Dolan's Cadillac (2009) Movie Script

He looks like anybody
you see on the street.
But when he grins,
birds fall off telephone lines.
When he looks at you
a certain way,
your prostate goes bad,
and your urine burns.
The grass yellows up
and dies where he spits.
He's always outside.
He came out of time.
He has the name
of a thousand demons.
He can call the wolves
and live in with the crows.
He's the king of nowhere.
I waited and watched.
I watched and I waited.
For years I saw him come
and I saw him go.
I'll make the coffee.
I already set the timer.
Did I snore?
- Like a walrus.
- I'm sorry!
Hurry up, it's negative.
Back to bed.
- I haven't even brushed my teeth.
- I don't need your teeth.
I'm going riding after work
so you're on your own for dinner, OK?
Have a nice day, baby.
Jim is Huck's friend,
but Jim is also a slave
who belongs to Miss Watson.
If Huck helps Jim escape,
then he's breaking the law
and stealing Miss Watson's property.
Why does Huck break the law?
Isn't it always wrong to break the law?
In 1869 my great-grandfather
was 24 years old.
He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad
for a dollar a day.
was his watch.
- Wow...
- Cool.
Many Chinese and Irish workers
died making the railroad.
The ones that lived
gave my great-grandfather this watch.
That's because he led
the great railroad strike of 1877.
Now, who built the railroads?
- The immigrants.
- That's right.
The immigrants.
I have to piss!
I have to piss.
Piss your panties!
Bitch... Puta.
The fans! The fans!
Buenos dias, Dolan.
I got small children!
I'm begging you in God's name!
Go on?
Clean this mess up.
Get everybody back in the truck.
I can't stop thinking
about the others.
There were women
still alive in the truck.
Still alive and still illegal.
Ma'am, what you got between here
and the border is an alien invasion.
We find these
boarder-hoppers year round,
100 feet off the road with varmints
nesting in their carcasses.
Pardon, ma'am.
But I got a man out there now
and the place is barren as the moon.
No truck, no bodies, no blood.
He didn't find your cell phone either.
Look, this is a custom Cadillac SUV.
How many of them could there be?
Sure, these greasy pepper-bellies
love a custom Caddy
but no matter what they're driving,
it's trafficking and human-smuggling.
These bean-eaters will steal your job,
kill each other for the scraps.
The killers were white.
Some coyotes look it.
I saw a man sewn inside a car seat once.
He looked white too.
Some water-headed wetbacks can't
do their job and evil goes on autopilot.
I call it structural original sin.
The evil genius of the system
makes personal virtue impossible.
- Did I pass the immigration laws?
- You did not, Mr Dolan.
Would you turn that Game Boy off
and listen to me?
I'm listening to every word.
We've talked about this before.
The overfed haves pass the immigration
laws to keep out the starving have-nots.
It's pure greed, really.
And we have to do our best
to help the starving have-nots.
I fucking hate it when the country
is so goddamn cold.
People bust their asses
to get in here.
Look at what happens
when we help them.
It's the system, boss.
You really have no choice.
The privileged
exploiting the unprivileged.
We just have to do our best
to help the unprivileged...
to make their way
in this dark, cruel world...
Why don't you just see
what you can do about this, huh?
My skin's still crawling.
I need a shower.
Hey, forget what happened out there.
We're home now.
We're safe.
- What?
- Oh, God, don't look, don't look!
Jimmy Dolan does
business with Chinese gangs,
the Triads and the Snakeheads,
and they're ruthless.
They're trafficking in human beings,
usually for the sex trade.
Their watchword is "intimidation".
Right now, a federal task force
in Washington is trying to stop them
and I have been assured personally
by the deputy attorney general
that we will be given
all the resources and manpower necessary
to do our best to keep you protected.
The last two witnesses who were meant
to testify against Jimmy Dolan were...
murdered -
you can say it, Mr Fletcher.
Mr Dolan is counting on me
being afraid of him... and I am.
But I'm the only living witness
to that poor little girl's murder.
those lives are lost.
No matter what you say in court,
it's not going to bring them back.
What if someone saw him kill me?
Would you want them
to speak for me or for you?
We can protect you.
We will move you to
a safe house until the trial.
