuude!
What the fuck did I do wrong to breathe
the same air with her? Whatever.
So, I've looked her up and there's this
video of her getting off the subway
and leaving the shit there, OK?
You can see her wrist!
And that cow's wearing a watch,
you follow me?
I've asked around on forums and people
say it's a limited edition watch,
there are only 45 of them,
made by an Austrian manufacturer.
And that... And that b...
And that batch was sold last year
to Publi Bank Romania.
Why? To reward the employees
of the year. Ergo.
That cow is
the Employee of the Year, fam.
She's an asset
to Publi Bank Romania.
She's an asset to Romania,
you feel me?
That cow, whose dog shits in the subway
and who refuses to clean up,
owns an 800-euro watch,
you follow me?
And what do you think your boy,
Matei, did next? I identified that cow.
Where? On LinkedIn!
Her name's Alina Moga, OK?
You can find the link and everything
in the description.
She works at Iancului branch
and I invite you to, how should I put it,
pay her a visit and...
Son, stop it! Matei!
Alina, what are you doing?
Nothing. It's late, I'm going home.
Come. Let's go.
Look up in the Sky
Attention, girls, we're going on air
in 10 seconds, 12, 11, 10,
Suzana's leaving,
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and... Rolling!
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning and
welcome to this morning's News Bulletin.
The case of the woman who refused
to clean up after her dog
has polarized public opinion
in the past 24 hours.
Many are critical
of the 40-year-old woman
who allowed her dog to defecate
in the subway.
Also, a security employee,
who allegedly failed to remedy the
situation in due time,
will be fired for not complying
with the applicable procedures.
Let's go to our correspondent
Maria Panduru,
who is now in front
of the subway's headquarters.
Could you fill us in on this event,
Let the State
come and clean up the dump!
Good morning, Andreea. I'm standing
here where Alin Stanciu,
Bucharest's subway chief, is due to
arrive any minute to give a statement.
As we speak, a group of twenty people
have gathered to protest
against the woman.
The protesters are dissatisfied
with many things
and they say they won't stop
until she's duly punished.
The young man next to me
is vlogger Matei, Matei optelea,
the organizer of the protest.
Good morning, Matei!
Good morning!
What is the reason...
Shut up for a bit, you all!
You over there, shut up!
Shut up, man!
Matei, why are you here today,
with all these people?
Well, it's simple. I can't with rudeness
anymore. We can't handle it no more.
You feel me? We can't afford
to wait thirty more years
to see some progress
in this country, OK?
We're taking action, we want the
competent bodies to do their job!
That's right!
What do you mean by "job", Matei?
So many things...
Where should I begin?
First, this woman must be withdrawn
the right to own animals, OK?
Also, in addition to the fine
she received,
which I believe is very small,
they should compel her to go
to a correction center or somewhere
where they can teach her some manners.
It's obvious she has none,
judging by how she reacted.
-She should have her citizenship revoked!
-She should go to jail!
Let her clean the subway for life!
I've had liver problems since I was 45
and my pension amounts to only 700 lei
after twenty years of service.
I'd like to ask the men in government
why they subjected teachers to wage cuts.
Why does my daughter,
an English teacher,
earn only 1,200 lei after six years
of college, a meager 1,200 lei.
Stop it, mum, shut up! Let it go!
Mum, stop it!
It seems they're about
to release a press statement.
You, with the camera, follow me please,
the subway chief has arrived.
So, in response to the complaints
about the event you already know
of and which I won't recount,
I'd like to specify that Metrorex does
not have a security company of its own,
resorting instead to contracting
private security services.
Consequently, the dismissal and, in fact,
any decision regarding the security
employees are not ours to make.
That's why I brought Mr. George aguna,
the manager of Strong Security,
here to tell you what he has to say.
Tell them.
Good morning.
According to our investigations,
Mr. Ion D. Ion, the employee of the
security company I am the manager of,
didn't properly handle the issue
with the woman whose dog s...
did what it did in the subway.
