Dogtown 3 (2022) Movie Script

(cheerful music)
(bright upbeat music)
- [Narrator] Welcome to Dogtown,
the fuzziest and
friendliest place ever.
Dogtown is full of
cute, little animals.
The boys and girls who
live there are loving,
kind and a little
wacky, just like you.
Meet our two best buds,
Bob Wags and Chester Bert.
Bob has just been elected
as Dogtown's mayor,
a title once held by
his dad, Jack Russell.
Jack believes that
Bob has what it takes
to bring Dogtown to
new levels of awesome.
However, Bob himself,
isn't so sure.
- Oh, I don't know
about this, Chester.
- Know about what, Bob?
- I don't think that
I have what it takes
to become the mayor of Dogtown.
- Are you kidding me?
You saved the day during
our last adventure
when that no good Barney Lockjaw
and Sir Rich Carbs The Third
tried to swipe the
election from your dad.
That's why your dad
put you in charge
and gave me the job
of deputy mayor.
- I know, I know.
I just don't know if
I'm ready. (chuckles)
- Of course you are.
Besides, you have an
ace up your sleeve.
- We're dogs, we
don't have sleeves.
- You know what I mean.
- What's this ace
you're talking about.
- Well, it's me,
of course. (laughs)
I'm your deputy mayor.
- Oh, I'll admit it,
I definitely need
your help, old pal.
- Hey, that goes both ways.
I need your help too.
We're a good team, Bob.
- I know we're a good team.
It's the game we're playing
that has me worried.
(Bob laughing nervously)
- We'll be fine,
stop your worrying.
- Well, I can't help it.
I don't wanna let my
dad or Dogtown down.
What do you think
we should do first?
- How about we take
in some action?
- You mean like rent a movie?
I am so down.
How about that new superhero
flick "The Pawvengers"?
- No, I don't mean watch an
action movie, silly head.
I mean, we should
be doing something
other than walking around
yacking to each other.
- Oh, like what?
- You know, mayor stuff.
- Oh yeah, totally, right on.
- See, that was easy, Bob.
- Yep.
- What exactly is mayor stuff?
- I have like zero clue.
- Well then, I'm thinking
that our first priority
of being mayor and deputy mayor
should be finding out what
we're supposed to be doing.
- Is there like an
instruction booklet?
- Not that I know of.
- Should we look online?
How about Wikipetia?
- You can't believe
everything you read online.
- Chester!
- What?
- I've got it.
- Got what?
- An idea.
- Oh, no.
- Seriously though.
Let's just go and ask my dad.
- You know something, that's
actually a great idea.
(Bob barking)
Let's go.
- [Narrator] Our two
buddies decide to go
and visit the former Mayor Jack
at his Dogtown headquarters,
where he used to
make all of Dogtown's
most important decisions.
- Hi ya, pop.
- Well, hello Mister Mayor.
- Hey, do we still refer to
you as mayor too, Mayor J?
- You can, as a
professional courtesy.
- Professional, huh?
- What's wrong?
- Well, we sort of have a pretty
question for you.
- That's okay, you two were
bound to have questions.
That's why I'm staying here
at the Dogtown headquarters
in case you need me.
- Oh, that's great.
- What's the question?
- What do mayors do?
- Yeah, we kind of figured
out a little while ago
that we sort of have no idea.
- Correction, I don't
even have sort of no idea.
I don't have any idea
at all. (laughing)
- That's okay, let's see.
What does a mayor do?
Essentially, a mayor is
the head of a city or town
who oversees the executive
branch of local government.
- There's a government tree
planted somewhere around here?
I thought I marked every tree
in Dogtown at least once.
How could I have missed that?
- That kind of branch, Bob.
Sometimes the word branch is
used to describe something
that's a part of something else.
- Okay, so what
does the branch do?
- Well, there's a couple of
branches of local government.
The legislative
branch makes the laws,
the executive branch
carries out the laws.
As mayor, you oversee
everything to make sure
that any decisions made is
what's best for your city.
- Ooh, this Kind of
sounds complicated.
Oh, I'm not good at
sitting behind a desk
and overseeing stuff.
- Well, that's the
only part of the job.
Another part is getting
out there in the community
and finding out what it needs.
- How do we do that?
- By heading out there and
talking to your constituents.
- Con-what-a-weds?
- Constituents, meaning
the people who live
in the place that
you're the mayor of.
- So you're saying that
a big part of the job
is going out there
and talking to people.
- Yes, in fact, that's
one of your biggest
and best parts of the job.
- Well then, I think
we can totally do that.
- Hey, maybe there would
be a good starting point.
Let's get out there and
talk to our con-instruments,
- Constituents.
- Well, we can talk to them to.
(Chester chuckles)
- Some things never change.
- Do we have to
talk to everyone?
I mean like, even the
folks who we don't like.
- Are you referring
to Barney Lockjaw
and Sir Rich Carbs The Third?
- Yeah. I mean, can't
we just ignore them?
- No, you can't.
Good or bad, you need to try
and reach everyone that you can.
You cannot let
personal feelings,
no matter how justified,
get in the way of
doing your job.
- Right on, Mayor J.
- Oh, I suppose
you're right, pop.
Can we just ignore them,
like, a little bit though?
You know, like if
they start talking,
we can just make believe
that we can't hear them.
That would be cool, yeah?
- Sorry Bob, no.
You have to take the
good with the bad.
- Oh, all right.
- Good.
- Now the two of you should
get out there and get cracking.
Sometimes the best way
to learn to do something
is by just diving in.
- Thanks for the
advice, Mayor J.
- Yes, thanks, pop.
- It's my pleasure, boys.
Now head out there
and knock 'em dead.
- Will do.
I'm all fired up now.
- Hey, wait a second.
I didn't know that being mayor
had anything to do with diving
or knocking people
around until they croak.
Is the even a pool in Dogtown?
- Those are just
figures of speech, Bob.
- You grownups have weird ways
of getting your points across.
Why not just say what you mean?
I'm no good at this
figuring a peach thing.
- You mean figure of speech?
- That's what I said.
- Don't worry about
anything, Mayor J.
I get exactly what
you're saying.
As deputy mayor, I'll
make sure that Bob
stays on the right path.
- There's a special path now?
Oh boy!
Does it have fire
hydrants and trees?
I kind of gotta go, if
you know what I mean.
- Well Chester, it appears
that you definitely
have your work cut
out for you. (laughs)
- Don't I know it. (laughs)
Hey Bob, the path starts
at the Alpo's Diner.
That way we can chow
down before we get on it.
- Oh boy, my tummy has
been growing all morning.
See you later, pop.
Later, Mayor J.
- Have fun, I'll be here if
you have any more questions.
Oh, and Chester.
- Yeah, Mayor J?
- There will be an
aspirin on the counter
and an ice pack on the
freezer for when you get back.