I will have federal marshals conduct
a thorough threat and risk assessment.
They will survey
and map the premises.
They will provide all the security
and manpower needed to keep you safe.
That will buy us some time so we can
find those bodies and the evidence.
I think we should trust him.
Johnny Wu, he ship you twenty units.
Young, quality merchandise. You no pay.
He say wire 800K before tomorrow
business close, right?
You tell Mr Wu, payment on receipt...
no cargo, no payment.
You received the twenty units.
Clean, docile bitches. You owe 800K.
Let me say it for you in Chinese:
"No cunny, no money".
Just stay still.
There we go.
Here, stick that in there.
Look at that!
Nice work... That's a nice one.
- You want it that way?
- Yeah.
Take your tip.
Fletcher wasn't kidding.
There are men both front and back.
Front and back. All we have to do
is make it through the trial.
What's the matter?
Why you?
Why not somebody else?
Why does it have to be you?
What if somebody
else is afraid to do it?
Ladies, welcome to America.
You get the shoes. You get the papers.
Tell him I'm at full capacity.
I can't move more units,
which means I need to move
more expensive units, makes sense?
Jimmy, Vadim sent eight from the Ukraine.
Came into Vancouver
across the Washington-BC border.
- Quality?
- Uh... some.
Some not.
Tell Vadim "some" won't cut it.
We're in the freight business.
I need to up the capacity per load.
If we were in the bird business,
we'd stop hauling chickens and start
hauling exotic birds of paradise.
No mas de pollos. Comprende?
Better, better, better,
sexier, hotter.
Let's just run away.
We're going to do the right thing.
This isn't Law and Order.
If you testify, he's going to kill you,
whether or not he's in prison.
Where is all I need. Where.
It's a fundamental interrogative
pertaining to location.
It's an address or the name of a building,
it's a place, a point in space.
Where. The question.
I know you know where,
you know I'll never say
you told me where where is,
so where is where?
How can a few numbers
and the name of a street hurt anyone?
It's data, bought and sold
on the information marketplace,
morally neutral, is it not?
You see? Where. See how easy it is?
You said it won't take long.
It's been two months.
I'm learning in the criminal justice
business, that isn't long.
Well, then you understand
we're going stir-crazy in here.
I'm not seeing any breaking news stories
about Jimmy Dolan being arrested.
Where is she going? Stop her.
Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
The view from hell is
clear and bright.
The sun is black, the
night is radiant.
Good is evil, evil is good.
Sweet insanity understood.
The view from hell is
clear and bright.
Are you taking the anti-depressants?
The happy pills?
I take those every day.
Miracle drugs.
And I'm very careful
with the pain pills.
You're still having pain?
Yeah, terrible pain.
I just miss her so much.
There's the...
The executive branch, which is, um...
basically the... president
of the United States...
and... we have the legislative branch,
which is Congress,
which is... the Senate and
the House of Representatives...
Then we have the...
which is...
Class dismissed.
There's a federal statute T-V-P-A...
Trafficking Victims Protection Act,
there's a clause in there...
Let me guess... you're in charge
of the protection aspects.
Look, I told Elizabeth
and I'm telling you.
I don't quit. I have two trafficking
victims that are willing to testify...
- against that piece of shit.
- You don't quit?
I have sixth-graders who could
put that guy in the electric chair.
I will get him.
Good luck with that, Mr Fletcher.
So this is the dirty Harry, right?
I mean, this is the most powerful one
you have, right?
That one makes your day.
This one makes your decade.
It's five-shot, double-action, 440-grain,
hard-cast lead, gas-checked,
flat-point load.
Three times
the muzzle energy of... Harry's gun.
- This one looks good.
- This one looks good.
- You'll take it.
- I'll take it.
- 150-200K, max.
- All right.
OK, come on.
Oh, look at this one!
She's a downed human power line.
If I touched her, I might die of beauty.
She's a living, breathing, walking hazard.
Might need a test drive.
Jimmy, she belongs to you.
You gotta settle this thing
with the Snakeheads.
Tell the Snakeheads to go fuck themselves
and keep the babies.
- I'm just worried...
- What are they gonna do? Shoot me?
I watched and I waited.
I waited and I watched.
I saw him come and I saw him go.
All I could do was watch...