He didn't apply the protocol and
procedures he was supposed to apply,
and for this reason, he was discharged.
If you have any questions.....
Mr. aguna, what could your employee
have done to solve the issue?
Ma'am, there's a myriad of ways
he could've handled the incident.
We have to face the facts,
that's not normal.
It is, indeed, a surprising incident,
which could have been handled
in a variety of ways.
How exactly?
Well, it's simple. He could've removed
the disruptive element
and secure the area of the incident
so that the people at the scene
would have felt safe and resumed
their activites.
Mr. aguna, we're talking about a puppy
that relieved itself in the subway.
Of course, a dog is a dog, we can't blame
the dog. But the dog has an owner.
And Mr. Ion D. Ion could've taken
measures to remedy the issue.
-Why are you lashing out against me?
Dear viewers... We're witnessing
a terrible event...
God forbid! We're witnessing...
There's a fire...
A man is on fire...
It's serious!
It's... very serious...
We're... trying...
There's a lot of people here...
They're mad...
So, if I withdraw 300 lei,
how much will the bank charge me?
-Can I have your ID, please?
-Of course.
Excuse me.
Where's the manager's office?
In the back, near the counter,
it says on the door.
Thank you.
Baltateanu Alexandru.
You're not in the system.
-How come?
-Are you sure your card's with us?
No. It's home.
No. Have you opened your
account at Publi Bank?
Then, I can't help you.
You should go to your bank.
But I withdraw money from here.
Which bank is you cardit card at?
Didn't I tell you it's not at the bank?
It's home.
-I get that. But where did you open it?
-I haven't opened it.
When you had your card made, the one
you have at home, who gave it to you?
-A lady.
-At the bank.
-What bank?
The one next to the fountain.
With the aliens in the advertisement.
That one, yes?
Well, that one's Senior Bank.
Your account is with them. You should
talk to them about your commissions.
I understand but I withdraw money
from here...
I get that.
But our bank charges you
according to the terms of your
contract with the issuing bank.
-I see...
-That's where you should go.
-I understand.
Mona? Can you assist the gentleman,
please? My colleague will tend to you.
If I withdraw 200 lei...
Excuse me.
-Alina, I can't do this much longer.
They've sent me a box of shit.
I can't deal with this anymore.
Let's do what should be done
in circumstances like these.
It breaks my heart but I can't endanger
twenty people for one employee.
They might send me a bomb tomorrow.
The higher-ups haven't called yet
but they will. It is what it is.
If it doesn't happen today,
it will tomorrow.
It's hard for me to say it and if I don't
say it straight to your face,
I will never do it: I'll have to let
you go and that's that.
I love you.
Turn on the water.
Turn on the water,
it takes time to get warm.
-What the hell are you doing?
-Sorry, I...
-What's wrong with you?
-It was dark and...
Dude, are you blind?
Are you insane?
What's wrong with you, man?
You asshole,
how dare you call me "man"?
You should be ashmed of yourself,
I'm old enough to be your mother.
-Alina, what's wrong with you?
-How dare you call me "man"?
Is that how you talk to me?
Does that seem normal to you?
Alina, what happened?
Is that how you talk to me. "Man"?
Tell me. How dare you call me "man"?
Is that how you talk to me?
-Alina, stop it!
-Am I a "man" to you?
Alina, stop it!
How dare you call me "man"?
Alina, stop it!
Why do you even come over, huh?
Why do you come over?
When I text you to come over,
why do you do it?
-Because I love you.
-Oh really, is that the reason?
Or is it because you brag
about fucking an older woman?
When you hang out your friends,
what do you tell them?
Dude, I banged her hard last night.
I banged her brains out.
That's how you call it, isn't it?
I banged her brains out,
that's how you call it.
I don't understand.
You're taking pictures when you
take me from behind, aren't you?
-Gimme your phone.
-Gimme your phone!
-Alina, stop it!
You're taking pictures, aren't you?
And then you show them to your friends.
-"Look at the ass on that cougar."
-Give it to me then. Gimme your phone.
-Alina, you're upsetting me!
