Doing Money (2018) Movie Script

He is looking at me
as if he knows me.
Perhaps he does.
Perhaps he does, too.
Sometimes I think every man
in the city understands
I was doing money.
Do they understand I was
someone who could not say no?
Thanks for calling us.
I just want...
They have a girl.
A slave.
So young, so small.
A star, branded here on her wrist.
They call her Skinny,
but her name is Daniela.
Is she in Sweden?
Erm, we can't give
you that information, I'm sorry.
So, you tell me nothing
and want me to tell you everything?
Ho Hey
by The Lumineers
Your money's on the hall table.
See you Friday.
Thanks, Susan.
One move and you're dead -
and your mother,
she's dead, too.
Blind, look!
Speak English, blind cow.
You are thinking,
why doesn't she scream,
like they do in the movies?
Because it's not like
it is in the movies.
Ana from Sibiu,
I know all about her already.
And I know her Mama.
Her mama, who is called Ana, too.
I know what can happen to her
if you make any more trouble.
..94. Issued in Bucharest.
Oh, Susan.
I work for her.
Baby, you work for me.
In real life, you have
no breath to scream.
Move. Move!
I need the bathroom.
143 Boulevard Rada Lupu.
Your mama lives there.
Remember, Blind One,
I see everything.
Now, shut up and move.
Good morning.
This one looks good.
This one will do money.
At home in Romania, we hear
about the girls who are groomed.
The girls who are
tricked into falling
for men's stories.
"Silly girls," we all think.
But I'm not a silly girl...
..and nobody has groomed me,
or tricked me.
The men are Romanian, like me.
They have stolen me off
the streets of London,
and all I can think is -
nobody knows where I am.
Not even me.
What else have you got?
Only the best for Ancuta.
Hello, baby.
No, sorry, she's not here,
but I have a lovely new girl
waiting just for you.
No! No! No!
No! No!
Do as you're told!
You two have fun now.
Welcome to Galway.
Best place on Earth.
You look beautiful.
Come and sit here.
Come on, darling.
Come on.
And the races are on.
All the pretty girls
in all their hats and their...
Lie back there. I don't want
to be here. I want to go home.
Listen, I want to go home. Listen...
And we like to please our ladies.
No, I don't want to.
No, I said no.
If that's the way you like it.
No, I said no!
Get off! Don't touch me!
Get off! Get off!
Get off!
God in heaven!
Get out!
We'll get you another girl.
She's mad!
She's bloody mad!
A fine way to treat
an honest customer!
You don't want to do it for money?
You can do it for nothing.
I'm no good to you.
Let me go home.
Home as in London,
where the only job you're good
for is cleaning?
Or home as in Romania, where
there's no job for you at all?
I was studying to be a nurse.
She thinks she's too good for us.
Teach her a lesson.
No! No!
Silly bitch. It's only sex.
You lads! Cut that noise, now!
Skirt off.
Arse out.
Stick it out.
The other one - off.
Now pick up the sign.
Blind One, meet Skinny One.
So, the split's 50-50 for all
my girls, except Blind One,
who likes it so much
she does it for nothing.
No, I'm here to do webcam.
No sex.
That's what my boyfriend told me.
Wear pretty clothes
and just talk to the camera,
is what he said.
Is that toast?
Can I have some?
You don't do money,
we don't feed you.
So, it's 80 euros
for half an hour, 140 for an hour.
Extra for anal,
cum in mouth, without condom.
If they ask for the
girlfriend experience...
..Skinny One, you know how it works.
What are you doing?
Shh! Stop.
Lily, you need to wake up, stop her.
I have to get out.
They've got your passport, right?
Your clothes and your glasses.
How far are you going to get
in your knickers
in a foreign country?
The window is nailed down.
Now, can we all get some sleep?
Work with me and eat.
Fight me and starve.
Your choice.
Get up!
You two have fun now.
Hello, Natalia. I'm Declan.
I'm not Natalia.
Ah, well, never mind.
You're very pretty.
Clock's ticking.
I'm not going to have sex with you.
Oh, no, see, that's...
that's where you're wrong.
Because my money's as good
as the next man's.
We have a warrant
to search your property!
You're under arrest.
That's fine.
That's good.
Cover yourself up, for God's sake.
Have you no shame at all?
Passport? ID?
The pimps took them,
but I can give you the details.
I was born in...