Something tells me you're
gonna need it. (laughing)
- [Narrator] The first
stop of Bob and Chester's
first mayoral duty is
Downtown Dogtown's,
hottest eatery, Alpo's Diner.
When it comes to tasty food,
Alpo's diner does
not horse around.
- Man, I really hope
that Barney Lockjaw
is just flapping his gums again.
- No, he may be in
trouble if he ain't.
- Trouble, trouble?
Never fear, Mayor Bob and
Deputy Mayor Chester are here.
- Oh, hey boss.
Or should I say, bosses.
- Wait, we're your bosses now?
There's like so much new
stuff to get used to.
- Well, considering we're
mayor and deputy mayor,
that makes sense, Bob.
Larry and Mugs have
to report to us
after every pawtrol, just
as they did for your dad.
- Dude, I've never
been a boss before.
That's pretty boss. (laughing)
- See, Bob.
Now you're getting
the hang of the whole
figure of speech thing.
So guys, what's the trouble?
Something happen
last night on patrol
that we should know about?
- Barney Lockjaw
was just in here.
And he was telling
everyone that Bob is ...
Oh sorry, Bob,
too stupid to be a good mayor.
- Yeah, he says that with
him in charge of the city,
Dogtown is gonna go to
the cats and fall apart.
- Yeah, fall apart.
- Yeah, yeah, that's
it, with cats and stuff.
- No one needs to
worry about anything.
I'll be here as deputy
mayor helping Bob along.
And besides, Bob
is plenty smart.
- Well, I guess that's
okay then again.
Again, no offense, Bob.
- Oh, none taken, I get it.
This is all part of
speaking with our
can stitch your pants.
- Constituents.
- Right.
- See what I mean?
There may be something
to Barney's spiel.
- Yeah, like a banana spiel.
All slippery and stuff.
- Mugs.
- Larry?
- Shut up.
- Shutting up.
- Listen, I'll admit it,
we don't know everything,
but we're willing to learn.
For instance, we're
taking time today
to figure out what
everyone here in Dogtown
wants and needs.
- I know exactly what
Dogtown wants and needs.
- Lay it on us, Larry.
- Lovely tasty, crunchy,
delicious, crunchy bones,
bones in all sizes,
shapes, colors!
- You said crunchy twice.
- I know, that's
doubly important.
Have you ever heard
of a soggy bone?
- We'll put that
first on our list.
Dogtown needs more
bones, gotcha!
- Hey, maybe you can
try and get one of those
dinosaur exhibits here.
That's a whole lot
of giant sized bones.
Can you imagine how long the
thigh bone of a T Rex's is?
- Oh my God.
- No, oh, it's gonna happen.
- What's gonna happen?
- Sometimes when
Larry's love of bones
takes over his brain,
he starts numbing.
- Numbing?
- Wait, you'll see.
- Bones, giant bones.
Big, crunchy bones.
Nom, nom, nom, nom,
nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.
Nom, nom, nom, nom,
nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.
- So I guess to "nom" something
needs to eat up yummy food.
- Sorry, lost control there.
Oh boy, whew!
- And done.
- Shout up, Mugs.
- Man, good thing you guys
are already at a diner.
We'll get right on it, Larry.
- [Chester] See you soon.
- [Narrator] It makes sense
that the availability of bones
would be pretty important
to Dogtown citizens,
but Larry takes it to the max.
Let's see what else Bob
and Chester can find out.
- [Chester] Man, larry
really likes bones.
- You can't blame him,
they are pretty tasty.
You know, Chester, if getting
more bones here to Dogtown
is the kind of jobs
we face along the way,
I think we're gonna
do pretty good work
as mayor and deputy mayor.
- Don't get too
comfortable, Bob.
Something tells me that
things aren't always
gonna be that simple.
- Do you really
think that we can get
a dinosaur exhibit here?
- Probably, but I
don't think whoever
will be running that
show would be happy
to see all the attractions
getting chewed up. (laughs)
- It's just as well.
I don't think bones that
are millions of years old
would taste very good. (laughs)
- I don't know, man.
My mom used to tell me
that anything tastes good
if you put just enough
hot sauce on it.
- Oh, don't even say
the words, "hot sauce."
- Why not?
- Back when I was just a pup,
my dad took me to Mexico
to visit my cousin, Eye.
- You have a cousin named Eye?
- Not I Eye as in eyeball, Eye
as in another word for yes.
- Why was he named after
a word meaning yes?
- His full name is Aye Chihuahua
and he loved hot sauce.
Anytime anyone asked
him if he wanted more,
he would scream, "Si, si, si!"
- [Chester] I see.
See what I did there?
I see?
- Yeah (laughing)
Anyway, while we were visiting,
the only things that we
ate were spicy foods,
smothered in hot sauce.
At one point I had to alternate
between sticking my
tongue and my tush
into a bucket of cold water.
- [Chester] I hope that you
were using separate buckets.
If not, I finally know where
you get your bad breath from.
(Chester laughing)
- [Narrator] Bob
and Chester continue
their spicy journey at
the Dogtown Junkyard,
home of the coolest
pooch in the world,
good 'ol Fleabag.
(playful music)
- Dudes, like,
namaste and whatnot.
- Hey, Fleabag.
- Hi ya, Fleabag.
- Well, I'm glad
you're here, dudes.
I was worried about
you and stuff.
- Worried about us, why?
- Bruh, like Barney
was just around here.
Like, he said, like, you know,
you two are gonna
like wreck Dogtown.
- Why would he say that?
We're not gonna wreck Dogtown.
If anything, we wanna
help make it better.
- Dude, that's what I said.
But then like major buzzkill,
Barney started going on all,
"Bob isn't smart
enough to be mayor."
And that we're
all gonna be sorry
that we didn't elect
that other dude.
What's his name?
- Rich?
- Nah, dude, I get by just fine.
I make a modest but
honest living here
at the old JY, you know?
- No, not rich as in
you have a lot of money,
Rich as in the person that
you're talking about's name.
- I see what you did
there. (laughing)
Righteous, but
yeah, that rich cat.
- Cat, cat?
(Bob barking)
- You see cats, man?
Sometimes I see woodpeckers.
One time, I was
sitting in my room,
like feeding the munchies
and I saw this woodpecker
just sitting on my wall.
He was like, laughing,
this crazy laugh, you know?
I wonder what that little--
- Focus Fleabag.
- Are you sure there
aren't really any cats?
(Bob growling)
- It was a figure
of speech, Bob.
- Dude, you figured?
I figured you figured and
then figured it out, you know?
- You guys are gonna
drive me crazy one day.
Listening to you too talk
is like looking through
verbal kaleidoscope.
- Thanks man.
- Okay, so Barney
was telling you
that everyone's gonna be sorry
that they didn't vote
for Rich to become mayor.
Is that it?
- Oh yeah, how did you know?
Man, word travels
fast around Dogtown.
- I wonder why Barney
would say that.