I'm upsetting him...
-Give it to me or I'll stab you.
You're crazy.
Who is she?
-A colleague...
-She's pretty.
Yes. So, is everything fine now?
It's nothing.
Get outta here.
-The phone.
-Get out.
Get outta here, you.
Get out!
-Alina, the phone!
-Get the fuck out!
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.
Today, as always, our show gives voice
to the downtrodden, so stay tuned.
We're coming back
with "The Underdogs' Afternoon".
You all probably remember
last month's incident
in which a young woman let her
dog poop in the subway
and then refused to clean up.
This topic has long been discussed,
but in our opinion,
what was truly important was left out.
Or to be specific, one important
who was ignored by these discussions.
Today you'll meet the true victim
in this case.
Let's see the footage.
Ion D. Ion had been an employee
of Strong Security
for only two months when his
manager decided to fire him.
The employer believes that Mr. Ion D. Ion
has not applied the appropriate protocol
in the case of the young woman who let
her dog defecate in the subway.
He's tefan. Say "good day".
Good day.
-The little one's Ioana.
-Good day.
And the youngest is Georgic.
Georgic! Say "good day".
-Please, say "good day".
-Good day.
Let him be. Georgic, tell us the
poem with the squirrel, will you?
-Come on, tell us.
Squirrel from a magazine
Blows her nose in a napkin
Runs to the hospital door
Where a parrot is docteur
If you go to the clinic
Some nut syrup you will drink
I will take all medicines
If they're sweet like nuts and raisins
Well done,
look how great you recited it!
Rock, paper, scissors.
Until today,
few knew that Mr. Ion D. Ion
is the widowed father
of seven children.
In protest, Ion committed self-immolation
at the press conference
where his discharge was announced.
Why did you set yourself on fire,
Mr. Ion?
What else could I have done?
My wife's dead.
I'm raising seven kids on my own.
My sister helps, but she has
a Grade 1 disability.
I can't leave her by herself with them.
What was I to do?
Do you regret it?
I don't know.
Yes. Sure.
I regret it but what am I to do?
Who's gonna take care of 'em?
And if you died, who would have
taken care of them, Mr. Ion?
Is it true that your former co-workers at
the subway call you the "Phoenix Bird"?
Do you know why?
Do you know why they call you that?
It's a bird that can set itself on fire
and recover soon afterwards.
It arises from its own ashes, yes.
Mr. Ion, if you could say something to
the woman who started it all,
the lady with the dog,
what would you tell her?
You know what? Look at the camera
and imagine she's there.
I'd ask her why she did this.
Why did she do this to me?
What was I to do?
How could I have solved the issue?
Was I supposed to clean up the dump?
A gentleman did it,
so the dump's not the issue here.
Why did she do this to me? Why did she
ruin my life? What have I done to her?
Hold on.
Did somebody clean up the dump?
-A passenger?
Yes... A gentleman...
So you're saying that a passenger
cleaned up after the lady's dog?
Let's see if we can mobilize,
I believe it's very important.
I think so, too. It's our moral duty
to bring this man to the forefront.
Yes, it's very important to promote
such valuable people.
Valuable? I think he qualifies
as a saint for our times.
A saint for our times, no less!
We should do everything in our power
to bring the man
who cleaned up after the woman's
dog into the limelight.
After all, he took initiative and cleaned
up... the dump, there, I said it.
If you know him, call us at 021900900.
We want to promote him and show
everyone what a decent man looks like.
Till then, till we find him,
let's listen to Scorpions'
"Rock You Like A Hurricane."
-How are you, nana?
I'm baking cookies.
Come over and give some to your mother
so she can take them
to the countryside with her.
How's papa?
He's tinkering with something.
Hell knows.
Put him through please.
He's wanted at the radio.
Good heavens. Why?
For cleaning up after that woman
in the subway.
Wasn't that the right thing to do?
-It was. Put him through, please.
-I will, hold on a second.
What's wrong?
You're wanted at the radio.
-Good heavens. Why?