Sibiu, Romania, yes.
It says so on this
tenancy agreement,
which is in your name.
No, that can't be right.
My officers found 1,500 euro,
mobile phones,
and records of clients' details,
in a holiday house
rented in your name.
You'll appear in court
in the morning.
Can I call my mother?
A night in the cells, a wee fine,
and tomorrow you're
a free woman.
Why don't they arrest the men?
What are we guilty of,
exactly, compared to them?
Their wives are cold.
They don't get enough sex at home.
It isn't sex though, is it?
It's rape.
We go along with it.
It's our job.
You think you're special, Ana?
You're just a hole.
She's a hole.
I'm a hole.
That's how men are.
Not my man. He loves me. Mm.
Can I call my mother, please?
Could you just shut up
about your mother?
We all have mothers.
And some of us have children, too.
300 euros. It's nothing.
It's not the money, Lily.
If she starts on
about running away again...
I've got a criminal record -
and who will believe me?
So, that's 1,000 for the week.
Extendable, just pop by the office.
Family holiday, is it?
Oh, yeah, we love it here.
It's so friendly.
OK, enjoy. Thank you.
So, that's 1,000 the three
of you owe me, for starters.
Blind One, close curtains.
I want to restart my profiles
on a new country code, yes.
From Republic of Ireland
to United Kingdom, 0044.
Look at this girl.
Spanish, apparently.
The one with the star on her wrist?
She's never over 18, is she?
Would they ever be daft enough
to bring an underage girl over here?
Underage makes the most money.
The star again.
Italian, now, apparently.
That's the same wee girl.
Find out where they are.
Let's pay her a visit.
Hello, baby.
It's Declan.
I've booked the porn-star
experience with Natalia.
She's waiting for you.
I'm on the square.
Now, you see the glass door?
Straight ahead? Mm-hm.
OK. Press number 93.
I'm in.
She's longing to see you.
Declan, he's a pervert.
Look, he's an arsehole, I agree...
..but I've had worse.
He wanted it to hurt.
They all want it to hurt.
Before I went on maternity leave,
there was a woman on every corner.
Local women can't compete, now.
Security guiding him in.
Hi, that's our mark
approaching the door now.
Yep. Copy that. We see him.
You don't look much
like your photograph.
You do do what it says
on your profile?
On the website.
Where it says the things
that you like to do.
I have never seen my profile.
And there is nothing I like doing.
Stop where you are!
Detective Inspector Grant,
Police Service of Northern Ireland.
I have a warrant
to search these premises.
No, listen, listen,
my wife doesn't need to know about
this, surely to God.
Look, I have kids.
We were just talking.
Put on your shirt.
We were just talking.
Nothing really happened. I mean...
I'm putting on my shirt, but look,
will you just listen to me
for, like, two minutes. I wasn't...
I wasn't doing anything.
I have kids.
Check the room for luggage labels...
Do you want to take a seat?
We just want to ask
you some questions.
You're not in any trouble.
You're not going to be arrested.
We're not going to involve
the immigration authorities.
We're not here to take your money.
We're here to help you.
You said you arrived
on March the 3rd?
Who paid for your ticket?
We are cousins. All family.
And you take care of
everyone's passports?
Yeah, yeah. For safety.
So many bad people.
Do you girls recognise
any of these men?
Oh, no men. Only girls.
If any of you were brought
here against your will,
if any of you are being forced
to work, to do sex work
that you don't want to do,
we can help you.
I'm happy. I'm free.
You Irish women,
you're too old, too fat,
too much complaining.
He agrees with me.
Don't you, baby?
Bag it all up.
We'll bring this one home
to his wife.
The British police are a joke.
Passports, now.
Blind One.
They don't talk to us
because they're afraid.
Boss, nobody seems remotely
afraid of anybody but us.
Here. Did you get it? Yeah.
Her name is Daniela Corbu.
She turned 18 on Monday the 2nd.
By Tuesday lunchtime,
she was on a plane to Galway -
and no, she doesn't
want to talk to us.
Rachel, come here.
Sex slaves?
Come on, boss, it's not as if
we find these women
chained to the radiators.
Do you want out? No, I just...
I don't know. I go home,
I put my baby in the bath,
I smell them places
on myself, you know?
It all just takes so bloody long.
You like results.
You like arrests, and trials,
and long prison sentences.
Yeah, I'm a police officer.
