Dokufu Takahashi Oden (1958) Movie Script

(Dokufu Takahashi Oden)
A Mitsugu Okura Production
Written by
Katsuyoshi Nakatsu
Shin Nakazawa
Director of Photography
Kikuzou Kawasaki
Art Direction by Haruyasu Kurosawa
Music by Chumei Watanabe
Assistant Director
Yoshihiro Ishikawa
Katsuko Wakasugi
Juzaburo Akechi
Tetsuro Tanba
Akira Nakamura
Gen Funabashi
Asao Matsumoto
Shin Shibata
Fumiko Miyata
Directed by
Nobuo Nakagawa
Early in the Meiji Era
(The 1870s)
She's gone!
That woman can run!
Take me to Atagoshita, please.
And hurry.
Can't you go any faster?
Rickshaw-man! I said
Hey! This isn't the way!
Slow down, will you!
What are we doing here?
Hello, O-Den.
Yes. The husband you abandoned.
You've gone up in the world
since I saw you last.
Hands off!
I have a decent husband now.
Look at you!
You were a samurai
with a private income...
...before you drank, gambled
and whored everything away.
You're nothing to me.
You don't have to talk like that.
You can see what I've become.
You'd better not look.
O-Mitsu's about the same age
as that girl.
She looks more like you
every day.
I hate to say it, but I don't
make much money doing this.
I'd like to buy her new clothes
like other kids have...
...but I've got no money.
A couple of days ago...
...she sat up in her
ragged old futon and called...
Mommy! her sleep.
The poor thing!
I've no right to criticize you,
but you are her mother.
Do you think you could give me
a little money for her?
Thank you. You're a light
in the darkness.
Goodbye. I'll see you again.
Many ladies prefer diamonds
to jade these days.
Not to your taste?
I have some first class
American sapphires...
For a ring, I've also got...
...rubies from England,
and opals as well.
It's for evening,
so I'd like a diamond.
We'll have some lovely ones
in soon. Please call again.
Sorry to trouble you.
No games, please.
I'm sorry?
Stop pretending.
What are you accusing me of?
Oh, stop it! Will you step
into the back, please?
Of all the nerve!
I am a customer!
Is there a problem?
I'm glad you're here, Officer.
It's shoplifting.
There's nothing here.
It's in her clothes, my lad.
That's what they all do!
Then I'll just have to
take my clothes off, then!
We've got a shoplifter!
I just took my eyes off her
for a second...
Hello, sir.
She's undressed, sir.
Right down to her underclothes.
Don't be shy. Check them, too.
Sir, this is going too far!
No! I won't!
Don't play the innocent girl
with me! Get them off!
Stop it!
What's the matter?
We're both women!
I'm prepared to bear witness
to this woman's innocence!
I'll leave you here.
Thank you for
all your trouble...
...and for coming so far
out of your way.
No trouble. Goodbye.
Could I at least
ask your name?
I'm simply doing my duty.
I see. Well, goodbye, then.
Hey! Hold it!
Show me that!
What's this?
So it's true!
Forgive me! Please!
You're a thief!
Come along with me!
Just this once! Please!
I won't be fooled again!
I'm sorry. I'll come quietly.
But could you at least
let me change my clothes?
I live quite near here.
All right.
Wait here, please.
Would you like some tea?
Aren't you ready yet?
No. It won't take long.
Hurry! It's getting late.
Now what?
A crime is a crime, you know!
We're going. Get dressed!
No! Forgive me! Please!
Don't be stupid!
In times like these...
...what happens to a woman
left alone when her husband dies?
I know what I did
was wrong, but...
...what's a young woman to do?
Please, Madam! I have
my position to consider!
Come along!
Wait! Please!
What are you doing?!
Let go of me! Let go!
Let go!
I won't!
You're up to
your old tricks again.
Where were you last night?!
Who were you with?
What's his name?
O-Den, do you hear me?!
Stop shouting, will you?
People will hear!
You'll start coughing again.
You don't fool me, you whore!
You may act the faithful wife,
but I hear what people say!
Is that the thanks I get
for working so hard... take you to a hot spring
where you can get better?
It's not easy for a woman
to make money, you know.
I know you're off
sleeping with another man!
Now look what you've done!
Are you all right?
Don't go away, O-Den!
Don't leave me!
Don't be silly!
I'm not going anywhere!
Don't leave me alone!
Just lay back and rest.
Nothing to report.
She's here.
My sister.
She wants to make you dinner.
She bought some beef.
Would you like
a home-cooked meal?
Well, tonight's a bit...
Please say you'll come,
I'll be back soon.
Secondhand Goods
Secondhand Goods
No, nothing like that...
If anyone tries to sell you
these items, let us know.
I run a respectable shop.
If I see anything, I will.
Do that, please.
Thank you.
Look at this! A police alert!
But if I didn't sell this stuff,
I'd be out of business!
You certainly fooled
that policeman.
Don't try to flatter me.
How about... this much
for the lot?