'cause his life went on.
Business as usual.
He looks like anybody
you see on the street.
But when he grins,
birds fall off telephone lines.
When he looks at you a certain way,
your prostate goes bad
and your urine burns.
Kill him.
He has the name of a
thousand demons.
He can call the wolves
and live in with the crows.
He's the king of nowhere.
Right there. I get you
Get in! Get in!
Bye-bye, Dolan.
Slant-eyed, slow-pedded
Mongolian Moo Shoo motherfuckers!
Sideways pussy-mongering,
foo-fucking Manchus,
zipper-headed rat-fucks,
Jimmy Dolan's Caddy
is a hard baby, is it not?
Nobody shoots fuckin' JD!
You're going to be a daddy.
You'll wait and you'll watch.
You'll watch and you'll wait.
He lived in his luxury Vegas condo
but he had a warehouse
and operations in Los Angeles.
He went to LA
on the first Sunday of every month.
He took the highway,
not the interstate.
That summer I followed him
all the way to LA.
I watched and waited in LA.
A week.
Where the hell are we?
What the hell happened? I hate detours.
Forty units per truck, two trucks a day -
more than that, and border patrol notices.
This is the United States of America.
Any Paki, Chink, dot-head,
slop-head, Rag-head, Ruskie,
Tacorita, Eurotrash-skank
or bone-nosed bush woman
can come here
and become whatever they want...
waitresses, masseuses,
models, actresses...
but first they have to pay their
documentation and transportation bills.
We hold their papers for collateral.
And they can't run away
without any shoes.
Let's get on the road here!
In his experimental law of impacts,
Sir Isaac Newton describes
something called the arc of descent.
It's all about kinetics, mass, velocity,
the inertia of falling persons and things.
Once a descending object
acquires a certain momentum,
it continues on
a downward parabolic curve
to eventually impact
with an immovable object
at the nadir, the bottom,
thereby consummating the arc of descent.
- Starkly poetic, don't you think?
- That is so fucking interesting,
and darkly poetic, Mr Dolan.
You, for instance,
are in a darkly poetic arc of descent,
about to acquire momentum.
About to achieve impact.
Yeah, let's get to work.
Sometimes I don't understand you,
Mr Dolan.
Why didn't we finish him off?
It'll just make more work for us later.
You're absolutely right. It's not about
finishing him but maybe I should explain.
We are in a relationship now, you and I.
If I kill you, it just ends everything.
You're here one second, and then...
They say the day you die
is just like any other day, only shorter.
The meaning of life is that it stops.
That's what makes it so precious right?
So if I kill you...
in a weird way,
I'm giving you that gift.
Am I making sense?
Oh, God...
Christ, geez...
Failure comes off of you like a stench.
I mean, your wife, Elizabeth,
I'm betting that she had character.
I hated killing her, I wanted to meet her.
She was fearless. But you...
Following me around with this...
You're not going to use this,
we both know that.
I sentence you to life...
because I know two things.
You don't have the stuff to kill me,
and you don't have
the stuff to kill yourself.
I will leave this here for you...
in case you change your mind.
Robinson? I'll let myself in.
Robinson, come on.
Get up.
Something I want to show you.
Come on.
Some of the passengers suffocated.
Then they buried the rest... alive.
There's no witnesses.
Except for the girl
who wound up in our bedroom.
Her sister shoved the documents
in the truck panel.
There's a lot of evidence in that truck.
If we could locate the drivers
that put those poor souls in the truck
or if the crime lab
can come up with anything,
we might be able to hang this on Dolan.
Do you ever have one of those moments
where everything...
I mean, everything in the universe
makes perfect sense?
Everything just falls into place?
I would love to hang this
on that animal for you, and for Elizabeth.
Forget about that.
Let that go.
School's out for the summer.
I'm ready to move on.
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm ready to bury the past.
All I got is summer slots.
Hard labour.
Desert sun and heat.
Fresh ex-cons is what I usually get,
or Tinker here.
He's a diamond digger from West Africa.
What are you in real life, baby?
An accountant?
I'm a teacher. I teach the sixth grade.
Oh, honey...
Get out of my face, OK?
I have summers off. I need to work.
We're repaving Highway 71 until October.
I know that road well.