-For cleaning up the dump in the subway.
Come on, stop your nonsense.
Take it.
Talk to your granddaughter.
She knows better,
I can't tell you more about it.
Tell me more, dear.
I'd like to mention that the excrements
you see her were made
by casting real dog excrements
into an acrylic mould.
My intention with them was to preserve
the unpleasant smell,
which you can all experience
if you move close enough.
This is a reminder that doing
the right thing,
protecting society from parasites
implies leaving your comfort zone.
A hero who doesn't sacrifice their
wellbeing is not a hero.
A hero cannot coexist
with their own wellbeing.
My works celebrate not clichd
or mythical heroes,
but rather mundane heroes.
Everyday people,
with no particular status or talent,
yet whose public and humane spirit
contributes massively to the wellbeing
of the society.
For this reason,
the centerpiece of my exhibition
is the solid bronze statue of the man,
the hero I believe, Gavrilescu Ptru.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the muse of this exhibition
and the man who cleaned up the
dump, Mr. Gavrilescu Ptru.
Thank you, thank you all.
We thank you.
Will you spare a word for us, please?
-No, please.
-Please, it would be an honor.
Thank you, thank you all.
I'm overwhelmed.
I'm nervous.
I don't even know what to say.
It smells like in the subway.
It's amazing.
It's an honor.
Well... I cleaned up the dump.
You clean it up, too.
Clean up the dump!
Clean up the dump! Clean up the dump!
Clean up the dump!
-I need protection.
-Against what?
-They've killed my dog.
-Who did it?
-It's your job to find out.
-Have you filed a complaint?
-No, I haven't.
-It's not our job then, at least for now.
-Then I'll file one.
-It's not that simple.
-What do you mean?
-What happened? Let's take it easy.
-Ma'am, are you deaf?
-Come on, please...
Didn't you hear
that they've killed my dog?
-Who did it, ma'am?
-I don't know!
-Well, then...
-Ma'am, I'm in danger.
I left my dog outside the store and when
I returned, somebody's poisoned him.
-Isn't it clear enough I'm in danger?
-How do you know it was poisoned?
Because he's dead, ma'am!
Maybe it was sick...
Can I reason with you or not?
That's what we want to know, too.
Can we reason with you?
I don't think you understand.
You know what, I'll start filming now
and if something happens to me,
you're in trouble 'cause I'm going to
post this online for everyone to watch.
Ma'am, why do you think someone
would want to hurt you?
What planet do you live on, ma'am?
You don't know what's happened, do you?
You don't watch the news.
Do you really believe that somebody
would take the trouble to hurt you
for allowing your dog to relieve itself?
That's not what it did!
Whatever it did. It's a storm
in a teacup. Internet drama.
-It'll be over in no time.
-Ma'am, are you unable to understand?
I'm an endangered citizen and you're
the law enforcement.
Your duty is to protect me
not lecture me, you cow.
You know what,
mind your fuckin' language.
Do you think the state pays me enough
to put up with this kind of language?
Who do you think I am,
your employee?
Leave me alone, Petric!
Hand over that phone, please.
-Hand it over!
-I won't.
-Petric, I said leave me alone.
It's my right to record you
and you've got no right to take my phone.
Take it back and delete it.
That's a good one there.
Who do you think I am,
your laughing stock?
Does our uniform mean nothing to you?
You've got some mouth on you.
But this is no joke. Get out now and
return when you can handle your language.
There's no circus here,
it's a police station.
If you need our help,
we'll gladly give it you.
Till then, leave. Now. Get out, now,
there's nothing left to discuss.
Get out I said!
What are you doing, Alina?
What is this?
-Oscar died, ma'am.
-And what are you doing with it here?
Not much,
just looking for a resting place.
-Are you going to bury it here?
Really now, Alina,
are you going to bury it in here?
What's wrong with that?
It's the unit building's front yard.
It's fenced.
Mr. Podelea's working hard to maintain
it. He's sown flowers, beans...
I'll spare the flowers, ma'am,
I'll only be using this tiny lot.