Have a heart!
The diamond and the gold watch
are worth that alone!
I took a lot of chances
to get these things!
Well, maybe the watch
will bring me luck.
Oh, I'm sure it will...
Hey, old-timer...
So how's business?
You're so pretty! Even an
old woman would fall for you.
It'd be a lucky man
who fell in love with you.
You're awful!
I hope you're not just
trifling with his affections.
I certainly am not!
I'm serious!
Did I say something wrong?
I'm sorry!
It's true.
Does this only happen
once in a lifetime?
I could die for him.
Then you should hang on
to him for all you're worth.
Ah, to be young!
Good evening...
He's here.
You really came!
I had to.
Try and make it home tonight
if you can.
I'd like to.
But it's good money.
I can't just get up and leave.
I'm sorry. It's just that
I get lonely.
I won't get angry again.
You're the only one for me.
I wouldn't betray you.
I'll be going, then.
I'm sorry I cause you
so much trouble.
You stay quiet and rest.
I'll bring you something hot.
Got a minute?
That was a great act
you pulled the other day.
That old dealer
told us everything.
You fooled that young officer,
but you don't fool us.
So just come along quietly,
all right?
Seikichi... get a hansom.
Good evening.
Is she here?
She will be soon.
Go in and wait.
I'm sorry! Haven't we sat here
long enough?
It was just an impulse.
Come on!
This arm... I want it while
it's still young and beautiful.
It's wasted on shoplifting.
Show her.
What'll it be?
Trading in women...
I'll bet it's a good business.
What are you doing?! No!
No place to go, honey?
Times are hard, you know.
But you look like a girl...
...I might be able to help.
I'll do anything!
Well, in that case...
Shut up!
You've done well.
House for Rent
She just up and moved.
I don't know where she went.
I see.
Thank you.
Oh, you're back...
I'm sorry I wasn't here,
The lady downstairs keeps
asking when we're getting married.
It's embarrassing!
Let me go! Please!
Did a woman go by here?
She must be around here.
We'll search house-to-house.
Namikawa, you help.
Start over there.
Why would you want
to leave me?
I won't let you do that!
If we love each other so much,
why did you run away?
Forgive me!
I'm no good for you, Kazuma.
Forget about me.
Don't say that!
You're all I care about.
Not my job, or my position...
You're a man with a future.
A woman like me...
...will only bring you down.
I don't care!
Don't you understand
how I feel?
I... I... you!
More than anything!
Like never before!
O-Mitsu's sick.
O-Mitsu? She is?
Did you take her to a doctor?
Yes, but what it's going to take... money.
If that's what she needs...
Will you let me see her?
Even just for a second...
I can't do that.
If you show up now...
...the poor girl will think
she's dying.
Even from a distance...
Just one look at her.
I won't bother you again,
I promise.
I'll be in your debt.
Don't worry.
You'll meet someday,
as long as you both stay alive.
So you won't let me see her...
This isn't for you.
Make sure she gets to a doctor.
I'll go straight home
and take her.
O-Mitsu... go buy some sak.
Daddy, I'm hungry!
Shut up!
Get going!
Go on!
The boss and two husbands on
the side... you're really something!
But a child, too...
that's taking things too far.
How did you know that?!
I know what's what.
I know everybody's
deepest, darkest secrets.
So tell me, then.
Where your daughter is?
"Kagome, Kagome..."
"...when will the bird..."
"...leave its cage?"
O-Hatsu! O-Tane! Dinner!
O-Mitsu... let's get you
something to eat.
Where does Jinjuro live?
This is his house.
Who are you?
He's only ever home at night.
I see.
I brought this...
My, isn't this nice!
O-Mitsu! Come here
and look at this!
Look what the nice lady
brought you!
Isn't that nice?
Oh, that child!
So you know Jinjuro?
I knew him long ago.
The poor girl's got no mother,
and it's hard on her.
When Jinjuro has money,
he's nowhere to be found.
The child has nothing to eat.
She doesn't?!
He's a devil.
I can't bear to see it.
I see...
Would you do this for me?
Make sure she has something
to eat... and don't tell Jinjuro.
Of course I will.
But who are you?
I'm sorry! Forgive me!
I won't go away again!
Calm down!
Stop using my being sick
as an excuse to whore around!
I'll kill you!
Watch out!
Damn you!
I'll kill you!
Ryonosuke! Lay back
and keep still!
I'll get a doctor!
The only cure for consumption
is a long time at a spa.
There aren't that many
that accept sick people.
Leave it to me. I have a friend
at one in Hakone.
I don't know if he can go that far.
We'll take a palanquin.
"Too late to take us across,"
he says!
Wait here. I'll find a boat.
You're freezing cold!
This wind's killing you.
What are you doing?!
I'll just take this money.
You're half-dead already.
No hot spring will cure you.
Go and talk to Lord Buddha.
O-Den's in on this, isn't she!
What does it matter?
I'll put you out of your misery.
I just got back from Hakone.