I thought for sure that
he'd be mad at Rich.
- Dude, not cool.
You should never
be mad at someone
because of their like
financial situation.
- There's something
fishy about all of this.
I wonder what Mr.
Carbs is up to now?
- Carbs?
No, man.
I stay away from bread
and whatnot, you know?
The body is a temple, bruh.
- Whatever Barney and Rich
are up to, it can't be good.
Speaking of something
good, Fleabag,
Bob and I were wondering
if there was something
that we could do for
you here at the junkyard
that would make
your life easier.
- Dude, dude, dude!
You know what would rock?
It's hard keeping this
place clean, you know?
So like, if the
city could get me
one of those robot vacuum
things, that would like rule.
- You sure you
just don't want one
so that you could ride on
top of it as it's vacuuming?
It's so much fun.
Oh, not that I'd know that
from any personal experience
involving me doing
that every night
for about four hours
per night, of course.
(Fleabag laughing)
- Righteous.
- So that's the rumbling I
keep hearing every night.
- Okay, guilty.
But come on, it's flat on
top and moves all by itself.
- Okay, so Fleabag,
you would like a robot vacuum
to help you keep the
junk yard clean, right?
- Dude, not just right,
righteous. (laughing)
- Okay, we got it,
it's on the list.
Come on, Bob.
We need to get to the
bottom of whatever mess
Rich and Barney are
looking to cause.
See you later, Flea.
- Namaste, my fellow bras.
Walk the Earth in
peace and whatnot.
(playful music)
- [Narrator] What
could Barney Lockjaw
and Sir Rich Carbs The
Third be up to now?
Well, at least we don't
have to wait very long
to find out because
Chester and Bob
have just bumped
into Rich himself.
- Hey, Rich.
- Hello, Rich.
- Sorry, I've no time for
any poppycock from you two.
I mean really.
- I think you have
just enough time.
- Yeah, it's come
to our attention
that you and Barney might
be stirring stuff up again.
- Oh hush, will you?
The fact is that you
stole the election.
Everyone was going to vote for
I, Sir Rich Carbs The Third,
before you injected
your flim-flam.
- What's flim-flam?
- It's snobby talk for,
we persuaded people to
vote for us instead of him.
- Oh, and that you did.
Glad to finally
hear you admit it,
you filthy, mindless,
plebeian muts!
- Hey, stop calling
us bean butts.
- We admitted nothing.
The only thing that we
did was tell the truth.
- Why am I mad about
being called bean butts?
I like beans, sniffing
butts is cool too.
- You see, exhibit A.
Bob is too dimwitted
to understand words,
which I digress.
You only told your truth.
I sir, am privy to
alternative facts.
- Oh yeah, like what?
- For one thing, the
fact that by the time
Barney finishes
his truth campaign,
the public will be ready to
have the election overturned.
Thereby giving me my rightful
position of Dogtown mayor.
- You'll never be
mayor of Dogtown.
- No, you'll never
be mayor of Dogtown.
- He already is
Mayor of Dogtown.
- Hodgepodge, again, alternative
facts say differently.
- You know that you'll never
get away with this, right?
- Oh my dear, simpletons,
when will you learn?
I was born to be in charge.
I come from the most pure
bred family in the world.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a date with
Miss Junkyard 2021.
Fiona Furmaker,
retriever extraordinaire.
- You know something, Chester?
- What?
- I still really
don't like that guy.
- Me neither.
I think we should go and
talk to your dad about this.
Maybe he can give
us some advice.
- Good idea, Chester,
let's get running.
- [Narrator] Bob and
Chester, head back
to Mayor Jack's
junkyard headquarters
to get his advice on how to
deal with problems like this.
- Hey kids, how
goes the first day
as mayor and deputy mayor?
- Dad, there's trouble brewing.
We don't know what to do.
- Yeah, Barney and
Rich are going around
trying to convince everyone
that Bob isn't smart
enough to be mayor.
- Yeah, he says that
we stole the election.
- Those two will never learn.
- What's so funny.
- Yeah, he's not
kidding Mayor J.
- I'm sorry that you boys
are having to deal with this,
but this happens all the time.
- To mayors?
If so, I don't wanna be a mayor.
- Sadly, it happens to
everyone, not just mayors.
You see son, sometimes when
a dog does something good,
there will always be
another dog out there
who thinks that they can
do the same thing better.
- That's terrible,
I mean, why bother?
- It's a problem usually
rooted in jealousy.
- Oh I see, pop,
but I love jelly.
It's great with peanut bone fur.
I love me some peanut butter.
(Bob howling)
- He said jealousy,
not jelly, see?
- That's what I said.
That doesn't change the fact
that there's nothing better
than a yummy PB and J.
- Well, I certainly can't
argue with you there, Bob.
- So what do we do, Mayor J?
What's the best approach to take
when someone is
telling lies about you?
- Just let them speak,
as long as you have
the facts on your side,
you should be fine.
Trust in the truth.
- But he says he has
all the native facts.
- What?
- He means, alternative facts.
- That's what I said.
- There's no such thing
as alternative facts.
That's just another lie.
- But what if
people believe them?
- There's an old saying from
a doctor friend of mine.
He told me, "Those
who matter don't mind
and those who do
mind don't matter."
- Whoa,
- If you tell someone the truth
and they don't believe you,
you're probably not gonna be
able to change their mind.
Just be honest,
always be honest.
Remember, no matter
what, tell the truth.
- [Narrator] Meanwhile, on
the other side of Dogtown,
the co-host of Doggone
News, Mrs. Dots
is getting an ear full
of lies from Rich.
- So you see, the election
was stolen from me,
totally rigged.
And if it wasn't, the
fact remains that Bob
is not smart enough to be mayor.
And my good friend,
Barney Lockjaw
is merely reminding
folks of that.
- Well, I don't know, Rich.
I feel like you already had
your chance to become mayor.
Maybe you should just move on.
- Yeah, you tell him, Larry.
You're my hero.
- You're a sweet kid, Mugs.
- Tell me Mrs. Dots,
as a journalist,
shouldn't you be reporting
all angles of a news story?
- Well yeah, that's my job.
- Well, then why not
have my advocate,
Barney Lockjaw on
Doggone News today?
He will be able to outline
why I should be mayor
and tell you exactly how
the election was stolen.
- Does he have proof?
- Proof?
My dear, Mrs. Dots,
do you think that a fine
upstanding, gentle dog
like myself would trouble you
if I wasn't absolutely certain
that a ruse against
me is in play?
- I suppose not.
- Smashing.
So you will have
Barney on Doggone News
Afternoon Edition, yes?
- If Barney has proof
that something wrong
has happened then yes.
However, if we find out
that this is all nonsense,
again, you must accept your
loss and move on with your life.
- Of course, my dear,
I love this city and
I want nothing more
than to serve it with
passion and integrity.
- This should be
interesting or silly.