You get caught with
a kilo of cocaine in your car,
no question, you're going
down for five to ten years minimum.
Sounds like my kind of job.
You get caught with
a trafficked human being,
chances are nobody will even notice.
She'll be too scared to complain.
I'm not having that.
Not in my town.
Your town, is it?
Dougie, have you ever even
had a single woman say thank you?
Scottish gang, that time.
She grabbed my leg.
"Thank God you're here," she said.
One. One is all it takes.
One woman brave enough to talk.
Any luck?
No. The lines are dead now.
Our birds have flown.
They'll be back...
..and we'll be waiting for them.
Come on.
Let me go, Luca.
Let me go and I won't tell
a soul what you did.
Funny girl.
The people I clean for in London...
..they'll tell someone I'm missing.
They will say, "Bloody
Eastern Europeans, so ungrateful,
"so unreliable,
"last time I let any of them
clean up my shit."
Do money, Blind One.
It's OK.
It won't be forever.
Only don't waste your time
thinking anyone is looking for you.
Get in the car, bitch.
My last client complained
because I don't look
like my photograph.
Ask Ancuta for new ones.
I get loads of compliments on mine.
But I've never had any...
..and I'm thinking maybe
that's because
they don't want
anyone to recognise me.
Anyone to come looking for me.
Look, we've got competition.
Mm. The one in the middle is pretty.
But none of them are smiling.
You do more money when you smile.
No need to pay rent.
They can paint the place,
get it ready for my students.
Brilliant white.
The woodwork, too.
Always looks fresh.
So, who's first?
Well, now.
Sweet 16.
Did you not hear me say
you'll be painting this place
in your bare little arses?
In there.
In there.
You'll have your fun later.
For what you want, it's 500 euros.
Don't touch her face.
In there.
No, no, no!
Let me see your face.
You'll mend.
Listen to me.
Just don't cross her.
Do money for her, do lots of money,
and everything will be OK.
You are leaving?
I can't look after you any more.
You call this looking after me?
Luca, I'm dying here.
Don't leave me with her.
Get out, Blind One.
Don't think so much about escaping.
Think about surviving.
Do lots of money and...
..then go home.
How much did you get for me?
How much?!
30,000 euros.
I paid him big money for you.
Time to start paying it back.
We can't just rescue them.
We can't remove an adult woman
without her permission,
and she won't give it
because she has these pimps,
violent men who are threatening
her family back home.
Plus, there's often
a very deep level of control,
psychological control.
At least you do know
where these brothels are?
For a couple of days
at a time, yes, we do.
They pop up in Northern Ireland,
then they disappear
and then they pop up
in the Republic.
Pop-up brothels?
Yes - but can I just say,
we abolished slavery
in Britain in 1834.
Can't say I'd noticed.
And back to you, Robin.
From the side.
Hello, baby.
Natalia, will she do rough play?
Lower. I'm really looking
for someone younger.
There'll be three of us.
I didn't think
she liked me last time.
Yes, baby, of course she likes you.
Isabella, for the
porn star experience.
Arse out.
She has to like it, you know?
Kataryna, the girlfriend experience.
She's longing to see you.
She was a Kataryna, too.
You must know her.
Dark hair, about your height.
Ukrainian, like you.
I'm not Ukrainian.
We got very close.
Went to dinner, the cinema.
She likes rom coms.
We were getting engaged.
She was bringing
her whole family over.
And you paid for it all.
I loved her.
Look again.
You must know her.
I don't know people.
You don't like being kind, do you?
The girlfriend experience...'s wasted money on you.
She's not your girlfriend...
..and neither am I.
"Timeless romantic allure."
I fucking love Italy.
Me too. Fucking love it.
"Silent, no feelings.
"I can't fuck a girl like that.
"I want my girls to be lively.
"No stars."
"No enthusiasm.
"Lay there like a block of wood.
"One star."
"Pretty enough, but she looks
like a drug addict,
"and her breath smells."
My teeth are broken in pieces.
"One star."
Of course my breath smells.
People read these reviews, you know.
They are not people,
they are arseholes.
And I'm glad my breath smells.
30,000 euros?
For that?
30,000 euros.
I made it back in 13 days.
300 arseholes, in 13 days.
I can hardly walk,
and you want me to enjoy it?
I like a quiet life, Blind One.
Happy customers, happy money,
to send back home
to our happy families.