In July, west of Indian Springs -
117 degrees.
You fall down,
you no longer able to get up.
Strong men, they cry like small,
small peekins.
Baby, that yuppie health club meat
you got in your rack,
don't cut it in the big empty.
It's 14 carat, it's antique.
It's made from a spur left over
after they cast the original golden spike.
It's worth two grand, easy.
Bribe the devil for a trip to hell?
How about you hang on
to this until September?
If I pass out or walk away,
you can keep it.
Baby, Monday...
We want to see you all soft and pretty
and smelling of fresh pussy. OK?
To gold!
We pave US 71 out west,
that's where the detour is.
That's near the California border, right?
You'll be at school teaching the small
peekins by then. What concern of yours?
September 1st to October...
That includes Labour Day weekend
and the first Sunday of the month.
Three-day-weekend. I'll be eating.
No, no, no.
Too much imperfection
and damaged merchandise.
We need purity, grace, sweetness.
More goddesses
per cubic foot of cargo capacity.
I think I found a broker that can solve
your price-capacity problem.
I knew that you would. Price
is what you pay, value is what you get.
Unless I up profits, it's a slow death
due to rising fuel costs.
Now, this is what I'm talking about.
Eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.
"That brave vibration each way free",
as the poet said.
Splendid! More like this!
What I'm proposing is that you would
consider transporting a different product.
No, no drugs. No, we go to jail for that.
These things, all that's gonna happen
is everybody gets sent across the border.
No, no drugs.
Just a different line of cargo.
More money, yes. More risk.
You said you're set for 40 units
per panel truck?
How would you feel
about 100 units per truck,
with each unit at twice the dollar value
of what you're hauling now?
How the fuck do you think I'd feel?
What the hell are you talking about?
Hey, patience.
What did you do? Find a refugee camp
full of super models or something?
I want chicks
that look like the one that he blew up.
You still ain't strong, baby.
I keep expecting to see you
passed out on the road bed
and you keep not doing it, but you will.
No, I won't.
You will, if you keep pushing
that concrete cutter.
No, I won't.
Hottest part of the summer
still coming on, baby.
I'll be fine.
I don't want this fucking thing.
- You made a deal with me.
- I'm calling it off.
I'll take you to arbitration
if you fire me.
Relax, fuck-tard! I ain't firing you.
I'm going to get Tink
to teach you how to run a wheel loader.
You are the sorriest
little motherfucker I ever saw.
Why are you pulling
this crap on your system?
I've got my reasons.
God help anybody who gets in your way.
You are one small, tough
fucker of mothers, ain't you?
Fucker of mothers.
Teacher, teacher...
Sometimes when I was tired and weak,
I went to Dolan
as a man with a raging thirst
might seek out an
oasis in the desert.
I drank his poisoned water
and was refreshed.
I love you, baby.
Labour Day weekend.
Three days, 72 hours...
4320 minutes.
259,200 seconds.
And on the third day,
eternal unrest grant unto him,
O, Lord, and let perpetual night
shine upon him.
This is it, Elizabeth.
Good morning, Roman.
I'm in.
I'll be in Los Angeles
this afternoon.
I am trusting you,
I just wanna see, what the hell it is
that you're talking about.
Well, send me a video.
I hate mysteries.
We trust Roman. We scratch
Roman's back, he scratches ours.
I just don't understand
the mystery behind the new line
It's a brave new world
with naught but ruthless creatures in it.
There's no glory in fearing the unknown
and you didn't get to be where you are
by being risk-adverse, Mr Dolan.
Evolve or perish, kill or be killed,
it's the morality of kings and Gods.
It's the survival of the fittest.
Ladies and gentlemen,
This isn't evolutionary psychology,
it's a cargo question.
I don't know
what the fuck the product is yet.
You're the one with the view
from 30,000 feet. We just...
I just drive.
Roman, it's downloading now.
I'll call you back when I see it.
Oh, what the fuck! Ah, God!
What the fuck did we do?
Drive in the river-fucking-Jordan?
Was it a fucking highway mine shaft?
Somebody give me
a goddamn status report.
Oh, fuck.
My bone is sticking
out of my leg, Mr Dolan!
Fuck your bloody bones.
Did you drive through a fucking?
I need out!