I kind of vote
silly but we'll see.
- [Narrator] The
moment has come.
The TV event of the day,
Doggone News Afternoon Edition
is about to hit the airwaves
with an interesting special
guest, Barney Lockjaw.
What will happen?
Will Barney prove that
the election was stolen.
Let's tune in and find out?
- [Daisy] Live from Arnold
Schnauzernager Studios
in sunny, Downtown Dogtown,
It's time for Doggone
News Afternoon Edition
with your hosts, Dots and Daisy.
(audience applauding)
- Hello, Dogtown,
I am Mrs. Dots.
- And I'm Miss Daisy and
welcome to Doggone News.
- How are you
doing today, Daisy?
- I'm like so addicted
to that new TV show.
- Oh, which one?
- Happy Dogs.
It's the story of a
Milwaukee family of dogs
growing up in the fifties.
There's this one
character, The Fuzz,
who rides around
on his doggy cycle.
Dots, he is just dreamy.
Have you seen it?
- Not yet, but I'll be
sure to set my dog VR.
Let's get to the news, shall we?
- Absotivoli.
- As we all know, the
race for Dogtown mayor
took a shocking turn
when Barney Lockjaw
and Sir Rich Carbs The Third's
claims of Mayor Jack selling
Dogtown to the Post Office
proved to be malarkey.
- Yeah, it's been quite a
ride and not the good kind,
like with The Fuzz and
his doggy cycle. (laughs)
- Well, it's come
to my attention
that Barney and Rich now claim
that they have proof
that the mayor election
was indeed stolen from them.
- Oh my, that sounds serious.
- Yes, indeed.
As today's special
Doggone News guest,
we have Barney Lockjaw
himself waiting in the wings.
Let's hear this so called proof.
- Good afternoon, Dots.
Hey Daisy, thanks for
having me on the show.
I really dig you two.
- Well, thanks Barney, I
appreciate the compliments,
but we're here for
some serious business.
- Yes, I hear that
you have proof
the election was stolen from
Sir Rich Carbs The Third.
Tell us about it.
- Well, first of all,
Bob isn't smart enough
for the job of mayor.
That's just a fact.
I mean, that Mayor J,
he did good by Dogtown
for as long as I can
remember, but his kid,
I wouldn't trust
him to fetch a ball.
- Now now, Barney,
Mayor Bob may be young,
but he's only been
mayor for one day.
We don't know what kind of
mayor he's going to be yet.
- Yeah, but he didn't win
the election fair and square.
- And you have proof of this?
- Are you kidding?
Do pups sprinkle on newspapers?
Of course I got the
proof, it's what I do.
I find the truth and sink my
teeth in and don't let go.
- That's right, folks.
An exclusive breaking
Doggone News,
Barney Lockjaw is
about to present proof
that the election was
stolen from Rich Carbs.
- Okay, you ready?
- Lay it on us.
- Okay, so Mayor J was
running for his fourth term,
his opponent was Sir Rich
Carbs The Third, correct?
- Yes, that's true.
- So if Rich lost the election,
then Mayor J would still
be mayor, am I right?
I mean, everyone voted
for him and not his son.
Mayor J decided to
drop out of the race
and give all his
votes to his son.
That's not fair, to
me, that's like saying
he forfeited the race.
And in that case,
the winner should have been
Sir Rich Carbs The Third.
- Whoa, you may have
a point there, Barney.
- Oh my, does that
mean that the winner
really is Sir Rich
Carbs The Third?
- You see, I should've
been a lawyer, right?
(Barney laughing)
- I hate to say it, but
what Barney is saying
does sound right.
- It is true that
everyone voted for Mayor J
and not Mayor Bob.
So there's only one
logical thing to do.
- Yeah, give Rich
The Third the job.
- No, I think that we
should hold a new election.
Sir Rich Carbs The
Third versus Bob Wags
for the title of Dogtown Mayor.
- That's a fantastic idea, and
better yet, it's a fair one.
The only one who
can officially kick
the new mayoral race off
is Mayor J, will he do it?
Tune into Doggone News
Evening Edition to find out.
(playful music)
- [Narrator] Talk about a twist.
A second mayoral race is
getting set to happen.
Who will come out on top?
Sir Rich Carbs The Third
and Barney Lockjaw?
Or Bob Wags and Chester Bert?
Or maybe, just maybe, there's
another twist to come.
- Well, that was interesting.
- Not what I was
expecting at all.
- I'm telling you, Mugs.
This is just another scheme
from Rich and Barney.
If they become mayor
and deputy mayor,
I have a gut feeling that things
are gonna get bad
around Dogtown.
- Hey, you never told me
that your tummy was psychic.
- What in the world
are you talking about?
- You said you
had a gut feeling.
I mean, your tummy
is bigger than mine,
but I didn't know it was because
it could tell the future.
- You Mugs, are
absolutely ridiculous.
- Hey, Larry.
- What?
- Can I feel your gut too?
I wanna know my fortune.
- Mugs, if you even
try to put your
dirty paws on my belly, I'm
gonna bite off your hand.
- Fine, keep your psychic
stomach to yourself.
Some friend you are.
- My stomach is not psychic.
Having a gut feeling, it's
like a figure of speech,
you numb skull.
- How did you know
my skull was numb?
We have to put you on TV.
This is like an
amazing and stuff.
- Mugs.
- Larry?
- Do I even have to say it?
- I know, I know.
Shut up.
- See?
Maybe you're the psychic one.
- Whoa.
- Come on, let's go visit Big
Benny to see what he thinks.
Then let's head on
over to Mayor J's
and see if there's anything
that we can do to help out.
- [Narrator] Larry and Mugs
are ready to pay a visit
to one of Dogtown's wisest
residents, Big Benny,
nothing gets past Benny.
Maybe he will have
some valuable insight
or as far as Mugs is
concerned, valuable far site.
(playful music)
- Benny.
- Yo, Benny!
- Ciao, bambinos.
- Did you watch Doggone News?
- I did, I no like it.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Huh?
That's Italian for, "They're
crazy in their heads."
- So you're not buying
it either, huh Benny?
- You can spot the liar
easy, if you know, hey.
How you say, the
leper and his spots?
They not change, ever!
- Yeah, you can't trust
any cats, big or small.
- You said the mouthful.
- What do you think we
should do, Big Benny?
- That Rich, he's mouth is
as big as a Brooklyn Bridge.
Maybe you turn that bridge
into a toll bridge, huh?
- You mean get
him talking again,
find out what he's really up to
and then let the
truth do it's thing?
- What's this have to do
with a toll bridge again?
- Shut up, Mugs.
- Shutting up.
- Go on big, Benny.
- You get Rich talking and
he gonna sing like the bird.
- Thanks for the talk, Benny.
Come on, Mugs.
Let's head to Mayor J's.
- Ciao, bambinos.