These things make me happy.
But you...
..always fighting.
Always, "No, no, no."
"No, no, no."
Which is good, actually.
Don't tell me this is news
for the Blind One.
Don't tell me she doesn't know
why they love her so.
Why she does so much money.
Everybody wants the one
who likes to be raped.
Stupid blind fucking bitch!
Do you want to work for me, or not?!
Come on, Blind One.
Let me explain.
I look after you.
I protect you.
From the police,
immigration, the others.
Or I leave you here alone,
in the middle of nowhere.
I will ask you just once more.
Do you want to work for me?
Do you want to do money for me?
Or would you prefer to die
like a dog
in the middle of the road?
So that your poor mama will never
know what happened to her baby.
Never mind.
You've got us.
Funny, Blind One.
Look at yourself,
sat here with us...
..among all the straight people.
All the straight people,
all looking straight through us.
I cannot see them.
Of course you can.
My glasses.
Now are you going to say
I never give you anything?
She loves me now, look.
Look at all the stupid women.
No idea what their husbands
get up to behind their backs.
They are blind.
You and me, baby...
..we are invisible.
They're clearly all free agents.
This company insists that all
girls provide verification shots.
All that proves is she knows
how to hold up a piece of cardboard.
On the contrary. It's clear
evidence she knows what she's doing.
We suspect some of the women
advertised on your website
have been trafficked.
No, no.
All our employers
operate legitimately.
All the girls that use
our service are free,
willing, and volunteers.
Anything else is bad for business.
Ionut Ilie and Ancuta Schwarz.
Members of an organised crime group
from Romania.
No-one here has any contact
with individual advertisers.
I mean to get a court order,
requiring you to release
all financial transactions
between these individuals.
My pleasure.
Free movement of labour, eh?
Anything else is bad for business.
You girls will be busy this week,
with the Downpatrick Races on.
Oh, er, my horse came in at 16-1.
I bought you something
with my winnings, Natalia.
Oh, well, never mind.
Give us a wee kiss, huh?
See you soon.
Soon, Declan.
I can do some of that.
Take the burden off Ancuta.
Try it.
Always answer the same.
"Baby, baby, baby."
Hello, baby.
Hey, can we book an hour with Lucy?
She's so pretty.
There'll be three of us.
No problem, baby.
Will text you the address, baby.
Yes. Bye-bye.
She needs more names
and more profiles.
They all need more profiles.
Nobody is doing enough money.
Get it done while I'm in Sweden.
Don't ever let me catch you
looking at my man.
Go on.
Hello, baby.
I want to book Melanie...
..and Sabrina...
OK, baby.
..and Rica, and Liv and Yasmin.
Yeah, all at once.
That's maybe not possible
as they are all busy girls.
You then, you come?
It's 200 for her.
Aye, no bother.
Your first outcall.
Where are you, baby?
Nice. I smell money.
Hello, baby.
Here is Conchita.
Well, this is grand. Come in.
Look, look, every one
a perfect gentleman. So...
Then the price is more.
Is this enough?
You have fun with these boys.
Just checking you're
not wearing a wire.
Paranoid, I know.
Take a seat.
Fancy a beer?
So, Conchita.
You answer the phones,
but it's not your business, right?
You work for pimps?
And you're not...
you're not Spanish, not really?
I'm guessing Romanian?
You're a policeman?
You ever seen police
with one of these wee things
round his leg? Huh?
If he goes out past midnight,
he goes up in smoke!
It's part of his bail conditions.
You are criminals?
Not criminals either.
Your man there's just daft enough
to keep getting caught. Tae fuck.
I don't do drugs.
Do you do taking your clothes off?
What the fuck happened to you?
Put your clothes back on.
Look, we could help you.
Our friends are
very interested in your business.
I am the product for sale, here,
not the manager.
Our friends want to know
what the fuck your business
is doing in our town.
You know, the people
you're talking about
would not agree
that this is your town.
They would say
that it is their town now.
"Conchita: brunette.
"Anal without, deep throat,
"there's nothing
she won't do for fun."
Look, you can go upmarket.
Girls in beautiful dresses,
fancy restaurants, wealthy clients.
You don't have to suffer like this.
If the pimps find out
about this conversation,
I will suffer more than
you can possibly imagine.
What's your real name?
Yes, Liam?