You can't do that, Alina.
Why didn't you ask for permission?
Ask permission for what, ma'am?
It's just a dog. Who cares?
How can you even say that, Alina?
First, that's a plastic bag.
It contaminates the soil. In two months,
there won't be any more flowers here.
Come on, Mrs. Filip,
I'm not going to bury it in the bag...
I won't hear of it. Bag or no bag,
you can't do it. Take it away, please.
This isn't up for discussion.
It's a line we're not crossing.
What would become of us if we all buried
animals in the front yard?
Take Mrs. Grdinaru for instance:
she used to have eighteen cats,
now she only has seven.
Eleven of them have died in the past
four months, can you imagine that?
So? What did she do about it?
She threw them down the garbage chute.
What was she to do?
C'mon, Oscar, wave to the camera.
He's my dog.
Well, my late dog.
In a plastic bag.
He was killed in cold blood.
Yes, it's me. I'm Alina,
yes, the dog poop lady.
I'd like to clarify some points.
First, that wasn't dump.
My dog didn't poop.
He puked.
He was sick. He vomited.
My dog was killed in cold blood...
And now I'm scared to go outside.
What's wrong with the world?
You care more about the subway floor
than a human being.
How am I responsible for the man
who set himself on fire?
Why is it my fault
that he was fired?
Why am I to blame for all of this?
Mr. security-guard-who-was-fired.
Would you like to work
as my bodyguard
and protect me from those
who killed my dog?
Perhaps it's you who
murdered my dog.
Who killed my dog?
Who killed you?
He's sleeping now.
I really wanna make amends.
I'll hire you, Mr. security guard.
I'll hire you to protect me.
But I have no money to pay you...
I no longer have a job...
That's a pity,
we would've made a great team.
The doog poop lady
and the Phoenix Bird...
How do you feel about that video,
Mr. Ion?
Would you work for that woman?
Could you find it in you
if your budget were tight?
Yes, I would.
What do you mean?
So I can feed my babies...
-So you can feed your children.
-Yes, to feed them.
So, you'd find it in you to forgive this
woman who wronged you,
who brought this on you,
these injuries,
which are this woman's handiwork.
In this context,
under these circumstances,
you have the power to rise up,
as your nickname suggests,
we know how
your co-workers call you.
Former co-workers actually, since you've
lost your job because of this woman.
They call you the "Phoenix Bird".
You've risen up from the ashes
like a phoenix
and have found it in you
to forgive this woman,
work for her even,
in order to care for your children.
Save my babies, right.
Hug your father, will you?
All of you, come here and hug him
'cause your father is a resilient man.
He's a man who's strong enough
to overcome this and raise his babies.
Can anyone bring some tissues up front,
There she is.
There's the wretched woman!
You filthy woman!
Are you happy with what you've done?
You've ruined that man's life.
You've maimed him.
Step aside, mother!
Come, you wretched woman, tell us
if you're happy with what you've done.
Why don't you say anything, huh?
Why aren't you talking to us?
Answer our questions, will you?
Let's all jump on her.
Do you like shitting in the subway?
Did you walk your dog after
it took the dump?
Are you going to teach your children
it's OK to shit in the subway?
Does your ear hurt? What's going on in
that stupid head of yours? Come, do tell.
Have I pierced your eardrum?
Hi there.
-Is Cosmos around?
-In the back.
Can I have a word with you?
So you wanna erase yourself
from the Internet.
Yes. Yeah, I think so.
Read this first. It's gonna help you
realize that you're not alone.
People struggling with depression find it
hard to accept that it's not a dead-end.
I'm not depressed.
Fine. But why didn't you
clean up the dump?
-It wasn't dump.
-But what?
-It was puke.
-How does the Internet call it?
-Why didn't you clean it up?
-I don't know.
In theory, what I can do
is to sweep this under the rug.
Put simply, I can make sure that Internet
engines do not return anything
on the event in the first three
or four search pages.
Most Google users rarely look
further than that.
If you're not on those pages,
you don't exist.