- [Narrator] Back at Mayor
Jack's junkyard headquarters,
Mayor J, Bob, and Chester
are having a meeting.
- What do we do now, pop?
- I hate to say it,
but Barney had a point.
The people voted
for me, not you.
So these votes shouldn't count.
There simply must be
another mayoral race.
- That's okay though, Mayor J.
I'm sure Bob and I can
beat Rich and Barney
in a mayoral runoff election.
- You can can run super fast.
- I think that you can too.
That's not what
bothers me though.
- What is bothering you?
- Two things.
One, why does rich
wanna be mayor so badly?
And two, hearing Barney
talk about Bob and you
makes me wanna go rabid.
- Hey pop, listen, not
being mayor is one thing,
but I am not gonna let
you become a rabbit.
- Wait, what?
- Nevermind that. (laughs)
Well, the way that I see it,
if we can beat Rich and Barney,
everything else should
work out from there.
- They'll still be insulting
you and Bob though.
- No sweat, pop.
Sticks and stones
make terrible bones,
but steak can never hurt me.
- I'm not entirely sure
what that means, bob,
but for some strange
reason, I kind of agree.
- Now you're using your
head, Chester. (laughing)
- Bob, let me ask you
a serious question.
- Okay, I admit it,
sometimes when I'm home alone
and super tired, I
still use a wee-wee pad
instead of going for a walk.
- You do?
- Sure do, I can be a
little lazy here and there.
- Thanks for sharing, Bob.
But that wasn't exactly
what I was talking about.
Oh, well nevermind then.
I didn't say a word.
(Chester whistling)
- What I was gonna ask is,
do you think that I
did the right thing?
I mean, I never asked if
you wanted to be mayor,
I just kind of
dropped it in on ya.
- Pop, there is nothing
more important to me
than being the person
you want me to be.
You're my dad, it's
an honor for me
to follow in your paw prints.
That's not really what I meant.
- I can be a super-duper
mayor just like you,
the next Mayor J.
Let's not worry about that now.
We need dorcas on
Rich and Barney.
- You mean focus?
- Yeah, we should
totally do that too.
- So what's our next move?
- I'm not sure, but I'm
open to suggestions.
- Well that's okay, pop,
Chester and me figured
out what to do before
and we can definitely
do it again.
- Yeah, no worries, Mayor J.
- Sorry, I can't help but feel
like this is all my fault.
- Not at all.
Barney and Rich are
sneaky little sneakers.
We just gotta figure out
what their angle really is.
- And then once we've
sneaked the sneaks,
we can really sneaky sneak
and get them to squeak.
- You never cease to
amaze me, Bob. (laughs)
- Yeah, he's one of a kind.
- [Bob] Yes, feel free to shower
me with adoration and love.
- Now you're starting
to sound like
Sir Rich Carbs The Third.
- You know something?
- What?
- Yeah, what?
- That gives me an
idea, come on, Chester!
- You boys stay out of trouble.
I've got some
thinking to do here.
Let me know if there's
anything else I can do to help.
- Do your thing, daddio,
my wheels are turning!
- I can't wait to hear
this one. (laughs)
(playful music)
- [Narrator] What's
Bob cooking up
in that fuzzy
little head of his?
Maybe it's time to find out.
- [Chester] Okay,
so let's hear it?
- Hear what?
- What's this idea you have?
- Can I be honest with you?
- Of course, Bob, we're besties.
We should always be
honest with each other.
- Okay, don't be disappointed,
but I don't have
any idea what to do.
- Then how come you told
your dad that you did?
- I know my pop all too well.
I could tell this was
really bothering him.
Well, when he gets
sad, then I get sad
and I saw him getting
sad and thought,
"Great, this is gonna
make me sadder."
And if I got sadder, then
he would get even sadder
than I got sad and he
would just keep rolling
like a big, sad
tire down a hill.
- Only you could put
something like that
and have it makes sense.
- I know, right?
It's like an art form.
- Unfortunately, it
doesn't fix the problem.
- There's an even
bigger problem too.
- Uh oh, what's
the bigger problem?
- Being mayor is a
lot to live up to.
I don't wanna let my pop down.
I wanna be as good
of a mayor as he is,
but I don't know what to do.
I mean, how did he get so smart?
- Well, your dad is
always listening.
He also learned a
lot from his pop,
plus he made sure that he
went to school every day
and learned as much as he could.
- Well, I wasn't
exactly a good student.
I'm just different, you know?
I just don't want my
differences to end up
being a disappointment to him.
- Hey, wait a second.
- For what?
- Maybe that's the
way to get to Rich?
- You want him to
disappoint my dad?
- No silly. (laughs)
You're scared that you'll
be a disappointment
to your dad, right?
That's a fear of yours, correct?
- So, I don't get where
you're going with this.
- So maybe we need
to try and find out
what Rich is afraid of.
Maybe there's something
driving him to act this way.
Bob, my friend, I think the
cat may just be out of the bag.
- Where, where?
(Bob screaming)
Let me at 'em!
(Bob barking)
- Not an actual cat,
you silly head. (laughs)
I bet you, that if we
can talk to Barney,
we can find out what
he's afraid of too.
- Well, I dunno.
He was pretty tight-lipped
the last time that we talked.
- Okay, so do you trust me?
- Of course, I do.
- Then follow my lead.
Come on, if we're looking
for Barney Lockjaw,
we're gonna have to do some
paw-trolling of our own
through the back alleys.
- [Bob] Lead on!
- [Narrator] Chester
seems to have an idea
of how to get to
Rich and Barney,
but can he outsmart the most
streetwise pooch
in all of Dogtown?
A couple of hours pass, but
finally Barney is in sight.
- Barney.
- Well, lookie here.
If it ain't my old pal Chester
and the brainless soon
to be ex-mayor Bob.
(Barney laughing)
- Yeah, yeah, we'll
have to see about that.
- See what?
Your days are numbered, kid.
You're gonna be
on the losing team
and Rich and me are
gonna take over Dogtown.
- You think you've got it
all figured out, don't you?
(Barney laughing)
- Kid, I'm always
three steps ahead.
- Three steps, four legs?
Aren't you the weird one?
- Doesn't matter.
Pretty soon I'm gonna be
running this doggy farm
and you kids are
gonna be looking for
a new hydrant to mark.
- See, Bob?
I told you that
he doesn't get it.
- You did?
I mean, yeah, you did!
- Get what?
- The fact that you
guys are lah-oo-sa-ers?
(Barney laughs)
- Nope, not at all.
Thanks to you and Rich,
we are the real winners.
(Chester laughing)
- Yeah, we are the champions
and stuff. (laughs)
- Okay, wise guys, what
are you getting at?
- What are we getting
at? (laughing)
Yeah, tell him, Chester.
What are we getting at?
And stuff, I think.
- Use your inner voice, Bob.
After all this time
you spent trying
to be the smartest
dog in the streets,
you still don't realize when
you're the one been fooled.