Boss, on the Romanian job,
the mobile phones have moved
from Irish to UK codes,
and the website kindly confirms
that both pages were paid for
on the same credit card.
In Ionut Ilie's name?
Good. Now we follow the money.
Sorry I'm late, chaps. No worries.
Eyes down, never draw
attention to yourself.
Every hotel, the same rules.
Here is Isabella.
There's your hundred.
You two have fun now.
It's a nice room.
So, what do you want?
Just to talk.
Hold on, all right,
I've paid my money,
I just want to talk.
Have you got a daughter?
Go home, arsehole.
And when you look at her,
think of me.
Marked notes handed over.
You OK?
Just took me by surprise,
that's all.
Was she scared?
She was angry.
Targets are leaving the hotel.
Copy that. That was quick.
Walking east on Derry Street.
Roger that.
The others love to steal our money.
Police love to find it.
So whenever it's busy,
you need to send someone down here
every couple of hours,
with protection.
Why are you telling me all this?
Ionut is expanding into Scandinavia.
So, one day, Blind One,
you could be just like me.
Go on, pay it in.
Cashier number one, please.
Hi, there.
Thank you.
Hold it. Now we send a picture
to Ionut,
to prove we sent him the money.
So that's more than 100,000.
Yeah. All via money exchanges
in Belfast, Dublin,
Galway, Cork, and Stockholm.
All registered
to the same IP address.
That IP address belongs
to Mr Ionut Ilie.
Who flew, this morning to...
Just when you think
you're getting close.
I'll speak to the Swedish boys.
And here's Daniela putting money
into various Italian branches,
five years ago.
When she'll only have been 13.
When I was little, I wanted
to grow up to be a princess.
One day, I'm going to have
a little house in the forest.
Where I can have dogs...
..and chickens...
..and live there with my boyfriend.
I know you still think
he's coming for you.
He did this to prove
I'm his little star.
He branded you.
Be kind, Ana.
I'll get you out of here, one day.
I'm going to Sweden.
You could come, too.
An alert from the airline.
She's in seat 33C.
Estimated arrival
2:15 Stockholm time.
They never just run.
So what's she doing there?
22 minutes from arriving alone
in Stockholm
to picking up her first booking.
Maybe Swedish police
can get a statement out of her.
The pimps allow her to travel
round Europe on her own.
She's obediently going
about her work for them,
on her own. She could walk away,
but she doesn't.
That's how deep the control gets.
This one's never going to talk.
Answer that.
Hello, baby.
Natalia? Is that you?
It's Declan.
Declan, baby.
We don't see enough of you.
Well, you're in luck.
I'm in Belfast today.
An outcall? Eh?
Of course, why not?
What, oh, oh, you mean like a hotel?
Yes, that will be lovely.
I'll be there in five.
I have an outcall.
Oh, wow. Glasses.
It's a look!
Drive. All right.
Wagon Wheel
by Nathan Carter
So, will we get that hotel?
I mean, it's going to have
to be a cheap one, though.
I'm not going to a hotel.
Will I just take you back now?
I'm not going back.
Ah, you can't really want
to give all this up?
All the fun, and the money?
I mean, everything I earn,
I'm spending on you -
and that's just me.
I don't get your money.
I don't get anybody's money.
The pimps keep it all -
and what was the
other word you used?
All right, don't kick off!
Fun?! Fun?!
All right!
It's quite nice just sitting here.
It's quite nice just
having a wee drive together,
in the sunshine.
I'm just driving here, so...
Bring her back, little man,
or I'll tell your mummy
you're a pervert.
You can stay here for the night.
Look, it's all very well you
dumping yourself on me...
..but they're threatening
to tell my family.
They only have your phone number,
they cannot find out where you live.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
My mum will kill me
if she finds out.
Look, you'll be safe in here.
Sleep in my mum's car.
She has a dog blanket in the back.
If it was so bad,
why did you never just leave?
I was too scared...
..and they make you believe
it's all you are good for.
Come on.
I must've been mad
to bring you here.
What if...
What if you take me into town
and we get a hotel?
I don't have money for hotels.
A flat, though,
a flat would be better.
A flat would pay for itself.
A fancy one,
and you working out of it.
Think of the money we'd make, huh?
I mean, what else are
you any good for, huh?
Get in the fucking car!
I can take her back to Romania,
I might still get
good money for her.
She's past her best.
