Dogville Confessions (2003) Movie Script

I only need to tell myself it's all going to be allright.
I just want everyone to be allright.
But people cannot be allright
whilst making a film, thats impossible.
What if it turns out to be shit?!
Sixteen actors, one stage and 6 maal (unit of area)
and that's all.
Every film is a moonlanding, right.
And where the film is at right now is like we have just landed on the moon.
[various tech. smalltalk]
I'm still without my shoes.
It only works in wide shots
down from one end of the stage,
shot in silhouette it works just fine.
But this does'nt work at all when were at the edges.
Shit! Piss!
What really annoys me
is to wear all that stuff all the time.
In my head, the idea made sense,
but at some point you go.
Imagine having 20 people under your command constantly.
She's this princess character, right.
She goes out in real life and gets in really big trouble.
Values, people, nature and everything
don't act like they should.
Lars von Trier.
He's a con man, 'cause he isn't called "von".
[last words cant make out]
It's just an affectation,
and that's the lowest thing imaginable.
It's like claiming (adel=royalty?).
It's so low, so low,
claiming to be someone else
than who you really are.
Is it big problems?
Easy now!
Yeah, we just needed some tools?
OK. We wait.
There now, there now!
Do you feel how warm your hands are?
Yeah, but I'm feverish,
I've got a fever!
All this privatisation...
thats a bit difficult
- Is it?
- as soon as it works everthing is better.
Be a good girl now, and go back in your place.
Thank you.
There's so many people here!
Get out, please.
Oh, shut up!
Now? Now I'm allright.
You have to raise you hand and say:
"Dear Ms. Bacall, I would like to take a shit."
And there's something about that I don't like.
I would like to feel some sort of control
of my bodily functions.
If you feel like this conversation is
turning somewhat manic, you're right,
because the day is over and just one more day
till a three day weekend. Then we can relax.
Oh, shut up!
Lars von Trier
is a poor man trapped in his own game.
He's got lots of ambition,
lots of "this is how its gonna be" and
"now we all play my game" and all that.
The problem is every morning he needs to be ready with some new stuff.
"What are we gonna do now?" etc.
He's bombarded...
I'm afraind next important scene with him
we get the same kind of problem, I'm sure of that.
The attitude that's displayed at the moment is like
"I'm too smart", thats how I see it from my camera.
It's almost like...
I'm so tired. Time to rape a girl. Yawn.
I just got thrown out of her trailer...
She was about to change clothes, to make it extra risque.
It's just that, just when you say it,
when I'm in there, you say "body", "fuck no".
Then I do it, then you say:
"Body, that's a good idea".
I'm with you.
- No!
- Yes!
- No!
- Yes!
You're not gonna keep your eye
on where the camera is.
I KNOW where the camera is.
But you're not supposed to.
Yes, I am.
No, you're not.
I told him: when I read one of your scripts
I see a hyperintelligent child
that's easely scared,
that's playing with dolls in a dollhouse,
and with a pair of scissors cuts their heads off.
And I think he would partly agree to that image.
Move those flowers!
critical for this film I admit...
I can't work it out, tell me again.
There's nobody that
loves me enough to tell me:
"Stop this, don't jump without
a parachute like this."
There's nobody that loves me enough,
they just say: "Go ahead."
It's actually a bit hard.
It reminds me of my childhood where
I had to set the boundaries myself.
I am supposed to do that myself,
but any sane producer would have hit
the brakes a long time ago on a project like this.
There's apparently nobody that loves me enough.
Lars von Trier.
That was a lot of fun
Let's bring the camera back here again.
It's amazing how good valium is.
Quit it!
Two times 5 milligrams is cool, that helps.
Two times 5 milligrams I standard I believe.
Add alcohol and were in business.
Then you get down and become normal.
Lars, you'll do this big thing in english?
Am I learning English? I am learning it, yes.
What are you doing now, briefly?
In English? That's gonna have to wait.
You couldn't understand it in English anyway.
Everything is going brilliantly. All goes well.
It'll be my last film, but all goes well.
It's too stupid.
I can see...
very sweet and wonderful.
You can't see the...
We're not on earth here, we're on the moon.
Wonderful. I'm too much of a good guy.
It bugs me again and again and in the end I lose my temper.
What if it turns out to be shit?
An episode that lasted 15 to 20 seconds.
Shut up everbody, leave me alone. Leave it.
You just push a button.
There remains some contrast
Shut up!
Its about how much we can see!
Get out of here!
And then it happens.
Just a moment. Just a moment. Eh.
rAbbAgAst and garandou