This would be the first step.
Then, if I decide to take on the project,
we will delete all the results one by
one. It's doable. That'll be 3,000.
-Euros. Cash.
I'm underage,
I don't have a bank account.
For she's a jolly good fellow,
for she's a jolly good fellow,
For she's a jolly good fellow,
and good to all of us.
Here's to Alina!
Our bank manager! Happy birthday!
What are you doing, dear,
are you toasting with coffee?
She's no longer a bank manager.
Happy birthday, dear!
I know from my husband,
God rest his soul,
that you toast to people,
not as a pretext to drink alcohol.
Yeah, sure. Isn't she a manager anymore?
Happy birthday.
Thanks, but I've never been a manager.
I'm no longer working at the bank.
-It was tiring.
Too much hustle and bustle
and they didn't pay her much.
Really now... If they don't pay well
at the bank,
then I don't know who does,
for goodness' sake.
-Well... They do, but... You see...
-How about we cut the cake now?
Isn't it delicious?
-Don't touch it. This is yours.
-It's too much, mother.
-You don't have to eat it all.
-Where are you working now?
-I'm working at a...
-At a travel agency.
She's selling vacation packages
for the New Year's Eve, trips.
Are you her spokesperson?
Let her speak.
-She's right, mother...
-Speak then, have I tried to stop you?
You know what, you do the talking
and I'll shut up.
And do you have someone?
Is a grandson for Tua on the cards?
I don't know yet...
She's dating her boss!
Mother, please.
We've been out one time...
One time is more than enough.
-He's going to pop the question.
-Good heavens!
You'll see.
I have a nose for these things.
-Mother, you're talking nonsense.
-Why am I talking nonsense?
I have a hunch, you know?
I do and I want what's best for you.
Stop it now, let's not fight.
We're here to celebrate.
Leave the poor girl be.
Here's for Alina, our bank manager.
Thanks. Thank you,
but I've never been a manager.
Hold on a sec.
Happy birthday!
-Thanks, but you shouldn't have.
-C'mon, please...
Open it.
It's a soap dish.
I thought you...
It's very pretty.
I'm glad you like it.
They had it in yellow, too,
but I liked this one better.
Can I come up?
-Not today.
It's been a long day
and I should get some rest.
Tomorrow then?
Maybe tomorrow.
I love you.
I said I love you.
It's a little too early for me.
Would you rather I didn't say that?
-I love you.
Perhaps we should take things slow.
Have I mentioned that the Cuban
cruise is sold out?
A company purchased the last tickets
for the employees of the year.
-Yes. Today.
They'll call tomorrow
for the invoice and other stuff.
I should be going. Thanks.
It was my pleasure.
See you tomorrow.
Sleep tight.
You ruin my life!
Alina, please, no!
Hello! Good evening!
My girlfriend was attacked.
We are in Vatra Luminoasa.
I don't kwon the number.
It is a trolley station.
Please, do something.
Alina, please, no!
Oscar! What have you done?
Come here. Sit.
-Are you going to clean that up?
-Beg you pardon?
The dump.
Why are you cleaning that up?
Because I have these.
It's not dump, it's only vomit.
Get outta her and take
your bags with you.
You're right!
She shouldn't clean it up!
It doesn't smell, you know.
It doesn't smell at all.
Look, man! Look, Tili,
she wants to clean up the dump!
-She wants to clean up the dump.
-How cute is that!
Poo, look, mommy, poo.
It's not poop.
Good heavens, lady, you show
so much public spirit.
Haven't you got anything else to do?
Where are you getting off?
I don't know.
Here, take a cigarette and relax.
-You mustn't smoke in the subway.
-Says who?
Can't you see how many people are
in here? What if a fire starts?
If it does, we're going to arise from
the ashes. Like phoenix birds.
C'mon, ma'am,
forget about the dump.
It's not dump.
What difference does it make?
Tell me, what sort of music do you like?
I don't really listen to music.
Well, that's not good.
I recommend Schubert's "Serenade".
It's sublime.
You know it, don't you?