If nobody wants to buy her,
then the obvious destination
is Dubai.
They love girls like her
over there...
..for a little while.
Dubai, where old whores go to die.
This woman is no good to me,
Stefan, she is a monster.
Oy. I'm telling you,
it's what a lot of men want.
Got all the gear, look.
Turn around.
OK. Go back. Go.
She's a good one, no?
Should definitely do good money.
Come here. Put another one.
Come here!
Hello? Buzz me in.
What else are you
any good for?
You've got us.
Would you prefer to die like
a dog in the middle of the road?
What the fuck happened to you?
Have you no shame?
One day, Blind One,
you take pictures like me.
I'm going to Sweden.
They all want it to hurt.
Everybody wants the one
who likes to be raped.
You don't have to suffer
like this.
Remember me?
What the fuck are you doing here?
You all right?
Sure, come on.
Just in time for the party!
Come on, come in, come in.
I couldn't think of
anywhere else to go.
You're grand. All right.
Hey, come on, come on in.
Get yourself a wee drink there.
Can I call my mother, please?
Uh, yeah. Keep it.
I've got loads more.
My name is Ana.
Nice to meet you, Ana.
Come on!
I hear. She can sleep on the couch.
She can make herself useful.
Here, do you drive?
It's not my fault
that you lost your licence.
And it's not my fault
you keep failing your test.
Just fuck off, the pair of you.
So, that was about you staying here.
If you want to.
I don't want to make
trouble for you, Sean.
What do you want to do?
I want to find a safe place.
I want to live.
I want to be Ana again.
Only Ana.
Then drive for me.
Watch your back.
My wife has a theory.
You get to see your wife for long
enough to listen to a theory?
Cheers. Cheers.
About why the brothels
are busiest on Thursday night.
Late night shopping.
The minute their wives
are out of the house...
The men get online. It's gross.
So, the answer is no.
As expected.
For God's sake.
The prosecutors take the view
that our file is not complete.
They're not wrong.
But all the evidence, the money,
the credit cards,
the accounts, we've got it all.
Yeah, except a witness statement.
All right, let's go, lads!
Look at me.
All right, dopey fuck.
Get the fuck out of here!
We're on your side.
All right, get them out
of the fucking van, aye.
Get the fuck out!
You're a fucking creep!
Shut your fucking mouth!
You dirty bastard!
Don't shoot!
They're little girls.
Fuck off!
Your fucking town, is it?
Your fucking town?!
Ana, wake up.
Your man's phone.
Thought there might be some
useful numbers in there for you.
What have you done?
Put the world to rights.
Don't ask.
Have you seen Skinny?
Small, pale.
Er, the girl I saw was dark.
..I never want to have sex
with anyone again.
No problem.
I'll make us a cup.
Hey, Sean, can you sort us out?
All right, I can be there in ten.
I'm thinking coffee. As usual.
I'm thinking toast. As usual.
Come on, Sean, don't mess me about.
I'm here. What the fuck?
Wind your neck in.
Sean? Fuck.
Phones. Not allowed phone
on bail conditions.
Hello, again, Sean.
Lovely evening.
Hands on the car. Hmm?
Hands on the car.
I'm arresting you for breaching bail
by using a mobile phone.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence
if you fail to mention
when questioned something you later
rely on in court. Right.
Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
All right, for fuck's sake.
Do you know how it is
to be alone?
Really alone?
When you finally know for sure
that nobody's coming.
Nobody ever will.
Do you know what that does to you?
It makes you grow up.
Thanks for calling us.
I just want... They have a girl.
A slave.
So young, so small.
A star, branded here, on her wrist.
They call her Skinny,
but her name is Daniela.
You saw her.
You saw her the day you came,
saw, left and did nothing.
Is she in Sweden?
Erm, we can't give
you that information, I'm sorry.
So, you tell me nothing and want me
to tell you everything?
This belongs to a man
from my country called Ionut Ilie.
All his contacts...
..all his history.
We can put him
behind bars if you help us.
Ana, you were brave enough
to come here.
You're brave enough
to tell your story.
But I'm not brave.
I'm terrified.
Because they will come back for me,
and you will still do nothing.
People need to know this story.
We are everywhere.
People only have to look.
Do it for the other women, then.
Do it for Daniela.
I'll tell you my story.
I'll tell anyone who will listen.
Then let's see
if it changes anything.