I really thought you
were smarter than this.
- Yeah, smarter, not!
Does anyone say not anymore?
- I don't know what
you're driving at.
- Dude, how could
you not see it?
It's right under your nose.
Ever since Bob and I got this
job, it's all that we do.
There's no more time
for playing fetch,
chasing Frisbee's,
sniffing butts, nothing.
It's all work, work, work.
- Yeah, this job
smells like butts.
- We were relieved that you
and Rich started poop talking
and saying that the
election was stolen.
- Yeah, crap!
- That's why we haven't
said anything publicly yet.
We want you to win so we
can go back to having fun.
- And sniffing butts.
- You're not gonna have
five seconds to yourself,
you'll see.
And the best part, you're
doing it all to yourself.
- Yeah, at least I didn't
have a choice in the matter.
You're like, "Look at me,
I don't wanna sniff
butts anymore."
- It's hilarious. (laughs)
Come on, Bob.
Let's go pick out
some new Frisbee's
for when we have all
that free, fun time back.
So long, sucker.
(Chester laughing)
- Yeah, long. (laughing)
Am I doing this right?
- [Chester] Shh.
- Those numbskulls, thinking
I could fall for that.
Well, that didn't work.
Work, it sure does sound like
it's gonna be a
lot of work though.
No more Frisbee chasing, hmm?
- I think we got 'em.
- We did?
We totally did, you played
that almost perfectly, Bob.
A little heavy on the
butt sniffing though.
- I like sniffing butts.
It's how dogs learn where
the good food is. (laughs)
So, what's next?
- Next?
Let's sit back and see if we
caused any ripple effects.
- I'm not sure what
that is, but okay.
Still following your lead.
- Let's go back to headquarters.
Something tells me that our
job is off to a good start,
but there's still
more work to do.
- [Narrator] Bob and Chester,
head back to junkyard
headquarters where
they find Mugs
and Larry talking
with Mayor Jack.
- Those two weirdos need
to be stopped, Mayor J.
- Yeah, weirdos.
- They fooled Mugs and me once,
but they ain't
gonna do it again.
- There are a lot of
pieces to this puzzle.
I'm still trying to figure
out what we should do.
- Yeah, do.
- I appreciate you
agreeing, Mugs,
but you sure do pick some
odd things to emphasize.
(Larry laughing)
- Yeah, odd.
- Have you two figured
something out yet, Bob?
- Well, I didn't
think of anything,
but Chester is onto something.
I'll let him fill you dudes in.
- Oh, let's hear it, my boy.
- Well, you know how Barney
is always looking
to take a shortcut
to get everything that he can?
- Yeah, that sounds
about right. (laughs)
- Well, I put in his
head that Bob and I
want he and Rich to be mayor.
That way we could go
back to having fun lives
instead of work, work,
working all the time.
- Appealing to the
Barney's lazy side.
That's brilliant.
- Yeah, that way we
can sniff butts too.
- Uh, huh?
- Don't worry about that.
Anyway, now that he's thinking
that he's gonna be too busy,
working to have any fun,
I'm pretty sure that he's
rethinking his game plan.
- If Barney drops
out of the race,
then all we have to do
is worry about Rich.
If only we knew
something about Rich,
that would make him
think differently too.
- I know something about him
that not even Barney knows.
- You do?
- Holy moly, Mugs.
What have you been hiding?
- Sir Rich Carbs The
Third wasn't always rich.
- He had a different name?
- No, not rich as in his name.
Rich as in wealthy.
- Whoa, really?
- Yeah, when we was
pups, we worked together.
My uncle Arfie was
the captain of a ship
called the Naughty Newfoundland.
We used to sail the Keterian Sea
retrieving buried bones.
- How come you never
told me this before?
- Every time that I start
talking, you tell me to shut up.
(Mugs laughing)
- See, Larry?
From now on, you let Mugs
yap as much as he wants too.
- Yeah, this is so fascinating.
- You say that now. (laughs)
Go ahead, Mugs, keep dishing.
- One time while sailing off
the coast of Puerto Ronnie,
we found this poor, little
pup abandoned on the beach.
My uncle Arfie brought
him aboard the Naughty
and made him part of the crew.
He even named him.
Rich's full name is
Richard Liver Poopy Draws.
- Richard Liver Poopy Draws?
- Yep, the whole Sir Rich
Crabs The Third thing
the name that he gave himself
after accidentally stumbling
across a ton of bones in
the Med-Medeterrian Sea.
- Why didn't he share the
treasure with you and Arfie?
- He's selfish.
He took off on his own
and has been pretending
that he's a pure bred from
some wealthy family ever since.
- Why wouldn't he
just be himself?
- Some pooches just
aren't comfortable
in their own coat, Bob.
They'd rather pretend
or to be something
other than themselves.
- Is being yourself
really that important?
I never really thought about it.
- The world has a lot of
other pooches of all breeds.
You can't change that.
However, the world
only has one of you.
If you won't be you,
then what's the point?
- That's good advice, Mayor J.
- If you guys wanna
know more about old
Richard Liver Poopy
Draws, you're in luck.
He's actually in port, in fact,
I just seen him hanging
around the Dogtown warehouse.
(Mugs laughing)
- Oh yeah, let's do this!
(birds chirping)
(soft playful music)
- [Narrator] Our heroes hurry
over to the Dogtown warehouse
to spend some time
with one of the most
colorful hounds to ever
sail the seven seas,
Captain Arfie
Salt-Lick Bird Seed.
- Hey, are you Arfie?
- Mug's Uncle Arfie?
- That depends on who's doing
the asking, ya land lover.
- Hi, I'm Deputy Mayor Chester.
And this here, is Mayor Bob.
- I have heard of this.
I also heard that one of
me old selfish crew mates,
Richard Liver Poopy Draws
is giving you a devil of a time.
The no good stinker that he is.
- That's exactly what we
wanted to talk to you about.
- Yeah, we'd like to take
Rich down a peg or two.
- Well, if that be the
case, then me name's truly
Captain Arfie Salt-Lick
Bird Seed at our service.
What can this 'ol
sea salt do for you?
- Richard Liver now
seems to be dead set
on becoming mayor of Dogtown.
Given how wealthy he is,
we can't figure out why
he even wants to be mayor.
- Ah, yes.
That sounds like Richard
Liver, all right.
You see lads, he
loves his wealth,
but there's one thing that has
always been out of his reach.
- What's that Arfie?
- Richard Liver wants power.
He wants to be a captain,
or in this case a mayor.
- But why?
- Probably because he's
ashamed of where he comes from.
That's part of it, but
I be thinking that power
is only left for him to buy.
Once he has it, he will only
use it to his own benefit.
- That means, that no matter
what, we gotta stop him.
(Arfie laughing)
- I'm willing to bet
that if you told him
that you know who he really is,
he'd go running for the hills,
like a greyhound
chasing a wild bunny.