Come on, come on!
My leg!
No power to the computers,
no power to the cell phones.
Shut the fuck up!
There's somebody on the roof.
Hey buddy! Buddy, we've had an accident!
I called 911.
The jaws of life are one their way.
Oh, God, thank you, buddy. I owe you!
Thank God, thank God, huh?
Yeah, thank God.
You got a sunroof here.
Why don't you try opening it
and maybe I can haul you through?
Aw, fuck!
There's no power.
It won't open. It's dead.
Fucking power windows,
you motherfucker!
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
We're in a goddamn hole
down here, buddy. I need help now!
The best thing is, you can stay put.
I'll be right back.
Wait! Wait! Don't go! Don't go!
Come on, come back!
My leg! My leg!
I need out, I need out...
Would you quit bawling!
There's somebody out there.
I tried pushing the bone
back in my leg, Mr Dolan. It's too sharp.
Shut the fuck up, OK?
I heard somebody. All right?
Just keep it quiet. Keep it quiet.
Hey, buddy!
Buddy, is that you?
We appear to be stuck down here.
We need some help!
Mr Dolan, I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding.
Hey, buddy, is that you?
Well, I tried to get you help,
but the 911 operator said
that you drove past the detour sign.
What fucking detour sign?
Why did you drive your Caddy
into a construction site?
The 911 operator says you need to move
your vehicle out of the construction zone
and back onto the designated detour.
Listen, I don't know
what you can see from up there,
but we're in a fucking hole here!
Oh, I know, I know. You're in a hole!
You've hit rock bottom, sir.
You can't get much lower
than under the road.
But what did you expect?
You ignored a detour sign!
You're not some kind of outlaw are you?
Listen, buddy, my driver is dead!
If she went through
a detour sign, I didn't see it.
What the fuck are you doing?
Quit kicking dirt down here,
you fucking moron.
You know, if they come and see
your Caddy in a construction zone,
emergency services
will refuse to render you aid.
They may even issue you
a ticket for trespassing.
Stop kicking dirt down here.
What are you doing?
Think about that. Trespassing -
that could go on your permanent record.
Friend, please stop it. I need your help!
Oh, I'm not the help
you're looking for, Dolan.
You bought your ticket.
You paid the full fare.
- My leg, Mr Dolan, my leg.
- Shut the fuck up.
Who the hell are you, buddy?
I'm just an honest citizen,
who called 911 to report
a detour violation
by a trespassing Cadillac.
Well, you'd better call them back.
We need help down here.
Well, that's because you've reached
the nadir of your arc of descent.
If I were you I'd take
a moment to look around
and savour this bitter-sweet,
darkly poetic moment.
What do you want, Robinson?
- Get me out of here.
- Shut the fuck up!
Listen, I can hardly hear you
with his fucking bawling.
You got to speak up a little bit.
Come a little bit closer
so I can actually hear you.
I said...
Did I get you, cocksucker?
No, cocksucker.
You didn't get me.
Aw, shit.
Oh, God.
Oh, God...
I think I'm bleeding to death, Mr Dolan.
Argh, it hurts, it hurts so much!
You have to help me.
- You're my friend, right Jimmy?
- To a certain point.
His pain hath ended and we can finally
fucking hear each other.
I might add, sir, I just executed
the man who killed your wife.
I have a proposal.
My friend?
Hey, you!
If you're still out there,
just talk to me!
I mean, what can talking hurt?
You fired six rounds.
You might want to save one for yourself.
Do you have another clip in there?
What are you planning to do?
I don't know... Dinner and a show?!
Don't you want to hear my proposition?
Robinson... Robinson, look.
I owe you everything I have.
Just hear my proposal.
All right, you talk, I'll listen.
When you're finished
I may make a counter-proposal.
I just happen to have here...
1.2 million dollars!
You just happen to have
a million dollars right there.
Well, I was on my way
to donate it to Save the Children,
but a funny thing happened!
Oh, come on...
Two million dollars
and my personal guarantee
that nobody will ever touch you.
Not me, nobody on my crew. Nobody!
Keep talking.
Come on, this is fucking crazy!
It is fucking crazy!
You are so right about that!
Get me the fuck out of here!
I just need to get the fuck
out of here, you fuck...