What's this?
Not too swift, are you. I put
that husband of yours to sleep.
You killed my husband?!
Damn you! How dare you
deceive me for money!
O-Den! Run!
Have you killed someone now?
Get up!
What's wrong?
My stomach...
It's not much further.
Please, Kazuma... let me
stop and rest somewhere.
Hotel Miyoshi
Hotel Miyoshi
Why are you so quiet?
Say something.
I'm going for a walk.
No! No!
I'm not alone any more.
I'm pregnant.
With your child!
Let's run away!
Let's go and live somewhere
far away from here!
Just the three of us!
A child...
Is it really mine?!
Believe me!
Please, believe me!
I swear by the Gods
I'm not lying!
I'm still a police officer,
and a crime is a crime.
I'll bring you in
and take whatever comes!
And what about
our poor child?!
Has there ever been
a greater fool than I am?!
Without you it's as if
I'm not alive.
I write this in haste.
What I said about your child
was a lie.
I was thinking only of escape.
I beg your forgiveness.
I will never forget you
as long as I live.
I love you with all my heart,
but I am a wicked woman.
I have thought deeply on this...
... and considering the future
of someone dear to me...
... I conclude we have no choice
but to part.
... forget all about me.
I pray that you will
rise in the world.
Have you made some promise
that you can't give her up?
Who is this woman
you're so crazy about?!
I can't help if you won't talk!
I'm worried about your future!
Sure, you're in love, but what
about your promotion exams?
You're taking time off,
not studying...
This is an important time!
Leave me alone.
I have ideas of my own.
What?! You ungrateful...
No! Stop it!
How else can I open his eyes?
I'll go.
Wait, Kazuma!
Forgive my brother.
I'll wait for you...
as long as I have to.
Until your feelings change.
I'm wasted on you.
I'm sorry.
Forget me.
Please forget all about me.
I pray that you will
rise in the world.
I am going away
with my daughter...
... whose existence
I have concealed from you.
There I will remake myself
as a respectable woman.
Rest in Peace
You're the lady from before...
What happened?!
Light a stick of incense
for her, please.
When did she die?
Three days ago...
the poor thing!
Right up until
the breath left her...
...she was calling out
for her dead mother.
Jinjuro wouldn't call a doctor.
The man's an animal!
When she died just before dawn
he was nowhere to be found.
But maybe O-Mitsu's
happier now.
She's with the mother
she loved so.
O-Mitsu! Forgive me!
Mommy's sorry!
...I was going to take you away...
...where we could be
respectable, like other people...
...just the two of us.
Forgive me for not being
a mother to you.
And I swear the man
who did this to us...
...will pay for it!
One Year Later
Enjoy yourselves, everyone.
Welcome back, sir.
Where is she?
The Missus?
Oh, hello... I'll be out soon.
Tobe Police Station
Chief Constable Kakunosuke
Kurata, seconded from Tokyo.
We believe O-Den Takahashi,
wanted for theft and procuring...
...has gone to ground here.
I'm involved personally.
My younger sister has vanished.
Your sister?
She left home in pursuit of a man,
I'm ashamed to say.
Rumor has it that she's here.
Well, you'll find Yokohama
very different from Tokyo.
But I'll try to help you
find your sister.
You know him?
What did he do?
He was causing a disturbance
in the Foreign Settlement.
Straighten up, Namikawa!
That's "Mr." Namikawa!
I've been looking for you.
What's happened?
Chief, he's a friend of mine
from Tokyo. Leave him to me.
Settle down, will you?
Hands off!
Kozue's left home.
Let's both of us find her,
go back to Tokyo and start over!
Kozue? I don't know
anyone named Kozue.
Let go of me!
Let go!
All right, all right!
Let go!
Hey! Namikawa! Wait!
The dice are down!
The dice are down!
No more bets!
This is all I've got left.
I'm in heaven!
Too bad, sister.
This just isn't my day.
You've only got one bet left!
My last bet?
Don't be silly. A woman
has more than that to bet.
And I pay my debts.
It's been a while.
Who was it killed O-Mitsu?
You did!
It was my fault.
Please! Give me another chance!
When O-Mitsu died I realized
I can't live without you!
You disgust me!
Forgive me! Please!
Kill someone for me.
The boss?
Boss! Boss!
There's trouble!
Someone's out to kill you.
The Kinjishikan owner deals
in Shanghai and Singapore.
And his right arm
is a beautiful woman.
She's got a thousand men
she leads by the nose.
They call her 'elder sister',
or 'O-Den'.
You're all dressed up.
So you won't look at
any other women.
You slay me, you know.
You can all go to hell!
You used me!
...I've avenged you.
Get away from me!
The O-Den you knew is dead!
We live in different worlds!
Don't follow me!
Keep away!
Missus... the money.
What money?!
Act like a man, will you?
I hate you!
What I love is this!
You're under arrest!
Let me die! Let me die!
Damn you!
Let me die! Let me die!
Here, Kazuma.
The End