Yes, indeedy.
- So that's it?
It all makes sense now.
Sir Rich Carbs The Third is
only driven by his own ego.
- Sir Rich Carbs The Third?
Is that what he's
calling himself now?
(Arfie laughing)
He'll always be Richard
Liver Poopy Draws to me.
- Yeah, he tells everyone
he's a pure breed
from a wealthy family.
- The only pure thing about him
is the poop that he's full off.
That's how he gets
his name, you see?
Poopy Draws. (laughing)
- Thanks, Arfie, you've
been a huge help.
- It's my pleasure, me lads.
So what are you gonna
do with (indistinct)
If it were me, I'd fire
the truth out of him
like a cannon ball.
- I think that's exactly
what we're gonna do.
- Ah, yes!
I just wish I could see the look
on his old fat furry face
when you drop it on him.
- How about we come back here
when it's over and
tell you how it went.
- That would make
this old sea dog
happy as a pup
with a tennis ball.
- Consider it done,
Captain Arfie.
- Be back soon.
- Come on, Bob.
It's five o'clock and I
know just where Rich is.
- Ya give a good shellacking
from old Salt-Lick, me lads.
- [Narrator] With not
a moment to spare,
Bob and Chester
head to Rich's place
where they catch him
just as he's leaving
for his daily claw appointment.
(soft gentle music)
- Oh no, not to you two again.
I have no time to deal
with you mangy muts.
- Well, I'm thinking
that you do, know why?
because we know something
that you don't know
that we know, but
now that we know
you're gonna know we know
and it won't be long
before everyone else knows
that you know what you
know and they know too.
- That was kind of amazing.
- Really?
I'm intrigued, go on.
- Well, you see, Rich,
since you've made a
habit of playing dirty,
we've decided to play
dirtier than you.
- Yeah, we're filthy now.
There's so much dirt on us.
If we stood near mud, we'd
be invisible and stuff.
- Um, yeah. (laughs)
Yeah, since you're our opponent
in this new mayoral race,
we've been doing a
little research on you.
- Yeah, that's how
we know what we know
that you don't know that.
- Not again, Bob. (laughs)
- Oh, poppycock.
You two barely have
one brain between you.
Whatever you think
that you know,
I can all but
guarantee is balderdash
as you haven't the
acumen to match wits
with a pure bred like myself.
- Hey, you know what?
Now you've got me thinking,
maybe you're right.
Maybe we've been
outwitted again.
- There, now you're
using that pitiful excuse
for a walnut sized brain
that's been rattling around
in the chasm of your skulls.
- You really are
smart, come on, Bob.
We can't win.
See you around, Richard
Liver Poopy Draws.
- Wait, what did you say?
- Oh, he called you
Richard Liver Poopy Draws.
- That is your name, isn't it?
- But, how?
- Come on, after all that
time that you spent sailing
with your Captain Arfie,
I thought that you would have
easily figured it out by now.
- You wouldn't.
- There you're wrong, Bob.
He is very much
different than we are.
He's a liar and a fake.
We may not have enough
bones in the bank
to do whatever we wish like
Richard Liver Poopy Draws does.
But at least we're honest.
- I feel like I'm
being blackmailed.
- It's the only blackmail if
you have something to hide.
(Bob laughing)
(Rich laughing)
- I have nothing to hide,
but I will tell
you both something.
- Oh, yeah?
What's that?
- If you're willing to engage
in the malicious
slander of my good name,
I shall withdraw from
the mayoral race.
- And why would you do that?
- I don't want anyone
to know that I'm at all
associated with
pooches like you.
It's beneath me.
Know this though, you haven't
seen nor heard the last of me.
The die has been cast.
Good day, sir.
- [Narrator] Our
heroes have done it.
Rich is dropping out
of the mayoral race.
And that means that Barney
will be close behind him.
That is if Barney hasn't
already dropped out.
(Bob howling)
- Oh man, that was
G-R-E-A-T, great!
(Chester laughing)
- How did it go, me mateys?
- You should've seen
his face, Captain Arfie.
- And what did the scoundrel
have to say for himself?
(Arfie laughing)
- He said that he didn't
wanna be associated
with pooches like us, so he's
dropping out of the race.
- That's just like him.
- I should have named
him Lillie Liver
instead of Richard
Liver. (laughs)
- Thanks so much for
your help, Captain.
Is there anything that
we can do for you?
- Well, I can always be using
a fresh set of paws on my ship.
The Naughty Newfound Land.
- Well, I'd love
to do that, but ..
But we have jobs to do here
as mayor and deputy mayor.
- Yeah.
- If you don't mind me saying,
you two don't sound all that
excited to be doing that job.
- It's a lot of work.
- And we have a
lot to live up to.
My pop has been kicking tail
as mayor for a long time.
- And we don't wanna fail
him or let anyone down.
- Let me give you a lad's
a little bit of advice.
Follow your hearts, no
matter where it takes you,
especially for leads you to
a fine, golden fire hydrant.
(Captain Arfie laughing)
- You're awesome, Arf.
Come on, Chester, we still
have lots of stuff to do.
- [Narrator] As crazy as
captain Arf proved to be,
he also seemed to
notice that even though
Rich is no longer
running for mayor,
all is not right
with our heroes.
Maybe a visit to
one of Dogtown's
craziest and most
brilliant minds,
Bartholomew Barkinbow
will do the trick.
- Hey kids.
Oops, I mean mayors, sorry.
Still getting used to that.
- Hey, double B,
how are you doing?
- Just fine.
I finally got my
radio connection
to the planet Uranus-Licked.
It was a problem, but
a deep dive into it
really did the trick.
- That's great, Bart.
- Say, why the long tails?
Word on the street
is that Rich Carbs
is dropping out of
the mayoral race.
- Isn't Barney still running?
- I heard that he actually
dropped out before Rich did.
Maybe that's why Rich is
throwing in the towel.
- Yeah, maybe that's why.
- Then you two
should be happy, no?
- Okay, my turn.
Can I be honest with you both?
- What's on your minds, Chester?
- Yeah, spill it, my boy.
My ears are listening.
- Well, I really don't think
I'm cut out for this
whole mayor thing.
The main reason that
I wanted to do it
was because I didn't
wanna let you down, Bob.
- And I was only
doing it because
I didn't wanna let my pop down.
- Have either of you
told Mayor J about this?
- No, I'm afraid to,
I don't wanna disappoint him
because he works so
hard for everyone.
But I don't think I
can be another him.
- There's no one like
Mayor J, that's for sure.
- It's so true.
What are we gonna do, Bob?
- I have no idea, Chester.
- I have an idea.
- You do?
- Oh, please tell us, Bart.
Doesn't have anything to
do with Uranus, does it?
- Yeah, I'm not sure
if we can handle
an alien invasion on
top of everything else.