Oh, fuck! Goddamnit!
Get me the fuck out of here.
I can't take it, you little fucker!
Get me the hell out of here!
Come on, I can't stand it!
I can't take it, come on, let me out!
Are you ready for my counter-proposal?
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Christ, yes,
yes, anything, anything! What is it?
Well, scream? What is that?
What is that? I don't get it.
Scream for me loud enough,
and I'll let you out.
That's pretty good.
Pretty good, but, frankly, given
the circumstances, not good enough.
I'd let you out,
if you ruptured your larynx.
I'd like to hear what that sounds like.
That's good, Dolan! That's good.
You might just get out of there!
Oh, fuck.
Five million?
I think not.
This is James Dolan. I'm on Highway 71,
a detour. I'm being buried alive...
It's me, you idiot.
I turned off the cell phone jammer.
How's your computer doing down there?
It's not too fucking good.
"The page cannot be displayed,
cannot find server, or DNS error.
"Click the refresh button
or try again later".
Well, I want you to go
to the address bar on your browser.
Type this into
your address bar:
"Http, colon, forward slash,
forward slash,
"one nine two, dot one, six, eight,
dot zero, dot six, six, six".
- Dot, six, six, six...
- You got it?
- I got it, I got it.
- Press return.
As much as I would enjoy the show,
I can't see you...
but I'm pretty sure
you'll enjoy seeing me.
Cock-sucking, mother-fucking...
Scream, Dolan! Scream!
It's not fair.
There's no way for me to measure
how loud I have to scream.
That's a good point.
I've got an idea.
How about you make a sound
come out of your mouth
that is as loud
as two kilograms of C-4 explosives
stuck to the driver's side door
of a 1999 Toyota Tercel?
If you can do that, I will let you out!
Can you do it, Dolan?
It tears me to pieces to think
about how you tore my wife to pieces.
I'm changing my offer.
We both know the money
doesn't matter to you or me.
If you let me out of here right now,
we go straight to the cops,
I spill everything.
I don't believe you.
Look at yourself, Robinson.
You may not know it yet,
but you have turned yourself
into something worse than me.
Killing is a dirty business.
I never took any pleasure in it.
I killed for business.
I killed strictly to survive.
But you? Look at yourself.
You getting your rocks off yet?
You want some personal lubrication
so you can pleasure yourself
while you bury a human being alive?
I bet your mother would be proud.
Robinson, I've got sworn affidavits
from three unindicted co-conspirators.
It's enough for search warrants,
and if we find anything, we got him!
We have reasons to believe
he's about to make a buy now.
We're gonna get him.
We are, are we?
Fuck. Fuck!
We both know that I'm a beast
but you...
You used to be a civilized human being!
Why don't you let justice
have its way with me?
I will march myself straight into prison.
You don't believe me?
If you clear some of this dirt away,
look at my face, huh?
You will see a human being
who is ready to repent.
Are you coming?
Oh, fuck.
What are you going to do now, huh?
Oh, no, no!
Oh, fuck.
Hey, Robinson, is that you, buddy?
Of course it's me, genius. Who else?
I have one more
very, very important question for you.
What do you...
What do you want? Ask me anything.
Do you want me to scream again?
I still have some screams left in me.
No, no, no. This is easy.
This one's for all the marbles.
Answer truthfully, don't blow it.
I'll come down there, I'll dig you out
and I will collect my two million...
or, wait, five million dollars, right?
OK, what is it? Come on,
just ask me, what is it?
Do you believe in God?
Yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes...
I believe in God.
Absolutely, absolutely.
I believe in God, yes, yes, I do.
Do you believe in God?
Yes, yes, I believe in God! Yes, I do!
Please, God, yes, yes!
I don't.
Motherfucker! Motherfucker!
Get me the fuck out of here, you fuck!
I'm going to fucking haunt you
till the day you die, you fucker...
For the love of God, Robinson.
For the love of God.
For the love of God...
For the love of God...
No, no, no. Oh, God.
No, no, you fuck!
I beg you, no.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
Robinson, we got him.
We executed warrants in LA and Vegas.
Dolan's trafficking kids now.
Evidence galore.
We got him, Robinson.
We got him.
We got him...
Yeah, we got him.