(Bob laughing)
(Bart laughing)
- [Bart] Seriously though,
trying to be the next Mayor J
is the exact wrong thing to do.
- It is?
- Yes, sir.
The world already has a Mayor J,
but do you know what it needs
more than anything else?
- What, Bart?
- It needs its first Bob
Wags and Chester Bert,
whomever and
whatever they may be.
The best thing you can
do for you or anyone else
is to be yourself.
- I think you're right, Bart.
I guess it's just time
to face the music.
- Yeah, is it weird that I
feel kind of relieved, Bob?
- Nah, I knew too.
(Bob laughing)
Now all we have to
do is try and find
the right way to tell my pop.
- Speaking of Mayor J,
he's gonna be on the Doggone
News Evening Edition.
It's coming on in a second If
you wanna watch it with me,
maybe Mayor J will say something
that'll help you both
find the right approach.
- [Narrator] Having gotten
some much needed advice,
Bob and Chester
settle in with Bart
to watch the number one rated
TV show in all of Dogtown,
Doggone News Evening Edition.
- [Daisy] Live from Arnold
Schnauzernager Studios
in beautiful Downtown Dogtown,
it's time for a Doggone
News Evening Edition
with your hosts Dots and Daisy.
(audience applauding)
- Hello, Dogtown,
I am Mrs. Dots.
- And I'm Miss Daisy.
And welcome to Doggone News.
- Wow, Daisy, just
when we thought
that the race for Dogtown
mayor couldn't get any wilder.
Bombshell after bombshell.
- It's been insane, Dots.
First, Barney Lockjaw drops out
of the deputy mayor picture.
And then Sir Rich
Carbs The Third
runs out the door right
after him. (laughs)
- This leaves Dogtown
with quite a dilemma.
- Indeed it is.
- Totally.
Was there any other news today?
- There was some music news.
The official Burning
Bone Music Festival
has been announced
for next month
in Squeak Toys City, Barkalotta.
- Oh cool, who's preforming?
- Stone Temple Terriers.
The Black Paws.
Nine Inch Neuters, The
Red Hot Chili Poopers
and Neural Jam.
- Oh boy, I need to get
my tickets like yesterday.
- And don't forget
your flea collars.
All those dogs in one place
can be dangerous and stinky.
- Yes.
- Do we have a guest
for this evening, Dots?
- Yes we do.
The former mayor, Mayor
Jack Russell will be here.
- Oh, that should
be very interesting.
(telephone ringing)
- In fact, Daisy, this is
him calling in right now.
- Whoa, let's do this.
- Doggone News, you're
live with Dots and Daisy.
- Wow, have you been on
a roller coaster ride?
- Now that Rich and Barney
are out of the race for mayor,
what's your view on what
the people of Dogtown
should do next?
- I'm afraid I made a
big mistake, ladies.
- You mean, by just giving
your son the job of mayor?
- Okay, I made a
couple of mistakes.
The one that you're referring to
was definitely my mistake
as mayor of Dogtown.
- What's the other
mistake, Mayor J?
- Well, to be perfectly honest--
- Attention people!
This is a Doggone
News Exclusive.
A politician is about to
tell the truth, again!
(Mayor J laughing)
- Yes, I am.
I made a mistake
as a father too.
I never gave Bob and
Chester a choice.
I just said, "Okay,
now you're mayor."
However, you have to understand,
I was overwhelmed by my pride
for their accomplishments.
- To be fair, they
did save the day.
- I know, and for that,
I'm more grateful than
you could ever imagine.
The fact is though, I was wrong.
I was wrong to leave Dogtown
without an elected mayor.
And I was even more wrong to
not allow my son and his friend
to be who they wanted to be.
Instead, I just told
them that they should be
who I wanted them to be.
- Oh Mayor J, you're really
being hard on yourself.
- I appreciate you saying that,
but I'm actually
just being honest.
- So where do you go
from here, Mayor J?
- Well, first of all,
I wanna apologize to all
the pooches in Dogtown.
Even more than that, I
want to publicly apologize
to my son and to Chester.
I love you both, more
than you'll ever know.
- Aw, Mayor Jack, I forgive you.
- Me too, everyone
makes mistakes.
- Thank you, if the
town still wants me,
and my son and
Chester will allow it,
I'd like to return to my job
as mayor for my fourth term.
- Speaking only for myself,
I'd love to have
you back as mayor.
- Me too, and I'm sure the
rest of Dogtown will agree.
- Yeah, we're influencers.
We influence. (laughs)
- Thanks, I appreciate that,
But it's up to Bob and Chester.
I want them to do
what they want to do.
- There you go, everyone.
The fate of Dogtown
now hangs in the paws
of Bob Wags and Chester Bert.
- Thanks for your time, Daisy.
You too, Dots.
- It's always a
pleasure, Mayor J.
- Right on, sir.
And good luck to you.
As for Daisy and I, we'll
see you all tomorrow
for the Morning Edition
of Doggone News!
(upbeat music)
- [Narrator] Mayor J realized
the error of his ways
and is now waiting patiently
for Bob and Chester
to return from their adventures.
- Pop!
- Did you two see Doggone News?
- You bet we did. (laughs)
- I'm guessing you've
come to a decision.
- We sure have.
We've been thinking long
and hard about this.
- Oh?
And we have decided that ...
- Yes?
- We've decided that we have
a question for you, Mayor J.
A question that will
definitely help us
to come to our final decision.
- Let it rip.
- Are you ready for your
fourth term as mayor, pop?
- Please say yes.
- Let me think.
You bet, I am. (laughs)
- Whew, talk about a relief.
- Totally.
- Well, that too.
- You boys mean the world.
- Oh, hang on a second, pop.
We want you to
know something too.
It's you, who means
the world to us.
- That's why we took the
job, to make you proud.
And you have, in fact, you
two make me proud every day.
- We do?
- That's right, each day
I get to see you grow
into the wonderful poachers
that you've become.
And I want you both
to do whatever it is
that makes you happy.
Follow your dreams, not mine.
- Thanks, Mayor J.
- I love you, dad.
- I love you too.
Now, let's get to work.
- Work?
No way
I've got Frisbee's to chase.
- And I have got butts to sniff.
(Bob sniffing)
- You and your butt sniffing.
(Chester laughing)
- [Narrator] Thanks
for joining us
on another adventure
through Dogtown.
Remember kids, no matter
what, always be you.
After all, you're the
best you that there is.
We'll see you all again soon.
Until next time, have
yourself a howling good time.
(guitar music)
Dog is God spelled backwards
What a great idea that was
Dog is God spelled backwards
Because a dog is
unconditional love
When you're sad, he's
there to cheer you
When you're bad he
doesn't fear you
He's your buddy no
matter what you do
Through thick and thin
he's always there for you.
Dog is God spelled backwards
What a great idea that was
Dog is God spelled backwards
Because a dog is
unconditional love
Yes a dog is
unconditional love